Mythical Creatures Exist

These are my own expressed opinions and you can call me crazy, I don’t mind but I know what I know lol plus I have researched it all and if you read my posts you will know I have been researching various Paranormal things since I was 12 coz that’s how I learn and know what I know. SO here we go, buckle up and embrace the crazy: Or not, lol

Sasquatch/Yeti/Abominable Snowman/Big Foot

If you look at it logically too many countries have their own version for it to just be tale. Countries as far apart as Canada and Tibet have almost identical creatures. There are been pretty much fraudulent sightings since the 1930’s BUT as shown on the TV show Destination Truth, there are places finding foot prints, and they even got hair samples of these beautiful beasts which when tested showed an Ape like species of Unknown Origin. Now….I’m an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I see the dead and live a Paranormal life but I always say ‘You have to use a mix of common sense, science and your gift when dealing with the Paranormal’ While science doesn’t know everything, if the tests say it is kind of a duck, you have to believe it will walk and talk like one too. BUT!!! it is a double edged sword because Science doesn’t know everything. We have explored very little of our wee planet. We can’t get to the deepest parts of our own oceans so it is save to assume there are oodles of things on our planet we haven’t even found out about yet. We discover hundreds of new species of things every year, and some of those were thought to have died out centuries and even decades ago.

I have it on very very good authority they exist and they are peace loving and they know we aren’t. They are expert hunters and extremely Telepathic and Natural Telepaths. They can heal animals that have been shot and wounded by hunters using leaves, bark, roots and such as they are incredibly intelligent and expert holistic practitioners. Here is a website that lists all latest sightings, you will see many countries that claim to have their own version. For example in Australia they call them Yowies.

There are stories I have read of deer hunters and walkers being saved by them. These people have never given locations away, never asked for money for the story. Just told trusted folk and left them alone. Because to come across one of these beautiful ancestors of ours is such an awe inspiring and harmonious experience you realize pretty quick you need to keep them safe. You can imagine how quickly hunters would be down trying to bag one of them if word got out.

I personally would love to meet one of them. Being Telepathic, communication wouldn’t be hard but my immune system is different and there fore I would be too aware of the germs and stuff I carried and would never want to put them in harms way. They are best left alone and until we start being peace loving universally I thank the stars they don’t make themselves known.

The Loch Ness Monster and other Lake Based Beasties:

Even my country of New Zealand has the Taniwha

So they say every Myth or Legend has some small ounce of truth. I know that Nessie from the Loch Ness in Scotland, which was until recently my stomping ground has been documented since Ecclesiastical times. The truth is, we know so little about planet and Loch Ness is too deep to measure, and is joined up to such immense amounts of water based Lochs, Rivers and the North Sea etc…it is certainly reasonable to assume SOMETHING exists and like our Ape ancestors previously mentioned, are choosing not to engage with us, as the first thing we would do is hunt them. Everyone in Scotland has a story about Nessie. Canada has their own version as does Norway, The US and Indonesia etc…They seem to be related to Plesiosaur and have been sighted with babies too, so there has to be many in number as one mating pair couldn’t survive centuries. They know that not all Dinosaurs died out after the Meteor now it is probable things still exist and choose to live in seclusion because they know the first thing we would do is hunt them.


These wee Beasties are slightly more controversial because I’ve looked at tons of evidence on this beast and have come to the conclusion not only do they exist but they were a government experiment between the US and South American Government gone wrong. There are more than enough former Government Officials who claim to have been involved in their creation. They came about through the mixing of DNA and when it got too expensive and out of hand they were just released into the wild in the hopes they would die out but they didn’t. The sightings started in Puerto Rico but have since spread to Mexico, Chile, Russia and the US but Africa has a version and so does Indo-asian countries. And when you read the non mainstream stuff by Government officials and ex Police etc…it seems to be a genetic experiment gone wrong. Then it was passed over to other countries who thought they could do better and it ended in the same result. It is a lesson in Why we aren’t God and we why shouldn’t play God.


Aliens do exist. It would be stupid and ignorant for us to assume that we were the ONLY thing created in billions of years worth of cosmic evolution. BUT Blues, Greens Greys, Pleiadians and the like don’t. Quite frankly it is embarrassing to see how gullible people are. And only we could assume beings from other planets and galaxy’s would look even remotely human.

Let me tell you how it is.

90%of sightings of craft are government controlled. There are tons of pilots who on death beds and such have confessed to being responsible for various famous sightings of craft. They are curious and peace loving and would never interfere with us because we are too stupid to even come close to understanding how incredibly intelligent and peaceful they are. All this nonsense about threats of being wiped out and stuff pisses me off because they are thousands of years more advanced than us, if they wanted us gone they would have done it centuries ago. We have nothing they would even want. Not gold or diamonds or weapons because anything they have would make ours look like Babies bedroom toys. Plus there are entire planets made of diamonds and littered with gold so it’s not our resources they want.

I just recently watched a documentary about Soldiers who were brainwashed to thinking they could see aliens in the 40s and then within months of the project being shut down by the Army, civilians started reporting sightings identical to the ones the soldiers had. They don’t have coloured lights on their craft. Coloured lights aren’t practical for seeing clearly, they don’t kidnap us and do anal probes because what on earth would be the point?

Project Blue beam, look it up.

However, MK Ultra has been used on soldiers and civilians to carry out tasks like assassinating John Lennon, The Boston Bombings, Robert Kennedy etc..and again there is much documented evidence of former officials who admit that they were taking part in brain washing citizens into believing they were abducted and probed etc…to mask the testing of weapons, machines, craft and techniques.

To be honest I am embarrassed for anyone who thinks that such amazing beings, such peace loving super intelligent beings are only interested in our sperm, anus and dirty planet. Of all the planets in the Universe why would they want our poor unloved polluted bloody bit of rock? That they would come here to anally probe a married mother of two or some guy who chops wood. America and the UK seem to be the only countries who even discuss the idea of sexual encounters. It’s embarrassing and we should be ashamed of ourselves. The truth is we don’t deserve to have contact with them. They are totally fascinated by us and yet they choose to stay away because they know how dangerous we are. They only come when we are about to do something stupid like fire missiles at some innocent country. I say this because it is documented that many submarines and other weapon carrying machines have been inexplicably shut down mid firing of a weapon. There is so much stuff coming out now it is wonderful. If you think ‘Why would the government lie to us about the existence of Aliens’ think of this ‘Why did they try to deny the existence of Roswell until the other day?’ or this?

In the 50’s and 60’s people were claiming to see this in the skies. It was denied it existed, now it is old technology. In fact the crashed craft that landed is Roswell is where we got Fiber-optics, microwaves and other technology like the internet from. CT/MRI scans etc…all came from the technology they got off the craft in Roswell. There is also word coming out that the real reason why the US Government and UK Government etc…are allowing and encouraging so much sightings and ‘pretend craft’ is because they are gearing up to use it against us later for a so called full scale Alien attack lol Well I don’t know about that but I do know if they tried, the one and only time our Long Distance Friends are allowed to interfere is when our planet is in danger from our own stupidity. So I can’t see it happening. I know Spirit have refereed to them many times so therefore I believe they exist. Why would they appear in Da Vinci paintings only to turn up on Bobs doorstep peering through a window then come back to probe him in a craft? Also why are more Americans and Brits ‘abducted’ than anyone else even though they are spotted all over the world? and in fact the higher majority of other countries encounter them under pleasurable circumstances or awe inspiring. Not sexually.

Demon Dogs/Hounds of Hell:

They have been recorded since time immortial and in countries all over the world. However I do think because of this reason they are a combination of two things.

Rabid dogs from centuries ago but because of lack of veterinary knowledge in the stone age etc…they were seen as evil or possessed.

And lack of education.

The classic signs of a rabid dog are:

Signs and Symptoms of Rabies

Once infection occurs, the rabies virus grows in muscle tissue and may go undetected for several days or months. During this incubation (or latent) period, the animal appears healthy and shows no sign of infection.

Usually within 1 to 3 months, the virus migrates to the nerves near the site of the infection and spreads to the spinal cord and brain (i.e., the central nervous system). It usually takes from 12 to 180 days to spread through the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system. At this point, the disease progresses rapidly, and the animal begins to show the classic behavioral signs of rabies. The virus spreads to the saliva, tears, breast milk and urine. The animal usually dies in 4 or 5 days.

Rabies causes typical symptoms. The infection progresses in a predictable manner, from the initial prodormal phase to the excitative, or furious, phase to the final paralytic phase.

The first sign usually is a change in behavior. Pet owners should be aware that behavioral changes can occur as a result of many conditions, from digestive disorders to poisoning.

Rabid animals usually stop eating and drinking, and may appear to want to be left alone. After the initial onset of symptoms, the animal may become vicious or begin to show signs of paralysis. Some rabid animals bite at the slightest provocation and others may be somnolent and difficult to arouse. Once the animal shows signs of paralysis, the disease progresses very quickly and the animal dies.

Prodromal Phase: First Symptoms of Rabies

The early symptoms of rabies tend to be subtle, last 2 to 3 days, and include the following:

  • Change in tone of the dog’s bark
  • Chewing at the bite site
  • Fever
  • Loss of appetite
  • Subtle changes in behavior

Furious Phase: “Mad Dog Syndrome”

The second phase of infection usually lasts 2 to 4 days and not all rabid animals experience it. Animals that enter immediately into the final paralytic phase are sometimes said to have dumb or paralytic rabies. Animals that spend most of their diseased state in the furious phase are sometimes said to have furious rabies. An infected dog may viciously attack any moving object, person, or animal; a caged rabid dog will chew the wire, break their teeth, and try to bite a hand moving in front of the cage. Rabid cats will attack suddenly, biting and scratching. Foxes will invade yards and attack dogs, cows, and porcupines.

They may show the following signs:

  • Craving to eat anything, including inedible objects
  • Constant growling and barking
  • Dilated pupils
  • Disorientation
  • Erratic behavior
  • Episodes of aggression
  • Facial expression showing anxiety and hyper alertness
  • Irritability
  • No fear of natural enemies (e.g., wild animals may not be afraid of people)
  • Restlessness
  • Roaming
  • Seizures
  • Trembling and muscle in coordination

Paralytic Phase

The third and final phase of infection usually lasts for 2 to 4 days. Initial symptoms include the following:

  • Appearance of choking
  • Dropping of the lower jaw (in dogs)
  • Inability to swallow, leading to drooling and foaming of saliva (i.e., “foaming at the mouth”)
  • Paralysis of jaw, throat, and chewing muscles

Paralysis then spreads to other parts of the body, the animal becomes depressed, rapidly enters a coma and dies.

To someone from the Stone Age, that would be terrifying. Komodo Dragons were the reason we thought Dragons existed. They have a bite that burns like fire and they are huge, we were smaller back then and Chinese Whispers can as we know get out of hand.

And secondly Demon Dogs are a manifestation of our own imaginations. Like Possessions and Poltergeists. We create them. As I keep saying ‘Most of us don’t realize what we are truly capable of. Our brains are capable of so much more than we even know. Even Science has only been able to understand 10% of our brains and we are still finding out new things about that 10%. People who believe what they are told will claim to see them and while my husband and I have seen something similar in Scotland which I have talked about in one of my posts about Haunted Britain there are many reasonable explanations and Rabid Ghost Dog is probably the most reasonable.

I’m just the type of person who as a child was so fascinated by this stuff I had to read as much as I could. But came to the conclusion with the evidence before me, it was Rabid Dog/ Stories to scare folk and Manifestations of our unrecognized minds capabilities.

Romanian Vampires:

Okay this one is really the most fascinating to me because I am a Scorpio so I am the ruler of the Occult and Death. I have studied this stuff most of all because Vampires fascinated me as a child because of my Dad.

So we all know about Vlad The Impaler being the inspiration behind Bram Stokers book written in 1897 which incidentally the place he got the inspiration for is now just down the road from where I live now lol

Anyway Vlad Tepes was a misunderstood man. He was not the evil mad history has made him out to be. He was the son of a King who was murdered by the Turks, his beloved brother was kidnapped as a small child and later used against Vlad to fight against in battle.They brutally oppressed his people and slaughtered his love and he grew to hate them with a vengeance. Yes he impaled his captors as a warning to the other Turks who came into his country but he didn’t kill just any random person. He didn’t drink their blood. He was defending his country from invaders who were killing his people and raping his land of resources. He was actually a very noble and trusting man who had the love of his people because he spent so much of his own money defending his country and his people. Anyway, obviously the book gave his name a bit of an ominous legend and it travelled through the lands and years. The Romanians still believe in Vampires and just recently one was reported and it was on the news here in the UK. Stoker gave the name Vampire in the late 19th century but Vampire like creatures have been reported since stone age man.

But in actual fact, this legend is based on science, religious dominance, medical ignorance. In modern day It started in the 1700s when Romania became Catholic and everything was demonized by the Church. A woman reported seeing her dead father stand before her in her bedroom in the dead of night and was almost hysterical with fear. So to prove her father was dead they went to his grave site and dug it up and discovered blood in the corners in his mouth and his nails were long, his skin was tight and his ears were pointed. They were freaked out and started to think she was right but drove a spike through his heart and removed his head to assure her he was indeed dead and wouldn’t return from the grave. The latest reports from June 2013 were the same. Except experts have been examining these bodies and have tried to explain to these people what it is but nobody listens.

Firstly, they appear to their loved ones as Ghosts. Secondly, the blood in the corner of the mouth is due to the fact as the body decomposes in untreated bodies, the blood rises and bleeds out of the mouth eyes and ears. It is why they say a Vampire has red eyes.

The decomposition process pulls the skin back making the skin look tight and the ears point as they curl and decay. All the feature appear larger because of the fact the body is decomposing as there is no moisture in the body so it dehydrates. It is also the reason why the nails look long.

I can’t help but feel sorry for people who are so backward in their education that they would believe such horrible things of their dead loved ones.

Haitian Zombies:

Basically it was a part of Voodoo based craft used to get back at someone or frighten people or enslave them. They would use tetrodotoxins found in Puffer fish, Marine Toads or the Hyla Tree Frog. Which would slow the heart rate down so much it would give the appearance of death. There is a famous case of a man who was ‘dead’ and returned home. As described here:

Clairvius Narcisse (born c. 1922) is a Haitian man said to have been turned into a living zombie by a combination of drugs. After investigating reports of “zombies” (including Narcisse and a handful of others), researchers believed that Narcisse received a dose of chemical mixture containing tetrodotoxin (pufferfish venom) and bufotoxin (toad venom) to induce a coma which mimicked the appearance of death. He was then allowed to return to his home where he collapsed, “died”, and was buried. The Canadian ethnobotanist Wade Davis, who did the research on tetrodotoxin [1] explains how this would have been done. The bokor (sorcerer) would have given Narcisse a powder containing the tetrodotoxin through abraded skin. Narcisse fell into a comatose state, closely resembling death, which resulted in his live burial.[2] His body was then recovered and he was given doses of Datura stramonium to create a compliant zombie-like state and set to work on a plantation. After two years, the plantation owner died and Narcisse simply walked away to freedom.

According to the American Scientist interview, Narcisse came home to his village after 18 years of being assumed dead.[3] He was able to convince a few villagers and his sister that he was who he said he was. This case puzzled many doctors because his death was documented and two American doctors’ testimonies “verified” his death. The case of Clairvus Narcisse was the first potential verifiable example of transforming an individual into a zombie. [4]

It was explained that Narcisse had broken one of the traditional behavioral codes and was made into a “zombie” as a punishment; when questioned, Narcisse told investigators that the sorcerer involved had “taken his soul”.[5] The instigator of the poisoning was alleged to be his brother, with whom he had quarreled over land.[6] After his apparent death and subsequent burial on May 2, 1962, his body was recovered and he was given a paste made from datura, which at certain doses has a hallucinogenic effect and can cause memory loss. The bokor who recovered him then forced him, alongside others, to work on a sugar plantation until the master’s death two years later. When the bokor died, and regular doses of the hallucinogen ceased, he eventually regained sanity (unlike others who had suffered brain damage from hypoxia while buried alive) and returned to his family after another 16 years.[6] Narcisse was immediately recognized by the villagers and his family. When he told them the story of how he was dug up from his grave and enslaved, the villagers were surprised, but they accepted his story because they believed his experience resulted from the power of voodoo magic. He was seen as the man who was once a zombie.[7].

Nuff said.


Yes, existed, but not where they think it is. There are dozens of buried lands. Our planet and Tectonic Plates change our landscape every day. There are many buried lands under out oceans.

Our planet is changing every single day. Where we had land is now water and visa versa. Some places got caught up in the shift and got taken down by the floods, earthquakes and Tsunamis that followed.

The Bermuda Triangle:

Yes, but it’s not a magnetic field, or Aliens. It is a hidden American government base and that’s all I will say on the matter. It also has connections to the Chupacabra experiments.

There is said to be an entire race of people who live inside a mountain but I won’t say where. They are said to only come out to trade with the local villagers who have sworn to secrecy for generations to protect them.

I think I’ve covered the basics. Have I missed any?

As I have said, my views are my own. I’m not expecting anyone else to believe what I say. If you want to be anally probed by Aliens then you be my guest.

If you have any stories based on any of the creatures I have just mentioned, I would love to hear them.

14 thoughts on “Mythical Creatures Exist

  1. Thank you very much for writing this. It was a very interesting read, and covered far more than I expected it to. Even the origins of some creatures I thought pretty much no one believed in anymore. Plus a nice dose of history.

    I still find it hard to believe that such large creatures in such accessible environments could still go all but unnoticed to this day. Sure, maybe some new species of fish could be hiding deep in the ocean, or some undiscovered toad deep in the rainforest. They must use their talents to be exceptionally good at what they do. Remind me never to get caught in a game of hide and seek with them. πŸ™‚

    Strange that you say our immune systems are so much different to the point of creating a health risk. That s almost baffling, and I would think it far more likely that OURS is the compromised immune system. πŸ™‚

    Also, I’ve never much read up on Chupacabra. Heard of it, but never really knew what it was even CLAIMED to be. I just might have to read up on it now.

    Interesting that your description of zombies seems to align with the plot line for an episode from the show Grimm, which I quite like.

    Quite enlightening to learn how much of the nature of vampires came about. And it makes good sense as well. Although…..exactly where did the diamond-sparkly skin when exposed to daylight come about? XD

    Finally, I wonder if I’ve ever heard of these mountain people before. Seems an entirely new story to me. Oh well.

    Thank you again, and
    Have a day!

    • The fact of the matter is, we don’t know very much about our planet. They know we have oceans and lakes that are so deep we may never be able to measure them. It is our lack of seeing anything other than ourselves that makes anything else existing hard to believe. Science doesn’t know everything and as you know, there are things our Governments know but don’t want us knowing like Vaccinations killing our children’s immune systems and brain cells, cures for Cancer etc…There has been some compelling evidence about Nessie. Scottish people just accept she is there, and that she has family. There have been things caught on video, radar and camera that just can’t be explained. And I’m not talking about the grainy shots taken above water.
      As for Big Foot, well yes, they really do exist and I love them. They are gentle creatures who know more about our landscapes than we do. The reason why we would be a threat to them is the same reason White name was a threat to our Native American cousins. We share the same planet, but our bodies have different viruses depending on our life style and environment. They don’t need antibiotics because they don’t get sick, they have plants to heal them from anything. Which is what we should be doing. Spirit told us ‘There is no disease on Earth that doesn’t have a cure growing on it’ Which again you know to be true. Coconut Oil is curing brain disease like Parkinsons, Dementia, etc….Has oil for Cancer, not to mention the Caveman diet is curing all sorts too, Sambucol for colds and flu etc…even in my culture Maori people use plants for all sorts of ailments. So Big Foot does the same but they are better at it. If I came across one with a flu bugs especially one that had been engineered in a lab like Swine Flu, they wouldn’t sand a chance and it is out of that respect I wouldn’t want contact. Not until we too had learned to heal ourselves with our planet. Our history is plastered with cases of one Race encountering another and the n the natives get sick. The British did it to the Maori, The American Settlers with the Natives, it even happened in WW2 but with the case of the Japanese where given small pox by design from the American Government.
      The Vampire one just fascinated me as a kid. But the daylight myth is just because most Spirits are seen at night so in their ignorance it was assumed they couldn’t walk the earth in the day. Even in later years the bite marks were just where the needles were put in the neck for the embalming process by which point Bram Stokers book was legend. The pale skin with the diamond shine is the Formaldehyde and other preserving agents. If you’ve ever seen a dead body like in my culture where we have the body home for 3 days etc….the skin is a waxy, shiny grey. Put that with blood shot eyes, long nails and pointed ears you have yourself a Vampire. I was shocked to turn on the news three months ago to see a piece about a Vampire in Romania. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I honestly thought they would have been told by now what it was that was going on. It’s like they are allowing themselves to be kept almost primitive.
      As for Chupacabra, look up on YouTube ‘Chupacabra Government Experiment’ it will blow your mind.
      Thanks for the suggestion too Dr Who, and as always if you have any more, let me know πŸ™‚

      • Oh you! I KNEW you’d bring up that Native American thing. All right. You win THIS round! lol

        Actually I’ve felt that way for a long time, about our planet holding a lot more cures than we give it credit. And sometimes “medicine” doesn’t even make any sense. Between vaccinations and practically bathing in antibacterial fluids, you’d think we don’t even trust our own immune systems to function properly, if at all. So little trust in our own bodies in so many areas. Even something as simple as eyeglasses. So many people wearing them these days, as if we were DESIGNED with dysfunctional equipment.

        Actually my vampire diamond crack was a shot against the Twilight series. lol I didn’t know anyone else had ever applied that to vampires. πŸ™‚

        You’re welcome for the topic. Although it’s your fault for casually dropping things in conversation like they’re no big deal. lol

        Have a day!

  2. Who me? *looks around* I don’t do that do I? I should of called you Dr Who, What, Where and Why? lol I love that you ask questions. I’ve never seen Twilight Mate, it’s an a front to my very nature lol With the exception of the first Blade but that’s more because I loved the Comic Book, there are some thing I will never watch like the remakes of anything quality I had as a kid ie Bewitched, Evil Dead, Smurfs, Terminator, A Team, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Wizard of Oz (okay before my time but classic of my Youth non the less) Dukes of Hazard etc…not the best made stuff but it was the best kids TV stuff and now it’s been turned into a money making franchise that has robbed the originals of their glory. Then some are just so hideous to exist like Twilight, Glee (which is a nerd rip off of Fame), what’s next? Redo Ghost Busters? Redo Beetlejuice? Deer Hunter? Taxi Driver? Hollywood has lost it’s creativity to money and this is why so many people steal movies. Movies are so bad now no one wants to pay for them. Look what they have done to poor Star Trek, that last film was so bad and the antithesis of what Star Trek was about. Captain Kirk was not a Nazi Costume wearing War Mongering Hot head and Spock did NOT cry and have a love interest that made him all emotional and stuff.. I am well aware that I have gone off on a tangent Thank you lol The Mountain People, I can’t really go into here but I have told you about them before. I told you where they live. What they look like etc…’s really very fascinating but basically they decided to not live amongst us centuries ago because of our violence and greed. The fact they can live INSIDE a mountain for centuries and not come out apart from to trade with villagers shows how little we know about out planet. Like that hole on Google maps of Antarctica. It shows a mountain side, with tyre tracks leading into it but no entrance way or door. But you can clearly see there is a door like feature. Like it’s a garage door hidden by snow and ice. We have secret bases all over the planet. In the Desert which you and I have discussed before about the buses etc….(remember I told you?) under a famous lake here in the UK etc…so it is totally plausible that we have a hidden civilization in a mountain. To be honest, until we have the cleansing and sort of shit out, I would advise all of them to stay there too. We don’t deserve to be graced by any of them.

    • Well I’ve only seen the first Twilight move, and never read the books. And I would have sworn that movie was the spoof version of Twilight……if I hadn’t already SEEN the spoof version of Twilight. lol

      Never seen Evil Dead, but I have seen Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell is hilarious! And they may not be remaking Ghostbusters, but Aykroyd and Ramis have been trying to make another sequel for years. I think it’s Bill Murray who keeps tearing up their scripts.

      But you think those remakes are bad, how about when they cameras aren’t even cold from the last movie before they remake it? Like Spiderman. Yes Hollywood has gone full retard mode and rarely does anything bold or original anymore. It’s all remakes, sequels, adaptations (books, games, etc…), and copycat anything remotely successful.

      I personally enjoy the Star Trek movies, but I’m not very familiar with the show, just the original movies. I’ve heard from people that Spock in fact did get emotional on the show…but I cannot confirm. The whole point was that threw a “timeline changed” gimmick at it to give them license to do whatever they want, and not be tied to established history. And I will admit the end of the last Star Trek movie was kind of turning into a cheesy fanfic of “hey this would be funny.”

      Lately I’m liking the Marvel comic movies, and the Hobbit was AWESOME! I’m actually tiring of the X-men movies, because it’s just a big Wolverine/Hugh Jackman love fest. Only ONE of the FIVE X-Men movies did NOT center around Jackman’s character. And it sounds like the next movie will center around him as well.

      But I digress as well, lol. I’m not sure I recall you mentioning these other peoples and places before. But with my Swiss cheese brain, it’s not surprising. I’ll have to dig into my mental archives and see if I can recall anything. But the filing system up there is horrendous!

      Have a day!

      • Spock showed emotion twice, when he thought Kirk was dead and when his Father was killed in the Wrath of Khan I think it was. But he didn’t…..get emotional like does in this one with this bloody girlfriend. Spock was Spock, stoic, brave, intelligent and emotionless. He didn’t sneak kisses with girls in the middle of fights. I’m sorry, but I didn’t like the last one, it wasn’t Star Trek it was more Riddick or something. Pure rubbish. It is an insult to Gene Roddenberry. Ya know, I’ve got all the Lord of the Rings etc…and I’ve tried to watch The Hobbit about 4 times and passed out, I really need to watch it. Those movies did a lot for my country. And yes of course Bruce Campbell is hilarious even in the serious Evil Deads lol He is and always will be Ash. Army of Darkness is one of my all time favourite movies lol ‘This is my Boom stick’ haha God if I was trying to pass myself off as a cool chick and not a nerd girl I think I failed today lol


    • Wrath of Khan was a movie, it was in the shows I heard he was more emotional. But your point is made. Although even though it’s been a while since I’ve seen that movie, I’m pretty sure Spock’s father did not die in it……since his father has made more than one appearance in The Next Generation. Maybe we need to have a Star Trek movie marathon? lol

      Bah! You beat me to the Boomstick line. lol “Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.” And I know the Evil Deads were supposed to be serious, but I think people thought them such a joke, that’s why they went humor for Army of Darkness. lol

      I believe the next Hobbitses comes out in 3 months. I hope the first one comes out on a movie channel or Netflix before then. I should get Netflix, and if they got steaming of new releases faster, I probably would.

      For now let’s leave it at:

      Klatu! Verada! Ne*COUGH*COUGH*!!!!!!!

      There! I said it!

  3. What about this “Shapeshifting” talk, also known as transformation or transmogrification, change in the form or shape of a person, especially a change from human form to animal form or a change in appearance form one person to another? I’ve seen , and heard suppose “evidence” .

    • That’s all the power of the mind. They change shape because you allow it to. The reality is when it comes to Spirits your the one who controls what it is, how it presents itself and how it appears to you as its your energy that creates it’s existence.

  4. I am sorry I keep asking so many questions, but are the deep underground American military bases real? And do you think the cleansing will happen before anything drastic happens at these bases?

    • Hi Emma, they are very real. I’ve seen the pictures from many different sources including Google Earth. The cleansing will be a halt to ALL sinister behaviour and we will actually see a lot of evil people and powers trying to do an about face in a last ditch effort to save themselves. But it won’t work lol Evil is Evil. And please stop apologizing for asking me questions lol It’s what I’m here for lol