What is a Soul Mate?

I know we have all been in love. We all think we know love, but how do you know when your ‘meant to be’ or if your ‘soul mates’.

By mere definition of the words Soul Mate, it means your destiny is preset to have this person complete your soul. Without them you are without a complete soul. But Soul Mates don’t have to be for marrying or having babies with. Best friends can be soul mates. Siblings can be soul mates.

A Soul Mate relationship is a hard relationship to forge. You genuinely have to work at getting the relationship and maintaining it. Spirit have always told me ‘You have to work hardest for the things you truly deserve’. So if you have someone in your life who you’ve had to fight tooth and nail just to be with, where no matter what has happened in your relationship you can always rely on each other and no person nor situation has ever broken the bond then chances are you have a Soul Mate.

He has broken my heart more than I can count. He has made me cry more than there are clouds in the sky, he has made me feel like I don’t exist, and like he would rather be with anyone but me. But……..no one knows me better than he does.

Sometimes he can make me so angry I want to hit him with a bat and push him into the river lol I know he will say the same of me. But he has NEVER raised a hand to me once. He towers over me. He is a STRONG man. You know I am tall, but he makes me look tiny. My man is built like a brick shit house as my Mum would say lol and while he can get angry at me and want to throw him into a moving bus he has never so much as slammed a door in my face. I however have hurt my wrist just trying to push him out the door.

Without him there is no Me. He looks like a Giant Confused, Tired and mostly Hungry Bear. How could you not want to hug a confused bear? He is so gentle with the boys. He takes them off for adventures so I can rest my tummy. He never once complained about my illness. He just gets on with it and does what needs to be done. Because he knows I would rather be doing anything else other than resting. I trust him with my boys, and my life and would follow him (and have followed him) to the ends of the earth.

His happiness is paramount. He works so hard for his family and never complains about being exhausted from working long days. He makes me laugh longer and harder than anyone else I know. He is so intelligent. I am turned on by his mind. I am a self-confessed Nerd Lover. He is The Artists Anarchist and if you know anything about either of those two groups of people you will know they are not dumb. I can talk with him about well…as you know. Quantum Physics and Meta Physics and Universal Theories, Genetics, Religion, Politics and Philosophy. All in the same day lol and I never get sick of it. It is through being with me that he got an interest in the things he follows. He wanted to understand me and my world.

How many people do you know other than a Soul Mate would search the internet and books stores for research into Unified Theories just so they can understand their wives voices in her head? He never even really believed in any of this until I did my first reading for him as friends. Then once we lived together he saw the real me. The Full Crazy and he embraced my crazy better and faster than anyone else. He saw how happy it made me and how it helped me, he saw how it helped me help others and how it helped me help him. He stopped questioning my sanity quickly and started asking questions instead.

He can be hard work. Because he is an artist he is more dramatic than a gaggle of Drag Queens at a Beauty pageant and just as much hard work. No one is a harsher critic on his work that he is. And he is so amazingly talented. I love his Abstract art and his Impressionist work. He is messy, and always hungry, and can be indecisive. He is a HUGE procrastinator too which drives me insane sometimes because it usually makes more work for me.

But if I get taken over by Spirit, or the Counsel come calling, or I go into a Time Slip in public, he instantly knows what to do. He knows the signs, he knows what to look for. Just like he knows when I hide being in pain or when my sugar levels are low (I sometimes forget to eat). He never had to be taught what to do. He just knew instinctively what to do. Everything he does, if for the best interests of me and our boys. He tells me every day he loves me when we talk on the phone. He trusts me with his life. Literally. He won’t make any decision regarding his life without asking me first because Spirit have always predicted the big stuff and he knows they have never steered him wrong yet. He has risked homelessness and bankruptcy based on what I have predicted for him. How many people do you know would do that? This is a Soul Mate. A Soul Mate lives your life with you. They feel your pain, share you pain and help to heal the pain. Yes he is my Protector too, and yes we have a Telepathic link but Soul Mates will have a Telepathic link. It goes beyond knowing their favourite colour or what their fears are.

A Soul mate is someone who will be there first when something happens, will often know something has happened before anyone else. They have a connection to you from the second you meet. Your born to be soul mates. Your predestined to be as close as you are, just as your predestined to have the spouse/s and children your going to have.

A Soul mate is someone who is the other half of you. You can have a partner who isn’t your Soul mate. A Soul Mate isn’t about sexual attraction or sex. It’s about something far more important. It’s about your Soul. The fundamental foundations of your very Soul or Spirit. They are connected to you Spiritually. Even being kept apart through life’s circumstances doesn’t mean anything to Soul Mates.

You make it happen. You write, Skype, text, Email like it’s no big thing, because you know the other is always going to be there. I know of a couple who claim to be in love, and have been together 2 and a half years, have never met, talked on the phone or written to each other. They don’t even know the others addresses or phone numbers. But one of them is always trying to convince themselves this is a serious relationship when the truth is, if they walked past each other in the street they wouldn’t recognize each other.

People use the term Soul Mate to describe the person they think they love, and are in a relationship with but it is ignorant and makes light of the seriousness of what a Soul Mate is. Relationships come and go, relationships will be mostly forgotten once someone new come along but a Soul mate will have such a great impact on the person they belong to, they are never forgotten. Are usually but not always with you for life and might even be one of a couple of Soul mates you have in your life. A Soul Mate is the best and worst of who you are as a person and while a lot of us are lucky to have relationships with our Soul Mates, I know of a few people who are Best friends who are Soul Mates, and even fought in wars together. If you have a Soul Mate you will know exactly who they are while you read this.


You are the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning and the thing I think about most in the day. When I hear the car pull up I get excited. When you randomly kiss or hug me it makes me go all gooey for the rest of the day. Is it even possible to want you more? But I do.

I’m just so blessed that my Soul Mate is my Protector, but some of you will be thinking about a friend or sibling when you read this. Some will be thinking of your own Soul Mate silly antics and having a chuckle. Thinking about the hard times you have shared, the laughter and the tears, the fights and the reconciliations. And if you are, Thank Spirit. Because they were given just for you, you were given just for them. No one will replace them, no one will be better. A Soul mate is yours to love for life, even if your apart. Death or life will always bring you back together. Because as Soul mates your more complete together. If you have lost a Soul Mate, guaranteed they are with you and while they might not love you like a wife, friend, sibling, husband, parent etc…they love you more.

Go share the love. Tell your Soul Mate how much they mean to you. It is next to being a parent, the greatest love you will ever know and not every one will ever know the love of a Soul Mate. So go share the love. Love is the most powerful thing in our Universe and an I Love You goes a long way. No one knows this more than a Soul Mate.

Bub, your my Soul Mate, and My Protector and once my husband. This is why your always so hungry lol Your all these things rolled into one beautiful package. I’m sorry if loving me has been such hard work. I just hope it was worth it lol I know you have high expectations of me and I don’t ever want to let you down.

Love your ex


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  1. Dearest Spirit Child,
    I just had to share.. After reading your “about” page, we both have the same spinal dysfunction.
    I chose to have surgery. A fusion from L4-S1 with pins & screws. Although the surgery was a success. I still continued to have intractable pain and have an implanted pain pump. The many years of narcotics have created such damage to my teeth and gums. I truly understand how You Feel and what you go through.
    I really loved this topic. I’m married to my SoulMate. We have been together for 23 years. I had (1) son from a previous marriage, and we birthed (2) sons. Indeed we have gone through the good, bad and ugly at times. I just had to mention that when we are intimate the energy we create is euphoric. Do you experience that with your hubby? We see orbs all around us. I can see in my minds eye an arena of Spirit watching us, and we love it. We encourage Spirit to be all around us. My husband mentioned that he saw through his peripheral vision my robe moving while it was hanging against the closet door. We are experiencing some life changes that are creating much stress, and in turn we are nit-picking. I have been in a constant state of asking Spirit to help me through this process. I have noticed that I’m “calmer”. I know Spirit will help guide me where I need to be. Sorry for the lengthy post.
    Your Friend,

    • Oh Anastasia, don’t ever apologise for opening up to me. Goodness, that is what I am here for. Firstly, I was encouraged to look into the op before I had it and I asked a lot of people like yourself who decided to have the operation and every single one of them said they wished they had never had it. So I have faith that in my life time something will come about that will ease my condition. I hear they are doing wonderful things with Stem cells on arthritic hips so it’s only a matter of time. And makes sense that a part of my body might be what fixes me. I have really bad days and fantastic days but right now it’s not good and when my back hurt my stomach hurts and my stomach is now as bad if not worse than my back lol but thank you. It’s nice to know others know my pain.

      Secondly, yes…..yes I know what you mean about the intimacy side of things. My husband is….out of this world because of the connection we have. He just needs to breath on my neck and I’m his lol While he might not be porn star perfect in the bedroom, he does stuff to me that only he can get me to react to. Anybody else would be an epic fail, ya know? And stamina…..woof lol I think he forgets his is 38 not 18 lol When you are lucky enough to be intimate with your Soul mate as your partner it is nothing short of out of this world. Your right, you go to places a normal sexual encounter doesn’t take you. No man in this world could do to me what he does and it is all down to the fact he IS my Soul Mate. Lastly I want to say how sorry I am that you and your husband are going through a hard time of it. But your strong, you don’t stay married for 23 years because you leave at the first sign of trouble. I do understand what you mean. The nit picking is just down to frustration and if you ever want to talk about it you can email me privately at debbiedakiwi@gmail.com I might be able to get Spirit to help you or offer you some words of encouragement. Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to me though. We clearly have many things in common and often getting the advice of one who walks your shoes from an outside vantage point can give you a fresh look or approach to problems. I encourage all my readers to email me with any problems they may be having. I only charge for readings, I don’t charge for advice or friendship. You two love each other and when this period of stress ends, you will be stronger for it. Just remember, you always hurt the ones you love the most so your taking it out on each other because you know you can. No other person would understand and take offence to it. But your Soul mate will always understand and brush it off once it’s done. Love each other and remind yourself every day ‘It’s almost over’ and every day that goes past know your one step closer to the day it’s over. I understand though, me and Mr have had some trying times but it never once made me question my love or loyalty to him. You are like this with each other during these trying times because you know you can. That is one of the many great things about having a Soul Mate as a partner. Please feel free to email me should you want to talk or get advice. If Spirit can help in any way I will certainly try and help. Thank you again, it’s so nice of you to open up to me like this. I really appreciate it. It’s a privilege for me and an honour.

      Love and light and talk soon Debbie


  2. “you buy me chocolate when I have cravings and then eat most of them yourself”
    LOL… when I read this, all I could see in my mind was the scene in Forest Gump when he hands Jenny the chocolates after he gets to her apartment and says “I got you chocolates, but I ate some” ^_^

    My Love does something similar, except it’s Doritos instead of Chocolate šŸ˜€

    • True love is marrying your best friend. True love is knowing without the other person your not complete. How ever your husband or wife isn’t necessarily a soul mate. I was just lucky enough to have married mine. But my sister is also my soul mate. We have an unbreakable bond that is even telepathic and she is all the way back home in New Zealand but I ALWAYS know when she needs me, and her me. People think because they are married they must have met their soul mate, but haven’t and people think their marriage is doomed because they haven’t married their soul mate but it’s not the case. A soul mate is for life. No matter what point you meet them in your life, once you have one, they are with you for life.

  3. ‘m amazed reading this. I have disc protrusion and degeneration of L3 – S1 and C3 – C7, with a pinched nerve in my neck,I was seriously thinking about the spinal operation since I am sick of the pain and medication. The make it sound like a salvation but I have trouble believing most doctors any longer. So the solution is ….wait?! I’ve hear about the stem cell research but that’s years away and Australia is at least a decade behind the UK – if I’m being generous. They thought I had Lyme disease but I;m not sure, I have a feeling it may be Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue… truthfully, I’m tired from trying to work it out. I’ve stopped the Lyme meds, and we’ll see what happens
    It so funny, I swore I’d never remarry after my last hubby – too much angst, pain and all the rest. I felt I didn;t know myself so I went on a long holiday – to the Middle East. Good thing I went when I did. The strange thing happened when I came home.. I had all my computer settings on “Australian contacts” – all overseas. Didn’t have to see anyone that way, šŸ™‚ Out of the blue I got chat request from this bloke. Ok I thought – he’s in some out of the way place. He looked OK on his profile. Long story short, he asked me to meet him. Ha I thought – here;s my out and when I said we couldn’t because I lived in Australia, he came back with “So do I:. The I said well I’m in Queensland – so was he/ The I said Brisbane and he was on the Gold Coast, only an hour away.
    So I was meeting him for coffee. I talked myself out of this a hundred times. This was not what I wanted.He finally arrived, rushing up ot the coffee shop, I looked at him and blurted out :You have hazel eyes!” The coffee date lasted hours, made him late for a meeting and we;ve been together ever since. I had a dream as a small child – I was going to meet a tall, dark haired man with hazel eyes and he would be my husband, my soul mate.
    He drives me crazy at times and I know I drive him to distraction, but it means nothing Without him I feel lost and he says the same thing. We just have to get over a few huge mountains and then we’ll be ok. If I stay sane, if I can get some of this medication garbage in the garbage, if the past stops haunting us, if someone stops leaves us alone.. We should be just fine. I believe Spirit put us together, I feel them around us and as you said, sex is out of this world. We are transported somewhere magical every time. Why does the wretched pain have to cause so many problems?
    One other thing – TIME – it simply is, like we are, energy in flow allowing certain things to occur. I’m having trouble here at resent so I;ll think about it further.
    I don’t usually go on like this. I don;t normally open up about this – any of it at all. SO thanks everyone. From my heart to yours, peace and love
    Susan x

    • I’m going to try CDS, and MSM in spray or powder form. As well as coconut oil. If what I read about them is correct I should be faster and stronger than The Six Million Dollar Man lol It’s not going to hurt to try it. It’s all natural stuff. I’m sick and tired of taking pills. Apple Cider Vinegar gets rid of Lymes Disease too. Just been helping a client out with it. She said he feels fantastic.
      The truth is medicine doesn’t know everything and these Drs and Surgeons spend so much time on the medication they don’t look at the patient as human. There is that joke ‘What’s the different between God and a Dr? God doesn’t think he’s a Dr lol It’s so true. I’ve had two Drs go out of their way to help me, the rest just give me meds which they don’t ever listen to me when I say ‘I have small children and can’t take those meds in the day’ they can’t understand why my kids aren’t dumped on relatives or in schools etc….so I decided to do it myself. Find alternatives to all the Morphine and Amitryptaline and Dihydracodene and such. My CDS arrives this week and I’m so excited. I will keep you posted on how I get on though.

      • Yes please. I use coconut oil in everything I can already and use it for oil pulling. Massage with it too, it’s so good. I have to steel myself to use the Apple Cider Vinegar – I really dislike vinegar, but I’ll have to try. I’ve been taking powdered magnesium for 2 years… I wasn’t getting enough with the MSM – and still have joint problems.
        I feel I have Fibro rather than Lymes, or both darn it! I’ve been reading up about the CDS. Don’t want to start everything at once so I can see how I respond to each one, so if you let me know how you find it, at least I have an idea what to expect.
        It makes you wonder why we pay doctors when we have to do all the work ourselves. Having said that, from what I remember the doctors in the UK were better than here. But – I’ve been here since 1972 so things are probably different.
        One doctor here wants me to take Diatomatious earth – in drinks…I haven’t yet though. So many things. I need to be Rockefeller to buy all the stuff this guy wants me to take.
        Good luck with the CDS
        Susan x

      • Hi Susan,
        OMG right? It is incredible how much you have to pay for some of this stuff. Plus I don’t like popping pills, I prefer powders and tinctures which always cost more. Spirit told me years ago ‘There isn’t any illness people have that can’t be cured by things on this planet’. To me it proves there is a master Creator because everything it put on this planet was put here to help us, not just us but everything on earth was put here to be symbiotic with every thing else.
        Let me know if you find anything that helps Button, coz then I can try it myself lol we can be test dummy buddies lol

  4. Hi…I just happened to read the above article. I met my soulmate last year 2013, Unfortunately, my soul mate is not my life partner. It is my kindergarten friend, whom I met after some 35 years. We met, got talking and we fell in love. I know it is wrong, for two married people to start a relationship at the age of 42. While I was reading your article, I could relate it to things about us. It is like someone walking straight in, and turning my life upside down. While we are very much into our married relationship, we are trying to create a space, in the midst of all the furore. People might term our relationship as “extra marital”, because they dont see anything beyond physical attraction in a relationship. My Life has changed leaps and bounds. I feel life is more meaningful. and there is something to look forward. I dont know if I was desperate to get into a relationship outside my marriage that I started thinking this “soul mate” stuff. But after reading your article, I see things clear now.
    As you rightly said, its not about sexual attraction and stuff. We don’t even live in the same city. We live several miles away, but this girl has a lasting impact on me.

    Thanks once again

    • Hi Terry,
      Thank you for sharing that very personal look into your private life. Your right, you can love two people differently. You don’t have to be married to your soul mate. Most people aren’t married to their soul mate. Its about the connection, not the sex. You feel each other on a metaphysical level. You KNOW each other inside or out. You can talk to each other in different countries, telepathically and in your dreams. You know their pain before they say they have it. You know their sadness before they get it. It’s on a higher level than that of anyone else. But it doesn’t make you a bad person. As long as your faithful to your spouse and it doesn’t go beyond the physical then your not hurting anyone. But it’s not for me to judge. Your no different to the billions of others who isn’t married to their soul mate.My sister is one of mine. You can have different levels of bond to other soul mates. It isn’t about sex. It’s about Spiritual connection. I have my suspicions Soul Mates are a past life thing. You were connected in a past life and that connection is never broken. One of my best friends in the whole world who I adore more than anything in the world is a male. My husband knows of them, our relationship is an open one. I tell this person things I haven’t even told my husband. or my Soul Mate Sister. He knows me inside and out, and it isn’t my husband but we have a minus zero sexual connection. He is not attracted to me and I am not attracted to him, and I’m a Scorpio,I’m attracted to anything lol
      But he is my best friend and nothing will happen. My husband knows I love him more than life itself there is no one like him on earth. My bestie would be the first to tell you I’m dedicated to my husband. You can have a deep relationship with someone without their being sexual attraction. My bestie appeals to me as much as a wet sock but lucky for me I am married to my Soul Mate. However, I think you know your story isn’t going to end well for at least one of those women. And if your ‘friend’ is still in your life afterwards then you know for sure she is your soul mate. Because a soul mate is always in your life even if she isn’t who you chose. Just know that what is meant for your life will happen. You can’t fight fate. Our journeys all end at the same destination, but we chose the routes and motorways, high ways and by roads we go down to get there. So be the best You you can be. Be happy and be true to yourself. There are too many innocent people who could get devastated by this situation so don’t let your actions cause the negativity to someone else who wasn’t involved in any way. But often situations like yours come about because its Spirits way of saying ‘Terry, your not happy. Something needs to change’. Its your life my Sweet. Your the one who has to live it so do what makes YOU happy. I can feel you. You have a good heart. I know you love your wife. So she isn’t your Soul Mate. It doesnt mean she should be chucked in a bin lol Your the rule not the acception. I don’t envy your situation you poor thing. You know you will at some point have to decide. So just do your best. I wish you the best Sweetheart. Good luck,love and light, Debbie and Thank you for sharing. I really do wish you all the best. I’m here if you need me Terry xox

      • Hey, thanks for taking time to read my comment. I am really happy that someone understands the whole thing. It is not that I was looking for someone who would sympathize with me and say all goody stuff, i was looking for someone to share this. Because, in our culture, even friends ask “so, how many times have u slept with her?”…I just hate hearing this and hence I kept this with me, until I read your article and decided to write to you. I could very well relate to each and every point you wrote about soul mates. It was as if someone from a distant time and place, was picked and dropped right in front of me and we did not even say “I love you” to each other. We just felt the connection and went about it as if we knew it was bound to happen. I do understand the repercussions of having a life partner, and being in love with a soul mate. I just couldn’t help it. I have lived all my life for my family. Initially, it was my mother and sister and later came my life partner and my daughter. There was never a moment I took my eyes off them, it was for them all along. somewhere down the line, I could sense I was being taken for granted by everyone. My decisions and actions being thwarted at will, too many people poking nose into stuff that I should be handling myself. ( I must agree that it was my mistake I let it happen).One day I decided enough is enough and decided to place people in perspective, stood my ground about my decisions and actions. Suddenly i became an anti-family person. The past 3 years of my life has been really tough, I started losing hope, my career went astray, my confidence took a nosedive, friends started avoiding me ( because I refused to be the giver), and I expected my life partner to support me during this rough patch and that’s when i realized all are in for some benefit or the other. I realized “its all about money, honey”. You drive a Porsche Boxter and you find the whole world saying “wow, you are the man” and the moment you move into something smaller, less glamorous, people say “I told you”. So it was me at a crossroad, finally deciding to show my middle finger to all the wrong relationships and a guy who sits in America (my kindergarten classmate), decides to cobble up a group of kindergarten mates from all across the globe on Facebook. and there I met her, we hardly talked, but i could remember a few instances in our school life in which she played a major part, and we got messaging. In the first few messages to her, I could sense that something is pulling me towards her. I was skeptical, and when I stopped messaging, she stepped up. and it happened such that I got a job offer out of the blue, from some interview I had attended in 2013 April. Just before the day I was about to leave India, I called her and we talked for the first time and she cried. I moved to Saudi Arabia and that was the longest 5 hours of my life, I just didn’t want to go, but then my situation was such that I had to make a mark, needed to give a reply to people who considered me a “lost soul”..I landed and the first thing was to switch on my mobile to message her and I see the first message from her “terry, this is the longest 5 hours of my life” and I knew who she was. From that moment, until today, as I write this and Iam sure tomorrow as well, this girl has been changing my life in god knows how many ways she can. At 42, I never thought I will cry for anyone, but I do it quite often. She gets busy at work and sometimes her household chores doesn’t allow her to call me or message me as often as I would have wished. I quite smoking, stopped boozing, I shed 23 kg, I learned to cook, I started to read, I started listening to songs, my life looks meaningful now. Every morning I wake up hearing two best people in my life wishing me a great day – one my daughter from India and the other is her.

        hey, i am sorry..this became quite long winded. Not stretching your patience anymore. yes, I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL MATE. Unfortunately, I can’t shout from the roof that I have found her. it is a great feeling, to have someone who has got under my skin, prodding me, kicking me every moment, make my cry when I miss her, its as if my life has begun at 42.

        I will keep pestering you with my rants.

        thanks for reading…have a great day


      • Hi Terry,
        I’m sorry for my late reply. My sister and brother in law just left to go home so now I’m left with a broken heart but eager to get our lives back into a routine again.
        Baby, you will NEVER be judged here. You can talk to me about anything and I will never judge you. It sounds like you’ve been judged enough by those around you. My husband would know exactly what you were going through. He lost everything (except me and his boys) because he decided not to play The Fool anymore. The second he decided he wouldn’t allow himself to be used any more EVERYONE (including his parents) turned their backs on him. All because he chose to love me. The same happens to me when I have people who try to befriend me for free readings. As soon as I tell them No, they leave.
        Unfortunately, life can be a bit shit bit it is always ALWAYS for good reason. I have a saying which is a bit crude but you’ll know what I mean the second I say it. It is ‘Out of shit grows Roses’. Which means all the good stuff comes out of the bad stuff basically. And it sounds like your being shown the good stuff coming from the shit. You have to remember this one thing. This is YOUR life. Only YOU can live it. If your not happen then there is a reason for that. If you have found something that makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what any one thinks. They don’t have to live your life, you do and as long as your being honest it doesn’t matter what any one says or does, it’s you that has to live your life. The consequences of your decisions are down to you and no one else. It KNOW you love your daughter. I can feel she is your joy. You need to be happy for her. It is better she see’s you away from her Mum and being a happier Father for her than be with her Mum and be broken and half the man you should be. I’m certainly NOT telling you to leave your partner but does she respect you enough to help and guide you to this better life or does she want things to stay as they were when you had the money and status? If the latter is the case then she is with you for the wrong reasons and maybe you need to loo at WHY Spirit brought your ‘Soul Mate’ into your life.
        Spirit do NOT expect people to stay in marriages and relationships where everyone involved is miserable. You have a decision to make my Poor Darling Boy but only you can make it. Do you live for you being a happier version of you or do you live for everyone else being an unhappier version of you? There is only one right answer Sweetheart and as long as you leave your current before establishing a true physical relationship with the other your not doing anything wrong.I am so so sorry you are going through such a horrible time but I will let you in on a little secret okay? Your roses are going to blossom into a beautiful garden where you will NEVER be unhappy again. You have started a chain of events now that lead you to your gardens path where you won’t do wrong for doing right and your daughter will reap the rewards for having such a happy, progressive Dad who will take her to concerts, and teach her to cook and when she is a bit older she will come to live with you because she will need Peace in her life and your going to be that for her. Your relationship with her will be threatened at first bit don’t back down or give up. The law will be on your side and things WILL settle down very quickly. You won’t compromise your love for her and she will reap all the benefits of the new you. Please Please Terry keep in touch with me. I would dearly love to know how this ends for you. Once you set up your business you’ll have even more to focus on. You have some fantastic ideas and your very creative and you will have so much positive stuff to focus on. You be strong and if you ever need me, I know I’m a stranger to you but I genuinely care about how this ends for you and I want to see you happy. I know that sounds weird but when I know someone else has taken the step off the road to Conformity and Normality it makes me proud and hopeful that some day we will all be free to march to the beat of our own drum. My email address is debbiedakiwi@gmail.com if you ever need me,or just want to talk. Love and Light my friend and you hold your head up high. Everything happens for a reason Sweetheart always remember that. You can’t fight fate. What is meant to happen will happen and there is nothing you can do to change it. So keep your head down, ride it all out and watch how you come out the other side. In your case, it ends well because your going to deal with it the right way. You need to start living for you now Terry. Other wise when your time is up you’ll be sent back down. It doesn’t make a person selfish. We all spend so much time trying to do the right thing by everyone else we forget about what it right for us. Yet it’s our life we are meant to be living. How odd is that? You need to come clean and be honest to yourself Sweetness, it’s time you saw the man in the mirror and did right by him. And if you need someone to hold your hand,I’m here for you.
        Love and Light

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