What is Genetic Memory

Genetic Memory is when we carry traits of our past lives through to all our lives.

I used to say to Spirit ‘Why don’t I like this’ or ‘Where has he learned that from?’ and they would always say ‘It’s Genetic’ which made no sense but because whatever it was I was questioning wasn’t possible for it to have been passed down from one of my parents etc…ie

So if in your very first life you were a baker who liked to listen to classical music but had a fear of Spiders then chances are one or all of those traits will be carried through to your next lives. Somewhere along your life you will like to bake, listen to classical music and fear spiders. Of course there is so much more to making a person who they are but I’m using three examples for make my point.

Spirit always say to me ‘My fear of heights is genetic’ which always kind of made sense because my Dad was terrified of heights. He was a real life BA Barracus in that being in the Army and having to travel all the time with the Army they would have to sneak sedatives in his food so they could get him on the plane.

BUT no one I know has ever drowned in an ocean at night time and I have nightmares about it to this day. I keep reliving the death of a life I had many lives ago where I am Italian and I drown in a Ship Disaster or some sort like the Titanic but the water isn’t freezing it is cold and sharks start coming in to pick off the people floating. but In this huge red Crinoline style dress, it is a blood red colour which is my favourite colour and luckily for me I drown before I get eaten. But I relive this dream at least 2 times a month. But I’m terrified of ships. my husband wants to take us on a cruise but I’m petrified yet in this life I have no cause to fear cruise ships or any sort of big ship. I haven’t had that many past lives but all of them involve me being on big ships at some point of my life and I didn’t like them then and don’t like then now. Spirit kept saying it is Genetic.

I’m also claustrophobic with no reason in this life for it but every past life I have had I know why I panic and can’t breath when I my face is covered up or I’m left in tiny spaces. It is a panic and fear like I’m going to die type of fear. I can’t even lay back in a bath with a face cloth over my face.

So a genetic memory is when we have a trait from out first life we bring with us to all our other lives. Of course, every life we have is for the purpose of learning a lesson we felt or were told we didn’t learn the last time.

So if you have any traits in yourself that you don’t understand or can’t figure where they came from, it will be because of your Genetic Memory.

And last night when I was discussing it with Mr he said he was reading an article on line where Scientists are starting to say they have proof now that looks like our Souls are born (as in from the very first life you live) we have a genetic marker in our very core of self (ie soul) that like actual Genetic markers in our DNA is carried forward through our lives that we live. So now I finally understand why Spirit kept saying it was Genetic. But Science calls it Genetic Memory. Even I get surprised that some of the things I think I’m just making up in my head actually have begun to get Scientific Merit lol and why I like to mix Scientific understanding to the Paranormal World I live in.

9 thoughts on “What is Genetic Memory

  1. Over here, we have riverboat cruises as well. I don’t know if that’s any better, but it’s an option to try. And almost certainly no sharks.

    I too have phobias with no traceable explanation.

  2. I honestly can’t think of anything that could qualify as ‘unexplainable’, by which I mean something I fear/like/dislike in this life that I have no reason for. Well, likes are a little harder to say, because as we discover things, we won’t know if we like or dislike them, but it’s easier to say ‘yes, I have a reason to DIS-like this’ or to ‘DIS-like that’ than it is to know why one likes this or that.

    I can come up with a reasonable explanation for everything I dislike, and I don’t really have any phobias to speak of. There are many things I dislike, but nothing sends me into a panic. I dislike spiders because they bite and because they’re creepy, and can sneak up on you without you even knowing it, etc etc. I have deep-seated trust issues, but I’ve got PLENTY of reasons for that, as well as my severe dislike for old men of a certain body type. Have very valid reasons for all of these things.

    I can’t think of a single thing that I could attribute to a life other than this one, but I have a very strong draw to particular places and times in history, which we have mentioned to each other briefly, and the possibility that it could have something to do with past lives, but a lot of the other things that seem to come along with that don’t exist for me, so I also think it’s possible that, even though I FEEL like an old and ‘wise’ (I use the term loosely, lol) soul, perhaps I’m not?

    Is there any way to tell if something you feel is the result of a past life or not?

  3. my god son Ashton, was born with the fear of stuffed animals… i mean petrified. Now that he is two years old…its worst. he doesnt like dogs cats im thinking bc theyre furry like the previous toys..i tried to give him a teddy bear the other day..and he freaked!! were all so puzzled??

    • Well he is two, he should have a vocabulary enough to tell you why. If he died at the hands of an animal in his past life it could explain it. But being a toddler he won’t be aware enough to distinguish stuffed from real. You need to ask him questions in a way that he understands, and in a way you’ll know how he will answer. He will have a few words under his belt at 2 so ask him the questions and see what he says. It sounds fascinating to be honest lol keep me posted. I’m fascinated by this stuff.