Why you don’t need Crystals

One thing that drives me mad more than anything apart from people who charge a fortune for ‘Readings’ for a client is people who are fooled into thinking in order to be at one with the Universe and Mother Earth is to have expensive Crystals, wands, books etc…and that the only way to find internal peace is by paying a lot of money for the books and cards which will show you how to do it. In short (and I apologize for the language) it’s Bullshit and only someone who has never forged a relationship with the Universe and Spirit could live as though they have and charge people sometimes thousands of pounds or dollars to have the same ‘light’ as them. Before I get abuse from New Age folk let me explain what I know. And bare with me, I do make my point eventually.

Many many many years ago when I was a child and I decided the only way I was going to understand my gift was to ask Spirit themselves I was told ‘In the beginning there was the Moon and The Sun and together they created the Earth and the rest of the planets in our solar system’. Now I’m not saying the Big Bang wasn’t real or anything like that, what I mean is of all the things created from it, it was the Moon and Sun that came first. They are the two most important planets in our Solar System. They give life, both equally are responsible for everything on our planet, how it functions, how it creates and if it lives or dies.

They are Mother Sun and Father Moon and Earth is essentially The Daughter, Mars the Son and so on………now…..when we are hurting our beautiful Earth, when we dig in her and plant in her and build and bomb, use up and flood her, she gets very upset and when we have earth quakes and volcanic eruptions it is always on countries that are doing wrong in some way.

If you look at the things going on in countries at the time of great disaster there is something going on that we don’t know about where Earth is being hurt in some way so she is essentially having a huge tantrum. She is reacting to the pain.

When the Sun flares or doesn’t and it affects our weather etc…that is The Mother, getting upset at watching her child get abused. If you are a parent you will know what I mean when I say to watch your child get hurt, is a horrible thing and to any poor parent who has watched their child get abused or die is soul destroying to say the least. And this is what the Sun is doing when she goes quite or plays up. Our Ancestors who live in Space, come to her and calm her down, reassure her that Earth will be taken care of. There is numerous footage of Beings flying up to the Sun when it is flaring and reacting and beams are seen to almost soothe the Sun down. This footage is common and can be found on YouTube. But my point is this.

We are all connected. Spirit, The Living, Universal Ancestors, The Planets, The Stars etc…we are all connected. We came from the same bit of dust, boom, creator, parent, whatever you believe in, we are all one. It is why we share the same DNA with everything on this planet, from Pigs to Dandelions, Crabs to Peanuts. So why then, do you need to buy a Tigers Eye for Mental Focus and Confidence when a rock from your garden can do the same thing? It is from the same planet, made from the same energy, by the same earth just in a different part of it. It’s like taking blood from a vein in your arm thinking it is different as the blood taken from your foot. It’s all from the same body, made by the same cells and pumped through the body with the same heart.

When your out and about and your feeling like you need that connection or help, Earth offers us up solutions all the time and no one ever listens. How many times has a feather appeared before us, or a rock has caught our eye at the river?

A Shell seems to call us at the Beach? This is your Earth telling you to take this gift and use it to help you heal. You will know what it is for, you will know what to do with it and where to put it. My house doesn’t have one single room that doesn’t have a shell, rock, feather or stick in it that was given to me by Earth and Spirit. Each one tells a story, each one given to help me in some way, each one a memory. Flowers work like incense, so does baking  cake or a loaf of bread.

And if you always remember when your out, if your wanting to find that stick or rock, shell or flower to help you and it isn’t being offered up, ask. Always ask to take it. The one you are allowed, the one your meant to have, will be made visible to you. Just remember if it is a flower always leave the roots in tact so it can grow back, never take a tree without planting another one, when taking a stick always take one from the ground and never from the actual tree, unless you know for sure it has been offered to you because trees and plants do indeed feel pain so don’t take anything where your causing pain or suffering.

But in saying that we all find awesome sticks on the ground and I’ve never felt the need to take one from a living tree before in my life.

Each bit of soil around our homes is different. From the front to the back. You can keep little pots of them in your home and they seem to absorb all your negative energy. Once it has taken the poison (as I call it because negative energy is like a poison on our souls) you simply place it back outside where you got it from and let the Father Moon cleanse it.

You can take stones and rocks and cleanse them in salt for the full cycle of the Moon and your then free to use that rock or shell or stone for as long as you need it. You do this simply because you don’t know what history that rock or shell etc…has seen so you cleanse it first to ensure any residual energy has been removed.

Every single natural made product of this planet has an energy, it’s own frequency and power. We are also energy with our own frequency and power so when you want to have something natural in your home to help you make sure it is of the same frequency as you.

How to do this is use your wedding ring and a piece of your hair or a strand of cotton and a ring you wear all the time and use it like a pendulum.

Ask the pendulum which way it wants to swing for yes and no. Then when you find your rock, shell, stick etc….and your not sure it is for you use your Pendulum to test it. If you ask it ‘Are you the rock, shell, stick for me?’ and it says No then put it back and find one that says yes. But if you literally stumble across the stick or the feather falls at your feet etc…that is a gift and you should there fore accept it with grace and aplomb.

But you will feel the benefits and every single bit of it is free.

There is not one illness on our planet that we can’t cure with things on our planet. From Cancer to Autism, Parkinson’s to Infections. By keeping away from Vaccinations, Fluoride, Aspartame and anything artificial we will one day never get sick and die from diseases but it will only happen once we start to learn to appreciate our Sister Earth and ourselves. We must literally Live in Harmony. And everyone can do it, for free and without having to pay for the privilege of knowing how to do it.

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3 thoughts on “Why you don’t need Crystals

  1. I definitely look forward to understanding this sun/moon thing better one day. The scientist in me says that doesn’t make sense, while the spiritualist in me knows that direct, literal interpretations of things doesn’t always tell the whole story. 🙂

  2. Yikes! What in the world must nz be doing then? We have so many earthquakes on a daily basis.
    What about pruning a plant? Is that ok since it’s done to help their growth?

    • Exactly, the funny thing is growing up in the 28 years I lived there, we maybe had 2 small ones a year if that. Now in the last 5 years we have been getting them almost monthly. I know the ring of fire goes right down the spine of my country but it’s said they use that weapon they drill into the ground to send out vibrations to rumble the tectonic plates I think invented by Nicholi Tesla to start earthquakes and tsunamis to make the country unstable so the Americans can come in and have bases. The Prime Minister is Pro America and has said he plans on giving the US Government free run of NZ, so they start by making people frightened and unstable, helpless and in need. Can you imagine if they pull that crap in NZ? How long do you think it would be before some Maori’s went back to cannibalism? lol We used to be an honest Nation, Helen Clarke was the last of the Peace Loving Leaders believe it or not.
      And pruning plants is fine. They feel pain of course but if you talk to the plant, maybe play some nice heavy metal (Plants have been proven to respond better to Heavy Metal and Classical) and explain to the plant your giving it a hair cut, you’ll be fine. Be delicate the way you would do with clipping a dogs claws. It’s really no different.