What is Karma?

Everybody knows Karma as being pay back. It’s something that has been talked about in conversation for centuries. It is believed my many cultures to be something we do being paid back in our next life, or something we do in this life being paid back in this life. If you do wrong. wrong will be done to you type thing. In modern times people seem to think it’s more Spirit based. As in Spirit or God even, control the Karma. Like if we do something wrong the Spirits or Powers that Be punish you. The Ten Commandments are about Karma. You will be punished if you do This This and This. But What is Karma really?

Well Honestly, it is Us. WE are Karma. Our conscience is our Karma. God/ or what ever you believe in, doesn’t punish us. He knows we are fundamentally good little Apes. The majority of us are. But from a very young age we are taught the difference between right and wrong. From a young age we are taught there are consequences to our actions. It doesn’t take us long to know if we do something wrong we wait to see if we will get punished for it by our parents, school, friends etc…..well….it’s the same as Adults but what we actually do is create our own punishment because we know we did something wrong that needs rectifying. So we create the punishment to fit the crime so to speak.

Imagine if you will, a train on course to go from A to Z. It knows how it is going to get there, which stops to stop at and even how many people it is taking on board. It has the trip ALL planned out. It’s a perfect designed route. Then one day it goes along smoothly and it decides to go from A to D without using line B and C. That creates a problem and people needing to stop at B and C are now put out, delayed, upset, angry and the train realizes it can never go that route again and it was wrong to do so because it caused negative emotions. So then it knows never to try that route again and just tries to stick to going from A-Z safely and perfectly like before.

We are created from Spirits who are in turn Highly Evolved Beings. When we die, we are home. So we are Highly Evolved Spiritual Beings when we aren’t in human form. Do ya get me? And what is Spirit? Perfection Personified. Spirit (the ones who are at the top of the ladder or close to it) are everything we know we should be here in our life time but aren’t. I like many others are striving to be as close to Spirit as possible. I ain’t coming back down lol I will protest outside them gates if I have to, chain myself to the clouds if necessary lol But Perfection means not looking good or having money or both. It is Knowing Ones Boundaries, Knowing Right from Wrong, Knowing Forgiveness, Knowing True Love, Knowing Patience, Knowing Honesty, Knowing Sharing, Knowing Humility, Knowing Humbleness, Knowing Humanity and still being able to understand that sometimes we are going to screw up and learn from it. This works for murderers and such too. If they get caught, they asked to be caught. It is why arsonists stay and watch the fire, or why murderers taught the newspapers etc…subconsciously they are asking to be get caught and be put back on track. The ones who get away with it, have no conscience. To live with no conscience is to live without a soul and THEY end up at the bottom of the ladder. (I hope my followers understand my Ladder Analogy by now lol)So when we do wrong, we KNOW it should never have been done in the first place and therefore we create a way to correct it. Making amends with your own Spirit I guess you could say. Basically Spirit should Inspire us and we Aspire to be like Spirit lol

I asked Spirit many many years ago after I had been naughty. I think I had told a lie or gossiped or something and it’s wasn’t a bad hurtful thing I did but I was worried about the consequences and I asked Spirit ‘Don’t punish me, I feel guilty enough as it is being caught up in the moment and I know I should know better and I feel bad now and my guilt should be punishment enough’ and they said to me ‘You people are obsessed with guilt and punishments. Why do you think we would want to punish you every time you do something wrong? That is your cross to bare not ours’ I said to them ‘So you mean…..I knew what I did was wrong so I created the guilt to punish myself? and they said ‘See there you go again with the Punishing, it isn’t to punish you it is to Teach you a lesson so you can take that lesson and move forward knowing you are to never do it again’ And it was like ‘Da da DAAAAAAA’ Got it. One of my many Aha moments lol

So the next time you tell a lie, or take something that wasn’t yours or do anything wrong you know you shouldn’t just remember not to blame anyone but yourself. Because you will be your own judge and jury and your punishment will be what ever you feel it needs to be to fit the crime.

So Don’t worry about doing in this life so you don’t pay in the next. If you pull yourself up on it, or get punished sorry…taught a lesson from it, that is your Karma.
















]from A to Z. It has a set course, it knows exactly where it needs to go and how to get there.

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Time Slips part 3

Well……………….it seems I am starting to control my Time Slips a bit more. Well maybe not control them but what I have found is sometimes when I’m tuning in to read people I get that usual Buzz and Hum of the Pineal Gland I am in the place I can see Psychically.

I did it twice in 24 hours a few days ago. While I still don’t know what triggers it, I know when they are about to happen now and it is happening during readings. It seems to be happening more and more with readings actually. I tap into my connection with the client and then I am there, like I hum and buzz and tingle and my head goes fuzzy and I am there where the vision is I am having. I did a reading for a woman in Canada the other day over the email and I felt myself going off on a Time Slip. I was watching her family both in the past and present. I still can’t control what I see, it is Spirit that seems to be leading that side of it. But it also happened during a conversation with my Mr’s bestie Zooey. We were at his house and we were discussing my Time Slips and I went off on one right there and then. It is the second time I have had one in front of Zooey but this one involved Zooey himself. But I have a 360 degree view of where I am. If I’m reading someone I can walk along into rooms and describe them and then transform into a different time ie 20 years later to see my client retired and elderly. It’s still so physically exhausting though. It can take me days to recover. I simply can’t explain how this happens, it has to be a Pineal thing obviously but I have tried to research it and have found nothing. Maybe it is called something else. I know it by the name I gave it. But this is different to Remote Viewing because I am physically there almost. I can smell the smells, sights and sounds, I can move about freely, change views simply by walking. It can be past or future. And it overlaps my vision. Like the Time Slip is over lapping my actual life. Hence making it dangerous to be around roads and such but luckily for me the last three Time Slips I have had have been in Zooeys home or my own. So I know it is definitely NOT to do with the location. More to do with me. Maybe when I’m on a higher perceptive frequency or something. When I sit down with my clients emails. I read the question/s and then it opens a connection between me and them. Instantly I see the answers to the questions being played out psychically but every now and then like with my last client in Canada I was able to BE where she was. I would smell the wood on the decking of her son’s house, I could feel the cold damp grass under my feet and I could walk into his house and describe things. It fluctuates though in readings because slight sounds can muffle the connection, which is why when I’m out in public I am so confused and disorientated because it is hard to tell what is real and what is Time Slip. I’m going to try and talk to people, get a glimpse of what I look like etc….I know what it is now. I just can’t discuss any of it just now. But I know this must sound crazy safe for the fact I have witnesses to every single one.

So every one I have is bringing me closer and closer to understanding it. I would LOVE to be able to do readings for people and use Time Slipping. I did it a few weeks a go for a client of mine who I know will be reading this, with the death of her Mother. It’s different to a Psychic thing, it’s completely different to a Minds Eye vision. It’s so much better. I just don’t know who it will happen to and where. So some clients definitely get a better reading than others because some are getting the added bonus of a Time Slip lol

I know this is based on Spiritual Understanding. I know it is a Power Up so to speak. Spirit always raise the bar with me every time I achieve a certain level of Spiritual Understanding. So every time I pass a test or something they give me an extra gift or something lol like a Power Up in a game. If your familiar with the game Crackdown you’ll know what I mean when I say I Power Up because in this game after you run, jump, kill, drive a certain amount of times you power up and you literally get engulfed by a white light and you grow bigger,stronger,faster and harder to kill. Then you work to do the next level of achievements and before you know it you’ve gone from being a normal male Elite Officer in this game to like a Super Soldier. So it seems with me every time I reach a certain level of Spiritual Understanding I Power Up, or Level Up. And the funny thing is I still have SOOOOO much to learn so does this mean by the time I’m all hacket and old I will be like a Super Soldier? lol

As always I will keep you posted.

Finding a good Psychic or Medium?

Since I started working full time again having spent a couple of years having babies etc…one thing that seems to be a recurring theme with my clients is they have never had anyone like me before. I just recently have had a couple of people come to me with stories of pure horror about being charged incredible amounts of money for non existent practices. One lady was taken for $150,000 because she was told her husbands Spirit was being haunted by Evil Spirits. I literally cried when I read this. It broke my heart and so I have decided after talking to yet another frightened and easily lead woman looking for answers, I had to write about it.

So how do you know you have found a good Psychic or Medium?

Obviously we aren’t going to be 100% right 100% of the time, but they should definitely have the ability to pick up on YOU and read for you. It is unfair to ask us such questions like ‘What did he have in his pocket when he died?’ because putting that sort of pressure on someone can make them make stuff up and if they get it wrong it makes everyone involved looked dumb.

If they know what was in his pocket they will offer the information.

Ask your questions but don’t give anything away. No personal details. I saw a sight for Theresa Caputo where you actually have to put in all your details including why you want a reading and who you want to hear from. Now this was connected to one of her sites but I don’t know if it is an official site but if it is true then this woman is a fraud. If it isn’t true she needs to get this taken down as it is detrimental to her reputation.

Also, while we all have to charge a fee, the fee should always be wavered or discounted for those who are in dire need of the help but can’t afford it. How can we tell? Because Spirit will tell me ‘Don’t charge this person’ or ‘Find a price they can afford’.

I’ve done readings for people who have paid in barter ie they cut mine and my boys hair for a reading. I’ve had clients without PayPal pay by Amazon Voucher, and a lot have paid in installments. I have done the reading then given then a bit each payment. But NO ONE should be charging more than the average person can afford. I don’t care how good they are.

If you charge per hour or more than £100 $120 for a good reading then your basically saying ‘I only read for people who can afford me’. It makes you look like a narcissist and money driven. Why do the rich get to grieve or get guidance more than the poor? The fee should be for everyone not just the well to do or connected. A good Psychic or Medium will know when to do it for free or at a discount.

The one thing they should NEVER do for you is charge you more. If your reading is a set price for a set amount, anything else they offer should be included in that reading in that time frame. So if you go there for a 45 minute session at say $50 and they say you need to do a cleansing or release a trapped Spirit, they should be showing you there and then how to do it or offering their services for free. ALL Path Walkers and Whiter Lighters should do these services for free. No exceptions.

If I had a show, corporate sponsorship and was making enough that my husband could stay home and look after and educate our boys I wouldn’t ever change my prices. I think what I charge is more than fair.

Your Psychic or Medium shouldn’t be looking at their clock or ringing the till in your presence unless other wise stipulated. My clients know, when they come for a reading, they get their reading via email within 2 days and then after that any questions they ask are all covered in the initial fee and because many of them have a story to tell and just want someone to listen, I do.

They know I have other clients to read for but most of my clients never have to wait more than 2-3 days to a reply to an email after the reading. I have regular clients who come back every month for top ups, I have some who are still discussing something from a reading 7 months after the reading. And I don’t charge. There are so many lonely, confused, sad, desperate people out there. My role in their life is to help them any way I can. There always comes a time when they don’t need me anymore and to me that is a proud day.

They should NEVER predict death unless it is to serve as a warning. When someone dies is between them and their maker. It has no business being in a reading where someone is looking for guidance. If the Psychic or Medium is wrong they can destroy a persons life. No Psychic or Medium should ever put themselves in a situation where they make themselves responsible for causing harm or emotional distress to anyone let alone someone who pays for a reading.

I’ve had readings where, it seemed like everything just went wrong. I felt so bad I spent weeks making amends to the person I was reading for. Not because I had gotten information wrong but the person who got the reading was reading wrong what I was saying. A good Psychic or Medium should always take responsibility for you walking away happy and fully understanding your reading.

They are essentially Doctors for your Soul and no Doctor worth their degree is going to let a patient walk away from them bleeding. As they have a Hippocratic Oath so should a person like me. If you know my blog you will know I talk about my Code of Conduct. I simply couldn’t live with myself if I let someone walk away from me with more questions than answers.

Never compare Psychics and Mediums against each other. I’m talking about the genuine here when I say this but don’t judge us based on the last reading you had. We all have our different ways of doing readings. We all have different symbols for the same thing, we all have different ways of reading out signs and symbols. Don’t compare especially in front of the Psychic or Medium unless your concerned about the way they conducted their reading because it can be quite not offensive but off putting to be told ‘Well my last psychic knew this about me and that about me but your doing all future stuff’. It can make you nervous and give you performance anxiety and we need to be relaxed and as comfortable with you as you are of us.

You will NEVER EVER be asked by a genuinely gifted person to perform any sort of ritual other than light a candle and other innocuous practices. No cracking eggs, ripping up money, burying jewels etc….it should never be that complicated. You are going in for a reading, you pay, you leave. If there is negative energy your going to know about it before them so for them to randomly come out and say your possessed or have bad Spirits attached is nonsense and they are getting ready to fleece you.

They should never be putting any suggestion into your mind that you need to be cleansed and freed and released from anything negative. It is fraudulent and just wrong. Please trust your instincts. You might not see or talk to the dead but your Intuition is a psychic gift and we ALL have it.

If it doesn’t feel right from the start, don’t do it. If your being asked to do anything that isn’t normal for a reading, before agreeing and paying for anything, get a second opinion. Come to me. I will help you. And never, ever, in a billion million years offer up any part of your body or body of any living breathing being. No hair, no nails, no blood, semen, spit, cat fur, rat, chicken, NOTHING!!! I cannot stress that enough. Some will want to cut your hair, RUN!!! If you offer a part of yourself to them you are essentially offering them your soul. They will own you. They will use you to their own ends and control you and it won’t be pretty.

A Psychic reading should consist of you going in, paying your fee, sitting down, asking your question to the cards or Psychic and then listening. After that you should ALWAYS be asked ‘Do you understand?’ or ‘Do you have any questions?’ They are there for YOU, not the other way around.

Without you they can’t do what they do to make a living. So you make sure you leave there happy with what you paid. If your not happy you have every right to ask for your money back or in the least get a free reading. They are on YOUR dime so don’t let them make YOU work for it. No answering questions that are leading, no rushing questions, no doing anything your not comfortable with. Your paying them.

They are providing a service. Without you they wouldn’t be open for business. In the same breathe, your Psychic isn’t Blob, they won’t know every single little thing about you, they will only see the images they are given and you have to remember we more often than not have to decipher images, symbols and sounds in our head. Spirit communicate using our energy, we use yours to read. It’s like two magnets opposing each other, bouncing off each other so we have to read what we catch in between bounces. So don’t expect them to know what you ate for dinner, what you do for a job, or what your cats names are (yes they are real examples)

A Mediums reading should be you going in, and letting the Medium see who is wanting to show themselves. They should never ask you ‘Who do you want to communicate with?’ or any leading questions. ‘How they died?’, etc….it should be clean and simple. ‘Mum says She is sorry she never got to see you get married but she was there in Spirit’ etc….never anything dark or twisted like ‘The man who abused you as a child has come through and he still watches you’ type of thing.

If it gets like that, take your money back and leave. But at the same time, please……understand it can be highly exhausting and stressful on our bodies and energies to do these things for you so don’t expect us to know every single person you have ever known on the other side. I only ever bring through someone for a client if they want to come forward.

I’ve done 15 readings in a row where a loved one has come through clear as crystal. Then 5 where it just purely psychic reading. I don’t advertise myself as a Medium. I don’t like to. It gives people connotations of me being something I’m not which is ‘Like every other Medium’ and I am anything but.

My sister, she is the Medium. I am Intuitive Clairvoyant. But I can do Mediumship if the Spirit wants to come through. My clients know this. They come to me for readings about their future and things that will guide and help them and if Dad or friend comes through it’s a bonus. It’s all charged the same regardless. But that being said, you shouldn’t be doing all the work and letting then ask a lot of questions.

You should simply say ‘yes’ or ‘No’ or if they say something like ‘Can you tell me why I keep seeing a boat covered in blood?’ then you can answer but don’t give anything away. You can say ‘Someone I knew passed away that way’ not anything like ‘Oh my Dad that’s my dad, is he okay, was he murdered, did he see my son being born? is he okay with Mums new man? because in that excitement they have just given away 4 things the medium can then turn in to things to add to the reading that makes me look better than they are.

If you don’t know who the person is. Be honest. Just say ‘I can’t think at this time, maybe it will come to me later’ or ask ‘I’m not sure, can you give me some more to go on please?’ It can often be the case your so expecting to hear from Dad or sister you forget about the Uncle that died when you were little. That’s normal. If you knew them, or of them you’ll remember them eventually or once you ask around. I always say to my clients ‘Can you ask your parents or …XYZ as they will know if it was someone who was alive before you were born’ so don’t discard it as the Medium being rubbish.

Always go in with an open mind. You are about to have your entire Spirit (soul) connected to those on the other side. many wonderful things can and have come out during a session. Plus the better you feel, the more open you are and the easier you are to read. So while they are the ones giving you the service, you can help by having an open mind and healthy attitude.

Don’t go in there giving them the 3rd degree about how good they are. If they are charging reasonable rates and they weren’t good then you haven’t really lost anything but time and you know never to go back. Plus, you can or choose not to pass their name on to friends and family.

Referrals are really crucial for some one like because it means the client thought you were so good they want other people to see how good you are. Although some of my clients have been telling me out and out ‘I’m not referring you because I’m not sharing you’ or ‘Your my secret’ was one I got told today lol But it works both ways, if you don’t do a good job your reputation can be ruined by bad referrals. This is why it is in their best interest to give you good service. If they haven’t done a good job, let them try and make it up to you. If they don’t offer, then give them a bad referral. As long as your expectations haven’t been too high you shouldn’t walk away unhappy if they were referred to you. They can get away with making good money for being a bad Medium or Psychic for so long before all the people who want readings won’t come back so this is when the referrals should kick in. If they are bad, they get no referrals, they go under.

You should never be judged. It doesn’t matter what your religious, sexual or racial background is, Spirit don’t judge. Neither should anyone else.

You should always be allowed to record your reading. Whether it be writing it down or using a digital recorder it is your right to want to make a note of the reading. When I do private readings (where they come to my home) I use a digital recorder and email it or burn it to disc free of charge of course.

Your Psychic or Medium should know their stuff. Whether it be a Theological question or a Physics question, a question about death or the ways a Spirit can communicate they should know the answer or at least have an idea of how it all works. You should be able to ask questions about how and why and the should be able to answer adequately. If they answer with an ‘I don’t know’ or ‘Science isn’t my thing’ then they can’t claim to be Spiritual or a person of Spirit because Science is a HUGE part of what we are. Any Psychic or Medium worth a salt will want to understand how and why they are what they are.

If they tell you things you don’t understand, tell them. When I do a reading I sit at my laptop with their email in front of me and I tune in to the vibration they sent out when asking their question/s. I then begin to answer the question/s and type it all out as I see it. They will get the question answered then whatever else I see after that. I type it as I see it or if I’m busy I write it all down as I see it and type it out later.

But when you get your reading from me, it is written as I see it. I forget sometimes you can’t see what I can so when I describe things it makes sense to me but not to them. But I end every reading with a note saying this. Any Psychic should. My clients know if they don’t understand something or need clarification, just ask. I’m happy to answer any questions. As any Psychic or Medium should.

Remember. We are there to help YOU!!! if your not feeling like your being helped, your not being looked after by a proper gifted person. Someone like me, for example will help people to the detriment to themselves. That is our lot in life. We serve others, while Spirit serves us. That’s the deal.

And I think lastly, your Psychic or Medium if they are genuine, understands about being humble to the craft. They understand the importance of appearance and skill. No Psychic or Medium should be walking around in designer clothes, long manicured nails, diamonds and fur coats. That sort of ostentatious and narcissistic behavior is deplorable. It is nothing more than strutting and that is NOT what a person of the light is about.

It isn’t about how much money you make, the money you make has NO basis for how good you are. I say this for two reasons. I saw Sally Morgan on the street a couple of weeks ago and she was head to toe designer clothes with this hideous grey fur thing around her, while her husband walked behind carrying bags and bags of stuff and not from the Poundshop I can promise you. I felt so sorry for her because she literally had her head up, walking really slowly like she wanted everyone to notice her.

It make my feel sick to my stomach. If you look up Sally Morgan now, she is mainly considered a fraud and has even resorted to threatening legal action to some people who saw some fraudulent behavior going on.

The newspaper or Radio station that made the claim paid compensation and she kept it.  These people had paid to go to her life show. They were sitting in the back of the hall and saw some men feeding her information through a microphone.

What they were saying on the mic, she was repeating through the ear piece because a small window at the back of the hall had been left open. Now over a dozen people saw this and when it started to get peoples attention the men in the room behind the window became aware of it and someone came rushing out to close the window. She used to be loved and respected by the nation and now she isn’t.

Her show on TV wasn’t renewed and I know loads of people who have been to her show and actually walked out. One of my friends who literally loves every Medium ever said she was gutted at how bad it was. She said by the end of the show the hall which seated hundreds and hundreds of people was half empty. It’s what I keep saying ‘If you abuse the privilege you will lose the gift’. This is a gift. It was given to us as a gift. Like getting any gift it is a humble and highly privileged honor to have bestowed upon you. It isn’t a right. It isn’t something you get as a right or demand so anyone who treats it in this way, doesn’t have a genuine gift.

While you can’t be a slob, you shouldn’t be dripping in expensive nail jobs and diamonds. It is not a measure of how good they are, just that they charge more than the average person can ever afford.

I hope I’ve helped you understand what it is you should be looking for in a Psychic or Medium. I REALLY hope none of you read this and get taken advantage of.

I think it’s even appalling that I’ve had to do it in the first place. But I’ve really enjoyed it.

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Legal Statement

I have just found out someone has been using my content and claiming it as their own. I have asked them to stop or face the consequences legally and they deleted my comment. I have contacted WordPress and filled in an Infringement form. I am putting it up here now that I asked this person to stop and they didn’t. They are using content from my posts and putting it as their own. I think it is sad when someone can’t think for themselves. I won’t name names just yet but I am letting you all know now so I have proof I tried to resolve this amicably. I don’t mind anyone using my work as long as it is made to it being my work.

I know I should be flattered they like my work so much but this persons opinions are based on speculation and without merit. I have a love of the Human Body from a medical perspective but I don’t claim to be a Doctor. I love American History but don’t claim to be American lol

This person clearly has a love of all things Mythical or Paranormal but has nothing to base their knowledge on. There is no Gift, Education, Experimentation, Examples or Ideas, just speculation and stolen work. They are what I call Arm Chair Paranomalists. They have an opinion of Ghosts and Big Foot without actually doing any research or going out in to the field.

Please……do your own research and leave opinions on the Paranormal to those who actually know what they are talking about. Your putting vulnerable people at risk by giving them misinformation.

Having checked out your site I was astounded at your inaccuracies. Your knowledge of Big Foot is lacking and the photo you use as an example was uncovered as a fraud a couple of years ago by the men who staged it.
You know nothing about what you speak about and use verbatim my words along side your own uneducated ones. By which I mean you have not spent your entire life mastering your craft as you have none. You’ve simply taken my hard work and claimed it as your own. I don’t mind anyone using my words but make sure you get my permission first because all you’ve done is make yourself look cheap and lazy.
Your misguidance could lead to serious consequences so it’s probably just as well you only have 4 followers. If you continue to take my work without my permission I will have to take action.

I would be thrilled for anyone to use my work but just do the right thing and ask first. Don’t claim it as your own. It’s a dirty thing to do and it cheapens the seriousness of the content. You don’t realize that your playing with peoples lives. Not to mention what you send out comes back Ten Fold.


I check my WordPress every day and notice the questions some of you ask in the Search Terms so I thought I would answer them for you to save you from searching.

Can Spirits Communicate through touch?
Yes they can. While they can’t physically touch you as they are just energy they can project the sense of touch on you telepathically. So they use the power of thought to make you feel touched but it is a genuine touch just not a physical one.

Signs a Spirit is in your house:
Usually it starts with uneasy feelings, feelings of being watched especially when your in bed. Objects moving, sudden feelings of panic like someone is coming up behind you. Electrical equipment cutting out or playing up. You can hear voices, maybe your name being called. Doors opening and closing by themselves, animals might act strangely, cold spots, nausea, headaches, nervous, dogs barking or scratching at certain areas, refusing to go into certain rooms, etc…but none of these are indications that the Spirit is a bad one. One to be feared in any way. If they are making you feel uncomfortable just tell them. Firm but fair. If you have trouble come to me debbiedakiwi@gmail.com.

Telepathy with Spirits, how is it done?:
It’s all based on energy frequencies and learning how to know when it’s telepathy and not just thoughts. It’s based on a certain level of trust and faith too. My two sons and husband are telepathic too so we can communicate with each other also. It’s funny, just not at Christmas. I have had to make myself not think of their gifts as they hear them Telepathically. It is all because of the Pineal Gland. It is the receptor for our ability.

When to be afraid of the Paranormal:
When there is an overwhelming fear that has you unable to stay in the house. When animals and children react badly to the house, won’t enter, bite, growl or fuss to get out of the house. When you get ill or depressed with no explanation. Cold all the time. Smells of sulfates and or dirt. Haunted dreams, nervous beyond the norm. No appetite, If you experience any or all of these, you need to get help. You need to do a cleansing and release whatever is there. 99% of all these types of events happen with a prepubescent or young adult in the premises. It is believed the negative energy built up is from their pent up emotions manifesting into negative energies. There is NO such thing as Demons or the Devil. All negative Spirits are manifested through negative energy. This is why these ‘demons’ or ‘bad spirits’ know how to frightened you because only you know your own worse fears. You essentially are making your nightmares come true.

Why would a Spirit want to Communicate with me?
It could be a loved one wanting to say Hello. Or it is usually because they know, you know they are there and are just trying to get your attention. Simply acknowledge them. It’s usually enough. Tell them if your being frightened. Don’t be mean though or shout. Talk to them you would a naughty child. Firm but with love. They don’t want to hurt you, they just want you to know they are there.

How do you communicate with the Paranormal?
Telepathically mostly. But you can also communicate through smell, and taste also. They usually all come together. One of the things I’ve started noticing lately when with Spirit during a reading especially or if someone asks me a question is I’m able to go to the place they are wanting me to see and almost have like a 3D view of where I am. Like Spirit transport me and I can move around and see everything in detail like I am there in the room and can move freely around it. It’s a new thing so I’m still trying to get the hang of it. Before it was images and videos playing in my mind, now it’s like I’m there. But it is done mostly telepathically.

My child seems to know things he shouldn’t, could he be reincarnated?:

Yes, or Spirit is talking to him telling him things. If you like I could help you know which one it is. Email me at debbiedakiwi@gmail.com

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