Why I rant.

I know a lot of you know I’m passionate about what I am. But maybe I haven’t explained why I am so defensive of the truth and why I feel this needs to educate people on what Spirit really are.

Now I know I can only speak from my own perspective as I was born with this gift and was blessed to have parents who encouraged out gifts but I also know as with my ex husband who had no inclination before, now in his learning and being with me it has opened his own gifts up and he too now lives the same why I do. Not because I got him to, but because he learned himself by watching me. You can too. We all have gifts and you know I say that but you also know I say it doesn’t mean everyone should be allowed to use them. Only the truly dedicated to this way of life will want to learn what I am, will want to learn what Spirit are.

I’m talking to you. My faithful readers, who maybe are going through a hard time at the moment, or feel your needing more answers than you’re getting off the universe. If I explain to you why I am so passionate about Spirit, maybe you’ll want to reach out to Spirit and have a better life also.

You don’t need a Guru or Mystic or Healer to show you how to do this. It’s within you and it’s free. As I keep saying. I only charge for readings.

Okay…..so have you ever had a best friend who no matter what, tells it like it is? If your acting a fool or being inappropriate they pull you up and say ‘Oi snap out of it’? That’s Spirit with me. Have you ever had a best friend who when you’re at your lowest ebb and your sad and heart-broken they do everything they can to make your day a little less sad? That is Spirit.

People seem to think Spirit are these dead wandering lost souls who haunt buildings and frighten us in our houses but in fact they really are JUST US ONLY DEAD. They have more empathy than a trillion Empaths combined. They love us more than a mother loves her children. They have the most amazing sense of humours, they are charming and caring and kind. They are all the best things about being and none of the bad stuff. Our perception of them is so wrong and I think this is why I’ve always stood out from other people and why my society suits me so well. Because we educate ourselves to understand it. Most of the people in my society are of the Science or Educational background anyway but then I came along and met my teacher turned my world upside down. The story of how we met is true but fantastical at the same time.

I was on holiday with my so-called best friend who had gotten drunk one night and attacked me. I had to fly home, I wasn’t going to continue the friendship and was sitting by the pool waiting on the bus to come and take me to the Airport when this little tiny Australian woman poked her head over the fence and asked me if I would like a cup of tea. We were in a Queensland holiday apartment and I must admit I was glad to get out of the sun.

I sat down inside her apartment in the air conditioning and the first thing to come out of her mouth was ‘You and I were brought together for a reason and I know this because an Arab man told me he was bringing you to me’ I was stunned, I wasn’t sure if I had walked into the apartment of a fruit loop or raging Christian fanatic lol But she said to me ‘Who’s the Arab?’ and I said ‘My Dad’ and then she explained who she was. Pauline Braddon world-renowned Psychic. I didn’t know who she was right away but I do now after seeing all the news clippings of her work in the US and UK and Australia.

Anyway to cut a long story short, we exchanged contact details and a year later she literally turned up on my doorstep in New Zealand. She stayed with me for 4 months and that’s why my life changed. She had been instructed by The Council and her society to find me. She answered all my questions about Spirit and my gift, everything made sense, finally someone who thought the same way I did.

She asked me a trillion questions and spent every single day testing my gift. From guessing heads or tails on coins I couldn’t see (Which I later turned into a drinking game lol hahahaha) to doing on the spot readings for the highest members of the Society over the phone. She was 74 and about 2 feet tall (okay she was about 5’5) and she was a hard task master. We would get up early and eat then away we would go with the lessons.

I was like the Psychic Karate Kid or something but then it actually became a big deal. I then got asked to join the society after my elders questioned me and she gave me the name of Spirit Child and they do treat me like a baby and I’m nearly 43 lol

She then woke up one day and took a taxi to the airport and I never saw or heard from her again. I don’t even know if she’s alive now. I have a signed letter from her saying I was successfully trained in the areas of this and this. I would hope if she had passed away she would have come to see me. She had an amazing life as an Intuitive Clairvoyant and I witnessed so much of it myself when I took her for interviews on the radio and such.

Pauline made me know for sure it was okay to have an intimate relationship with Spirit. After she left my whole world was opened right up. I always had an intimate relationship with Spirit but being raised catholic it had been drummed into me that Spirit were bad and talking to them was Satanic and while my parents made it not scary there was always a part of my catholic faith that made me think ‘If I’m wrong I’m going to hell’.

Pauline made me see that this wasn’t the case at all. Even if she believed in God and I don’t she still set me on the course for my incredible path.

Because this being loved us unconditionally. This is when I started changing the whole dynamic of my relationship with The Dead and it in turn changed my life. It become the most exciting times of my life. Like falling in love with someone all over again. Seeing them in a new way for the first time.

I had a direct link with these all-knowing beings and I wasn’t going to pass on asking them questions. About the Bible, Religion, Humanity, Our Planet, The Universe and my life and the answers they gave are the ones I pass on to you guys.

Secondhand knowledge is never as correct as first hand knowledge is the point I’m trying to make. Am I wrong? Are Mystics and New Age people right? Well Spirit say ‘It doesn’t matter what you believe in, just that you believe and as long as you don’t hurt anyone or take profit from your faith then you believe in whatever you want to’ If you want to worship God by dancing naked and singing nursery rhymes as long as you’re not taking money for it and you’re not hurting anyone then so be it. If it makes you happy then practice away. It’s not how you practice your faith, it’s just that you do it at all. That’s why I say I don’t have a religion, I have a  faith and my faith is stronger by a country mile than any religion I ever had.

But in gaining this personal insight and thus gaining a best friend in the dead, I have been given so much more than I could ever possible give anyone in this life time even though I try.

While Mystics and New Age believers talk about having Balance with the Universe and using the earth to heal etc…it’s a very expensive thing to be practicing and that just isn’t what Spirit are about. They don’t begrudge anyone making money or being rich but it’s how you make the money and what you do with it that bothers them.

Ripping them off for profit is a No No and unfortunately this New Age Mystic stuff is expensive and multi billion pound industry. Besides when your wealthy you’re in a better position to do good with it and I’ve always said if I won the lottery apart from sorting my family in NZ out I would travel the world in a camper van looking for charitable causes Spirit drew me to in order to help them.

But I don’t use Spirit to bring me calm and to float away with the stars when I meditate.

I can do that any time I like I don’t need to meditate as I am always in a state of calm (because of Spirit) and yes I get angry and stuff but I’m only human and who wouldn’t get upset when you’ve taken this long hard road to get somewhere and some fool who read a book thinks they can do it better because they meditate themselves into a state of arrogance?

It’s like my ex husband who is an artist, spends years on a painting and someone comes along and clicks some buttons on a camera and thinks they should open a gallery. Being good at taking photos doesn’t make you an artist.

Going to the most prestigious art college Daddy could afford doesn’t make you an artist and I can’t stand seeing these people try to fake their wacky artist persona. If you know an artist you’ll know what I mean by this.

Lady Ga Ga is the prime example of someone who’s ‘wacky weirdness’ is staged. Artists in their truest form are weird, passionate, eccentric and kind of social misfits (it’s why me and my Mr Ex get on with each other so well lol) Artists never did well at school, were social outcasts, never had many friends worth keeping and are super intelligent and slightly anarchistic. If you have to be controversial to sell your art albeit music or portraits, then you have no talent. And it’s the same with my line of business. You don’t have to meditate and drink wheat germ and act condescending to people as you carry crystals in order to know what you’re talking about. What you have doesn’t make you a White Lighter, what you are does.

I’ve walked down a long hard road to get where I am and I can’t stand that for £160 you too can be like me in just 3 short months.

But this road I have been down with my pals hasn’t been without its bumps. I’ve had fights with them, yes I actually yell at dead people lol they tell me I’m stubborn, I tell them it’s their fault because they made me this way. I will try to ignore them in a big girlie puff and they will do something to make me laugh and all is forgiven.

It sounds crazy but this is how it is. But it’s more than this.

They have not only alerted me from a dead sleep to someone entering my house through a window, they have told me to prepare for moves, then to help things go as smoothly as possible will tell me what to look for in the house I’m going to live in so I’m not trawling houses for days.

They said of my new house I was to look for Purple inside and red on the outside. When we pulled up the conservatory is red and our bedroom is painted with big purple wall paper. If I’ve been feeling poorly and can’t figure out why they will tell me and then tell me how to fix it.

That has happened quite a few times. I have been having trouble with high blood pressure and not been able to figure out why. I thought it was medications but they said it was an infection and even showed me what will cure my problem (but it was blurry and I couldn’t read it so I just have to accept I’m not meant to know yet and it will come when it’s meant to). They have told me the second I met someone if they are going to hurt us, me, my husband whatever so I can prepare for it.

They have never done anything in my life no matter how bad that I haven’t been able to cope with and hasn’t had a positive outcome in the end. I have had things happen in the last 6 years that no person should ever have to cope with but we have and Spirit were there the whole time for me and never let me down.

If they said something was going to happen a certain way, it did and being prepared for it made the actual happening of it less of a shock. Any normal person probably would have snapped or had a break down but being prepared for these things made it easier to handle. When you realize you have no control of your life and everything happens because it is meant to, it changes the way you deal with stress. I just don’t get stressed out because what’s the point? When shit happens I sit back and ride it out. But ALL my sacrifices have come with rewards. When I’ve been tested in my life, I have been rewarded 10 fold because of it. I don’t just mean financially, but I mean in other things too ie my husband losing a low paid job and thinking we were going to be homeless and bankrupt then he gets offered a job Spirit said would come that changes everything and gives us a better life’.

Spirit take us on amazing adventures as a family. I have been my own guided tour to places I have never been to before. I can go around places like The Colosseum in Italy and say what happened there in history.

I know when to tell people at their lowest to take a lottery ticket and have them win. I know when someone is going to die (not always know who as you know) but I know when someone is going to live too. I don’t lie, I just don’t say anything at all. My clients know I don’t predict death, but Spirit will tell me, I just don’t tell the person. They let me know when an unexpected bill is coming, when an unexpected call is coming and I swear to blob and you can ask my ex husband I ALWAYS knew when it’s the dreaded Mother in law. As soon as it rings I get chills down my spine and my hair stands on end and I would say ‘You get it, it’s your Mum’ and sure enough lol luck for us Madame Medusa is no longer in our life.

I get told off if I have a slip of my position and say or do something wrong, but it’s always mostly unintentional and or a misunderstanding. As a rule I’m not the confrontational type and always end up being a push over it anything. So I don’t make a habit of causing bother. But because of what I am I don’t let Mr do and act a certain way either. Spirit might let him get away with some stuff but he knows there are some things he won’t be allowed to do because as my protector it all has a consequence on me.

Spirit know me better than anyone. I drink  (okay I haven’t had a proper drink in over 5 years but when I do get the chance to let my hair down you better believe it’s going to be good lol)

They made me odd, they made me passionate and they made me what I am today. I love them for so many reasons but because they made me a curious Scorpio/Rat I sat and asked questions and paid attention to them and my world I live in.

They protect me, guide me, encourage me and defend me. They are the best friend you could ever ask for and they just happen to be dead. Is that weird? Not if you were me. And you can be if you want to be. This is why I keep saying to people ‘Find your own faith’ Find what is right for you. Ask your own questions, pay attention to what they are saying and your surroundings. eventually you’ll hear what I do and then if enough of us are like it, the world would change for the better. None of us would want for anything, ask for nothing, get everything we ever wanted from life, because I do and I’m not just talking about money.

How could you not be friends with someone like the dead after all of that?

15 thoughts on “Why I rant.

  1. I’m so glad to see you posting again! Missed you, my friend. I should be asleep right now, but have to go to the dentist (ugh). Been in a lot of pain this week. Hope to talk to you soon!

  2. You’re exactly right about firsthand vs secondhand information. When someone tells you something, even if you trust or believe them, it’s still through them. But when it comes direct to you, you own it. It’s yours. It’s not just accepting, it’s KNOWING. And you can better explain/defend it, because it’s not just something someone told you, it is part of you. It IS you.

    • See…..that’s why I love you 🙂 I was telling Krafted in a private email ‘my bluebird embraces my crazy’ and no one does better than u and Mr. Actually you might be able to help her. Our friend Krafted JUST in the last couple of days swallowed the blue pill babe. So there’s another one on her journey. But she’s finding it all a bit much to take to take on board. I explained it leaves you in a funk for a bit but then you become empowered but nobody could explain it better than you.

      • I could certainly give it a try. Not sure entirely what to say, but should I reply here, or what? I’m not sure what the appropriate approach is.

  3. For a newbie like myself : How do you Lose the description and characteristics of the judgmental God we are taught in religion? To form a awesome bond with the True God, that opens us up to really LIVING!

    • Well see..for me it started as I had told you before when I was a kid. Having that discussion with our Priest but to be perfectly honest, you have a relationship God that is beyond what your church teaches you right? Like there will be a relationship that you have had with God outside of anything your church has taught you. Mine started because I KNEW in my heart that God loved me regardless of whether I had a child out of marriage or lived with a man out of marriage. Now, I was 12 when I thought this and it was watching my older siblings live with partners and have kids out of marriage and seeing them be such hard working loving and caring people I thought ‘God wouldn’t turn them away just because they aren’t married’ type stuff. Over time, through putting into practice what I thought I realized actually God doesn’t care about the small stuff, it’s the big stuff that matters. Like Did you help someone in need this week? Were you honest? Did you share? Were you selfless today? that sort of thing. So I began to live by what I call a code of conduct. It is
      Always be truthful because it is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.
      Always give of myself to others.
      Put others before myself, if they have a need greater than mine I must put their needs first.
      If I have more than I need, give what I have spare to others who don’t.
      Never by my own actions cause loss or harm to anyone.
      Be faithful.
      Be loyal.
      Have faith in myself.
      Have faith in Spirit.
      Don’t judge, it is not my place as I am not perfect.
      Always put a positive to every negative. It really does make very stressful situations SO much easier to deal with.
      and by living this way since I was 18, it has transformed my life. I am happier and a better person for living this way. Because of my code of conduct, my relationship with my God, the God I know, is better than it ever was as a terrified Catholic. See….faith, like politics and sexual preference is ours and only ours to have the way it suits us. No one can tell you how to believe, or what to follow. If your a Republican no one is going to make you an Independent or Democrat. If you change your political view it is because you saw some things you liked that made sense and felt right for you but if a Democrat came to your door and said ‘You MUST vote for us, you HAVE to vote for us or else’ the first thing you want to do is rebel because it’s not in your core belief to be a Democrat. The same goes for religion. Deep down since you were a child you would of had this innocent view of God and how much he loved you but as we age we are told what we should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure a passage into heaven. But who are these people to tell us I can and can’t go and be with God when I die? Ya know what I mean? God was with me when my sister was dying and he helped me heal from feeling like I didn’t do enough as her sister to save her, so are you telling me even though we had that bond at my time of need, he would still turn me away because I lived with my husband before I married him? I mean, I am loyal and faithful, I am dedicated to him, heart body mind and soul, so why the contradictions? And that’s it in a nut shell, if what you FEEL and what your TOLD seems like a contradiction then your being told it’s not correct. God doesn’t care how you believe in him, just that you believe and if your a good person while you believe in him then your doing his work. No one person has the right to say ‘God told me I was his voice on earth’…well I say Prove it lol and it’s okay to ask questions, it’s good actually. Spirit what us asking questions. It’s how we learn what is right for us. Trust your instincts. Like I said in your reading. Your inner voice, is God, your inner voice that is positive and encouraging and loving is Spirit ie God and his people, the doubting and judging and ignorance and fear is indoctrinations because God doesn’t judge.

  4. The way you describe spirit brings tears to my eyes. The way you explain your love for the spirits with you brings nothing but joy into my soul, as I feel the same way about my own spirit family. Thank you so much for helping me become even more in sync with them <3

    • Your more than welcome Kayla, it’s my pleasure and what I’m here for. Spirit really are just us only dead lol
      Nothing to fear but the unknown, so make the unknown known and the fear is removed. I want my death to be a celebration, a party, a Bon Voyage, See you Later, party. Death is an inevitable part of the Evolution of our Universe without which we could never evolve in this Universe and this Universe is constantly evolving.
      So we need to catch up to get recycled lol
      I’ll be pissed off to go through all this to end up being churned up and spat back out of a black hole lol
      Thank you for your support
      Love and Light