Time Slips part 3

Well……………….it seems I am starting to control my Time Slips a bit more. Well maybe not control them but what I have found is sometimes when I’m tuning in to read people I get that usual Buzz and Hum of the Pineal Gland I am in the place I can see Psychically.

I did it twice in 24 hours a few days ago. While I still don’t know what triggers it, I know when they are about to happen now and it is happening during readings. It seems to be happening more and more with readings actually. I tap into my connection with the client and then I am there, like I hum and buzz and tingle and my head goes fuzzy and I am there where the vision is I am having. I did a reading for a woman in Canada the other day over the email and I felt myself going off on a Time Slip. I was watching her family both in the past and present. I still can’t control what I see, it is Spirit that seems to be leading that side of it. But it also happened during a conversation with my Mr’s bestie Zooey. We were at his house and we were discussing my Time Slips and I went off on one right there and then. It is the second time I have had one in front of Zooey but this one involved Zooey himself. But I have a 360 degree view of where I am. If I’m reading someone I can walk along into rooms and describe them and then transform into a different time ie 20 years later to see my client retired and elderly. It’s still so physically exhausting though. It can take me days to recover. I simply can’t explain how this happens, it has to be a Pineal thing obviously but I have tried to research it and have found nothing. Maybe it is called something else. I know it by the name I gave it. But this is different to Remote Viewing because I am physically there almost. I can smell the smells, sights and sounds, I can move about freely, change views simply by walking. It can be past or future. And it overlaps my vision. Like the Time Slip is over lapping my actual life. Hence making it dangerous to be around roads and such but luckily for me the last three Time Slips I have had have been in Zooeys home or my own. So I know it is definitely NOT to do with the location. More to do with me. Maybe when I’m on a higher perceptive frequency or something. When I sit down with my clients emails. I read the question/s and then it opens a connection between me and them. Instantly I see the answers to the questions being played out psychically but every now and then like with my last client in Canada I was able to BE where she was. I would smell the wood on the decking of her son’s house, I could feel the cold damp grass under my feet and I could walk into his house and describe things. It fluctuates though in readings because slight sounds can muffle the connection, which is why when I’m out in public I am so confused and disorientated because it is hard to tell what is real and what is Time Slip. I’m going to try and talk to people, get a glimpse of what I look like etc….I know what it is now. I just can’t discuss any of it just now. But I know this must sound crazy safe for the fact I have witnesses to every single one.

So every one I have is bringing me closer and closer to understanding it. I would LOVE to be able to do readings for people and use Time Slipping. I did it a few weeks a go for a client of mine who I know will be reading this, with the death of her Mother. It’s different to a Psychic thing, it’s completely different to a Minds Eye vision. It’s so much better. I just don’t know who it will happen to and where. So some clients definitely get a better reading than others because some are getting the added bonus of a Time Slip lol

I know this is based on Spiritual Understanding. I know it is a Power Up so to speak. Spirit always raise the bar with me every time I achieve a certain level of Spiritual Understanding. So every time I pass a test or something they give me an extra gift or something lol like a Power Up in a game. If your familiar with the game Crackdown you’ll know what I mean when I say I Power Up because in this game after you run, jump, kill, drive a certain amount of times you power up and you literally get engulfed by a white light and you grow bigger,stronger,faster and harder to kill. Then you work to do the next level of achievements and before you know it you’ve gone from being a normal male Elite Officer in this game to like a Super Soldier. So it seems with me every time I reach a certain level of Spiritual Understanding I Power Up, or Level Up. And the funny thing is I still have SOOOOO much to learn so does this mean by the time I’m all hacket and old I will be like a Super Soldier? lol

As always I will keep you posted.