I can slip through Time

There are many different versions of what a Time Slip is but I’m going to talk about the one I experience a lot. I call them Psychic Time Slips because I seem to slip into a different time, both in the past, the present and the future. I can’t control it. I do become aware when it is about to happen but I never know what is going to set it off. In my house we call it ‘Going off on one’ lol

The first time it happened was when I was in Warwickshire, England. I’ve been there a few times but don’t remember any time I have been there because as soon as I get through a certain bit I am back in time. I can smell the smells of the past, the sights of the past, I feel the weather, the entire environment around me. Some times it lasts only seconds, some times it can last for what seems like an hour. I always know when it is about to happen because my head goes fuzzy, I start to get a tingle down my spine, my hair stands on end, goosebumps down my arms, my head becomes heavy and them my hearing goes muffled and sight goes blurry. I make a certain noise when it happens and I am able to communicate with my husband when it happens. This is how he knows not to leave my side until I back.

The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago while we were in the car. I got that feeling and I saw my family in a place with cream coloured buildings, with what looked like European architecture of German or Eastern European origin. The cars were different, the people wore different clothes and while we were driving I just felt like we weren’t in Glasgow or even Scotland.

I can’t control it. I never know when it is going to happen and I can’t place myself some where and hope it will happen. It happens when I least expect it but I get warnings seconds before. It is like I am instantly moved in space and time to be in a different location both here and out in Space in the past, future and present. I have been on a Time Slip and just been flying through space. I go into Space more when I am asleep but the experience is exactly the same. One minute I’m here, then my body goes through the motions I described and then next thing I’m in space.

Because of this I know that Black Holes can be manipulated  by thought. You can think a Black Hole open and it will open. I know that The Moon and Sun are pivotal to ALL life. They were the first. The only way I can describe it is, The Moon is the Father, the Sun is the Mother. When the planets like Earth is hurt (war, environmental disasters etc..) the Sun reacts. Like a Mother trying to soothe her child. When Earth has had enough of us and is trying to tell us it is upset with us, it reacts like a child having a tantrum. It will have an Earthquake, or flood somewhere. The Earth is trying to tell us it isn’t happy and the Sun reacts to it. I found this out while sitting in a bubble in space. This really does sound insane but this is the truth. I have never been anyone else in the time slip so it’s not like I can see say a President in the future and feel what it is to be him in that time etc…but I could see him Psychically and have precognitive encounters with them. This is how I know the Current Presidents life is in danger in the future because I always have these dreams where he is blown up in a vehicle or plane. It changes sometimes from a plane to a car, I just hope I’m wrong and just certifiable lol

One thing I can do is connect to a person who has died in an accident or something and then be placed in their shoes as it is all happening. ie 9/11, major disasters or tragic events like the Boston Bombings which is why I know they were staged. Anyone who believes they were a Terrorist Attack needs to just close the blinds and shut their doors and bury their heads in the sand. But in saying that I don’t actually know anyone with an  IQ under about 90  that believes those bombings were real so maybe people are starting to wake up. But I can watch something like that on TV and put myself there.

But with a time slip I can feel, taste, touch, smell, the environment I am in. I see the people, the clothes, I can watch them and sometimes they can see me. Mostly I would say 99% of the time they don’t but sometimes they can see me and will talk to me. I don’t know what I look like to them but none of them seem to over react to me. So I can’t be standing in modern clothes with modern hair and stuff to them. I was in The  Summerlee Industrial Museum the Other day and I was suddenly surrounded by noise, heavy machines, the smell of oil and coal and it was hotter than hell and this man came stoating over and said ‘Excuse me Miss, can you please tell my Jenny I’m going to be a bit late home, I’ve had a wee accident’ and when I looked up at him, his whole right arm had been ripped off. He was (and pardon the pun) as white as a Ghost but he has this pleading look on his face and only looked about 25. I said ‘Sure’ and with that I saw (he was a newly married man, his wife Jen needed hospital treatment when she was told the news he was killed and in that visit found out she was pregnant). So this time slip thing is varied and only when I actually travel to a physical place can I not control it. If I communicate with a Spirit to what they want me to see, I can control it. This is different to how I predict or read because in that respect Spirit put images in my mind’s eye. But the Time Slip way, I am there physically.

I’ve never once felt frightened. I’ve never once felt like I was in danger. It has never happened without someone being there to make sure I don’t walk into the street etc…but when they first started I did use to walk into the road and into doors and stuff because in my eyes I was on a dirt road or something. But I didn’t know what they were back then.

I have experiences Rome in Time Slip when I was at The Colosseum and I never want to smell that smell again lol Oh God……..icky

There are places I have on my bucket list that I am frightened I WILL time slip though and they are Salem, and Gettysburg and the Edinburgh Vaults. But I will keep you posted on how it goes though.

If any of you have experienced a Time Slip I would love to hear about it. I know Ludvigc has. But if any of you have heard of it, or know anything about it, please let me know. I am interested to learn more.

Love and Light

7 thoughts on “I can slip through Time

  1. I just always remember hearing a man being interviewed on one of Jim Harold’s podcasts, where he talked about the time him and his wife went to the movies, paid for their ticket, walked in as it was already playing, sat down to see that it was the end, came out confused to find that hours had gone by. No explanation. Everyone thought they were crazy. 🙂

  2. Oh that’s freaky. I should count myself lucky that I at least have my senses about me then aye? Because I can imagine if your not used to being weird, it would be quite frightening. The first couple of times it happened I did kind of get a bit panicky but not outwardly for anyone to notice. And I always had my husband with me so I would cling on to his arm. Now he knows what signs to look for when it happens. Now that I think about it after my eyes go blurry they feel like they are being pulled wide open. But with no pain. Oh………..*sigh* I would think I was crazy if I now didn’t know others have experienced it too lol

    • Ya know what? Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, I’m used to it now. I used to freak out when I was really little but my Mum and Dad used to tell me it wasn’t their fault and they were just sad and needed to be sent back with love’ but now at 167 years old I have pretty much seen it all. Sometimes it can give me a fright like if we are driving and a bloodied face will appear at the window but that’s because your don’t expect a bloodied face at the window when your driving to get chips lol but I’ve seen it all now I would say. The hardest for me are the children. When their death has been because of war, murder, abuse, neglect, that sort of thing. Because they don’t always remember to take it off you (that image of their death) so you have to say to them ‘Please baby, take it off, your soul is too beautiful to show such sorrow, let it go’ and they change. My poor husband has been woken up or had to comfort me a few times because of it. Especially now I’m a Mum. Just recently (I don’t know if I should be saying this incase the person reads this) but about a year ago a friend of my husbands had a baby and they sent photos to every, as you do. And my husband said ‘Oh look at …and…wee girl’ and I looked at the photo and all i saw was a little Palestinian girl of about 8, in a bombed out building, ears ringing from the explosion and seeing all her entire family dead, and then a soldier put his head through the hole in the building, lifted his rifle and shot her in the head. I flippin oh god, oh I couldn’t look at her. I had nightmares for days playing that over and over in my head. But lucky for me, they are few and far between.

      • Not so cool… unfortunately, balance works both ways, you get the bad as well as the good. I just hope the good makes it worth it.

  3. I’m just curious. You only feel it come on a minute or so before without much warning. Are you in any altered mental/ emotional states, via more stressed or sensitive. Is the weather about to change, maybe it’s about to pour down, or lightning or thunder is in the air, and a storm is about to start. I have had similar experience esp with old smells,and just knowing things. But I haven’t had a time slip, well not that Iam aware of. Keep safe and happy exploring ⭐️🌙🌈

    • No I usually get a few days warning with the flashes of light but now it happens when I read or connect too. But I should point out, it’s a physical time slip. Your in two places at once in full conscious control of your senses and surroundings. And it’s more pain than I care to describe. I have my full conscious mind, totally compos mentis.