Reincarnation and Children

One thing I have been sharing with you all on this blog is the situation I am having with my youngest child and his forgetting he isn’t a third world Indian child anymore. A very dear friend couple of ours are also dealing with issue with their daughter who has been traumatized in this life with her past life.

If you know the history of what they were before it can certainly help explain why they sometimes do the things they do.

My youngest Train still tries to get all the plastic out of the recycle bin, hoards food, tries to drink coffee and cleans our toilet.

Her story was tragic when Train was her. She was taken by her Father to work for a slightly better off family where she was forced to endure back breaking labor of cleaning and house work for scraps and to sleep on the floor. She ran away and basically lived hand to mouth collecting plastic and rope, string etc..and would buy coffee to keep her awake because she was frightened of going to sleep because on the streets she was treated worst than the house she ran away from. She would lay on her patch of path and watch the trains go by day dreaming about the exotic places those lucky people on the train could be going to. She would cry for her Mother every single day. The memory of her Mother crying and Father pulling her by the hand to never be seen again stays with Train to this day as a 3yr old boy. Well….to cut a long story short that little Angel was promised work by two men who did horrendous things to her tiny 8yr old body before throwing her on to the rocks.

As a parent who knows her story it is hard for me because the men who took her life are still alive and so are her parents. And as far as I’m concerned Karma is a bitch and if my Train can bring the little girl peace in knowing she got that good life she dreamed of having when she lay awake then I will move heaven and earth to make it happen to show those who hurt her how wrong they were in thinking they got away with it. I neigh WE will always know the truth.

But I digress, basically being what I am I was able to talk to my babies in uterine. You don’t need to be like me, millions of women will claim to be able to speak to their babies. For me though it was from the minute I knew I was pregnant.

Because the soul was attached to mine, I knew the second I had conceived. My body told me and my psychic told me I was pregnant.

And one of the very first things Train said to me when they pulled him out of me was ‘Yay, I get a white family’. I had been told during both of my pregnancies who they were in former lives. I was told there was a reason we had been chosen as their parents, explained why and told who they were. So I knew what he meant when he had said that. He became fascinated with our technology.

He couldn’t believe we had lights that we could turn on and off whenever we wanted, TV, Phones etc…fascinated him. Train was laughing proper belly laughs at 7 weeks, crawling at 5 months and walking by 10 months.

By the time he was one you could have full blown conversations with him and understand him perfectly but he was doing weird things like he became obsessed with anything plastic.

We recycle so our recycle bin was his favourite play spot. If he went missing you knew he would be there. I have oodles of photos of him in among the recycling. He would hoard food. He would stack it under his cot bed or in his wardrobe. He would ask all the time ‘Come with me Mama’ and I would follow him and he would take me to his bedroom and he would say ‘My room Mama?’ and I would say ‘Yes baby this is your room?’ and he would say ‘Only Trains room?’ and I would say ‘Yes and no one else but Train?’ and he would roll around the floor and squeal and look so happy and hug everything individually in his room’

He would also ask for baths all the time off ‘to get the yucky off’ he would say and he was a baby. How yucky was a baby going to get?

If you went into the bathroom he would try and get into the bath. He could not believe he had hot water to bath in when ever he wanted. He became obsessed with trains too and to this day still loves trains. He has about 30 of them and saves his pocket money to get them from car boots.

His Dad and I are firm believers in rewarding hard work and indulging them in their interests. Train has books, dvds, toy trains, tracks, posters up the wazoo. He recently was very lucky to have gotten some Posters sent directly from Sir Richard Branson signed by himself as he found out that my 3yr olds favourite  thing in the whole world is Virgin. We felt so blessed he did this for our wee boy.

We moved to a house with a burn at the back (stream in Scots) and if anyone even the cat went near the water Train would become almost hysterical with panic and he would shout out ‘Danger Danger’ sometimes he would shake he would get so worried about his big brother or his Daddy going near it.

His brother Robots past life was even more traumatic but Spirit said I was never to know how he died. So I trust that but I was able to talk to the old man he was before and assure him it was okay to let Robot live his life now. It’s been a little harder for Train because his last life wasn’t that long ago.

But you need to help your child become who they were born to be. I don’t agree with these parents who track down the family from their former lives because the child is here to live THIS life not the last one and it can confuse not only the child but also their Soul to live dual lives. SO my advice to anyone who is in my boat to do what I do.

Every time she comes out I sit with him and I say to him ‘Your Train now and Mummy and Daddy love you so much…then I remind him of things we have done as Train and Mummy, Daddy and Robot and ask him questions like ‘Do you remember when we went to the park and you were on the slide and you went woosh down really fast?’ and then he will add his bit of memory like ‘yes and then I landed on my bum and it got all sand on it’

By pulling them out of their past lives like that it cuts off the connection quickly and brings them back into the now. When he starts cleaning my toilet which he has been doing since he was able to pull himself up onto furniture’ I had to move all my cleaning stuff like my toilet brush out of the way or he would be there for ages trying to clean it.

After he was done he would always hold his hand out for food. It used to break my heart. But when he would do this I would distract him by saying ‘No baby Mummy doesn’t want you to clean the toilet, Mummy wants you to…draw a picture, help me make cupcakes..etc….to give him new memories and new distractions.

And for the record when I bake which is ALL the time, and cook meals I have included the boys since they were newborns. Now they both have little chef hats and kiddy baking instruments and no cupcake or cake is made in this house without ‘their love’ getting stirred into it.

Because All cakes are made with love. Since I started doing what I call  ‘ The Distraction’ technique he hasn’t cleaned the toilet since. His trains are his distraction now anyway. He knows every name, very part, every type of train there is and he is three.

He seems to have a thing for engineering now so we let him indulge in this instead and even though I know I could track his family down and get him reacquainted with this last family, what good would it do?

There is enough pressure on children as it is but when your child is a crystal baby with gifts and living in an unusual life as it is because lets face it, my family isn’t normal. Getting him involved in his past life would be too much for his poor soul to bear besides which his last life left him very bitter towards his Father after he was born and his Dad has had to work very hard in building his relationship with Train to go back to her Father who sent her away would open up so many old wounds.

The only way you should reintegrate your child to their past life is if the child is suffering emotionally now BUT even then it should be done on the understanding that once the connection is made, they are to be then left alone to live the life they were born to live.

Past is past for a reason. If your child is experiencing past life regression, keep reminding them they are the name you gave them, your their parent, and then use distraction techniques. For your own peace of mind you could do some investigation into the things they claim but it isn’t a good idea to share it with them especially if they are young.

It can put a lot of pressure on the child and in a lot of cases the child has wanted to remain with the former family. Be understanding but also reassure them that it’s okay to remember things but the important thing is to be allowed to live the life they were born to have. I’ve seen some lovely cases thanks to Moon who sent me a link to a show on Bio about Reincarnated Children, where the child has been introduced to their past lives families and it has ended beautifully but those cases are few and far between.

My Train wouldn’t even look at his father. My poor husband would be heart broken because every time he tried to hold him to give him a bottle, change his nappy, anything that involved contact Train would scream. He would be thrashing around and it was traumatic for all involved. It was horrible.

My husband knew why it was happening but he couldn’t bond with Train, Train would NOT let him near him. He stuck to me like glue. If I left the room he was in with his Dad he would chase me down screaming and he would cling. He would tell his Dad ‘I don’t love you, I only love Mama’ and it would tear my poor husband up. I would have to step in and tell him that he was hurting his Daddy and his Daddy has never hurt him, and never would.

I would have to say to him ‘Your last Father did something very bad but your new Daddy loves you so much’

I would make Mr do things with Robot in front of Train that I knew Train would want to get involved in. I would then walk away for short periods of time to leave them alone. When he got used to that  I would make the two of them spend time together. I would be with Robot and Mr would have one on one time with Train. Then when they were used to that he would actually ask to spend time with his Dad. By which time the three of them would go off on great adventures. Now Train doesn’t even remember how he used to feel about his Dad. But I know Mr will never forget it as long as he lives.

If you continue to encourage the past life it can have a detrimental effect on anyone involved and if you don’t uncover what’s going on really quickly it can lead to many misunderstandings.

My husband has a really good friend of his and his wife have a wee girl. She has the birth marks where she was shot in the head when she was a Palestinian child. I wont go into details though because I’ve explained all this before. But this wee girl has been having trouble sleeping and her parents thought it was because she was playing up. Understandably they didn’t have a clue what was going on and assumed the child was playing up.

When I reminded them of her past life and why she is afraid of the dark etc…other things came to light which they never knew and it made her night terrors a lot easier to understand. The fear of loud noises, strange men, sudden noise etc…all started to make sense when I told them why she was acting the way she was acting and to make matters worse her past life family she died with were in her room protecting her. I had to go in and get the Mum to cleanse the rooms and take control back of the situation. It took quite a while for things to settle down but the other day I was told by this past life family had moved on and leaving the family friends of ours alone now they knew their sister/daughter was in good hands. But by nipping it in the bud now while their daughter is only 18 months old means she will be less likely to remember and carry forward her past life issues.

So remember, Be firm but fair.

Distract them and remind them. You have to remember they aren’t being your child when they are being who they were in their past life.

Have some understanding as to why they are acting the way they are. So you don’t get angry or upset when you see them doing what they are doing. Remind yourself ‘It isn’t my child’.

Be patient, this is going to be a process of retraining your child’s mind set.

Keep them in the present, it distracts them from the past.

Only show them evidence of their past life if you think it will help bring closure.

They need closure so if they are older, and old enough to understand what is going on do whatever you need to do to bring closure and lay the past life to rest. If your lucky enough to come up with their name, country, manner of death could have a service for them in which they lay their past life to rest. Have a ceremony in which the child can say goodbye to the past life.

Let them express whatever emotion they have in dealing with it too. One of the things I have uncovered is that the rate at which children are being reborn remembering past lives  is growing in an exponential rate and ALL have suffered very traumatic deaths. Some were in 9/11 some are from WW2, Murdered, Killed in Bosnia, Iraq etc…and a lot if not most were killed as children or young people. And all are being born to a certain type of parent. An enlightened parent, an open minded parent, a patient parent or someone like me. It’s like for all the children and people who were cut down in their prime in their past lives are being sent back to be given another chance, a better chance, a loving chance. Forgiveness, closure, peace, empathy, reward, there are many reasons as to why they have been reborn to the better lives.

But if they died as children or killed by no fault of their own then they will be always asked what they want to do next and it seems like most of them are opting to be reborn to have it a bit better this time around. They are being given to people who understand their unique situation. Which that in itself is a gift. I’ve never seen a parent not understand the unique situation they and their child have been put in and Mothers especially seem the most willing to want to find out more. Just remember you could be opening up a Pandora’s box. So tread very carefully. But most importantly, the one thing you must never forget is this:

Your child, is YOUR child. You were chosen to be their parent for a reason. Love them for what they were created to be, not what anyone else wants them to be. Embrace them and their uniqueness for what it is. Don’t try to ‘change’ your child, just try to help them. Everything you do for your special child should be for their best interest and no one else’s.

Once you start to involve other people especially from their past life you could be causing a heap of emotional baggage your child doesn’t deserve or need. This is about THEM, not you, not their last family, or anyone else. If your going to try and uncover the things they say make sure your doing it for them, not for yourself. Also be prepared for anything. You don’t know what your going to find so you have to prepare yourself for some distressing things that could be uncovered.

Also remember, we all carry traits of our past selves to our present lives so make sure you are delving into a Past Life Issues and not a Genetic Memory. Just because your child may talk of loving to drive and traveling and eating nice food it doesn’t always mean they are remembering past lives, it could be in their genetic memory which is very different. Genetic Memory is when no matter what life you live, some things stay with you because it is in the very core of your design. Your very first life on earth was as something where each life there after carries these certain traits. So their very first life may have been as an Explorer or Sailor who traveled the globe seeing new and exciting things.

Other wise follow my tips and eventually you should be able to help their former selves move on to let their current selves live in peace. Especially if you discover they are Rebirths from a young age.

And as always if you have any questions, or need any help. I am here. Just email me or contact me on this Blog.

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  1. It seems a bit odd that those with traumatic ends would be choosing to come back NOW, to a world that is probably not much better off than the one they left. You almost wonder if there is a reason.

    • Yeah that is the world we know to be now, but you forget about the world I and others like me have been seeing after the cleansing and an child born now wont know any of that horrible stuff seeing as the cleansing is upon us already. By the time they are old enough to know what it going on all this that we know now will be history. And also Spirit are all loving and all knowing, they are Selfless and all about Lessons for the soul to them they don’t see the life they will live as being in a bad world and see the lessons they are wanting to get from it. Only we see the bad in this world, they see the good. And please remember, for every Elite or Ego Maniacal, Money Driven, Power Hungry, Murderous Business man, Religion, President, Prime Minister or Celebrity, there are literally billions who are kind, loving, hard working, faithful, loyal, generous and selfless human. See not the dark that blinds you but the light that guides truth.. (that was a direct quote from them to you)

  2. How do you know if your child remembers a past life? My 8 year old daughter hates to be alone and refuses to sleep alone in her own room. Sometimes she hugs me like she is terrified. Then the other night she started bawling and said “what if I have a mommy in a past life that I can’t remember?” Got me thinking…

    • Your child will generally start talking about things from their past life pretty much as soon as they start talking. My son for example spoke some Italian words before he could speak most English words. He had unusual traits that weren’t normal for an infant/toddler, both of my sons did.
      What you need to do is make your child comfortable in this life. Never let her be in the dark, have a night light or go to Freecycle and get a TV for her room so she has it on at night. I know a lot of parents don’t agree with it but my boys needed the noise and light distraction from the voices and dark. Neither of them have ever had an issue with being kept awake by the TV being on. But also talk to her. Ask her why she is saying these things. She may just be picking up on something she has heard, or saw on TV. But you need to talk to her and find out if or what she remembers. Then it is all focusing on reminding her she is who she is now and not her past life. If she feels driven to discovery anything then help her but keep reminding her her past life is over and her life ended as that person. Explain to her that our lives are lived for the purpose of learning lessons and if she chose to come back she needs to focus on living this life the best she can she she doesn’t have to come back again if she chooses. We either get sent back for not learning the lessons we were meant to or we chose to come back to gain more education or to serve a lesson for someone else. Just don’t let her focus too much on the past life as it can cause major emotional distress for all involved. Just let her talk, and then explain to her that you love her and support her and will help her any way you can but she has to understand that life is over. If you have any trouble at all, if you feel you aren’t helping or feel stuck, please contact me. You have my email. We can help her together. Does your daughter have any gifts? Does she see Spirit or clairvoyant etc..? Does she has large eyes? As in huge Doe eyes, blight colourful eyes? really intelligent? etc……I’m just asking in case she is a Crystal Baby. But either way you can get her comfortable in her new life if this isn’t something she saw on TV or in a book etc…Please I am here any time. I know I do readings and have my boys but I always make time for anyone who needs me.

      • Thank you for such a prompt reply! You made my hair stand on end with your questions… My daughter is extremely special and wise beyond her years. She was born with a birth defect that could have killed her in utero, or at least been 100-times worse if she hadn’t fought her way out of the womb a month early. She was born with her fingers fused together and lacerations scars all over the backs of her legs as if she was whipped. She would have been amputated from the calf down if she hadn’t fought her way free. After 6 surgeries she now has fully functional, but small hands. Despite having tiny hands she is incredibly gifted musically, playing piano with ease and by ear and having an incredible singing voice. When she was little she spoke in a strange tongue sometimes and my nanny thought she was possessed by evil spirits (because we didn’t have her baptized). She is very intelligent and also extremely strong willed and powerful. She has big beautiful dark brown eyes (we called her Baby Big Eyes). The other night we were laying in bed and she said she missed everyone who had passed, her great grandparents. And then she said to me “You know GG is here, right mommy? She’s sitting right here between us.” It really unnerved me and I couldn’t sleep that night. My grandparents have come to me in a dream with an important message at our new house and sent me signs that they are here – I know they are. But her recent actions have made me reflect on the past and start to put some pieces of the puzzle together, wondering if she has a special gift or special purpose.

        I am thinking about doing a reading, thinking about what question I would ask. Do you have some advice? In the meantime I wanted to ask about this because my daughter is very curious and I’m not sure how to direct her. She constantly wants to watch the shows on TV about mediums.

        Thank you for helping me not feel so lost with this!

      • I will always reply as quickly as I can. My phone is set up to alert me for messages and emails so I can be on to it within minutes where possible as I get asked to help in some urgent cases.
        It sounds like your child is like my boys. Crystal babies. This means something totally different to me than it does to anyone else. To me it is generational. The decade you were born in depends on the era your born. ie ost war babies 30-40s are Water babies, then 50-60s are Rainbow, 70-80s Indigo 90-00s Crystal there abouts. Some are cross over though. But it means each generation of special child is born with an extra part of their DNA unlocked. I am Indigo and my husband is too. My parents were Water which is rare but I also have two Crystal babies which is even rarer. So my boys are from two generations of special born. My parents were both very special and gifted and my Dad talked right up to the day he died about his past life in New York. He knew the names off ALL the streets in New York city and the stores that were on each street and the people who lived there. He like me should never have lived past the age of 2. My son was born premature and had low calcium levels because if it. They thought he was going to have deformed hips etc…but being a crystal baby he self healed. I am also a self healer. If I am ill if I use anything that isn’t natural it wont work. My body only responds to natural products. For flu I take Elderberry syrup and am better within hours. Infection I used Colloidal Silver, I have not C section scars because of the silver as it is anti bacterial. My sons can have scratches and cuts that disappear within hours of them bleeding and being cleaned up. They have as had I and my Dad have super strength. My boys can lift weights my husband lifts. we have video footage of my then 17 month old son moving 250lb weights across the floor and lifting themselves up on benches using only their finger tips. My youngest was walking at talking in full conversation by the age of 10 months. My oldest who is 4 can read and write. Both are artists and creative. I And both are telepathic. My oldest see’s Spirit and my youngest has Natural Telepathy. My youngest see’s Spirit also but he doesn’t realize he is doing it as he thinks it’s normal because his brother and I see Spirit too.
        I could go on and on. Just let her talk. Don’t let her feel any differently. Let her know her gift is normal. Let her know there are hundreds of kids like her and it’s okay. If you ever need help with her then please feel free to contact me. I will help her any way I can.
        My son was born with deep scars on his body but I know why because I saw it during pregnancy. Spirit prepared me for my sons before they were born so I knew what to expect. So your daughter was Muslim and whipped for being blasphemous. She got an infection and died. At least that is what I saw. Let her talk to you. When your having one on one Mother daughter time ask her if she remembers anything. But always end it with ‘but you know your my daughter now aye? You chose to come to me and be my daughter and I will never let anything or anyone hurt you, not in this life or the next.
        In my observations it does seem most children born of the last 10-12 years seem to have been reborn from very tragic circumstances. ie Iraq, 9/11, Palestine etc…it’s quite heart breaking because it’s becoming more and more obvious that young adults and young children from the past 30yrs are being reborn because they lived such short and tragic lives.
        There is absolutely nothing wrong with your daughter seeing Spirit. Just please….tell her to find what feels right for her. Not to just take what she see’s on TV or in books and follow what they do. Everyone is different. I want to see people march to the beat of their own drum and no one else’s. So let her discover and educate herself but encourage her to practice only what feels right to her. But with the rule that she keeps away from Ouija, Scrying, and anything that encourages negative behaviour. And please….NO TAROT cards. They use no gift whatsoever and your daughter needs her gift to come through naturally. Tarot cards are just predictive cards that require the reader to memorize what each card means, it doesn’t involve Spirit or any natural gift. She shouldn’t get into readings and such until she is out of puberty. I say this because kids like us have nothing but lessons and observation to learn up until adulthood. Not all of it is going to be good but it needs to be done. Only once we know not to touch the fire will we stop being burnt.
        Don’t be afraid of her gift. It’s natural and beautiful. My kids love a normal and happy life and see the dead all the time. Spirit are just a daily part of our life without it being weird and frightening.
        I’m here if you need me, though if you want to know anything or if your daughter wants to ask me any questions, please let her know I am here to help her.

  3. First of, I am so glad I have discovered your blog, it feels a little bit like destiny. And I want to thank you for this post. I am just gonna go and write in what I call my normal lingo, because after a looooong time I have a feeling as tho you will understand it.
    I am pretty sure there is something going on with my son, seen it pretty fast after he was born. With a long trait of hereditary gifts in my family, I have distanced myself from everything I usualy do in this area, in order to I guess give him a clean slate, give him some peace and not shine like a beacon for everything dead that wants to talk.
    You can say his birth was announced to me. I was pregnant and he was due mid November, but a spirit came to me at the mall and just said 31st October he is getting born and will be gifted in the same things as you. Now, I do know this sounds like a cheap TV show moment, but it was like that.
    He did everything very fast. As soon a he hit 6 months he was already standing and by 8 months he was walking already. He would call me Mama every morning when he would wake up. but at the same time, he would notice the same spirits I would and I would notice different ones that seem to come only for him. He has constant nightmares, some of which I intruded to see what’s going on. At the same time, I have my own spiritual stuff I am trying to overcome and distance myself from, so I feel as tho I am being restrained. I am digressing a lot, my appology for that, but all in all, I know this is a past + present life spiritualy blocking him and hurting him.
    I do regressions for others for a long time and help them clear out their Spirit and move on in this life as they were meant to, but in my own childs case? All I get is a ban, I can’t see anything, figures block it and expect me and tell me it needs to go on it’s own. At the same time, I am heartbroken, because my wonderfull child is acting like he is under huge emotional torment that is coming from nowhere, not wanting to speak and looking scared stiff constantly, sleeping very badly with doctors and everybody saying it’s “normal”, while at the same time I simply know there is something deeper and foreign going on.
    I am sorry for the lenght of the comment, once again, I am delighted I found your blog and I will be very happy to hear if you have any advices for me.

    Take care!

    • Oh you poor things. It is easy to help your son though. You need to relax and not be afraid of your gifts. Its sounds like hes conflicted and needs reassurance that what he sees is perfectly normal. Not all Spirits will appear as nice people. Some will appear as they died etc….and that can be scary. But if your not afraid he wont be either. If he wants to talk to me I will teach him how to use his gift. If you email me we can’t talk there. I will help any way I can. My boys are both Crystal Babies and both have a completely wonderful understanding of their gifts, death and Spirit. Even the ones that show themselves blown up or swollen etc…..because of how I explained it to them. Nothing bad will hurt a child. Negative energies arent allowed near an Innocent until they let them in.
      Email me and we will talk. Xoxo

  4. Hi, This is incredible ..especially how you handled the situation. It’s incredible the healing that can take place with the right guidance. I’m with a show Ghost Inside My Child on Lifetime. The entire show is families sharing their journeys without judgement. Can we talk about your experience? Suzanne

  5. Kia Ora Debbie, Sorry for being a random again, but I am addicted to your blog, but only because I have so many questions and you seem to be nice enough to answer them without any gain. I guess I’m saying I trust your words, not only that there are just so many things that I can relate to its crazy. My daughter is 20mths old now and since she was born has never slept right. She wakes up screaming or crying and I believe it’s spirit but don’t know how to deal with it. I was told when I was young I did similar things and my Mama had to get the Kaumatua in who apparently slowed the gift down for me. That kaumatua has passed on now and I’m left with so many questions and uncertainties and feeling lost. Anyway, back to my daughter. She does so many weird things. One night she woke up screaming and I went into her room and she was facing the wall and wouldn’t turn to look at me even though I was talking to her and trying to calm her down. Other times she just screams and runs to me. She might be in the lounge and I’m in the kitchen. It breaks my heart every time and I just don’t know what to do. I’ve had someone from the church come in and bless our house and things have quietened down, but she still doesn’t sleep a full night and wakes up crying even to this day. I’ve tried everything, from light and protection, my tupuna to keep her safe, everybody that I know and love that has passed on to help her but it doesn’t seem to be working. My husband is not understanding of this and thinks that she does it for attention, but in my heart I feel like it’s something more.
    Arohanui Ngarimu.

    • Oh Bless lol my son went through the same thing when he was that age. It was easier for me because I knew what was going on but I can imagine it would be upsetting for you.
      I can absolutely help you because I did this with my son so I know it works.
      Firstly you need to show your daughter Mum is in control and Mum is going to make bed time easier for her.
      In your own way try and get her to tell you what she is seeing. At 20 months she will have some vocabulary. Whether it be Yucky Man or Monster. Ask her to ‘what makes Bubba Scared in Bubbas room’ that sort of thing. She might not even answer right away but I promise she will think about it because she will come out with it without you expecting it. My son would walk away and I would think he hadn’t registered what I was saying and then the next day while he was going a jigsaw he came out with ‘Man got owie in Bubba room’ etc….but get her talking. Whenever she runs scared or once she has woken up and stopped screaming, stroke her hair, cuddle her and say something like ‘Did bubba get scared? Tell Mama what made Bubba scared’ etc….getting her talking about it is your best weapon. Once you know what your dealing with ie ‘A child, man, your Aunty etc…..’then your better prepared to deal with it. But also once she knows she can talk to you about it she will tell you every time it happens and THAT is what you want in the end. Because every time she comes to you you can support her and get her dealing with it. Plus it keeps her gift open. You want her to be openly psychic and most parents try and shut it down but you seem the type who would encourage it. So the next thing is she needs to know that even if Dad doesn’t believe she has SOMEONE who can protect her from it. Now, I know you might get scared sometimes but she needs you to be strong now okay Girl? Plus I’m here too and I won’t let her go through anything that wasn’t good for her. I will help you to help her every step of the way. It won’t take her long to calm down if you do what I tell you to do.
      But this is where she needs you to be strong. She needs to know that she can rely on Mum to protect her. So this is what you do. Every time she comes to you about being scared or you know she has just seen Spirit and she is scared you give her a big hug and you say out loud for her to hear ‘Naughty Spirits, you can’t go scaring the baby. Mama is really angry at you and if you scare the baby you have to go sit outside’ (or in my boys case it was sitting on the naughty step). By doing this your not only gaining Spirits attention by telling them they need to cool it with scaring her but she then starts to see Mum is on the case and Mum is tough and she will protect me and she isn’t going through it alone. Then every night before she goes to bed you tuck her in and say out loud so she can hear you ‘Right….you listen to me Spirits and Scary people, you can NOT go scaring a little baby. It isn’t on. You have leave her alone. I know your not trying to hurt her but your making her scared so it has to stop and if it doesn’t stop I will have to send you away.’ Then you say to your directly ‘And we are going to ask (name deceased relatives to her) to protect you and make sure you don’t get scared while you sleep aye Bubba? and she will say Yes and then you say ‘And they aren’t going to let any body hurt you are they Bubba’ By doing this she will feel safe and in control.You can say to her ‘You tell Mama when the people come and scare you aye? Get her to open up. As she gets older and her vocabulary gets better she will already have a trusting relationship with you, and she will trust what she is seeing. Because your validating her feelings. Your making her not feel like anything is wrong. And that is the end goal here. We want her knowing it is perfectly normal to see Spirit. You need to take control. Let them know it isn’t acceptable to be scaring a baby ad tell them they are not allowed to come through in their death state. They are scaring the baby and that isn’t on. Tell them to wait until she is older and better able to understand what is going on. Otherwise they must come to you in your dreams or me even if they have messages to get through. They will be the Spirits drawn to her because of her Special Light. The younger you are the Connected to Spirit you are. Newborns are brand new life forms come straight from the Spirit World so they are still actual Spirits. But the light of an Innocent child shines brightest of them all. In a psychic the light shines brightest but all children are Psychic so you can imagine how bright their light shines. But you just need to tell them to stop scaring her but also show your daughter ‘Someone is sorting it out for her’. As she gets older she will start to join in when you recite the stuff you say to her every night. It really does help. When they see your not afraid it makes them stronger. But teach her to tell the Spirits after they scare her to tell them off ‘Naughty Spirits, go sit outside because you scared the baby’ sort of thing. It really does help.
      The last thing is to let her have a light on or give her a torch to have. A good one that won’t run out over night.We gave our son a torch to use when he was scared and then we got him a good lamp that had a dim light so shadows didn’t scare him. It took him about 2 weeks and he has never looked back. Be patient. Show her your in control, show her it is normal and that she has absolute control. Before long she will see them as second nature. She will learn through you. I hope that helps. Love and Light, Debbie xoxoxox