Reading Energy: How I do what I do.

So how do I know two of you are getting new jobs, one of you is about to break up with your partner for a better life and one of you is about to either get pregnant or hear of a pregnancy in your family that brings great joy and celebration? One of you is about to find the love of your life and they have been right under your nose the whole time.

The same way I knew one of your loved ones was battling with depression and was contemplating ending his life? Having never met any of you or know anything about you. It’s your energy. It is how I do 90% of my readings now. If you closed your eyes and put your hand over a stove element you would feel heat was on even without even looking to see if it was. Because you can…feel the heat. I work the same way when I read for my clients and communicate with Spirit.

My friend asked me to do this blog because he thought it was interesting that I told him ‘his energy had changed since he did the cleansing’. All I need is for the person I am reading for to type something, say, write, sing something and I can feel their energy in my body. I can feel if they are sad, happy, scared, depressed, annoyed etc…just like the element on the hob. When I focus on that energy I can then pick up why they are sad or happy etc….but also I can pick up celebrations, sadness, fights, fear and the like even if they don’t because then  once I tune in to that persons initial energy I then get images off Spirit to go along with that energy. So I might have someone email me for a reading and because I only allow one question and nothing else, I am able to pick up on the energy they used to type the email, or write the letter or message they left on my phone. I then take about 5 minutes to making a direct call to Spirit and the images start flashing up in my head of why I am picking up that sad energy or whatever it is I am picking up. Often times the person I am reading for won’t know the celebration is coming and I did just recently put my foot in it with a friend of mine who just had a gorgeous baby the other day that her man was ring shopping lol But because we are all psychic or intuitive beings, our body reacts to future events. The same way some of us know ‘something’ is about to happen in America, and it gives us a feeling of anticipation or nerves and we feel like we are all waiting with baited breath to see what happens. It’s also the same way we can take an INSTANT dislike to someone we just met but can’t put our finger on why we don’t like them. We have all had that feeling of having butterflies in our stomach but don’t know why. Well I have taught myself or rather have just always been able to tune in to that to find out why. But yes even I can be given surprises. I always know something is coming but even I get nice little surprises from Spirit. I am always warned of the bad stuff though. Which I appreciate but I can’t say Mr can say the same lol.

Once I make that connection with a clients energy through their email or letter etc….I get kind of switched off from reality. I used to be able to control it but over the last 12 months I have lost control of it. I now barely remember anything once I open the email. It has become apparent to me through my husband that I am now losing entire afternoons or nights and when I come out of it I have been predicting, guiding and communicating for him or someone who I have no recollection of.

They (Spirit) seem to be using me to transmit messages through in a way that they have never done to me before. I don’t black out, I seem to function perfectly well to people who don’t know I’m in this Transmission, I am always safe and it is only when I start talking in different tones or accents that people know it isn’t ME, me. I apparently have spoken like an Indian Woman (as in the country India), English, French, Italian etc…and I’m a New Zealander so my accent is pretty obvious anyway but it’s when my own accent changes, people know to listen. All this starts with one connection. It could be a word someone uses that triggers it, like I say, an email, letter, phone call or conversation.

The people getting read are apparently blown away by it because they have described it as ‘fluid predictions in the form of a conversation’. So it’s like I blank out, and start talking non stop, predicting one thing after another that are beyond my possibility of knowing’ But when I come out of it I just feel a bit dizzy, and heavy and tired. Like I’ve been in a dark room watching a movie marathon. Spirit told me late last year that I would be learning a new way of doing things and I would feel like I was back at Spirit School like when I was 16 but I honestly didn’t think it would be like ‘this’.

I previously from the age of 15-16 did my readings through using normal playing cards. I would lay them out having had the client shuffle them. I had a specific way of doing it and only used certain cards in the deck. Then when I kind of unfocused my eyes I would get images in my head, and feelings to correspond with the images, then little videos would play in my head, then if it was a really good in depth reading, the cards would literally flip and become completely different images.

A reading would last about an hour and my clients would go away knowing they got their £20 worth. Well now I charge £45 but I’m doing about an average of 1 hour 45 for a reading and tend to talk about every aspect of the client’s life that needs to be talked about. The last one I did a couple of days ago, after she got her reading she rang me in tears. I panicked because I thought I had done something wrong as I do have issues with esteem when I know someone is paying their hard-earned money for a reading.

And she then put a tick on every single box I had brought up in her reading and couldn’t thank me enough, she was even impressed when I said to her ‘your getting a new car, like a Rav 4 but not a Rav 4, but it’s Jeepish like and I think it’s grey but it keeps changing on me’ They went in to get their new car which is just another models version of a Rav 4 and they were getting it in grey but that colour was no longer available so they chose black instead. She kept asking me ‘How….how can you possible know all of this just from a text message I sent’…..and it’s all because when I got her text. I felt her energy through the phone.

I could tell she was worried and at her wits end. It definitely helps when I’ve read for the person before. It does get easier the more I’ve read for someone. I will often find I pick up stuff about them even without doing a reading and will send a text or email to let them know what I saw. Oh incidentally I did tell this woman a co-worker was going to win some money and it would be enough for renovations and a nice holiday. They won some money and are off to the Bahamas or somewhere like that in the Caribbean while her Kitchen is getting refitted. So I’m picking up on people around the client too lol

Energy is a wonderful thing. It can tell an entire story of someones life. I’m sure you have all been with someone where even though they were acting perfectly normal, you just KNEW something was on their mind. We all have Auras and our Auras change depending on our moods. They can let us know when celebration or illness is coming and I simply use that energy to read for you. I can also see colours around people some times too. Usually when some life changing things is about to happen. Your colours will leap off you and I will know something is about to happen to you. Not always bad of course but not always good. But it really is a fascinating thing. I find it extremely fascinating. The mind boggles me. The things we are capable of doing is beyond understanding and I’m just an Indigo Baby, my sons are both Crystal Babies and they will unlock even more than me. So I can’t wait to see how their gifts turn out. They are both healers and my oldest see’s Spirit and my Youngest has Natural Telepathy. This has been evident since birth. I can’t wait to train them.

I do believe and have been shown us in the future (as in man) and we will know longer have the need for vocal contact. We will evolve into Telepaths and Telekenetic Beings. It’s a long way off yet though. We have to stop hurting each other and listen to our Planet before that can happen. But as long as there is one like me now, there are bound to be two like me tomorrow. I know there are many like me but we all work on different wave lengths. Mine is changing all the time and I will accept that it is necessary for me. But it is exciting to experience. They have never put me in any danger and they take care of me, so if they need to take me up a notch then so be it. I can then pass on what I know to others. Anything I can do to help people understand Spirit, I will do it. I hope this helps you understand what I’m talking about a wee bit better. If not, ask away. I’m only too happy to help or edit as the case may be lol

Love and Light to you all

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  1. Fascinating to learn how it all works for you! In the last several years as I’ve researched and read and learned about paranormal and spiritual topics, I’ve tried my hand at improving my intuition, meditation, channeling, etc. I’ve even taken a few classes. I definitely wasn’t given any gifts in this area, and if that’s not true, I haven’t found it yet. 🙂 One thing is for sure though, it all fascinates me.

    • Hi Patrick, Sweetheart, Thank you so much for your comment. Firstly let me tell you that your doing the one thing Spirit want us all to do and that is to find the answers ourselves. I have been studying what I do for as long as I have been doing it. My family have had these gifts for centuries and I think we take for granted that we can have conversations about what Spirit we saw or what prediction we made. But from the age of 15 I started experimenting and observing because I wanted to know how it all worked too. Spirit told me ‘When we start finding the need to seek the truth we will find all answers in places we never thought to look’. They want us all to investigate and study and learn about the Spiritual process and find the truth that suits us best. Not to blindly follow what we are told. So well done you. Often the first step to opening up your own gift is finding the answers. Secondly please….don’t take classes, you can’t be taught this stuff in a classroom. The best way to learn is by doing. Test yourself and you’ll find your own gift opening up. You’ll start to experience things yourself but always when your doing such things, ask for Protection of the White light. That is you asking for Spirit and your ancestors to make sure nothing negative gets in your way. If you have any questions at all or if there is something specific you want to know, I would be honoured to help you. Any time, any subject and if you have a suggestion for a blog I would love to know. My whole purpose for doing this blog was to help people understand Spirit in an honest and natural way. I don’t like it when people treat the Paranormal like it is something creepy, dark and sinister. When you have established a good relationship with Spirit it is the closest thing you will feel to the love people who pass over and come back say they feel. They defend you, protect you, guide you, laugh with you and even tease you. They are high Spiritual Beings but they have a great sense of humour. All Spirits are us only dead. They lived once too and don’t deserve the reputation they get from some of us. People fear what they don’t understand and it is up to us, the ones who do underestand, to educate and enlighten the ones who don’t understand. The misunderstood ones get treated like demons and devils and they all just need understanding and help to the other side if they want it. Hope to hear from you soon. Love and Light xoxox

      Incidentally Patrick when I was watching your blog site video of the investiagtion ttiled ‘We’re listening’ when your co investigator says for the first time ‘Maybe you don’t want us to leave’ at 1.57-58 I can swear I hear a mans voice say ‘Not yet’ then your female friend takes a breathe and says it again ‘Maybe you don’t want us to leave, do you’. Double check, I might be wrong xoxo

  2. Thank you for watching “We’re Listening”. 🙂 I worked really hard on that video a few years ago and I love it. It highlights several of our very first investigations. Regarding the “not yet”, I’ll check that out tonight! I can’t access the video at the moment. But, I do recall there is a place in that video footage where I whisper to my father who mentions something like “If you light it up again, we’ll leave.” We had only just gotten our first sign of communication and I did NOT want to leave, so I said something to keep him from saying it again. 🙂 I’m not a fan of the “If you do something we’ll leave” technique. It may have been “not yet”. I’ll check. We were in an old photography dark room where a young man committed suicide about 50 years ago.

    • Hi Patrick, its definitely not males talking to Spirit at the time. It’s a women saying ‘you don’t want us to leave’ then there is a ‘not yet’ then the female says again ‘no, you don’t want us to leave’ or something like that. It’s at 1.57-58 on the video. Let me know what you think, you will have better way of hearing it than me.

      • My mother is the one that says “You don’t want us to leave, do you?” I’ll let you know after I give it a listen.

      • Hey there. I totally almost forgot about my homework and listening for this on the video. 🙂 I just did and I figured it out. It isn’t what I initially thought you were talking about, but I do believe that what sounds like “not yet” is just my investigator behind the camera as she dramatically inhales because of the response on the K-II meter. I have to be careful with breaths all the time. They often sound like voices. I get yelled at and told I’m too cautious sometimes. 🙂 Ah well. I hope you are doing well and I’m honored you checked out the video.

      • Ahhhh see, this is what happens when you listen to such important things on a notebook. And its better to be safe than sorry Patrick because your representing Spirit and being a truth seeker like me its important to be honest and focused. You can never be too cautious because you cent get it wrong. Misinterpreting something Paranormal is 99% of the reason people think some voices or energy is demonic. I loved your video, I thought you all treated Spirit with respect too.

      • Lol anytime Mate. If you ever want to do an investigation in Bonnie Scotland let me know. I will show you a haunted place or 50 lol and if you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. You are the real deal! We share many similar approaches to reading energy and communicating with the spirit world. So nice to meet a fellow medium and blogger! Thanks for following my blog!

  4. Ooo I missed this post…well then its good actually for you lol…2014february I had urinary tract infection and I din tell you this when I was replying your posts..Even when I was typing on your post I dnt remembr which one ,u suddenly asked that someone is in abdominal pain..And I literally had goosebumps that you read my poor energy than..and thnxx for your tip …I soooo much love u 🙂