Reincarnation/Past Lives

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, most of us will believe in Reincarnation.

I can often pick up on the past lives of people but it seems to be something that is becoming more and more acceptable because in the last 20 years since we started knowing about Rainbow, Water, Indigo, Crystal children etc…..more children are coming out with stories of past lives. These children will come out with and carry with them traits of their past lives. Because we know these gifted children have an unlocked part of their DNA, and an extra part of their brains unlocked it seems acceptable to the scientists who have studied these children that The unlocked brains and talk of reincarnation goes hand in hand.

It is irrespective of race, religion, country and socioeconomic status. There are children now coming out all over the world talking of their lives, the lives of people around them and describe in detail things that are beyond that children’s possibility to know. There was a Canadian woman who was Indian, she knew the name of the town and the market she worked in and what she sold. It was in Victorian times though so modern-day India had changed in name and expansion had set in. So the name she knew the town by was hard to find until she met with a Historian.

And she was spot on in every way. There was also a German woman who was killed at The Alamo. There was an American boy who was previously  Indian. When he was born he talked to his parents about his Mother and Father in India. They took him to a Doctor and after being out under the care of a Shrink the Dr suggested he was telling the truth and they should do some investigating.

Long story short 2 years later they took him to meet his former parents in India who confirmed everything this boy was saying.

Now I have always said that our brains are capable of so much more than we give it credit for, or that even Science understands. We can change the temperature of a room, move objects (Telekinesis) transmit thoughts into Ouija Boards (Telepathy) align energy (Psychometry) and make good things and bad things happen to us and others just by thinking it. See the Dead, Time Travel even lol  All with our minds. But Reincarnation is nothing that our mind is doing to us.

We and our kids aren’t crazy. If your kids are talking about things from their past lives, investigate it. Write it all down, ask them questions, get them to talk about it openly. It isn’t that they don’t love you and want their old life back it is just their Spirit has retained some of their former life in passing to their new one. A lot of traits of their past life they will carry forward to this one. I know this American boy was wanting to drink beer with his ‘Old Dad’ (his words) but being only 7 of course he couldn’t but he even knew the beer he drank with his Dad in his past life.

Why are we reincarnated? Well as I’ve explained before it could be by choice or because we still have lessons to learn. But I am an Indigo child, and I know my past life well. My name was David Williams but I was called Billy, I was 21 from Arkansas and died in Nam. I was shot in the back while hiding out in the jungle. I sometimes feel like things I know he liked that I can’t possibly like. Like I had an absolute need to want to eat babe Ruth bars and then I finally came across one and now they are my favourite chocolate bar.

Any of my regular readings will know I’m from New Zealand. It’s never been possible for me to know a babe Ruth Bar. I also can’t explain how but my Dad could name every single street in down town New York even though he had never been there. Now, he got up to stuff in the Army but we checked his Passports after he died and he NEVER went to New York. He could name accurately the buildings and stores that were there, even some of the shop keepers. He used to talk about the Baker for example.

I know we can only live one life at a time. I know there is no alternate reality. I was told our soul or Spirit can only live one life at a time so we can be dead and living and in different realities all at once. But in Spirit we can be in 20 different places at once. So my Mum could be with me and my siblings and her siblings all at the same time because we are energy in death and energy is infinite.

Pay attention to what your kids are saying, ask questions, don’t make them feel inferior or different. They are unique and that’s a good thing because any child that has talked of past lives sports extra sensory gifts 9 times out of 10 and also have higher IQ’s. Embrace the change. We will all be like it eventually. But that’s a long way off. First we have to stop killing each other because men in suits sit in big offices and decide we need one and watching mindless crap like The Kardashians, Glee and caring what the hell Angela Jolie is doing.

Who cares, pick up a book. Talk to your spouse, play with your kids and ignore the mainstream media and your government. Listen to your inner voice and watch how quickly we all start becoming one energy together. Soon we will all be embracing amazing gifts and eventually won’t even need to talk. But it starts with listening, asking questions and paying attention. Our little ones are coming with some great messages from the other realm and we would be fools not to listen.

Love and Light

4 thoughts on “Reincarnation/Past Lives

  1. I thought about this a lot when I blogged about it recently. I remember hearing about reincarnation for the first time when an aunt of mine saw me grieving for a lost pet when I was very young. I was at the grave site. She told me not to be sad and that maybe I’d see her again (my dog) if she was reincarnated. I thought it was weird and moved on with life. Then 6 or so years ago when I started going through my spiritual shift and reading tons of books on spiritual and paranormal topics, it clicked and just made sense to me. I’ve never doubted it now and it’s just common knowledge. 🙂 Although, I will say I’ve always had trouble believing in alternate realities.

  2. yeah I found Alternate realities a bit hard to believe so I was kind of happy when it turned out they don’t exist lol Not for us with souls anyway.
    That’s so sweet of your Aunty to console you like that. Animals do go to Spirit, they are after all created by the same being lol As I understand it, if it breaths, has a soul and can die, it goes to the highest realm when it dies.
    I also know humans can come back as animals and animals can come back as humans. If you’ve ever had a pet, or been around animals you’ll know what I mean.