The Dark Side: The Truth (Revised)

I’ve been asked to do this post about The Darkside. It seems I always allude to what they are but never go into detail so here it is.

The way I understand it, the way I have experienced it and have dealt with it myself. To understand the Dark Side you have to forget everything you know about it and start again.

The Dark Side have nothing to do with religion, or faith, your culture or creed and everything to do with you and how YOU see the Dark Side.

The Dark side are about the Duality of everything in the Universe. With Good comes Bad, with Light there is Dark, Up, Down, In Out, Sun, Moon. Everything has an opposite.

It has to in order to have perfect balance. You can’t have light without dark.

But after what I experienced at my sons birthday I understand it all now and why things are and what they’re trying to achieve.

Everything in the Universe for fighting to evolve to get to the light. The more you get right in your evolution. The more you get wrong the faster you de-evolve and the ultimate evolution is to connect to the Light of All things. But ALL from the lowest demon to the most perfect Spirit, are fighting to get to that light.

I finally understand.

Demons aren’t bad Spirits in the pits of hell with the Devil punishing them. They are Energy of light that loses more light source the faster it de evolves.

And it’s our job to help them.

They are essentially the lowest form of conscious. But nothing can evolve without the help of everyone else on every level.

It goes in this order from lowest Soul to Highest.

Dark Side or Demon or whatever you know it to be.

Then a trapped Spirit., Then Mortal (us the living), Spirit, Elder, Spirit Elder, The Council, Our Friends in the Universe, then the Light.

Every single one trying to evolve and level up.

If you have invited something dark in, it means you need to get your shit together or you will de evolve too.

They’re trying to show you darkness. Trying to show you your off your light path.

But everything in the Universe has a opposite. From maths, music, energy, magnets, love, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, morals, everything, every single thing has an opposite.

So imagine life is a pair of ski’s.

The left ski is light, the right ski is dark. The quicker you get it, the faster your skis go the more light you create. The more light created the faster you can get to the light of ALL creation in the middle of that black hole.

That is the creator of all and there are hundreds of millions of them out there and the highest evolved get to ride that wave.

Everything in our life is all based on which ski we lean on most. The left or right ski. Even doing right isn’t right until it’s perfectly right and then you have balance. You cant evolve without it. Even time is balance to gravity.

But like there is no actual Heaven with harps and Angels and big Golden Gates with a man with a Clip Board and a line of people at them, there is also no hell with brim stone and fire and torture and suffering and a man with red skin, horns and a pitch fork.

When we die we go to the next Realm. Depending on how we live our lives depends on where in the Spirit realm you go to. We are all healed of our deaths and life memories and then we will know automatically what their fate is. If they did enough to move up or down. The more you reincarnate the longer you’ve been getting it wrong.

If your bad, really bad you go to the bottom of the ladder where you sit in nothingness but with the consciousness of an enlightened conscious, so it’s pure hell basically.The idea of nothingness is terrifying. So everything is fighting to get up the ladder.

And they will do what they have to do to get it right.

You have the power to manifest some dark stuff also based on decisions you make. Left Ski, Right Ski and the dark ones who sit and wait for contact jump at the chance to fool someone in a Ouija session etc….in order to get in and educate.

When they send someone on the straight and narrow they level up. Then it is a constant form of evolution to climb to the top of the ladder. When you reach the top you tip the balance and go to the light.

We are in the dark side of the Universe fighting to get to the light which is on the other side of the black hole.

In the middle of the black hole is THE LIGHT!!!! That light is the creator of all and knowledge of all time for ever.

We are trying to evolve enough to get tipped into the middle perfectly so we can get to the light in the middle as opposed to the dark hole that chews up planets and spits them back out to start again. (Because I literally mean everything, ALL things, are in a constant form of evolving.).

So you have to get balance and gain a healthy understanding of what the dark side are so you learn not to fear it.

Because it helps you evolve.

Education is key. Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

Power is light. Not power over people, power over your conscious.

When you die you don’t have to go up the ladder one step at a time. You can get it right in this life and shot up to the top.

Kids do, Homeless people do, victims of murder, mental illness etc….they do. The innocent souls who chose the worst kinds of lives to live in order to teach those of us watching.


So your next life might be to come back as a victim of the type of thing you caused here on Earth in your last life. If your quite a good person and you did your best you might get a choice. If your a good soul, or a child or disabled, you come right up to the top. You get to choose what you want to do. Some might choose to come back down, some want to stay and be Spirit Elders (Guides), some might want to stay to help the children or victims of war come through, some might choose to be messengers. But the choice for the Spirit realm is dependent on how we lived in this life. The aim of the game so to speak is to live an existence without having to come back down. Those with the least amount of lives (being reincarnated) are the higher more Spiritual of beings. So the goal is pretty much to not have to keep coming back. Get it right this time so there is no next time.

The Dark Side however is completely different. They aren’t dark souls of evil people who have died and gone to hell. They aren’t sent to us by the Devil and The devil himself does not exist.

It is as with all things in our Universe the product of there being good and light. Without the Dark Side we would have crisis of consciousness when we do stuff wrong.  Without the Dark Side we wouldn’t know that war is bad and wrong and no one should be fighting anyone. Without the Dark Side we wouldn’t want to help victims of crime and disaster.

We are all in the very fibre of our beings, light. Energy made of pure light and in our truest form we are Light. When we are at home in our true form we are loving, protective, wise, gentle beings of light that simply serve to help those down here. We know all, we see all.

When we are in human form,  it is our light that tells us what we stole was wrong, the lies we told etc…It is not the Spirit Realm or our Creator that punish us with guilt or feelings of disgust when we do something really wrong. It is ourselves. We punish ourselves. Why? Because it’s all about lessons and needing to learn so we don’t make the same mistake so when we die we can say we learnt from it and we finally got it right. Because we know we did something wrong, we create a punishment for ourselves. Some times we call it Retribution. Depending on how bad you were depends on how bad the punishment.

Now…..if you keep being bad, you invite bad things to happen. In doing that you begin to lose faith in yourself and that light inside you gets dimmer and eventually you’re so bitter in yourself or have so little faith left you send signals for negative influences.The worse you are, or the un happy you are, the darker the influence. Most teenagers manifest negative energy because Hormones are a frequency all on their own and people don’t realise how smart our brains actually are. If we can see the dead, move objects with our mind and manifest things to happen to us, can you imagine how powerful that energy is when we have unlocked the rest of our brain? We can will people to appear, or call. We can will jobs, money wins, love, children etc…just by using that light, your faith and your mind.

So when you’re in a dark place and you’re doing things you know you shouldn’t be or even having dark thoughts, you invite and create dark energy. You opened the door and it walked in.That Dark Energy is your worst nightmare realised. No Devil or Passage in the BIble can conjure up the thing that is going to scare you the most. We all have fears. But with dark

energy, we make those fears possible. Mine got me in the one thing I loved the most. My Family and pets. My fear at what I had done to my friend when I was a teenager brought about scratching under my bed and on the walls, growling, hissing, cackling, my name being whispered in my ear, I couldn’t sleep, or eat, I became paranoid and every time I was alone it taunted me.

The Dark Side never just come to you. You have to invite them in. Most people who have to have exorcism from the Church and such are either on drugs, alcohol, on anti depressants or angry teenagers. But it is dealt with all wrong. This is just another form of manipulation by Churches and Governments to gain control. I don’t say this is a Staunch Anti Authority kind of way. I just know that when you take religion out of the fear isn’t as bad. When I see those kids on Paranormal State giving so much power to the Dark Side every time they do exorcism with their religious overtones and stuff it just stuns me. These victim’s manifest the things they KNOW will cause the most offense, or outrage, they know what their own fears are and the fears of those around them and when people come in with Bibles and holy water and spouting stuff from the bible, it adds fuel to the fire. It’s like I say ‘What power will you have over the victim if they are atheists?’ What good is religion when religion has no cause for what is happening? It’s like putting out a fire with petrol. Whatever your fears are…they will manifest. Until people start to realise how powerful we are, how powerful of an engine our brains are, we are always going to have people being ‘taken over’ by dark energy brought about by what they perceive to be evil.

I’ve dealt with the dark side many many times in my life and only just recently in my own home because of my husband. And do you know how I deal with it? You get angry at them and tell them to Fuck off. Pardon the language but it’s true. They are only as strong as YOU let them be. They are YOU and YOUR darkest fears, so YOU need to take back control of YOU and get your energy back and your space back. How dare they come in when your vulnerable and take over like this. You wouldn’t let someone come in off the street and do it so why the hell should you put up with it in your own home from your own head. In standing up to them, you gain power and control again.  Every time stuff starts trying to happen again you said ‘Nah’ and shut the psychic door on their face and walk away. They feed into your fear because the fear is you. So slap yourself about for being so bloody stupid for letting something come in and threaten you and your home and get angry. By getting angry you get control again. And then you kill them dead when your strong enough by saying ‘You have no power over me’ Just like on The Labyrinth. With that it’s game over. You win they lose. Then you surround yourself with only love and light. Hug a tree, walk among the animals, sit outside and watch the clouds go by, listen to the birds, do a charitable act, invite some elderly neighbours over for afternoon tea. Do something life affirming and positive and you’ll never be bothered again.

By you fighting, you gain power and evolve from someone who was afraid to one who knows. Ergo you evolve. The dark energy that helped you make that decision to fight gets to evolve too. Nothing can evolve without us all helping each other. That’s why there are so many steps to the ladder.

We have all known or heard of people with cancer or something will themselves a quick death or will themselves cured. The mind is a powerful tool we monkeys are still yet to understand. So don’t under-estimate how powerful yours is.

There is a reason when your under negative attack they know the names of your family members and know the things that will frighten you more than anything else on the planet. Because you do. I read somewhere once that someone who was possessed many years ago was put into a Mental Institute and they went mad and died. They said ‘She willed herself to die because she was so evil’. That really pissed me off. Because she wasn’t evil, she was ignored and misunderstood. Because the church her parents sought help in couldn’t help her she was deemed unfit for society and they put her in the nut house which back in the 1940’s, it was a nut house. There was nothing pleasant about it so I won’t give it a pleasant name. She had her brain zapped, put on all sorts of horrible drugs and even though she was a young fit woman in her early 20s, she just died one day. If I had have been there I would have gone in to her and held her and talked to her about what she was seeing.

I would have filled her mind with positive images and love until she was starting to gain some control back then I would have gotten her to imagine things in her mind that she thoughts were big, tough and strong positive images that were beating up the demons she was seeing. Until she had her good thoughts killing off her bad thoughts. But her poor Spirit, that last little bit of light she had left was so beaten down and so exhausted, from fighting and trying to get help, she couldn’t do it anymore and she died. And that is often what happens in cases where they become so exhausted from trying to fight it using methods that don’t work, they get exhausted and will themselves to die. It happened with that poor man from Bobby McKays in the US. He was ‘possessed’ and I think because his soul wasn’t free from the exorcism they did on him and he never truly felt free of his demons, his Spirit got exhausted and took him home. When you look at photos of him from after it all happened, he looks so sad, so lonely and tormented. Because he knew he wasn’t free. But the people who gave in to those Spirits of that bar have fed into the fear and now that building has been allowed to take on an entity all on its own. There are people there, who don’t believe in that stuff who have never had one experience. But the experiences that do happen, usually always happen to those who believe it. I have no doubt there is some horrible energy there but there are worse things that happen in worse places than that where the energy isn’t anywhere near as bad. And that is because the people who fed the energy, gave it a demon. If you know what I mean? This is why I say to people ‘Go in with an open mind, don’t assume just because you were told it was haunted that it is’. People usually are shocked by this because they are used to Psychics calling everything Angels or Demons. But this why I rant so much. Because 90% of the Psychics I see on TV and in Magazines aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Like the ‘Psychic’ Ian Lawman who did articles for Spirit and Destiny magazine and one lady wrote in and asked ‘Why does my Mother have so little love for me, no matter what I do, she always seems to hate me’ aged 17yrs from somewhere like Brighton or something. And he actually wrote back and said these exact words and it was actually printed for public viewing lol ‘The reason your Mother hates you is because in a previous life you got pregnant to her and you had her aborted, your never going to get on, just wait until your old enough to leave and do so, but until she is older and your older she is never going to forgive you for her painful death’ *cue Home Alone Facial Pose of my hands to my face and my mouth open in shock* Can you believe that? Never mind that she is 17 female and at 17 you’re a pain in the arse and you hate your Mother and everything about her because she is bossy and mean. I was so angry I vowed never to read that magazine every again and I never have. He is trying to be a cool edgy complete antithesis of what a Psychic is perceived to me. Black trench coat, rocker boots and covered in tats. And all I want to do when I see him ‘in action’ is kick him in the water lol ahahahahahaha Oh I better be careful, I might manifest Ian Lawman type demons hahahahahahaha Honestly, if you get a chance Google him. He’s something else, him and Mr Derek Acorah lol Who charges £75 a seat for one of his shows and £250 for a reading. It disgusts me but that’s maybe for another post.

One of the things my Teacher told me was ‘When you become an employed Intuitive Clairvoyant never walk around in obvious wealth. You must remain humble at all times. tasteful jewellery that is functional and has a purpose only and never dress above your station, yiou are a servant of Spirit and must be humble AT ALL TIME!!!’

People like Ian Lawmen walk around on the T in £2000 leather trench coats, jackets and jeans the likes of which you only see rappers wearing and drive around in BMWs. They wear suits that are the cost of my rent. They talk down to the frightened and the grieving and it quite frankly worries me. They are the giving people an Incorrect perception of what it is to be a person of privilege and by that I don’t mean ‘wealth and privilege’ but our Gift is a Privilege. In watching Derek Acorah take the piss out of the dead in Most Haunted, along with the team  I told my husband ‘The more money that show gets the bigger the egos, you watch, they will end up bigger than the channel, they will make mistakes and the show will fail’ and sure enough, Living TV were spending hundreds of thousands of pounds for these fools who were spending days in exotic locations like Italy for a life show and getting nothing more than a ‘knock on a stick’ or a ‘stone thrown’ which doesn’t make for good telly. When the egos get too big and they humble pie becomes Beluga Caviar, the gift and opportunity gets removed. Now I hear Yvette Feilding and her husband and cousin have been outed as most of the activity on a lot of their shows and it is why the show ended up having such a high turn over of ‘guest psychics’ because they were cottoning on to what was going on behind the scenes and wanted to distance themselves from the show and now Ciaran O’Keeff has come out and said ‘not only were they making the bangs and throwing stuff but he even set them up.

Now no one will touch these people with barge polls.

‘Humble AT ALL TIMES!’


But anyone, I’m ranting like a lunatic now lol

So that is the Dark Side. It’s simple really to avoid them. Don’t do bad stuff lol if they do come in to your life, get strong, get mad and tell them to bugger off. It really is that simple.

Love and Light


5 thoughts on “The Dark Side: The Truth (Revised)

  1. Very informative. It’s a wonder, armed with this knowledge, how that Dark Side can get anywhere near you at all. 🙂 It certainly makes it seem less scary, and more like needing to tell your brain to shut up. I’m good at that. I get lots of practice. lol

    And Labyrinthine is a GREAT movie!!!!!! Haven’t seen it in years.

    • Well I have you to Thank for that suggestion babe, Thank you. Keep up the good work of being my bestfriend and suggestionering guy lol See my good language skills there? I still speaked good lol
      Oh that Movie is played a lot in my house but I think it’s because Jim Henson was a genius and a visionary and his team along with him were so good at creating characters with a soul and personality. I love the big doofusy Ludo lol My secret crush is for all things big, and or hairy and doofusy. Like Hensons Sweetums….ooooooohhh I love Sweetums lol ooooh ooh and Totoro and Mongo from Shrek, not Henson I know but I just have a secret love of the Giant Doofus variety lol I have TONS of Totoro stuff lol including a big stuffed toy and baffys (slippers)You didn’t know that about me lol

  2. Beautiful!!! You are really beautiful in explaining the real spirituality. It so deeply resonates within me. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon you. You gave me al my answers. It is like reading out my questions and you answered and they were are right answers. Every part of it.

    • Naawwwww Soujanya, that means so much to me. Considering what I know your going through, it means a lot that you took the time to tell me this.
      Thank you so much. I am truly humbled.
      I’m always here for you My friend, Always.
      Love and Light

  3. I was searching for suicide answers and came across your blogs…a lot that u have said I have already thought to be true but never read it anywhere. Im so tired of living in this world I can never find my place. Reading some of your articles helps but still leaves me unsure because of all the bullshit that’s online but your bullshit doesn’t sound like bullshit to me it feels like good shit