Soul Mates: Do they exist?

My best friend has asked me to talk about Soul Mates. He wants to know if they exist and if so, do we reconnect as Soul Mates on the Other Side, is the love still there etc…?

The Answers might confuse and upset some people but I know this subject well and am more than happy to discuss this with you. I will only ever be honest and open with people and if the truth hurts then it is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated  by a lie as I always say.

So do we have soul mates? Yes, there are such things as soul mates. We are pre destined to find that special someone with who we share a significant portion of our lives with. Whether it be to have children, to learn from the relationship, companion or you make a great business partnership, there is someone out there for everyone. We have all had love where we thought they were ‘The One’ and our hearts pound when you hear their voices, and tingle at the touch. Can’t sleep, eat or stop thinking about them. Some of us stay together till the day we die, some stay together just to have kids, some are together until we have learnt a valuable lesson before we move on. We can have more than one Soul Mate, but a soul mate tends to be the only one we truly love. It’s a love you can survive through hard times and bad times, good times and sad time. As I understand it, if some of us have had marriages before, we got married young, or lived with someone before we settled down, they are Earth Mates, or Earth Angels. Our time together might be fleeting or high tensity, stressful and hard but when we come out that relationship, we come out of it wiser, stronger, having learnt something valuable we would otherwise have never haven’t learnt without that relationship.

Our whole existence is about learning, and passing on our knowledge. I have learnt in my marriage to have more tolerance and patience which i didn’t have with previous relationship. I was a lot younger and got bored very easy but this time round, if I didn’t have patience and tolerance I would be a drunk or drug addict lol My god, do I have oodles of the stuff now lol My husband is beautiful, but he comes with more drama than Days of Our Lives, and I sometimes feel like I’m living in Days of Our Lives lol My artist husband is very cabaret in his over acted, dramatic story line hahaha and he will simply say he is ‘Interesting’ and I can’t deny I haven’t had some adventures, and he is right but some of them I could have done without hahaha BUT!!! I would do it all again tomorrow because I got my beautiful children from him and he really is my best friend. He is the only person that accepts me for me, for who I truly am and without him I wouldn’t be doing what I do because he is my biggest supporter and fan. My best friend Bluebird is second lol But my husband, after nearly 15 years of being together still makes me giggle like a school girl, and makes me go weak at the knees. We have had almost everyone in his life go out of their way to try to destroy what we have and we have been through some of the worst things a couple can go through and we have come out of it stronger and more in love. We have gone past the fuzzy giddy youthful love you have at the start and are now into mutual respect and honesty, kindness and genuine caring. We have lost children, I have almost died, we have been nearly bankrupt and almost homeless and our faith and our relationship has grown because of the fact we are Soul Mates. If you can go through what we have gone through and come out the other side smiling, put a ring on it and settle down quickly because you have a soul mate. A Soul Mate is by definition someone who is the best half of you, they are your rock when your weak, your smiles when you’re in tears, they don’t judge when you judge yourself and they love you regardless of the trouble they bring, or the dramas they act out. And we will have only one. They are the one that even if one of you dies, the love is never lost and you will never love anyone that way you loved them. For those who have had long relationships that didn’t work out, you have an Earth Angel or Earth Mate. They are here for a short amount of time in comparison to a Soul Mate and it may have just been for procreation, or learning but they then move on to also find their own Soul Mate. Does that make sense?

A Soul Mate is a life long love that never goes away, an Earth mate is specific for a lesson or reason ie: If there was abuse of any sort, it is for lessons. You learn your lessons then you can hopefully move on but everything DOES all happen for a reason. It’s all about lessons and learning from things that happen in our lives. Each experience we have gives us specific lessons we then use to grow in faith and Spiritual knowledge. Spirit have often been the only thing that have stopped me from wanting to push my husband into the ocean and running away to the nearest pub lol but I know he would say the same thing about me lol This is what it is to have a soul mate.

Are we still Soul mates on the other side? The answer is, No. We are not soul mates on the other side and the reason is because we are all at different steps on the ladder, if we are all soul mates in the after life we will all be waiting around waiting for our partners to get to the same level as we are so we can all move on.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all together, we all still love each deeply but the bonds of marriage, parenthood etc…is removed and we actually love each other more. Deeper, its a raw deep love that Spirit have for us. If you have ever had a Near Death Experience, you’ll know what I mean. The closest thing I have ever come to feeling that pure love was when my babies were born. Nothing on this earth next to having your kids I think can even come close to feeling that love Spirit have for us and it is no different on the other side but instead of your parents meeting you to bring you through to the other side as parents, it is Spiritual Equals. You will always recognise them as your parents, until you become cleansed of soul and Spirit from this life and you will become greater Spiritual Equals. The reason for this is genetics. If we all lived the same life with the same Soul Mate over and Over again, we would all be on this earth one big inbred race of monkeys running about marrying and recreating. The love you have for each other is all STILL there, it’s greater in fact, but it isn’t bound by titles and roles. You come together to leave a lesson or two on Earth, you part ways and then you meet up later in the after life. It’s kind of like a horrendous team building exercise you have been forced to do at work for a sexual harassment exercise you were forced to do because one fellow colleague told a girl at work she looked ‘Hot’, he meant she literally looked hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, hot in 33 degree temperatures but she took it to mean he was coming on to her and made a complaint to HR. You will all play different roles in the team building exercises but with a mutual knowledge of what role the other plays in real life. The After Life is Real Life in this case. But when the exercise is done and the Boss has been pretending to have some sexual harassment crisis to show his staff he is just as down with the office as the best of them, you work together to fix the issue and learn from it then you go back to being Boss, Employee, Cleaner etc…in the real world. So as with Soul Mates, you live this life together, you pass over, you meet up and whoever went first will help heal the other of this life, ills and issues and then we move on to our next roles. Some of us might have to come back down, some of us might get to choose. If my husband was to come back down to do it again because he didn’t quite learn what he was meant to (and it’s probable lol hahahaha he is a grump after all lol) and I got to choose (which I bloody hope so after all I’ve been through I will fight them tooth and nail if they are sending me back down again. I will have to be dragged by my feet by  Heavens Biggest and Best Bouncers if they think I’m doing it all again lol) I will sit at the gates with my guitar and sing protest songs until they get sick of me and let me in lol and they know I would too, they made me this stubborn lol But if this was the case, it wouldn’t be possible for us to meet up as soul mates. We are all one in Spirit, we are all the same vibration of light, the love is the same. But on earth while at some point in my next life I may indeed have a conversation with someone who was my Mum in this life as he fixed my car, in this life she was my Mother. We will actually cross paths with some of our loved ones in the next life after this if it is our destiny to come back. But if we just had the same partners over and over again, we would be all stuck in a genetic loop and would technically be inbreeding with each other. We have to mix it up. I know this may upset a lot of people but I learnt this at the age of 18 that family in this life doesn’t mean family in the next. My sister died of Cancer when I was 18 and she was 28. She left an 8 yr old son and a 7 week old daughter. I gave up doing a teaching degree to help my Mum with the kids just for a couple of years until my parents came to grips with everything. And my eldest sister, Marion who was my very first teacher, was very close to our sister Laurie. When Laurie died she came to visit Marion as Marion wasn’t coping very well and wasn’t looking after herself. Her grief was immense and she was suffering. And it was Laurie who explained it to Marion that she loves us all very much but it is different now she was home. Marion said the love Laurie exuded had been almost too much for her heart to bear but it was almost like she didn’t recognise her son and daughter as hers. I was so angry when I heard this because I felt cheated that she didn’t love me anymore. I had tried to save her that day she collapsed. I tried to breathe life into her lungs as she lay having convulsions on the floor, trying to protect my Mum from what she was seeing her baby go through, can you imagine the heart ache of a Mother watching her baby die in front of her eyes? And here Laurie was saying it meant nothing to her anymore. Not in the way we feel it here on earth. But when I got my degree and started working in a primary School I got a visit from her myself. And she explained it like this ‘In this life, I loved you like a Sister, but in the next life I love you forever for as long as my Spirit has light, the love ends as sisters when I died, but in the next life I get to love you forever, I watch over you and protect you just like I do the children (she meant in her passing she got to choose and she chose to help children in the after life). It is all the same. The bonds of love are not broken in death, they are better, they just aren’t as sisters’ so then I understood and when I lost my children and partners and parents etc…it’s all exactly the same. When you lose a lover or spouse, they aren’t your husband or wife in the next life, they are your Spirits, they become yours and everyone else’s protection, the love is better and when you meet on the other side you will have the same love so you will understand what they mean. You won’t love them like a husband or wife, you will love them the way you love everyone else on the other side. As I have explained before, we have to be healed from our life because our souls would be too heavy with too many past life burdens if we weren’t cleansed from all we have been in our life. We wouldn’t be able to let go of the loves and concerns of all our other lives if we weren’t. So we are released of the pains and the worries. 99% of the trouble Negative Spirits have in haunted locations is because they fear being made to be punished for being not very nice in life and they don’t realised in fact they would be healed from it, and while they may have to work their way back up to becoming a pure Spiritual Light, there is no punishment in the after life. Punishment is something we do to ourselves, not in Spirit. If these Spirits knew they would be freed of the heavy burden they carry, they wouldn’t stick around haunting the houses or buildings they do. Does any of this make sense? I hope so because I can feel that I’ve gone all blurry eyed and ‘not in myself’. That happens all the time. I don’t think I will ever be reading or discussing Spirit with all my faculties about me ever again. But then have I ever? lol If you have any questions or want to know anything I haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to ask. A lot of people might not like that I’ve said we lose connection with our loved ones on the next life. But you have to understand, it is only the physical connection we lose, not the emotional. I am honoured to know that amongst my many ancestors and Spirits watching over me and helping me read for people and making me a better Intuitive Clairvoyant are my parents and children and siblings etc….you know you’re in good hands, better hands than anyone else here on this entire earth.

17 thoughts on “Soul Mates: Do they exist?

  1. A bit sad to think about (from this side), but makes sense. It’s difficult to think about things from Spirit’s perspective, from our extremely limited point of view. It kind of makes you wonder why set up something so great, so destined, if it end up being a blink of the eye gone (one life only). I guess there is a lot left to learn about what our lives on this side are teaching us about “living” on the other.

    • It’s not sad really, it’s not like our parents for example stop loving each other, they actually love each other more. If you knew the love of the other side you would know what I mean. Thankfully Bluebird you have never had a near death experience and never will if I have anything to say about it lol. But the love you have on the other side is indescribable. This is the love all our loved ones on the other side have for us. It’s all the good things about love without any of the bad that goes with it. My parents now love me more than they ever could of in this life and I will love my husband and children more than I ever could in this life. The love only stops as husband and wife, or Mother and child, but grows to an even better love. It is the type of love everyone on this planet wants to achieve to have without the physical or emotional ties that go with it. It’s the best type of love but without constraints or pressure or stress. And they guide and protect us and our future generations loving them as they did us and more. It’s really quite beautiful if you think about it without adding the physical side of it. Besides can you imagine if we weren’t cut off from that emotion when we die how sad it would be in the Spirit Realm (Heaven) with all these child spirits grieving for their parents or parents grieving for their children, husbands for wives etc…? The Spirit realm (Heaven) wouldn’t be a place we all aspire to go to and would be somewhere we tried to avoid. I can just see that reading now. ‘Oh Mum says to say Hi, and she loves you so much, she sits and cries for you every day and it’s destroying her inside that she can’t be with you?’ Do you understand now? Who would want that for someone we loved so much?

  2. I *think* I understand… is it similar to a break-up in this life between two people who like each other, but realize that it isn’t the ONE? It hurts, for a while, but after a bit, when you see/speak to them again, and find out they have found someone who loves them far better than you ever could, you are intensely happy for them?

    Maybe? Sort of?

    It’s the only similar thing I can associate it with in my mind at this particular moment…


    • Yes, sort of. Except I wouldn’t be that happy if my Man found someone who made him happier than I did. I would probably have to curse him hahahahahaha jk hahahahahaha He would find someone two days after breaking up with me too. I’ve told him if I die first and he finds another woman I’m gonna haunt him so much he can’t even go near her sexually or physically hahaha some Spiritual person aye? lol I can’t help it. I’m a Scorpio lol We are thee most jealous of them all lol

      • Ohhh… I think I could give you a run for your money on jealousy. But that is one of the things I’m working on, or trying to, at least.

        My eyes begin to glow and I’m pretty sure I start growling and growing fangs when another woman so much as glances at my Love, lol.

        I do admit that finding out that your Soul Mate isn’t yours forever makes me unbelievably sad… it took me so long to find him, what little time we have together (what’s left of our life in this life, versus eternity) isn’t nearly enough. 🙁

      • Oh they are yours, they still love you, they just don’t love you like a husband loves a wife etc…they love you MORE than that. They become all the good things you want in your soul mate and non of the bad things. You will see them on the other side as they walk you over to the other side and you will feel love 1000x greater for each other than you ever had on earth. Do you understand what I mean? Over there, they are all the good things about love and non of the bad. In saying that if I go first and my man is dying and I’m expected to walk him over, if he has a woman attached to him in this world, I will either push him back down or leave him half way and she can deal with him when she is dead hahahahaha hahahahahahahaha oh I’m so bad lol

      • I understand that we are here to learn and choose who our teachers are – I’m assuming this might fall under that category? But if the feelings were so ‘bad’ and worse, is the spirit able to forgive when they cross, or is the assumption that forgiveness has already been given if ‘one’ is enlightened?

      • No, we forgive. When we pass over we are healed from all negative emotion. If we weren’t healed we couldn’t become higher beings. All negative emotion is removed. Assuming the instigator of the cause of trouble isn’t sent down to the bottom of the Spiritual ladder, if they are products of their upbringing, abused, vulnerable in some way they are absolutely healed. Those they offended are also healed. In Spirit the love is all encompassing. I know there are some I wont to see when I pass but if they are there they are higher beings. If they aren’t there they were sent down to the bottom of the ladder. But their are caviats to who crosses and who doesn’t etc….do you understand? So if when you die your ex is there because he has been healed and now your a higher being you will look past his earthly faults because you will understand his issue was mental illness, substance abuse, childhood traumas etc…violent, cruel people aren’t born that way. They are a turned that way. That’s no fault of an innocent child but it’s all they knew. In that case its the parents fault not the childs. As an adult he should of gotten help. But if he does, his healing begins before he does. If he doesn’t his healing will take longer but he will be healed non the less. When you die and he’s there, You won’t care. You’ll see the good in him. The innocent child that was put through so much trauma as a child etc…..but as I say it depends on the person and how bad they were in life.

      • Thank you – I was forgetting the part where I am healed from all things too…it was just niggling at me. I was brought up as a good catholic. I believed marriage was forever. It darn near broke me. hurt my kids too before I finally woke up and left. It still continues because he ‘gets to the kids’. My daughter is a mess and I can’t j=help any longer, except pray and I do, all day and night for her heart and mind to heal.Son is stronger, but I pray for him too. I feel I can never do enough for staying so long when I should have left. How can someone be so dumb they don’t know they are being violated psychologically day in and day out for two and a half decades. All because I was told I should work it out – I must be doing something wrong.
        I know I can lay blame round all over but the final decision was mine, wasn’t it? Now he follows me with messages to do this or that…it feels like tentacles in my head all the time, which is why he does it. I guess it’s time for me to grow up.
        I really wish I still lived in the UK – just at the moment I would have loved being able to talk to you. I lived in Bradford til we left for Australia, the land of sunburnt misery and no air conditioning. No public health care worth a cracker… and I’m not getting anywhere with this.
        I had a funny dream – Ray;s son, who we barely see, was here and he was buying what looked like bus tickets – the old fashioned ones I remember. He had a stack of them and was going somewhere but he wouldn’t tell me where, His mother claims he has Asperjers but I know he doesn’t, she doesn’t want him to work so she3 can keep him on her property working for free and claiming full disability. I want to talk to out pension people (can’t think) about it. We know he has three other jobs – and he’s using a false name.It’s so wrong. We;’d like to help him but he has to want it too.
        Sorry – I went off track.
        I’ll try to forgive my ex, it would be better for me I know, not to wait until I cross, I always said I was going to have a really long and happy life, doing lots of things and travelling, but… unless my back gets better I doubt many countries would et me in and God forgive me, I don’t want to be “looked after” for the rest of my life, not like that. I was independent for so few years, and I really want it back, if it’s meant to be.
        God bless and thank you
        Susan x

      • Oh you poor thing. You certainly are more tolerant of it than I would be. He obviously feels like he still owns you. This is all on him, not you. Don’t ever beat yourself up for doing the right thing. Your kids had to safe and so did you. You know your not expected to like him or anyone for that matter? Being Spiritual doesn’t mean you have to love everyone even if they treat you like garbage. It means you have to respect that is how they were created but you don’t have to like it. My ex husband was The Master Manipulator. When we first got together I thought his not wanting me to wear make up and stuff was cute but it got quite bad. In the end I was a shadow of my former self. He used to tell me all the time how dumb I was, and how because I left school at 14 I was a waster etc…he got physically violent a couple of times and that’s when I knew I wanted out. Then one day he offered me money not to have kids. He wanted his career and didn’t want kids so he asked me not to try for a baby. So I left. Not because I wanted kids that badly but because I knew at that point he thought he owned me. That is my past now and I just pity him. He was a ‘What the hell was I thinking’ moment lol luckily we didn’t have kids, so I can’t imagine what you and your daughter are going through but you need to put your foot down Susan. He doesn’t own, you he never did. Anything he does in this life that he doesn’t recognize and make up for now he will suffer for in the next. Do you HAVE to have contact with him? Does he need to know your number etc? Your not expected to forgive him either, just to be the better person. You are FAR the better person than he is but what he is doing is mental abuse and it is as bad as physical abuse. He has no rights to do this now, let alone when you are married. All I can say is Pity him. He is a sad pathetic man who can’t let go of the fact he couldn’t control you as much as he thought he could and he must be living a sad and lonely life if he is wasting all his time picking on someone that doesn’t even want him around. As for your daughter, lets just pray she can find the strength before he gets to her too. He is nothing to you now. You have a new life and a new husband who adores you. Anything he does and has done up to this point Spirit keep an eye on, so when his time comes know that his lessons will come thick and fast and I imagine he will be going down a few rungs on the ladder lol
        I was raised a good Catholic Girl too lol funny how we run as soon as we know the truth aye? lol Your a good person Susan, you have nothing to fear. We just need this Stem Cell stuff up and running so we can both be free from back pain. They have a huge success rate here with using stem cells for Arthritic hips, so spines must be next. I have a Degenerative Spinal disease that has my spine looking like Swiss Cheese, and Lumbar Lordosis which is lack of or abundance of curvature of the spine. I have lack of. I also have a growth on my Spinal Chord and no tissue between some of my vertebrae, sciatica and Spondylitis which is Arthritis basically. SO I feel your pain. Honestly, I know your pain. And I’ve found nothing to alleviate that pain without it knocking me out and that’s no life to live aye? No I have this hernia issue and the mesh rejection from that which has pretty much ruled my life for 4 years and it seems like every time I get up on my feet I get knocked back down, but I’ll not go out like that. It’s better to die standing than live on your knees. I simply won’t give up. I have days where I am physically and mentally exhausted and can’t function from the pain and stress of it but in my heart I know they will find a cure or something, that makes our lives better.

      • Thanks Debbie,
        I really needed to hear that. I finally dragged the full diagnosis from my GP. They want to call it stress, and a couple of minor whiplash and now I have Chronic Pain. he said that’s a valid diagnosis why do I need anything more. But Yes, I have Fibromyalgia, and my spine is like a swiss cheese. The degeneration is too bad to do anything with now and I have the Spondylitis too, – very much similar to you I think, but if Stem Cell treatment comes in I’ll have to come over there. Australia is always 10 – 15 years behind the UK. There are some meds being used in the UK for over 20 years that our medical board has still not released. Go figure!
        I’ve had to take a couple of days off – I just lost my way for a while. I used to exercise 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day. I was really fit and loved it – such a great stress reliever, until I had my accident. I keep wondering why?
        I was up and down, so to speak tight up to the time Mum became terminally ill. Afterwards i ‘ran away’ for a break – I went to the Middle East – long story. My back did not get bad until I came back here, and lots happened I wish hadn’t but life doesn’t always do what we think. I’m finding it hard to “not be able to do things” and not understanding why, if everything else is gone I sem to have lost Spirit too. I wanted tio be able to use the abilities which seemed to be growing to help others… for the future maybe.
        Anyway, I appreciate this message and when I can… tomorrow hopefully, I’ll get the rest of my messages. I can’t believe I’ve been so slack,
        Peace and blessings
        Susan x

      • Oh Susan, *hug* I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could say. I’m currently writing to you sitting on the bed. I’ve just taken pain meds having done a reading for a gorgeous woman in Canada. Some days I go three-four days without even taking medication. It’s a hard life. But Spirit trusted me with a gift, and a mind for learning and I can’t let them down. I see so much suffering in my job (a hate that word its not a job for me) 1000 times worse than any pain I feel. I simply can’t allow myself the pity when your trying to help a Mother who’s grief is beyond compare because her son died in an accident. My pain is part of who I am and Spirit never bring me anything I can’t handle. Sometimes the burdens placed upon me to heal people is so great I will go an entire night without sleep because I simply can’t leave a scared and petrified client while I sleep. To them have my boys and home to tend to as well as readings. And my Mr is hard work. Probably harder than the boys in a lot of ways. I was so slim, I had a stunning figure. I was so fit and had an amazing social life. Men at my feet. Then my stomach literally exploded on me during my pregnancies almost killing me twice and its been a cross hard to bear. Im not ever allowed to work out again. Im a high risk hernia again. Ive had three. I am not allowed to do stomach exercises and only surgery will fix my stomach. But I have to wait till my body stops rejecting the meshes put in to save my life. I have infected scars and pockets of infected blood under my skin that makes the slighest touch unbearable. But who cares. Ya know? I should of died. Twice I nearly left my beautful husband a widow with small babies and I survived. Never will I pity myself when people are going out one day and coming back minus limbs. When babies smile through cancer treatment. I am so much more than my diseases. They do not define me anymore. Ya know. I have been blessed with a Mother who choose to nearly end her life to birth me and a gorgeous loving family who whilst drive me batty some times love me faults and all. I have a husband who after 15 years still tingles my jiggle and makes me laugh so hard every day. He drives me F****ing nuts sometimes girl but noone gets me like him. He fixed everything that was broken in me and he works so hard for us and to help me do what I do. He studies my theories for Gods Sake lol tell me that isn’t love lol and my Godsends. My boys. My Gift From My Creator. He chose me to have these special bits of heaven. My first born was so special people were coming to the hospital just to visit this baby they heard about. Grandparent’s were coming and asking to hold him instead of holding their own. They had to put a magnetic tag on him because he got so much attention they thought he was going to get stolen. Drs came from other counties to see this baby they were hearing about. He’s been reading and writing since he was 3. My youngest is so funny and adorable he gets waitresses and even teenage boys saying they want him. And I have clients who are just so amazing some have become friends. So I can’t feel sorry for myself. Yes I’ve worked so hard for what I am. It’s not easy. This stuff doesn’t just come to you. But I wouldnt change my life thus far for anything because the blessings outweigh the failings. It’s just all a matter of perspective and Sweetheart you have it deep inside you too. Your a survivor like me. Tell Spirit how you feel, tell them what you want then do whatever you have to to make it happen. They haven’t stopped talking to you Babygirl, you stopped listening. You forgot to talk to them when all the bad stuff happened. But they’ve never stopped listening. They’ve been waiting patiently for you to talk to them. That’s what you need to do first. Take a few days to talk to them about everything you need to get off your chest. Unblock those lines of communication. Just remember, they aren’t responsible for the things that happen in your life but they are responsible for how you deal with then when your a Pathwalker or Whitelighter. And what’s great is if you get angry, yell, cry or spit the dummy they love you still anyway. No judgements.
        You’ve had such a hard time of it Prescious. But it is gonna get better. The trials come before the Triumphs but they are coming. Then your energy will completely change. One day I will hear from you and things will be different. Don’t judge Aussie too harshly. They are a lot more progressive than you think. There are over a 750k GPs in Oz and Nz signing petitions to make Vaccinations a Ask only policy. Meaning they are refusing to Vaccinate in their surgeries. Theres even Vets refusing now. And the best treatment I got for my back was in Australia. Maybe you should try the CDS and MSM along with me. We can compare notes. If you ever need to talk, you have my email babe. It’s so hard watching you go through this torment and not be able to come over for a cuppa and chat. I promise if my stop over is in Queensland we want to give the boys a holiday to Movieworld, Sea World etc….Carrara Markets etc…so we HAVE to meet up. Keep your chin up my girl. Your tougher than you realize. Most people in our shoes resort to desperate measures long before now. Xox

      • Debbie, you know just what to say…I was going to say, how did you know? but then I knew the answer anyway.
        I keep feeling this “Police Urge” wash over me. I know, intuitively who I can talk to but I get concerned about other people and I know this will sound awful, but privacy … I don’t know if I will ever get over it but I need my own space and my privacy. I seem to have lost so much that I need a small corner that i can keep and share with who I want – you know?
        It’s so funny, and I so useless at the moment, in a purely physical sense and there was a car accident outside. We are on an intersection, I long for some peace and quiet.Anyway I ran out the door and round to the corner in my pjamas to see if anyone needed me. I was shaking so much I could hardly stand up! But the thought of someone being hurt and alone – I couldn’t stay inside. My stomach knots up and I feel ill. I used to get in so much trouble at work because people would wait to be served by me (at the bank) and they would want to tell me all their troubles and my insides would be twisting in knots. How can people be so mean and unkind to one another, and treat each other so badly. The police nearly broke me, having to listen to what people did, but no-one else wanted to do it and it needed to be done.
        I will email you…. I can work out what I’ve said then lol. mine is:
        You probably wont need it – not yet anyway but it’s always good to be prepared. The last time I tried to phone anyone in the UK I messed up the time and rang them at 3am – she was not impressed.
        Bless you Debbie, some things are meant to happen/
        Susan x