A Truth

Next to my sons there are three men who mean more to me than life itself. My big brother is one, he is a man who I trust above anyone.

My ex husband, who is the other half of me. Even when I’m a bitch, he loves me.

And my best friend.

For a couple of years now my best friend had been having trouble sleeping and he doesn’t know why. I do. It is a pattern that has been emerging with those of us who I call ‘Blue Pill Takers’ and those who are becoming ‘aware’ I won’t go into what I mean by this because if your not a Blue Pill Taker you won’t understand what I mean. But I’ve noticed a pattern emerging over the last 6 months where it now isn’t just my best friend, but now myself, my husband, our friends The Harrison’s who are massive Blue pillers, and so on. I have spoken to 15 different people who have been all saying the same thing. They go to bed exhausted but keep getting woken up and don’t know why.

I know why and if your in tune, if your awake or awakened you’ll know what I mean.

As I have been saying for years, everything in this Universe has a vibration. It works off the same frequencies and energy therefore everything in the Universe is connected. As the world becomes more troubled, the planet Earth that we live on is reacting. The best way to describe it is, Imagine the Sun is the Mum, the Moon the Dad, all the surrounding planets are the children. Planet Earth is getting abused in the most unimaginable ways by the fleas that live off it’s nectar (we are the Fleas) and Earth is upset by this and rightly so.

We treat our planet like shit. So the baby Earth is in pain and trying to let us know it is in pain. Our planets are so highly in tune to everything around it that other planets are feeling Empathic sympathy for Earth. Mother Sun is heart broken and she is reacting but cooling the temperatures of the Earth and having Solar Flares. We are NOT having a global warming, the Earth has only gone up by an 8th of a degree in the last 20yrs but the Governments are trying to tell us other wise because they want more of our money. Don’t be fools please, if your reading this blog, your clearly enlightened, do the research. If it was global warming why is it getting colder for longer and cities like the one I grew up with getting snow for the first time in 65 years?

They say things like ‘This is the worst summer in 80 years’ right so how can it be global warming then if global warming hasn’t been around until the 1980’s? The 1900’s had a fraction of the population and no cars almost. So how can it be? if it existed before we knew what global warming was?

Anyway I’m ranting and getting off course. My point is, It isn’t global warming that is the reason for the floods and earthquakes and disasters. I call it global harming. Spirit, call it global harming. We are hurting our planet, we are the fleas that live in the planet sucking it dry of it’s life blood and Mother Sun and Father Moon are reacting the same way any  parent would if they saw their child being attacked. BUT!!! some of us, who do our best to respect the planet, to keep in tune with what I call The Hum of the Universe are starting to feel the suffering too. We are waking up the same way any parent would. If you have kids, you’ll know what I mean. The second your baby is home you become ‘On Alert’ 24/7. Any slight sound, your awake, any slight movement, your awake, no movement, your awake.

And so we are waking to hear baby planet in pain. I was told one of the things that makes our Older Ancestors come from other planets is because they love the hum of our planet. Now America is trying to put people on Mars, they are wanting to elect a President of Mars hahahahaha have you ever heard anything so arrogant? So now The US Government think they can just travel the galaxy saying ‘We’ll have that Thank you’. I will tell you why they are doing it and this is going to sound insane but it is true because I was told it by Spirit ergo I believe them.

Because they know they are in trouble and are getting ready to flea. It will be experimental people up there first, to make sure it is safe. Then builders, then the elite. What they don’t understand is, while they think they are leaving a doomed Earth, Those from Mars will have something to say about invaders. I DON’T believe in Martians, I do believe in life on other planets but I don’t think they are a threat and are the antithesis of we on this planet. They are peace loving, higher evolved beings who would of wiped us off the face of the earth hundreds of years ago if they were a threat.

But also because our Planet is like our Bodies. It has the most amazing way of healing itself and as my gorgeous husband said ‘Chernobyl is a prime example of this. We as humans cant go there without protective suits and only for minutes at a time yet the vegetation has taken over the town, animals live there freely and happily and it proves my point when I use my very crass saying ‘Out of Shit Grows Roses’.

I apologize to anyone who takes offense to me saying that but let me explain what I mean. Chernobyl is a prime example of beauty coming from something dark and horrible. Look at the beautiful things that came out of WW2? All the things that were invented, the stories of humanity and courage, resilience and resolve, bravery and strength. Japan became inventive and peaceful, creative and respected. Skin Graft Plastic Surgery was invented because of WW1, which gave many soldiers their faces back. NB

In World War I, a New Zealand otolaryngologist working in London, Harold Gillies, developed many of the techniques of modern facial surgery in caring for soldiers suffering from disfiguring facial injuries. Varaztad Kazanjian and Blair, two men hired for plastic surgery by the United States army, learned from Gillies in England.[12] His work was expanded upon during World War II by his cousin and former student Archibald McIndoe, who pioneered treatments for RAF aircrew suffering from severe burns. McIndoe’s radical, experimental treatments, led to the formation of the Guinea Pig Club. In 1946, Gillies carried out the first female-to-male sex reassignment surgery.

He did the most amazing thing too. He only hired pretty, attractive nurses to tend to the soldiers before and after treatment, to boost their morale. 90% of the soldiers when on to marry the nurses. He was the first to come up with the technique of stitching the noses to their foreheads to keep them clean and alive. You think of all the people who’s lives have been changed because of his skin graft creation. All those poor souls felt they were born in the wrong bodies who then were able to become the sexy they were born to be because of that Kiwi Surgeon. So…Out of Shit, Grow Roses. Which also makes perfect sense with Horticulture and Horticulture lol

Right, so not only will we be fine if the Elites bugger off to Mars but they wouldn’t last a year because they have no way of knowing what life is like on Mars for any length of time. AND they may not even be allowed to go there as it isn’t THEIRS to take. It is just so arrogant and foolish. But good luck to them because I know how it ends for us once the Elites leave us Cattle to the doom. And it’s beautiful. The end of the world isn’t for us, it is for them.

So……those of us who are in tune, sensitive, opening up, contemplating the meaning of lie, religion, government etc…even if you don’t realize you have a gift or have no clue about any of it. There are millions of us who have gifts and have no idea they have one. But if you have trouble sleeping and don’t know why, then this whole post is the reason why. You can laugh at me, believe me or call me a fool. I know what I know. I share it with you so you can have an understanding. Please don’t think it’s just about us on Earth. It is far greater than we think.

So how can it be fixed? We’ll we as a small collective can’t do a thing. The only way this is going to stop is after the cleansing. When we stop war, and mining and we stop needing to use fossil fuels. Who still thinks we are running out of oil and gas? It’s not possible. There is more oil under Russia and the Polar Regions than have ever been collected in the history of using such fuels. It is regenerative. BUT it is ancient.

This is why any poor soul who invents water powered anything or any sort of Alternative Energy Source goes missing or turns up dead. We give way too much money to the big oil companies and car companies (who are owned by the same people) so they have to keep us thinking we need these fuels. But after the cleansing we will embrace alternative fuels and we will leave the planet alone where it will heal and give us plentiful medicines and nourishment.

There is nothing on this planet growing naturally that we can’t use to heal ourselves of any disease we have. Marijuana Hash Oil for cancers and tumors, Coconut Oil for Brain and Memory related diseases. So why aren’t we given this stuff by Doctors? Because there is no money in healthy people. All this, that we are allowing to be done to us, is hurting this planet. The chemical weapons being dreamed up by men in lab coats to kill innocent people is first tested on ‘enemy of the state’ then you.

So it’s used on a child in Vietnam first then the key component of the chemical aka Agent Orange and Aspartame is then used in YOUR food and drink causing cancers on an exponential rate. New types too, throat, tongue, kidney, anal etc…or when they had a surplus amount of this chemical left over from the aluminum factory smelters the government paid some scientists to come up with a way to get rid of it. And thus Fluoride came about.

They said to tell people it was needed to protect against tooth decay and gum disease. My boys have NEVER ingested or brushed with Fluoride Toothpaste and have ZERO cavities. The only natural fluoride is found in chalk but there is so little in the chalk it would have little value in toothpaste. The toothpaste you use to brush your teeth isn’t natural and is the cast offs from the companies that makes your tin foil and tin cans which is also the reason your food out of tins taste horrible and tin tainted and another cause of cancers etc…if fluoride was so good for you why are we told not to ingest it?

If artificial sweeteners were so good for you why is Stevia causing infertility, Aspartame causing cancer, Sucrose/Sucralose, anything with an Ose in it is giving you the runs and then bowel cancer?  If it is good for you, it shouldn’t be doing any harm. Good things don’t harm you. Someone said to me ‘Apple give you cancer though?’ I said ‘It’s not the apple giving you cancer dumb ass it’s the chemicals they spray on the apple trees that are giving you cancer’ And to prove my point I have a challenge for you.

The chemicals they spray on our fruit is really bad for us and the fruit. Our fruit goes off so fast now a days and always has a waxy film on it. Next time you buy your fruit, get a bowl of water, just normal cold (fluoride free) water and put a couple of caps of vinegar in the water. Place ALL your fruit in the bowl ad leave it to soak for a couple of hours.

Watch how much filth is left in the bowl that drains off the fruit and sticks to the bowl. That is the chemicals you have been eating, putting into your pure natural temple of a vessel. And also see how long your fruits last for. My bananas not only haven’t been going off BUT my bananas stayed fresh for almost 8 weeks.

All this that we are waking up to, all of this we are sharing with people is wakening up the conscious us that has been hidden for centuries. Wild cats and dogs don’t get cancers but vaccinated domestic ones do, why is that?

Why are we allowing GM foods to be sold in supermarkets? Why are we growing GM foods? Do you realize this is one of the things that is killing off the bees and without the bees and the trees we Will DIE OUT IN LESS THAN 10 YEARS.  Please do NOT eat a GM food you will kill yourself and the planet. All of this is why we can’t sleep. People coming to realize something isn’t right and all of those who KNOW something isn’t right. We are hurting the planet and we are hurting along side it.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the food or drink you consume, please don’t consume it and don’t give it to your kids or your pets. My family live a chemical free, organic life, it isn’t any more expensive than those who buy take always every night. My boys are never ill. My son has a tummy bug from the floor he was sitting on when we went for coffee but he hasn’t had a flu or cold since he was born.

My oldest has had one flu. We use Colloidal Silver on cuts and my surgical scars ( Doctors can’t even find my C section scars) and we use Pure Elderberry Syrup if we feel a cold coming on and we haven’t had a bad flu since we took it 6 yrs ago.

We don’t use Fluoride in anything and are actually chuffed to hear only three counties in the UK fluoridate their water now and my own country is getting ready to ban it completely like Scotland. My boys heal amazingly quick too. Cuts disappear in hours.

That might be because they are Crystal babies too though but still, they live an organic life. I make everything myself, bread, chicken nuggets, burgers etc…and they eat all their fruit and veg. But even my boys, Robot is 4 and Train is 3 are waking up. My 3yr old is a Natural Telepath like me and he said to me the other day ‘Mama the earth has a sad song’ and I know what he means. He too hears the hum.

There is a small fraction of the population on the planet that can hear it’s Hum. Train and I are two of them. It keeps me awake sometimes but it’s beautiful. Everything on this planet has a hum, including musical notes and mathematics, every single element on the periodic table, if you sit with each other, every gas, every chemical, every rock, stone, gem etc…if it is natural, if it hasn’t created in any way by man, has a hum. And we are all natural.

When we are healthy and happy our hum is kind of between a C sharp and a G minor, it varies between those two, when we are unhappy and unhealthy it is a low monotone Alto kind of sound. The longer we are unhealthy and digest chemicals and take from the planets vessel the lower the hum. Well recently the planets hum is almost so low it hurts, it hurts my temples. Your all hearing this hum but don’t know it is because you hear the hum (well some might). The hum, is our planet crying for help. If we don’t get this cleansing soon I fear what will happen. But luckily for us the cleansing has been under way for about 2 years now and we just need that one last thing, the one last act of betrayal for the world to stand up and say ‘It ends now’.

All I know is it starts in The US and will have the biggest impact on the countries who have caused the most damage. US, UK, Israel, China and the last one I have never been told. I sometimes wonder if its not Australia or Canada but I would just be guessing.

Please, pay attention to what your body and your psyche is trying to tell you. Keep it safe, keep it natural and don’t keep it to yourself. Once this is over we will all sleep like babies and I can’t wait to hear that nice hum come back. I’m sure we will all start to hear it when we build a new world and live healthier, fossil fuel free, organic, war free lives. Until then I sympathize. All I can suggest is try not to eat before going to bed, keep the noise down to a minimum, ie no stimulation like video games and stuff, maybe some soft music instead, and try to be in bed before about 11pm. Your more likely to keep awake after 11pm  as our body starts waiting for day light.

Everything I have said is true. It all has come from Independent Scientific studies that can be found online at any NON Government Endorsed Site. And also for the record The toothpaste we use called Sarakan is SLS free too which is causing and contributing to the mouth and throat cancers has had to be endorsed by the British Dental Association which you will find on the back of its box and tube because they were challenged to dispute the claims that it could protect your teeth from decay and tartar and they couldn’t dispute it so  they had to agree that it was just as effective as toothpaste with Fluoride and SLS in it. And as I said before if Fluoride was good for you why aren’t you allowed to swallow it? Learning is Knowledge, Knowledge is Wisdom, Wisdom is Power. Remember that.

Love and Light

11 thoughts on “A Truth

  1. Fluoride has also been linked to bone cancers and a drop in IQ check the recent Harvard study.
    Fluoride is a neurotoxin which creates compliant drones. The nazis and stalin both added it to the water in there concentration camps as it required less soldiers to keep the prisoners contained.
    Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimers and other neurological problems and is in every can you buy. Lead levels are up hundreds or percent from a few years ago.
    I could go on, ask yourself. One in three people will now get cancer in there lifetime and the rates are still rising, why do you think this is?

    • Thank you Black for joining in on the conversation. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who knows what is what. I appreciate you adding bits I forgot to. Sometimes I forget because I rant so much. It’s hard because you want to protect the world but you can only do so much. In the end, it is up to them to educate themselves. All I would like is for people to think I’m interesting or crazy and to do their own investigations on line to see for themselves what people are saying. As long as they keep away from Government funded sites. Do you mind me asking where you got your information from? If you could send some links on here I would really appreciate it so much.
      Love and Light and once again Thank you for embracing my crazy lol

    • Yes, I’ve heard that about aluminum as well. Antiperspirants are terrible for aluminum. Plus they stain. I actually found antiperspirants were having the OPPOSITE effect. I read that switching brands, or better yet, switching to normal deodorant can counter that. I switched ears ago…been trying to find a good natural brand. Right now I use a clay based one called Le Stick. lol

  2. So any advice for those sensitive to this? Is it just a matter of “hang in there” and hope to be able to wait it out? Or are there ways to mitigate the effects?

    • Oh you poor thing. Okay in my culture its milk but colloidal silver is good, a good swig, also garlic if you cut a clove open and rub it’s juice behind your ears and wrists like perfume it stops the nausea and vomiting, also ginger. If you have ginger tea or ginger ale. But the milk and garlic I recommend most because one absorbs that horrible sulphur taste and the other stops the nausea. Also God’s leafy green helps too. It’s on the internet lol who knew. It cures cancer and helps with food poisoning. And its not illegal if its for medical purposes. Good luck. Keep me posted.

      • Thank you! It faded on its on…but i havent tried to eat again lol but i will try the milk & garlic ….

        What is God’s leafy green? Is this what i THINK your trying to say;)

      • Lol haha yes. According to the site I looked at for other suggestions apart from milk and garlic they suggested Marijuana lol who knew it could do so much.