Being an Empath hurts

All my life since I was a little girl I’ve heard everybody around me say ‘I’m a softy’ or ‘Your too emotional’ or ‘You wear your heart on your sleeve’ and as a kid it used to just mean I was kind and gentle. By the time I was hitting my teen years and I began to realize what I was, I learned what an Empathic Person was.

It was my Mum that told me what I was and she said I was to never change. But honestly. I wish this was one gift I didn’t have and now my eldest son is one too and I can’t protect him.

Someone recently told me I was to emotional and it hurt. But it hurt because I had spent so much time and loss of money helping this person understand what was going on with them and because they feel I got too involved in their lives through their dreams, because they didn’t understand what an Empath was, I got hurt.

Well lets just look into what it is to be an Empath. I make it a rule never to get involved in a client’s life because of two reasons.

1) They can start to take advantage of what I am or

2) I get too involved and it ends up causing me heart ache.

An Empathic person feels emotion unlike any other person on the planet. We cry when we see suffering, we feel joy when we see a celebration. We can’t switch off our feelings. It is just who we are. From since I was a child I have been protected from watching certain movies and shows because they will affect me badly. To this day at the age of 40 I have never seen Bambi, Dumbo, Project X, and movies that involve animal or human suffering. I have made the mistake of watching The Lion King, The Green Mile, American History X, Schindler List, and Grave of the Fireflies. BIG MISTAKES!!!

I still can’t talk about The Green Miles main character who gets executed by name because I cry. Grave of the Fireflies traumatized me to the brink of needing therapy. Why? Because I felt their pain. I felt their fear and their suffering. It has nothing to do with good story writing, or wanting to get involved in their lives and everything to do with the fact that I hurt more than anyone. If someone next to me realized they won the Lottery right in front of me and started crying I would cry too. I would be hugging them and crying and jumping up and down and I would genuinely be THAT happy for them and I would be Thanking Spirit for giving that person such an amazing gift and also for letting me share their joy.

I don’t want their money, I don’t want their luck. There is nothing in it for me. I just love to see love and happiness and joy and celebration. It warms my heart but unfortunately we are currently living in a world where you have to look hard for the joys of life because we are surrounded by so much pain and suffering. My beautiful husband and even my family have literally banned certain channels from the house. My nephews and nieces will ring me up from New Zealand just to tell me not to watch a certain movie or program. They have been doing this since they were babies. So how bad do you think I am at being a softy that my own babies are protecting me from an early age?

If you imagine the worst times of your life, the most heart breaking, earth shattering, most emotional times of your life, combine every situation and times it by 100, that is me watching the News, Animal Hospital or the RSPCA commercials or the Green Bloody Mile.

I am banned from The Nature channels and Animal Planet shows. I have fought cats to get the birds and mice from their teeth and am proud to say I have been able to save a good 90% of them to send them back into the wild. For the other 10%.

Ask my ex husband. It’s unbearable. It hurts when someone thinks I am trying to get too involved in their life when all I’ve tried to do is help because they asked for it. It hurts when someone teases me for having a soft heart. My ex husband says it is one of the things he loved about me. He never makes fun of me. He never mocks or teases me about it.

Since the first time he saw me in action when a Meerkat got beaten up by other Meerkats on a documentary we were watching on our first holiday together, he opened his arms to me.

He has never once made me feel like I’m less of a person because I cry when I see pain and suffering. I just want to fix the world. If someone is confused, scared, hungry, alone, sick, injured, traumatized and I can help them I do. I can’t help it.

I will pay that £2 that someone in front of me is short of in the supermarket queue because I need to know they got their food for the week. I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t. I will give a homeless person my food if I order it in front of them. I take in the strays and rehome them. I have fed many hungry people in my home and sent them away full. One guy got about a weeks worth of left overs to put in his freezer because I had cooked him so much food he couldn’t eat it all. But he couldn’t afford food. So I fed him.

My ex husband brought a lot of the waifs and strays of the Gaming World home for a meal. I give my last £ to charity, I could go on and on and I can promise you, it is for no other reason than I need to know I have helped that person feel a little less sad, lonely, hungry scared etc…. I have been raising kids since I was 5 yrs old and first became an Aunty to 18 gorgeous children.

Anybody who knows me knows if I say I love you to someone, your mine for life. I will look after you, nurture you, protect you and guide you as much as I can. If you need money I will work extra hours to give it to you, if you need a home, my home is your home, I would die for every single person I love and yes even some strangers too.

I am passionate and I am strong, being Empathic makes you strong, because when you come across someone who doesn’t give themselves the privilege of getting to know you. They can be very hard on your Spirit though. Some people cannot comprehend the kindness and heart of an Empath. But maybe that says more about them and not about us Empaths.

You can be accused of some very hurtful things when your only agenda has been ‘wanting to help’. We live in such a cynical world now, a selfish, man eat man kind of world that if someone genuinely nice comes along you can get mistaken for having ‘other motives’. I’ve been accused of everything from trying to Kill my Father in law (because I made him sugar-free, eggless cakes) for the inheritance to trying to get into a guys pants (because I spent so much time helping him come to terms with the loss of his child).

People always think ‘She can’t really be that nice, she must be up to something’. Well sadly, yes I am THAT nice.

My poor ex husband, Fiance and family (Spiritual) and my one true best friend have to protect me from people like you because I go out of my way to want to make your life happy. I don’t mean to. I don’t make it my business to butt in, I don’t make a point of allowing myself to get hurt by you.

Why would I want to when it hurts so bad? I never come into your world without invitation, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t take up all my spare time getting me to fix what is broken and then push me away because you think I’m trying to ‘get in’. You can’t have my gift and none of me. My gift IS me.

Without me my gift is nothing. We are together like lungs and breathing, or food and digestion.

Sometimes I walk into it with my eyes wide shut. But none the less, they give me the big hugs when I need it, pat me on the head and love me. And I need a lot of it just now.For those that love me, they love me for who I am. It has taken me a lot of years to find the few perfect people in my life who I trust with my life, my love and my heart.

So the next time you see someone crying over something you think is ‘Silly’,  bear in mind they might be Empathic. They don’t mean to hurt as much as they do. It’s the way the big guy made them. Without people like us the world would be a terrible place. And if I am lucky enough to love you in my life then I just want to say Thank you.

Thank you for being the sort of person that not only lets me be me, but you love me because of it. Thank you for protecting me also. While I sit here crying, with tears soaking my top, I want to Thank my niece for giving me the healing today that I needed. She did something for me I will never forget. I had no sleep, I was so so sad. But she made me realize it doesn’t matter who hurt me yesterday. It matters who loves me today. I will always feel the weight of the world on my shoulders and the pain in my heart, but as long as my family and my beautiful Fiance Martin, my incredible Ex Husband, and my Jess who are there to hold me up.

I am blessed. I got these people in my life BECAUSE I’m an Empathic. So maybe it’s not such a bad gift after all.


So be kind to the person crying in front of you. They may be just crying for you.

Let me tell you about The Cleansing. Fore Warned is Fore Armed.

Being bought up Catholic I had many disturbing sleepless nights about Armageddon and the End of the World. It always bothered me that this relationship I had with God was going to come to a punishing end even though I was a child and he apparently loved us. Of course as I got older (around 16 is when it all changed for me) I began to ask questions. People spend so much time thinking about how they can make money off their gifts and their inquisitive nature involving Spirit and The Paranormal they forget about the wealth of knowledge they can be learning by getting a relationship with Spirit rather than using Spirit for their own gain. Luckily for me I am a Scorpio/Rat so I am a question asker. My husband used to think I was ‘digging’ for information about him when we first got together but he then soon learnt that in fact I just like to know stuff. After all my favourite book in the whole world is The Dictionary lol

In deciding to learn about what I am and what I can do I formed a relationship with Spirit I’ve never seen anybody else have. They are my soul mates, my best friends, I trust them above all others and they are as much a part of my life as my own children. But I needed to know some things. If I was going to dedicate my life to them I wanted to know some truths and I wanted to know if the world was indeed going to come to an end. If so I wasn’t ever going to have children. They told me ‘Yes, the world is going to come to an end, but not in the way you think. The world as we know it is coming to an end and in its place something monumental will take its place’ This is when they explained to me about what I call The Cleansing.

I often explain to people their lives run in cycles of 7 years and when your 7 years are coming to an end you cleanse yourself and your life. All the bad, negative, unwanted things and aspects of your life will be removed and replaced with new things. A better understanding of the last 7 years and a new beginning. You essentially putting  every single thing in to a sieve. Be it  relationships, work, friendships, weight, possessions, anything that needs to be examined. Then after you shake the sieve about your left with the unnecessary stuff in the sieve to be thrown out and the good things are left in the bowl. What is thrown away will be replaced with new and good, positive and useful.

This is what is happening to The World right now. Some of us are going through a Spiritual Awakening that we never had before, some of us are feeling like ‘something is coming’ but they don’t know what. Some of us are feeling ‘Evil is a foot and something needs to be done’ some of us are having to actually deal with hideous acts of betrayal and hurt, homelessness, financial ruin, pain and darkness on a level a normal person wouldn’t or couldn’t possibly understand. Some people and it seems to be more so Artistic People (or what I call Gods Eyes, as an artist or writer you write or paint what The Big Guy wants the world to see) seem to be going through a transformation where at first they visit a dark place in their deepest souls in order to be reborn a new invigorated, bursting with ideas and energy new soul. When they lose hope and feel like you can’t get any deeper in despair the light comes and pulls you out.

But it is happening all over the world. People are being taken to the darkest times of their lives. People living in cities of tents, children going without food, unemployment on a mass scale. The darkness is everywhere. Our world is dying but without this happening we won’t ever have the rebirth. So basically Spirit have told me this. And I will be word for word here.

For over 2000 years Man has let a handful rule their every decision. From what house to buy, how to find attractive, how to be accepted publicly, What God to believe in and how. In time we have been conditioned to just accept things illegal acts in the name of progress or world interests. things like Tax, War, Religious Differences, we actually pay a complete stranger money every month for the right to use GODS water. Nobody owns this planet. Nobody has a right to say ‘this is mine you have to pay if you want to use it’. Yet we do. We think our tax goes to pay for the Police and Fire Department, Local Government but it doesn’t. It goes to The Banks to pay back debt we didn’t ask for in the first place. We have been blown to bits, enslaved, abused, betrayed, beaten, murdered, vanished and lied to for so long Spirit and the Big Guy have had enough and now is the time we take it back. Before the end there will be a series of disasters, streets upon streets of houses will be left abandoned, families being killed to hide the shame of debt, we will see thee most atrocious acts of cruelty and panic both in Man and in Government. And amazing acts of Bravery and Kindness and Love. It will literally be Dark fighting Light. Good fighting Evil. The few whole rule the masses are running out of time and their days are numbered. They know this. They are going to put things in the water, they will ramp up vaccinations, try to go to war with Syria, Jordan and Iran in the name of Peace. They will put medications in meat and toothpaste and even the sky and soil won’t be safe. They have weapons to create ‘false earthquakes and tsunamis’. Their goal is to keep us like cows, produce and pay, produce and pay, so they can have more and more and more. It is a game to see who gets the most first. One of the 7 families is going to go rogue. They will start to distance themselves and come clean about what they know. 5 nations will come undone by the hands of the people themselves. America will be first and I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure they might try to remove the poor President from the equation. When I saw Washington D.C in a riot of flames I asked where he was and his energy wasn’t even on the planet. To me that means he has been removed. I have since had dreams of him getting into a car that explodes but something doesn’t go according to plan. I should also point out that all this stuff I am talking about I have been seeing since about 2004 and all this stuff is safely documented with a friend. I tell him all my visions and prems and he documents them with date and time stamps.

This taking down of The Governments will last about 2-4 weeks with untold damage being done. Countries will try to distance themselves from each other, trying not to get caught up in the finger-pointing but once the finger is pointed, many governments will crumble. The truth will come out about everything from The truth about The Wars we have been fighting and just who has been funding them and why, the truth about Vaccinations, The truth about Cancer and other diseases, Celebrity Murders and Deaths etc…it will take America about 20 years to come to terms with the truth. Israel, China and The UK are the other countries and the 5th I have never been shown. I cannot even begin to assume to know who it could be. I’ve seen streets filled with hundreds of thousands of people, tanks and soldiers. The soldiers pointing the tanks at the crowds and being given the order ‘take them down’ but instead the soldiers get out of the tanks and join the masses. Back in 2006 I apparently described it as ‘V for Vendetta meets The L.A Riots. Little did I know people would start wearing the Guy Fawkes Masks when protesting. I’ve seen Firemen and Police Officers protesting next to Pensioners and Disabled, Mothers and Grandfathers, all being soldiers of Change, all bringing about a better world. As a child when you see images of men killing their families when they sleep then taking their own lives so they can be spares the shame of knowing they had debt, or Mothers killing their children but nobody knows why or could have guessed it was going to happen, you can’t help but feel your being shown a doomed world. But a broken society can and will be fixed but first we must be taken to our darkest place in order to be true when we fight for the truth. Many people will lose their lives. Some will take to the hills and won’t come back for many years. Some will use it as a chance to Steal, Loot, Pillage and go on the Rampage. But they will be caught and held responsible. Well will see the collapse of Government, Church and Monarchy due to controversy and Shame. There will be one more King of England and it won’t be Charles. William I feel will get rid of the Monarchy. The truth is going to set the world free and it will come at a high cost but it still won’t measure up to how much we have lost this far. It only takes one light to distinguish the dark and it started with what I called for almost a decade ‘The White haired Man’. Young man with white hair, who aged before his time. His truth will start a chain of events that will slowly unravel the links of power and control. But in amongst all of this we will see acts of bravery to which even the hardest heart will melt. THIS is how I know The Big Guy could NEVER just give up on us and obliterate this gorgeous planet of ours. We ARE the 99%, we the 99 % care, we have humility and kindness and love and compassion and each smile and hug and each act of kindness we show illuminates a light of pure Spiritual Love. The love a genuine act of kindness has gives out so much Spiritual Light. A beacon of light shines for every genuine act of bravery, selflessness, kindness and sacrifice. We will as a planet destroy all that darkness. Those of us who are good, just, fair and honest, kind, hard-working,humble and generous, we will shine a light so bright, the dark will be torn down. I could name names and places of specific interest but it wouldn’t do anyone any good to worry. If you live in the West, South and East of America, please keep your head down and prepare for at least a month without electricity and running water, get a good first aid kit, stock up on non perishables, batteries, etc….keep your head down and don’t get caught up in the violence because after the Cleansing and we have The Rebirth, all those who were caught taking the nation for granted in any way other than taking back the country for Freedom and Light WILL be held accountable. I also saw a TV personality commit suicide on TV because they were so ashamed of believing the Government Speel. But it will be a huge shock for everyone who wasn’t in the Know before hand. I have since learnt I am not the only one who calls it the Cleansing as well. In the last few months Mr has been finding people in YouTube who call it this too. Most people just know something is coming.

A group of people and I feel it will be Doctors and Firemen etc…people of Good Character will start trying to bring calm to the situation. They will make people see reason in regards to letting people go in and Fix the Electricity and Sewage etc…and eventually people will calm down. BUT ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who has gained power, influence and money through the loss and suffering of others better run because you don’t want to know what I’ve seen happen to some of these people. One man in particular I saw, must have taken ages to die being backed into a corner of his multi million dollar house, begging for his life, and being kicked to death in the head. All I saw was a Black Army Style Boot. But I KNEW this man doing it with the hate and the rage in his heart, was or is an employee of the man being killed. So if you have hurt or done anyone out of money, possessions or dignity you better start tracking these people down to make retributions because these are the people who will use the Civil Unrest as an excuse to release their rage on the people who made them victims in the first place. Bankers, Lawyers, and Government, will be the worse affected. The Paedophiles, Chronic Trouble Makers (and each community has them) etc…will also be affected. The kids who think they are protected from terrorising neighbourhoods and the elderly will also be affected. Basically the Cleansing will be an excuse for anyone who has been wronged to put right the wrong and not all of it will be deserving. We have been as a society pushed to breaking point all over the world. We will start to stand up and say NO!!! I will NOT be a victim to your lies and B.S anymore..

And I know all of this sounds so frightening and I have censored so much of what I have told you. But let me explain why this is happening.

We are being told it is time to take out the trash. It is time as a nation as a country, as a continent, as a Planet, we put all the things in our sieve together that has hurt us as a human race and we will get rid of all the horrible garbage in the sieve and  then we are left the pure, good, wholesome, and the light. With that, after all of this, we will have what I called The Rebuild where we will go through The New Renaissance.

We will after we get over the shock will go through an amazing transformation, the likes of which our planets History will have never seen before. We will see invention, creation, art, music, literature, science and medicine explode onto the world stage. Cures for Cancers and other Diseases will be finally released to the world after years of threats and aggression towards these poor Scientist and Inventors. Free Energy, Every Single person on the planet will have a Basic Human right of Shelter, Medicine, Water and Food. Those who robbed us of our money and dignity will be themselves stripped of their money and Google’s of Amounts of money will be returned to the planet. We will use this to rebuild our nations. Africa will no longer be lead to believe they have no water for crops, it will thrive and be lush with farms and produce. No one will go hungry again. We will share ideas and creations and because electricity will be free our wages will be spent on other things. We won’t pay taxes (it’s never been the law anyway), food will be plentiful so our shopping bills will be halved or quartered, because people will have more than they need and no threats of debts or unemployment hanging over them, everyone will be happier. No one will need drugs for escaping their worries (and drugs will be made legal if people want to self destruct after not getting help then it will be their choice) people will be allowed to think for themselves and will be allowed to express themselves without fear of arrest or condemnation, you can believe in what ever you want, how you want and as with Spirit, there will be Two Basic rules we will all live by. One: is I will not by my own actions cause loss or harm to another human being and Two: I will not begrudge anyone to make money if they make their money honestly and do good with it when they have it. The Big Guy and Spirit have never had an issue with anyone being rich, it is how they made their money and what they do with it they care about. We will have an abundance of jobs because all these derelict towns and villages will be brought back to life. The homeless will find homes and get jobs rebuilding entire communities all around the world. Unwanted children and animals will get the loving families they deserve, trees, bees and water will be protected and given the attention they deserve, we will have celebrity where it is deserved, no one will be famous for being controversal or whoring, music will be beautiful, art will be breath-taking, we will live longer because we won’t be getting forced to get sick as the poisons and chemicals will be removed from out lives and diseases will be abolished. For the Pharma companies there is more money in the illness than the cure. But when everyone is well, medication is easy to get a hold of for everyone, and hospitals take anyone regardless of if they work or not, we just won’t wear our bodies down like we used to. For those of us that work we will pay so much of our wage to pay for the services we need. But bear in mind, with no taxes to pay, no electricity and fuel to pay for, our wages will basically be our own, so to contribute say 5% of your monthly wage to pay for Hospitals, Fire Department, and new departments like The Department or Fuel and Invention (that’s an example but basically it will be a group of people looking at how to live on the planet as naturally as possible using as minimal amounts of the planet as possible so we could have a cell in our cars that not only drive us and have zero accidents but it only needs recharging once a month and it does that when it’s not running or something, people will be only too happy to give to that instead of illegal taxes) people who don’t work will be expected to pull their weight also. If you don’t have a job you won’t get money for the extras unless you say mow lawns in your community, paint the houses of the new families moving in etc…but most people will be only too happy to do a job. We just need to change their mindset. Once people see who much the world is changing, most people won’t want to stay at home smoking and playing Xbox. They will want to be a part of it, so in essence Unemployment will be in a very low figure anywhere on the planet. If someone commits a crime we as a community will decide their fate. The punishment will fit the crime. But everyone will get a fair true Democratic legal representation and trial. Drugs will be legal so prison populations will be cut by about 70%. All people in prison will get their cases looked at and anyone who was imprisoned unfairly will be released and compensated and rehabilitated. Racial tolerance will be the norm. When the uneducated and ignorant learn the truth of how they were manipulated into thinking a Black or Arab man is bad, their focus will be on other things. When everyone has all they need to get by and no one is going without, when everyone is given the same rights in life, no one will be jealous or biased of anyone else. If you want extras you will earn them, just like everyone else.

No one will go to war or enter into confrontation with ANYONE without the consent of EVERYONE. But we will have peace for such a long time it won’t be an issue. Most importantly No one person will have absolute power over any one or any thing. We as people will decide a Leaders fate and I think even that person will work as a team. Anyone who wants the power won’t get it. Anyone who can’t offer a valid contribution to our society won’t have leadership, if you screw up you will be removed. You will not make a single decision without us saying it’s okay. If we don’t like you, you will be removed and then we get another team in who can prove themselves worthy. You will NOT get rich off the people. You will get rich for goods and services you provide fairly and honestly. You will not get special favour financially because you speak for us. You will not have to go without but you will not be in a lavish mansion while the rest of us are gruelling away at fixing the planet those in power originally broke, most of on the planet will live into our hundreds because of  a change in lifestyle, medical assistance and living a chemical free lifestyle. Meat will be good and pure, fruits, nuts and vegetables will be organic and chemical free. Food will be good and wholesome. But we will still have chocolate and cakes lol  I mean even God himself wouldn’t dare take Lindor Lindts off us women lol even he knows when he gives us poor women our monthly visit, chocolate will be the only thing coming to visit that we actually want lol Chocolate, the sweet nectar of the Gods, no man can go wrong saying I’m sorry with a box of the stuff lol What else?

Oh Education, History Books will be rewritten and we will teach our children as much through life as in the classroom. School won’t be the Slave Making, Mind Numbing, Gruelling experience it is now. We will learn all the things we need to make us useful,beneficial members of society. Oh Children won’t grow up worshipping Footballers and Strippers. Our men won’t be fighting at Football matches and going stupid at sports events. Because no one will be making obsurd amounts of money to kick a ball and not be bothered or good enough to make your country win a world cup, guys won’t be pent-up with rage from the way their lives are going so won’t feel the need to fight all the time. We will have, love and respect our Sportsmen and Women but they will be people who are genuinely talented and do it because they want to, not because it will make them rich. No church will be filled with people taking money in exchange for worship. No church will be filled with precious and priceless items, and men and women of the cloth won’t be adorned with ceremonial robes hand-made of the finest silks and gold. Faith will be personal, faith will be your own and your faith will be free. Palaces and Churches will be used as tourist spots in the future. There may even be a time in the future where we see homeless people being placed there for shelter. It is after all what the God I know would want. The Aramaic Scrolls have a passage that says ‘Do not worship me in buildings built on the backs of men, paid for by the men who build them, worship me in your heart for that is your one true temple’ But these scrolls have been hidden away. They KNOW they were taken from conversations the man they think is the closest resembling the Jesus we know. He was an Assen (or Magic Man) he was Psychic and a Telepath and used his ‘Magic gifts’ to help people. They killed him of course. He spoke of his father in heaven and his God in heaven as two separate people. Because they were. But anyway, this will all come out later.

I was told by a Higher Power I trust with my life that We got lazy after the Victorian Era. we were full of invention and then got lazy because we thought we had created everything we needed. But in that Era, rightly so, we gave valued and held in high esteem the Scientists, Discoverers, Inventors and Creators of the world and Spirituality will become a common thing in people’s lives again just like then. We will understand the Spirit process and I’ve even been told that we will teach The Paranormal in Schools. Kids will have classes in how to use their God Given Gifts. So in the future we will have a planet of psychics, telepaths and everyone will have a greater Spiritual Understanding. In the distant future we will even stop communicating vocally and will even give up the need for a body but that is a long way off.

So it’s not all bad. We are having the disasters just like Spirit said we would. They said there would be a series of disasters and acts of just pure atrocity like that you only see in movies along with miracles and bravery and love like that you only read about in books. Please, don’t be afraid. If you keep your head down you’ll be fine. You have to know this is happening because our Earth Is Dying. We are killing it and ourselves. If we don’t do this, we are finished. Living like Mad Max would be a blessing compared to what I saw. We will be in actual Hell. This is what Hell is. There will be so many things to relearn, so many truths to come to terms with. Some people simply won’t be able to cope with the lies they have been told, some people will be mentally scarred by it, some are so fragile, they won’t even be allowed to be aware of the cleansing. But the rest of us will make this world a beautiful place to live.

Many people have and will give their lives for us to live free, remember that. So when ever you hear of someone killing themselves, or killing their family and then themselves, please, don’t judge. Cry for them, send their souls to Spirit because these poor people were pushed to breaking point and couldn’t cope any more. However, ever one who gives their lives so we may live free, need to be Thanked and sent to Spirit, because they have chosen a path of sacrifice so we can live free. So our children and future generations can live free. If they are beaten and arrested for protesting, give Thanks, if they die, give Thanks, if they help and protect, give Thanks. These Souls chose this path of sacrifice so we will be free. I know a few of you will think I am crazy. And that is fine. I have never trusted anyone with my insights before other than a couple of very trusted men in my life, one of who has been documenting my Psychic Journey for many years. This will be a lot for some people to take in but this stuff has been happening for about 2 years now. It will come to a climax this year though and this is why you need to know. Something is going to happen this year and very soon to start the civil unrest in America. It will be enough to make even the calmest of people get angry. It will be outrageous and painful. In the mean time keep away from Vaccinations and Fluoride, Aspartame and Acesulflame K, MSG, SLF, Sorbitol, Sucrose, Sodium Nitrate and other unnatural chemicals. I know it might seem impossible to avoid but you can if you spend some time hunting for it. My bestie Bluebird lives in Michigan and he drinks non fluoridated water and eats natural products. These are just some of he chemicals being given to us to dumb us down and hurt out immune systems. I beg you. I have it on good authority about these things as someone who has a family member on the inside. The people who create these chemicals don’t touch them with 10 foot poles themselves. If they were safe they wouldn’t make you sick, if they were safe they wouldn’t be so controversal. Hemp oil is curing cancers and other diseases. Coconut Oil and Butter is curing people’s Memory Based Illnesses. I was told by my most Trusted Spiritual Advisor that there is nothing that comes from our planet we can’t use to cure us. My family and I have been using Elderberry Syrup for about 5 years now and no-one of us have had a serious flu since. If we get a cold we have a swig and it goes away, by boys aren’t vaccinated, we don’t use fluoride and my boys immune systems are so strong my eldest son got Chicken pox at Xmas and got one pox, and went off his food for 3 days with a bit of vomiting then he was back to his normal self on the 4th day. My youngest didnt’ even get sick. I’ve also noticed them and myself heal from cuts and wounds really quickly. We’ve had cuts one day that have vanished by the second day. I had two C Sections and after using Colloidal Silver on them I have no scars nor did I get infections. In fact the day after I came home with my youngest having used the Silver on the wound site the skin had already grown over the staples and had to be cut back open to remove the staples. So this stuff does work. Don’t be afraid to try these things. They are all natural and won’t hurt you. Please, look these things up if you don’t believe me. There is a movement of people finding alternatives. Save yourself so we can save the planet. And give Thanks when you see these people in the streets protesting and fighting for our rights and our freedoms, be Thankful it isn’t you.

Soul Mates: Do they exist?

My best friend has asked me to talk about Soul Mates. He wants to know if they exist and if so, do we reconnect as Soul Mates on the Other Side, is the love still there etc…?

The Answers might confuse and upset some people but I know this subject well and am more than happy to discuss this with you. I will only ever be honest and open with people and if the truth hurts then it is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated  by a lie as I always say.

So do we have soul mates? Yes, there are such things as soul mates. We are pre destined to find that special someone with who we share a significant portion of our lives with. Whether it be to have children, to learn from the relationship, companion or you make a great business partnership, there is someone out there for everyone. We have all had love where we thought they were ‘The One’ and our hearts pound when you hear their voices, and tingle at the touch. Can’t sleep, eat or stop thinking about them. Some of us stay together till the day we die, some stay together just to have kids, some are together until we have learnt a valuable lesson before we move on. We can have more than one Soul Mate, but a soul mate tends to be the only one we truly love. It’s a love you can survive through hard times and bad times, good times and sad time. As I understand it, if some of us have had marriages before, we got married young, or lived with someone before we settled down, they are Earth Mates, or Earth Angels. Our time together might be fleeting or high tensity, stressful and hard but when we come out that relationship, we come out of it wiser, stronger, having learnt something valuable we would otherwise have never haven’t learnt without that relationship.

Our whole existence is about learning, and passing on our knowledge. I have learnt in my marriage to have more tolerance and patience which i didn’t have with previous relationship. I was a lot younger and got bored very easy but this time round, if I didn’t have patience and tolerance I would be a drunk or drug addict lol My god, do I have oodles of the stuff now lol My husband is beautiful, but he comes with more drama than Days of Our Lives, and I sometimes feel like I’m living in Days of Our Lives lol My artist husband is very cabaret in his over acted, dramatic story line hahaha and he will simply say he is ‘Interesting’ and I can’t deny I haven’t had some adventures, and he is right but some of them I could have done without hahaha BUT!!! I would do it all again tomorrow because I got my beautiful children from him and he really is my best friend. He is the only person that accepts me for me, for who I truly am and without him I wouldn’t be doing what I do because he is my biggest supporter and fan. My best friend Bluebird is second lol But my husband, after nearly 15 years of being together still makes me giggle like a school girl, and makes me go weak at the knees. We have had almost everyone in his life go out of their way to try to destroy what we have and we have been through some of the worst things a couple can go through and we have come out of it stronger and more in love. We have gone past the fuzzy giddy youthful love you have at the start and are now into mutual respect and honesty, kindness and genuine caring. We have lost children, I have almost died, we have been nearly bankrupt and almost homeless and our faith and our relationship has grown because of the fact we are Soul Mates. If you can go through what we have gone through and come out the other side smiling, put a ring on it and settle down quickly because you have a soul mate. A Soul Mate is by definition someone who is the best half of you, they are your rock when your weak, your smiles when you’re in tears, they don’t judge when you judge yourself and they love you regardless of the trouble they bring, or the dramas they act out. And we will have only one. They are the one that even if one of you dies, the love is never lost and you will never love anyone that way you loved them. For those who have had long relationships that didn’t work out, you have an Earth Angel or Earth Mate. They are here for a short amount of time in comparison to a Soul Mate and it may have just been for procreation, or learning but they then move on to also find their own Soul Mate. Does that make sense?

A Soul Mate is a life long love that never goes away, an Earth mate is specific for a lesson or reason ie: If there was abuse of any sort, it is for lessons. You learn your lessons then you can hopefully move on but everything DOES all happen for a reason. It’s all about lessons and learning from things that happen in our lives. Each experience we have gives us specific lessons we then use to grow in faith and Spiritual knowledge. Spirit have often been the only thing that have stopped me from wanting to push my husband into the ocean and running away to the nearest pub lol but I know he would say the same thing about me lol This is what it is to have a soul mate.

Are we still Soul mates on the other side? The answer is, No. We are not soul mates on the other side and the reason is because we are all at different steps on the ladder, if we are all soul mates in the after life we will all be waiting around waiting for our partners to get to the same level as we are so we can all move on.

Don’t get me wrong, we are all together, we all still love each deeply but the bonds of marriage, parenthood etc…is removed and we actually love each other more. Deeper, its a raw deep love that Spirit have for us. If you have ever had a Near Death Experience, you’ll know what I mean. The closest thing I have ever come to feeling that pure love was when my babies were born. Nothing on this earth next to having your kids I think can even come close to feeling that love Spirit have for us and it is no different on the other side but instead of your parents meeting you to bring you through to the other side as parents, it is Spiritual Equals. You will always recognise them as your parents, until you become cleansed of soul and Spirit from this life and you will become greater Spiritual Equals. The reason for this is genetics. If we all lived the same life with the same Soul Mate over and Over again, we would all be on this earth one big inbred race of monkeys running about marrying and recreating. The love you have for each other is all STILL there, it’s greater in fact, but it isn’t bound by titles and roles. You come together to leave a lesson or two on Earth, you part ways and then you meet up later in the after life. It’s kind of like a horrendous team building exercise you have been forced to do at work for a sexual harassment exercise you were forced to do because one fellow colleague told a girl at work she looked ‘Hot’, he meant she literally looked hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, hot in 33 degree temperatures but she took it to mean he was coming on to her and made a complaint to HR. You will all play different roles in the team building exercises but with a mutual knowledge of what role the other plays in real life. The After Life is Real Life in this case. But when the exercise is done and the Boss has been pretending to have some sexual harassment crisis to show his staff he is just as down with the office as the best of them, you work together to fix the issue and learn from it then you go back to being Boss, Employee, Cleaner etc…in the real world. So as with Soul Mates, you live this life together, you pass over, you meet up and whoever went first will help heal the other of this life, ills and issues and then we move on to our next roles. Some of us might have to come back down, some of us might get to choose. If my husband was to come back down to do it again because he didn’t quite learn what he was meant to (and it’s probable lol hahahaha he is a grump after all lol) and I got to choose (which I bloody hope so after all I’ve been through I will fight them tooth and nail if they are sending me back down again. I will have to be dragged by my feet by  Heavens Biggest and Best Bouncers if they think I’m doing it all again lol) I will sit at the gates with my guitar and sing protest songs until they get sick of me and let me in lol and they know I would too, they made me this stubborn lol But if this was the case, it wouldn’t be possible for us to meet up as soul mates. We are all one in Spirit, we are all the same vibration of light, the love is the same. But on earth while at some point in my next life I may indeed have a conversation with someone who was my Mum in this life as he fixed my car, in this life she was my Mother. We will actually cross paths with some of our loved ones in the next life after this if it is our destiny to come back. But if we just had the same partners over and over again, we would be all stuck in a genetic loop and would technically be inbreeding with each other. We have to mix it up. I know this may upset a lot of people but I learnt this at the age of 18 that family in this life doesn’t mean family in the next. My sister died of Cancer when I was 18 and she was 28. She left an 8 yr old son and a 7 week old daughter. I gave up doing a teaching degree to help my Mum with the kids just for a couple of years until my parents came to grips with everything. And my eldest sister, Marion who was my very first teacher, was very close to our sister Laurie. When Laurie died she came to visit Marion as Marion wasn’t coping very well and wasn’t looking after herself. Her grief was immense and she was suffering. And it was Laurie who explained it to Marion that she loves us all very much but it is different now she was home. Marion said the love Laurie exuded had been almost too much for her heart to bear but it was almost like she didn’t recognise her son and daughter as hers. I was so angry when I heard this because I felt cheated that she didn’t love me anymore. I had tried to save her that day she collapsed. I tried to breathe life into her lungs as she lay having convulsions on the floor, trying to protect my Mum from what she was seeing her baby go through, can you imagine the heart ache of a Mother watching her baby die in front of her eyes? And here Laurie was saying it meant nothing to her anymore. Not in the way we feel it here on earth. But when I got my degree and started working in a primary School I got a visit from her myself. And she explained it like this ‘In this life, I loved you like a Sister, but in the next life I love you forever for as long as my Spirit has light, the love ends as sisters when I died, but in the next life I get to love you forever, I watch over you and protect you just like I do the children (she meant in her passing she got to choose and she chose to help children in the after life). It is all the same. The bonds of love are not broken in death, they are better, they just aren’t as sisters’ so then I understood and when I lost my children and partners and parents etc…it’s all exactly the same. When you lose a lover or spouse, they aren’t your husband or wife in the next life, they are your Spirits, they become yours and everyone else’s protection, the love is better and when you meet on the other side you will have the same love so you will understand what they mean. You won’t love them like a husband or wife, you will love them the way you love everyone else on the other side. As I have explained before, we have to be healed from our life because our souls would be too heavy with too many past life burdens if we weren’t cleansed from all we have been in our life. We wouldn’t be able to let go of the loves and concerns of all our other lives if we weren’t. So we are released of the pains and the worries. 99% of the trouble Negative Spirits have in haunted locations is because they fear being made to be punished for being not very nice in life and they don’t realised in fact they would be healed from it, and while they may have to work their way back up to becoming a pure Spiritual Light, there is no punishment in the after life. Punishment is something we do to ourselves, not in Spirit. If these Spirits knew they would be freed of the heavy burden they carry, they wouldn’t stick around haunting the houses or buildings they do. Does any of this make sense? I hope so because I can feel that I’ve gone all blurry eyed and ‘not in myself’. That happens all the time. I don’t think I will ever be reading or discussing Spirit with all my faculties about me ever again. But then have I ever? lol If you have any questions or want to know anything I haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to ask. A lot of people might not like that I’ve said we lose connection with our loved ones on the next life. But you have to understand, it is only the physical connection we lose, not the emotional. I am honoured to know that amongst my many ancestors and Spirits watching over me and helping me read for people and making me a better Intuitive Clairvoyant are my parents and children and siblings etc….you know you’re in good hands, better hands than anyone else here on this entire earth.