My Life with my White Lighter Wife: An Open Letter to My Wife

New article, I had a dream the other day and during the dream this article was suggested to me for your blog. I only just remembered because I dreamed it on Friday night but  it’s just been  chaos! It’s all based on answers you have given me across the years and I was also given some answers in the dream too but they were just fleshing out detail on what you had told me. The geeks will enjoy the title, just check it and make sure it’s Ok.”42″With access to “spirit” you also have access to all the information in time and the universe. The only problem is interpreting this information from a human perspective as much of it involves ideas and concepts far beyond our limited understanding. We don’t even have the language to properly explain much of it but what really annoys me is that you can give someone the opportunity to ask any question in the universe and they always ask “will I be rich? or who will I marry?”.

So over the years I have tried to ask some really big questions some of which I have gotten really big answers for that I found incredibly interesting. The first is the biggest but please remember I am trying to explain this from an entirely human perspective so this will always taint the result as we can only conceptualize from a human  experience perspective. I will probably piss off some religious folk but they are already closed-minded and angry anyway so who cares, this is intended for those who want to ask big questions and contemplate really big answers. If you live in your own little bubble of self realization and righteous indignation this article is not for you. The answers are my interpretation as best I could.

1.”why does the universe exist and what is the point in it”
In the beginning there was what could be described as an infinite  super consciousness, not a physical being in our sense but a consciousness so vast to try to explain what “it” was is far beyond our comprehension.

I never discovered its motivations but at some point it decided it might be interesting to “think” a universe into existence and with that thought the universe was born. It then decided to populate this universe with independent consciousness with free will and let them do there thing. These consciousness were all still of the whole but separate enough to perform under their own steam. Why it done this was never explained to me but I assumed it enriched itself by each little experience or it could even just be a hobby 🙂
2. “what is the meaning of life?”
Each individual consciousness volunteers for its own enrichment through experience. It will choose a life with key experiences although there is still a certain amount of freewill. So you are free to make choices and have your life branch in different directions but the core lessons remain the same. Kind of like a video game where you have key quests you need to do to progress but you are also free to do other side quests or just explore the world. The point in life is to gain as much as you can from each experience to enrich yourself as a human being. The amazing thing about this is though that the most noble revered spirits choose lives of incredible challenge and hardship as these lives offer the most intense and rewarding experience and the “best” lessons. A good example of this might be a war zone. You can read every book about war, watch every movie, visit every museum but 5 minutes in a WWI trench under fire would teach you more about war and yourself than a lifetime of traditional “education”. Although events can seem terrible here on earth what you must always remember is these souls always return to place of warmth and love where they then reflect on the events. This is also intertwined with another question I had which was “If god is a being of infinite love why do terrible things happen”. But also each life we live leaves a legacy, and this legacy makes history. History is created through us living our lives as we have chosen to live it. Passing on our legacy to create history is one of the key meanings of life.3.” Why are some human beings such monsters? why is there such an enormous disparity in humans that one can kill and torture with impunity yet another would sacrifice everything in an act of selflessness?”
All of them are part of the whole “game”. You are free to make choices, a life of screwing people over could be the choice you make but these people don’t realize that they are still a apart of the whole and by their actions the others they affect are learning much more than they are. A life spend pursuing greed and power is an empty existence where you contribute nothing to your own development. Ultimately the only person they really damage is there own soul which shrinks into darkness. When they die they are sent back to class all over again  very bottom of the “spiritual” ladder.  You do need bad elements in order for the process to work. Overall the majority of people are good souls trying to do the right thing and as a general rule the human race is constantly growing spiritually. One of the best features of the human race is our compassion and selflessness in the face of overwhelming odds. The really bad people are needed in a sense but we are fast-moving toward a future where that kind of thinking is “obsolete”. Although it is never conveyed in the media the human race is growing spiritually at an exponential rate. People are starting to realize power structures be they government or religion are pointless and outdated. People are starting to question the nature of reality and think beyond what they are “told”. Another great feature of the human race is that there “spirit” can only be contained for so long as we are on the brink of it blossoming into something new.

Something to think about, if you had a large sum of cash you could buy a big flashy car and feed your ego by driving around in it but after a while it would become old, it would lose its shine and new car smell eventually ending up as spare parts or recycled into toasters. However if you took that large sum of cash  and spent it on people in need, took someone you knew on holiday, brought beautiful experiences to those who were struggling. That would enrich your soul and last with you forever.

A big mansion is often as empty as the soul who occupies it.Unfortunately our society seems obsessed with feeding the material ego at the moment but that’s for another article. Eventually people who live like that will seem crude and limited and as a species we will frown on those displays of weakness and pity those who engage in them.

4.”Is there life out there in the universe?” Yes, lots of it but what you must remember is that by definition just because a being walks and talks does not necessarily mean it is a form of life. There are also many types of consciousness, as humans we expect to meet other beings except maybe they have tentacles or one big eye but the super consciousness is in everything so for example a star, our sun, a planet even a rock are all a form of consciousness derived from the original and in a way still connected. Just because we cannot “talk” to our sun doesn’t mean is isn’t a consciousness being in of itself. It’s just a form of being we lack the means to communicate with. The whole universe is made of consciousness and connected to its original creator.5″Do any religions have it right?” Each of them have little bits of truth but end up mostly corrupted by those looking to gain wealth or power. Its part of the “learning” experience that you experience your life and work out what you know is right. Each person has an “in-built” guide, a kind of universal common law. Deep in their heart they know right from wrong it’s just some of them manage to lie themselves into a state whereby they can justify anything. Ultimately though the only person they really con are themselves and waste a lifetime of opportunity pursuing things which move them backwards spiritually.6.” do we reincarnate? can we come back as other life forms ie an animal?” Yes but only as many times as is needed for you to evolve spiritually and for the human race to grow. Each life is carefully chosen to suit the growth your soul may want to experience. When a soul has attained a certain level they may choose to return as an animal, some choose not to come back.  Eventually the human race will evolve to a point spiritually where the spiritual and physical realities are blended together, where you can “talk” to your dead family members as easily as you talk to your living family. Death will be irrelevant as will disease and suffering however some souls will still dip in and out of this reality in order to help those stuck in this existence who may need help.
Some souls have been here many times just like the phrase”that baby is an old soul” for others its their first time. You may know some of these people because they approach the world with a wide-eyed wonder.7.”How does time work in the spiritual realm?” Many make the mistake thinking that spiritual time runs parallel to physical time however “time” is only something we perceive in this reality. You may have heard the term ” how can there be an afterlife is there are more people alive today than were ever alive in history!”. This is limited thinking, in the spiritual realm all time exists simultaneously. As a spirit you can visit any time and any space with a thought. The concept that the universe was made and follows a “timeline” is only because we as humans have put a layer of our own perception upon it. To put it simply doesn’t a dog or a fly perceive time differently? The universe isn’t seconds or hours its all simultaneous for spirit. So when you leave the spiritual realm and come here for a long life when you return you haven’t been gone for any “length” of time. Its the same with how many believe the universe was created and followed a “time”. The being who thought it into existence exists out with time, its just our perception as a side effect of this reality. We also lack the mental faculties to conceptualize all time happening simultaneously so we say things like the universe was created in 7 days or in billions of years. We then argue this out in debates like creationism where both sides in their limited understanding argue about time because it is an entirely human perception of reality they projected onto a problem.

The universe was created in a thought and a thought is not constrained by time.

A few humans have thought beyond this concept though, a few thinkers usually physicists who could conceptualize time in a different way. Einstein was a good example.

These high level concepts of time are starting to be touched on by quantum physics where objects seem to exist out with our fixed linear time. Its an excellent example of something where we struggle to comprehend how it works because our perception of time is based on being human. Here is a quote from Physicist Niels Bohr
If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.

Quantum theories offer an excellent insight into how the spirit realm works. This leads me onto my next question. In fact some of the latest theories do touch on the metaphysical although science is reluctant to admit this. We will make massive advances when science embraces this. Our science however struggles because we keep trying to apply human perceptions onto results. We try to explain results with theories such as multiple dimensions so much of quantum strangeness is attributed to other dimensions or other universes with different “rules” which are all from a human perspective. What science is yet to embrace are concepts without a human perception and the spiritual realm as explained to me is a good example of this. It is not in another universe, it does not have any of the rules of this universe such as time or dimension or distance. It cannot be measured or charted like a thought the spiritual realm simply ” exists” out with this reality. Like a thought you can travel anywhere at anytime instantly. In the spiritual realm you are infinite, you are everywhere and everything simultaneously, the only “real” rule is that you still retain your distinct personality that makes you who you are.

8.” is there a multi-verse? where decisions branch into multiple realities”
There are other “universes” but the one we occupy does not branch into a multiverse across space-time. Your soul can only live one existence at a time. This is because your “soul” would be spread to thinly across multiple experiences. This experience of life is so intense and visceral you need to be all here at this moment for your “education”. If your soul experienced multiple versions of reality all at once it couldn’t cope and nothing would be gained from the learning process of decision-making. So while you are here you are here in a sense but in the grand scheme of things you are still everywhere and everything. When we pass over we are stripped of all emotion from this life so we let go of hurt, suffering, anger, fear, and our illness or cause of death so we can return to Spirit without prejudice. It has to be done for the greater good. This is why you say ‘They stop loving you as a Mother or Husband but they love your more than a Mother or Husband’

This also touches onto something else I want to say too, all life is connected we are all one so when war is declared and someone drops bombs or hurts someone they hurt us all as a species, in all of us at a deep level we all feel it. Performing negative acts impacts all of us. One day when we evolve to a level where we understand this we will stop all this unnecessary suffering because to hurt one is to hurt all not just physically but spiritually. A time is coming where these realizations will be made and we will make a massive evolutionary jump as a species.

9.”Are the relatives in this life connected on the other side?” Yes and no, on the other side everyone is part of the whole and embraced by love so there is no physical separation as you have here. Spiritually you do often come in “working groups” whereby certain spirits relate to each other  during their life experiences, so in one life your mother in the next your son. It’s all about helping each other through the experience. Some spirits will of course come back and check on their kids or visit a place they felt an attachment but on the other side everyone is so interconnected and so embraced by love there is no concept of family. Some people feel hurt and abandoned when someone dies but the soul that left knows all, it knows you’re gonna be ok, it knows how everything pans out and has other things to do. If you could explore the universe through all time and space, if you could experience every thought and connect with every life form in the universe would you really bother coming back that often? sometimes folk might just come back to let you know they are ok but it’s so awesome over there, so beyond this dense painful life your returns will be limited even for a being existing without time. For example if you lived on a tropical paradise where everyday you could do what you wanted without a care or worry how often would you want to return here? I wouldn’t, the day I die you lot can have a party cause I’ll be riding a beam of light through the cosmos returning only occasionally to play practical jokes on paranormal investigators or to haunt someone who is being a dick!10″ what is it like to die?” Its like slipping into a warm bath, you feel light and are embraced by warmth and love. You are greeted by spirits you will recognize who will invite you over and help you come to terms with anything difficult in your life.In fact one of my favorite quotes in this was from someone who had just passed “I didn’t believe in any of this shit and now look at me!”

I have really struggled with this article, much of the material works in my mind but it’s almost impossible to explain without it coming over as clumsy ramblings. I have more questions answered so I will try to follow it up.

If you have any question in the universe please ask my ex wife Spirit Child, no stupid puerile stuff but big stuff, interesting stuff. Maybe you have a question you always wanted to know.

Any question in the universe!

This is me, Spirit Child talking now. A lot of this stuff I don’t remember saying although I know these answers. My husbands giving a prime example of what I mean when I say ‘Talk to Spirit about things that matter, not just silly benign things like ‘Were you murdered’ or ‘Can you knock three times’ They are a wealth of knowledge and I have been asking them questions my entire life. So until you look at Spirit what they are and not what they appear to be due to the misrepresentations we see in the media, your never truly going to understand how great this Universe is. It is so selfish for someone to sit and meditate and call on your so-called Spirit Guides (who aren’t the masters of your Soul Spirit Guides, they are just Spirit as you’re not allowed to communicate with your Elders unless it is a matter of life and death) to bring you happiness, and bring you wealth and health and blah blah blah when they have all the answers to every question that matters. To sit and call on Spirit for your own gains be it for comfort or need is selfish. It serves nothing or no purpose but serving YOU!!! If you truly can communicate with Spirit you should only be using your gift to help others not to help yourself. Spirit just tell me stuff anyway when it’s to do with me so I never feel the need once ever to ask for anything. When you have the type of relationship I have with Spirit, you want and ask for nothing because you have faith that they will always have your back, your best interests at heart. One of the number one rules with having a gift is ‘Put others before your self’ when you buy things for you to communicate with Spirit, when you do spells and meditation for anything other than for healing, you’re using Spirit for your own gain. When you’re doing Spirits work, or being a White Lighter, you trust that everything you need to be, is taken care of. You do what Spirit need you to do, when and how and in return they take care of you. I see these people charging hundreds for a reading, wearing designer clothes, driving BMWs and wearing gold jewellery and it makes me ill. They run around with Crystals, Angels, Native artifacts and giant Buddhas, and other ethnic tokens of Spirit responsibility they cannot say they are Whitelighters, they don’t have the right. Because I have in the past been asked to give almost every possession I have away in order to go do what I was told to do by Spirit. My home, my family, my business, my friends , was all given away because I was told to do it. I can’t say the same for the people I see claiming to be WhiteLighters. I had a Facebook page that I had to delete because it made me so angry at the false representatives of Spirit. With the namaste and disingenuous Luvies and band wagon jumping that went on. When you know what Spirit really are, and you ‘get it’ suddenly you see the world through clear eyes like never before and you can instantly see the ‘truth’ in every one. No one can ever lie to me because I know it before they do. False people come across in my psychic as grey energy, they don’t have to be Spiritual people, I mean people in general and it has been a long time since I’ve seen straight colour all the way through my day because of all the grey and in the entire of my having a Facebook page, I saw only one person who had colour to their energy every one else was too busy trying to out ‘Whitelighter’ every one else. All that flakiness irked me to the point of having to leave. The condescending attitudes and blatant ignorance towards actual Spirit just got too much for me. No one talked about any gifts they had (probably because they had none and just decided to read some books and rip Spirit off) they all just sat out ‘Namasteing’ each other and trying to appear the more Spiritual than the next and yet not one could answer any of my questions or join in on the conversations I was trying to start. So please, if you want to be Spiritual, know yourself and know Spirit because they are NOTHING like what you see in the media or online. Knowledge is power remember? And Spirit are the meaning of Knowledge.

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65 thoughts on “My Life with my White Lighter Wife: An Open Letter to My Wife

  1. Good article. And I’ve had my own semi-recent suspicions about time. It really is pretty much subjective and relative to our own perception. What I think is a far more interesting question, is WHY is our perception of time the way it is. Why do we see it one way instead of another? What about our makeup commits us to seeing time the way we do; for even if we have the capacity to transcend our perception of time, there is obviously something about us that make us inherently see it the way we do now.

    So I’ll see your “42” and raise you a “from a non-subjective, non-linear standpoint. Time is a huge mishmash of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey…..stuff.” LOL

    Have a day!

    • Time exists the way it does because it was invented by man. In the stone age we had no time, only seasons. But at some point in our history we just lived. No clocks, sun dials, calendars etc…and then it was created so everything we know now exists on a scale of time because that’s all we know unless your Spiritually evolved. One day we will go back to existing only in the now. Time will have no concept because we will evolve to such a level Spiritually where we are all living in the past, present and future psychically. Like how I time slip. Of course you know why calendars were invented and why aye? We can thank Those Powers that be for that as it was all done to control the masses. Now we live in such a world where every single thing we do is based on what time and day it is. So it made us stuck in a time based existence. It’s why I don’t remember my conversations with Mr and Zooey or you when you all ask me these questions because I’m not technically answering in this time.
      Who doesn’t love that show and movie? Lol or am I just showing a peek of my inner nerd there? Lol

      • Obviously I’ve hated how were ruled by clocks and calendars. I find it hard to believe that way back before these things existed, the creators could have conceived that would be the effect of their introduction, but anythings possible. However, my comment is not just about clocks and calendars, because those things ARE based on our perceptions of the world around us. Days are marked by a single rotation of the Earth. Years by a single trip around the sun. How we slice and dice it (hours, months, seconds) maybe be more arbitrary, but the point is we have a perception of the passage of time in it’s current linear fashion. Season are a part of the perception, as we don’t see the middle of the hottest month with the sun directly overhead one moment, and then snow and ice at sunset five minutes later.

        So clocks and calendars are an arbitrary creation. But they are still based on our perception of time. Does that make sense?

      • But seasons exist not just on our planet, they happen on all planets. There has to be seasons, without the seasons our planets couldn’t sustain an order of life in any from from human to bacteria and micro-organisms. We couldn’t function without seasons like we couldn’t function without the moon and the sun. Seasons were never considered as a ‘time piece’ but as a cycle. Our planets go through these cycles the same way we do. Because we are all connected. We are tuned in to this Universe, and by allowing conventional time to distract us we get preoccupied and put our natural ability to go by the way side. Well most of us do, some of us don’t. I have proven I can exist in this time and in past or future time. It’s what I call Time Slips. So it’s YOUR personal perception of what you think time is, that needs to change but it won’t unless you see it or experience it yourself, which you will once you learn that what you know to be, isn’t. You basically need to change the way you perceive reality and death and the Universe and then you’ll understand time. You know from being my best friend I’ve experienced what is essentially time travel while in this time and I’ve functioned for all intents and purposes as normal but in my minds eye I am experiencing totally different time frames and planets. And this is because for many many years I have taught myself to live outside of this time. I taught myself simply through Spirit and my faith in them. I know they will, can and have put me through many situations new to me because they trust me to experience it and that I will then try and learn then master it. I trust them implicitly do put me through what ever they feel is the next stage of my evolution and in order to do all that, I have to think diffently about time. Time only exists to us because we were taught to measure but to Spirit it just is what it is. Like Love, we have to be taught to love, but to Spirit, they just are love.


      • I think your putting in too many of your biases when I use the word “time.” I don’t recall saying anything about there shouldn’t be seasons. But each season follows one after the other in order. They do not happen simultaneously, and we perceive that the is some passage of activity (I’m trying not to say time again), between them.

        Whether we measure the passage of time or not, we perceive a certain series of cause and effect, of events following in a certain sequence, and each event lasting for a particular duration.

        Your ability to time slip just proves my point that you’ve learned, or begun to learn, to perceive time differently. But did you always see it that way? No. You said you taught yourself. Which means before you taught yourself, your perception naturally trended in a certain direction. My original question…or maybe it was just out loud musing, what is it about us that makes us perceive time that way until we learn otherwise. And I have a hard time believing it was simply the invention of the clock. But since I’m not likely to meet anyone who existed before clocks and experience how they perceive the world, it may not be answerable.

        Which is why I said it’s probably more of a musing than a question to be answered.

        Although without a concept of time, think of other concepts that have no meaning, like “waiting.” We would “wait” for nothing with no concept of time. As said above, everything would seem simultaneous. And I have to imagine even before “time” people waited for things.

        Hopefully I’ve made things more clear. Or maybe you’ve taught yourself too well, you can’t speak to the rest of us anymore. lol Just kidding.

      • I read your comments out to Chris because I’m trying to get you to understand this whole time thing. I feel you took a ‘tone’ with me and I don’t want you to be upset of feel disreguarded. So he said this
        ‘Time is only relative to our position in the universe, if you approach the event horizon of a black hole the entire history of the Universe will apss before you in a split second. Also if you were able to approach the speed of light time for you would appear normal but outside your bubble every day life would slow to a complete stand still this is how Quantum Computers work but they haven’t figured that out yet. A Quantum computer is operating outwith our time so an do enormous impossible calculations but in our time it seems quick. But you need to stop thinking like a programmer and operate outside your own reality for a minute and see yourself as energy. We are all energy, every one of us in this Universe and not in the physical. You time travel when you sleep, (well WHEN you sleep), you time travel when you experience De Ja Vu. Don’t think of time as a thing or measurable object and think of it as being. No one shows this more than Spirit. When we die it is only the vehicle that needs replacing the engine simply runs without the body of the car. But it means because it isn’t hindered by physical form it can be anywhere and every where at once. Does this make sense to you?

      • Thank you for the information. I do understand what you’re saying. And I find the prospect of learning about it and understanding it properly fascinating and exciting. But my point wasn’t trying to understand what time IS, just to ponder why we as untrained humans, see it the wrong way. Why our perspective is to naturally see it the way we do, rather than the way it is. It was a philosophical curiosity if anything. Not me trying to argue the nature of time.

        Although I think I really need to read up on Quantum Computers, as I know little about them, and they keep getting mentioned. 🙂

      • Because most of the world isn’t like me and those with gifts like mine are usually too busy using their gifts for gain, self promotion or privilege while I was asking Spirit questions about time, space, physics etc….most of the world aren’t like me. If they were they would see time the way I do. But those like me are too busy Ghost hunting or telling people they are going to be rich. Instead of asking for all the questions in the universe they meditate and ask for their ‘spirit guides’ to give them stuff like not always material. I can will whatever I want into existence what do you think would happen if everyone had that gift? I’ve had this gift for about 12 years yet not once have I asked for fame or money. Can you imagine what so people would do if they could time slip and magic things like I can? THAT is why not everyone can do it. And rightly so.

      • Well I guess that technically answers my question as it was written. Although it wasn’t exactly the angle of approach I was looking for. But we could go back and forth all day, and maybe I just don’t have the proper words to express my thoughts properly. As I said recently. words are clumsy. 🙂

        Maybe when I understand better, I can answer my own question.

      • lol Dr Who, that is excatly what I used to say when I was a kid and I was trying to learn about my gifts. I would say ‘If I understand this more, I will be able to answer my own questions instead of having to bother people who didn’t have a clue what I was talking about’ lol and as I keep saying ‘Knowledge is power’. Mr said he has a couple of books he can recommend as well if your ever interested.


    • Hi again, J Dub… my thoughts in relation to your musing are as follows:

      I believe it also came about, as many of our inventions, as a matter of convenience, which has since enslaved us. Sunrise, sunset, these were ‘events’ by which we could measure things like meeting one another, waking up, going to sleep, etc., but eventually, we felt the need to be more specific, as our lives became more complicated. When we just existed, ate what we came across, slept where our heads happened to fall at night and what have you, we didn’t really need to measure things, but when we started delegating things to one person or another, we had to be able to communicate the passage of time. When one went out to gather food, and another prepared it, we then had to sync with one another, or one would miss the meal, or not be back in time to move on with the group.

      I believe that we, as human beings, have a deep need to create order out of chaos, and that need is where ‘time’ came from. While I think it has resulted in some great discoveries and ideas, in the end, we’re finding that all of our ‘order’ is leading us back around to the chaos in which we began… the cosmic joke.

      Since I know absolutely nothing about physics, Quantum or otherwise, or any of the other ‘deep’ subjects which you, Spiritchild, and Mr converse on so regularly, this is my ‘simple’ conclusion, LOL.

      • But again, my question was not about how or why we invented timekeeping, but rather why we perceive it the way we do. If time is meaningless, why do we see it as existing?

        Imagine a world where we’re all color blind. Obviously the world is full of color but we cannot see it. And we can name different shades of grey, measure their level of greyness, but it doesn’t change the fact we see the world a way it isn’t.

        So if all time happens simultaneously for Spirit, because that’s the way it is, then why doe we see events one at a time in a cause and effect order, and things take some duration, not happening instantaneously.

        That was all I was pondering. Why do we perceive things the way we do? Why do we see only black and white in a world full of color?

      • I answered your question before. We perceive time the way we do because its the way we were taught to perceive it. It’s like using your colour reference. Why is blue, blue? Why do you speak the language you do? It’s the way we taught. But when we are all the same psychically we will see it differently because our understanding of time will change. As an example, one day I’m moaning to you that I have weeks to go before my move and what felt like an hour later we have moved and been here four days. Because my preoccupation made time speed up in my perception of it.

      • So the only reason today and tomorrow don’t both seem to be happening right now is because I’m taught to see them as two different things?

      • Basically yes…….hence why I who sees time differently when with Spirit or in a time slip can be in multiple places at once and that’s because Spirit taught me to see time differently.

      • That would imply that in the earliest days on mankind we saw time differently–like Spirit does–before anyone learned to teach us to see it the way we do now. If that makes sense.

        Which doesn’t seem possible.

      • To you it doesn’t seem possible because your looking at time differently. I keep telling you for years and years I’ve been telling you to forget what you know. When it comes to Spirit and the universe you must for get what you know. It took me ten years to grasp the concept that I knew nothing about it but when time was concerned they threw me in the deep end. Your thinking on an intellectual human level which you can’t do when it comes to Spirit. Your not Spirit, you couldn’t possibly understand their points of you until you either are a Spirit (which I would have something to say about that if you were) or you open your gifts and also learn from a Psychic stand point.

      • I’m all unpacked now Boo, last box was done two hours ago 🙂 free at last free at last thank god almighty I’m free at last and you made me smile the whole time thanks to your little inspirational emails xoxo

      • What doesn’t seem possible, is that we could at one time see time like Spirit does, and someone was able to retrain us not to see it that way. Seems like a hard thing to unsee.

        If Spirit can’t understand our time, how were we so easily tricked into it?

        Gratz on finishing the unpack! So what are you going to do next? lol Glad I was able to help you smile. I should be, like a writer or something. lol

        Another thought occurs…after this life, could I theoretically life my next life in the past, and if so, does that mean it’s possible I lived a previous life in the future, and might “remember” it? Although technically, all our lives should be happening at once, shouldn’t they? All life experiences simultaneously feeding into our single, timeless consciousness.

      • Yes but as I keep saying ‘stop thinking like a person who has no understanding of spirit and start seeing it as a more evolved spiritual being who’s had years of lessons off me’. Forget what you know Dr, your seeing only one side, the human side. You’ll get it when your like me, or dead and your never gonna die on my watch so your gonna have to learn to be a me.

      • I’m not sure which part you’re saying yes to, but what did you think of my final comment, that all our lifetimes should be happening at once, simultaneously feeding experiences back into our single, timeless consciousness?

      • We can only live one life, but spirit can live in the future and past yes but can’t be born in the future without the physical body. If we are without body, until that day comes we are kept in the present by our physical restraints. Once we don’t need bodies we will in essence be able to choose what era to be born in. But to have that privilege would mean you’ve obtained the highest level spiritual growth. We would be essentially perfect souls.

    • Perhaps the reason we ‘see’ or ‘experience’ time is the same reason that we human beings only use about 10% of our brains… perhaps it’s some natural block which we must have to be able to function in this plane of existence or something, perhaps if we could ALL see and know that time didn’t really exist, the majority of people might go mad… or it could be that we must perceive time to be able to grow as a species?

      • Thanks Matey, we are all utterly exhausted but its all done now. Pop over for a coffee and chat sometime haha I wish lol trust me to get good friends who live on a different part of the planet lol

      • My mouth is doing fine, I just need to go get the rest of the work done *sigh*

        I’ve been busy, that is true, but part of the reason I’ve been so quiet is that my schedule has been thrown off. I’m hoping to get back in the groove soon! You can always reach me by e-mail, but since I check it sporadically, it may take a few days for me to see it, LOL.

        I miss you, my friend!

      • Lol yeah coz I’ve emailed you a couple of times. I knew you would be busy though. But I miss you too lol I’m used to seeing your beautiful smiling face when I open my emails but its okay. You need to work on getting your art set up in the store and stuff. I understand that. I can wait 🙂 ur worth it lol

      • Aww! I’ve been busy doing that, plus he’s taken some extra days off (most of those I don’t get on the computer), and he bought me a new present (a Samsung Galaxy Tablet) that I’ve been playing with, using as a reader (I haven’t been able to read in so long, I’ve been drinking in the books, lol)… honestly, the time has just flown by, and looking back, I’m not sure where a lot of it went!

        I did spend a lot of the time creating some new art, though. I just get lost in what I’m doing, and before I know it, it’s time to go to bed!

    • Well now I’m confused. I must be missing something because what you’re saying seems to contradict what you’ve been saying before. How can concepts of past, present and future have any meaning if Spirit lives without time? How can we be tied to the present by our physical form, if our concept of time was taught to use by those trying to control us?

      If our physical form ties us to the present, then we DO have an inherent perception of time that was not learned. Which is was I was saying all along.

      So what am I missing?

      • Oh my god, your gonna make me yell now Dr. Look I’ve told you from a Spirit perspective and human perspective, if u don’t get it now your never going to. You can’t see past the physical. Spirit as in the dead have no concept of time, they can be in the past and future at any one time but can’t be in the physical in the past andd future by which I mean bodily. We can only do that if your like me. As in Spirit have trusted and trained me to have time slips and psychic episodes where I can be in the past and present at once. As far as I know there are only a handful of us on the earth who have been approved by the High Counsel to have such honours and its based on your Spiritual education. So until the human race stop causing illegal wars and beating old people and enslaving children and such we are a long long way off ever getting to understand how Spirit see time. It doesn’t exist to them. You don’t understand it because you can’t. I can’t explain it as a humans or a spirits perspective any more than I have. You live in human time, in human brain, until you step outside what you know your never going to understand it. You amazing me though because you’ve totally cosied up to my friends up north yet time throws your brain waves into a spin.

    • Hi, J Dub (And also Mr & Spirit, if you have any inclination to read this) I ran across a book the other day when I was searching through Kindle that I thought you might be interested in on the subject of time… it’s free, and I’ve read perhaps the first 5 or 6 pages, but I thought you might want to check it out to see if the author had anything to say that you might have an interest in 🙂

  2. I also wanted to comment about point 1. I don’t see why religious people should get upset about that one (if they do). I mean they do believe we were made in “His” image. What the frick do they think that means? lol That “He’s” some middle aged guy living in a midtown apartment, forgetting to pay his rent at the beginning of the month, and complaining to his roommate about always stealing his food out of the refrigerator? lol

    Okay, that was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek comment. 🙂

    • hahaha Actually God didn’t make us in HIS image for he has no image, he isn’t a he, at all, neither male nor female, God is a consciousness far greater than our brains or mind could even fathom. The Creator and The light, The Highest light. But for arguments sake lets talk in terms people will understand. God didn’t create us in HIS image, he created us in Mans image. He thought us into existence to see what would happen. He had tried many times, hence the different versions on other planets lol and as I understand it he gave each creation a different atmosphere, and circumstance to see what would happen. This is where Evolution came about because he planted the seed in different soils and watched how they evolved to suit the surroundings. We evolved into Homosapian. This bit about him creating us in ans image not his is written in the Aramaic Scrolls I have told you about. In these scrolls it states that all woman are the live givers and should bow down to no one, that because they play a vital role in life they are to be adorned with adoration and reverence. They know the man they wanted to base Jesus on had a wife and he worshipped her. In the scrolls it states that Mary Magdalene was to be the Holy, not the one we know today as Jesus. She in fact had a stronger following and used her many gifts of psychic and such to educate the masses. This is why the Churchvilified her and made her a prostitute. They couldn’t run the world with women in charge. Women were a preoccupation to men, so they made it a sin to be with a woman, you had to marry etc…all these restraints were put on women which we still have today. The Scrolls also state that no money should be given to practise a faith and no man should ever have to have permission to have a faith. His faith was his own and he was not to practise his faith in buildings built off the labour of man paid for by his own pocket. It also stated that anyone who represents God has to be humble and live a humble life as he is at the service of his followers and shall turn no one away. So that F’s the Catholics right there. They are surrounded by priceless art stolen from murdered Jews, in a war paid for my Jews and Catholics and Rich American Businessmen etc…There is only one religion that has it even remotely right and that is Islam.`Not the Muslim slander we know to be what the true religion. These people worship women, they give 40% of their yearly income to help others and view death as a return home. This propaganda that is out there now about suicide bombers and stuff is wrong on every level. There is no Radical Islamist group only paid C.I.A fodder. It is a sin in Islam to kill yourself, not to die for your faith but to kill yourself. The reason women aren’t allowed to work and go to school in Afghanistan is because it is so important for a man in their culture to provide for not just his family but hers and his own with so few jobs available they have had to stop women getting the education and jobs as it is taking the food out of entire families mouths. But the powers of greed and corruption made it about abuse to women and degradation and control when it is actually the opposite. Their Koran states that when the jobs are plentiful and there is enough for all, women are not only encouraged to get a career but she is by law allowed to keep every single penny for herself. And in a society of high unemployment and an expectation to provide for ailing and ageing family members the jobs have to go to the men because there is so much pressure on them to provide and feed up to 20 people. Can you imagine what would happen if we in the western world lived by that rule? Where woman got to keep all her wages and her man had to pay for every single thing including looking after her family? They are also not allowed to kill animals unless it is for food. But in doing so they give thanks to the animal for giving up it’s life and kill it in a way that is a quick painless death (halal). Did you also know that Al Qaeda isn’t even a word in their language? If you go to any Muslim country and asked about Al Qaeda they wouldn’t know what you were on about. So why wouldn’t the church be pissed off? Basically they know their number is up and like the powers that be they are in a sinking ship and have no life boats so they are getting desperate. It’s all about control and we handed them our lives and our freedom on a plate by believing the Bible, and 9/11 and our Governments (who are all ruled by the Church who are in turn ruled by the rich). This is all coming to an end for them and I’ve seen how it ends for most of them. Actually I had a dream about Donald Trump last night and how his power ends and it was hilarious. Like it was really bad for him but it was funny because he was trying to buy his way out of being held accountable for his actions and lets just say, his hair is the last thing he was concerned about lol We are waking up and realising religion is BS and has none of the answers. This is one of the reasons why it will take about 20 years for Americans especially to come to terms with the truth. You’ve built your entire country around religion. The truth is going to be hard to hear for the ones who have to be shaken awake and not those of you who chose to take the blue pill.


      • Who said image has to mean visually. If we are all but subdivisions of the greater consciousness, does that not make us reflections of that consciousness? That is what I mean. And there is a reason I put “His” and “He” in quotes. We have very bad pronouns in English. If only someone would invent some more appropriate ones for us to use. 😉

        As for the religious nor being mad. I’m just trying to build bridges. Put out there things we can agree on, by pointing out the sometimes difficult to see similarities in beliefs.

        Some fascinating cultural knowledge you’ve shared. The problem we have over here is not only are there not enough jobs to go around, but it’s also near impossible to support a family on a single income. Let alone 2 families.

      • Isn’t image a definition of visual? But I know what you mean, I’m just being pedantic lol I know what you mean Boo. I like that you lend a different perspective to the subject. You used to be Catholic too, you remember how much fear we had to be different, the way God mad us can’t surely be a sin right? So why is being me so consistently wrong in the churches eyes? type thing. I love you ya big goof ball. Yes I understand what you mean. It’s hard to even be single and survive if your not a professional but I honestly don’t know how some people do it. Which brings me to a point about religion. Stealing is wrong right? Which it is but would God condemn a man for stealing food from a conglomerate supermarket if it was to feed his family? Hubby told me the other a couple of women have been CHARGED with theft for stealing baby formula because their benefits got cut. What do you think God would say? or Jesus for that matter? Is it right that a man who is supposed to be the voice of God on earth sits in on billions of pounds worth of art and gold and silk and satin and hand made leather having people literally kiss his feet, while those who worship him are going to jail for steaking milk for a baby? I don’t want to be standing near any of these people in the queue when it’s my time and I’m standing at the gates. What’s that quote ‘It is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to pass through the gates of heaven’ hahaha or something like that lol I love you Dr Who


      • It’s hard to apply absolutes of morality to our present world, because it is in a such a wrong state. Things get all confused, and people have too many layers of assumption built in that contradict what we know to be right. We’ve been shoved into too small a box, and unfortunately we’re going to step on a lot of toes, when by all rights we should be out of the box and free. But it’s hard for people with inside-the-box-thinking to understand outside-the-box thinking…….and I swear I did not intend to the an “outside the box thinking” thing when I started this box metaphor, but there you have it. lol

        I’ve heard a lot of people being shamed or punished for ridiculous reasons. And others who do terrible things and we look the other way like it’s okay, because of who they are, or what group they belong to. But that’s the point. That’s the way the world has been architected around us, but you already know this.

        It’s a matter of those being told to stop listening to those doing the telling. Because the people with their mouths open the most, are usually trying to pull a fast one, and need to keep steering the ship.

        And that loops back around to you asking why the Church should be telling you you’re wrong. Because those being told are listening to those doing the telling. Which ties back into my building bridges. My bridges are for the ‘told.’ Make them see the connection in what they ‘know’ with what we believe, and you suddenly have a connection. And connections yield understanding. Suddenly the ones with their mouths opens start making not a whole lot of sense, and the ‘told’ start listening to other mouths, instead of rejecting them outright, because, “hey, one or two of thing things they say make sense and we can agree on.”

        It’s all about common ground. Telling someone they’re wrong is a surefire way the drop a wall between the two sides. Showing someone, hey we’re not so different you and I opens ears, mind, and hearts.

      • That was beautifully put my dear Dr Who, and your absolutely right. But people won’t hear it until they are ready to listen. That is all about to happen and this is why its going to take so long for people to come to terms with it when they do hear it.

      • Thank you. 🙂 Frankly I don’t know where all that came from. I just started typing and just hopped on for the ride, wherever the words went.

  3. You’ve probably already answered this in another blog, but I’ve just found you…lol… and I’m compelled to ask. Which means I’m meant to be here asking you this.
    I’ve been following the Spiritual path for quite some time (decades) mainly under my own steam as … well there were people in place who actively discouraged this exploration and development. I’ve been ill doe the past 13 years, recently become worse and having difficulty getting into deep meditation, and feel as though I’m on a precipice. Something is about to happen, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to wait for it to unfold but after saying that I feel I should be doing something to get this ball rolling.
    So, my question(s)…
    Should I wait for further sin from Spirit?
    What could I be doing to get past the medication fog which is hampering meditation and my connection (so I feel)?
    There is more but I can’t get the words to form …. its like an itch you can’t reach, the constant high pitched buzzing in my ears and head.. half glimpsed ‘things’ or people,
    I worry I’m trying to push things yet feel they are waiting for me to do…. what?
    Anyway, I loved your blog and I hope, you can point me to where you have discussed this or where I should look.

    • Kia Ora Susan,
      Thank you for following me. When I saw you were a fellow Australasian I got really excited.
      Firstly, let me just say I know exactely what you mean. I’ve been on various pain killers since I was four years old as I was born with different Spinal problems and sometimes it is hard to be with Spirit when your on medication. But I am a firm believer in everything happens when it is meant to and when I have times where I am on medication and I can’t feel Spirit, it is because they are telling me I need to rest. However it sounds like your trying to get away from the medication haze and allow yourself a more intimate relationship with Spirit. So what I would suggest is you do what I do. If possible only take your medication when you absolutely need it, if you need it all the time for say epilepsy or something, try either a lower dose or more natural options. Once I move and get settled I’m going to try MSM for my pain. It isn’t a pain killer but it heals damaged connective tissue and healhs arthritis and joint problems. I was born with an Arthritic Spine but due to big babies I also have had three Umbilical Hernia repairs which resulted in painful adhesions which rip and tear every day, I keep getting infections in the mesh of my hernia repairs and it can leave me crippled with pain and often in hospital on Morphone drips. BUT!!! It really is a matter of learning to balance it out. When I have readings to do for clients and need my gift on top form I don’t take any medication at all that day. I only take my meds when I absolutely need it or the bare minimum. It drives my GP mad but my gift is so important to me and I use it to help people and I can’t be in drug induced states all the time. But also in saying that Spirit will tell you when you need to rest and will often leave you to deal with your health issues. Only you will know if you can decrease your medication and if there is alternatives or not but this really is the key. Once your able to do this, then I suggest you just start talking to Spirit. Get to know them, in your head or out loud. They WILL answer you. Have faith that your finding the way to communicate and be with Spirit that feels right to YOU. Noone else has the right to tell you how, when or why with Spirit. YOu get to start with a blank canvas so your relationship with Spirit will be your very own and noone elses, like with me. I was alone for most of my discoveries. It is a gift, not a sin. Your special in the eyes on the other world and you will only be feared by those who are too afraid to try to understand you. Peoples fear and ignorance makes them turn against what we do. But you’ve been given a blank canvas to create your own master piece. That is something money can’t buy. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have if you dont have this sort of gift then your never going to be given a blank canvas to create your own relationship with Spirit. Do what feels right to you. Trust in yourself to let yourself be guided by Spirit. They will answer you, they always do. But my advice is, start talking to them, from the heart, tell them what you want, lay it all out to them and then learn to judge the responses in your gut and your head. Rememebr they always answer in your own voice and it will always feel like your just talking to yourself. It will be baby steps at first but the hardest part is learning to trust yourself that what your seeing and saying and feeling is real. They will answer you in many forms so be aware of it. It might be in a song, words on a screen, on TV, radio, actual voices, in your head or in a dream. But they will answer you. Don’t forget as well whenever your going to talk to them don’t forget to ask for protection. When your first starting out it’s important to protect yourself, your home and anyone who comes into the home. You don’t need to meditate Susan, just talk. They always listen and they always answer. They might not answer right away but they will answer and you’ll know when they do. I wish you all the best and now your here, welcome to the Mad House lol and thank you for embracing my Crazy as I call it lol If you EVER need anything or want to know anything, you know where I am. Just rememebr, Spirit is within you and they are always around, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they haven’t been guiding you, they brought you to me after all lol If I can help with anything, any time, any day, you just ask. No question is too silly or weird and anything I can do to help I will do it. Don’t be afraid to embrace your gift. It’s YOUR gift and noone else’s. Use it to guide you in your life and let those who condemn you live without guidence. Your way better off surrounding yourself with those who understand than those who don’t even if those who do are miles away on the internet lol Love and Light xoxox

      • I asked what’s next? It has been an amazing 62 years (63 next month). I have been kept alive by miracles and seen the white light inside me and later outside me it appeared above me in front of my counselor. I got scared off because of what it told me and the fact that I didn’t feel beautiful enough inside to have such power. After working and growing for several more decades I lost my work and started to write more. I know I am waiting, what’s next and how do I help it?

      • I’m not sure I am following what you’re saying. It’s like you want her to answer a question you never asked. What is next for what? I know next I am going to go to bed…but I imagine that’s not what you had in mind. I think some specificity would help provide context to those of us reading.

      • Hiya Pndrgn99, I’m so sorry I haven’t been replying. I just moved from Glasgow to Yorkshire 2 weeks ago and now I have the flu. I won’t let that be an excuse though. Firstly I’m not quite sure what it is your asking of me as I don’t do readings on my blog. My clients come to me privately. I feel if I did readings on my posts I would be detracting from what it is I am trying to do and that is teach people about how the Paranormal work, warts and all. I can see Spirit, I do know what you look like, if I want to. I get the image in my head after talking to the person and I’m not usually wrong. What I will say is, you know what it is your to be doing next. Your answering your own question. You know the next phase in your path and I feel it involves family and or loved ones. Sharing and loving family and good friends. Passing on what you know etc…being at one with yourself and your family and friends. The rest will come naturally to you because you are open to Spirit. For some reason you remind me of Sean Connery but with longer hair. Do you write> or have you written books or poetry or something? Because I do feel you write a lot of things down. I feel teacher with you though, either this is what you do or what you will be doing. This might be where the family and friends come in. Anyway, please forgive me tardiness. I’m just taking some Sambucol just and it’s already making a difference. Love and Light to you.

      • I have been many places. I’ve seen the white light down inside myself and come out from within myself in tears, I have seen the Same light arise in the room above my head and speak to me with beautiful music and the scent roses all around me. I might doubt some of this except that during the last occasion I’m speaking of now my therapist was in the room and observed it when I looked up she was standing against the wall next to the window with her arms stretched out straightener palms to the wall. I asked her what she was doing and said she thinking about jumping out the window I think you need to be alone with this.
        Time went by, the Native Americans came to my house many times from out West. The talks to me about things I cannot mention and invited me repeatedly to come out west to sit on the mountain. I resisted for years because I knew when I went out I would face my fear of death and perhaps my death itself. I was approached by two tornadoes on top of a mountain in the Rockies I know they were real they made television and the people down in the valley waiting for my return watch the tornadoes approached the spot where I was, I told the creator that I had run as far as I was going to and that if it was time to take me or bring me peace. I was a bit defiant, I think what I was really saying was that I will not live with fear anymore take me to or me in peace. My life is full of stories like this. I think in my early life I was very broken because my family was broken and the world around me seemed so broken. I walked frequently from midnight to 3 AM or later composed songs which I sang to the creator as I walked. At some point I slipped . t outside of time and don’t think I’ve ever really return to it. ironically when I came down from the mountain and the Sue offered me to be a medicine person I declined. In the days after the light appeared above my head and my therapists office and spoke to me I was frightened. I found myself wishing for ordinary surroundings and prayed for weeks of saying I want to see streets and trees on the streets and trees. Many have told me that there is great power within me I know this is true. I told the creator and the Native Americans that I never had learned to be a person that I wanted this lifetime to learn to be human. Now that I’m older I wish to include my abilities if I still have them which I believe I do somewhere inside in a way of being in the world. I believe I am A healer. In the last few years I’ve often wondered what would’ve happened if I had going down that road and followed the instructions I received or perhaps responded to the offer I received would be a better description. In someways I want so much to know what the world would’ve looked like had in that moment I said simply thank you. Yet I do not believe I loved myself enough, at that time, to contain what was being given to me and carry it keeping it pure. For some reason when I saw your web sight I thought to myself i’ll ask her what she thinks I’ll ask her to be my messenger, to tell me what she knows. if she has an answer to the question I’m asking. If the creator wishes me to know perhaps it will send the message. Thank you for writing back to me. I’m sorry to hear you have the flu, I have a very sore throat which is unusual for me since I’m almost never sick and a very runny nose. I decided to share all this with you because I have a feeling that it’s something you will understand. I imagine myself hearing this from me and say to myself but you know why are you asking me. And yet it’s like standing next to the wall at the edge of the universe and someways I know I could step through it and other ways I’m not sure I know how anymore. I sometimes wonder if I don’t know how or I have just gone past the point where I even consider the possibility of making that choice although I do want to finish my life by being there when I believe I was meant to be I do want to find my place among the other people of the world to have meaning for them and to feel myself loved and loving connected to them. I know that having such an experience in many ways will be a lot more work than glory. My youngest daughter who are single parenthood is off to college. Susie beautiful and pure spirit who grew up wholly loved by me. We talk by phone and text message. I’m proud of her, the life she is living, and the thing she accomplishes, She is both extremely loving and a fierce spirit at the same time. Quick to love and foolish to tangle with. She has been given what I lacked a place to grow in unconditional love and it will be interesting to see where that takes her. In the meantime I believe I know love myself enough to take on some responsibility. I’m never really lonely and yet I sometimes think of the moments in life in which I have felt a closeness, looked in someone’s eyes and seen that their spirit was alive and that I was visible to them. That is what I call companionship. In any case I can tell I’m growing older because I am rambling on. Again I thank you for writing to me and hope to hear from you again. Respectfully, Alexander

      • Alexander, I’m so sorry it has taken so long to get back in touch with you. I got your post when I was in hospital and I wanted time to reflect on it because you asked me once what you should be doing next.
        Having read this post again, without medication or in pain I think I can safely say you need to document your journey. You need to be giving Seminars, Writing Books or Making a Documentary about your life and it’s journey. Your experiences and wisdom go beyond that of a normal working man, husband and father. You need to be sharing your knowledge with vulnerable men, frightened men, people who are afraid to hope for the future.
        Also….you know you have to go to that Mountain. If our Native Elders told you to come sit on the Mountain it is with good reason and your fear of it means you have to do it. What you experience there will more than anything take you to another level yet again but I feel like your soul won’t rest now until it is done. Please, if you do it, if you go out west and sit on the Mountain please document it as I would LOVE to read it. You need to be teaching. Seminars, talks, conferences etc….
        Your story is a remarkable one and I’m so honoured you have shared some of it with me. I feel a level of kindred Spirit type thing with you as your post has been on my mind since you sent it. They have conferences here called AV (Alternative View (I think?) where it is all sorts of people giving talks about all sorts of Alternative things from Ian Crane talking about the Illuminati and 9/11 being an inside job to people talking about how they became Freemen. You would be perfect. They also do a similar one in Brisbane, Australia. You should check them out. I think you have a lot to teach the world. And please, feel free to contact me any time
        Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to read more.
        Love and Light to you, you blessed man.

      • I am so touched to have you get back to me. Perhaps I wasn’t clear I did go out and sit on the mountain after two years of being visited in Connecticut by Native Americans. It was indeed an incredible and amazing experience. Three tornadoes formed near me and approached me and I faced my lifelong fear of death. The tornadoes were captured in the video footage don’t buy a news crew at the bottom of the mountain. When I came down the Lakota wanted me to stay with them and practice medicine. My gut told me I had not yet learned to be a person and needed to stay involved with my life. The words you have written to me reach home inside of me. I have often been told I am a teacher and healer. I have never tried hard enough to or had enough time away from trying to make money to pay the bills to pursue such a path but I will. I think I needed to wait until I could love myself enough to believe I was the right person. After 12 years of teaching violent offenders anger management and learning to love men who had gone astray I believe I can now say with honesty I do love and appreciate myself and the things that I have and wish to give. I will pursue the link you sent me and send out my prayers for changing my life.
        I hope your stay at the hospital was not too serious and that you have returned to health. My best wishes to you for love and light also and my gratitude for your kindness.

        Alexander (laughing Owl)

      • Well I think your being Called now. You need to be Teaching and Healing. You can write books now and release them yourself on Amazon Kindle. My husband has Illuatrated many covers for friends of ours so he could do it for you for free. He just likes to see his name as Illustrator lol
        But your heart is so full of love and patience and your head is wise beyond your life time. You need to get it all out and share it. You have wisdoms and guidance for people that would hit a nerve and resonate with even Skeptical minds. You have something. I can’t put my finger on it. But your living the wrong life I feel. Like you should of been born in the 1800s or something and been a Philosopher. One of The Greats. There is something inside you that needs to come out Son and its going to make a change to not only your life but the lives of those around you. You have a voice to be heard my friend. So start singing. Your story needs to be told. I for one. Want to hear it. I’m glad you have learned to love yourself. Im only half way there. It’s amazing to me how People like us have some affliction in one form or another yet are expected to be so much to others. Maybe once I learn to love myself I will finally feel free. Theres a part of me that feels like a caged bird. But its not that I don’t like me. I dont like the way I look lol I’m certainly not going to question my boss about why he made me this way but seriously…………..was he having an off day? Hahahaha
        Anyways all joking aside Alexander, you need an outlet to have your voice be heard. I hope one day I can hear it from here.
        Always here
        Your a legend

      • I appreciate your support level of prayers is a bit overwhelming at times but I’ll try and live into it. I think your suggestions are excellent in terms of how true there for me I’m just not sure how to go about making them come true. Generally when something is right for me, at the moment I become open to it, it appears. I will try that and as usually helps. Begin walking in the direction I expect to take with honest effort.

      • Bon Voyage on your journey Brother. Keep us posted. I would love to see the process. Start writing and see where it takes you. Be it book or Seminal Talk at a Conference it’s going to take you home. Where you belong.

  4. I have read your article and i love it! I wouldlike to discuss more as I’m just now learning and uncovering truths. I’ve been told by 3 different people that i have a gift, I’m just trying to figure out how to fully connect. Any suggestions or advice you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

    • OH MY GOD!!!!!! Sherri, My Darling OH My God, I JUST saw your little message poking out from these other ones. I had no idea you had left a message. I am SOOOO Sorry. I had no idea you had left a comment. Please please Forgive me. You must have thought I was being so very rude.
      Please forgive me. I feel terrible. You have been waiting all of this time. I simply cannot apologize enough.
      What I suggest you do is read my Post How to have Spirit Help you. It is about how I enhanced my gift once I said ‘Okay, lets do this’ to Spirit. My Posts are to help anyone who is trying to understand their gift or things that are happening to them or around their home. I try to be as honest and open as I can. I want to encourage people to be natural with their gifts. Not to rely on books and classes on how to be Psychic. The best way to learn is to do I feel. If you follow the way I do it but adjust it to what feels right to you then you’ll be fast understanding it all in no time. March to the Beat of your Own Drum is another one that would help you. Just open up, protect yourself every night before bed (which I teach in my posts) be honest, don’t force anything, have patience and pay attention. Would be my advice. Spirit will answer in many multiples of ways so pay attention. Keep a journal too.It helps you remember premonitions,messages and dreams. trust me, my beaten up old training journal has been an eye opener when you read it years later and you realize how accurate you were it becomes like a Bible. Because your faith becomes all about what was written in that book. The more accurate you are in that book the stronger your faith becomes. Faith in yourself and your abilities and Faith in Spirit.
      I know my Posts can rant on a bit and there are spelling mistakes lol but it is all written with love. It comes from a good place. It is hard to put 42 years of knowledge down on a couple of paragraphs or sentences. One other thing I would say as you are learning all of this is ‘Learning how to be the best you can be for Spirit, you don’t need to pay money to do it.’ If your serious about learning it let Spirit teach you.No one better can teach you. Sure it will take years and they will be hard task masters at times but no one knows your gift better, and they are the best at telling you what feels right to you. Things others teach you including myself will sometimes often teach you things that don’t feel right to you. And that is fine because what works for me might not work for you and what works for you might not work for someone else. But that’s perfectly okay and as it should be. Your marching to the beat of your own drum. Sure you have the same instrument as everyone else but it doesn’t mean you have to play the same song. But when doing all of this it should never cost you money or a large amount.I mean sure you’ll buy a candle here and there and you may at some point buy something to use for a pendulum but a lot of people will have something they remember they can use that is laying around their home. You don’t need to buy crystals because you can do the same thing with stones, rocks, shells etc…in your garden of local park. As long as they are offered to you and you don’t take them that is. But a Crystal doesn’t heal because it is a crystal, crystals heal because they are natural and anything God made is Natural. He created our Earth to have every thing on it we would need to heal our selves of illness and disease. But shells,rocks,stones,crystals,wood, sand,wax, bronze,gold,silver, precious and semi precious stones, fruit,veg,bark, fungus, plants etc…all do the same thing. They heal our minds,bodies and souls.Cure us of diseases. The Marijuana Plat has the oils that surround cancer cells and kills them to the very core. They don’t just kill the cell, the obliterate it. The chemical components of the play eat the Cancer cell like a Spider kills a fly.It’s incredible to watch. I’ve seen footage of it on video through the eyes of a Microscopic lens and surrounds it entirely and eats up the cancer cells,leaving the cleanest,healthiest cells fine. You can cure any cancer including terminal Cancer just by putting a drop of cannabis oil on your tongue 3 times a day for 90 days. People have been weeks from death and are now alive 10 years later. We actually have Canaboid receptors in our brains which means this plant is SUPPOSED to be in our diet. Butter and Coconut Oil coat the brain of the fats their need to protect it from Brain and Memory based diseases. People suffering from Dementia have been having full reversal of the disease after their loved ones added butter and Coconut to their loved ones diet. Coconut,Coconut Milk, butter, nuts of any sort. Up the diet of these foods get rid of all products with sweetener in it and Fluoride and people have been recovering from Parkinsons and Altzhiemers (sp). There are minerals in our soil that protect our joints in our arthritis,and help heal us from scars and damaged skin. It’s incredible. And it’s all Free. So if anyone tells you that you need crystals and books and classes. You have everything you need within you and the planet. Even if you need a Candle or Pendulum you can find them in Dollar Stores (candles) and on the ground (pendulum). If in doubt use a ring from your finger.
      But your the one who chooses how and when to learn. As long as you remember your the one in control at all times but always be polite and respectful,you can’t really go wrong. If your genuinely wanting a relationship with Spirit then you’ll need patience most of all. Because there is a lot to learn,you never stop learning.Even after 42 years of my gift I’m still learning. But the relationship you forge will be priceless and ever lasting. It will be the one relationship you value outside of your children and family. They will NEVER lie to you, disrespect you, leave you lonely, only have your best interests at heart,work day and night for you, never left you down, are always there when you need them and they expect nothing from you, accept you as you are and love you at your worst. People can not pay to have the gifts that we have. If your not allowed the gift then nothing you can do will bring it out.So it is a Privilege as well as a gift that you got for free. I would say the best way to test yourself to see if you do actually have a gift (because just become 3 people say you have a gift might not mean you have one) is write down three premonitions for someone or the world set to come true by a certain time frame, and also to hold something belonging to someone else and read them. Make sure it is someone who won’t make fun of you if you get it wrong. Hold the object in your room, or at the table, but somewhere comfortable. Hold the object and write down everything you feel and see. Anyone who is coming through etc….always protecting yourself and the person your reading for of course.And if you have a hit rate of more than 80 % then you most definitely have a gift and it can be enhanced. Anything from over 60% is less likely to be a guess and can be worked on without too much problem.Obviously the higher the percentage the easier it will be to learn. If your testing your Telepathy it is anything over 80% and your ready to be taught.Telepathy is a lot harder to master than being Psychic believe it or not. If you score less than 60% it means your more than likely guessing. So try again with new premonitions and new person. But don’t despair.The percentage isn’t about how good you are, but how open you are and how easy you will be to teach. A gift can be taught to anyone, but not everyone is allowed to have the gift until they are of a certain level of understanding and acceptance.
      I hope this all helps you though. If you have any questions once you start opening yourself up or start to experience anything you don’t understand, I am here.
      Good luck and enjoy every minute of this. Once you start the ball rolling,your life really will never be the same again.
      Love and Light