How to Release a Trapped Spirit.

A lot of my post ideas come from the search questions I see people asking in my Search Stats thingy watchama call’it lol I can’t have someone coming to my site looking for answers and not finding them. This is why I invite people to ask questions either on here or privately. Okay so if your silly enough to sit and read all my rantings you’ll know that I believe all Spirits should be released.

You don’t need to be an expert. You just have to care. This Spirit may be known to you or centuries old. But if they are trapped and need to be released and they are coming to you, it is you they are asking for help from. There are many reasons why a Spirit might be trapped. They might be frightened of what waits for them on the other side, they might be waiting for someone to pass over, they might not know how, they may have been called over and not been sent back (which often happens with Oujia boards and the negative ones who feast on the fools who invite them) they could be emotionally attached to the property or they might have had a traumatic death and never passed over because they haven’t come to terms with it. OR they might not of been allowed to cross over.

When they have learned their lessons they ask for help. If they are reaching out they need crossing over.

They don’t see the light that is always there. With any Spirit, be it a Resident Spirit, a Free Roaming Spirit, a Loved one who comes to say Hi, the light is always there behind them. But the trapped ones just can’t see it even though they know it’s there. Everything in death fights to get to the light eventually. When they are ready to see it they will. That’s when it’s our duty to cross them over.

It helps us both evolve.

So it s up to you to help them see it. All living beings have energy, all energy has a frequency. It is because I am able to tune my frequencies that I am able to see Spirit and communicate with them, I tune in to the Earths Frequencies to use Natural Telepathy and so on. All living beings can tune in their frequencies to do stuff they don’t realize they are doing like ‘Oh I think it’s gonna rain’, ‘I think I’m gonna hear from so and so’ ‘I think something bad is coming’ ‘My pet/child/loved one is ill’ the sentences usually end with ‘Don’t ask me how I know, I just know there is something wrong’ or ‘I can feel it in my bones’. That is a tuning of frequencies. I couldn’t stand the thought of my son as a Spirit roaming, searching for me in 150 years time and I’m on the other side looking for him and he is an old Spirit trapped because people want to catch images of him instead of sending him home to me. So send them over. All you need is a candle, a bell and pure and loving intentions. You want the house to be quiet.

Night or day, doesn’t matter but your guaranteed it to be more quiet when it’s night-time. Sit and light the candle in the room you know to be most active. The candle and bell should be in front of you. All phones and TVs, radios are to be turned off. There should be no one talking. Sit quietly for a minute, close your eyes and imagine a door opening. As the door opens ask for Protection of the White Light and to protect your house and all things in the house with white light, ask for strength and guidance in sending over the lost souls in your home/office/yard/building etc…..and that you call on all Spirits with connection to and of pure Spirit to help you guide the soul home’ in your mind as the door is open you will be full ‘psychically aware’

Then you ask for the Spirit to come to the light as you ring the bell. The bell lets out a frequency which will attract the Spirits attention. You will know when the Spirit is near you because the candle will start to jump and flicker wildly. Just keep ringing the bell and asking for the Spirit to come forward. When the candle starts to jump and your spine tingle and you get goosebumps, you may even get cold or hot and nauseous. But you’ll know…trust me…you’ll know.

When this happens calmly and with all the love and sympathy you can muster talk to them. Tell them they need to go to the light, tell them their loved ones are waiting for them on the other side and it is time they joined them, tell them they can’t be on this plain anymore and it is time they were free from the restraints of this plain. Tell them you love and respect them too much to keep them earth-bound and whatever it is they fear on the other side isn’t true’ then tell them ‘look…look at the light…see……there is your loved ones waiting for you, go to them, go to them now…be free and be at peace, God loves you and he wants you home, don’t fear home, it is beautiful and one day I will see you there but now isn’t my time, but it is your time…go to the light now, be free’ Now don’t be afraid if you get emotional.

Your doing a truly beautiful thing that is going to be charged with high emotion. If you know the person who is trapped, call them by name, use the names of loved ones you know to be on the other side including pets. Ask them to come forward to get the Spirit. The candle during this time will go mental, but when it stops, you’ll know they have gone. Things will start to warm up in the room and you’ll feel like you can breath again. You can video tape it but please be respectful. Your talking about someone who was living and breathing.

Someones loved one, it could be you one day. Someone buried them and cried for them and grieved for them and for whatever reason they got left behind. Don’t disrespect the process or it might come back to bite you. If you abuse it, it will abuse you and then you’ll have more than just lost Spirits to contend with. Letting a Spirit go is quite an emotional process.

Your going to feel quite drained afterwards. But once you know they have gone, blow out the candle by gently blowing on it then blowing the smoke around with your hand, waft it with your hand so it doesn’t tear the frequency apart but dissipates it. Then sit and close your eyes and imagine those doors again and this time imagine them closing. Count backwards from 10-1.

When you get to 1, the door should be closed fully. And say ‘I ask Spirit to bless me with the White Light and bless this house and all the people in this house with the white light and all the people who enter this house with the white light. I call on my ancestors to make sure  nothing enters me, my house or all the people I love and care for and to guide the light that I just sent home’ Then your done.

Please……don’t do this as a party trick. Don’t do this under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not even for Dutch Courage. Do NOT invite Spirits to stay even if they are children, and do not invite them to follow you. If you do anything other than I have told you to do you might be asking for trouble.

In saying that you must have good intentions or you wouldn’t be asking for help. If you need anything, if you need any advice, any help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me on I don’t charge for this sort of thing. I only charge for readings.

Too many people are afraid to ask for help because they think they will be charged for it. And I have to keep stressing. I only charge for readings.

Love and Light to you all

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  1. Can my beloved dog who just passed away month ago,,,can her spirit be trapped here? I had this terrible dream that this s old very angry woman spirit was holding her,,,I lived in this rented house less than year and planning to move,,,dreamt she was trying to escape the woman who was holding her by collar,,,to stop her from going,,,I know this is from my grief but do feel her around and want her not to be here,,,I am leaving!!!

    • To dream of a Spirit is a warning of deceit. The fact your beloved dog was in the dream is either the deceit will come or has come from close quarters or you feel their was deceit surrounding the death of your dog. Without knowing the entire dream though I can say what the outcome will be. But Spirits don’t usually have the power to cintrol other Spirits. Spirits can be afraid of other Spirits but they can’t control without concent. It sounds to me like your worried your going to leave your dog behind when you move but it’s never the case. We the grieving are the ones who hold our loved ones here. You need to let go of the fear and know your dog is in Spirit and is at peace now. Your dog will be wherever you are. Your dog might leave an imprinted image of itself at the house but it’s real Spirit will have moved on. Move on with peace in your heart. Let go of the grieve and move forward. Your dog will be wherever your heart is. Xox

      • Spiritchild1972,,,thank u for your kind and strong words of advice,,,I woke up and read your reply,,,I cried,,,finally there is a being who can relate and understand,,,,all my life have seen spirits angels etc,,,but am a very private person,,,my beloved dog was my friend and she was very loving,,,lab/pit mix,,,but when there was negative person around she would protect me and let them know she was watching them! I know in my heart of heart something has not been right,,,I pray and send blessings of love and peace to you😇 kindly Ruby

      • Your welcome my Sweet. Your always in good hands here.
        Your never going to be judged here. My Followers are the best. And I’ll always do my best to help you any way I can. Enjoy your move and take your dog in your heart. The memories of our loved ones on the other side are an impenetrable force of light brighter than the sun by 1000% to Spirit. It’s a beacon to them. So when your missing them your remembering them. By remembering them you keep their energy alive. Your instantly igniting a light that burns like a spiritual beacon of light Like a ligh house. And they never have trouble finding their way to you. So where ever you go they go. They follow the beacon of light. So your dog will never get lost. No Spirit does. As long as you keep remembering. I’m glad I could help you feel better about it. Always here xox

      • Your advice has helped us!!! Thank you😇my disabled granddaughter calls you Starchild…we view your advice as size and has brought peace to us!!! We have seen Silver,,,and do believe nothing can hold her spirit here now!!! We son know you,,,but you told us the truth,,,others even with good in their heart didn’t understand and tried to give advice,,,peace and light be yours today and always,,,,kindly Ruby😅

      • I love being called Star Child. Tell your Granddaughter Star Child said ‘ I know how beautiful you are and I love the name you gave me and I’ll wear it with pride. I hope to see her in my dreams sometime. Maybe we could meet in a park and feed some animals or something and if she ever has any questions for me I’d love to answer them’.
        Love to you all
        Star Child lol xox

      • Whoa,,,,today is date I lost him,,,Levi,,,I was 5months prevent,,,thank u,,,my granddaughter is very special,,,she has so much love for very one,,,she knows things and always draws angels and types of webs,,,she reminds me often where is your faith grandma? I told her what u said and she was so happy,,,how did u know that she loves

  2. Star child,,,never made so many mistakes? My writting of words???! We dont know u,,u have a good heart and care ,,,,thats real😆,its strange how son appeared in text I lost my baby son,,,30 years ago this month,,,

  3. Spiritchild1972,,,,we want you to know we r doing good,,,u really helped us in our time of sadness😩 sending blessing to you with much love,,,u r a beautiful soul,,,world needs more such as you😇love Ruby and Anastasia and pet family

    • Oh Ruby,
      Thank you so much. That is so kind of you. I’m so happy to hear you and your family got the help you were looking for. I’m honoured and a little more than privileged that it was me who was able to bring you some peace.
      Thank you so so much. You really have put a huge smile on my face.
      I’m always here if you need me my Darling Ruby.
      I wish your family all the love and light

    • Hiya Anastasia,
      Hello my Darling. Yes I promise, if we are ever lucky enough to meet I promise we will feed the ducks but until then when you go to sleep at night close your eyes and think of me and I’ll be right there with the box of crackers and biscuits waiting to feed the ducks.
      Okay? I’ll do it too. I’ll close my eyes and think of you and we will walk and feed the ducks. Maybe we will go to the zoo too. Okay?
      Every time you see a star, know that’s one big huge hug from me. I’ve sent you billions so far. See if you can find them all in the sky.
      I love you too.
      Love and Hugs

  4. Thank you for sharing these things that spiritual people that weren’t sure, get some insight and advice, things been starting to happen around me so I looked it up to learn more, I just smile more now…I’m still getting in touch with all I’m feeling and hearing, I just need to let go of the fear part I’m guessing. Thanx

  5. I need some advice on ridding an old home of trapped and confused spirits. They are angry and scared ,, and I can’t stand knowing they have been left this way for so long .. They reached out to my husband. He is an empath but doesn’t understand why it’s happening. He has been dizzy and weak and emotional since his encounter. When he told me I was pulled immediately to help them. As I understan . This home has been blessed before. And paranormal investigators have been more than once. Obviously no one cared to help release them this makes me so angry at people and their ghost hunts.n. Simple blessings will not work for this home. There have been many tragic deaths here. Is there any thing else I can try to help them thank you for your time

  6. Debbie, I sent this to the Gmail provided…

    Debbie –

    I ran across your blog but on another computer so I do not have the address but I did remember your email.

    Fir several weeks I had been having some physical disturbances. I have had these happen throughout my life but I noticed an increase in the last 12 months.

    I sought out a paranormal investigative team and I also sought out a local medium.I have some answers and great insight from a combination of both and this is what led me to your blog as I searched.

    in SEPT 2014 my father passed away rather suddenly and without warning while he was out of the country helping estranged relatives on his side in Honduras.

    It turns out that all the activity has been coming from my father. It was confirmed that I have gifts that I have not really sought out. One of those is being psychic as well as a healer, with strong indigenous roots.

    My father needs my forgiveness to pass on. He has been stuck in the Earth’s plane since he passed on. Of all my siblings and including his ex-wife, I am the one he needs forgiveness from so he can pass on.

    After reading your blog, I thought I would take the candle and the bells and go to a quite spot and perform this emotional task. I was also thinking of getting an apophyllite pyramid stone to place over my 3rd eye.

    I was told my father would reveal himself to me in a special and private way, as his sign to me that I have successfully helped him pass.

    Do you think this might be too much? The pyramid crystal?


  7. My name is Roderick Kemp . I am experiencing exactly what you mentioned it and because I do care I want to be able to allow the spirits around me to find your place home. A couple Spears I believe is my mother and my stepfather who my love dearly and the equally love me . I know that I am too emotional to participate in releasing them however my woman Angela could do what is needed to be done so I’m relying on her if you have any information you can assist us with we would appreciate it.

  8. My mother passed away last September.I heard story’s over the years how family said things like a big storm blew in swung front door open.a lite turn on or dreams.sounds footsteps.My dad thought heard her talking to him a week or two ago.My 11 year old daughter said dreamed of her she saying she was ok.

    I dreamed last night just before I woke up.she was there kinda golden looking same aura.telling me let her go nothing else.I can’t figure out if just dream or what.I never seen a ghost anything unusual if I do I try figure out logical explenation for noises.I don’t know what to think guess just want see someone’s thoughts about it if could thx.

  9. My brother passed in 2014 of overdosing on drugs. I believe he’s caught here and in my home when I take pictures I’ll see people that aren’t in the room in the photos. The one I took when I felt my brother’s presence appears that he is accompanied by other spirits that look evil. I’ve read that people who die of heroine overdoses are stuck to roam the earth with their demons which concerns me. I don’t know if my brother is just coming to visit or what but I want him to pass over. I don’t know also if I’m holding him here and would like some guidance

  10. I don’t understand why this doesn’t work from me. I have tried so many different ways to help cross these spirit attachments over but they just won’t go. It’s hopeless. I’m hopeless.

  11. Thank you. Very helpful. Is it possible to do it without the candle and the bell,just by meating him in the mind and asking the white light to give him love and to receive the soul?

    • Yes, but you need to be quite strong psychically, they have to trust you, you need to emanate love. The candle you don’t need but a bell is quite important. But try it. Let me know how it goes.
      Love and Light

  12. Im scared to this myself and really need some gudiance to free my brothers soul who shot himself in 2009…then 11 days later my other brother lost is 5mth old baby girl..they both died in the same bed…also my father shot himself as well so yes theres a few lost souls here not jus one..pls let me know if u can help me with this

  13. We had a man pass away in our bathroom, I believe his soul is trapped in our house. Between 2 & 3 we hear 3 knocks on our front door or one of the patio doors. Help please

  14. Hi my name is April and I work at a hotel in kingsport tn and we have 2 trapped spirits here in our lobby. One of them is a cook and he is always walking back and forth from the kitchen to our dining room. And the other one is a guy who is in blue jeans and he is always at our bar area and I will see him at least 2 times a night when I’m working 3rd shift.. he looks so sad and lonely. I always turn the tv on for him and sometimes he will change the channels and sometimes u will see him walk pass the front desk.. how would I be able to release their spirit from this crappy motel. They dont deserve to be here.. they have family waiting on them on the other side who would love to see them.. PLEASE HELP

  15. There seems to be a child spirit in the house that we’re renting and it has made us aware that it’s here. We spoke to it and named it Aura because we don’t know its sex, but we do know it is between 3 and 5 and very playful but extremely sad… sad that it caused a severe depression to come over me where I broke down and cried.

    That night I spoke to it out of genuine concern and let it know that I wasn’t afraid of it and that I loved it and wanted to help it move on. I told it that I would help it be free of this plain because it is time for it to move on. “She” stayed silent for three days, (the amount of time I asked to find out how to help it be free).but has again made its being known by crying as though they didn’t want to leave and then a short while later giggling and even a child’s squeaking of glee as if found during a game of hide and seek some time after the giggling.

    I spoke to an associate whom said I should approach it quite differently than the instructions here because we live in a predominately Catholic country in Asia and that it would best understand that approach, but I am convinced that this is more in tune with the situation being it hasn’t been malevolent nor harmful or presented any danger in any way.

    I’m excited to assist in love and truly endeavor to help it move on to the next level of life and really look forward to feeling it be joyful in being free. Peace, health and light to you and thank you for your help.