What is Genetic Memory

Genetic Memory is when we carry traits of our past lives through to all our lives.

I used to say to Spirit ‘Why don’t I like this’ or ‘Where has he learned that from?’ and they would always say ‘It’s Genetic’ which made no sense but because whatever it was I was questioning wasn’t possible for it to have been passed down from one of my parents etc…ie

So if in your very first life you were a baker who liked to listen to classical music but had a fear of Spiders then chances are one or all of those traits will be carried through to your next lives. Somewhere along your life you will like to bake, listen to classical music and fear spiders. Of course there is so much more to making a person who they are but I’m using three examples for make my point.

Spirit always say to me ‘My fear of heights is genetic’ which always kind of made sense because my Dad was terrified of heights. He was a real life BA Barracus in that being in the Army and having to travel all the time with the Army they would have to sneak sedatives in his food so they could get him on the plane.

BUT no one I know has ever drowned in an ocean at night time and I have nightmares about it to this day. I keep reliving the death of a life I had many lives ago where I am Italian and I drown in a Ship Disaster or some sort like the Titanic but the water isn’t freezing it is cold and sharks start coming in to pick off the people floating. but In this huge red Crinoline style dress, it is a blood red colour which is my favourite colour and luckily for me I drown before I get eaten. But I relive this dream at least 2 times a month. But I’m terrified of ships. my husband wants to take us on a cruise but I’m petrified yet in this life I have no cause to fear cruise ships or any sort of big ship. I haven’t had that many past lives but all of them involve me being on big ships at some point of my life and I didn’t like them then and don’t like then now. Spirit kept saying it is Genetic.

I’m also claustrophobic with no reason in this life for it but every past life I have had I know why I panic and can’t breath when I my face is covered up or I’m left in tiny spaces. It is a panic and fear like I’m going to die type of fear. I can’t even lay back in a bath with a face cloth over my face.

So a genetic memory is when we have a trait from out first life we bring with us to all our other lives. Of course, every life we have is for the purpose of learning a lesson we felt or were told we didn’t learn the last time.

So if you have any traits in yourself that you don’t understand or can’t figure where they came from, it will be because of your Genetic Memory.

And last night when I was discussing it with Mr he said he was reading an article on line where Scientists are starting to say they have proof now that looks like our Souls are born (as in from the very first life you live) we have a genetic marker in our very core of self (ie soul) that like actual Genetic markers in our DNA is carried forward through our lives that we live. So now I finally understand why Spirit kept saying it was Genetic. But Science calls it Genetic Memory. Even I get surprised that some of the things I think I’m just making up in my head actually have begun to get Scientific Merit lol and why I like to mix Scientific understanding to the Paranormal World I live in.

Reincarnation and Children

One thing I have been sharing with you all on this blog is the situation I am having with my youngest child and his forgetting he isn’t a third world Indian child anymore. A very dear friend couple of ours are also dealing with issue with their daughter who has been traumatized in this life with her past life.

If you know the history of what they were before it can certainly help explain why they sometimes do the things they do.

My youngest Train still tries to get all the plastic out of the recycle bin, hoards food, tries to drink coffee and cleans our toilet.

Her story was tragic when Train was her. She was taken by her Father to work for a slightly better off family where she was forced to endure back breaking labor of cleaning and house work for scraps and to sleep on the floor. She ran away and basically lived hand to mouth collecting plastic and rope, string etc..and would buy coffee to keep her awake because she was frightened of going to sleep because on the streets she was treated worst than the house she ran away from. She would lay on her patch of path and watch the trains go by day dreaming about the exotic places those lucky people on the train could be going to. She would cry for her Mother every single day. The memory of her Mother crying and Father pulling her by the hand to never be seen again stays with Train to this day as a 3yr old boy. Well….to cut a long story short that little Angel was promised work by two men who did horrendous things to her tiny 8yr old body before throwing her on to the rocks.

As a parent who knows her story it is hard for me because the men who took her life are still alive and so are her parents. And as far as I’m concerned Karma is a bitch and if my Train can bring the little girl peace in knowing she got that good life she dreamed of having when she lay awake then I will move heaven and earth to make it happen to show those who hurt her how wrong they were in thinking they got away with it. I neigh WE will always know the truth.

But I digress, basically being what I am I was able to talk to my babies in uterine. You don’t need to be like me, millions of women will claim to be able to speak to their babies. For me though it was from the minute I knew I was pregnant.

Because the soul was attached to mine, I knew the second I had conceived. My body told me and my psychic told me I was pregnant.

And one of the very first things Train said to me when they pulled him out of me was ‘Yay, I get a white family’. I had been told during both of my pregnancies who they were in former lives. I was told there was a reason we had been chosen as their parents, explained why and told who they were. So I knew what he meant when he had said that. He became fascinated with our technology.

He couldn’t believe we had lights that we could turn on and off whenever we wanted, TV, Phones etc…fascinated him. Train was laughing proper belly laughs at 7 weeks, crawling at 5 months and walking by 10 months.

By the time he was one you could have full blown conversations with him and understand him perfectly but he was doing weird things like he became obsessed with anything plastic.

We recycle so our recycle bin was his favourite play spot. If he went missing you knew he would be there. I have oodles of photos of him in among the recycling. He would hoard food. He would stack it under his cot bed or in his wardrobe. He would ask all the time ‘Come with me Mama’ and I would follow him and he would take me to his bedroom and he would say ‘My room Mama?’ and I would say ‘Yes baby this is your room?’ and he would say ‘Only Trains room?’ and I would say ‘Yes and no one else but Train?’ and he would roll around the floor and squeal and look so happy and hug everything individually in his room’

He would also ask for baths all the time off ‘to get the yucky off’ he would say and he was a baby. How yucky was a baby going to get?

If you went into the bathroom he would try and get into the bath. He could not believe he had hot water to bath in when ever he wanted. He became obsessed with trains too and to this day still loves trains. He has about 30 of them and saves his pocket money to get them from car boots.

His Dad and I are firm believers in rewarding hard work and indulging them in their interests. Train has books, dvds, toy trains, tracks, posters up the wazoo. He recently was very lucky to have gotten some Posters sent directly from Sir Richard Branson signed by himself as he found out that my 3yr olds favourite  thing in the whole world is Virgin. We felt so blessed he did this for our wee boy.

We moved to a house with a burn at the back (stream in Scots) and if anyone even the cat went near the water Train would become almost hysterical with panic and he would shout out ‘Danger Danger’ sometimes he would shake he would get so worried about his big brother or his Daddy going near it.

His brother Robots past life was even more traumatic but Spirit said I was never to know how he died. So I trust that but I was able to talk to the old man he was before and assure him it was okay to let Robot live his life now. It’s been a little harder for Train because his last life wasn’t that long ago.

But you need to help your child become who they were born to be. I don’t agree with these parents who track down the family from their former lives because the child is here to live THIS life not the last one and it can confuse not only the child but also their Soul to live dual lives. SO my advice to anyone who is in my boat to do what I do.

Every time she comes out I sit with him and I say to him ‘Your Train now and Mummy and Daddy love you so much…then I remind him of things we have done as Train and Mummy, Daddy and Robot and ask him questions like ‘Do you remember when we went to the park and you were on the slide and you went woosh down really fast?’ and then he will add his bit of memory like ‘yes and then I landed on my bum and it got all sand on it’

By pulling them out of their past lives like that it cuts off the connection quickly and brings them back into the now. When he starts cleaning my toilet which he has been doing since he was able to pull himself up onto furniture’ I had to move all my cleaning stuff like my toilet brush out of the way or he would be there for ages trying to clean it.

After he was done he would always hold his hand out for food. It used to break my heart. But when he would do this I would distract him by saying ‘No baby Mummy doesn’t want you to clean the toilet, Mummy wants you to…draw a picture, help me make cupcakes..etc….to give him new memories and new distractions.

And for the record when I bake which is ALL the time, and cook meals I have included the boys since they were newborns. Now they both have little chef hats and kiddy baking instruments and no cupcake or cake is made in this house without ‘their love’ getting stirred into it.

Because All cakes are made with love. Since I started doing what I call  ‘ The Distraction’ technique he hasn’t cleaned the toilet since. His trains are his distraction now anyway. He knows every name, very part, every type of train there is and he is three.

He seems to have a thing for engineering now so we let him indulge in this instead and even though I know I could track his family down and get him reacquainted with this last family, what good would it do?

There is enough pressure on children as it is but when your child is a crystal baby with gifts and living in an unusual life as it is because lets face it, my family isn’t normal. Getting him involved in his past life would be too much for his poor soul to bear besides which his last life left him very bitter towards his Father after he was born and his Dad has had to work very hard in building his relationship with Train to go back to her Father who sent her away would open up so many old wounds.

The only way you should reintegrate your child to their past life is if the child is suffering emotionally now BUT even then it should be done on the understanding that once the connection is made, they are to be then left alone to live the life they were born to live.

Past is past for a reason. If your child is experiencing past life regression, keep reminding them they are the name you gave them, your their parent, and then use distraction techniques. For your own peace of mind you could do some investigation into the things they claim but it isn’t a good idea to share it with them especially if they are young.

It can put a lot of pressure on the child and in a lot of cases the child has wanted to remain with the former family. Be understanding but also reassure them that it’s okay to remember things but the important thing is to be allowed to live the life they were born to have. I’ve seen some lovely cases thanks to Moon who sent me a link to a show on Bio about Reincarnated Children, where the child has been introduced to their past lives families and it has ended beautifully but those cases are few and far between.

My Train wouldn’t even look at his father. My poor husband would be heart broken because every time he tried to hold him to give him a bottle, change his nappy, anything that involved contact Train would scream. He would be thrashing around and it was traumatic for all involved. It was horrible.

My husband knew why it was happening but he couldn’t bond with Train, Train would NOT let him near him. He stuck to me like glue. If I left the room he was in with his Dad he would chase me down screaming and he would cling. He would tell his Dad ‘I don’t love you, I only love Mama’ and it would tear my poor husband up. I would have to step in and tell him that he was hurting his Daddy and his Daddy has never hurt him, and never would.

I would have to say to him ‘Your last Father did something very bad but your new Daddy loves you so much’

I would make Mr do things with Robot in front of Train that I knew Train would want to get involved in. I would then walk away for short periods of time to leave them alone. When he got used to that  I would make the two of them spend time together. I would be with Robot and Mr would have one on one time with Train. Then when they were used to that he would actually ask to spend time with his Dad. By which time the three of them would go off on great adventures. Now Train doesn’t even remember how he used to feel about his Dad. But I know Mr will never forget it as long as he lives.

If you continue to encourage the past life it can have a detrimental effect on anyone involved and if you don’t uncover what’s going on really quickly it can lead to many misunderstandings.

My husband has a really good friend of his and his wife have a wee girl. She has the birth marks where she was shot in the head when she was a Palestinian child. I wont go into details though because I’ve explained all this before. But this wee girl has been having trouble sleeping and her parents thought it was because she was playing up. Understandably they didn’t have a clue what was going on and assumed the child was playing up.

When I reminded them of her past life and why she is afraid of the dark etc…other things came to light which they never knew and it made her night terrors a lot easier to understand. The fear of loud noises, strange men, sudden noise etc…all started to make sense when I told them why she was acting the way she was acting and to make matters worse her past life family she died with were in her room protecting her. I had to go in and get the Mum to cleanse the rooms and take control back of the situation. It took quite a while for things to settle down but the other day I was told by this past life family had moved on and leaving the family friends of ours alone now they knew their sister/daughter was in good hands. But by nipping it in the bud now while their daughter is only 18 months old means she will be less likely to remember and carry forward her past life issues.

So remember, Be firm but fair.

Distract them and remind them. You have to remember they aren’t being your child when they are being who they were in their past life.

Have some understanding as to why they are acting the way they are. So you don’t get angry or upset when you see them doing what they are doing. Remind yourself ‘It isn’t my child’.

Be patient, this is going to be a process of retraining your child’s mind set.

Keep them in the present, it distracts them from the past.

Only show them evidence of their past life if you think it will help bring closure.

They need closure so if they are older, and old enough to understand what is going on do whatever you need to do to bring closure and lay the past life to rest. If your lucky enough to come up with their name, country, manner of death etc..you could have a service for them in which they lay their past life to rest. Have a ceremony in which the child can say goodbye to the past life.

Let them express whatever emotion they have in dealing with it too. One of the things I have uncovered is that the rate at which children are being reborn remembering past lives  is growing in an exponential rate and ALL have suffered very traumatic deaths. Some were in 9/11 some are from WW2, Murdered, Killed in Bosnia, Iraq etc…and a lot if not most were killed as children or young people. And all are being born to a certain type of parent. An enlightened parent, an open minded parent, a patient parent or someone like me. It’s like for all the children and people who were cut down in their prime in their past lives are being sent back to be given another chance, a better chance, a loving chance. Forgiveness, closure, peace, empathy, reward, there are many reasons as to why they have been reborn to the better lives.

But if they died as children or killed by no fault of their own then they will be always asked what they want to do next and it seems like most of them are opting to be reborn to have it a bit better this time around. They are being given to people who understand their unique situation. Which that in itself is a gift. I’ve never seen a parent not understand the unique situation they and their child have been put in and Mothers especially seem the most willing to want to find out more. Just remember you could be opening up a Pandora’s box. So tread very carefully. But most importantly, the one thing you must never forget is this:

Your child, is YOUR child. You were chosen to be their parent for a reason. Love them for what they were created to be, not what anyone else wants them to be. Embrace them and their uniqueness for what it is. Don’t try to ‘change’ your child, just try to help them. Everything you do for your special child should be for their best interest and no one else’s.

Once you start to involve other people especially from their past life you could be causing a heap of emotional baggage your child doesn’t deserve or need. This is about THEM, not you, not their last family, or anyone else. If your going to try and uncover the things they say make sure your doing it for them, not for yourself. Also be prepared for anything. You don’t know what your going to find so you have to prepare yourself for some distressing things that could be uncovered.

Also remember, we all carry traits of our past selves to our present lives so make sure you are delving into a Past Life Issues and not a Genetic Memory. Just because your child may talk of loving to drive and traveling and eating nice food it doesn’t always mean they are remembering past lives, it could be in their genetic memory which is very different. Genetic Memory is when no matter what life you live, some things stay with you because it is in the very core of your design. Your very first life on earth was as something where each life there after carries these certain traits. So their very first life may have been as an Explorer or Sailor who traveled the globe seeing new and exciting things.

Other wise follow my tips and eventually you should be able to help their former selves move on to let their current selves live in peace. Especially if you discover they are Rebirths from a young age.

And as always if you have any questions, or need any help. I am here. Just email me or contact me on this Blog.

A Truth

Next to my sons there are three men who mean more to me than life itself. My big brother is one, he is a man who I trust above anyone.

My ex husband, who is the other half of me. Even when I’m a bitch, he loves me.

And my best friend.

For a couple of years now my best friend had been having trouble sleeping and he doesn’t know why. I do. It is a pattern that has been emerging with those of us who I call ‘Blue Pill Takers’ and those who are becoming ‘aware’ I won’t go into what I mean by this because if your not a Blue Pill Taker you won’t understand what I mean. But I’ve noticed a pattern emerging over the last 6 months where it now isn’t just my best friend, but now myself, my husband, our friends The Harrison’s who are massive Blue pillers, and so on. I have spoken to 15 different people who have been all saying the same thing. They go to bed exhausted but keep getting woken up and don’t know why.

I know why and if your in tune, if your awake or awakened you’ll know what I mean.

As I have been saying for years, everything in this Universe has a vibration. It works off the same frequencies and energy therefore everything in the Universe is connected. As the world becomes more troubled, the planet Earth that we live on is reacting. The best way to describe it is, Imagine the Sun is the Mum, the Moon the Dad, all the surrounding planets are the children. Planet Earth is getting abused in the most unimaginable ways by the fleas that live off it’s nectar (we are the Fleas) and Earth is upset by this and rightly so.

We treat our planet like shit. So the baby Earth is in pain and trying to let us know it is in pain. Our planets are so highly in tune to everything around it that other planets are feeling Empathic sympathy for Earth. Mother Sun is heart broken and she is reacting but cooling the temperatures of the Earth and having Solar Flares. We are NOT having a global warming, the Earth has only gone up by an 8th of a degree in the last 20yrs but the Governments are trying to tell us other wise because they want more of our money. Don’t be fools please, if your reading this blog, your clearly enlightened, do the research. If it was global warming why is it getting colder for longer and cities like the one I grew up with getting snow for the first time in 65 years?

They say things like ‘This is the worst summer in 80 years’ right so how can it be global warming then if global warming hasn’t been around until the 1980’s? The 1900’s had a fraction of the population and no cars almost. So how can it be? if it existed before we knew what global warming was?

Anyway I’m ranting and getting off course. My point is, It isn’t global warming that is the reason for the floods and earthquakes and disasters. I call it global harming. Spirit, call it global harming. We are hurting our planet, we are the fleas that live in the planet sucking it dry of it’s life blood and Mother Sun and Father Moon are reacting the same way any  parent would if they saw their child being attacked. BUT!!! some of us, who do our best to respect the planet, to keep in tune with what I call The Hum of the Universe are starting to feel the suffering too. We are waking up the same way any parent would. If you have kids, you’ll know what I mean. The second your baby is home you become ‘On Alert’ 24/7. Any slight sound, your awake, any slight movement, your awake, no movement, your awake.

And so we are waking to hear baby planet in pain. I was told one of the things that makes our Older Ancestors come from other planets is because they love the hum of our planet. Now America is trying to put people on Mars, they are wanting to elect a President of Mars hahahahaha have you ever heard anything so arrogant? So now The US Government think they can just travel the galaxy saying ‘We’ll have that Thank you’. I will tell you why they are doing it and this is going to sound insane but it is true because I was told it by Spirit ergo I believe them.

Because they know they are in trouble and are getting ready to flea. It will be experimental people up there first, to make sure it is safe. Then builders, then the elite. What they don’t understand is, while they think they are leaving a doomed Earth, Those from Mars will have something to say about invaders. I DON’T believe in Martians, I do believe in life on other planets but I don’t think they are a threat and are the antithesis of we on this planet. They are peace loving, higher evolved beings who would of wiped us off the face of the earth hundreds of years ago if they were a threat.

But also because our Planet is like our Bodies. It has the most amazing way of healing itself and as my gorgeous husband said ‘Chernobyl is a prime example of this. We as humans cant go there without protective suits and only for minutes at a time yet the vegetation has taken over the town, animals live there freely and happily and it proves my point when I use my very crass saying ‘Out of Shit Grows Roses’.

I apologize to anyone who takes offense to me saying that but let me explain what I mean. Chernobyl is a prime example of beauty coming from something dark and horrible. Look at the beautiful things that came out of WW2? All the things that were invented, the stories of humanity and courage, resilience and resolve, bravery and strength. Japan became inventive and peaceful, creative and respected. Skin Graft Plastic Surgery was invented because of WW1, which gave many soldiers their faces back. NB

In World War I, a New Zealand otolaryngologist working in London, Harold Gillies, developed many of the techniques of modern facial surgery in caring for soldiers suffering from disfiguring facial injuries. Varaztad Kazanjian and Blair, two men hired for plastic surgery by the United States army, learned from Gillies in England.[12] His work was expanded upon during World War II by his cousin and former student Archibald McIndoe, who pioneered treatments for RAF aircrew suffering from severe burns. McIndoe’s radical, experimental treatments, led to the formation of the Guinea Pig Club. In 1946, Gillies carried out the first female-to-male sex reassignment surgery.

He did the most amazing thing too. He only hired pretty, attractive nurses to tend to the soldiers before and after treatment, to boost their morale. 90% of the soldiers when on to marry the nurses. He was the first to come up with the technique of stitching the noses to their foreheads to keep them clean and alive. You think of all the people who’s lives have been changed because of his skin graft creation. All those poor souls felt they were born in the wrong bodies who then were able to become the sexy they were born to be because of that Kiwi Surgeon. So…Out of Shit, Grow Roses. Which also makes perfect sense with Horticulture and Horticulture lol

Right, so not only will we be fine if the Elites bugger off to Mars but they wouldn’t last a year because they have no way of knowing what life is like on Mars for any length of time. AND they may not even be allowed to go there as it isn’t THEIRS to take. It is just so arrogant and foolish. But good luck to them because I know how it ends for us once the Elites leave us Cattle to the doom. And it’s beautiful. The end of the world isn’t for us, it is for them.

So……those of us who are in tune, sensitive, opening up, contemplating the meaning of lie, religion, government etc…even if you don’t realize you have a gift or have no clue about any of it. There are millions of us who have gifts and have no idea they have one. But if you have trouble sleeping and don’t know why, then this whole post is the reason why. You can laugh at me, believe me or call me a fool. I know what I know. I share it with you so you can have an understanding. Please don’t think it’s just about us on Earth. It is far greater than we think.

So how can it be fixed? We’ll we as a small collective can’t do a thing. The only way this is going to stop is after the cleansing. When we stop war, and mining and we stop needing to use fossil fuels. Who still thinks we are running out of oil and gas? It’s not possible. There is more oil under Russia and the Polar Regions than have ever been collected in the history of using such fuels. It is regenerative. BUT it is ancient.

This is why any poor soul who invents water powered anything or any sort of Alternative Energy Source goes missing or turns up dead. We give way too much money to the big oil companies and car companies (who are owned by the same people) so they have to keep us thinking we need these fuels. But after the cleansing we will embrace alternative fuels and we will leave the planet alone where it will heal and give us plentiful medicines and nourishment.

There is nothing on this planet growing naturally that we can’t use to heal ourselves of any disease we have. Marijuana Hash Oil for cancers and tumors, Coconut Oil for Brain and Memory related diseases. So why aren’t we given this stuff by Doctors? Because there is no money in healthy people. All this, that we are allowing to be done to us, is hurting this planet. The chemical weapons being dreamed up by men in lab coats to kill innocent people is first tested on ‘enemy of the state’ then you.

So it’s used on a child in Vietnam first then the key component of the chemical aka Agent Orange and Aspartame is then used in YOUR food and drink causing cancers on an exponential rate. New types too, throat, tongue, kidney, anal etc…or when they had a surplus amount of this chemical left over from the aluminum factory smelters the government paid some scientists to come up with a way to get rid of it. And thus Fluoride came about.

They said to tell people it was needed to protect against tooth decay and gum disease. My boys have NEVER ingested or brushed with Fluoride Toothpaste and have ZERO cavities. The only natural fluoride is found in chalk but there is so little in the chalk it would have little value in toothpaste. The toothpaste you use to brush your teeth isn’t natural and is the cast offs from the companies that makes your tin foil and tin cans which is also the reason your food out of tins taste horrible and tin tainted and another cause of cancers etc…if fluoride was so good for you why are we told not to ingest it?

If artificial sweeteners were so good for you why is Stevia causing infertility, Aspartame causing cancer, Sucrose/Sucralose, anything with an Ose in it is giving you the runs and then bowel cancer?  If it is good for you, it shouldn’t be doing any harm. Good things don’t harm you. Someone said to me ‘Apple give you cancer though?’ I said ‘It’s not the apple giving you cancer dumb ass it’s the chemicals they spray on the apple trees that are giving you cancer’ And to prove my point I have a challenge for you.

The chemicals they spray on our fruit is really bad for us and the fruit. Our fruit goes off so fast now a days and always has a waxy film on it. Next time you buy your fruit, get a bowl of water, just normal cold (fluoride free) water and put a couple of caps of vinegar in the water. Place ALL your fruit in the bowl ad leave it to soak for a couple of hours.

Watch how much filth is left in the bowl that drains off the fruit and sticks to the bowl. That is the chemicals you have been eating, putting into your pure natural temple of a vessel. And also see how long your fruits last for. My bananas not only haven’t been going off BUT my bananas stayed fresh for almost 8 weeks.

All this that we are waking up to, all of this we are sharing with people is wakening up the conscious us that has been hidden for centuries. Wild cats and dogs don’t get cancers but vaccinated domestic ones do, why is that?

Why are we allowing GM foods to be sold in supermarkets? Why are we growing GM foods? Do you realize this is one of the things that is killing off the bees and without the bees and the trees we Will DIE OUT IN LESS THAN 10 YEARS.  Please do NOT eat a GM food you will kill yourself and the planet. All of this is why we can’t sleep. People coming to realize something isn’t right and all of those who KNOW something isn’t right. We are hurting the planet and we are hurting along side it.

If you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the food or drink you consume, please don’t consume it and don’t give it to your kids or your pets. My family live a chemical free, organic life, it isn’t any more expensive than those who buy take always every night. My boys are never ill. My son has a tummy bug from the floor he was sitting on when we went for coffee but he hasn’t had a flu or cold since he was born.

My oldest has had one flu. We use Colloidal Silver on cuts and my surgical scars ( Doctors can’t even find my C section scars) and we use Pure Elderberry Syrup if we feel a cold coming on and we haven’t had a bad flu since we took it 6 yrs ago.

We don’t use Fluoride in anything and are actually chuffed to hear only three counties in the UK fluoridate their water now and my own country is getting ready to ban it completely like Scotland. My boys heal amazingly quick too. Cuts disappear in hours.

That might be because they are Crystal babies too though but still, they live an organic life. I make everything myself, bread, chicken nuggets, burgers etc…and they eat all their fruit and veg. But even my boys, Robot is 4 and Train is 3 are waking up. My 3yr old is a Natural Telepath like me and he said to me the other day ‘Mama the earth has a sad song’ and I know what he means. He too hears the hum.

There is a small fraction of the population on the planet that can hear it’s Hum. Train and I are two of them. It keeps me awake sometimes but it’s beautiful. Everything on this planet has a hum, including musical notes and mathematics, every single element on the periodic table, if you sit with each other, every gas, every chemical, every rock, stone, gem etc…if it is natural, if it hasn’t created in any way by man, has a hum. And we are all natural.

When we are healthy and happy our hum is kind of between a C sharp and a G minor, it varies between those two, when we are unhappy and unhealthy it is a low monotone Alto kind of sound. The longer we are unhealthy and digest chemicals and take from the planets vessel the lower the hum. Well recently the planets hum is almost so low it hurts, it hurts my temples. Your all hearing this hum but don’t know it is because you hear the hum (well some might). The hum, is our planet crying for help. If we don’t get this cleansing soon I fear what will happen. But luckily for us the cleansing has been under way for about 2 years now and we just need that one last thing, the one last act of betrayal for the world to stand up and say ‘It ends now’.

All I know is it starts in The US and will have the biggest impact on the countries who have caused the most damage. US, UK, Israel, China and the last one I have never been told. I sometimes wonder if its not Australia or Canada but I would just be guessing.

Please, pay attention to what your body and your psyche is trying to tell you. Keep it safe, keep it natural and don’t keep it to yourself. Once this is over we will all sleep like babies and I can’t wait to hear that nice hum come back. I’m sure we will all start to hear it when we build a new world and live healthier, fossil fuel free, organic, war free lives. Until then I sympathize. All I can suggest is try not to eat before going to bed, keep the noise down to a minimum, ie no stimulation like video games and stuff, maybe some soft music instead, and try to be in bed before about 11pm. Your more likely to keep awake after 11pm  as our body starts waiting for day light.

Everything I have said is true. It all has come from Independent Scientific studies that can be found online at any NON Government Endorsed Site. And also for the record The toothpaste we use called Sarakan is SLS free too which is causing and contributing to the mouth and throat cancers has had to be endorsed by the British Dental Association which you will find on the back of its box and tube because they were challenged to dispute the claims that it could protect your teeth from decay and tartar and they couldn’t dispute it so  they had to agree that it was just as effective as toothpaste with Fluoride and SLS in it. And as I said before if Fluoride was good for you why aren’t you allowed to swallow it? Learning is Knowledge, Knowledge is Wisdom, Wisdom is Power. Remember that.

Love and Light

How to get Rid of Negative Energy

Sometimes when things aren’t going right in our lives or things in the house seem a bit oppressive or there has been a lot of negativity around, you need to do a cleansing. If you have been stressed out, fighting or tired but with no real reason as to why, sometimes the energy your surrounded by needs to be cleansed.

You need to be cleansed. If your having trouble sleeping, if you had activity in your home and passed a Spirit over, or you just feel like you need to free yourself from something you can’t explain then you need to do a cleansing. I am telling people how to do this themselves as I have been hearing that some so called Psychics and New Age Gurus are charging extortionate amounts of money to this them for people and it’s just wrong. I only charge for readings.

Before I tell you what to do you need to know some of the rules.

1) NEVER!!! do a cleansing under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even if your on medication that impairs you. Wait till it is out of your system.

2) You must keep all the doors and windows closed during the entire process.

3) Remove animals and children after they have been brushed with the sage.

4) Make sure you have nothing else on after you have performed the ceremony as you can and will find yourself physically and mentally drained afterwards.

5) Take it very seriously. If you make a joke of it, or decide to use the time to use Oujia boards and such you will invite trouble that I will not be held responsible for.

You will need: A White Sage stick or Smudge Stick. It must be just an ordinary plain Sage stick, not one for specific needs. You can buy them on eBay or Amazon for no more than £3 including delivery. Salt, just normal table salt. A tea light Candle for every room in the house including garage and walk in wardrobes and bathrooms. Incense About 4 spare hours. Try to have someone with you that you trust.

Keep the noise down. Your going to need to concentrate. The first thing you do is close all the windows and doors and not let anyone in or out. Take the phones off the hook until you have smudged each room. Get the table salt and make a line across the front and back doors of the house or office. Just a straight continuous from one side to the next. So when people step over the threshold they are stepping over the salt. This will keep unwanted visitors or people away.

If you want to be double sure, you can keep some Lavender at the door or entrance ways also. Then close the doors and don’t let them open again until the last candle is out. Then you want to light one tea light candle for every room in the house. This includes wardrobes, wash houses, basements, garages. If you can walk into it, you need to put a candle in it.

Safely, put them in a bowl or lid if your worried about wax dripping. Don’t have them close to clothing or curtains. Just in the center of the floor is fine. You need to be able to see them when you do your walk around. After you have lit every candle in every room then you light the Sage stick. You will need something to fan the flame so you can use the smoke to brush over the door frames and stuff.

Some people use a feather but to me it is using a dead animal to help life and it feels wrong so I use a small booklet or piece of paper. Before you send children out, quickly go up and down their bodies with the smudge stick. cats and dogs are usually okay but birds will need to be taken outside until it is done. The cats and dogs can be smudged too but they are usually outside anyway or laying about being nosy as to what your doing but if you live in a really small house, please, put them outside for a couple of hours.

Close your eyes and imagine a door or bridge opening up as you count to ten. When you get to ten the door or bridge should be fully open. Then again ask Spirit for protection as you perform the cleansing. Ask them to protect you from all negative and unwanted people and energies while you cleanse your home and for protection of anyone who lives there also. Start from the front door and work your way to the back of the house. So use the sage stick up and over the entire door frame, then stand in the middle of the room and use the Sage to brush outwards to the four corners of the room.

If you have adjoining rooms like a living room and dining room do them both separately unless you can see the is entering the dining room. In which case after you have done the one room, do the remaining corners of the other from the last room. As you are brushing the Sage out to the four corners of each room ask Spirit and your ancestors for love, protection and guidance.

Ask Spirit to protect your house/office and self. Ask them to protect the house from anyone and anything that isn’t welcome. Tell them out loud what it is your needing help with IE ‘I wish to bring peace to this house because there has been so much negativity’ or ‘I ask you to give us strength during this difficult financial time’ You want to ask for things that matter. Not for possessions or wealth.

Stuff means nothing to Spirit. You can ask for help dealing with financial issues or for help in providing for your family but never for lottery wins or stuff. Your asking Spirit for enough to live, not to be rich. It would be abusing the privilege and chances are you will then get the money in a less than acceptable way IE inheritance after the loss of a loved one, or redundancy.

After you have done each room standing in the middle of the room and sweeping outwards from your chest/stomach area, to the four corners of the room, go to the next room and sage the door of the room you just walked out of. Do this with every room and every door, no door should be done twice. If you have Spirits in the house you will notice the candles burning in such a way that you will now you have attracted their attention.

If your wanting to send them on, tell them when your in the middle of each room to go to the light. Tell them God loves them and their loved ones are waiting for them on the other side. Tell them it is time to pass over and to follow the light. You’ll know by how the candles react if they have gone or not. You never want to do a door or room twice. Start from the front of the house to the back and cover every door and room.

Once you have done every single room, come back to the living room and light the incense. This will help with the smell. The sage will drop ash but it will be easily vacuumed up. Remember not to open any doors and windows. P,lace the remainder of the Sage somewhere safe where it can go out and then when it is cold and all the embers are out bury it in the dirt out the back or if you don’t have a yard inside a pot pant will do.

Never use the same Sage stick twice. Once you have used it once, it needs to be removed. But you shouldn’t have that much left anyone. It’s okay to put it in the bin but I just prefer to send it back to the earth to get recycled into the earth. Nothing is more pure than Nature. Your going to have quite a smoke filled house now which is good.

Take this time while your waiting for all the candles to burn down to have a drink, sit quietly and read a book, maybe play some quiet music. Talk with your partner. Just keep the house or offices noise to a quiet volume. The idea is to balance the energy by smoking out the negative energy, confusing it and cleaning it.

You may start to notice your feeling exhausted by this point, even emotional. If you have be holding stuff in, or you’ve been feeling emotionally blocked or your not sure why you’ve been off kilter this may start to come out now. This is why you can’t be alone. You may doze off and with candles burning in the house, plus if you become emotional your going to need support. What you were keeping bottled up, will come out. I’ve seen grown men weep like children after a cleansing.

Because it frees the soul as well as the house. Check on the candles every 20 minutes. Try not to get 8 hour candles. The 3 hour ones are fine. Just remember no one can come in or out of the house until the last candle is out so if you get 8 hour candles, that is a long time for your pets and kids to be outside or away. Once all the candles are burnt out, then your able to open the doors and windows to air the house out.

Do NOT use air freshener. Let nature take it’s course. The wind outside will disperse it and it will dissipate the way it is meant to. But just before you open the front door, pause, close your eyes and imagine the door or bridge in your head. Slowly close the door as you count backwards to ten. When you get to one, the door or bridge should be fully closed.

This closes you down. You should notice a difference in the atmosphere within 24 hours, but if it has been a particularly hard time it could take up for 7 days for the affects to be felt. Please take this seriously. It serves no purpose other than to cause you immense trouble to deviate from what I have told you to do. It is always better you do it than get someone else because no one else knows what your feeling or going through.

No one should charge you any money to do this. Helping cleanse someones life or home is a very serious matter and therefore should be treated as a gift not a service. If anyone asks for money they aren’t in it to help you, only to make money. If you have any questions about this or anything else, please just ask me. I don’t charge for my time. Only readings. If your needing advice or help, I will help you any way I can for free. I only charge for readings.

Why I love being Psychic: Finding four things in 24 hours.

Today has been one of those days. I’m not well, not sleeping well and my boys are sick and I’ve been running around getting stuff ready for my Halloween party.

Case 1)

My Ex gets up and can’t find his phone. Now….being a temperamental artist, things quickly turn into dramas with him and he was about to have a heart attack as his iPhone is in a special case I got him for last years birthday but it has his drivers license and banks cards etc…inside the pouches. It’s negated the need for a wallet basically.

So he’s running around with my cellphone in hand, calling his mobile and he can’t find it. I say to Spirit as I always do ‘Take me to it’ and instantly felt the need to go upstairs. I ask him to ring his phone and head towards the bedroom door and there hanging in his jumper ringing is his mobile phone.

Case Two)

I home school my kids. Neither of them are of school age but they are both smart so I decided to start teaching them to read and write once they turned 3. As I mentioned, we are making stuff for our Halloween party and one of those things is for the kids. It is a Paper Machete Spider, stuffed with Sweets and Chocolates. We made a big huge black spider and needed to paint it up. I will seal the head to the body tomorrow and my husband is making the legs this weekend. But I needed my sons painting aprons. My eldest Robot had his but Train my youngest couldn’t find his. So I said to Spirit ‘Take me to it’ and was drawn to the pile of Halloween decorations in the wash house. There is was.

Case Number Three)

We have an upstairs phone and a downstairs phone but we only plugged the downstairs phone in when we moved and we had to see how many plugs we had available in our bedroom before we could plug it in. Today I needed my phone. I’m not well, on antibiotics and need to keep my feet up. I was put on a Plasma drip the other day and need top ease back into things slowly. My bed has more space on it as we don’t have enough seating space in the living room yet as we are in the process of buying a new lounge suite. So I needed my upstairs phone to be plugged in. I saw it, my husband and I both saw it next to it’s plug, on my dresser surrounded by my stuffed toys. I couldn’t find it. I looked in my clothes drawers, my bedside drawers, my slipper cabinet, my husbands wardrobe. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So after yelling and yahooing at everyone under the sun I say to Spirit ‘right come on, show me where it is’ I knew it was in the house, I knew it wasn’t thrown out by mistake when we moved in because I had held it in my hand and this is where it gets weird’. I had held it not two weeks before and placed it on top of the Totoro toy I have because he is a big cuddly Boof who would totally watch my stuff. So I tune in and get instantly drawn to my husbands office. I sit down in his chair and ‘feel’ the phone. Open his desk side drawer and there, under his Retro Sweets, is the bedroom phone??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Case Four)

The worst one of all. I thought I was losing my mind. I took the little disk out of my sons portable DVD player so I could update and change his movies in it. We recently transferred all of our DVDs into one big thing I call a Magic box. We had so many DVDs it was taking up one entire wall so we decided to invest in a um…thing that does stuff lol I don’t know what they are called. Any way, so I was going to update his movies and it was while he and his brother were tidying up the Den of Destruction he calls a bed room that I was over seeing that I decided to do this. I took it out and had it in my hand for ages and then suddenly I realized it was gone. The room was spotless and I hunted in the places I assumed I would of dropped it. I then said to Spirit ‘Okay…where is it’ and they said ‘Trains room’ so I knew it was in there but where.

Oh God…..I had to go through two huge toy boxes full of tools and trains, cars and animals. I tipped them out and went through every single toy, one by one. My hands hurt from being jagged by plastic and metal. I was sweating, getting pissed off and Spirit kept saying. ‘It is in there, keep looking’ Well by this point I was really getting mad because my boy has his TV on to go to sleep, it stops him being afraid of the Spirits and Spiders lol I backed tracked in my head to what I was doing the last time it was in my hand and I kept being psychically drawn to his drawers. I was NOT going through those toys again.

He had three huge boxes full and I had just been through them. I seriously thought I had lost my gift. I felt hot in my belly as I was sitting on the floor leaning on his drawers and Spirit started saying over and over ‘It’s always the last place you look, it’s always the last place you look’ Well I didn’t want to hear the jibes and teasing. I said ‘Yeah well Duhhh it’s always gonna be the last place ya look isn’t it’ Then as they laughed at me it dawned on me. The last place to look was his drawers. I had folded up the clothes thrown on the floor and gotten my son to put them in the corresponding drawers. I started with his underwear, which was the one we did first, nothing, then his t shirts and shirts….nothing, the last drawer, the last place to look, PJ’s……and there sitting at the bottom was the disk. I said to Spirit ‘You could of just said that instead of being all cryptic, I mean….it would of saved me the hassle, why do you always give me clues instead of just saying so, 40 years of working out clues, you would think by now you could just say ‘Look in the drawers’ and do you know what they said cheekily ‘In good time’ lol So when I’m 80 they may just say to me ‘It’s in the drawer’ lol

My friend Jo is a bugger for losing things and sometimes I find the stuff before she even knows it’s missing it has gotten that bad lol

This is one of those instances where being in tune with my surroundings and the dead is just the bestest thing ever. But now I’m exhausted lol Oh well, you take the good, you take the bad, you take them all and there you have, ‘The facts of Life’ lol