Thee most insane thing just happened to me. And that’s saying something for me.

At precisely 2.20am I became aware of a presence in my bedroom. I was fully awake, laying on my right side. It’s nothing unusual of me to feel something in my room but it was unusual in that my cat came out of no where and began to circle me. Which is odd. But he’s kind of my Familiar so I knew immediately that something was about to happen. I was so tired all of a sudden then I went very heavy and I began to hear this deep groaning sound. Not unlike Mongolian Throat singing. But I knew it was my Mum and Dad. Dad has been gone since 1998 and Mum since 2005. I felt myself lifting off the bed and I became as light as air and floated up. Not once was a frightened but I was perfectly aware of what was going on. Then I see My Dad. As I realise it is him I see my sisters body floating away as though she too had just had visitation from him. I’m the youngest and she is the second youngest so it was like I was waiting in line to be shown something by my Dad. All the while this male/female (but I knew it was Mum and Dad) deep back of the throat groaning is going on. Then Dad took me by arm and lead me to this room. It was black but it wasn’t threatening in any way. I took a look at my Dad and he was dresses like an Egyptian. He had a shaved head though, and a white robe around his waist and eye make up on. He was so tanned and young but he still looked like My Dad if that makes sense?I am of Egyptian heritage through my Dad. Any who, he pointed to this big huge black screen and I had to watch as it scrolled up black blank pages for ages, I remember thinking ‘What the hell is this? there is nothing on it’ and it went on for ages. Then all this writing, it looked like end credits of a movie started coming up but it was blurry and going to fast for me to focus on what it was saying. It went on for a bit then Dad took me by the warm again, he gave me this look of acknowledgement (still the throat groaning) and then next thing I know I’m being lifted back into my bed and my cat is circling me again. Once my head hits the pillow and I began to wake up because I realised I had been aware of my soul leaving its body, my cat rubbed his face up to my and buggered off and I never saw him again till 9am.

Never has that happened before. And there was no emotional attached to it. I remember as it became my turn to see Dad I started to cry but it was stopped immediately. I was just so happy to see him. But there was no emotion what so ever. My parents had a job to do and I don’t honestly think that Dad wasn’t infact Birdie, my Spirit Elder. He’s the only one who comes through in an Egyptian way. I haven’t dreamt of him since I moved over here. So something big must be about to happen. I haven’t even told my Mr about this. He went to work before I had a chance. I can understand why they were here, because of what is going on at home at the moment but I can’t figure out the writing on the screen. I want to say it is something like ‘I still have so much left to do’ or something like that. But I’m gonna have to call in the big guns on this. My sister is my elders. She will know.

If you think you have any idea as to what it would be. Please…..share. I’m used to some weird stuff happening but this takes the cake lol The thing that sticks in my mind is my usually dumb cat. Everytime I need him, he is there. He is always my first sign of a ‘special’ visit. Be it good or bad. It’s why I keep him on lol

But since the experience, I’ve been left with a banging head ache and I feel as sick as a dog and nothing is stopping it.

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    • I have been left utterly exhausted. As soon as I settled back down to bed having tried to come to terms with what had just happened the headache and nausea started which is a classic sign of contact with the Paranormal. It hasn’t gone away and it’s now 1.25pm. So almost 12 hours since it happened. I’m still trying to come to terms with it all. I’m uttterly stumped. Mr sent off that Art Test today so I can’t help but feel it is related to what’s been going on here these last few days. The Egyptian thing?……well I am a quarter Egyptian but Birdie, my Spirit Elder is an Egyptian…God like something lol I’m not sure what he is but I know he is Egyptian and up to this point he is the ONLY paranormal dream, visit or encounter I have ever had where that Ancient Symbolic Egyptian thing was ever involved. I have never seen his real face. Usually he is a giant (like 500 foot tall) pure white statue with a bird on his forehead. But this time I think he took on the form of my Dads face so I wouldn’t be frightened, but kept the Egyptian thing going because he knew I would cotton on who he was. The thing is, if it was Birdie…..he only ever comes when it is HUGE!!! when something HUGE is about to happen. Life or Death, Life Changing, Life Altering huge things. And Mr sent of that art test today to Finland. So maybe he will get the job and this move will be for bigger things than we realise?????That’s all I can think of. I have asked my sister though too. She is my elder, so she will know. I will keep you posted. Do you know of any significance to an Egyptian with a bald shaved head, dark obvious eyeliner and naked apart from a white thing around his waist? No jewellery, nothing. Just that white robe around his waist, bare chest, shaved smooth head, eyeliner. I always associate Ancient Egypt as having those black wigs and the waist robes but with jewellery etc…any clues?


      • I’m neither an Egyptologist nor anthropologist. So no, I can’t help with any of the Egyptian symbolism. But if what you say is true, that still doesn’t explain the names, which seemed far more central to the message.

  1. It appears to me that you were in a lucid dream state and during this time you soul traveled to the Spirit realm. There you were shown a life review which you could not see because your third eye chakra is not fully open. The reason I say this is because of the headache you mentioned…when you work on the third eye chakra it is common to have headaches afterwards and sometimes you will hear a “crunching” noise in this area of the forehead also. You were aware of your soul body levitating and floating and then re-entering your physical body which indicates you were soul traveling. Now that you have experienced this awakening, you will likely have other episodes. Thanks for sharing your experience which I found very interesting…and thanks for the follow on my blog! Om shanti.

    • But this is what I keep saying to people. I was FULLY awake. I hadn’t even gone to sleep. I was sitting on the bed and was just getting into bed. I was fully concious and didn’t pass out into any state of unconcious until my feet were lifted off the bed. I was wide awake. Not asleep, wasn’t even in bed, laying down when it started. I’ve been having weird experiences in my sleep my entire life. And nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Where I have been fully awake, sitting on the bed and removed into the ether like that. I vanished into thin air. No crunching noise, but I do agree my headache was because of my strong psyhcic connection to Spirit. If I have an intense Spiritual Experience, I will get nauseous or get a headache. And I wasn’t levitating. I was picked up. I was sitting on the bed and my body lifted up off the bed while I was perfectly wide awake. I had been reading actually. The lights were still on, I was drinking a cup of tea, I lay on my side because my back hurt and off I went. My upper body first. I felt the energy pull at my upper body, and as my feet touched off the floor, I vanished. It’s the only way to describe it. I’ve Astral Travelled a millions times in my life and that is always while I am asleep. I used to visit my now husband in the Uk in my sleep. This experience was totally different. I’ve never heard anyone have anything like it. I’m still trying to figure out what it was all about.


  2. It’s been a month since you posted this… have you had any enlightenment as to what it meant?

    And I know this may be a stupid question but, now that some time has passed, have you asked Spirit if they could help you figure out what it was supposed to mean? Was this about the same time you began ‘spacing out’ when Spirit wanted you to do something? You know, losing time when they were communicating to you? You mentioned it was new, but not how new. IF it was at about the same time, I could see the relevance… Spirit showing you that you would begin to not be aware of what was happening… it would be a ‘blank screen’ for YOU while things were happening. *shrugs* I’m no dream interpreter, or ‘experience’ interpreter, but I don’t mind hazarding a guess, even if I’m likely to be totally wrong, LOL.

    • Nah…the spacing out thing started happening about 12 years ago but it started getting really not bad, but..frequent about 3 years ago. Now it happens almost weekly. I have never been able to figure it out. Only summize as to what it could be. I feel or wonder if the reason the screen was blurry was because what was on the screen wasn’t important, but the fact it was on a screen. Ya get me? I said to my Hubby, it might be they are saying the future lies in Movies or TV or something. My Dad/Birdie was drawing my attention to the Movie Theatre, I remember there were three rows of three seats, and as soon as I walked past the curtain, it went pitch black and the screen started rolling. My husband is contemplating a possibility of working in TV or MOvies instead of games but honestly I wouldn’t have a clue. i know it was supposed to be prophetic and comforting but as I said to Spirit ‘It would be more comforting not being driven mad by what it all meant’. They won’t tell me. Like…’s for me to figure out or it’s because it’s not time to know yet…but they were just showing me it is there so I know for the future. It happened at a time when my husband thought he was about to lose his job, and I knew he would be fine and wouldn’t. They made everyone redundant but him. I still remember it as though it was yesterday. I can still feel my head and shoulders being lifted off the bed, and that heavy feeling and thinking ‘Um…..hello….husband wake up?………Spirit you can’t lift me I’m too fat……..and then as my toes lifted off the bed, I was gone. So vivid. And the fact I was wide awake too…blows my mind. I don’t even know what to call what I had. It was OBE because I was awake and not even preparing for anything like it, I was reading and having a cup of tea lol

      • Hmm… well, maybe it was saying that your Hubby would eventually go into Movies, but there’s a lot more to be done before that happens?

  3. I am visiting this post now..sorry for unnecessary late reply…In our religion we say “kundalini shakti” awakenning or the “awakening of third” in English…I have this experience quiet often of terrible headache heavyness and nausea…I hade to take medcne for this as untill and unless ur fully open ,it is going to give you wen your going to open up at this stage ur middle of the head area will feel like a light chilled breeze flowing and makes you feel cooling everytime …Becoz its in my gene and my great grandmom was a genius in religious power and she could float her whole body in the air while meditating..Nevertheless I inherited something from her dats y out of the 7 chakras in our body mine has preopened up and its 4chakras tht is fully opened..and the third eye activation or the “kundalini shakti” happens to me working in me unknowngly in sleep!!
    In your case as you are possessing spirit contacts and are highly into spirit world so you are way to focused than any normal being!! You also mentioned someone He is Egyptian God..I knw much of Egyptian gods and goddesses as its similar sumwhat to Indian gods and goddesses and i studied about them like anything…well in Egyptian system gods and goddesses head are covered and dnt shw their real faces…The Egyptians say that God himself ordered the pharaoh not to carve His real face,He will come to people in the form the people wants..Not even a single pyramid you find without their actual face….And its true that the Supreme Soul ,the almighty of the Egyptians out of many like Rah -the sun god etc,He wears eyeliner and its sumwat painted eyeliner in artistic way…If you want to ask in details of Egyptians Gods and Goddessses I can mail you details or post you with pix..I am forgetting His name whum you saw in dream ,I have my book and article lemme read once I will give you the name..
    U know Debbie Egyptian secret power,gods and goddessess,secrets in pyramids these are my favourite and I read like am a glutton !!lol…And its common with Hinduism and Buddhism so its attracted me much…
    And the Almighty wants you to grow from religious point like He wants you to activate your “kundalini or third eye chakra” situated inbetween the two eyebrows..If u want I can tell you how its done and whats the science working in here…See Debbie may be its like He is telling you that He is your guide always ,you have spirits too ,but if you open up youself it can help you and the mass and the Egyptian script means He is directing you towards Egypt for reason!! Without spirits you can do anythng like tekekinesis,going to past ,future,doing miracles also coz you have already then mastered the physical forces of 5-water,air,fire,soil,sky…

    • My Spirit Elder Birdie is Egyptian so it’s not a surprise for me that he had come to show me my path. My Dad IS Egyptian. His great great great Grandfather was one of the last great Kings of Egypt but my family have been forbidden to return to the Arab lands because of an age old dispute with the Saudi Royal family so I don’t think I’m being told to go there. I would never go, not even for Spirit lol But Birdie my Spirit Elder has been showing me these things in my dreams since I was a small child. His name Birdie is because of the childhood name I gave him due to the fact he has a giant bird tattoo on his forehead lol I’d never seen him s a living person before though, only a consciousness and a statue of such gigantic proportion his toe alone was higher than me and I’m 6’1. I love him so much. He makes me feel safe and the love is over whelming. He is always teaching me, guiding me but I have to admit, this time with that experience I’m stumped. I can only guess that the theater with the scrolling credits has something to do with TV or something like that. But he cm in Dads form so I would know it was a visitation from Spirit and not just weird dream. The Third eye thing for me is just the activation of your pineal gland. I find it fascinating how different cultures interpret the same thing differently. Your explanation is more poetic that’s for sure lol

  4. Can you draw for me The Egyptian Symbol you saw in dream then I can probably help you … :)you shoud know Egyptians unlock secrets through symbol..And symbols are very important to them…Its their hidden alphabet!! 🙂

    • Hi Garima,
      Thank you for your offer but I wouldn’t even know where to begin with drawing it. I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag. But my family are Egyptian in lineage so it wasn’t too much of a shock for me. I’ve been having dreams about Egyptian things for decades.

  5. Well you know much about this!! Then I should know about Egyptians from you…I totally love Egyptians..When I study of them I feel highly connected to them..They are much superior in science..I was amazed to know the pyramids secrets…It literally gives me goosebumps … Even I saw some scientists and historians tried to connect the Egyptian Gods with the aliens…They say they get info from the aliens and the Gods are nothing but aliens with deformed heads..But I dont think so!!

  6. Its true third eye activation is the pineal gland..which is a rice grain structured…yess defntly cultures define things differently..though its poetic for you ,thanxx but I dnt knw how to write poetry lol….but whatever I explained thats pretty much true if one can do that…and it happens for sure…scientists have explained this and its proven if u can kindly check my request on Google…
    One day you will be believing it and I will be rather happy then dear…

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