I check my WordPress every day and notice the questions some of you ask in the Search Terms so I thought I would answer them for you to save you from searching.

Can Spirits Communicate through touch?
Yes they can. While they can’t physically touch you as they are just energy they can project the sense of touch on you telepathically. So they use the power of thought to make you feel touched but it is a genuine touch just not a physical one.

Signs a Spirit is in your house:
Usually it starts with uneasy feelings, feelings of being watched especially when your in bed. Objects moving, sudden feelings of panic like someone is coming up behind you. Electrical equipment cutting out or playing up. You can hear voices, maybe your name being called. Doors opening and closing by themselves, animals might act strangely, cold spots, nausea, headaches, nervous, dogs barking or scratching at certain areas, refusing to go into certain rooms, etc…but none of these are indications that the Spirit is a bad one. One to be feared in any way. If they are making you feel uncomfortable just tell them. Firm but fair. If you have trouble come to me

Telepathy with Spirits, how is it done?:
It’s all based on energy frequencies and learning how to know when it’s telepathy and not just thoughts. It’s based on a certain level of trust and faith too. My two sons and husband are telepathic too so we can communicate with each other also. It’s funny, just not at Christmas. I have had to make myself not think of their gifts as they hear them Telepathically. It is all because of the Pineal Gland. It is the receptor for our ability.

When to be afraid of the Paranormal:
When there is an overwhelming fear that has you unable to stay in the house. When animals and children react badly to the house, won’t enter, bite, growl or fuss to get out of the house. When you get ill or depressed with no explanation. Cold all the time. Smells of sulfates and or dirt. Haunted dreams, nervous beyond the norm. No appetite, If you experience any or all of these, you need to get help. You need to do a cleansing and release whatever is there. 99% of all these types of events happen with a prepubescent or young adult in the premises. It is believed the negative energy built up is from their pent up emotions manifesting into negative energies. There is NO such thing as Demons or the Devil. All negative Spirits are manifested through negative energy. This is why these ‘demons’ or ‘bad spirits’ know how to frightened you because only you know your own worse fears. You essentially are making your nightmares come true.

Why would a Spirit want to Communicate with me?
It could be a loved one wanting to say Hello. Or it is usually because they know, you know they are there and are just trying to get your attention. Simply acknowledge them. It’s usually enough. Tell them if your being frightened. Don’t be mean though or shout. Talk to them you would a naughty child. Firm but with love. They don’t want to hurt you, they just want you to know they are there.

How do you communicate with the Paranormal?
Telepathically mostly. But you can also communicate through smell, and taste also. They usually all come together. One of the things I’ve started noticing lately when with Spirit during a reading especially or if someone asks me a question is I’m able to go to the place they are wanting me to see and almost have like a 3D view of where I am. Like Spirit transport me and I can move around and see everything in detail like I am there in the room and can move freely around it. It’s a new thing so I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Before it was images and videos playing in my mind, now it’s like I’m there. But it is done mostly telepathically.

My child seems to know things he shouldn’t, could he be reincarnated?:

Yes, or Spirit is talking to him telling him things. If you like I could help you know which one it is. Email me at

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  1. WOW! This is spooky.. Like, how did you know we would want to know this stuff! Like, you must be psychic or something! LOL…

    Seriously though, just for a moment – thank you. These are questions most people would LOVE to know the answers to and you just gave them, & did a fine job of it!

    Funny how a little forethought and consideration for others can almost seem psychic… “How did you know I wanted that….?” “Well, I was watching you drool when you looked at it!”

    I’m not psychic in that way at all, but I think I’m observant (mostly) and I do notice what others are triggered by….

    Thank you, this has been really interesting and valuable… I’d love to harness it for LifeChange90 – helping people get their lives together would be easier if we could see into their minds… But then again, would we want that, really?


    • Well being Intuitive is more than just using premonition but also means preempting and recognizing peoples needs and wants before they ask for it. I see some of the Search Questions and I’m desperate to say to some of these people ‘Email me so I can explain your question to you’. Like there is someone wanting a dream interpreted where they are dreaming about Spirits and wants to know what it means and I want to say to them ‘Email me or post a comment and I will tell you’ but I don’t want to just butt in just in case they want to keep it private etc…so I was thinking of doing a regular Dream Interpretation Session where I set the Post up and people post comments with What does it mean to Dream about…………(fill in the blank)and I answer them. That way they get their dream done and it serves as a little dictionary as well. Because it is one of my most read posts. My Dream Interpretation post. So I’m preempting a response before the questions are asked lol

      • Brilliant Idea! But are you ready for the volume of work coming your way?

        We see so many people spouting about their dreams and what they mean, but mixing psychology with a small dose of spirituality and a hefty dose of the last few episodes of X Files does not make a great dream analysis… In fact, it gives it a bad name…

        However, knowing where you come from, I think you’d soon wear down your fingers to the first joint on the keyboard with the number of replies you’d get!
        Best wishes with it,

  2. Oh Thank you Ray. Your too kind. But helping anyone and the need to want to help people is a precious gift with or without Psychic ability. With so much going on in the world people have become cynical and closed. So to see so many people actively wanting to help people is heart warming and encouraging. There is hope because of people like you and your magnetic wife. Im just another link in the chain.
    Love and Light
    I mean that sincerely.

    • I am having a very hard time right now at home. I feel even strange putting this little info on here and feel like I’m in a movie :(. / dream/ not normal. I am very scared to think that there is something in my home keeping me so terribly sad, depressed, no self worth nor confidence , problems in marriage, just never feels like “home”. I had someone come and they see something so dark in my batheroom it scared them. This isn’t just the only person . I don’t know who to tell , who can help me , or what to do. If anyone could that would be great.

      Lindsay Vance


  3. Wow. Read about “How to know if the universe is trying to communicate” and now this one too. Let me introduce myself 🙂
    I am Skye Viljoen, from South Africa, 24years old and female…

    ….and I need help.

    I feel like I’m dying and just went for prices on bloodtests for liver functioning, hairloss, asthma and a load of shit that I never had before.
    I’ve been seeing things and even have pictures for you. I have videos as well and I haven’t met a proper medium or someone to show me how to clease my house or myself and I seriously don’t want to take any chances.

    Im so freaking scared and have crazy lucid dreams. Words and nrs keep poppopping up. Emotional rollercoaster and I dont feel like Im protected or safe anywhere. I feel stagnant as if something is trying to hold me back and I have no idea how to receive a message.

    Craziest of all is, Im seeing orbs, writing in the walls, floating reflection lights that I can touch, gnomes, fairies, and I think a ‘Strigoi’ or boggart. I don’t remember seeing things as a child, though now as an adult I do.

    My health keeps deteriorating and nothing seems to work.

    Any advice?

    Friendly greetings, blessed be.
    (Feel free to privately email me Debbie)

  4. Hello I don’t know what to say. I hope it was 7 a.m or 6:30. I was asleep and then suddenly I had a dream I just saw a somewhat disfigured face of a nun. Then I started to chant the holy name in Hinduism” Jai Shri Krishna” and it started to leave me but when I tried to chant the powerful Vishnu Sahasranama it suddenly made me unable to speak a word I felt its touch.i tried hard but was unable to move.all I know was when it tried to say something it just got my life energy out of my body resisted to hear it’s words I’ve already had 2times encounter D this thing.all I know is that my heart says don’t hear what it says.i t shows premonition s to me about the fights between my mom and Hinduism lizard(house)is also divine organism that brings prosperity to family.but whenever I see a lizard dead in my window panes I feel that there will be another fight in my house.what is this spirit what does it need from me.why is this torturing me making me see my parents beat each other.the only spirit which I can reach is my great grandmother s spirit
    .I have never felt her presence as a spirit but know she all loved me till her last breath.she wanted me to be beside her when she in the death bed.but I’m sure this spirit is not my grandmother s this moreover scars me with its evil me .!!!!!?!!!!!?!?!!!!!!!!!