White Lighters and Path Walkers: What are they.

In my society, depending on what level your gift and what your role is in the greater scheme of Spirituality your either a Path Walker or a White Lighter.

I want to teach you the difference between the two. You can be both, I have certainly been both but when I got initiated into my society I become a White Lighter.

A Path Walker is someone who decides that their life and existence has a greater meaning than the one they were brought up to know. They will start to educate themselves in the Spiritual and Paranormal and usually once they find what feels right for them albeit Paranormal Investigations, A Protector (which is what Exย  is), Healing, Reiki, Astrology etc…They will seek out all forms of learning then settle on that one field that feels right to them and use that gift in their life to help people. It’s a good way to make a living if you use it right and you find that like anything, the more you use it the more you learn. One thing I have known to be true is You never stop learning and even after 40 years and me thinking I have seen it all, Spirit give me something new and blow me away. Meeting Tatuaje was a prime example of that. A Path Walker seeks knowledge and truth and use that truth and knowledge to live a peaceful, meaningful existence. They are also usually seekers of truth as well. Even Truthers are classed as Path Walkers.

A Path Walker can not use their gift against anyone as they understand the line between positive and negative is very thin. They will often very early in the game find themselves going through a ‘purge’ in their life. It usually starts about 3 months after what I call their ‘Awakening’ and most will end up Vegetarians at the end of it because you find your body starts to reject anything in your body or consumed by the body that shouldn’t be there.

I found I could no longer tolerate meat and I was a huge meat-eater. I also stopped having anything artificial in my body as I found it was making me sick. I could tell just by sniffing a fizzy drink which one had artificial sweetener in it and I still can. This change in diet wasn’t for anything other reason than my body started to reject it. You also have a purge of emotions. I cried like a baby for a month and all the people I needed to settle scores with.

Not because I set out to, it just happened that way. My teacher said it would happen and it did. I went through my entire house with my pendulum to test every single item made of natural materials including my wooden and crystal incense burner. If it didn’t match my energy it got removed and I can only describe that nights sleep as thee best sleep of my life. I woke up the next morning and literally felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I could not believe the change in my house. I came up with I think isย  the best description of being a Path Walker and that is ‘The rose tinted glasses come off and you suddenly see the world and everything around you clearer’. You have this new view of the world. Suddenly truths are uncovered as lies, people can’t scam you anymore. It doesn’t matter how good someone is at being false, you can see right through. Things make sense and this is when you start to realize you most definitely walk to the beat of a different drum. Your not like anyone else around you. But your confidence is a lot better so you don’t care. You happily walk to the beats alone.

A White Lighter 9 times out of 10 starts off as a Path Walker. But they start to unravel a greater purpose within themselves that means their purpose to go out into the world and help as many people who Spirit bring them. I’ve just been told by Spirit to liken it to The Lord Of The Rings character of Gandolf. He goes from a Grey to a White once he reaches a certain level of Magi understanding. Bluebird will probably tell me off for getting it wrong and I will have to edit this and correct it but for now you know what I mean lol

I personally (because I cannot speak for anyone else) gave myself a very strict code of conduct. I came up with it having been told by Spirit what it is they expect from me and people like me. They are as follows.

Be honest at all times. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

If you have more than you need, give what you don’t need to those who have less.

Always put others before yourself. It is far better to be selfless than selfish.

Be as loving and faithful to my friends and family as I can because when I know true love I will love truly.

Always put myself in others shoes. It makes you judge less when you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Give respect where you get respect. While you are expected to turn the other cheek, you aren’t expected to love everyone. Even family. You are expected to respect them. Their views might differ from yours but you have to respect that is the way they are.

Always find a positive in every negative. It helps you beat depression and keeps you on the path to emotional happiness. There hasn’t been a situation yet in my life where I haven’t been able to find a positive. I think this is one of the things that drives my Mr mad. Because I always find one. And I don’t allow myself to wallow and focus on the negatives.

Admit when your wrong. It makes you less of a dick lol When you act negatively, you attract negative. Like attracts like.ย  And as I say to Mr Ex Husband, ‘Be careful what you put out’ because it WILL come back tenfold.

Anyway…..a White Lighter becomes public. They go out and do what they are told to do and all in the name of peace, love and harmony. We work long hours, weekends and often without even getting paid even though our bread and butter is using our gifts. But if Spirit say ‘don’t charge’, I don’t.

In the beginning, even at the expense of myself. But where Spirit take with one ethereal hand they give with the other and I will find that if I give one reading for free to someone who needed it, the next person might come with someone without an appointment who wants a reading OR they liked the reading so much they insist on paying more. I don’t take it, but they always leave it somewhere. I get embarrassed but it warms my heart. Spirit have never let me down EVER!!!!

More is expected of you because once you learn the ways of the Jedi (as Mr calls it) you’re representing the highest corporation in the Galaxy. Your expected to be a certain way. So if you so much as show a Spiritual flaw, my bosses WILL call me into the office for a wee chat lol I’m not interested in losing my job. I love my job. So I try to be as professional as I can. A lot of my fights with Spirit are because I act human once in a while but they forgive me lol Path Walkers aren’t expected to live by such a strict code. And this is why I get annoyed because my ex husband gets away with blue murder and I get told off for getting upset because someone I thought was a friend made me feel used lol I admitted I was in the wrong, I knew I had to be the bigger person and I missed him so I tried to make it up to him immediately. Where as Mr Ex, can say and do what he wants and they think he is ‘Charming and Quirky’. I get the ‘Deeeeebbbbbbiiiieee you know better than that’

A White Lighters Path is better lit, easier to see and smoother than a Path Walkers, but a Path Walkers path is softer winding paths, full of lessons and questions. A White Lighters path is long and never-ending. We are it till we die. A Path Walker can leave at any time.

I’ve been both. It’s hard being both but I love being a White Lighter now because I’m better able to help the people I am given to help because the trust you have with Spirit is unbreakable. Path Walkers will still been uncertain of how much to give of themselves. Full of questions, and being made to find the answers. But a White Lighter, you ask no questions because you trust Spirit enough not to ask. You take a leap of faith as a White Lighter than you would never be expected to do if you were anything else. I am proud to say I have stepped off that plank many times and I landed safely every time.

Now I don’t question it. I can name 100 people who have let me down 1000 times. But not once can I count where Spirit have let me down.

Who else would you want to be your body-guard and manager than the dead. lol This life isn’t for every one. It’s bloody hard. It’s a long hard slog to get to this point, but when you get there, you’re as free as a bird. To not have stress in my life, is worth every ounce of garbage I’ve had to put up with. But it does come at a cost.

However a true Path Walkers path starts from childhood and is a long life time process of growing up with pain and suffering which is what puts them on the path in the very first place. (Finding answers for their life).

It’s not an easy life and often has emotional scarring which gets healed as you grow into your light.

But the path is walked in such that your past you soon realize was the stepping stones for you crossing over to the safe side. Therefore TOTALLY worth it.

I regret nothing in my life. Not even the shit stuff.

Because without it I wouldn’t be what I am now or have what I have now and I’d trade my life with not one person on this planet. Because now I’m not a White Lighter either. I now work WITH The Council not for them. I am Light.

That is a WHOLE new article lol


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      • I have a question – I fell like I may be a white lighter as I try to make everyone happy as i go through life – I seem to be the source for happiness in my family and at all of the places I have worked and have been told by many I increase moral and over all am great at helping people to be happy and to get rid of their negativity and turmoil. Recently my heart was shattered, I love making other people happy and bringing them Joy….But how come the universe never ever seems to give it back to me – I feel like I have put so much good karma out into the world in my 36 years on this earth – but lately I feel hurt and betrayed in that I never get it back from anyone else. I get thank yous and I love you’s from friends but I never get to have a true love or truly be happy because I seem to be taking care of everyone in my life.When is it my turn to be taken care of and loved? especially by a significant other?

      • Hi Jenny,
        Thank you for coming to my blog. I can sympathize with you. You describe my life to a tee. But a White Lighter is someone who generally has Psychic ability who are sent out to the world to help and heal people. You didn’t mention gifts other than being Empathic and Kind. That is a Path Walker. A Path Walker is a White Lighter without the gifts of Psychic Ability. It is just as much hard work, just as heart breaking, just as exhausting mentally and emotionally. I struggled for about 26 years with this life you described but once I realized I was on a Path of Spiritual Enlightenment I had to make the decision to reserve my heart only for those who needed and deserve it. Generally a Path Walker is someone who spends their life achieving and gaining Spiritual Enlightenment. They will use what they learn to help others but more importantly to empower themselves. Getting the Bigger Picture is the ultimate Goal. So when your time comes and you pass over you can know you finally got it. Spirit want us to learn as much as we can about The bigger picture so we don’t have to come back but by choice. What you need to do is only give yourself to those who need and deserve it. When I went through it I got told I became selfish and self centered. But all I had done was stop allowing myself to be used and spent up but those who didn’t appreciate me. Being Soft Hearted isn’t just a gift but it can be a curse. It hurts so bad to love so much. But honestly and I say this only because I was you, 99% of the people you hurt over wouldn’t hurt over you if the shoe was on te other foot. My Mother used to say ‘Only five respect where you get it, then you know it’s deserved’. And she was right. You have many people to help in your life time and you need to be strong for those who need you to be stronger than they are. But it isn’t a matter of needing to toughen up but more that you have to become selective about who deserves your gift. You were born so special Jenny. Why would you want to share that special gift with anyone who hasn’t earned it? I had to see it that way. And also ‘You don’t kiss just any body. A kiss is reserved for those who mean something to me. So I don’t kiss just any body. It’s the exact same thing. A kiss is as personal as giving someone your heart. Pull yourself back Jenny. Let those who want what you are, earn the right to have it. If you mean something to them they will work hard to get it. If you meant nothing to them, they will move on and bother someone else which means they never deserved you in the first place, so there is more room for those who do. Do you understand what I mean? Good luck and if you ever need to talk you know where I am. Love and Light xoxox

  1. I actually have a question I’m new to all this and have been experiencing weird things , and have been told by a Medium recently , that I am a White Lighter. I didn’t understand til she told me what I was or what was happening to me, but my question, I am the most giving person, yet I’ve felt much negativity spiritually, on and off over the past 10 years. It has at times been extremely scary, medium and mild, Over time , it has calmed , but have I drawn some sort of Dark force near me, or is there something I don’t understand…?

    • Hi Amy,
      Thank you for coming to my blog. It means a lot that you think I can help you in some way.
      Firstly, you have nothing to be afraid of. When a new light comes into the ‘knowledge’ you will always be tested by dark and negative energy. It is their useless way of trying to scare you off your path to enlightenment. The Knowledge is what I call it when someone steps away from what they know about the Spiritual and Paranormal and finds their own answers. Answers that feel right to them.
      I don’t know about the modern term White Lighter as it means something different in my society but I think in modern society it just means someone who will walk amoungst Spirit to help others. To me it is someone who has gifts who dedicate their lives to doing Spirits bidding. We literally walk with the light. The light guides us on our path. The voices in our head essentially tell us what to do, how to do it and where lol and being a white lighter means you have decades of learning and watching and listening and knowing. Spirit once told me ‘With Learning Comes KNowledge, With Knowledge Comes Wisdom, With Wisdom Comes Power’ and a White Lighters Ultimate goal is to gain control and power of their lives so they live outside the modern day expectations of what is, and just be. It is believed in my Society that one day White Lighters will eventually lose the need for speech and even body as we will attain such a high level of Spiritual Understanding we will eventually not even be human. But that is a LONG way off and not in my life time I think. As long as people who say they have gifts stop ripping off the innocent and grieving, wondering and wanting of Spiritual Connection. A White Lighter in it’s truest sense, basically aren’t normal lol It’s the only way I can say it. We don’t float around with cloaks on, waving sticks and incense in the air worshipping Mother Earth and stuff. We the Masters of Our Gifts and do what needs to be done. All we are trying to do is educate those who are sent to us about the truth, we don’t take more than we need, we help all who are sent to us and we do what we can to protect the Earth, The Universe and the Creatures on it. To a White Lighter everything has a soul and anything with energy should be protected. We are the voice of the voiceless. It is a hard life and not every one can handle it. You are challenged all the time, negative stuff is always there trying to bring you down, you can be facing homelessness one minute and winning money the next. This lifestyle is only for the strong of heart. I have seen dozens of people claim to be a White Lighter but as soon as their husband/partner loses a job they lose faith and start to panic. It is a hard and dirty life. But the rewards are so great, the rewards far out weight the hardships because when your faith in Spirit is unbreakable, they have your back. I haven’t been stressed out or worried about a single thing in 15 years lol And I’ve almost died twice, almost lost the love of my life, lost three babies, my husband has been made redundant 3 times in 4 years and when we have small children and not once did I worry. This is a White Lighter. Their faith gets them through it and not one single experience I have had hasn’t taught me some of the biggest lessons of my life and made me a better person for it. A White Lighter isn’t someone who sits in a million pound/dollar mansion driving a BMW saying stuff about Spirit. A White Lighter has a very personal relationship with Spirit because they are their closest companions. It sounds crazy to someone who isn’t in the ‘Know’ but if you were my husband or my bestfriend etc…you would know what I mean by that. What modern pyschics call a White Lighter I think is what we in my society call a Path Walker. A Path Walker starts by asking questions, then finding answers, then it opens a certain gift and then they become one of ‘The Knowing’ if after a few years (it took me about 22years from birth) of trust and faith and being tested and learning and understanding, gaining a relationship with Spirit unlike that of any other you will ever have, you more than likely will become a White Lighter. But I think it is wrong and a bit dangerous for someone to just throw something like that on someone like you. It must have been very confusing and distracting. Do you have any gifts yourself? Or is this based on your negative experiences? If it is the latter, there are things you can do. Firstly it helps to keep the dark energies away by trying to be as positive you can in the face of adversity. Always finding a positive in every negative helps keep your light going metaphorically speaking. The more positive you are the less the dark can get through. The Tempters and Dark Side will always put things in your path to test you but you must alwats try and be as strong as you can without letting any of ths natural light wane. It only takes one flicker of light to get ride of an entire room of dark. So when things happen to try and knock you back, always find a good in it. And when you find that positive, let it feed you love and energy. Put salt (any sort is fine) across your front door and gate. Right across from the left to the right, it keeps negative energy away, also if you want you can keep lavender at your door, it keeps all unwanted visitors or energy away. Even dired lavender pot pouri is fine. Remember to ask for protection at night before bed. Because we are at our most relaxed at night when we get ready for and are alseep this is when they try and frighten a newbie the most. As ask your Spirit Elders and Ancestors for ‘Protection with the White Light’. It helps in many ways but it gives YOU the control and power. The dark side are only as strong as you let them be. So you need to take the power out of their hands and gain it back for yourself. If you are feeling threatened or like something is going a bit negative it is okay to say out loud or in your head ‘You are not welcome here, this is a house of light, go away, you have no control over me’. I tell people to treat the dark or negative like someone who is trying to harrass you in the street. Don’t scream and run away. Stomp your feet, stand your ground and fight back. Only when we gain control of our lives will they go away. Just remember though Amy, just because someone says you are something doesn’t mean you have to be that thing. The choice is yours. My only advice would be, before you enter into a life of Spiritual Awakening and Understanding, please know exactely what it is your getting into to. You have two choices nowadays. You can either do it the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is the way everyone seems to be going where they think it’s a bit cool and sexy to go on Ghost Hunts and wear leather and burn incense and drink herbal tea whilst charging insane amounts to do stuff in the name of Spiritual Awareness, or you can do it the hard way, where you gain the knowledge and respect you deserve by harnessing and educating yourself then feeling humbled and honoured when someone wants to listen. You will help people in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine and sometimes you won’t even be allowed to take money for it. But you are ALWAYS protected, always looked after and they only have your best interest at heart. It is harder than Motherhood in my opinion. But equally as rewarding. I love my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world. If your a soft gentle giving person, your exactely what Spirit are looking for, but your also going to be exactely what the darkside don’t want lol. If you need any help, if you need advice, support or anything, you just come to me. I will look after you in any way I can. My door is always open. Don’t be afraid. You did thee best thing you could possibly do in this situation. You asked for help. If I can give it to you in any way, I will. It’s after all, what a White Lighter is here for lol

      • I want the say thanks for this post. I too can relate to Amyโ€™s post. I have had the same experience. And itโ€™s beyond scary. I had to stand my ground because I knew the huge negative dark shadow was coming for me. I somehow knew, It was now or never, if I didnโ€™t stand strong! It got within 4 feet of me and than backed off back down the stairs. I had been physically and emotionally taunted for years by this thing. Itโ€™s been 5 yrs. now and it hasnโ€™t come back around since. I must admit , Iโ€™m afraid to open myself to my gifts since. I know, Iโ€™m gifted in healing , and can feel other peopleโ€™s emotional hurt. I want to use my gift agin but Iโ€™m very fearful of the dark shadow coming back.
        Thanks for your post to the two of you. Iโ€™m open for advise.

      • Well I don’t believe in negative energy in the sense of them being demonic or bad Spirits. Through my years of observation and research I’m suggesting that apart from a very small number of Spirits who are negative the rest are created or invited by the mind of a depressed or mentally unbalanced mind. By which I don’t mean mentally unstable, I mean someone who is unhappy, depressed, run down etc….the opposite of happy. This is the trouble with the way the dead are perceived by new age practices, the media, movies, social media etc…. ignorance of the paranormal is just as bad as the fear of it. I’m not saying people are ignorance, I’m saying people don’t study the situation or surroundings or a case they just jump to conclusions and speculation about what it is and it’s damaging the relationship the dead are trying to have. In most cases like yours, just because you feel a rush of energy and fear associated with it usually means Spirit are present and your internal alarm has gone off and your left brain has automatically perceived it to be negative because your body reacted in a less than normal way. But Paranormal means Extra Normal, Other Normal. The truth of the matter is your around ALL these Spirits the second you sleep. You see them ALL , known and unknown because you yourself become Spirit. If your not fearful in your Spirit state you don’t need to be in your waking state. Your physical self including your left brain thinking are simply reacting to something it knows is there but can’t see, the same way Zebra do at a watering hole when a Lioness is hiding in the long grass. But that’s instinctual. The truth is, if it was negative, if it really wanted to hurt you it could do far worse than rush at you as thin air. When you are around a true dark force it seems to destroy you on a psychological level first then physical. They don’t just jump scare you then move on. They systematically set out to destroy you. BUT having said that they only come into your life if invited and serve as a warning. They don’t just wander by and attach. They have to be invited by action or word. My suggestion is that you need to relax and redefine what you know about the paranormal. I know it’s terrifying to think your opening up to the dead but Sweetheart, NOTHING you do next to have kids or owning pets will give you as much growth, happiness and satisfaction. I’ve got into extremely haunted places known to be full of dangerous and demonic Spirits and once I’ve left been in tears of laughter at how funny and misunderstood the demons were because it was something perfectly explainable. Death had many forms but all Spirits are the same. They’re all trying to evolve, and or needing help. It’s up to those of us with gifts to help them either way and it in turn helps us through experience, knowledge and growth as beings of light ourselves.
        You could also sign up for lessons. I’m offering a special on a crash course or one on one pay as you learn basis. But I have a ton of information here and on my YouTube page for free as well. Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power. Learn as much as you can and take back your power. You won’t regret a single minute of it I promise. The only thing you have to fear with Spirit is your own imagination and lack of understanding. I promise you, I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I thought it put myself, my kids, my students or the public on danger.
        Email if you want further information about one on one courses etc…. debbiedakiwi@gmail.com love and light, Debbie. P.S you can do this girl xox

    • Amy, I’ve not hear back from you. Are you okay? Can you explain to me what has been happening to you? Anything I can do to help. Please…….talk to me. We can talk in private if you prefer. Xoxo

  2. Huh. Interesting. What are your thoughts on someone who is able to see the ‘silver linings’ in a bad situation, or keep offering hope and encouragement in OTHER’S bad situations, even if those situations affect them, but not able to see the same silver linings around their own bad situations?

    ie. Man loses job/is out of work, after over a year of searching with hardly even a call back for an interview, is becoming desperate and is overcome with worry, yet his fiancee (who lives with him, and doesn’t work, and thus is/will be affected by losing the home/car/etc. if he can’t find work soon) continues to calmly insist that something will come, that there’s a reason for everything, not to worry so much, but yet that same fiancee is unable to see silver linings around her own trials and tribulations when they occur.

  3. Well I do talk about this in one of my posts. You’ll get there in about 7 years of reading lol I call them Strong, but I’m the same. My husband went through the same thing as your man. It got really bad, we had a newborn and a toddler and he was near having a break down. It would drive him up the wall that I would stay so positive. It is a wonderful gift to have. When you or someone close to you can be facing so much negativity in your life and be strong enough to hold your head and the head of your loved one above water, is a gift you can’t teach or buy. Your the sort of person who will not buckle under pressure, and will do the job that needs to be done to get everything sorted even if your ill, sick or busy. Your no nonsense, and you don’t suffer fools lightly either. But in times like this, your strong where your man is weak, your positive where he is negative, he needs that. He needs you to be strong so that he doesn’t sink into a funk or start to pity himself too much. I think though he will work for a bit from someone he knows, someone will give him a job, it will start out as part time or as temp work and he will either get asked to stay on, or while he is there he will find a full time job. Just tell him not to give up hope. It’s not personal, there is a world wide resession on. He needs to just keep applying for jobs and be thankful he has such a positive woman in his life. This that your doing for him now will be why he will want to give you a ring lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your a beautiful soul and might even have a bit if a Intuitive gift me thinks.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      Well, that was from a few months back, he found a job, actually got fired (which really upset him, he’s never been fired before, and they were a horrendous place to work for, to boot) and again, he was so down, but I just stroked his hair, told him not to worry, something better was in store. It had to be. Everything happens for a reason. A month or so later, he did get another job, with better pay. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now he’s got a possibility of getting a job at a better place as a contract worker but with less pay than he gets now, but the possibility of of getting hired on, and getting much more per hour than he’s making now at this job.



  4. A university professor went to visit a famous Zen master. While the master quietly served tea, the professor talked about Zen. The master poured the visitor’s cup to the brim, and then kept pouring.

    The professor watched the overflowing cup until he could no longer restrain himself.

    “It’s overfull! No more will go in!” the professor blurted.

    “You are like this cup,” the master replied, “How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup!”

    ^^^My current situation. I feel as if i’m yearning to indulge in your discussions, educate myself in this new found world. Everything about me wants to, but what is already understood by me( religion, my world views etc) doesn’t allow room for it??? Its like i have to erase everything i once understood…to actually “understand”.

    That’s some serious back tracking! lol

    • Barbara I was raised Catholic remember? Im was raised to fear everything I was in the eyes of my religion. I took had to unlearn what I knew to be. I like you sought the truth but the difference is you have me and the internet I didnt. I started learning the opposite of everything I had been taught. But the truth sticks. Its not indoctrinated like religion. Youll remember the truth. Your experiencing exactly what religion was set up to do. Frighten and confuse people who try to question otherwise. Eventually all you learn will push out what you know and all the important information will stick.

  5. Hello I was wondering if you could help me understand how to figure out if I have a gift or exactly what my gift is. While reading your blog about path walkers I have to say that I fall into that character in the way I am.

  6. Hi I am new to your blog actually it just poped up on my Facebook news feed and I have a question I have been going through a major purge lately throwing away things that I no longer need and cleaning and clearing all negativity from my life while doing this I was suddenly hit with the knowledge (out of the blue) that my life was going to change if I did something I have always wanted to do which is write a novel now I know spirit is guiding me but since I have been purging and made the decision to write my book I have been bombarded with negative things left and right I feel in my heart this is a test to see if I will continue to follow spirits guidance in my life or just give up all together and I am choosing to have faith and am going to continue to write my Sci Fi novel but I am also being shown something that I can not describe with words as nothing like it has ever happened in the life time of this earth but I am being told over and over again it is ment to be a warning and my novel will change my life for the better as long as I listen to spirit.sorry this is so long my question is should I do what feels right and follow my passion which has always been writing I also can not seam to find employment and figure while I am looking I should write my book and spirit says have faith and do what I love but my mind is saying no mater how good I am it does not mean anyone will want to read what I am writing (although all my friends and family have shown great intrest in what I am writing I feel that is just friends and family and they love me so they would say or do almost any thing for me just to be happy again) should I continue to follow spirits guidance and do what I love and makes me happy so I can help others be happy? Because in my eyes my families happiness is ultimately my happiness too I would love for this to work out beyond my wildest dreams and spirit says it can but while I have faith in spirit I have doubt in myself. I really hope this makes sense to you and maybe you can help me if not than that okay too thank you for reading this anyway and thank you for your time

    • Stacey that purge your going through is called a Cycle. It happens every 7 years and is perfectly normal. I tell clients it is ‘Out with the old, in with the new’. Like you are made to evaluate everything in your life and get rid of the stuff that no longer gives you balance, happiness or peace. That includes people and emotions. The negative stuff happens just before the new life cycle begins. It is what I call The Tempters, testing to see where your strength, faith and determination lies. Again perfectly normal. All you need to do is what I do. I tell it to piss off lol It has no control over me so it can piss off. That’s literally all you need to do. The Tempters like The Grim Reaper are neither bad nor good, they are indifferent to everything. It is there to serve a purpose and in The Tempters case it is to test you. Which way your faith lies. If you give in and be all negative and let it win, it brings more negative stuff into your life because the whole point of the Tempters is to push your faith and strength. It’s Playing The Hand your Dealt literally. So don’t let any of it stop you from listening to those voices. You will always have your Left Brain putting the voice of doubt in your mind. The trick is to learn to block it out. Your gut speaks louder than your head. I promise you once you learn to put the Left Brain out after a while it doesn’t even try. They say it is the Voice of Reason. But I say it is the Voice of Doubt because it puts more doubts in your head than reasoning lol Your Right Brain works on a higher frequency. Alpha, Beta, Delta Frequencies and they are Spirit. Pure and Simple. They come first. Never let anyone or your Left Brain self come between you and those voices. Those Voices are simply the best relationship you will ever have. I’ve never known a life without them and I couldn’t function as a person without them. Follow your heart Stacey. Even if no one reads your book, if it’s in your heart, do it. There is obviously a greater reason you need to write this book so trust your Spirits. Spirit will never lead you down a path your not meant to go down. Everything is for a reason, trust that. And don’t fight the things you can’t change. Just let the bad stuff roll the way it is meant to. It’s all for a good reason and while you might not see it at the time, even the negative stuff that happens has a lesson you will appreciate later on. I promise you though Button it gets a lot easier once you shut the left brain out and tell the Tempters to bugger off lol Good luck and let us know when your book is out ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you so much that made a lot of things so clear too me right now ๐Ÿ™‚ your words and the tarot reading I just did for myself went hand in hand you said no mater what follow my heart and the tarot happened to say I am being called to do something that my life has a meaning and a much higher purpose than I know right now and to follow my passion as well as to let my intuition be my guide thank you so much!! Oh and I am hoping to have my book finished by the end of this year 2014 and be looking for a publisher shortly there after! I do have faith in spirit even if I doubt myself that is because I am only human and humans make mistakes all the time while spirit is pure honesty and love they make no mistakes so I figure it is best to listen to them especially when I doubt myself because they have never doubted me not once and always guide me in a very positive direction in my life again thank you so much!! I am sure you will be hearing from me a lot in the comments as I did just find your blog and have already found so much useful info here love and light and Blessed Be

      • Well far be it for me to tell you what you should do but you know you can publish the books yourself now at Amazon on the Kindle etc…? My friend has written so books and instead of waiting to see if a publisher would pick them up he just got my husband to illustrate them and he released them on the Kindle. He’s done quite well too. It only took him a week I think. If you need an Illustrator my husband will do it for you. I will say your my friend and he won’t charge you lol all he asks is he gets named as Illustrator lol
        I know it’s hard Sweetheart but Doubt is a Poison that spreads very quickly and serves now purpose but to destroy. If not one person read your book, you can still say you have a book. Not many people can say they wrote a book but most people have those Ebook things now and we found as with my friend because your not paying so much to buy them when even a small novel can be ยฃ10, people will buy them on the Kindle and Ebook type devices because they are only a couple of quid. And people think ‘Well I only paid $1 for it, I’ll give it a read’ David Beckham who is Gods Gift to himself has his Biography in the ยฃ1 shop so you have as good a chance to have your book read as he does. So you must think of it like that. Follow your heart. It always leads to love and you love to write so do it. Your writing for you not anyone else after all and if people pick it up and like what they read then that is an awesome gift you have shared with the world. Everytime the doubt comes in, and that left brain kicks in tell it to bugger off. Tell it ‘You have no power here go away’ and it will. But if you give way to Doubts it travels like poison and before you know it has gotten in every where and you will end up full of such doubt you will end up not being able to write anything and start to have regrets and such. You need to use Positive Imagery. Imagine the book published, imagine it on the book shelves and it being talked about in newspapers, imagine it being made into a move, Who would you have playing the parts? Imagine going on Oprah and talking about it and how it’s Inspired people. Aim for the Stars Babygirl. By putting it out there it sends it back in actual form. I call it my Magic but it really does work. If your heart truly desires something and you keep imagining yourself having it or getting it, it sends it out into the atmosphere and brings it back 10 times better than even you imagined. I’ve used Positive Imagery for getting every single thing I ever wanted, in my heart of hearts. Play it out in your head and in your home. Obviously while no one is around because then you just look crazy but accept that award for Best Newcomer in Literature, Talk to Oprah about what inspired you to write the book. It hurts no one and puts hope in your heart and as we know Hope is WAAAAAY more powerful than Doubt. Keep me posted xoxox

  7. Thank you and that is so awesome that you say use positive imegry because everytime I feel the doubt creep in I do push it to the side and have my chats with Oprah and see me on the NY times best seller list and being able to have the money to support my family and give them a better place to live and meeting Stephen King and Anne Rice and all of the cool things I will be doing like book tours and book signings lol And yes my Mr thinks I am half crazy at times talking to walls as he puts it but my kids get involved with it and will tell me how amazing life will be and about all of the great new people I will meet along the way My 7 year old even told me about you and that you would give me the best advise and to follow your guidance although he called you Star Mother not Star Child I made the connection right away and if my baby boy who is wiser than his 7 years on this earth says I should listen then I best open my ears and heart and listen!! My children and spirit have never steered me wrong so far and my 7 year old is also my biggest fan and have to read to him every new part I write and he says I have to hurry up and finish it because he needs to know how it ends and I am right there with him! Thank you for the tip about Amazon too maybe that is why I am being told when I finish handwriting it I need to copy it to a flash drive? I only have 3 chapters and the prolog done as of right now but that is only since January 1 when I made the resolution to write the book because I will never know what will happen if I never try and as much as I doubt myself I actually have faith that there is a reason I am writing this book, I have also had a lot of my poems published and recived editors choice awards for all of the ones that have been published, so even though I say I am worried no one will read it that is simply because I do not want to sound arrogant and say I know I am a great writer and a lot of people will want to read it lol I mean who would not want to read a book about Vampires, Witches, Warewolves, Ghosts and an appacolyptic viral event all in one book lol I just also don’t want my ego to take over too ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you so much for your kind words and guidance on my journey you are an awesome person!!

  8. My mother had this dream years ago that me and my two brothers are white lighters and I’ve been researching this. Ever since I was 3 my older brother witch is 3 years older tales for me. I told him what wanted without actually saying anything and he would do it or tell my what I wanted. I have been very spiritually open to this world.

  9. Hi let me tell u bout my expeience I had near death expience at 6 I was in heven seen the astro plane got that we glimpse of heven buh was told to go bk all my life I’ve knowen its been a spirital reason I love mother nature always felt like out cast never fitted in I’m a kinda feminine type of guy and was wondering how could I learn to become a white lighter could you get back me please in point me in da right direction

    • I also sense things feel presence around me have had few incounters were spirits can feel then all tym kinda gift I can also tell a good or bad loyal trust worthly person by just look at em or body language I’ve had signs threw my dreams so just asking advise do u think I’m a white lighter I care more bout others than myself

    • Hi Joe,
      Thank you soooo much for sharing your experiences with me. So you want to use your gifts and dedicate your lives to doing good in the world? you sure you know what your getting yourself in for? lol It’s a hard life with long hours and sometimes you will be expected to sacrifice your time, family and even money to help those Spirit send to you.
      My suggestions are, 1) Test your abilities and see where your strengths lay
      2) Perfect said found gifts
      3) Observe the world around you and let Spirit teach you about what your seeing.
      4) Never stop asking questions
      5) Create a code of conduct to live by and stick with it.
      6) Don’t be afraid to march to the beat of your own drum. You were born to stand out from the crowd for a reason. Embrace it don’t hide it.
      7) Never doubt what your being told or shown.
      Male White Lighters with genuine ability are rare as hens teeth so if you do this it will make a refreshing change from what I see. White Lighters go where they are told to in life so don’t think it’s going to make you rich over night because if your a millionaire in the first year of being a White Lighter then your not a White Lighter. A White Light would take what they need to live and give the rest away. Spirit begrudge no one being wealthy it’s how they got wealthy and what they do with the money once they are wealthy that they care about.
      Don’t ever be ashamed of being a man who feels the suffering of the Universe either but that is what we are. We feel things beyond the normal human realms of pain and suffering. It is a calling in the very fiber of our souls that you can’t explain until your doing it. Find what feels right for you and don’t let anyone tell you other wise. It’s YOUR faith. No one else can tell you how to live it.
      I’m just about to do a Post on how to start the ball rolling on any gifts you have so stay tuned. It will be in the next couple of days. I’m always here too, don’t be afraid to come to me for advice or help.
      I’m proud of you for reaching out. I can tell you have something because men aren’t usually so keen to come forward to ask for help lol
      Love and Light

      • Thank you debbie I’ve always knowen I’ve been different from everyone I’ve just knowen I’ve always felt like a outcast most my life like a didn’t fit in and I’ve got code conduct only way any1 should look down on any1 is wen there helping some1 up world be a far better place if we opened our hearts in listened instead of wanting to see were r own to eyes if we truly knew much spirits cud teach us in the year I’ve imedatided I’ve lost anger aggresion and hurt and yes I will look out for ur post I wanna get the ball rolling can you send me few exercises debz oh no1 break my faith I’m a true believer I’m unique for a reason I was sent bk from reason just got to go on my spiritual journey and find out

      • I just medatited u usually see we dot buh I seen like a big bright light ahead as if it was a door of sum kind for split second if u can exsplain that

      • I’m sorry my friend I don’t meditate so I don’t know what to expect. My Teacher forbid me from Meditating when I was in my early 20s. She said it was too dangerous for someone like me. So I don’t understand enough about it I’m afraid. I know when I see a door it’s because I’ opening or closing myself down at the end of the day or to avoid contact from unwanted energies.

  10. hey i am a witch i was wondering if you could give me any information on whitelighter and if you a whitelighter please help i would like to summon one who is my age i am 14

    • Hi Leanne, im not sure I understand what your asking. A white lighter is someone born with gifts who dedicate their lives to serving Spirit and their faith in helping those Spirit bring to them for help. Unlike a Pathwalker who lives their life by Spirits guidance. Also there is no summoning of anyone. That negates the whole purpose of having faith in Spirit to bring the people you need in your life. I think maybe Sweetheart you misunderstand what a White Lighter is. There is no Witch Craft involved. The only craft involved are ancient practices that use the elements of God to help those around you. A White Lighter would never be allowed to use The Craft on or for themselves as our number one rule is ‘Others before Self’.

  11. Hello Debbie
    When I was in my early twenties, I use to have visions of people before they died or at the time of their death. It would happen at the most odd times like at work or I would be doing something and the feeling would just come over me. It would make me stop what I was doing and this cold feeling would pass through me and I would see. Since then I have grown and learned that my spirit guides name is Jacob and if I don’t stay on the path he sort of lets me know about it verbally . I use to have a lot of activity in my house. So once a year I do a cleansing. I see Orbs of all colors.
    Plus when I go to touch some things I get vibrations. Sometimes I know what people are going to say before they say it. Or when the phone rings I know who is calling even if I think about them they call me.

    What I am saying is, I never knew about white lighters or path walkers until I started reading about them recently. I even got a blessing from a white lighter which made me feel so good.
    Well just putting in my two cents worth. Thank you for explaining Debbie.


  12. I always knew I was different I have always helped people even putting others before me and never really fit in with others I mean I’m the life of the party but no click. I sit back and watch people and I find myself defending the weak and innocent. I’m 40 years old and just now starting to figure all this out I think lol. My mother was a white witch ugh that was scary to me and my dad well I have no clue.When I read this it sound like me both path walker and white lighter . Its all starting to.make since my life I mean I just don’t know what to do with it.

    • Hi Patti,
      I understand the Witch thing as my sister is one, I found i fascinating though and taught myself how to use the Craft using Spirit and the Universe. It is totally different to Witch Craft but works the same if it comes from a good place.
      Also 90% of White Lighters like myself start out as Path Walkers. It progresses as your knowledge expands. Then I have this Council turn up and tell me what and who they are and why they were there. I get it now. But no one else talks of this Council.
      Thanks for sharing, good luck on your journey.
      Love and Light

    • OH,Really? Are your gifts natural or taught? It is usually progressive. I think maybe your definition of White Lighter might be different to mine. A Person doesn’t just become a White Lighter because someone tells them they are in the definition I know. So I’m thinking maybe there is a more Modern Term for White Lighter than I am confusing myself lol. I am what is called an Ancient. Which means My Practices predate the Bible by a few thousand years. But I think there must be a more modern interpretation of this because a White Lighter is someone with a Gift who goes out into the world and uses their gift the way Spirit wants them to. Having spent a few decades learning and mastering their gift. Is that what it is to you? Ock never mind aye? I’m not up with the New Age stuff. I find it too confusing and very expensive. However, in saying that I hope it brings you Spiritual joy and wisdom and may you touch the lives with your light of all of those Spirit need you to help. Love and Light Debbie xoxox P.S The best advice I can give anyone in your position is Pay Attention to EVERYTHING, not just what you want to hear. Your going to be taught thee most valuable lessons your every going to learn and most of it won’t come from Spirit, but all of which are the biggest part of your Journey. So pay attention to everything and everyone around you and always always Trust your instincts. Never doubt Spirit even once. Your faith will be tested 1000 times a day, the Dark side will want to play too, so pay attention. Lives will depend on you. Learn as much as you can learn. Money can’t buy the Lessons of a White Lighter and always always remember Your gift is a Privilege not a right. And never let anyone tell you your not good enough. If it is your calling to help the Souls sent to you then the only approval you need is from them up there. Because they trusted you in the first place.Love and Light Sweat Pea xoxo

      • No it wasn’t learned, all natural and it’s pouring in leaps and bounds right after I had my Attunement. It’s very complicated, scary yet exciting. I experienced so much in the last few weeks that it’s really hard to explain and best to talk to “like-minded” people. I’m learning to trust Spirit 100% instead of trying to debunk things but it’s just so fast, so accurate, it’s hard to digest but I’m working on it. Through numerology and my Reiki Master I’m told that I am a Communicator and it makes so much sense. This is my journey – I get messages from Spirit and my wonderful Guides to help people and I’m ok with that. Thank you so much for your kind words. Love & Light, Spirt Joy

      • That’s wonderful. Well done. I’m sorry though I have no idea what any of that means lol I’m an Ancient I’m afraid. I don’t understand any of the New Age stuff. But I wish you well. We all work for what works for us. Xox

  13. weird me saying this but i thought a white lighter was someone who practices white magik with also the intention of healing not just through a wand but through a form of hands on healing like reiki
    like both combined really lol
    dunno what makes me think this what whitelighter means to me ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi White Lotus,
      Yes, I totally understand your frustration in your confusion over the Term White Lighter. Unfortunately this is what happens when New Age or Modern Practitioners take an Ancient term and use it to suit their own practices.
      It is quite incorrect to take the meaning for one thing and change it into another. It is confusing not only to people but to the English Language. As I keep saying in my Blog I’m what is called an Ancient. Which means my practices predate the Bible. My practices are based around Ancient texts and practices from when we were Stone Age man. We were incredibly gifted Psychic Intuitive Animals. We revered the Dead because they knew of their Wisdoms. They documented Precognitive dreams of extreme importance and I believe this is why we suddenly Migrated North, why they invented certain things the way they did and why they did with their dead as they did. ie they would sit the bodies by the fire, and part take of substances so they could enjoy good conversation with their departed. They’d wrap them up all nice and warm and talk to them. It is through their learning of the Dead, I have learned mine. This is an ancient. ALL Ancients (there are less than 140 of us in the entire world) are White Lighters and as with Ancient Man a White Lighter does what they can,when they can, however they can to not only help their fellow man but all the creatures on the planet and the planet itself. Through their gifts they help. Most often for Free, at great or personal expense to themselves, for little,over or no recognition, to dire hard followers or Mentally Unstable Zealots, often having to pack up and move House, Town, City, County, State, Country with a few days notice, dropping everything to go where your told to etc….all because Spirit tell you to. All because you know for whatever reason, your purpose for that day, for that mission, that job is Important. Why is it Important? It doesn’t matter. If the Council gave you permission to Speak on behalf of the Dead then you don’t question why.
      That is a White Lighter. The White Lighter you speak of is A Form of Wiccan practices I believe. But I might be wrong. White Witch is the term we used to use but for some reason using the word Witch suddenly became a dirty word. I’d be classed as a Witch and I’d be burned at the stake and I’m proud to be called a Witch to the fools who don’t know what a real Witch is. I would be seen as Conversing with the Devil, Alchemy, Heresy, Witch Craft, etc……when actually The Word Witch is an ancient word Wicht/Wecht meaning Wise. So I’d proud to be called a Witch. But A Modern White Lighter is very different to an Ancient one. By a country mile lol I hope I clarified it all for you even if I did go off on a tangent for a bit there lol hahaha
      Love and Light

  14. hi Debbie,

    i have been reading your posts and searching for answers and overtime i do i keep coming across your page. I have many questions, many of these entries sound very familiar to me and sound like what I’m experiencing. I’m 36 and have been for most of my life a good hearted giving person who gives more than likes to receive. I recently have made a friend whom i know is a white lighter. she has tried to teach me the ways and has been protecting me more than i could have ever imagined. Although she does say i must learn for myself. I do have a feeling of being a path walker. it is difficult but lately i have been bombarded whitish much negative thoughts and cry everyday. i have disappointed my white lighter with this negativity, she has saved me many times and tells me i must believe and have faith. i do have faith but i believe that i am overwhelmed and the negative thoughts keep getting stronger and stronger. i have been trying to meditate and be calm but it only helps for a little while. i know i must go through lessons and i can’t let the fear overpower me. sometimes i want to walk away but i just can not the power is strong and the pull. i want to learn more as too why am i a
    the way i am. can you help me?


    • Hi Mili,
      I’m so sorry your going through these trials alone. I know what it is like to come up against these trials and not having the strength to fight it. Your always going to have these trials while your learning. But I’m afraid I can’t help you Sweetheart. One of my Codes of Conduct is to never interfere with another Teachers lessons. Your Teacher is your Teacher and Mentor. They are the ones who you chose to teach you. They are the ones Spirit entrusted to guide you. It would be disrespectful of me to go against all of their years of hard work and dedication. I myself would be most upset if someone I was teaching or guiding went to someone else for the exact same thing. Besides which you would have to unlearn everything they have taught you because my knowledge of a White Lighter and Path Walker is vastly different to everyone elses. It is all based on the gifts you have and how strong they are. I can’t just make you a White Lighter. What a White Lighter to me is very different to what they are to others. It wouldn’t be easy for me to teach you. You would have to put in at lest 10 years of training and even then Spirit might not let you be a White Lighter. They are the ones that give you that title, as it is part of your due course of understanding your gift. And your teacher is right, you can’t let negative things sway you off your path. You will never be a White Lighter until you do. There is a long process to being one all based on your gifts and the level of ability you have. It’s not just about being nice person and doing good deeds. You must have Paranormal abilities at the highest level. You must be the master of your craft to be a White Lighter. This is all based on your gifts, what they are, how strong they are and what you’ve learned during your life. Your life experiences are probably 40% of it all. What you’ve experienced in your life based on your gifts etc….and if your Teacher has put in all that time and effort to help you then I can’t step in and take over. It would be disrespectful of me. I would feel devastated if someone I taught walked away because they found someone else. I’m honoured you asked me, but I think maybe you need to take this time to work on the things you know have to be dealt with then go back to your Teacher with the lessons you have learned then get back on the horse and let them continue training you. If they are true to the cause of Spirit, they will understand none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. But as long as we learn from them none of the rest matters.
      I do wish you all the very best though on your journey though. I do hope you find in your Teacher what it is your looking for,
      Love and Light

  15. Hiya, I commented on one of your other posts asking for your advice. Sorry for being a pain and doing so again.
    I have felt like I have some abilites for a long long time now, and about a year and a half ago my friend told me that I am special like her. Then she became my best friend, and she told me a lot about spiritual things and abilities. She told me that many psychic teachers at our school and many of my past family members are protecting me and my spirit for a reason. Sadly we had a big argument before christmas and went separate ways.
    I feel alone in all this now, and reading your post I thought that I fit into the descriptions. I’m 16, and I don’t feel like I can open up about this to anyone else. But if I don’t contact you about this, I’m afraid that I lose faith and stop believing in the spiritual world, and I don’t want that at all! I feel a bit crazy. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this.

  16. Hi Debbie I really loved reading your blog. My new boyfriend of 4 weeks has just told me that he is a white lighter. Could you pls give me a little more info pls. How do I know if he really is one? Thankyou

    • Hi Fleur,
      Thank you for being a supporter of my rants. I appreciate it, I really think I’m so lucky. The luckiest Blogger out there ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anyway to answer your question.
      My definition of a White Lighter would be that they have Psychic Ability and a high level of understanding and ability which they use to help those bought into their lives. They live purely by Spirits direction. Everything they do, say, feel, think and achieve is all because Spirit Guide them. They totally live away from the norm and follow a path of pure Spiritual Learning. They are and live by a code of being charitable, honest, humble, selfless, positive, understanding etc…they can see both sides to every point, they can change their perspectives and see light where there is dark. They don’t argue points without seeing both sides of the arguments because they know there are always two sides to every story. They will put themselves in danger and harms way to protect the Innocent. They hate injustice. They can’t tolerate pain and suffering. They are deep Empaths and ALL will know the Council. The Council is different things to different people but they are all the same in themselves. So let me think about how to test him…………………………………..(thinking thinking)………..Oh I know.
      Put your TV on a show that shows human or animal suffering. It doesn’t have to be gruesome but I mean like, get him to watch a show about people fighting for their lives. Cancer, or something where he see’s great sadness, and fear. Even a Zebra being chased and eaten by a Lioness or something. If he can watch it without being hysterically upset, it isn’t a White Lighter. White Lighters are the master Psychics. But they will give up their possessions and go and do whatever they are told to do. They never question the things that happen in their life, they just do it because they know there is a greater plan for them and Spirit don’t need to explain themselves. My husband and I have moved 5 times in 4 years because we were told to. One time they picked us up and moved us with only 9 days warning. 9 days to find a house, pack a house and move to the house. They never question why things happen in their lives. I gave up everything, my home, family, possessions, successful business etc…to fly to the other side of the world where I knew no one except one person I met once for 3 weeks.
      They aren’t Perfect, they will make mistakes as they are only human but a White Lighter suffers for their gift. Every single White Lighter has suffered some form of physical disability or were born with some affliction. They know that the pain and suffering they have or had is so you can see pain and suffering and identify with it to the client. Only when you know pain can you help those in pain. A White Lighter isn’t born rich, successful or famous. They all have had hard lives. They’ve all had to grow up pulling themselves up by their boot straps every step of the way. Every White Lighter I know has a tragic story to tell of their lives from birth to adulthood. I don’t know one, or can think of one that hasn’t had tragedy, pain, heartache and sadness. But none of them are affected by it. None of them carry it with them. It is released and replaced with love and light. They usually live by a strict code of ethics. They sacrifice themselves for the greater good. For example, it is past nearly midnight here and instead of going to bed and getting some rest or being with my husband I am here with you helping you.
      A White Lighter isn’t selfish. They put everyone but themselves first. They don’t have normal jobs. Their job will be Serving Spirit and Human kind. They will have some job where they use their gifts or their hearts to help those in need. So you won’t see a Mechanic being a White Lighter unless his job is to fix up cars for the homeless or poor so they can get to job interviews and stuff. They won’t be a Baker unless they only bake to feel the homeless and poor. Or they are Psychics, Mediums, Reiki Masters etc…but whatever it is they do it will be to help those Spirit see in need.
      White Lighters aren’t addicts or anything but can themselves me former addicts. So part of their journey growing up might have been to know alcoholism or, drug addiction, gambling etc….UNTIL they become a White Lighter then they no longer have the addiction. The addiction will have been removed by their hard work and efforts to get back on their paths.
      People are drawn to them. They have a natural presence that people just can relate to. They are passionate and die hard in their faith in Spirit but I can’t think of any who are religious. It’s not about Religion, it’s about Faith for a White Lighter. But they will be the total Master of their Psychic Ability and they do what they say and say what they do. They feel responsible for the world and always carry the weight on the world on their shoulders and they ALL dream of the day when we live in Peace because they know it’s coming.
      Does that sound like your boyfriend?
      I’d be keen to hear your answer.
      Love and Light

      • Deb thankyou so much for taking the time to get intouch with me. Yes it sounds very much like my boyfriend. He has helped me out so much on the farm. Ive just moved from sydney Australia to country South Australia. He’s very handy with building and made a dog fence for me and helped build veggie crates and helped with painting. 5 yrs ago he was addicted to alcohol and drugs and is now drug free and only drinks socially. He is a huge helper. When he told me that he was a white lighter and is here to help people I got really worried that he was only with me to help me and was going to leave me but he said no that wasn’t the case and that he loves me and that Im a special one : ) He said The only difference between us is that hes male and Im female. Im hoping he’s the one. We seem to both love each other equally and only after 4 weeks of meeting. Do you believe in love at first sight? I do now : ) love and light. Kelly xo

      • I do. I fell in love with my husband the second I lay eyes on him as my friend. I knew he was my Forever love. You haven’t mentioned what his gifts are. Where does his gift lay? Also can you ask him about his Revelation. It seems to be different for everyone but there’s one common theme. Was he scared? or did it complete the puzzle. I love hearing about the Revelations because your never going to be that close to the higher power again and some people have had Revelations that made them go batty for a day or two. I know it’s considered the final test for a White Lighter. It took me years to come to terms with mine. But I love it now. When he has a moment I’d love to hear about it and tell him I promise to uphold the code. I’d never put him in danger or betray his trust. I’ll show him mine if he shows me his hahaha Oh Er Mrs lol haha

  17. Is there someone I can get in touch with? I have always thought of myself as a “white (good) witch” but I am coming to realize I am a path walker on my way to a white lighter. I would love to have a society to talk to.

    Thank you in advance

  18. I’ve never heard of path walkers till now. I’ve heard of white lighters. I’ve heard of them from the show charmed but then I also heard the completely different meaning of what white lighters are. Like they’re also called white witches, or the color of a lighter that’s apparently bad luck to own, & now this one. & the only reason I’m more familer of them of those different meanings is because I started looking it up on google like I did here for a long time ever since I was told I was one & that I just needed to be trained I’ve asked what is a white lighter? Now I don’t remember what was the response now because it was A LONG time ago when I was only a freshman or a softmore but it wasn’t sounding anything from the show charmed. & having unusual things happen is a normal thing for me like occasionally I’ve seen things happen to my family before it happens. The first time & only one time was when I just touched my grandpa house phone & an urge feeling felt like I should give it to him & it was like my body was moving in it own & I just said “here grandpa it’s for you” & the next thing I know the phone rings & it was a family he hasn’t heard in a long while. The others were in dreams those had happened twice so far because once I had a dream I was walking in the hospital & my brother was beaten to a pulp. I woke up crying to mom & she told me it was just a dream. My brother was a run away & a few weeks later my mom got a call from the ER that my brother was in & it happened he was beaten from gangs. & others are quite more weirder that even my siblings had seen what I saw but if we told other people we’d call crazy. Lol well anyways I guess the reason I placed these insane stories is I guess I was hoping you can help me understand or is there just something wrong with me. Now when I’ve seen these things I’ve asked my mom when I saw these things is it normal. & she told me, no it’s not. Oh right. I guess I should say I’ve been going through this since I started middle school I was 11 at the time.

    • Hiya Sweetheart. I found your post finally. I’m sorry I didn’t see it was you as it was showing as coming from someone called August.
      But listen it’s not an issue now.
      Beings Psychic, having premonitions is VERY normal. Up until religion came along we were all very Spiritual. We had some much respect for life, death and the world around us. We are all born with the gift but most people lose the ability when they start going to school, having friends and social issues etc….homework, friendships, and life take precedence over death which is how it is for 99% of people on the planet. Then they get to certain points in their life and suddenly the connection to Spirit is made and people remember and feel drawn to learn more.
      A Path Walker is someone who dedicates their life to the pursuit of Spiritual knowledge and faith. They spend the time finding their faith and learning from it. A White Lighter is someone who has mastered it all and is then allowed to use their gift , connection and knowledge to go out into the world and help those Spirit need them to.
      The show Charmed was nonsense and taught people bad habits. The only thing they got right was the Bloodline Circle. I am from a circle of three myself but if my siblings of mine were like my sisters and I we would be a power for 7 which is big in Magic circles. I’m the 7th my sister is the 4 and my other sister is 1st which means the three strongest make the most powerful ,coven. However we don’t do Witch Craft in a Charmed sense. We could so serious damage if we cursed people luckily for us though our parents taught us to respect our gifts so it’s never abused.
      Your experiences are perfectly normal and thankfully unlike some people I’ve encountered you started to look for answers as opposed to believing everything you see on TV.
      My advice is stick around here. Youll learn so much and we will look after you here. But also so read what you can and take with you what feels right in your heart.
      Your finding your place in this Cosmos and to do that you need to find your beat and march to it. Your beat won’t be anything like your families or anyone else’s for that matter. But be proud of that beat. It is yours to create and yours to keep. It’s the connection YOU form with Spirit on your own so it’s special. People who know me know Spirit are my everything and they should be as they will be there for you like no one else. They don’t judge, don’t forget, don’t turn their backs, only have your best interests at heart and everything they do is for YOU!!!!! So award yourself the pleasure of knowing your connection. It will be the best thing you ever do. I promise. And in the mean time if you have questions ask here.
      Love and Light

      • Thank you kindly for that. That means a lot. & wow O_O 7? That’s cool (โŒ’โ–ฝโŒ’)ใƒŽ

        its normal? Wow I should be used to that kind of thing but man considering how my dad side & my mom well on my dad side don’t want nothing to do with those sort of thing to a point I’ve told him about my weird dreams & he’d just tell me it’s just a dream & when it happened it’s just a coincidence. & my mom? well I think you get the point. Lol but boy Everytime I bump into these things it makes me wish I knew more of what I am.

        I don’t know the name for it but apparently I’ve luckily had done ONLY once without realizing it but my younger brother had the worst pain in his back & I didn’t know it till it hit me SO hard when I walked to his room to ask him a question & I only got to saying his name & the next thing I knew I felt this horrible pain in my back. It hurt so bad it took my breath away for a second & what I hear from him saying, hey my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Now it’s funny now but boy I just looked at him with an evil look & said yeah no problem, your welcome. While kneeling against the doorway & holding onto my back. What was that?

      • Lol sorry you can forget those old 2 up there. I’m new to this. But yeah it was me. (โŒ’โ–ฝโŒ’)ใƒŽ I’m also the 1 that posted tested cause I couldn’t tell if the message went through cause I wasn’t signed up at the time. My username h2ofireblog but the name I use is August. So not to worry you didn’t time slip. & by the way what is time slip???

  19. Please I need someone to help me! I believe my daughter has had an attachment since she was little I have always felt it! I know I have a gift people are drawn to me and I help people everyday even jus in an elevator ride! I’m very worried about my daughter she is cutting and saying she wants to die, mental illness runs in my family she’s in counselling and sees a psychiatrist recently went on antidepressants but am taking her off properly! I have this feeling I can’t shake that it’s not her mental state but an influence of something dark! I don’t know if u will read this but I hope and pray this finds you! I was jus reading the amazing information u have put out there and am drawn to ask u this! Please forgive me if I am out of line or something u don’t get involved with maybe u can direct me where to go next! I choose to keep myself closed my brother is very open and says I don’t want to know what he sees! I only see good but when it comes to my daughter I have this dark unrelenting feeling that I need to rescue her from something! I said when she was little there’s something with her but I never thought it was good! Please get back to me! After what I have read and feel I have a good feeling about u and know u will give me the most honest advice! Thank u in advance I know I will hear from u! : )

  20. Hello,

    My name is Will, I found your page while searching for a definition of a Light Bearer. I was wondering if the 2 were interchangeable.

    Yet when I started reading your page, it became undeniable that I was a Path-walker. Mainly because all questions I’ve asked, I had to seek out my answer on my own, under the guidance of something unbeknownst to me. I feel that I started my walk at a very young age. As I started to figure myself out I started to understand others, and how we are all connected and how we influence each-other. I understood how one word could encourage the purest love and hope, and how one word can bring so much turmoil. It was then that I vowed to myself I would not bring any additional pain into someone experience. I began to watch my words, and check my true motives. Even when I was not met with the same consideration. In the face of dishonesty, I have held on to my integrity. Not for the sake of my reputation, but for the sake of those who the lie could impact.

    I have learned about Astrology, yet I have so much more to see. I can give a decent reading, but by no means all encompassing. I’ve been yearning for a mentor, someone that could help my reach my next awakening. Can you offer a suggestion to how one might go about looking for something like that?

  21. Just read threw this and appsolutley loved it…… Allot of your comments made me laugh a little… So easy to understand and made for a brilliant description of the differences!!!
    I have to admit I was a little confused when I read somone use the term “white Lighter” the only term I have ever known is actually “light worker” so I was interested to find out what the difference was!!!
    I have like a thousand and one questions for ya…..just a brilliant read…. Thank you so much for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Yaaaaay!!!! Naw thank you so much Sweetheart for your kind words. I’m so glad I was able to help you in such a positive way.
      If you have questions Baby, ask away. It’s what I’m here for.
      Can’t wait to hear them.
      Love and light

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ lolol hey ๐Ÿ™‚
        I kind of have a ton tbh…. Hard to know where to start…see I’ve always had experiences ever since I was small…but diddnt really start paying attention untill i was 21…. My experiences kina escalated from then on…. I admit my knowledge of certain aspects have gone through the roof but I don’t think I’ve read an article that has cleared so much up…been so Amusing…. And made it so easy to understand what’s being said!!!!
        How did you know you were a white lighter….that may seem blunt but I’m hoping you may get my meaning…what changed… And how did it build up to you coming to that conclusion?
        I find it annoying that I have so many questions.. But blank when I try and think of one lol

  22. I was told i was a white lighter… Ive never met anyone like me … So i googled books on it to help me understand …. Its all confusing to me maybe you can help me …. Please im conflicted and have tried so many times to reach out for help …. My names amy. .. Is there anyway u can email me …

  23. I just read your article, an was told by mentor a witch that I’m practice with that I’m a white lighter and I found your blog, I love helping people and that’s what makes me happy ,I struggle with the fear of the unknown I’m very kind hearted person ad I try too hard to help the people that I love the most, and don’t want help,please any guidance would be greatly appreciated I’m also a empath, thank you so much

    • Hi Christina, it’s so hard for me to say because a White Lighter in new age terms is very different to the White Lighter I know in Ancient terms. It’s a natural progression from Path Walker to White Lighter in Ancient terms, you can’t be one without the other and it’s something your born being. Your life is a Path that follows the light until you become light. You can’t just be a White Lighter. It’s not something you train to be. Your born following the path to become one. Plus a White Lighter in Ancient terms has well established gifts. Your path opens and magnifies your gifts so that by the time you are a White Lighter you can do it all, see, hear, communicate with an understand all aspects of Spirit and the Paranormal. It’s why I’m hesitant to comment when I get asked because my understanding of it is so different to most peoples. I think it’s kind of irresponsible for anyone to randomly tell people they are White Lighter because to me it’s more than a title. It’s a practice. A standard of ability . You can’t be one without permission yet everyone is being told they are one when in order to become one takes many years of study, practice and find tuning ability the way I understand it to be. If you want my honest opinion I’d say become a Path Walker first. White Lighters are sent out into the field to deal with death on an intimate level. The life of a Pathwalker prepares you for it. My students while most only got gifts after training began had all come from the same almost identical backgrounds and all grew up searching for the answers and connection they needed to become what they are now. You can’t just read a book or flick a switch if ya know what I mean? A Path Walkers life was hard, the struggles real and lasting, but all their roads lead to this moment where they are now coming to grips with their new found connection and they will all eventually graduate to become White Lighters. It’s a right of passage so to speak. But even I can’t say when and if it happens. because that’s up to the Council to decide not their Teacher. Once they do though it means they have permission to speak on Spirits behalf and a White Lighters purpose is to serve Spirit, not people. This is the mistake everyone makes. A White Lighter isn’t here to serve mankind, they’re here to serve Spirit. So I’d say start with being a Path Walker first, then get a proper teacher. One who can teach you how to open up. But if you fear Spirit or The Dead as they are otherwise known then being a White Lighter isn’t for you. So start as a Path Walker first. However it still requires dedication and commitment. My students are worked hard. I am brutal. They know I have high demands of them and lots cant hack it and drop out but of the ones left, man….I might be a Drill Sargent but I couldn’t be prouder. They have all adapted so well and all get on do well. Scattered all across the globe. But I make them work hard because Spirit don’t give everything for nothing. If you want this privilege you have to earn it. So start from the bottom and work your way up and get a Teacher who can open your connection not confuse it. People nowadays love titles but noone wants to earn them. It’s a badge of honor to be a White Lighter but it must be done the right way. We deal with real issues like murder scenes, suicide, infanticide, rapes, depression, abuse, neglect, war, you name it. It’s not for the faint hearted which is why I get so annoyed when people are being told their White Lighter because it’s not a life everyone could and should handle. If your scared of Spirit then it’s not for you. Spirit ARE death in every form. Being a White Lighter is someone who walks among the dead every second of every day. Being a Path Walker prepares you for that. Your teacher should know this already. I’m so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted to hear but it’s why I don’t like to comment because I pretty much feel that anyone telling folks to be White Lighter without understanding what one really is, aren’t worth a lick in my book. It’s like someone who works at a Chemist/Drug store Pharmacy telling someone to go be a surgeon without any medical training. However, don’t ever stop wanting to help people. Just know the difference between who needs it and who wants it as they’re two very different things.
      I really wish you all the best on your journey. What is meant to be won’t pass you by my Sweet. If your determined to be a WL then you will be. My advice is simply to start as a Pathwalker then by the time you get to WL you won’t fear The Dead.
      Love and Light

  24. Thank you so much for writing this! Your analogies and attention to detail really turned on a few lightbulbs in my head. I’m actually surprised I ended up here… I was shopping on amazon and then I was reading your post. Figuring I’m here for a reason, I may as well ask. I have many of e attributes listed, caring for others, always honest, sometimes know things before they happen, constant empathy, can’t complain because “I know better”, I find missing things etc. But I don’t FEEL psychic. I can’t rely on my powers. I can’t call them forth at will. My friends complain that I think too loud because they know what I’m thinking without me saying a word. I want more control over my abilities. I feel blocked but I have no idea why. Any advice would be great!!

    • Sorry.. Constant Empath. As in I pick up on others thoughts and emotions without ceasing. Not constant empathy as in I’m going through a box of tissues every day. Lol!!

  25. Thank you for answering so many of my questions in this article. I have been told I was a White Lighter and your website was the first and only one I read. I can relate to virtually all of this. Many thanks once again and I will continue to learn and grow and follow the ‘code of conduct’ as you called it and as I have already been. Love and light xx

  26. HI
    My name is maya I had a dream today then I was checking what that’s means then I come to ur site what u says it’s correct because am also like u everything is correct and right .I have never told anybody about it because people will not understand it and I always like to stay in my home and my children .I like honest people .I have never think that’s exist am so happy to here that others have it too
    Ooh my God am shock with happiness and very bless too.I will like to talk with u or may be having a session that’s will be great I want to talk to u about my life living as a white lighter and emphat.that’s will be nice can u please let me know thank you very much God bless u .

  27. How would you explain if I can explain it right cuz I’ve been trying to for months, but I don’t know how many months ago at least 6 I’m guessing I had a dream of being awake dreaming about a dream of working at a place where I was remembering having a dream about a dream of working at that place and during this time I could actually physically feel all the work I would be doing every ache every pain both physically and emotionally and every other feeling. In that job I have been doing for almost the last 2 months, but had to give my notice starting another job cuz it was getting that bad but I knew ahead of time I should have been able to take another job just somehow I missed it at the last moment. Hey most people explain this is deja vu but for me is in deeper level that I have never experienced, down to the tiniest little details and it could take me a lifetime to explain more.

    And not bad I haven’t had similar experiences of a dream and then it coming true at some point what brought this on more to me the past but just never to this nightmarish degree.

    What brought this on more for me was a tragedy that occurred, but I started to remember I had dreamed of that on and off for the last 16 years and maybe I was supposed to do something about it and I don’t know why I would see it if I wasn’t. Problem was its not somebody I knew and a personal level, and I’m being careful not to share who the person was but let’s say in the public eye.

    The first time I can vaguely remember, was when I also had dreams of part surrounding 9/11 but it wasn’t as strong as I had a dream shortly before saw this person in person, never met or touch the person but I have had a dream surrounding the type of field they were in, that I wanted to be in and I believe I must have had a dream with that person at that time too.

    anyways while staring right at the person I was just messing with myself, on the part about my future, in the industry,
    So I asked myself to test my psychic abilities but instead of my future I got this person’s future telling me how old they would be and how they would die. This has actually happened recently and I don’t know how to explain and as the last one cuz that was only the second one, I have been given another dream just about a month before it happens that woke me up and to the point where I had to Google it as a bother me that much temporarily forgetting I have dreamed it before, but again just cause lack of explanation ever since then 99.9% of everything I do is deja vu, like I think part of the dreams with the job and other stuff was, every possible path in every possible thing that could ever happen in my life and those around me.

    But I am having a hard time dealing with the person that passed in the public eye, knowing that I knew that was going to happen even though try to push it out on my mind never asks to get anything else after that one in person, because it freaked me out so badly.

    I was in their presents again few years later, and was about to introduce myself to the person well another person when this one walked out but with back-facing and just as I was about to call the person’s name the memory of the last time with the voice that whisper that in my ear so for what I thought was their safety I walked away but part of me thought maybe if I had introduced myself and shook the hand I could have protected them.

    It’s hard because you don’t know if you’re the only person that had this dream about that person, and why you have a million people that it could have been when it’s not somebody on a personal Circle level or the you ever met or touched and the fact that I did nothing, Well actually since I was afraid to say anything I asked to warned them in a dream but all I saw was me dreaming that I warned them.

    So how to understand what the point of seeing getting all these warnings ahead of time especially all the way down to a month before actually happened, to have done nothing and how to live without feeling guilty. And also how to deal with knowing you already live to every decision that every thing that you are now feeling it, down to as I mentioned before tiny little details?

    • Ok well firstly to dream your dreaming means postponement to plans or dreams. It sounds like you’ve had a lot of disappointment since the dream so that part makes sense. Secondly, if your wanting to establish a connection to the dead you kind of have to deal with dead people. You either have to put your big girl pants on and let them teach you or walk away until your ready. You can’t ask for this stuff then freak out when you get it. There is a system of trust between us and the dead that we have to adhere to as Path Walkers and letting them open you up the best way they know to do it for you is part of that trust system most people I know had some form of 9/11 dream and I think that’s because it started the end of the global empire. Without 9/11 we wouldn’t be going through the purge of darkness we are going through now and the collective consciousness is universal not just animal. Dรฉjร  vu is when you see the future as you live it. It’s when you are shown the future when you sleep then remember it as you live it. So it sounds like your in the brink of opening up and need to just trust and learn so you can establish that connection with Spirit better. But unfortunately seeing the dead and communication with them goes hand and hand with training. Only your fear will stop you from advancing. So learn who and what the dead are and then you’ll be less afraid because the fear of the paranormal is always worse than the reality of it.
      Love and Light