My Life with a White Lighter Wife: By Mr Husband

When I first met my wife I was essentially an atheist, it’s not that I wasn’t in wonder at the universe or that I had contemplated some of the greater question but my atheism was rooted in my deep distrust of organized religion. As a child Presbyterian Protestantism was a big part of the school curriculum and as such every other day we were herded into halls to listen to various adults drone on about the bible in its various forms. Even as a young child the inherent contradictions were obvious, I had questions which those in religious authority had no answers for. Inconsistencies such as why a god of infinite love seemed so cruel and unjust? Why did you have to pay for a faith? why did they have fabulous palaces while Jesus talked about non materialism. As a small child not only was I bored of it I pretty much wrote it off as a bullshit scam designed for profit and power. This attitude grew especially as I grew up and religion failed to offer any solutions to life’s problems and science in of itself seemed to uncover new wonders regularly. Science gives miracles everyday yet religion tells us we have to believe in miracles which not only could not be proven they relied on old tales or word of mouth. Organized religion was hardly a system on which one based their life and as far as I was concerned star wars offered greater spiritual depth than any of the organized religions!

I had read much on religions and I had also read some philosophy too but neither was giving me the answers and I had pretty much written it all off and focused on other things. So when I first met my wife and she explained her “talent” I was more curious than anything else. You can also imagine my surprise when I was told I had a special role as protector and that my life was about to take a dramatic turn. Now faced with this new role I wasnt entirely convinced so I asked these beings to prove themselves to me. If I was to take on this role I had to know what i was doing was based on real physical data and wasnt just mumbo jumbo. They promised they would and also said they relished an atheist as an excellent place to start. An atheist with an open mind is a far greater proposition for them than someone clouded in religious dogma and half-baked ideas.

So they started, at the time I was in a lot of debt and was facing the loss of my job and I said to my wife ” if this works I could really do with some lottery numbers”. So she did, gave me the numbers that week and told me to buy a ticket. I had forgotten about this until she called me through and said ” I have some news, those numbers have come up but you brought the wrong ticket!” I had, the thing about the British lottery is that there are lots of options on what ticket to buy so I had the correct number just the wrong draw! After I got over the shock I was then told ” You are not meant to win the lottery, your life has a different path. However we done this to show you we are real and we are here for you. So long as you accept us we will always look after you so you will never need to win the lottery”. The odds of those numbers coming up I think are 17 million to one, I felt that was a good start. In a sense I did win the lottery because once you are aware of the greater universe and how it works this is much more valuable than any financial recompense. This style of “event” recurred regularly but in different forms and with it my faith, including repeated life saving warnings. One day I was told to take extra special care on a particular route home, like all there warnings this resonated and that day I drove home like a cautious pensioner. As I crested a bend on a small blind hill I had to slam on my brakes as I was greeted by the surreal image of a car upside down, smoking and on my side of the road. Had I been going even a little faster and reached the corner a few seconds earlier I have no doubt it would have completely destroyed my little car and me in it. Many talk of faith but when spirit have repeatedly saved your life its kind of hard not to develop some growing trust and love in them. Since I have embraced them they have repeatedly saved my ass, I no longer question it, so many times they have told me not to go somewhere or not to do something and it has turned out to be beneficial. Of course they selflessly and repeatedly save me from myself and do so without question, all they ask is that I listen. Its kind of hard not too!

As I always do with new things when I first started I read as much as I could on the subject and hammered my wife with relentless questioning. Not in an attempt to catch her out but to get satisfactory answers to really big philosophical questions. I felt if I was putting my trust in an invisible entity I wanted some answers as to what they are all about. It actually pisses me off that people when they have access to these realms choose to ask stupid selfish questions. Will I be rich ? or will I get married? With access to the universe and source consciousness I tried to come up with really big questions and for the first time I got answers which made sense here are some examples.

How does spirit work in relation to space/time?
Spirit exist in a realm where all time happens simultaneously and space and relative distance are irrelevant, A soul can exist in multiple places simultaneously and visit any time or space in this universe instantaneously but can only live on existence at a time. Sometimes timings for predictions are out simply because spirit have no concept of time, time is a perceptive result of our reality.( Much of the descriptions I have received on this from spirit tie into Einsteins work and the “continuum”) Einstein pretty much describes what it is to be a being of light, of course I cannot possibly conceptualize it all here but psychics has especially recently as quantum physics is unknowingly really starting to dip into the metaphysical.

Do we return to multiple lives and if so why?
Yes, many souls return repeatedly, life is all about experience and learning. Our reality is like a school where a spirit can come and experience a chosen life in order to grow and learn from the experience. A particular life is chosen because of the lessons inherent with it. There are new souls for whom this is their first life and others whom have been back many times. Also some spirits do choose to come back as animals for the experience.

Why do terrible events happen?
Souls volunteer for the most difficult lives as these are where the greatest opportunity for learning. Not only for those who suffer but the lessons that can be gleaned by those around the suffering too. A particularly bad event might need to happen to help the human species evolve spiritually. These lessons are very hard and often seem cruel but the souls who participate are highly revered and learn a huge amount from the experience they can share. Really terrible events must always be viewed in the wider context and how they relate to the future and the growth of humanity.

Why do “innocents” such as children have to endure tremendous suffering while monsters (eg bankers) go unchecked?
Its often not the lessons a particular soul has to learn they may volunteer to be the victim in order that other souls can learn lessons too. It may seem unjust that a child starves while a banker buys a multi million dollar yacht but it has to be viewed in a greater context of the human species developing. Ultimately though you do answer for your actions when you pass over although not from a devil or some saint pointing an angry finger. Plus all children go to the highest realm while Bankers and anyone who is money obssesed…..don’t lol Your own consciousness reflects on its own immoral behavior and punishes itself, the other side is all interconnected so you can no longer live in a cloud of self deceit, in a reality of pure honesty and inter connectivity its impossible to not reflect on your own actions and seek to grow within yourself and correct them. Some of these souls choose to come back as a victim in order to learn lesson from both sides, or relive the experiences of those they hurt. When a “bad” person passes over they have a lot of work to undertake. There is no hell outside what your own consciousness creates for itself as the veil is lifted.

Is there other life in the universe and how does it relate to spirit? Does ET have a soul and does he hang out with my dead relatives?
Absolutely, the universe is full of life, it all stems from source consciousness and is all related. You will have lived out experiences on other worlds, our view is just human centric because that’s the nature of our experience and our point of reference.

What is the point in life?
Life is about learning and growth, it’s an “experience” you have in order to grow your soul. It’s about developing your soul and enrichment from experience good and bad. For example you can read every book on war but a few minutes in a trench teaches you more than you could ever glean from a lifetime of reading. Simply “knowing” is not enough, a being must experience this visceral reality warts n all in order to grow. Despite the bad experiences though you must always remember that on the other side you are a loved being of pure light who never suffers.

What is the point in the universe? Why did god do it?
There was a consciousness beyond our comprehension, so vast and all-knowing. For some reason it decided perhaps for the purpose of its own growth to split off lots of little self-directed individual consciousness. It then “thought” the universe into existence and populated it with these little consciousness. The overall purpose is beyond human comprehension and understanding at least at this stage. We lack even the types of language necessary to describe it.

Does organized religion have any of it right?
Some of it, little bits here and there but like everything is  open to corruption. You never need to give money or visit a building for your faith, the source consciousness is everywhere including within you. The key is to break through your own deceptions and reveal the inner truth within yourself. Everyone knows what is good or bad they just lie to themselves in order to protect their ego. The ego can justify any action to itself.

Did Jesus exist and if so what was he all about?
He was an amalgamation of a number of people, designed as a myth in order to maintain the deception. Religious division is one of the main means of control powerful elites exert over you. Other divisions include race, Geographical borders, cultural difference. It is important for those driven by ego to maintain division because as soon as human beings realize they are all one and part of a greater whole it becomes a lot more difficult to control them. You cannot conduct a war against yourself, training people to believe they are separate beings keeps them in fear and distrusting. They can then be manipulated and controlled very easily, you can see this in the propaganda at any point in history including the present. The enemy you are being sold is “YOU”. Hating another human, waging war is as pointless as declaring war on your own leg. Any negative action hurts the whole. If you bomb children with a drone that hurts all of us. When the human race realizes this there will be no place for those driven by ego, they will be out of date and redundant in their thinking.

There are far too many questions for me to list here but these are a few from the start of my journey and I felt the answers were right for me. I found no contradiction, just honesty. Sometimes the honesty from spirit is very hard to hear, it’s not manipulated by a bloke in a gold hat performing some sort of ritual. They are blunt and to the point but if they weren’t you wouldn’t learn anything and through my journey this far it has been very hard but I learn more and more every day. Here below is a Quantum Physicist Confirming what my wife told me 12 plus years ago.

The next part will be how I grudgingly embarked on my role as protector.