Post some of your dreams and I will interpret them for you for free.

Go ahead. Post a dream or two. Let me see what your dreams are telling you. Free of charge.

J DUB: I had a couple of dreams recently, from the same night in fact, that I would be very interested to know the meaning of:

In one I was going around doing something, I don’t know what, I don’t think I ever saw, but my hand kept getting attacked. I don’t know why I kept sticking it out, and I never saw what attacked it. It was almost like a cat biting and/or scratching it. I could even seen small wounds–which is unusual. And it was a bit painful–also unusual.

In another dream, I was in school, I think. And there was this woman sitting in front of me who was singing rather flirty songs to me. I don’t recall any of the words. I swear she was some sort of celebrity, but I could never really ID her, so I’m not so sure about that theory. I’ve had plenty of dreams where I ID someone, even though it looks nothing like them, so I don’t know what to make of it.

Not the most detailed descriptions, I know, but it’s all I have. Not much chance of recalling any further details at this point, I’m afraid. Thanks! ♥


J Dub the dream of having an injury to your hand forecasts a financial gain or profit. If you knew for sure it was a cat that attacked you I could tell you more but you weren’t positive. It’s okay though. I tell people not to force themselves to remember the dreams. You only remember the bits your meant to. To feel pain to a lower limb forecasts embarrassment will be felt within three days due to an impulsive action on your part.

To dream of being back in School is a warning to sever ties with someone who isn’t constructive to your environment.

Singing is passing of current troubles. But if you liked what she was singing, it says Happy News is on its way. If in your dream you knew she was a celebrity then she was a celebrity and to dream of famous people means your goals will soon be realised.

Let me know if and when any of this comes to fruition.


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  1. I had a couple of dreams recently, from the same night in fact, that I would be very interested to know the meaning of:

    In one I was going around doing something, I don’t know what, I don’t think I ever saw, but my hand kept getting attacked. I don’t know why I kept sticking it out, and I never saw what attacked it. It was almost like a cat biting and/or scratching it. I could even seen small wounds–which is unusual. And it was a bit painful–also unusual.

    In another dream, I was in school, I think. And there was this woman sitting in front of me who was singing rather flirty songs to me. I don’t recall any of the words. I swear she was some sort of celebrity, but I could never really ID her, so I’m not so sure about that theory. I’ve had plenty of dreams where I ID someone, even though it looks nothing like them, so I don’t know what to make of it.

    Not the most detailed descriptions, I know, but it’s all I have. Not much chance of recalling any further details at this point, I’m afraid. Thanks! ♥

    • Three days? Well I’m trying to remember back to the end of last week. If there was any embarrassing moment, it must have been minor. And I’m not positive about the cat because I literally never saw it. But thanks for the interpretations. Very interesting! I will definitely keep you informed. 🙂

      • yeah they say Three days but I always say to give it three weeks.

        And always remember…….it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do……you will always be there 🙂


  2. Hello,
    I have actually kept a dream journal on and off for a few years and I saw this post now, so I figured I would ask you about some segments I remember from my last two nights of dreaming
    (I very rarely remember whole dreams, most usually I merely remember parts. but when I occasianlly am able to remember whole dreams it rarely makes sense because the transitions between the segments are always instantaneously disruptive to the dream environment, like a one second teleport to somewhere else.)

    2 days ago:
    The entire dream I was in a fictive town that I didn’t recognize, mostly spending time in various parts of a school and a street to and from the school in the centre of the town.
    – I met an old class mate that I hadn’t met in about 1.5 years. He said he had started writing about history on his spare time. I said I wrote a bit too, then we walked toward a class.

    -Everything transformed into a video game and I was put into observer mode without a body (this happens to me in almost all my dreams for some reason, and the video games are usually cool and entertaining). I observed a transformer-looking robot that ran around and flew around with a rifle shooting fancy stars and lightning bolts at his attackers to defend himself and get somewhere. There was no ill will between any of the parts, mostly just exciting, but they kept chasing him despite being defeated.

    -I was talking to my older brother, who then transformed into my cousin in front of my eyes. I spoke about some aspect of the human brain, the amygdala, cortisol, and adrenaline; i think i was explaining something. My cousin said it was all bogus and he had read some scientific article about it but later heard it was fake.

    – The classmate I mentioned earlier and two other friends from my childhood (unrelated to the classmate) were looking up to me for some reason, but I couldn’t figure out why, but it made me slightly proud i remember. We walked across town and I walked a bit too far because i didn’t really know where my stop was, i realized i had gone too far and said goodbye to them. I walked into a random street and met a female friend who was happy to see me. She was shopping for clothes in a street bazaar.

    -In this dream i hung out with a lot of different people on a couple of separated islands. I don’t know how i got from one island to the next one, but then after a while I became lucid in the dream for a short while and flew (superpowers) around a couple of islands until finally settling on the ‘party/play island’ which turned out to be a bit strange because they were all playing hide and seek in really dirty and weird places and I wasn’t quite willing to hide with rats or in mud so I ended up doing something else. While I flew it was pretty hard to figure out how to do it at first because in the beginning i could only go in one direction, up/down or back/forward. Then after a while it got easier.

    – I went into observer mode without a body and was put into some imaginary scenario (like a movie) of a famous guy, he might’ve been an athlete, and i heard his mental monologues; it was thinking about how the media had been after him a lot lately and he had had too little time for himself because he had been busy speaking to the press or giving interviews. He walked up a ramp into a building that resembled a large aeroplane/club. If a club could fly it would look like this, heh.
    As he walked down the corridor he was followed by a normal looking guy who engaged him in conversation, and soon he introduced himself as a writer who wanted an interview. He made it seem impromptu, but he had actually even prepared a room so it was obviously neatly planned. The famous guy went along with it and walked into the room where he and the writer was met by two other people sitting in a sofa waiting to begin the interview. There were some ‘romantic lights’ in a corner. I can’t remember what they asked about, but then it turned out they had microphones in the room (why not use a taperecorder lol), and the famous guy found another hidden microphone in a candle. He didn’t care much, but didn’t like it. He broke the microphone. end…..

    It would be very interesting to see what you make of it. I have had a lot of dreams in my life, I don’t think I’ve met anyone who dreams as vividly as I do and can remember it. But it is very rare for me to actually be able to make any sort of meaning of my dreams. The only times I can remember doing have been if I have been very stressed or scared about doing something and dreamt about that thing in particular.

    On another time last year I had a very strange experience of being inside a lucid dream that lasted for what I would assume to be over a month of waking time. Then after about one month I completely lost perception of time and everything became a blur, I thought it was incredibly cool at first. Then it became too much with the ever-changing environments and dream characters, one second i could be sitting and talking to some cool character, then the next moment be in a djungle being chased by a lion. When i first realized the potential of the experience I made the decision to stick to it for as long as I possibly could so that’s what I did, but after a very long time it became too much and i felt insane and had no perception of time and i decided i had enough and wanted to wake up, so that’s what I did (100% control, and i knew it from the start of the dream as well). When i woke up in ‘reality’ it felt so weird for time to movie normally that i coudln’t believe i was awake for at least an hour or two. This is probably the coolest and weirdest experience of my life, and I would like to recreate it.
    Have you heard about anything like it? I don’t know of anyone else who has.

    • Okay I’ve had time to look at your dreams.
      The first one is pretty easy and straight forward. To dream of being at school or in a school is a warning to severe ties with someone. They are not good for you or you know you shouldn’t have them in your life right now. Your dream suggests your over thinking things, or will over think things. This person will be someone from your past, maybe someone you haven’t seen recently but they will be someone you know you shouldn’t hang around, go out with, associate with because they will only bring you trouble. The video game style and you thinking it was cool and exciting means this person might be more of a temptation to you and this is why you can’t let go if them but you have to because it will end in either trouble or heart ache.
      All dreams are predicting things, so if your being told this now, then it means it has to be warning you about something that is already happening or is predictive which means it is about to happen. It is rare to remember our dreams. Keep a journal is good though. But you have to write them down as soon as you have them. You always wake up after a dream. And you only remember the dreams you are meant to. It is more common to dream in black and white than in colour and this is why we remember our dreams because they are mostly in colour. So try and remember the colours in dreams too as they mean stuff as well. But even though our dreams can see like hours, the longest we will dream is about 20 minutes.
      The second dream is assuring you that your dreams will be realised. Your feeling torn between something in your life and the islands are the two choices you have to make. Only you know what they are but it could be your having a hard time choosing careers, girlfriends, cities to live in, what exams to do etc….but only you will know what the choices are. But the candles, the famous person etc…means you’ll get help to realise your dream and yur dreams will come after working hard to get them but the rewards will be deserving of the hard work. So basically whatever it is your torn between, someone will help you decide and the goals that you have set yourself will be achieved through hard work and determination. But the fruits of your labour will be sweet and well earned.
      Your lucid dreams aren’t as common as most people think. Everyone will have them, but yours suggest you have quite a high IQ, and your brain is active between real time and Spirit time. You have nothing to be frightened of as you are completley in control as you say. It can be fun because if yiou train yourself you can usually astral travel to other people and planets in real and actual time. I do it sometimes and there is no other way to describe it other than ‘Mind Blowing’. It is people of high intelligence that have active right brains that do what you describe. The mistake they make with Autistic people is assume they are of a lower intelligence because they don’t operate on ‘normal’ abilities. But infact they are usually of a higher intelligence than the plebs testing them and simply work on higher frequencies than normal people. If you indulge them in the things they are interested in, you will see them work on levels above that of Einstein. And so basically you teeter on the edge of real time and dimensional space and time. So you very well could start seeing Spirits. You will know who they are right away because they feel different to anything you’ve ever seen before. Spirits will always show themselves in forms that are comfortable to you in dreams and sometimes they will sit in the back ground watching you. You’ll know they are there, you might be a bit frightened even but you’ll be perfectly safe.
      Remember…dreams are Spirits way of communicating to those who aren’t like me. Listen carefully, as they can be predicting things, warning you and guiding you with the things in your life at that time.
      Hope it helps
      Love and Light

      • Thanks for the detailed answer, that’s actually very interesting and it makes a bit too much sense..!

        Is there any book you know that might teach me to interpret my dreams or does it have to come from experience or something? I’ve tried haphazardly from time to time through the years without much success.

        About the IQ: I have no idea, but I have always had vivid dreams. I had a lot of lucid dreams when I was in high school and practiced it every night. At my best I would be able to go into what I called “the void”, which was nothingness except for my awareness. From there I would literally have to think about and imagine things; shapes, objects, emotions, stories, etc, and after a little bit of effort and sustained focus I would ‘create’ enough momentum for it to warp me into a new lucid dream. But i would often lose focus and fade away from the dream and go back into the void. It was fun, but a bit hard work. I wish I could do it again, i hope i will soon now that i am practicing again.

        On astral travel/OOBE:
        I am not sure, but I think i have done it a few times by ‘mistake’ while dreaming. I never had any body, I couldn’t see myself or anything. But I could fly through walls, buildings, you name it. And it felt perfectly real.
        I am have also done it deliberately twice through sustained effort. But it the experience wasn’t as intense. Both times I felt kind of similar and couldn’t conceive of my body anymore, it just disappeared and I felt incredibly light and could fly – but the problem was that I had no vision, it was completely dark.

        On spirits:
        It may have happened several times, but the only really intense memory I have that I can clearly remember of what was something very strange, was when I was at my best at practicing lucid dreaming in high school. There was this time I was having a dream, not quite lucid in it, but just about. The dream had many layers in it and it lasted a few days. I would always wake up in my bed and think I was awake for real, but I never was. And this happened like 5-6 times and almost got me irritated. Then I felt a very uncomfortable presence in my room for some weird reason and I opened my eyes, and even though my room was dark I could make out a three ‘vampire-like’ male humanoid creatures with glowing sitting about two meters across from me on my desk. Two had glowing yellow eyes and one had glowing red eyes.
        They just sat there and looked at me for a long time and I was completely paralyzed. I’ve neve come close to being that scared in my life, it felt like they could literally do anything they wanted with me, worse things than just killing me. I’ve been in quite a few fights in my life and I’ve practiced a lot of martial arts, but I have never been even close to as afraid at any point as I was at that moment.
        After perhaps a minute or so, one of them said that they said something about that I was ‘small fry’ or something like that, I can’t really remember. Then I blinked and they were gone instantly.
        But I couldn’t sleep for a long time and I didn’t dare to close my eyes for more than a few seconds because it still felt like they were there… Then all of a sudden I awake AGAIN and JUMP out of my bed, completely wet. This time I woke up for real (I thought i was already up), and it felt exactly like there were in my room still. Despite being paralyzed I managed to run out of my room.

        I did not sleep that night, and that was the end of my ‘lucid dreaming career’ during high school.

  3. You can buy lots of books and there are a lot of websites that do Dream Interpretation but how I do it is because it is in my culture. Maori people live by their dreams and we are taught about our dreams from a very young age. I’m thinking maybe I should put some of the stuff online. I have alot of it written down but the paper is so tatty and old, I should really type them out and then they are safe on my pc. If you want any dream interpreted I am happy to tell you what they mean. There is another person I’ve been doing dreams for and his are just like yours. Always mulitple dreams in one sleep, always vivid and even premonitory. I’ve been doing his dreams for a few months now. They fascinate me. Yours seem really interesting too so if you ever want to know any, just let me know. I will let you know if some are too private to post then you can email me for them. Sometimes the dreams are too personal to have others read them.
    You do strick me as a very intelligent person, you use words not usually associated with your youth lol but even your Blogs suggest someone of a higher intelligence. It seems quite interesting to me that it only seems to be people of above average intelligence that seem to have an indepth interest in all things Paranormal. By which I mean smarter people want to know ‘why’ and ‘how’ rather than just accepting it. They want to understand the metaphysics and quantum physics of it all. This is exactly what Spirit want though. They want people asking questions, finding the answers that feel right to them. The more questions people ask, the more they learn. This is why I started by Blog. I wanted people to ask questions.
    Your Spirit experiences in your room is classic of someone about to enter Puberty or Man/Womanhood. This is the age when we start seeking our own answers to things outside of our parents an society. I personally think it is the reason the are called the ‘Rebellious’ years. I think it is in our DNA to be rebellious at that age because this is when we start seeking the truth about things or answers for things in our lives. I know I started ‘Finding my path’ at 14-16. Patrick or as I call him Dotd said he was about 16 when she started finding answers. My husband also, was in his teens when he started to rebel against Societies answers for things. There is a lot to be said about Teenagers and Young Adults refusing to accept answers to what Society Tells them and I think it is because we are then predestined to find the answers ourselves so we can gain perspective and knowledge and find our own faith. Now i’m not for a minute suggesting we are all Nerds lol but instead of hanging around in town with our pals looking for boys/girls to get off with, we were all in our rooms reading books on Space and Time, doing art, playing games (which for mine and my husbands generation was a big thing because it was new) doing investigations, learning about Spirit and the dos and don’ts of life etc…(that was me speaking for myself lol). As a young person you can either worrying about your weight, hang posters on your wall, want a boy/girlfriend, sneak smoking, and get all caught up in what part of her body Rhianna is going to show next then get all angry and agressive when people look at it, or what Lady BlahBlah is doing next to appear all wacky and weird but infact she is just a desperate little untalented girl wanting approval, and cry when someone offends Justin Bleater or we read books, do investigations, play games, make games, do art and feed our brains. Those of us on this blog seem to be the latter lol I had posters of Keanu Reeves on my wall and snuck smokes, and kissed boys but I was so fascinated by what was happening to me I threw myself into it with gusto. Noone even knew I was doing it. BUT because your on the Pinnacle of discovery at that age, you get Tempters starting to show up. They will appear in ways that can be simply terrifying but they aren’t there to hurt you. They are there to help you make up your mind which direction to go in. The Tempters as I explain in my blog are neither good nor bad. Like a Grim Reaper, they serve no other purpose than to do their job which is ‘test your faith’. But it does start as a Teenager/Young Adult. It is at this age we are deciding what it is we want to do with our lives and so while it can seem terrifying as it is happening, always know, they won’t hurt you. They are just pushing you to make a choice.
    I’m really enjoying this discussion by the way. You may just get a Nickname.

    • I’m really enjoying this discussion by the way. You may just get a Nickname.


      Again, it is hard for me to track this conversation (had to google the blog) because it does not appear in my ‘notifications’ for some reason.

      I will probably ask you to interpret some more dreams later, thanks!

      • Really? That’s odd. Noone else seems to have that trouble. I wonder what’s going on? I’m so sorry about this Ludvigc, I will try and get it sorted as soon as I figure out what’s wrong lol

  4. I had a dream.
    I was in a bathroom (I know more had happened previously in the dream, but I cannot recall it) stall, definitely felt like a school bathroom stall, I’m pretty sure they were dark/royal blue. In my dream, I’m pretty sure I was a guy (instead of the girl I am in real life) and as I’m standing in the stall, this guy comes in, and I feel dread, because he’s a bully, and we have an exchange that I can’t recall the specifics of, and he ends up punching me in the face, says something else I can’t remember, then leaves.

    After he leaves, I’m still standing in the stall, and my best friend comes in, but he’s either drunk or high, and we’re talking and he says something along the lines of going to tell on the guy who had punched me, and I insisted that he didn’t tell anyone. So he’s standing over by the sinks (they’re white, with grey pipes coming out of the bottom going into the wall, just like at school) and I’m still in the stall. My stuff appears to be scattered, some in the stall at my feet and some on the floor under the sinks. I reach down and pick up a black tulle skirt with a black satin overskirt on the floor. I start to roll the tulle into a tube and a brownish-grey spider scuttles out of it. Before I can react, it goes from the skirt to the underside of the sink (like it was on a web, but I don’t remember seeing one). I kicked at the sink to try and squash it because it looked poisonous, and because there was more of my stuff under the sink, and I didn’t want it to get in it, but I missed. I kicked the sink to dislodge it so I could step on it, and it fell out from under the sink with what looked like a roach (it was definitely ‘roach’ brown, with dark brown bands, kind of like one of those Madagascar hissing cockroaches, but a lot smaller, maybe an inch or so long). They fell onto the edge of something of mine on the floor, and they started to scurry under the edge. I stomped on it, trying to squash them. I could tell I got the roach, but I couldn’t tell if I’d gotten the spider or not, and the alarm went off and I woke up.

    A- I hate spiders and am almost phobic about roaches.
    B- The best friend- In the dream, he was my best friend, but it was no one I know in real life, I have no idea who he was.

    *laughs* this dream is pretty tame, as far as my dreams usually go.

    • You didn’t mention if you were naked or not, I mean we can assume you were but it’s important to know if you saw yourself, being naked and not just knew you were. Also how long ago was this dream?

      • No, I never felt naked, I wasn’t embarrassed or upset until the bully came that I can recall. I vaguely get the sense that when my friend came in I was kind of outside myself, seeing myself holding my hands over my face where I got hit, but I feel like I was fully clothed.

        And I (strangely enough) had this dream this morning/last night.

      • Okay so lets assume you never saw yourself naked.
        To dream of being in the shower talks of new beginnings, a new life, washing away with the old and welcoming the new. The stranger punching you in the face means Support or help from an outside source. So someone your not expecting to help you with a problem will come forward and off the solution. It can be a stranger or someone you know. It’s just that your not going to expect them to be the one to help. The friend who was a friend but wasn’t your friend lol he is Support from a higher power. So everything that is about to happen, is happening because it is meant to and is part of your fate or destiny.
        The spiders and roaches are you fighting your fears when the good fortune comes.
        Basically I can break it down like this okay? Something is about to happen that changes your fortunes and brings a whole new life. So for example (and this is an example) your man gets a job because a friend or family member recommends him and it gets him a job, he wlll good money, With the extra money it means your able to buy the things you’ve needed to buy, luxuries and a happy home with no stress or tension on his part and then just when you think things can’t get any better he proposes or get a promotion after only a few months at work. That sort of thing. Your dream is saying good things are coming, support from where you least expect it and rewards are coming because they are deserved. When you give yourself over to Spirit and just have faith that things are going to get better even though everyone else around you is running around like mad chickens, you get rewarded for it because you kept the faith. All sacrifices come with rewards and it sounds like yours are coming. If you were naked too, I would say get a lottery ticket or something because to see yourself naked in your dream is money luck. To dream you are a man when your a woman is a high honour or trophies, or deserved rewards. So something is definitly about to happen. keep me posted.

  5. Well, that sounds like good news! I also felt the need to mention that last night, much strangeness was going on. The love of my life wasn’t able to sleep, he ended up only getting about 4 hours, nothing he did would allow him to sleep, and when he came back to bed, he woke me up. When I woke up, I was very nauseous, and had the sense that I had been for some time in my sleep, almost like the sense that it had been so strong the nauseous feeling had invaded my dreams, and it was almost an hour before it went away and I could sleep again.

    It was just odd, thought I’d relate it since it happened the same night as the dream.


    • You sure your not pregnant? lol
      Sometimes when something life changing is about to happen you pick up on it before the event takes place. Your Psychic is having a premonition before your life actually ash it. So your reacting to the fact your body is trying to catch up to what the Spirits are trying to say. Now our dreams are the first form of Spirit communication. This is how Spirit talk to all of us. If they are telling you something is about to happen and you can feel something is about to happen, your body reacts to it. I’ve been feeling for days that something was coming for my husband and it gives me surges of excitement, nausea, headaches etc…I get this need to get up and do stuff, sometimes I will just talk and talk and talk, really fast. I’m not always aware of it but it’s like I’ve eaten something that has given me a massive sugar rush and I’m like Speedy Gonzalez and off I go lol Our bodies are’nt as primitive as our Souls so it can affect our body worse than our souls when our psychic energy is active. I would say something HUGE is coming. And are you sure your not pregnant? just asking lol

      • Please don’t speak that into existence for me, lol. While I like children, I am too old and set in my ways to have kids now, and other than the occasional concern about who will be there for me when I’m old and decrepit and can’t feed myself, I don’t want children, not at so late a point in my life, lol.

        The only reason I thought to mention the middle of the night incident was because of the post of your husband, talking about how he couldn’t sleep when there was something going on with you, and because we are so close, I thought perhaps something that was going on with me might have been affecting his ability to sleep? Just thought I’d see what you thought about it… then again, could have just been bad shrimp… o.O LOL

      • I thought you said you were only 33? Did I read that in your post? I was 36 and 37 when I had Butch and Sundance. Besides I was just asking lol
        But your right. When your close to someone you do feel them. But I think maybe your both picking up on each other. You know he is stressed, he doesn’t want to let you down, there is a lot of pressure on a man when he is the provider. But when your Soul Mates in the truest sense, you do feel each other. Your linked on a level most people just don’t understand. It isn’t enough to just be in love. When your lucky enough to have that Soul Mate as your partner, it’s telepathic. Your telepathically linked and I bet he would know when you had something on your mind even though you aren’t showing it? Like I bet you know when he is trying to hide something from you? It’s a special connection and I bet you anything, your both feeling this ‘thing’ coming but neither of you knew what it was before now. Your positive, he’s negative, your ebony, he’s ivory, your up, he’s down. your right, he’s left, your hot, he’s cold. ya know what I mean? Your dual energies. You are open to positive change,. he fears it. I have the exact same relationship with my husband. Yeah sometimes I want to put his lights out and push him in the water lol and one time I tried to sell him for a Pound, I was offered 50p but they wanted me to pay for the shipping lol But where there is laughter there is tears, where there is sorrow there is joy, where there is him, there is you. That is balance and without that balance you would both be a mess. Do you understand what I mean? Tell me if you don’t. He really loves you ya know. He knows without you he couldn’t cope. You keep him together. I think if it wasn’t for me my man would be a bearded, malnourished wandered sleeping under bushes, fighting with sparrows for chips lol

      • Yes, I’m 33… I always said that I didn’t want to be 50 with an 18 year-old, lol. And he already has 2 children of his own.

        Oh, I forgot to mention that he sees things that happen in the future sometimes.

        And yes, I know exactly what you mean about us being the opposite sides of the same coin, yin & yang, so to speak. We both feel that.

        He utterly terrifies me. Old hurts from my past, him with a history of doing those very things (just not with me), there’s definitely a huge chunk of fear inside me of having my heart… devastated wouldn’t even describe what I would go through.

        But anyway… that’s just random personal baggage I’m sharing, lol.


      • lol Yip, mine did too. I didnt trust him for a loooooooooooooooong time. I used to say ‘oh if anyone every did X Y and Z to me I would out the door so fast’ then I fell in love with him and he did X Y and Z and I thought I was never going to recover from it. People see him now and wouldn’t believe he was the man he was back then. Well he was a boy really. But now…after I tore my body apart giving him Thor and Hercules, if he did it again, he would be the one to come off worse off lol I some times have dreams, of the past and I wake up wanting to smash his face in lol but I just calmly remind myself ‘I chose to forgive him, I was the one that said I would give him a second chane so I have to live up to my end of the bargin other wise there is no future if I constantly remind him of the past’. So then I don’t punch his face in and he gets me some M&Ms lol hahaha we sound so childish for a couple of 38 and 40 lol (he’s my toy boy) but incidentally, I stroke his hair when he is stressed too. When he is upset, ill, or stressed I stroke his head and he ends up like a drooling lazy dog lol you not Scorpio and Libra too are ya? lol

      • I thank god he hasn’t done anything major to break my trust. When we met, I knew that making the conscious decision to give him a chance that I was risking a lot. I was already barely holding on by a thread by that point. To be honest, he holds me together.

      • Yip and that’s why Love Sucks lol It sucks being in love with someone who at the start you know probably isn’t good for you. It hurts, you have to put yourself through some hard stuff and change your feelings and fight what people tell you all for someone who love. But when your one of the lucky ones and you have to fight for it, it’s a Soul mate you’ve found. True love isn’t easy. And Spirit told me one day when I was training in all of this ‘Always remember your always going to have to work harder for the things you deserve’. I used to say when Mr and I were first starting out ‘This is what I deserve? THIS? well you can stick it, I don’t want it’ lol (I do fight with them A LOT haha) but then he proposed and we had to elope and he started to change and then the travel, then the hardships and babies etc…and now I know why I was meant to put up with it all. Because he’s my light now. I can’t breath without him. Ya know after 15 years he still does it for me? lol I get tingles when I see him and I still feel the need to touch him when I’m near him. There is no man on this earth greater than my man. And while I do want to throw a shoe at him at times. He is the left to my right, and without him I’m not balanced. Plus he embraces my crazy lol Your a Cancer so your going to be cautious, but you know he loves you. There is someting more with him though. It’s like………..without you, his light would go out. I can feel his love for you and I only met you yesterday. He’s the sort that would go after the person who hurt or killed you and in a Deer Hunter Stylee, hunt the killer down and tear them to shreds before leaving their stumps at the Police Station Door. Because he loves you THAT much…hahaha (too much?) lol But that’s a Libra and when they love, they only love that one person only. You should just email or skype me lol we can Skype type or email lol unless you have questions and remarks about the blog then do it here lol my name is Debbie by the way lol

      • Great! I’m on my phone right now, got roped into going to the mall with him & his boy-crazy daughter, lol. I’m finding refuge in your blog!


  6. FLUFFY OFF? (that’s my way of swearing without swearing lol) That’s my husbands birthday, 11/10/74. That is freaky…………..coz he sounds identical to my man. Bloody Libras lol they are gorgeous and dramatic lol and my husband is an Artist too so he is double dramatic. I call him Ru Paul in drag because he can be more dramatic than a Drag Queen lol But your a Cancer, and that’s why we click. We are really well suited. 90% of my friends are Cancer and Taurus, with a mix of Aries thrown. But Cancers are my Spiritual Equal. They are dead sexy too. Woof a Libra and Cancer. The Air and Water sign, I bet ya he is the expert at pissing you off lol like mine.

    • *giggle* He can make me happier and/or angrier than anyone I’ve ever met! But I always tell him that the worst day with him is still better than the best day without him. OMG… Drama Queen doesn’t begin to describe it! But obviously I don’t have to explain that to you, lol!

      I don’t know if you missed me saying it, it wasn’t important, or I missed your response, but did you see where I said he sometimes gets visions of the future? Sometimes they happen in dreams, other times they happen when he’s wide awake, but it’s few and far between. Sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s not… or I suppose it’s possible that some of them just haven’t come to pass yet…

      He also believes he has a past life. He believes he was one of the people who died at Woodstock. I’ll have to get him to tell me about that again.

      I’ve told him about your blog, and mentioned some of the stuff on here yet, but not much. It’s one of those things I have to get my own feet wet first, before I invite him too far into the water with me, yanno?


      • I did reply to that. I mentioned it in a response from about 3 hours ago. It’s not surprising though. My hubby is telepathic. You should have some sort of gift too, as techincally more Cancers are Psychic than any other star sign, and that’s saying something because Pisces are the rulers of the Psychic lol But I did respond. Why does he think he died at Woodstock? It’s one of those things in history I would love to have experienced. Like if I had a time machine lol I have no doubt he is speaking the truth. Librians lie but not about stuff they know to be true if that makes sense. I would love to hear why though. I would love to post it on my post about reincarnation. I would love it if my readers joined in with recommedning sites that could reccomend to back up stuff I said or ‘Join in by adding their experiences and ideas’ like your doing lol Your a breathe of fresh air and I feel fated to have met you somehow.

      • Okay, I’ve missed it. I’ve been getting some notifications to replies, but not others, so I’ve been going through the posts I’ve replied to, checking to see if I’ve missed one, LOL.

        I’ll get him to tell me the story again, all I can remember is that he said, I think, that three people died at Woodstock, and he believes he was a specific one of those three. You’ll get the whole story once I ask him about it. Right now, he’s really really grumpy because he didn’t get much sleep last night, and when the man doesn’t get his sleep, he’s a BEAR!

        I don’t know about having a ‘gift’. Or at least, not a strong or reliable one. I often can tell when people are lying, but I suspect that’s because I’ve been lied to so much. I sometimes have feelings about things, like the Ayahuasca/DMT thing with you. Sometimes I just KNOW things… but it’s never by any conscious choice, it just happens when it happens. Sad movies make me sob, you mentioned Lion King, that one got me, too. Spirit -another cartoon, about a horse- I went with my mother to the theater (cinema, for your side of the pond, lol) to see it, and BOTH of us sobbed during it, to the point that children behind us were asking “Mommy, why are those ladies crying?”, Pay It Forward… lord, that one tore me to pieces… and the first post I read on your blog, the one you reposted, about the couple in the Appalachian Mountains, cried reading that, too… but thank goodness, IF I have some sort of empathetic ‘ability’, it’s not to the extent of yours.

        I’ve always felt that I have a little more … something … than other ‘normal’ people, but I’ve never done anything about it, like tried to develop it further, because the thought scares me a little… I was raised Protestant, and things like that are strictly considered ‘witchcraft’… I truly fear for my immortal soul, even if I don’t practice religion any longer. It’s still there, looming.

  7. I also meant to say that I believe him too, or at least I believe that he believes it. I’ve reserved judgement on whether I BELIEVE it personally, but I have no doubt that he believes that it is the truth. 🙂

    • Okay so what is it about what he says that makes you not doubt but ‘reserve judgement?’ I know what you mean though. I know exatly what you mean. Sometimes mine thinks because I am what I am, he is too lol

      • *smiles* he actually told me this information about himself within the first two weeks of us meeting. I didn’t know him well at the time, and as a general rule, I reserve judgement when people claim anything paranormal about themselves, until I get to know them well, or I get a FEELING. I never got the feeling that he was lying, but I also never got a FEELING telling me he was RIGHT, either. He also told me about the future-seeing thing early on as well. THAT I believe without reservation, although I’ve never seen it for myself, because he has stories to back it up, and I could sense the truth and sincerity behind it when he was telling me. Perhaps I ‘reserved judgement’ because I still don’t know where I stand on the ‘past lives’ thing, which is weird, because I have no doubt that the post about your children is not only true for YOU, but TRUE, if that makes sense.

        Maybe he doesn’t have 100% belief in it himself? Maybe he feels like it’s true, but wonders if it’s wishful thinking on his part and I’m picking up on that? I honestly don’t know, because I KNOW that I know that he’s telling the truth as he believes it to be.

        Lord I’m a mess of contradictions, LOL

  8. No it;s not you, some of my replies won’t let me leave them in the little reply box only the big one down the bottom PLUS some of your messages were sent to my Spam which I check at the end of the night. I’m so sorry, I’m just not good at this stuff lol you younger kids are more switched on than an oldy like me lol
    Yip your an Empath. Spirit was one of the movies I was told NEVER to watch by my nephew. Grave of the Fireflies is a Studio Ghibli one, and that was so bad even my husband won’t watch it. Watership down is another one for me. I know what you mean. I got laughed at because I cried when Nemos mother got eaten by the Barraccuda lol Plus lets not forget you wee drawn to my site so your intuition gave you goosebumps to know we were meant to be in contact,

  9. Hello,

    Recently i’ve been seeing in my dreams my friend im in love with. We have never been lovers, just friends, because he never expressed himself and then he started changing. Anyways i left the country, but since then i started feeling more..i was missing him terribly, i still do. But these days im seeing him in dreams, once it was like, i met him but he was not talking to me at all..not maying was just like i was not there. And somebody had punched him in his face. I wanted to take care of him but i couldnt say smth cuz he didnt talk to me at all. Then, last night i dreamt like he came to the country i am living now, and i knew his building where he was staying, but i didn’t see him at all. But smth weird ..i bought a spoon, and the sales person told me that it was a special spoon. When i saw that spoon it the first letter of hi name written there.i was so happy just to see that..and i can not imagine how i would feel like if i really see him. But i dont know if he likesme anymore or not. So what do you think about this? Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Mag,
      Thank you for writing to me. You can look at our dreams one of two ways. Psychologically your dream would be saying obviously our chasing something you want to be there but isn’t. Or that our chasing something you want to be there but can’t find. Which you said is the case yourself. But if you look at our dream from a psychic perspective it is saying things about about to change within the job or school front for the better. It is chasing the dream job or chasing the perfect exam result. The harder you chase it the better the result.
      My advice is, you seem pretty tortured by this unrequited love so just tell him how you feel. Or even hint at him how you feel. You have nothing to lose because he’s not exactly in your life. You live in different countries so it’s not like if he pushed you away you would have to still see him everyday. Men aren’t complicated, honestly. We women always imagine big dramatic scenarios in our heads that are never right. Men also unless women are blatantly obvious are not good at readings signs and hints. They mostly just respond to obvious non dramatic honest talking. They don’t over stimulate themselves with thinking like women do. Women waste so much time over thinking things and with guys it is what it is. So email him, tell him you have something to tell him and it’s no big deal if he doesn’t feel the same way, that you don’t want it to affect the relationship but you have liked him for a while and you feel sad that being apart has put a wedge between you. What you tell him, he will believe so if you say to him it’s no big deal if he doesn’t like you back, he will believe it is no big deal so if he doesn’t feel the same and tries to carry on as normal, it will be because you said it was no big deal. So be honest with him. If it’s going to be a big deal, tell him. You need closure. You need to know one way or the other because the not knowing is what is making you so unhappy. If he likes you then you can move forward with the relationship but if he doesn’t feel the same way then you can at least move on, heal and get closure. It is better to live with the truth and be hurt than live with a lie and be devastated.
      Good luck and keep me posted.
      Love and Light

  10. I was in a church like place. In this place we sat in pews . I sat towards the front with my grandmother, I was at the end of the pew. We were worshipping buffalos. The female buffalo was the most powerful and wise, she was white. But there was also a male bull. He was brown. During the ceremony a bunch of people on horses came from outsided. They rode to the front and positioned themselves. After that the brown buffalo cane in and went to the front, then the female came in. My grandmother was excited because I had never seen the white bull. I was sitting on the edge of the pew. I was in a church like place. In this place we sat in pews . I sat towards the front with my grandmother. In this religion we were worshipping bulls. The female bull was the most powerful and wise. But there was also a male bull. He was white and Also very powerful. During the ceremony a bunch of people on horses woul come from outsided. They would walk to the front and positioned themselves. After that the white bull would come in and to the front, then the female would come out. My grandmother was excited because I had never seen the white buffalo. Then all of a sudden I became anxious. The logical side of me registered that buffalos are wild creatures and could be dangerous. My anxiety grew and I ran out of the room. I ended up in the stall in a bathroom, breathing hard, and trying to calm down. That’s when a woman appeared in front of me. She looked Native American. She put a finger to her lips in a shushing motion. Then she smiled, touched my head, and I woke up. This felt significant so I immediately wrote it down. Any thoughts?

    • WOW!!!! What an amazing dream. Thank you for coming to my website.
      Okay firstly to dream of being in a Church, it is a warning of hard times a head. Your being told though not to get yourself upset or anxious over it as it is nothing you have control over. However Buffalo are blessings in most Culture but to our Native Ancestors a White Buffalo is a HUGE BLESSING. They are seen as extremely fortunate omen and the bringer of blessings. Basically your being told that your have some hardships ahead but keep calm and remember your blessings come in many disguises so while it might not seem like it at the time your going through the hardships, it’s going to end better than you think and in a way you will know you had more than just luck on your side. You have blessings coming after so try not to panic, worry or stress. Just sit tight, pay attention and be patient. Once it’s over, you’ll be glad it happened. It’s an amazing dream Hannah. You certainly have Spirits working in your favour lol

  11. I always c huge sea waves m drowning in it…nd my astrologer predctd i hve in my plnets tht i shud avoid water sides as it cn tke my life..though i hve encounterd wth tht in a sea bt luckily my fathr saved me…neways wenevr i c sea waves rushing to me aftr days m encounterd wth a huge issue..
    Recently i saw in a hilly area (though m nvr been there)i m dressd like a hilly inhabitant nd i stay in hut like house beside a waterfall..nd down in the foothills my pals callng me to play nd i rushed there..suddnly i cud here sounds of conch , nd noises tht prevails in hindu temples..i started climbing a steep hill ,it was high…there i saw an abandoned temple (whch i hve nvr seen in my life)pple chanting prayers nd infront idol of lord shival “shivalinga”priests arround playng “damroo ” wen i saw the shivalinga a flash of light enlightnd the temlple..all the trumpets beats of damroo nd sounds of conches ,nagada sounds made me to dance a hindu form “bharatnatyam”(originated frm lord shiva)but to my utter surprise i was shocked i din knw bharatnatyam ever but i started dancing with the beats madly just like “shivatandava”nd my poises moves were so perfect m a professional..nd up in the heaven fog like shiva dancing the moves poises nd its like he wants me to dance nd m just following him closingy eyes…pple around were chanting shiva names nd nobody touched i was totally delved in dancing by closing my eyes..i was taking circles aroound the temple but din get hurt…it was like i was somewhere else nd m commanded to do tht was giving me eternal peace…nd wen i finishes dancing i cud c my mom far away stnding but she cant recognise me…i cld her bt she seemed like m a stranger to her…

    • Wow Garima what a gorgeous dream to have. Thank you for sharing this with me and the people in my forum. I don’t want to ever undermine any ones beliefs and authority but the planets have absolutely nothing to do with your dream my dear friend. Your dream is MUCH bigger than Astrology. I would maybe like to ask you to come to me for free advice rather than pay money because your being told things that aren’t true if they don’t feel right to you. And the fact you have come to me tells me you don’t fully believe what your astrologer has said. I too am from a very ancient culture and I do understand the cultural significance of understanding what your dreams are telling you. My ancestors went to battle based on dreams and fled villages and stuff based on them also.
      So okay I will tell you what your dream means and Thank you once again for sharing.
      Firstly Water in a dream is ALWAYS ALWAYS emotions and how your feeling at the time. You don’t mention if the water was raging or swirling just that your drowning so I will assume that it was just normal water and you were drowning. The water and drowning in it but being saved by your Father means that your feeling overwhelmed with something either to with authority or money. Fathers in a dream is always Money and Authority so it means at the time you had the dream you were worried about money, a boss, teacher, someone like that. A House is you and how you see yourself. So if the house was in the hills and surrounded by water it is saying your emotions were running high and you’ve had a bit on your mind. The friends calling you is a good omen. It means a period of health, wealth and happiness. The friends gathering means you have a lot of great support. The abandoned Temple is a reunion, or joyful union. The flash of light, is a stroke of good fortune coming your way. The same goes with the trumpets. It means an announcement or news bringing great joy. The dancing is hopes and wishes coming true. And Mum is love and home. Sooooooo to add it all together, whatever it is you’ve been worried about your being told don’t worry because not only will everything be okay but your actually going to be very blessed. If you’ve been worried about money or romance, new marriage, work, school whatever it is your going to do really well and everyone is going to be really supportive of you. So don’t want and dance. Your being truly blessed my friend. It is a wonderful wonderful dream to have.

      • Thnxx dear…
        Previously i came fr help nd u helpd me thn also..ur so kind …
        I want to state tht i c tsunami waves ,raising waves they chase me nd i gt drwnd …

      • The Tsunami means your overwhelmed with emotion. It means your emotionally overwhelmed. But you know what Sweetheart? Your dream and your Grandmother are saying just don’t worry about it, it is all going to work out for you and your going to have your dreams come true. You can’t see it now but your Grandmother is saying just let things happen the way they are meant to. Don’t do anything silly or to interfere. It’s all gonna work out for the best and your actually very blessed. The dream you had about the Temple and dancing in it is one of thee most positive dreams a person can have. Yes things look tough now but it’s all going to work out for you in the end and you WILL have the job and spouse you want and everyone will celebrate for you. Your going to be successful and people will celebrate with you. I think your dream is saying someone is interfering with it all, there is maybe a love rival or someone who is not a good person is causing trouble but not to worry because you have love and support but you need to be patient and don’t argue with people and your dreams will come true. Hang in there my friend. Your life is actually about to be very blessed indeed and all those who put you down and turned you away will end up supportive and on your side.

      • And your more than welcome Garima. It is my pleasure you sweet sweet soul. I promise you, things will look up for you soon. Dreams don’t lie and neither do Spirit Grandmas lol

      • Also it is dat m worried of my career nd my marriage too…due to some obstacles we r nt been able to get married…

      • The obstacles will go away. This dream is a VERY good omen. You just need to be patient and let destiny play it’s role the way it is meant to. I really hope you keep in touch. I would love to hear how your getting on with it all. Career, Home, Love, Marriage, Money etc….is all going to be in your favour. You will have the last laugh at those who didn’t support you.

      • Hw do u knw that i have the habbit of arguing??incredible power u hve dear…nd ur true there r some enemies in my relatives whu dsnt want me to c get settled in life..m also hvng a boyfnd whu is such a nicest human being .. u can say a rare pure soul..nd sum of my relatves dnt want me to be wth him happily married…my byfrnd also gng through hard times nd his mother believer in withcraft does certain thngs..she hates me nd wants us gets departed…bt u knw m a grtest believer in God,in evry forms..He always protects me tht i do feel always…nd God is helping me to battle out even the strongest black magic….

      • Well I would say Your going to win this battle. Your right God or Spirit etc…are protecting and blessing you. If I was you I would put salt across your doors and windows, and around your bed. Also get a twig (dont pick it off a street find one offered to you by the tree) and give the twig the name of the person causing you harm or bad will then get some rope or cotton. It has to be a natural rope or string etc…it has to be then wound around the entire length of the twig. As you Bind the rope around the twig you say ‘I bind you *say the name of the person* from causing me or anyone I love harm or bad feeling. May you hurt no one else from this day on’. Then place the twig somewhere high that no one can find. Dont bury it. It needs to be placed somewhere no one will come across it. If possible near the person your stopping from causing harm but if not just somewhere high. Doesn’t need to be in your house. Outside is fine. Dont bury it or cover it up or it won’t work. Your asking the planet for protection and stopping the person sending out harmful energy from hurting anyone any more.

  12. Okay i m stating the last one…plzz help me wth no one came fr help wth this dream of mine…firstly it is shockingly true watever incidents i c turns true after sum days…but i m always enounterd with one animal that snake…one day i saw m passing a jungle where there is abandoned shivalinga and the jungle leads to a road …there an autorickshaw standind fr me ..i muvd in nd saw a small snake bit a man inside nd pple inside auto killd it….suddely a huge cobra like anaconda came nd it wanted me to burry his young or sibbling..i did so..then i went nd prayed to the shivalinga in the jungle fr blessing nd the huge anaconda like cobra stood in his tail and encircled me later the cobra raised its huge hood and came near me and blessed in my head…pple gt scared in the auto..and the cobra went into the jungle..even i c sumtimes black cobra encircling my bed ,evn following me bt nt harming day a cobra lying flat infront of nd i c may b i was wth my mon nd chatting…suddenly the cobra raised its hood nd turnd bak the door nd warned me that a gal was peeping us…

    • Snakes coiled means hardships and difficulties ahead. Snakes generally mean anxiety and troubles so snakes in any form means trouble and treachery.
      To dream of one biting predicts a period of struggle. To dream of Cobras warns of sudden accidents. To dream of being surrounded by snakes and they weren’t killed means you have a rival you will lose to in business, work or career. If the snakes were killed it predicts overcoming your fears through your own hard work and efforts. A snake wound around you means you can expect treachery coming from someone you would expect to be treacherous. And if you dream of snakes more than once means your a slave to your passions. So your being told you have a rival, someone who isn’t very nice going to cause you trouble but it’s also saying maybe if you have an eye for the opposite sex your flirting charm might get you into a spot of bother. Could it be a love rival your dream talks about?
      And lastly Garima, any time you need to understand a dream, please feel free to come to me. I will help you any way I can.

  13. Hi Garima, your dream is pretty much the same thing as before. Water is always emotions regardless of what or where it is. Basically your dream is saying you feel helpless and that your not being heard. Your opinions and wants aren’t being met and you feel helpless. But because of the flying and the pregnancy it might be to do with your work. Pregnancy for a woman is Career and Love, and Flying is ambition so it could be saying your feeling helpless at work or that your work isn’t being recognized. Or in your relationship you might be feeling like your Fiance’ isn’t taking your needs into consideration.. But the fact you managed to escape the island means your finally going to get the recognition or your voice is going to be heard. You will win basically is what it is saying.
    P.S I’m so sorry you were forced into a position where you couldn’t keep your baby. These things happen for a reason and understandably your going to be hurt and sad by it. No woman should ever have to feel the need to terminate a pregnancy because of social or financial pressures. But you need to know you will NOT be punished on the other side. It’s a situation dealt with on the other side with pure love and compassion.

    • Thanxxx so much dear thnk you again..u r such a reliever ,God has sent to us.I am literally so much disturbed about career and love that u have stated..And aftr the abortion I m in absolute guilt..Even in my wierdest dream i cannot think of terminating my baby,but i did !!! May be i think i m paying my own karma..but still now i havent done any bad to anyone any abuses abt anyone ,all possible helping i cud do i have done…phewww!!!! I hope this wont be counted for committing sin. I can next deliver a baby of my own !!

  14. Again m up here with an unsual dream i saw past few days bak ..i saw that i and my fiance were in an island with high mountains..there was a dead sea wth no water bt as soon as i pointed my left toe finger water raised so high up like was abt to drown us and i took my fiance and went up to the mountain nd gt saved…then suddenly we fell into the sea waves nd it tuk us to an abandoned island.we roam there acrss the length and breadth of the jungle.we got c another couple were making a flying chopper u c.they also gt traped years ago bt manged sumhow to leave and make the chopper..wen we entred ,the full mechanism fr the flying technique he din figure out or discoverd..the lady told me that we r just to fly if ths starts and thus we were lucky ..the man tried bt cudnt..suddenly i felt a flash of light in my belly entered,both me and my fiance or husband gt in awestruck…i realised and felt that i got pregant..thn i reached towards the engine to c whethr the flying mechanism has been done..then again i could c a flash of white glowing powerful light coming out of my belly and touched the engine..suddenly the chopper started and all of us entered it and flew away from the abandoned island..
    P.s -this november i had to go for an abortion done because it was not possible fr me and my fiance to keep it now..After this both of us we are bit mentally disturbed and depressed as we love babies so much..

  15. Hi Debbie. Curious to what this means. The only part of last nights dream i can remember is me helping a man get an injured woman from land into the ocean. When i lifted this woman my hands were holding her around her ankles and she had feet. But when we put her into the ocean she was a mermaid (don’t laugh :P) This mermaid was really happy and thankful for my help and maybe wanted to play with me or be friends or whatever. She suddenly caught me and started swimming under the water with me. I was losing breath fast. We were deep and there were lots of colours and her family and friends had come to see me but as much as i wanted to see this amazing world under the water all i could see was faded bright colours as i slipped out of consciousness. She realised i couldn’t be with her underwater and swam me back onto land where the man earlier mentioned resuscitated me. So weird. Does it mean anything?

    • Hi Jessica, it is saying your about to be blessed with an incredible gift, reward,win or contract bringing great joy and prosperity. To Dream of Mythical Beings is extremely rare and incredible fortunate.
      However your being told to use this blessing wisely or it might end up causing you a headache lol
      for example: you come into money and can’t decide what to do with the money so you stress out because you want to do things with it but will have to prioritize and things will crop up that have to take place over something else and then you’ll think ‘Oi…….this is more trouble than it’s worth I think lol spending money on things we need and helping others is exhausting’ lol That sort of thing lol
      Love and Light

  16. my dream i have every time i close my eyes i tried to get it out of my head and it always comes back and it terrifies me for some reason. it starts off in africa in a hut like building, I’m sitting at a desk the teacher is walking around. you can see out the door and there is tall grass, all of a sudden i see a lioness darting towards me i get up to run and it bites me on my calf, other help to free me and we run upstairs into a room and close the flimsy door made of bamboo. the lion is at the door breaking it down. everyone is desperately breaking a hole in the side of the building as it was made of bamboo. everyone gets out safely except me i look into the distance to see more lionesses coming its too late for me to jump and the lion has broken thru the door. then i wake.whats it mean and how can i stop the dream.i am not normally termed of my dreams this is a first. I’m a pisces if that helps

    • Hi Mandy, Your dream is telling you your in danger or repeating old mistakes or your in danger of making the same mistake again. It is saying your being told to sever ties with someone, or distance yourself from someone or something that could be holding you back from a potentially rewarding experience. This person or people are holding you back or will hold you back from something wonderful in your life. Your overlooking something in this person or situation that is making you not see things clearly. But you realize the mistake and if you walk away from it your in for an incredible rewarding experience in your life. Your dream is saying whatever this is is really obvious. You won’t be able to run from it or ignore it either. You have to face it head on. When you do though My Sweet, the reward for it will be epic.
      Be honest with yourself is what your dream is saying.
      Love and Light

  17. My fiance was killed in a car accident a couple of months ago…I experience a great deal of his energy daily…in life, he had told a friend once that he had such a strong connection to me…that he’d never felt anything remotely like it. I’ve always been sensitive to Spirit, but the intensity of him has made me edgy lol I’m working in it. We are/were very in-tune with each other. My dreams are always the same & of a sexual nature…always I can’t see, just know, feel it is him…I try to let it take it’s path, but get scared & fight it until I’m fully awake…I feel enveloped by him, then feel as if he is reaching ‘down there’ & push him away…I’m not even sure it’s a dream…I feel awake…when I check the time, little has passed since I last knew I was awake. I want him here, I talk to him…I don’t know how to calm myself…& reading your article has made me wonder if by being frightened & pushing him away, it’s causing him to be more intense. Or…I’m crazy! Lol

    • Hi Lynette, I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t quite know how to respond to this because I know Spirit don’t harbour sexual desires. I believe our need for comfort in such times manifests the attention we seek from the opposite sex. In the same way angry, upset people dealing with stress create poltergeist activity a lonely or grieving person manifests inncubus/succubus relationships.
      I could be wrong but it looks like a scientific possibility. Just one area to think about.
      I certainly don’t think your crazy though. I just think your finding it hard to let go of your man. And the way he was taken so suddenly it’s understandable. I think you should sit and write him a letter telling him everything on your mind. Tell him what hurts. Be honest with him. Get angry if your angry, cry if you need to but write as if he was right there in the room with you.
      Which he will be. And tell him everything you want to say.
      Then let time take its course and when your ready to let go burn the letter. It helped me cope with the loss of my best friend many years ago and my Father.
      You can control this totally by dealing with your grief I think my Sweet. Talk to him.
      By the way to dream of sex with someone who has passed over is a warning of deciet in the work place or business which will be revealed.
      Sex in a dream for a woman is about her career/business or place of employment.
      Good luck Sweet Princess
      Love and Light

  18. I have had this dream on and off for years. Everytime that I have this dream, I get furthur and furthur in the dream. In the dream, I come across a building that looks like a restaurant. I step inside and it turns out it is a black market that has multiple levels that go underground. It is very beautiful in a dark way. Each time I have had the dream, I am walking through a new level, exploring the different stands and items, with nothing ever happening except my exploring. But the last time I had the dream, I can across a stand that was involved in human sex trafficking. I was looking at the stand and all of a sudden I get hit in the head and knocked out. When I come to, I am tied up, lying on the floor. There is a man standing over me, leering at me in an evil way. He forces me to stand and that is when I wake up from the dream.

  19. I found your article very interesting. 3 yrs ago I became ill with a change of a job and my health was bad too. I meet a wonderful nurse..who did rekhi I went to het to be healed in the end of a our first meeting she told me I was very physic and a whitelighter. Gave me a archangel Michael’s pray and a dowsing pendulum. .I took not sure..of wot to do. But my health was steady I was back at work. Now I feel I have the skills to see through people. By the help of pray and dowsing. I noticed I don’t like meat. Before my dreams had mesages. Now I feel I found my path and I enjoy time meditating. I could go on and on but I do belive in this. Thank you.

  20. I had a dream of my aunt passed away 17 years before now I saw that I m searching for her at a historical place and I found her , when I met there is some background music and when I asked her do u know me , she replied no son. I don’t and then suddenly something pushed me forcely out of dream and I woke up but when I looked in her eyes she pertained that she know me very well and wanna say something to she sat near me.

  21. I had a dream that I walked into my grandparents house I was pulled by some force and pushed against a walk moving towards the above the door…an exit to the room I entered and an entry into another but I was above it and I remembering say sorry to my grandad and after that in the same dream I kept entering the same room but nothing happened again and my granny asking if I felt something as she was aware of something ever since a tree was cut in my grandparents house….all this was in the dream.

    • Hiya Ekkta,
      Your dream is telling you your being victim of living in the past. Carrying the past over to the present or something from your past is stopping you from moving forward. Either way your being told to let go.

  22. I dreamt that I went to hogwarts school from Harry Potter and all my old school friends and teachers were in it from my previous school. We were sitting in the castle and my old religious catholic teacher asked me to come with her. So I followed her to another dim lit room it was all lit by candles on the wall and had a very old feel about it. There was a large mirror leaning on the wall and she told me her teacher when she used to go to the school as a student failed her in religion because she failed to look in the mirror and looked away. I saw a flash back as she was explaining it to me of her saying no please give me another chance I won’t look away. Then she ran out of the room and locked the door and said you have to look in the mirror to pass the test. I was scared because I thought I was going to see ghosts which was something to do with Bloody Mary or some female spirit I believe but I can’t quite remember. I escaped and went to find the princaple who was a male I don’t recognise and I remember he was standing on a stone balcony outside his office and we talked. That’s as much as I can remember. Please help me with what this means.

  23. Hey! I hope I am doing this correctly. I had a dream last night that really scared me and was hoping you could help.
    I dreamed a woman (who I don’t know) was being killed. (No one in the scenario knew I was watching, and it almost felt like someone just opened a curtain or flipped a switch and I was being shown what was happening.) The woman did not know these people had a desire to kill her, until it was too late. But these people had planned it.
    They had her laid in a long chair. There was a hose that connected from the ground to her mouth. They had covered her face with something black, and they covered her body with the same black material. My guess it was it was a body bag of sorts…or at least that material. They asked her if she had any last things to say (which I was thinking was a snide thing to do, seeing as how they knew she couldn’t talk with that thing in her mouth).
    And then, she was killed. It is unclear to me how exactly they did it. They either shot a bullet through the hose in the ground, or they had already cut a hole in her head. They emptied the contents of her head into an aquarium they had behind her.
    And then they were going to dispose of the evidence. They folded her up and tried to smush her into a couch. And they did the same with the other evidence into another couch. They began to take the couches outside. They started with the one she was in. They took it outside, and came back in to get the other stuff. And I watched their surprise and fear when they saw that the exact couch they had taken outside was back in the room. Every time they tried to take it outside, it was back inside by the time they got back inside. It was very clear to me in the dream that it was the woman’s spirit that was moving the couch back inside. She wanted them to acknowledge and be held accountable for what they had done to her.
    And, that’s when I woke up, and was so paralyzed with fear that I could not move. Please help me make some sense of this.

  24. I had a dream that i lived in a 4 Plex and had not meet my neighbors however when i stepped out for a smoke one of my neighbors was sitting on our porch at there was some clutter also present any stacked on a rolie cart. Ok the bottom shelf was half a suitcase and in it was a decaying cat. When i noticed thisi also noticed a girl standing next to me, in the dream i knew her however when i woke i couldn’t id her. She three a steak knife at the cat and i screached while throwing it’s paw o u t ti grab the knife. I said in a scared yet questioning voice “it’s alive? Well we can’t just leave the knife there, it might get further hurt.”so i grabbed a stick and whent to knock the knife away from the decaying cat and it again started to screech as it bolted off. It jumped back in forth to and from leaping in extreme distanses screeching the whole time. When it finally stopped i said “well hess probably​ going to want his box” and wheeled the cart tears where the cat has stopped. When i got close huge soup cans(only full of peaches) started flying at me i abandoned the cart and started running back twards the poorch and got hit in the back of the head by one of the cans, this hurt but i kept running anyways and made it safely back to the poorch wherethe 2 wer sitting and just before walking said “i can’t believe it was still alive”