How to Release a Trapped Spirit.

A lot of my post ideas come from the search questions I see people asking in my Search Stats thingy watchama call’it lol I can’t have someone coming to my site looking for answers and not finding them. This is why I invite people to ask questions either on here or privately. Okay so if your silly enough to sit and read all my rantings you’ll know that I believe all Spirits should be released.

You don’t need to be an expert. You just have to care. This Spirit may be known to you or centuries old. But if they are trapped and need to be released and they are coming to you, it is you they are asking for help from. There are many reasons why a Spirit might be trapped. They might be frightened of what waits for them on the other side, they might be waiting for someone to pass over, they might not know how, they may have been called over and not been sent back (which often happens with Oujia boards and the negative ones who feast on the fools who invite them) they could be emotionally attached to the property or they might have had a traumatic death and never passed over because they haven’t come to terms with it. OR they might not of been allowed to cross over.

When they have learned their lessons they ask for help. If they are reaching out they need crossing over.

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The Dark Side: The Truth (Revised)

I’ve been asked to do this post about The Darkside. It seems I always allude to what they are but never go into detail so here it is.

The way I understand it, the way I have experienced it and have dealt with it myself. To understand the Dark Side you have to forget everything you know about it and start again.

The Dark Side have nothing to do with religion, or faith, your culture or creed and everything to do with you and how YOU see the Dark Side.

The Dark side are about the Duality of everything in the Universe. With Good comes Bad, with Light there is Dark, Up, Down, In Out, Sun, Moon. Everything has an opposite.

It has to in order to have perfect balance. You can’t have light without dark.

But after what I experienced at my sons birthday I understand it all now and why things are and what they’re trying to achieve.

Everything in the Universe for fighting to evolve to get to the light. The more you get right in your evolution. The more you get wrong the faster you de-evolve and the ultimate evolution is to connect to the Light of All things. But ALL from the lowest demon to the most perfect Spirit, are fighting to get to that light.

I finally understand.

Demons aren’t bad Spirits in the pits of hell with the Devil punishing them. They are Energy of light that loses more light source the faster it de evolves.

And it’s our job to help them.

They are essentially the lowest form of conscious. But nothing can evolve without the help of everyone else on every level.

It goes in this order from lowest Soul to Highest.

Dark Side or Demon or whatever you know it to be.

Then a trapped Spirit., Then Mortal (us the living), Spirit, Elder, Spirit Elder, The Council, Our Friends in the Universe, then the Light.

Every single one trying to evolve and level up.

If you have invited something dark in, it means you need to get your shit together or you will de evolve too.

They’re trying to show you darkness. Trying to show you your off your light path.

But everything in the Universe has a opposite. From maths, music, energy, magnets, love, thoughts, reactions, attitudes, morals, everything, every single thing has an opposite.

So imagine life is a pair of ski’s.

The left ski is light, the right ski is dark. The quicker you get it, the faster your skis go the more light you create. The more light created the faster you can get to the light of ALL creation in the middle of that black hole.

That is the creator of all and there are hundreds of millions of them out there and the highest evolved get to ride that wave.

Everything in our life is all based on which ski we lean on most. The left or right ski. Even doing right isn’t right until it’s perfectly right and then you have balance. You cant evolve without it. Even time is balance to gravity.

But like there is no actual Heaven with harps and Angels and big Golden Gates with a man with a Clip Board and a line of people at them, there is also no hell with brim stone and fire and torture and suffering and a man with red skin, horns and a pitch fork.
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My life with my White Lighter Wife: Part 2 My Role as Protector.

Every white lighter is assigned a protector before birth. I had initially assumed it was some sort of “physical security” role where I may have to bash over zealous religious zealots or deal with aggressive clients. While physical protection is important it is a tiny part of the role. A protector need not be a physical presence for pushing folk around, it could be a little old lady or a child. What is important is that persons personality traits in order to keep their white lighter grounded. They are an anchor in this reality to which the white lighter can always rely on in any circumstance. As I have seen through many experiences with my wife her gift is not something that she can fully control, sometimes events can be so overwhelming she can lose herself in her gifts and there have been occasions where I have had to bring her back to reality or introduce a degree of stability to which she can return. Without this a white lighter could easily put themselves in danger, this could be as simple as not seeing a  bus when crossing the street as they are experiencing the street of two hundred years ago right through to a backup in some large-scale spiritual attack. Whatever happens my wife always knows I am there when the chips are down. I have some gifts but nothing along the lines of her which makes us the perfect match, our abilities compliment each other and enable her to fully let go always knowing I’ll be there to bring her back. Continue reading

My Life with a White Lighter Wife: By Mr Husband

When I first met my wife I was essentially an atheist, it’s not that I wasn’t in wonder at the universe or that I had contemplated some of the greater question but my atheism was rooted in my deep distrust of organized religion. As a child Presbyterian Protestantism was a big part of the school curriculum and as such every other day we were herded into halls to listen to various adults drone on about the bible in its various forms. Even as a young child the inherent contradictions were obvious, I had questions which those in religious authority had no answers for. Inconsistencies such as why a god of infinite love seemed so cruel and unjust? Why did you have to pay for a faith? why did they have fabulous palaces while Jesus talked about non materialism. As a small child not only was I bored of it I pretty much wrote it off as a bullshit scam designed for profit and power. This attitude grew especially as I grew up and religion failed to offer any solutions to life’s problems and science in of itself seemed to uncover new wonders regularly. Science gives miracles everyday yet religion tells us we have to believe in miracles which not only could not be proven they relied on old tales or word of mouth. Organized religion was hardly a system on which one based their life and as far as I was concerned star wars offered greater spiritual depth than any of the organized religions! Continue reading

Reincarnation/Past Lives

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, most of us will believe in Reincarnation.

I can often pick up on the past lives of people but it seems to be something that is becoming more and more acceptable because in the last 20 years since we started knowing about Rainbow, Water, Indigo, Crystal children etc…..more children are coming out with stories of past lives. These children will come out with and carry with them traits of their past lives. Because we know these gifted children have an unlocked part of their DNA, and an extra part of their brains unlocked it seems acceptable to the scientists who have studied these children that The unlocked brains and talk of reincarnation goes hand in hand.

It is irrespective of race, religion, country and socioeconomic status. There are children now coming out all over the world talking of their lives, the lives of people around them and describe in detail things that are beyond that children’s possibility to know. There was a Canadian woman who was Indian, she knew the name of the town and the market she worked in and what she sold. It was in Victorian times though so modern-day India had changed in name and expansion had set in. So the name she knew the town by was hard to find until she met with a Historian.

And she was spot on in every way. There was also a German woman who was killed at The Alamo. There was an American boy who was previously  Indian. When he was born he talked to his parents about his Mother and Father in India. They took him to a Doctor and after being out under the care of a Shrink the Dr suggested he was telling the truth and they should do some investigating.

Long story short 2 years later they took him to meet his former parents in India who confirmed everything this boy was saying.

Now I have always said that our brains are capable of so much more than we give it credit for, or that even Science understands. We can change the temperature of a room, move objects (Telekinesis) transmit thoughts into Ouija Boards (Telepathy) align energy (Psychometry) and make good things and bad things happen to us and others just by thinking it. See the Dead, Time Travel even lol  All with our minds. But Reincarnation is nothing that our mind is doing to us.

We and our kids aren’t crazy. If your kids are talking about things from their past lives, investigate it. Write it all down, ask them questions, get them to talk about it openly. It isn’t that they don’t love you and want their old life back it is just their Spirit has retained some of their former life in passing to their new one. A lot of traits of their past life they will carry forward to this one. I know this American boy was wanting to drink beer with his ‘Old Dad’ (his words) but being only 7 of course he couldn’t but he even knew the beer he drank with his Dad in his past life.

Why are we reincarnated? Well as I’ve explained before it could be by choice or because we still have lessons to learn. But I am an Indigo child, and I know my past life well. My name was David Williams but I was called Billy, I was 21 from Arkansas and died in Nam. I was shot in the back while hiding out in the jungle. I sometimes feel like things I know he liked that I can’t possibly like. Like I had an absolute need to want to eat babe Ruth bars and then I finally came across one and now they are my favourite chocolate bar.

Any of my regular readings will know I’m from New Zealand. It’s never been possible for me to know a babe Ruth Bar. I also can’t explain how but my Dad could name every single street in down town New York even though he had never been there. Now, he got up to stuff in the Army but we checked his Passports after he died and he NEVER went to New York. He could name accurately the buildings and stores that were there, even some of the shop keepers. He used to talk about the Baker for example.

I know we can only live one life at a time. I know there is no alternate reality. I was told our soul or Spirit can only live one life at a time so we can be dead and living and in different realities all at once. But in Spirit we can be in 20 different places at once. So my Mum could be with me and my siblings and her siblings all at the same time because we are energy in death and energy is infinite.

Pay attention to what your kids are saying, ask questions, don’t make them feel inferior or different. They are unique and that’s a good thing because any child that has talked of past lives sports extra sensory gifts 9 times out of 10 and also have higher IQ’s. Embrace the change. We will all be like it eventually. But that’s a long way off. First we have to stop killing each other because men in suits sit in big offices and decide we need one and watching mindless crap like The Kardashians, Glee and caring what the hell Angela Jolie is doing.

Who cares, pick up a book. Talk to your spouse, play with your kids and ignore the mainstream media and your government. Listen to your inner voice and watch how quickly we all start becoming one energy together. Soon we will all be embracing amazing gifts and eventually won’t even need to talk. But it starts with listening, asking questions and paying attention. Our little ones are coming with some great messages from the other realm and we would be fools not to listen.

Love and Light

I can slip through Time

There are many different versions of what a Time Slip is but I’m going to talk about the one I experience a lot. I call them Psychic Time Slips because I seem to slip into a different time, both in the past, the present and the future. I can’t control it. I do become aware when it is about to happen but I never know what is going to set it off. In my house we call it ‘Going off on one’ lol

The first time it happened was when I was in Warwickshire, England. I’ve been there a few times but don’t remember any time I have been there because as soon as I get through a certain bit I am back in time. I can smell the smells of the past, the sights of the past, I feel the weather, the entire environment around me. Some times it lasts only seconds, some times it can last for what seems like an hour. I always know when it is about to happen because my head goes fuzzy, I start to get a tingle down my spine, my hair stands on end, goosebumps down my arms, my head becomes heavy and them my hearing goes muffled and sight goes blurry. I make a certain noise when it happens and I am able to communicate with my husband when it happens. This is how he knows not to leave my side until I back.

The last time it happened was 2 weeks ago while we were in the car. I got that feeling and I saw my family in a place with cream coloured buildings, with what looked like European architecture of German or Eastern European origin. The cars were different, the people wore different clothes and while we were driving I just felt like we weren’t in Glasgow or even Scotland.

I can’t control it. I never know when it is going to happen and I can’t place myself some where and hope it will happen. It happens when I least expect it but I get warnings seconds before. It is like I am instantly moved in space and time to be in a different location both here and out in Space in the past, future and present. I have been on a Time Slip and just been flying through space. I go into Space more when I am asleep but the experience is exactly the same. One minute I’m here, then my body goes through the motions I described and then next thing I’m in space.

Because of this I know that Black Holes can be manipulated  by thought. You can think a Black Hole open and it will open. I know that The Moon and Sun are pivotal to ALL life. They were the first. The only way I can describe it is, The Moon is the Father, the Sun is the Mother. When the planets like Earth is hurt (war, environmental disasters etc..) the Sun reacts. Like a Mother trying to soothe her child. When Earth has had enough of us and is trying to tell us it is upset with us, it reacts like a child having a tantrum. It will have an Earthquake, or flood somewhere. The Earth is trying to tell us it isn’t happy and the Sun reacts to it. I found this out while sitting in a bubble in space. This really does sound insane but this is the truth. I have never been anyone else in the time slip so it’s not like I can see say a President in the future and feel what it is to be him in that time etc…but I could see him Psychically and have precognitive encounters with them. This is how I know the Current Presidents life is in danger in the future because I always have these dreams where he is blown up in a vehicle or plane. It changes sometimes from a plane to a car, I just hope I’m wrong and just certifiable lol

One thing I can do is connect to a person who has died in an accident or something and then be placed in their shoes as it is all happening. ie 9/11, major disasters or tragic events like the Boston Bombings which is why I know they were staged. Anyone who believes they were a Terrorist Attack needs to just close the blinds and shut their doors and bury their heads in the sand. But in saying that I don’t actually know anyone with an  IQ under about 90  that believes those bombings were real so maybe people are starting to wake up. But I can watch something like that on TV and put myself there.

But with a time slip I can feel, taste, touch, smell, the environment I am in. I see the people, the clothes, I can watch them and sometimes they can see me. Mostly I would say 99% of the time they don’t but sometimes they can see me and will talk to me. I don’t know what I look like to them but none of them seem to over react to me. So I can’t be standing in modern clothes with modern hair and stuff to them. I was in The  Summerlee Industrial Museum the Other day and I was suddenly surrounded by noise, heavy machines, the smell of oil and coal and it was hotter than hell and this man came stoating over and said ‘Excuse me Miss, can you please tell my Jenny I’m going to be a bit late home, I’ve had a wee accident’ and when I looked up at him, his whole right arm had been ripped off. He was (and pardon the pun) as white as a Ghost but he has this pleading look on his face and only looked about 25. I said ‘Sure’ and with that I saw (he was a newly married man, his wife Jen needed hospital treatment when she was told the news he was killed and in that visit found out she was pregnant). So this time slip thing is varied and only when I actually travel to a physical place can I not control it. If I communicate with a Spirit to what they want me to see, I can control it. This is different to how I predict or read because in that respect Spirit put images in my mind’s eye. But the Time Slip way, I am there physically.

I’ve never once felt frightened. I’ve never once felt like I was in danger. It has never happened without someone being there to make sure I don’t walk into the street etc…but when they first started I did use to walk into the road and into doors and stuff because in my eyes I was on a dirt road or something. But I didn’t know what they were back then.

I have experiences Rome in Time Slip when I was at The Colosseum and I never want to smell that smell again lol Oh God……..icky

There are places I have on my bucket list that I am frightened I WILL time slip though and they are Salem, and Gettysburg and the Edinburgh Vaults. But I will keep you posted on how it goes though.

If any of you have experienced a Time Slip I would love to hear about it. I know Ludvigc has. But if any of you have heard of it, or know anything about it, please let me know. I am interested to learn more.

Love and Light

Marching to the beat of your own drum: Finding your own faith

Many of my readers will know me well enough to know what my pet peeves are when it comes to what I am and what I do. But having just started a Facebook page it has become more and more evident to me that there are so many untrue so-called Spiritual people out there posing in other cultures beliefs and it is driving me insane.

Many years ago Spirit told me the one thing they want people to do is to ‘Find their own answers to find their own faith’. They want people to find what feels right for them.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to live but this Facebook thing has shown two things. One: There are just some dirty desperate men on the internet, who don’t care that you have some much to offer as a human being, they just want to see a photo of you. and

Two: Too many middle class people taking someones culture and using it for themselves.

I don’t get why so many European people are Namasteing me and Om Shanti-ing me when they are from America with white skin and drive nice cars.
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