Marching to the beat of your own drum: Finding your own faith

Many of my readers will know me well enough to know what my pet peeves are when it comes to what I am and what I do. But having just started a Facebook page it has become more and more evident to me that there are so many untrue so-called Spiritual people out there posing in other cultures beliefs and it is driving me insane.

Many years ago Spirit told me the one thing they want people to do is to ‘Find their own answers to find their own faith’. They want people to find what feels right for them.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to live but this Facebook thing has shown two things. One: There are just some dirty desperate men on the internet, who don’t care that you have some much to offer as a human being, they just want to see a photo of you. and

Two: Too many middle class people taking someones culture and using it for themselves.

I don’t get why so many European people are Namasteing me and Om Shanti-ing me when they are from America with white skin and drive nice cars.

There is a reason these Tibetan Monks and Indian Masters spend decades in silence and isolation. You can’t learn what they know by reading a book and taking a few classes. They spend decades and have teachings that are thousands of years old to be what they are and now suddenly it’s okay to buy a book and take some meditation classes to be one too. Too lazy to sit for decades perfecting your craft, so you do it the easy way. How many people on my facebook page who send me stuff about Inner Light and Namasteing me whenever they talk have spent time in India do ya think? 1 out of about 20,000. My name Spiritchild was given to me by members of a 2000 plus year old Psychic Society, I didn’t just think of it because it sounds cool and dead Spiritual. There are people with names like Spirit Wolf on my Facebook posting pornography on my site. How is that Spiritual?

The path to enlightenment isn’t about finding a pack of Tarot cards and meditating, chanting and ringing bells and burning incense. It is about living a life fraught with lessons and being educated by a higher power.

You can’t call yourself a White Light person if you weren’t born with a gift and haven’t had the toils and troubles of a person with that gift. It isn’t bloody easy being someone like me yet so many people walk into a crystal and tarot card shop, buying packs of nonsense and then charge sometimes hundreds of dollars telling people how to live their life by the cards.

It is frankly insulting to the ancient Indian Culture, it is insulting to the Chinese and The Japanese, oh and the poor Native Americans who are the most ripped off of them all and even my own culture when we are raised living and being our nation, respecting our ancient ancestral teachings and then having someone getting a tribal tattoo because they think they look cool. ENOUGH!!!! You have your own culture. But in true Western Society we now have the McDonalds of Spirituality where everybody comes, orders what they feel like and then throw it away when they are done.

I can guarantee you no one with tarot cards has ever had to deal with someone on the brink of suicide and is looking for that one true message from the other side that will mean the difference between them living or taking an over dose.

These people, these Burger King Psychics, don’t know what on earth they are dealing with. 99% of people who come for a readings always come looking for one specific thing for the Psychic to say that will prove to them there is life on the other side. Tarot cards require no gift, you memorize what the deck instructions tell you they mean. They can’t answer specific questions about your loved ones on the other side or why your feeling the way you are.

You have to live this gift, you have to live this life from birth or be prepared to put in decades of self learning and education to even begin to understand what it means to be a White Lighter. It is a right of passage, you can’t just wear a feather in your hair, bang a gong and suddenly your ‘Angel of the North Wind’.

You have to be life and death all in one. You have to have experienced death, smelt it, touched it and seen it with your own eyes to comment on what it is to be dead on the other side. You have to have been taken to the brink of despair, and still have that hope in knowing your faith will get you through. You have to see the dead, love them, know them, hate them, walk with them, need them, fight with them. You can’t just use them to your own advantage because it makes you look cool.

I’m only 42, but only up until a few years ago someone like me was a dirty word. I spent my whole life hiding what I was to the public. I have been chased and verbally abused because of what I was. I have been deemed a Witch my entire life. But now everyone is dark and leather clad or vaseline lenses in thoughtful repose with names like Archangel Earth Child. Reading books does not make you Spiritual. You can read Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain but it won’t make you a Physicist or an Artist.

You can read a book about how to drive a car but you still won’t be able to drive. So why? Why are so many people taking what the rest of us have spent decades to master and claiming to be experts at it? Are they so frightened to live their own lives they have to steal someone elses?

The whole point of me being me is because the stories I tell you, have made me the Spiritual person I am now. It has been 40 years of be literally playing Dungeons and Dragons and gaining Experience points through my bloody battles and toils and fighting Ogres that has made me the Dungeon Master. Now everyone else comes along and goes to Amazon on their Iphone app and buys a gift voucher full of experience points thinking it gives them the same credence when it doesn’t. Because one day, our going to be expected to put what you know into practice and you won’t know what to do. How can someone with no experience in life and death apart from what they read or have been told possibly understand what it means. It makes me so angry because it makes a mockery of everything Spirit are. I will die defending my Spirits. My dead people are the whole reason I am how I am. My beautiful, patient, knowledgable, loving, wise, best friends have helped me through so many horrible and heart breaking events in my life. They are in the very fibre of me. For 42 years, they have been with me everywhere. Through my tears and fears. telling me everything is going to be okay, warning me of things to come, preparing me for someones passing, leading me to the next stage of my life. And none more so than over the last three years. They have been by my side through the worst times of my life. So forgive me if I get a little annoyed that trendy wannabes want to come and put up Juice Bars and Natural Product Shops in my grubby neighbourhood. They haven’t put in the time or years of service to call themselves Spiritual. Someone on Facebook actually tried to convince me he was a living Alien and was therefore wiser than me and he hoped one day to teach me about what it is to know inner peace. I hate to break it to these people but the Plaiadeans don’t exist. Nor do Greys, Blues or Greens, there are no Giant Blonde Humans. They are not us, running around telling people on-line they exist.

The True beings of Universal existence are so much on a Higher Spiritual Plain to us, they wouldn’t dream of shouting it off the roof tops that they exist. They are beautiful souls, patient and on a greater intellectual realm to us and they last thing they want, (for their own protection) is tell the world who they are. But in typical middle class stylee, they lack something in their own lives so they take something someone suggested and turned it into a joke. It is insulting to those of them out there who have travelled so far to watch us apes grow and become better beings. They exist. I know this for a fact. But this is all I will say on the matter because just like The Dead, I will protect them with my every ounce of life. I am so tired of this stuff being used for profit, fame, fashion and popularity. I am so tired of people spouting nonsense they know nothing about. I wouldn’t dare try to be a doctor, I don’t have the knowledge or the education. I’m getting rid of my Facebook because I’m frankly insulted by the lack of respect some of these people have for Spirit. One lady actually went on everyone’s sites and told us we were banned from putting anything negative on her page because it interfered with her positive flow????????????/ What the F does that mean? Life is dirty, life is negative. We absolutely cannot ignore the negative things in life because to ignore them doesn’t fix them and we must fix what is wrong on this Earth before we will ever have positive energy anywhere. It is because of these self-proclaimed Earth Angels and People of Higher existence that we are ignoring what is wrong right in front of us. By becoming self-indulgent and only seeing what we want to see, we have become blind to what is really out there. Ignoring the negative, doesn’t make it go away. So for this woman to say she was banning negative things on her page is her saying ‘She doesn’t want to see the suffering of man, the suffering of animals because of man, the slaughter on our planet, because of man. Life is not good. This planet, this beautiful loving planet, is being destroyed because people are turning a blind eye to the truth. We are allowing companies with money destroy us and our future. But as long as we say Namaste, it’s all okay and it isn’t real.

After the cleansing there is only going to be The Truth. Many countries will spend decades learning the truth about what their governments have been doing to them. How Religion isn’t real, how it is all run and decided by a handful of men. How they have been poisoning us with fluoride and Aspartame, Acesulflame K and SLF. How they have been stealing our pensions and savings and how tax is a lie, how drugs are let into our countries to keep the weaker of society down and because they generate so much in kick backs, how they have been doing drug trials on criminals and then using them to kill famous people etc…there is so much out there I have been told by Spirit, so much I have documented for the last 10 years that have no been proven to be true, that I doubt not one person on my Facebook page understand anything about.

Being one of me, isn’t fun, it isn’t sexy, it doesn’t make you rich, it doesn’t always seem fair and it doesn’t make you a lot of friends. You have to live a very strict life. An honest life, a hard life, long hours and sometimes worry. A person who does tarot readings or meditates and rants about inner peace and chakras being unaligned wouldn’t know anything about what it is to be an actual White Lighter. It says in the Bible, ‘He who stands on the street corner shouting the name of the lord does not make him a true believer’ One of the only true things about the Bible I believe in.

You get more respect from your peers by going out and seeing the negative aspects of life. By trying to help the world one person at a time. Not by helping yourself first. In this life, you’re not allowed to put yourself first. In this life while you might charge for readings, you won’t always be allowed to take money for readings. In this life you know the good comes with the bad. You can’t ignore the things you don’t want to face. It isn’t sexy and it isn’t cool to be what I am. So please…..find your own faith. Work hard at finding your personal Spiritual self. You spend the years gaining the knowledge you need to be a better Spiritual you and stop taking what you like from our cultures to make it your own. There is nothing sadder than seeing someone so ill at ease with their own selves they have to take someone elses culture to make it their own.

I have Marched to the beat of my own drum my entire life. You must march to the beat of your own drum and stop taking someone else’s rhythm. Open your heart, open your soul and listen to what your being told. Don’t be afraid to find your own beat. The journey to finding your own beat will be exciting and adventurous and scary and sometimes down right terrifying but the lessons that come out of it will be priceless. No one else on the planet will know that beat you walk to but you. No one else will understand the instruments you put in place but you. It will be your music and your music alone. People will think your weird, and often crazy but if your truly Spiritual Spirit will guide you every step of the way. The truth is, you can’t be Spiritual without Spirit. If you have no connection to Spirit, you can’t be Spiritual. You can’t call yourself vegetarian if you still eat meat.

I will probably lose readers over this, but I am only about the truth. Nobody listens anymore. People only hear what they want to. Take from life what they want to and it doesn’t work like that. People find it easier to shout someone down instead of talking to them. They abuse instead of discuss so I know I need to prepare for a backlash. But those people will be thinking what right do I have in judging them. Well I have earned my battle scars. I have walked through heaven and hell and held the hand of the dying and fought to live. I have been made to understand expertly every single thing I know about Spirit and The Paranormal. I will sit and discuss at length every aspect of the Spiritual and the Paranormal from a personal level. Spirit told me when I was 16, ‘There is no point being a person of Spirit if you can’t identify with everyone who comes to you for guidance. In order to understand them, you must first be them’ So think what you like, but if you get upset at me it is because I have hit a nerve. I am a loving, kind, giving, caring person but I am honest. There is one thing I have learnt to be over the years is Honest. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

People have been kept blind for so long, now is the time to find our sight, ourselves. Not take the hand of another in order to see. Only then, when you take the leap of blind faith will you be able to call yourself Spiritual. Otherwise we are just a planet of the blind leading the blind.

20 thoughts on “Marching to the beat of your own drum: Finding your own faith

  1. If one should not “borrow” from cultures that are not their own, some people, particularly in the west, do not come from very Spiritual cultures. Christianity is about as Spiritual as their culture gets (whether the individual follows it or not), and we already know your views on religion.

  2. Good question Bluebird and I’m glad you asked.
    Culture has nothing to do with it. If I wasn’t born where I was, I might not know how to do some of the things I do like Dream Interpretation and stuff but I would of gotten there eventually. Where you come from has nothing to do with it. Religion, has nothing to do with it. Being Spiritual, is personal, it is private. It is between no one but you and your maker who ever they are or whatever you believe them to be. The path to finding your Spirituality is in the journey you take to get to the end, not where you start from. Not everyone will find my way of doing it good for them. The point is to find your own way, yourself. Okay….start by being influenced by Buddisim or Spirituality but find your own path to Spirit. If you take the same path as 1000 others, there is no new road to tread. Do you get what I mean? You need to tread your own path because only you can discover the path that is meant for YOU. Don’t try and look at it from a Western Point of View, look at it from Bluebirds point of view. What feels right to Bluebird? I know it from my point of view because these are the questions I asked from the age of 10. People forget Spirit aren’t there just to be caught on camera like a performing seal. They are there to give and teach and gain knowledge from but I seem to be the only one who ever seems to ask them questions. I have sat in many investigation and asked Esoteric questions to a Spirit in the house. We need to be using these Spirits to educate us about us and our Spirituality, not just to make money on Ghost Hunts and stuff. Being Spiritual has zero to do with what religion you are or where you come from. It is usually what sets you off on your journey but it won’t answer any of the questions you will find yourself asking. If yoiu find that personally, your happiest worshipping the planet and living by the teaching on nursey rhymes and your not hurting anyone, then you go for it. If that is the beat that comes out of your drum then march along. Because it’s YOURS, it makes you happiest and it makes your soul free. Others might thing your crazy and I often think this is why so many Westerners take on the Spiritual path of other cultures. Because they are afraid to find their own for themselves. But everyone has that one thing they truly believe in that makes sense to them that they know is going to sound crazy to others. But ya know what? Who cares? We make the beats, we play the music, we listen to our souls and we can dance and sing and celebrate any way we want as long as it makes you happy and makes sense to you. Nobody else has to listen to it but you. I say, play that beat and march out loud. Find that thing yearning inside you to say ‘I’m not going to follow anyone else’s beat anymore, today I start my own band’.Then you will have a special relationship with Spirit that noone else has but you. How cool is that? Clearly it is in you to be Spiritual or you wouldn’t be drawn to how the other cultures do it. But I don’t know anyone else on the planet that is like me. That does it, like me. That has tha relationship or experience with Spirit, like me. Because of how I went about finding them. Because I put myself on my path to Spiritual discovery and I asked them questions. They answer every time. So you start asking your own questions. You find what feels right for you. And live your life with it the best way you know how. Being Spiritual doesn’t require any sort of gift. But it will most certainly bring out one or enhance them. Western people are so afraid of what people think about them. Would the whole of your country care if you dropped dead or went bankrupt and were homeless? No? So why care what they think if you want to hunt for proof aliens exist? Or talk to the dead through plastic cups? It’s not about them. It’s not Americas journey to make with Spirit. It’s yours.

    • oooh that’s so Ghandi of you. I really like that. Thank you so much for saying that. It’s good to know someone understands it. It’s not said to hurt anyone, it’s not said to upset anyone. It’s just the truth. The truth hurts and if you met me in real life you would see I’m the biggest push over and weenie except when it comes to my work. I just can’t stand by and watch people take what I do and turn it into something dirty or mess up the message of what it is Spirit are about for profit or popularity. The concept of what I’m trying to say is actually encouraging and exciting but it’s coming across as a bit harsh and that isn’t my intention. I’m trying to get people to spread thier wings and fly in their own by pushing them off a building lol

      • Yeah, I’m a walking fortune cookie 😉 LOL

        It only feels/sounds harsh to YOU because you (as you know) are extra sensitive to the feelings of others. Things that don’t phase others make you cringe simply because you’re more sensitive. I’m the same way. I usually fall over myself to make sure I’m not being offensive, or that someone understands where what I’ve said is coming from (a place of kindness, not UNkindness), so I understand, but take heart that what you feel is NOT how the rest of the world (the ones you’re actually talking to/about anyway) views what you’ve written 🙂


    • As for whether I’m an old soul? I don’t know. I’ve always been fascinated by certain time periods, and felt a longing to have been there and experienced it, but who hasn’t wished they were a princess, or lived in a castle, or were a Lady, getting to wear fancy dresses of bygone eras? Renaissance fairs make me retardedly excited and wistful, lol. I’ve always been fascinated by Scotland, especially, and England/Ireland to a lesser degree. If I *do* have a past life, I would imagine it had to be around that era, somewhere in Britain, because of my level of attraction/fascination with it.

  3. Hmmm… well, other than things like the DMT thing we’ve experienced already (wondering if you had tried it, before I ever even saw that you had a video on your blog mentioning Ayahuasca), occasionally knowing what people will say before they say it (but for me, I often put that down to knowing the person well, so I understand how they think, because that’s the most often occurrence, with those who are close to me… it is much more rare for me to know what someone on TV or a stranger will say or do… it’s happened, but VERY rarely.), I usually can tell when people are lying/hiding something- but I put that down to hyper-vigilance due to being hurt in the past.

    I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of them, lol. Like I said, I usually put things down to just understanding how people think. Or being observant. For me, I can ‘see’ lies easier in person. People’s eyes change when they lie… they sort of go unfocused… I can’t explain it, because it’s a change I SEE, like certain muscles tense, that slightly changes their facial expression, but their eyes themselves get… murky. It’s the best way I can describe it. Like their eyes are clouding up to hide the lie? I’ve never really thought about it before, I always just considered it observation, not anything ‘special’ or paranormal, lol.

    The knowing what someone is going to say before they say it, that one always trips me out, LOL. The problem is, it always comes instantly before it happens, so I don’t have time to say “He’s going to say “. So most people think I’m just making it up when I say “I *knew* you were going to say that!”

    I’m also really good at guessing what is going to happen in books, movies or TV shows, but, I put that down to general format guidelines. Each genre has it’s own loose ‘script’ to follow, things they know the public want/expect, so guessing that isn’t too difficult. Plus, as often as not, I’m wrong 😛 LOL

    • Well if you ever want to come home you have a place to stay here lol It’s not that expensive now either. Direct flights to LA aren’t bad at all. I’m in Scotland about to find out with we are moving to England lol
      My thing is for American History and America, expressly the North East. New England, and Boston, and Salem. You would love it here just now because the summer festival is on at the Castles and they have the Fayres on with Josting and KNights and Maidens the castles they actually had them at for free lol

      • HAHA of course! Oh let me apologize, I got excited and used a very direct slang phrase ” Your the realist i know” …meaning you don’t sugar coat anything , or beat around the bush.. just straight forward at all times(when it comes to your spirits).
        The questions or comments I was about to make was prudently answered by you, and through others questions. As if you knew exactly what a person would ask?
        As I began this journey I’ve been seeing a lot of trends, to the point it becoming “clique” minded. “Namaste” is one of their lingos to “show off” their awakening minds. I was unaware of the origin, so I never said it back. BUT I question if they even know the origin of half of what comes out there mouths?

      • I know what you meant Babygirl I was just playing with you lol You paid me the best compliment considering I spent most of my life back in NZ too afraid to speak up. But Spirit has made me strong and when it comes to Spirit they are truth so I have to be also. I speak for them. It’s the reason I think, I know the questions people want to ask because I was there myself and also because well Spirit KNOW lol I don’t even realize what I say until after I say it. I honestly thought though until now no one was listening lol So once again, Thank you xoxox

  4. It made me examine mankind more, why must we belong to “an organized group”. We go from identifying ourselves in an organized religious group, to jumping into another “awakening group” or “spirituality” where everyone beliefs have to match up?? (ex) with weekly meetings, classes, specific chakras to use, specific trinkets to have and “books to live by”–which sounds a lot like a bible to me. (Very organized and controlling) I see them fighting to figure out where they belong in this awakened society, but shouldn’t that be the contrast? The very point of being awakened, not to belong?? Its mind blowing actually, they are so passionate about “staying/sticking together” morphing other individuals journeys into their’ ownsChristianity knows all about this :::sigh::: they catch a lot of us this way…which is so sad, because the seeking minds that left from one ( boiling brainwashing pot) just got tossed into another boiling pot.
    I now understand when you say…your journey is YOUR OWN!!!!

    • WOW!!!!! WOW!!!! I mean what can I say to that? I think I can retire now knowing I’ve done my job with you lol I applaud you and commend you. From Day one of you contacting me you have been learning, understanding, trying to gain some insight into your underlying emotions, your perception of reality and then also your religion and the Paranormal. You have come such a long way. I think I can honestly say in all my years of doing this, hand on heart You my dear are my greatest achievement. You have certainly been a wonderful student.It’s been a pure pleasure. I LOVE your hungry mind, I LOVE that you are so hungry for this knowledge and it has been my pleasure to feed you all you can eat. And Thank you, Thank you….for getting what I’ve been trying to get people to see for so many years.

  5. OH YAY I feel as if i ACED a major school FINAL lol! No i should definitely be thanking you, your approach to us “babies” is very wise. You tell us “just enough” so that we could make our own frustrated me in the beginning HAHA ..(((i wanted to know everything you knew!)))

    SO all this time i thought i had already started my journey, but in all reality it has just begun because i now understand that simple, yet KEY thing,

    • Lol oh yes Pollyann your journey is just beginning. I say Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power. Your at the Knowledge phase lol and as you know I give you enough to go out into the world with and find the rest yourself. We all walk down the same path but we will all see different things because our journeys are our own. I’m really proud of you. As you gain knowledge you’ll experience more and more from Spirit. That’s when your really gonna need me lol