My life with my White Lighter Wife: Part 2 My Role as Protector.

Every white lighter is assigned a protector before birth. I had initially assumed it was some sort of “physical security” role where I may have to bash over zealous religious zealots or deal with aggressive clients. While physical protection is important it is a tiny part of the role. A protector need not be a physical presence for pushing folk around, it could be a little old lady or a child. What is important is that persons personality traits in order to keep their white lighter grounded. They are an anchor in this reality to which the white lighter can always rely on in any circumstance. As I have seen through many experiences with my wife her gift is not something that she can fully control, sometimes events can be so overwhelming she can lose herself in her gifts and there have been occasions where I have had to bring her back to reality or introduce a degree of stability to which she can return. Without this a white lighter could easily put themselves in danger, this could be as simple as not seeing a  bus when crossing the street as they are experiencing the street of two hundred years ago right through to a backup in some large-scale spiritual attack. Whatever happens my wife always knows I am there when the chips are down. I have some gifts but nothing along the lines of her which makes us the perfect match, our abilities compliment each other and enable her to fully let go always knowing I’ll be there to bring her back.

My first major encounter with this role was shortly after we met, She was in New Zealand and I was in the UK. It started with one night I was alone in my little flat, I awoke in the middle of the night to a presence in my house. Absolutely terrified I sat up in bed to see a number of tall dark robed figures enter my room and encircle my bed. I was to later discover this group is referred to as the council and are a highly evolved group of souls. As I mentioned in my previous article all souls undertake a growth through experience. As this progresses some souls enter “higher” in the hierarchy and I was told this “council” are some of the most highly evolved spiritual beings. This was my first introduction to them and while terrifying their role would become more apparent over the coming years. Just as the fear was about to overwhelm me I was brought back to reality by what I now refer to as my spiritual elder and two children who appeared and ended the encounter. The important thing I felt about this encounter was overcoming my fear of spirit, it is a major cultural shock to the psyche when you experience something like this and its important to learn what is fear of the unknown and when it is genuine terror of something dark. It was also an introduction too my spirit elder who is a guy maybe in his 60s, wiry grey hair swept back and barely controlled. He always wears an old green jumper and comfortable brown shoes. I always know when my life is about to take some form of dramatic turn as he will appear now and prepare me. As for the two children who initially appeared with them I now know those were my sons.

A short time after this event it was followed by a second event, each of these events challenged my understanding of reality and opened my perceptions to a universe far beyond my understanding. It was the middle of the night again and I couldn’t sleep. I had an anxious feeling of anticipation, I found myself outside my body and was immediately whisked to a place of pure light.In a spiritual form distance is no object so you often find yourself in another place as quickly as changing a tv channel, its jarring at first but you soon get used to it. I could feel myself as a physical being as real as I sit here now but I was no longer in this reality, I was in a large open space filled entirely with white light. I could see this same council had formed a circle of which I was on the outside, as I moved in I was curious as to what had their attention. What initially shocked me was just how big these beings were, I myself am no shrinking violet standing over 6’5 and near 18 stone I stand out like a fairytale giant however next to these beings I barely reached their waist. In the centre of the circle I found my wife lying unconscious and I got the sense they were taking her. I rushed in and pleaded with them eventually using my body as a physical barrier over hers to stop them “taking” her. I had no idea where they might be taking her I just knew it was important I held on. Eventually in my mind I heard them capitulate and at that point I noticed a small piece of celtic jewellery I had sent her on a necklace. It start to glow a blinding white light  which started to beam out in thick rays of white until it had enveloped the whole scene upon which I immediately found myself back in my little flat, shocked and disoriented. I immediately contacted my wife only to discover she had taken an allergic reaction to medication and had been clinically dead for two minutes.

So started many years of deeply profound spiritual experiences which have grown in frequency. Sometimes my wife will be so involved in a crisis I have to be the one to bring her back. When you do this kind of work you don’t just turn up and do a bit of work, you become completely psychically engaged in the situation, feeling all parties emotional and spiritual states, living through them, being them. This can be particularly intense if people who are brought to her are on the edge of suicide or if she is helping investigate a murder. The most important role of a protector is to bring her down from all this, return her to earth and this reality. Due to the interconnectivity  of everything the slightest trigger can set her off onto what may be an incredibly harrowing experience for her and every white lighter doing this work needs a protector they can rely on to bring them back down.

Another important aspect of being a protector is being “open-minded” that’s not about accepting a gay cousin or that uncle phil wants to be  a woman its about being open to all possibilities and potential situations. My wife may get a psychic call like an emergency service i.e. this person is about to do something stupid and she has to drop everything to run to the situation. I have to ensure she gets there and gets the job done then bring her back out of it, its like being on 24hr call as an emergency service. I also must be prepared for situational events, such as we may be in a place and she will be told we have to leave immediately after having taken a good while to get there. It can be very inconvenient but at the same time I have to act with trust and remove us from the situation. A protector must be understanding and ready to act at a moments notice. I must be open at all times to new things, its every easy to build a safe world of ideas around yourself but an event can happen without notice which shatters your perception of reality. I have had to learn to live without pre conceived ideas or notions any more. I just have to act on faith, as I am told what to do, if that involves driving three hundred miles in the middle of the night, or chucking my job at a moments notice. I just have to get on with it.

Unknown to many behind the scenes of our world there is an eternal struggle of light versus dark. The surface veneer belies a struggle of wills for the human psyche of which I have been dragged into this battle as an initially unsuspecting participant. The war is waged between two groups the ego driven darkside of human nature and the light. The workers on the light are very few in number compared to the dark but a balance is maintained while the human species undertakes its spiritual growth. Everything in this universe is about duality, positive/ negative, love / hate, light/ dark, matter/antimatter. As the human species grows, this eternal struggle between these dualities swings between the positive and the negative. If this world was perfect and our lives had no suffering and hardship we would never grow as a species so the darkside of human nature is important in that they bring out the best of us in the face of adversity. To that effect, I am sure many of you have suspected or have read that a tiny dark element influences humanity.

Despite the propagandizing many people do know that human beings are inherently good. They behave in selfless caring ways which are never mentioned and we all know if we were caught in a situation where someone was in desperate need of help the true nature of humanity shines through irrespective of any of the “differences”. We  are regularly told that matter. To that effect a small group of extremely powerful people have been influencing humanity in a negative way for at least two thousand years. In the past 100  years though they have increased the intensity of their influence employing powerful tools of psychological manipulation and the technology of mass media in an attempt to crush the human spirit. They have increased this intensely due to the fact that these people employ the same psychic techniques as the light. They can see what is coming and it terrifies them. A renaissance of consciousness whereby old paradigms are swept away, the concept of power, elitism, control, no longer matter. A singular human race intent on doing good and expanding itself to ever higher levels. To this effect these dark groups have really upped the game with an intent of promoting fear and separation with which they can maintain order. The engineered financial collapse, the every growing police state, the forced medication all of it creating a climate of depression, loss and a deeply conflicted species. Now one of the main forces preventing this elites final seizure of the human race is people like my wife. In the truest sense of spirit they do not build a large army  for a traditional “war” they select a small handful of key people they know will ultimately fulfill the agenda and help the human race achieve its potential. To that effect, these white lighters are also the most “dangerous” people on the planet. The elites cannot overtly attack these people but have and will in the past organise a “suicide” or an accident”. What they don’t realise however is that any death or mayhem they cause is done by design to increase the good in the world. The white lighters are not a traditional fighting force either comprised of all sorts of backgrounds they are ordinary humble people tasked with something extraordinary and each of these is assigned a protector in order to help them achieve their tasks. As a protector I have not only been told there may come a time where I have to put myself in harm’s way but I have also come under repeated psychic attack of ever increasing intensity. The elites must be cautious though and always try to operate behind a veil. Due to the interconnectivity of everything if they made there intentions obvious it would become very easy to “link” in with them and reveal all their secrets. Spirit have no secrets they are about truth, honesty and love. My wife has never had an attack she wasn’t prepared for.

Here is an example of a psychic attack I was involved in.

They initially started on my wife but I was of course drawn in, it starts as night terrors as they prey and probe for fears as this a good area to exploit as a “route in” Entering through dreams they started to probe her limits, terrible dreams would attempt to deprive her of sleep and cloud her judgement in an attempt to reveal information. As they scouted her perimeter I started being drawn in too, horrific lucid night terrors as they explored my fears, repeatedly night after night in an attempt to grind you down. Lack of sleep starts to cloud your judgement and you become a shell as night/day/asleep/awake all blend into one. Negative energy starts to cloud your life, everything starts to conspire against you from the utility companies to people start to make all of life as difficult and unbearable as possible. You come under relentless attack, not just from a person but from a combined effort from a “group” working together to grind you down. They have to play a careful game though, in constant disguise because should the truth be revealed they lose all power and the attack becomes ineffective. There was information my wife had that they wanted desperately and she was successfully fending them off. However the battle can become so intense I had to keep her grounded, linked to reality especially when lack of sleep and exhaustion take their toll. When they started to attack me I was prepared to a certain extent having engaged with some attacks before but this was a concerted effort of intensity at a time in my life I was particularly run down. Night terrors became increasingly intense and when awake I could feel someone in my mind search through my thoughts like someone would browse a filing cabinet.  Then one night it came to a head, I was starting to lose control and felt like I was failing. In desperation I called out for help in my mind and immediately a spiritual friend I had recently made contact with appeared in my mind with what I can only describe as a warm tidal wave of love washing over me. Immediately my friend blocked the attack and all the negativity around me dissipated. It was shortly after this my wife immediately got the upper hand, we suspect with the help of our spiritual friend. The tables were turned the first thing to come apart was my wife dismantled there veil, immediately the connection was made and she had access to every thought and life experience of the person attacking her. His name, his Real name, his home address, his family, his history, his entire being was laid bare. I immediately wrote all of this information down, took this persons life apart piece by piece, even noted down all the secret information. The most powerful weapon is always information. In an attempt to block her, the attacker immediately tried to intoxicate himself, one of the only ways to prevent a complete download once the connection is made is to intoxicate yourself with alcohol and drugs. He tried this for a few days but it isn’t sustainable if you want to maintain a life as a human being. As the clouds parted on his consciousness she started pummeling him with truth and love, shattering all he knew, all his paradigms. As a person of gifts he had simply been lied to and coerced into performing this work and a he realised the scale of his lie his life fell apart and he had would and could only be construed as a breakdown. My wife done what she could to send him love, healing and explained the true nature of things. A few weeks later I received an email from him apologizing profusely and offering financial recompense I ignored then deleted the email.

Note (from me Spiritchild) I should point out, we have never met this man. He lives in the United States, we live in the United Kingdom. Our connection to him was purely psychic. I know his family had been told he was either MIA or KIA in Vietnam but was in fact then used to ‘Special operations’ and his identity was changed. The fact he contacted Mr, means he had our contact details, knew all about us and all the while we knew nothing until I picked up on him with my gift and figured it all out. I haven’t been able to pick up on him since about 6 months after it happened. Last I saw him he was laying on a sofa in his billet in Texas, having not shaved for days and looked like he hadn’t slept in days also. My heart went out to him. End Note.

As a protector it’s often not about me doing battle but more importantly it’s about me supporting my wife in her battles, if I am the wall behind her she can keep pushing forward in the face of extreme attack and adversity till we can finally push through. Psychic attacks do continue but there are losing their effectiveness and I feel now they just test the perimeter occasionally on the off-chance, too scared to launch an attack because if they fail they will inadvertently reveal more about themselves than they ever hoped.
In the next part I will explain how being around my wife has opened up my gifts including some of my profound experiences. I will also discuss my new pastime of communicating through my wife in new ways which has led to some frankly astonishing conversations well beyond both our areas of knowledge or expertise.

Here is Scientific proof Telepathy exists. If you don’t believe or question what my wife and I are saying.

9 thoughts on “My life with my White Lighter Wife: Part 2 My Role as Protector.

  1. Wow. Your story is awesome. I got chill bumps at several points, and I cannot wait to read the next installment, but I must comment on the video you have linked here.

    I’ve gotten 23 minutes into it, and I just had to stop it and comment now. The moment they began talking about Ayahuasca. While I’ve never had the digestible type that they use in S. America, I have partaken in DMT, the type you smoke. It was two of the most intense, amazing, terrifying, beautiful experiences of my life, in which I’d never felt such a connection with… well, everything, as I did during/after the second experience.

    While it was amazing, to get to the places you go, or rather, the places you can go, you have to go through the most terrifying moments… If you’re ever interested in what I saw while I was ‘away’, I’d be glad to share.

    I guess the reason I felt I had to comment was because, before I watched this, while reading other things through your site, I’d found myself wondering if you’d ever had any experience Ayahuasca/DMT before, and here, out of the blue, is a video on your blog, discussing that very thing. What are the odds??

    Okay… I’ve still got a few minutes to myself, so I must continue to watch more of this video!


    • OMG!!! Ya know we have discussed this at lenght my husband and I. I would LOVE to try and and document it. I’ve always wanted to and have been searching for someone online who could explain thier experiences and here you are…..brought to me lol As if by magic.
      Please tell me of your experiences. I really do want to try it and found a place that sells it. I want to use myself as a Scientific experiement to see what would happen with someone like me on it. I’ve seen some incredible things happen to normal people but never with someone like me. Please……can you tell from start to finish of your experiences so I can put it on my Blog if you don’t mind. I’m fascinated to learn more and then if I can get some I want to document my experience and see if by being on it, it can unlock more of my gift or enhance it in some way. I have so many questions. Please….can you tell me everything, from start to finish. Don’t leave anything out. You sound like a cool hippie chick like me hehe I think if we were friends we would be trouble lol

      • *laughs* You know, I got chill bumps reading your reply. I have no problem documenting what I can remember of my experiences. The thing with DMT is that while it’s happening, it can feel like hours, but really, it’s packed into mere minutes. My first experience was just something that seemed a little trippy, but nothing profoundly spiritual, other than the feelings/intuitions I received afterward.

        The second time… whoa. Complete and total different experience. It was at times your worst nightmare compounded by 1000x, followed by the most amazing thing you could never even comprehend.

        First rule of thumb, videotape your experience. During, and after, (unless you must stop… that happened to me my second time… during the terrifying part, I couldn’t bear it and made them stop) because you want to describe what you saw and have it documented, because you will forget a lot of it the longer you’ve been ‘back’. Unfortunately, neither of my experiences were videotaped, nor did I document them afterward, so what you’ll be getting is only what I can remember.

        I’ll tell you this much… do NOT attempt it without your Protector with you. If your experience was anything similar to mine (and something tells me that it will be FAR more intense) you will need him to help you through the worst part. At least, as much as he can. It’s something you go through that no one can really ‘help’.

        But I’m getting ahead of myself.

        What I will do is this: My fiancee is off work until Sunday, and because he works so much, we don’t get much time together, so I’ll be spending a lot of time with him, and I’ll need a big chunk of time to type it all out. He goes back to work on Monday, and I’ll sit down and type it all out for you then.


      • I can’t wait for your experience now. I don’t know if I’m excited or nervous to want to try it. Do you think The Dark Side will wanna get in? Oh my god I have so many questions……………I will just ask this one for now though and you can answer me when your typing it out after your man goes back to work.
        Are you fully aware of yourself during it to explain what your seeing? The people I have seen online on it just mostly scream and push things away from them so I’m hoping I can control it enough to say ‘I’m seeing this and that’. I promise if I get to try some, I will tape it and post it on Youtube. I’m all about testing my abilitys fo Science.
        I don’t want to try that Bath salts though, I don’t want to wake up eating my husbands face lol I’m a Pescatarin and people taste more like Pork apparently lol

      • Well, I’m not sure if you were watching people doing Ayahuasca or DMT, but DMT is the only thing I’ve any experience with. It is also what you would want to do, I think, at least at first, because it usually only lasts for about 20 minutes… but with you, for some reason, I have a feeling that you will be like me.

        The guy who ‘guided’ me on my trip (measured out the dosage and was in charge of the music, and stayed watch over me) has guided scores of people, and even he was surprised at how long my ‘journey’ lasted… maybe people who are ‘different’ don’t process it as fast as others, but my ‘journeys’ are ALWAYS longer than what is standard, and I think yours might be, too, so be prepared for an extra 10 minutes or so with DMT… Ayahuasca lasts for HOURS, and if it’s anywhere near as intense as as DMT, personally, I’m afraid to try it at this point. 30 minutes is more than enough at first.

        But with DMT, you are never unaware of your surroundings, you can ‘feel’ your body at all times, and if things get too intense, you only have to open your eyes to be ‘back’.

        I don’t suggest trying to explain what you’re seeing while you see it. Wait until the colors begin to fade, then just start talking. You won’t be able to describe much of what you see, because there either won’t be words available to you that even come close, or because it’s just so MUCH… but you’ll remember the parts you were supposed to, but get it down as quickly as possible, because like all things, it will fade over time, until you are only left with the highlight reel of what you SAW, what you felt will become a vague memory.

        Don’t worry about the Dark Side trying to get in. If I understand what it is from reading your post, it won’t be able to. This is an intensely personal journey, and anything negative you experience will only be because you HAVE to, not because it’s being inflicted upon you by outside forces… kind of like how the native americans fasted for days to have visions because doing so proved their worthiness to receive them, such is the ‘terrifying’ ordeal I went through, as I understood it. I had to go through it to get to the place I journeyed to. A rite of passage, so to speak.

        Bath salts are horrible. I’ve never done them, but the moment I heard of them, I had the same feeling as I do about heroin or crack. It’s dangerous. DMT is found in EVERYTHING, from plants to your own brain. It is SUPPOSED to be there. Even weed is a product of nature, as well as peyote.



  2. Oh my god I can’t wait to hear what happened now. Ya know talking to you is like talking to myself lol you use the same words and terms and everything. It’s freaky. Are you a 40 yr old New Zealand woman who’s 6’1 with a pregnant looking broken tummy and Auburn hair, blue eyes. glasses, big boobs, tattoos and piercings? lol Your freaking me out and I’m not even on it yet lol

    • *giggle* nope, I’m a 33 y.o. American woman who’s 5’7″ with a pregnant-looking unbroken belly (unless you count the gall-bladder removal surgery two years ago) Auburn hair (out of a bottle, but naturally brown), occasionally I have blue eyes, since mine are Hazel, so they change color depending on my mood), good eyesight, medium sized boobs, and I also have tattoos and piercings, LOL!