Legal Statement

I have just found out someone has been using my content and claiming it as their own. I have asked them to stop or face the consequences legally and they deleted my comment. I have contacted WordPress and filled in an Infringement form. I am putting it up here now that I asked this person to stop and they didn’t. They are using content from my posts and putting it as their own. I think it is sad when someone can’t think for themselves. I won’t name names just yet but I am letting you all know now so I have proof I tried to resolve this amicably. I don’t mind anyone using my work as long as it is made to it being my work.

I know I should be flattered they like my work so much but this persons opinions are based on speculation and without merit. I have a love of the Human Body from a medical perspective but I don’t claim to be a Doctor. I love American History but don’t claim to be American lol

This person clearly has a love of all things Mythical or Paranormal but has nothing to base their knowledge on. There is no Gift, Education, Experimentation, Examples or Ideas, just speculation and stolen work. They are what I call Arm Chair Paranomalists. They have an opinion of Ghosts and Big Foot without actually doing any research or going out in to the field.

Please……do your own research and leave opinions on the Paranormal to those who actually know what they are talking about. Your putting vulnerable people at risk by giving them misinformation.

Having checked out your site I was astounded at your inaccuracies. Your knowledge of Big Foot is lacking and the photo you use as an example was uncovered as a fraud a couple of years ago by the men who staged it.
You know nothing about what you speak about and use verbatim my words along side your own uneducated ones. By which I mean you have not spent your entire life mastering your craft as you have none. You’ve simply taken my hard work and claimed it as your own. I don’t mind anyone using my words but make sure you get my permission first because all you’ve done is make yourself look cheap and lazy.
Your misguidance could lead to serious consequences so it’s probably just as well you only have 4 followers. If you continue to take my work without my permission I will have to take action.

I would be thrilled for anyone to use my work but just do the right thing and ask first. Don’t claim it as your own. It’s a dirty thing to do and it cheapens the seriousness of the content. You don’t realize that your playing with peoples lives. Not to mention what you send out comes back Ten Fold.

8 thoughts on “Legal Statement

    • Oh Thanks Sweetheart. I’m not bothered they used my words its the fact they added their own thus claiming my work as theirs. If I’m lucky enough for people to want to share my work then that’s a huge compliment to me. But to just take my work having done no research themselves is insulting to Spirit and the 41 yrs I’ve spent pain stakingly trying to understand my gift. Only someone with no gift or understanding of what it is to be Spiritual would do such a thing. That’s why it takes a certain to be Spiritual as you well know yourself.

  1. I’ve been reading your sight for the past three hours, and I was wondering if maybe you could help me out with some things, I’ve been dealing with spirits ever since I was little and I’ve never had anyone to guide me or teach me so it’s been a bumpy ride to say the least. I’ve read a lot of your posts and you seem credible and I would be really happy for a response…. If not I understand, it’s a big website, lots of people. Thanks.

      • Well, if you’re okay with it, I have a lot of questions. For a long time I was ashamed of my abilities, and I think i put a mental block up on them, which caused them to took a toll on my abilities because I was convinced my mom would have me put in a mental home or put on medication so I bottled it up. and things that don’t add up to me. and I would really appreciate it if we did this through email, or in private because I would feel better about opening up fully if it were just you.