Time Keeps on Slipping, Into the Future:

Well I Time Slipped Again. This time in a pub having a lunch with my ex husband and boys. Again I didn’t expect it. Just started fizzing and away I went but this was a future slip.

The one thing I was able to do this time was observe my physical reaction to the slip. It is hard for me to explain it but when I slip I see things super enhanced. Because there is an overlapping of visuals It amazes me how super 3D everything looks. My hands looked more real than they do normally. I could see every pulse in my finger, every groove in my skin, deep and cavernous, the tiny beads of sweat that lay just under the grooves.

Fabrics were astounding to look at too. Think of the best HD Graphics you’ve ever seen in a movie and make it 1000 times better than that, then you’ll understand what I mean. I remember watching Shrek 4 and being amazed at how HD could let you see the the grains of fibers in Shrek’s shirt. Well now when I time slip I live that too but in even more High Definition. Also this slip lasted about an hour. Its usually been minutes before, but this was about an hour. I remember sitting in the seat at the Pub feeling like if I lifted my feet up off the floor I would float away like a Helium Balloon. It felt like my feet were anchoring me to the floor so I wouldn’t float away but I could feel gravity pulling on my body like it WANTED to float up to the roof. It’s so hard to explain, all of this so please bare with me lol

I was looking at and talking to my ex husband as I was in it, but he was behind the image of what I was seeing overlapped on him. What I saw was personal to my ex husband and I, but it was a very important message to him but I an still see him sitting in the pub and the image of my time slip super imposed over him. I could smell the smells, feel the climate and even move around to get a different perspective of the view.

So every time slip offers up a little more of the learning process. I hope one day to be able to control when it happens but for now I will take whatever it is Spirit wants to teach me about it. I trust it is happening for a reason and go with what ever it is Spirit trust me with.

I’m almost excited to see what happens with it the next time. But I am more exhausted now than any of point in my Psychic life. I have zero energy, can’t even get out of bed.

15 thoughts on “Time Keeps on Slipping, Into the Future:

  1. So fascinating! I was just lying here recovering from an interesting dream and I just documented it all in a note on my phone so I could stay in bed. Took me a while. Thanks to caffeine and being on break, my sleeping is a little off right now. But after being moved by my experience, I read about yours, though clearly not a dream. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Back to bed… hopefully…

    • Hiya Dotd, Thank you. I accept this is happening for a reason, I don’t question it, I only wish I had some knowledge of when it was going to happen because it literally stops me dead in my tracks which can put me in dangerous situations lol It is so hard to explain with words what happens to me though but as I have each experience I learn a little more about it and what I can do. If I’m ever lucky enough to be able to control it I want to experiment with it. But for now I just observe lol I’m thoroughly exhausted though. I too am in bed but it’s lunch time here lol They leave me totally exhausted. If you ever want me to interpret your dream, just say the word. And Happy New Year my friend, I wish you Enough.

      • Of course you learn a bit more each time. What you’re doing is “unnatural.” I don’t mean in a bad way, I mean it’s something people don’t do. You can’t expect to just have it happen a couple of times and suddenly know everything there is to know. But you know that, of course. Right now it sounds like you’re just getting used to it, and growing in proficiency. Right now it sounds like passive growth. You’re adapting to your senses so you can experience it better, more fully. Soon I’m sure you’ll start growing in your interaction with these environments, and then perhaps grow in control in your own body (i.e. in keeping it safe in the here and now), and perhaps finally control the time it happens, or the destination.

        Is it odd that it makes total sense to me when you explain how acute your senses were this time, and I don’t have any clue why that makes so much sense to me? lol It’s like I know more than I know. 🙂

      • It’s not odd at all. Next to Mr you know me better than anyone. Your trust and faith in me is certain. So when I say stuff you understand it better than anyone because you know I’m not the sort to make this stuff up. But also lets face it, your understanding of Time and Space, Dr Who, Star Trek, etc…is all relative to what I’m going through. Mr likens a lot of what happens to be to things on Star Trek, Dr Who etc…he was just telling Robot the other day how his Mama is a real life Jedi lol But your understanding of it all, makes what I say so much easier because you make me sound less insane. lol Like I know you embrace my Crazy too but your standing in Society wouldn’t have you being swept up in my hype lol if you know what I mean? Anyone who knew you in person would be shocked that someone like you understand his crazy pals Time Slips hahaha and I do agree with everything you’ve said. I’m both excited and nervous to see where this leads in the future.

      • So it’s all wibbly-wobbly timey-whimey? lol

        I just mean it’s odd that I seem to understand something without knowing why. It’s like someone tells you 2+2=4 and you think, well of COURSE it does, without ever having learned addition or counting.

        That is one thing I wanted to say but forgot. You’re just learning now. Maybe not even learning, but just getting exposure, getting acclimated. So…..

        How far will you go? What is the limit? 🙂 Who knows, maybe this is how you will do your readings in the future. Maybe your readings now are just extreme crude and inexpert time slips. Or not, I may just be conflating two different gifts together.

  2. I’m thoroughly entranced. I can barely wait to hear the next installment… and I have to go check your other posts. You mention your psychic life… h (apologies beforehand) how long have you been psychic, did you do anything to enhance your abilities, when did the time slips start…. I feel so excited for you even though you are so tired. I wish I could sit and talk with you about it all…Thank you for sharing. Susan x

    • Well Thank you very much. Your praise is humbling and an honor to say the least. I was born Psychic, my whole family have gifts of some sort of another. My Dad was extremely gifted but was terrified of it because of his strict Catholic upbringing he however let us kids embrace ours. I have one sister who is a Medium, she is my biggest influence in what I do. It was she who encouraged me to do readings at the age of 16. My gift grew exponentially every time I asked Spirit questions and taught myself to understand what was happening to me. It’s hard to explain but basically instead of just being Psychic or just being an Intuitive Clairvoyant with gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, natural telepathy, psychometry etc…I studied what I was. I test my gifts constantly and I know I will never stop being a student of Spirit. My entire life has been and will be me learning to understand the Paranormal from my point of view ya know? My husband says my theories and observations are only just now on the cutting edge of Scientific fact so maybe one day Science will be able to put a name on what it is I can do. I know as I gain more knowledge by my observations and teachings from Spirit I power up if you will. Like in a video game. The more I learn, the better I become and I say that in the humblest of terms. I am better than no person, I am just a better version of me. The Time Slips are………well fantastical to say the least. It sounds like something out of a fantasy novel but are all but real. But for the fact my husband and his best friend witness them, would I think I was losing my mind once and for all but every time I have one, I learn more. Every time I have one I see more, and control my actions while in one. I knew instantly I am there for observation only. I would never be allowed to interfere with the past or present but I hope one day to be able to control when it happens. I would like to think one day I could use them one day in my readings. Imagine having a reading from someone who could jump back and forth in time to see you, your life and answer questions such as ‘How did my Dad really die?’ etc….But as I say it’s early stages just yet. I document every thing and every theory I have with my husband and his besties. I promise to keep you updated. I know and understand it all now, what it is, how it happens and it’s connection to Death and the Afterlife etc.. but my husband and I feel it isn’t time to discuss it all yet but I will when Spirit say it’s safe to.

      • Fascinated is a poor word for me to use. I feel the words you use drawing me in and talking to…. someplace or someone else who understands but its just beyond my reach at the moment. I feel an excitement that makes me want to bounce in my seat!
        I’ve spent the past hour or more, not writing my blog but reading yours! It was fantastic! So many things clicking into place. I’ve just spent fifteen minutes talking to my husband – who wants to follow your blog too. I’ve always known that there was more to life than this life and that death was not the end (despite my catholic upbringing) and spent so long searching for answers. My path went one way and I struggled to be able to keep to my heart’s path, but eventually I made it to where I know I belong. I know being ill has slowed everything down and i need to be well to reach where I know I can be and want to be. All I ever wanted to do was help people, in ways in which they could not help themselves. On one level I understood that many did not want the responsibility to follow your path, but I am excited now to see where my path is leading me. I wish I was able to talk with you more easily – I would probably drive you to distraction.
        One thing (lol) I am curious about – have you in your time slips, been somewhere where you recognise the place, so much that you could find your way around unaided and yet in this life have not been there yet?
        It’s so funny really, so many things which I’ve been told are my over active imagination and you’ve described them all so well in your posts…thank you for your wonderful replies…I am tingling with anticipation.
        Blessings, Susan x

      • Wow Susan you flatter me with such undeserving praise, I honestly don’t know what to say. Except you and people like you are the reason why I did this Blog. I wanted people to see how normal being around Spirit is. That they can teach you to have the most incredible gifts and most amazing understanding of the Universe in which we live in. Essentially I am just a housewife and mother who does readings for people part time who has been allowed to see and experience things Science mostly doesn’t even understand or is only just touching on now. It all started because I was born like you, in pain, with a gift and an inquisitive mind. But I asked Spirit instead of asking others because I didn’t have anyone else to ask. Nobody else had this relationship with Spirit that I was developing. I talk to them like I would my husband, or a person sitting there in front of me. They talk to me any time they want, we have a normal relationship like that of a living person to another living person. They help me in so many ways. From helping me find things to knowing why something is broken, why I am will, what the problem is etc….they never let me down. I trust them beyond any other relationship I have. My health sometimes hinders me but I trust them not to give me anything I can’t handle and if they need me to help someone when I am poorly they always give me plenty of time to rest afterwards. And there is nothing I can do that you can’t do, you just need to have faith in your relationship with Spirit. God knows I drive them mad sometimes because I’m so stubborn lol but I tell them it is their fault they made me that way lol But your drive and determination is exactly what I was like many years ago but I didn’t have the internet at the time to help me understand it all. This is why I have this blog so people like you have the someone I didn’t. Any questions or feelings you may have, I am only too happy to help you understand them any way I can. My family have the gifts but not like mine, not the relationship I have. I’m the only one who uses it in life, for a career path and to live by. Apart from two sisters the rest kind of brush it all. But like you I just want to help people. I’m humbled but so happy I’m able to give you such a boost. The more you learn the more you know I say. And yes I have time slipped in a place I have been to before but knew my way around. It only happened once and that was yesterday. I was in Germany with my husband neither of us have been there before. I was there for about an hour and it’s the first time it’s happened like that. But I mostly time slip in places I have never been before and seen them in the past. They were all from hundreds of years ago and noting like what I was actually walking in, in reality. Something else that has also started happening is during readings I can place myself in the vision and see the image with clarity. For example: I did a reading for a client where I was able to stand in her living room and watch the conversation she had with her best friend which took place 20 years ago. I can describe the furniture, the smells, sounds etc…as though I’m actually there but I didn’t know until my husband pointed it out to me that I’ve actually been doing that for years lol But also I went to Rome about 7 years and knew my way around there without a map. I had never been before but I could see the streets in my head that I needed to go down in order to get back to the Hotel. It was weird. But I was like a dog on a scent. I was so excited and assured of myself about where to go. I felt like I had lived there and knew every back street and alley and yet I had never been there before in my life.

      • Well of COURSE science will one day explain what you do. Look at the science we have today. All the things it explains about how the world works. Do you think at some level that suddenly stops and it all just becomes magic? lol

      • Lol well you know what? I call it Magic lol because it does feel like something a magician would do. Tricks of the mind etc….but when ever they are ready I would love to help them discover how it works because it just isn’t enough for me to do it. It is all a bit Phantasmagorical really isn’t it? But I would love to figure this all out. So if one day Science wants to figure it out I am only too happy to offer my services because It really isn’t enough for me to be what i am. I want to know why I am what I am and how too lol
        I am too inquisitive for my own good sometimes. lol

      • It doesn’t really matter what you call it. I’m just comparing science–explainable physical phenomena–with ineffable occurances that just happen. I just used the word “magic” to give it a recognizable term. And, as I already stated, it would be totally silly to create a universe bound by certain laws…..and then just throw in a bunch of stuff that cannot be explained and just happens.

        Unless the Big Guy is just the biggest troll of all time. lol

  3. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an really long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didnt show up. Grrrr well Im not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

  4. Can I simply just say what a comfort to find someone that actually knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You actually realize how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people have to look at this and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you are not more popular because you surely have the gift.

    • Hi Athina, Thank you so much. That is such a lovely thing to say. I a so glad my Blog is hitting a nerve with people. When I started this Blog a year ago after 4 years of humming and haaaing I just wanted to help people. I couldn’t find anywhere to go to offer help because there was nothing out there. I was worried no one would understand it. There are so many people out there claiming to be something Spiritual or Psychic but no one was offering advice. Spirituality is as important to a person as Political and Cultural beliefs. And my beliefs are PRETTY outrageous lol I need to be blunt though because honesty is the only thing Spirit understand. I love what I do so much, every day I wake up blessed. But there are so many confused people out there with gifts like mine they either don’t understand or fear. I want people to see the honest, funny side to the Paranormal. To have people read my post is blessing enough but when someone comes to you and says ‘Hey good job’ then I know I’m doing a good job at getting the messages across. People have been conditioned to see the Dead as something scary and dark but I am trying to show people Spirit are just us only Dead. Nothing to fear and everything to learn from. As for the readership, well I never thought 1 person would come to me let alone as many as I have. The way I see it ‘My Blog isn’t for everyone, so only those as unique as my gift will understand it’.
      Thank you so much for your support.