Thee most insane thing just happened to me. And that’s saying something for me.

At precisely 2.20am I became aware of a presence in my bedroom. I was fully awake, laying on my right side. It’s nothing unusual of me to feel something in my room but it was unusual in that my cat came out of no where and began to circle me. Which is odd. But he’s kind of my Familiar so I knew immediately that something was about to happen. I was so tired all of a sudden then I went very heavy and I began to hear this deep groaning sound. Not unlike Mongolian Throat singing. But I knew it was my Mum and Dad. Dad has been gone since 1998 and Mum since 2005. I felt myself lifting off the bed and I became as light as air and floated up. Not once was a frightened but I was perfectly aware of what was going on. Then I see My Dad. As I realise it is him I see my sisters body floating away as though she too had just had visitation from him. I’m the youngest and she is the second youngest so it was like I was waiting in line to be shown something by my Dad. All the while this male/female (but I knew it was Mum and Dad) deep back of the throat groaning is going on. Then Dad took me by arm and lead me to this room. It was black but it wasn’t threatening in any way. I took a look at my Dad and he was dresses like an Egyptian. He had a shaved head though, and a white robe around his waist and eye make up on. He was so tanned and young but he still looked like My Dad if that makes sense?I am of Egyptian heritage through my Dad. Any who, he pointed to this big huge black screen and I had to watch as it scrolled up black blank pages for ages, I remember thinking ‘What the hell is this? there is nothing on it’ and it went on for ages. Then all this writing, it looked like end credits of a movie started coming up but it was blurry and going to fast for me to focus on what it was saying. It went on for a bit then Dad took me by the warm again, he gave me this look of acknowledgement (still the throat groaning) and then next thing I know I’m being lifted back into my bed and my cat is circling me again. Once my head hits the pillow and I began to wake up because I realised I had been aware of my soul leaving its body, my cat rubbed his face up to my and buggered off and I never saw him again till 9am.

Never has that happened before. And there was no emotional attached to it. I remember as it became my turn to see Dad I started to cry but it was stopped immediately. I was just so happy to see him. But there was no emotion what so ever. My parents had a job to do and I don’t honestly think that Dad wasn’t infact Birdie, my Spirit Elder. He’s the only one who comes through in an Egyptian way. I haven’t dreamt of him since I moved over here. So something big must be about to happen. I haven’t even told my Mr about this. He went to work before I had a chance. I can understand why they were here, because of what is going on at home at the moment but I can’t figure out the writing on the screen. I want to say it is something like ‘I still have so much left to do’ or something like that. But I’m gonna have to call in the big guns on this. My sister is my elders. She will know.

If you think you have any idea as to what it would be. Please…..share. I’m used to some weird stuff happening but this takes the cake lol The thing that sticks in my mind is my usually dumb cat. Everytime I need him, he is there. He is always my first sign of a ‘special’ visit. Be it good or bad. It’s why I keep him on lol

But since the experience, I’ve been left with a banging head ache and I feel as sick as a dog and nothing is stopping it.

Post some of your dreams and I will interpret them for you for free.

Go ahead. Post a dream or two. Let me see what your dreams are telling you. Free of charge.

J DUB: I had a couple of dreams recently, from the same night in fact, that I would be very interested to know the meaning of:

In one I was going around doing something, I don’t know what, I don’t think I ever saw, but my hand kept getting attacked. I don’t know why I kept sticking it out, and I never saw what attacked it. It was almost like a cat biting and/or scratching it. I could even seen small wounds–which is unusual. And it was a bit painful–also unusual.

In another dream, I was in school, I think. And there was this woman sitting in front of me who was singing rather flirty songs to me. I don’t recall any of the words. I swear she was some sort of celebrity, but I could never really ID her, so I’m not so sure about that theory. I’ve had plenty of dreams where I ID someone, even though it looks nothing like them, so I don’t know what to make of it.

Not the most detailed descriptions, I know, but it’s all I have. Not much chance of recalling any further details at this point, I’m afraid. Thanks! ♥


J Dub the dream of having an injury to your hand forecasts a financial gain or profit. If you knew for sure it was a cat that attacked you I could tell you more but you weren’t positive. It’s okay though. I tell people not to force themselves to remember the dreams. You only remember the bits your meant to. To feel pain to a lower limb forecasts embarrassment will be felt within three days due to an impulsive action on your part.

To dream of being back in School is a warning to sever ties with someone who isn’t constructive to your environment.

Singing is passing of current troubles. But if you liked what she was singing, it says Happy News is on its way. If in your dream you knew she was a celebrity then she was a celebrity and to dream of famous people means your goals will soon be realised.

Let me know if and when any of this comes to fruition.


White Lighters and Path Walkers: What are they.

In my society, depending on what level your gift and what your role is in the greater scheme of Spirituality your either a Path Walker or a White Lighter.

I want to teach you the difference between the two. You can be both, I have certainly been both but when I got initiated into my society I become a White Lighter.

A Path Walker is someone who decides that their life and existence has a greater meaning than the one they were brought up to know. They will start to educate themselves in the Spiritual and Paranormal and usually once they find what feels right for them albeit Paranormal Investigations, A Protector (which is what Ex  is), Healing, Reiki, Astrology etc…They will seek out all forms of learning then settle on that one field that feels right to them and use that gift in their life to help people. It’s a good way to make a living if you use it right and you find that like anything, the more you use it the more you learn. One thing I have known to be true is You never stop learning and even after 40 years and me thinking I have seen it all, Spirit give me something new and blow me away. Meeting Tatuaje was a prime example of that. A Path Walker seeks knowledge and truth and use that truth and knowledge to live a peaceful, meaningful existence. They are also usually seekers of truth as well. Even Truthers are classed as Path Walkers.

A Path Walker can not use their gift against anyone as they understand the line between positive and negative is very thin. They will often very early in the game find themselves going through a ‘purge’ in their life. It usually starts about 3 months after what I call their ‘Awakening’ and most will end up Vegetarians at the end of it because you find your body starts to reject anything in your body or consumed by the body that shouldn’t be there.

I found I could no longer tolerate meat and I was a huge meat-eater. I also stopped having anything artificial in my body as I found it was making me sick. I could tell just by sniffing a fizzy drink which one had artificial sweetener in it and I still can. This change in diet wasn’t for anything other reason than my body started to reject it. You also have a purge of emotions. I cried like a baby for a month and all the people I needed to settle scores with.

Not because I set out to, it just happened that way. My teacher said it would happen and it did. I went through my entire house with my pendulum to test every single item made of natural materials including my wooden and crystal incense burner. If it didn’t match my energy it got removed and I can only describe that nights sleep as thee best sleep of my life. I woke up the next morning and literally felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I could not believe the change in my house. I came up with I think is  the best description of being a Path Walker and that is ‘The rose tinted glasses come off and you suddenly see the world and everything around you clearer’. You have this new view of the world. Suddenly truths are uncovered as lies, people can’t scam you anymore. It doesn’t matter how good someone is at being false, you can see right through. Things make sense and this is when you start to realize you most definitely walk to the beat of a different drum. Your not like anyone else around you. But your confidence is a lot better so you don’t care. You happily walk to the beats alone.

A White Lighter 9 times out of 10 starts off as a Path Walker. But they start to unravel a greater purpose within themselves that means their purpose to go out into the world and help as many people who Spirit bring them. I’ve just been told by Spirit to liken it to The Lord Of The Rings character of Gandolf. He goes from a Grey to a White once he reaches a certain level of Magi understanding. Bluebird will probably tell me off for getting it wrong and I will have to edit this and correct it but for now you know what I mean lol

I personally (because I cannot speak for anyone else) gave myself a very strict code of conduct. I came up with it having been told by Spirit what it is they expect from me and people like me. They are as follows.

Be honest at all times. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

If you have more than you need, give what you don’t need to those who have less.

Always put others before yourself. It is far better to be selfless than selfish.

Be as loving and faithful to my friends and family as I can because when I know true love I will love truly.

Always put myself in others shoes. It makes you judge less when you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Give respect where you get respect. While you are expected to turn the other cheek, you aren’t expected to love everyone. Even family. You are expected to respect them. Their views might differ from yours but you have to respect that is the way they are.

Always find a positive in every negative. It helps you beat depression and keeps you on the path to emotional happiness. There hasn’t been a situation yet in my life where I haven’t been able to find a positive. I think this is one of the things that drives my Mr mad. Because I always find one. And I don’t allow myself to wallow and focus on the negatives.

Admit when your wrong. It makes you less of a dick lol When you act negatively, you attract negative. Like attracts like.  And as I say to Mr Ex Husband, ‘Be careful what you put out’ because it WILL come back tenfold.

Anyway…..a White Lighter becomes public. They go out and do what they are told to do and all in the name of peace, love and harmony. We work long hours, weekends and often without even getting paid even though our bread and butter is using our gifts. But if Spirit say ‘don’t charge’, I don’t.

In the beginning, even at the expense of myself. But where Spirit take with one ethereal hand they give with the other and I will find that if I give one reading for free to someone who needed it, the next person might come with someone without an appointment who wants a reading OR they liked the reading so much they insist on paying more. I don’t take it, but they always leave it somewhere. I get embarrassed but it warms my heart. Spirit have never let me down EVER!!!!

More is expected of you because once you learn the ways of the Jedi (as Mr calls it) you’re representing the highest corporation in the Galaxy. Your expected to be a certain way. So if you so much as show a Spiritual flaw, my bosses WILL call me into the office for a wee chat lol I’m not interested in losing my job. I love my job. So I try to be as professional as I can. A lot of my fights with Spirit are because I act human once in a while but they forgive me lol Path Walkers aren’t expected to live by such a strict code. And this is why I get annoyed because my ex husband gets away with blue murder and I get told off for getting upset because someone I thought was a friend made me feel used lol I admitted I was in the wrong, I knew I had to be the bigger person and I missed him so I tried to make it up to him immediately. Where as Mr Ex, can say and do what he wants and they think he is ‘Charming and Quirky’. I get the ‘Deeeeebbbbbbiiiieee you know better than that’

A White Lighters Path is better lit, easier to see and smoother than a Path Walkers, but a Path Walkers path is softer winding paths, full of lessons and questions. A White Lighters path is long and never-ending. We are it till we die. A Path Walker can leave at any time.

I’ve been both. It’s hard being both but I love being a White Lighter now because I’m better able to help the people I am given to help because the trust you have with Spirit is unbreakable. Path Walkers will still been uncertain of how much to give of themselves. Full of questions, and being made to find the answers. But a White Lighter, you ask no questions because you trust Spirit enough not to ask. You take a leap of faith as a White Lighter than you would never be expected to do if you were anything else. I am proud to say I have stepped off that plank many times and I landed safely every time.

Now I don’t question it. I can name 100 people who have let me down 1000 times. But not once can I count where Spirit have let me down.

Who else would you want to be your body-guard and manager than the dead. lol This life isn’t for every one. It’s bloody hard. It’s a long hard slog to get to this point, but when you get there, you’re as free as a bird. To not have stress in my life, is worth every ounce of garbage I’ve had to put up with. But it does come at a cost.

However a true Path Walkers path starts from childhood and is a long life time process of growing up with pain and suffering which is what puts them on the path in the very first place. (Finding answers for their life).

It’s not an easy life and often has emotional scarring which gets healed as you grow into your light.

But the path is walked in such that your past you soon realize was the stepping stones for you crossing over to the safe side. Therefore TOTALLY worth it.

I regret nothing in my life. Not even the shit stuff.

Because without it I wouldn’t be what I am now or have what I have now and I’d trade my life with not one person on this planet. Because now I’m not a White Lighter either. I now work WITH The Council not for them. I am Light.

That is a WHOLE new article lol