Ghosts/Spirits: Dispelling some quick myths.

Coming from a looooooong line of people with gifts there are things that really bother me about what people think when it comes to Spirit. As a Person Of The Light I take my faith in Spirit and the Light very seriously and I know it bothers them too because I’m the one getting yelled at when they see something happening on the TV that is inaccurate or plain untrue. Hence why my husband has banned me from watching certain shows. So here is a list of some of the things that aren’t true that if your told by a Psychic are true, you know they aren’t expert in all things Spirit and Paranormal based (and if you take money for your gift then you are classed as an expert). You MUST be honest in this field. And I’m not going to start lying to please people who believe otherwise. Education is the key to understanding Spirit.

Okay so Myth


They don’t wander grave yards waiting for someone to pass by. They simply appear when they know someone who can see or feel them is there. Most commonly it is Spirits who have been moved from their family or their headstone have been moved that will stay around the longest. It can be the reason why they don’t cross over. But once you assure them they are better off on the other side they seem happy to go join their family. It seems to be graves and headstones of people died before about 1950 that hold on to the headstone and grave issues. I personally feel it is because they fear being forgotten. But either way, it isn’t hard to pass them on. I do believe all Spirits who don’t come and go of their own accord should be passed on.


I’ve seen way too many readings being done on TV and in person where the Psychic or Medium, Intuitive clairvoyant will say ‘Oh he still drinks his beer on the other side’ or ‘She still knits’………………………? Really? highly evolved Spiritual beings who are so far beyond needing a physical body still drink Lion Red? ( a New Zealand Beer). Not true at all. It is purely symbolic. They might come through holding knitting needles as a way to identify themselves to the person being read. My father was a die-hard Soldier for the New Zealand Army, so he always comes through to my sons as a soldier. That’s how I know it’s him. Well that and my son says he has a round face and no hair in his head too lol


You have to understand how hard it is for a Spirit to be able to communicate in the first place. If they simply want to appear as an Orb of light they have to absorb so much around them, including the energy of the people in the room at the time. Can you imagine how much energy it takes to come through vocally?

Manifestations are maybe 5% of Spiritual contact. They are extremely rare and that is full body, 3D manifestations. To get a voice that matches the same vibration as the recorder or your ear is more so than a manifestation and a talking manifestation is the rarest of the lot. But if this Spirit has been dead and come back in vocal form for the first time since death, do you think the first few times they come through they are going to sound all normal and clear of throat?

We perceive it to me evil or bad but it isn’t. It could be nothing more than them clearing their throat. Most people don’t stick around long enough for them to finally come through clearly. You have to use logic and common sense.

Don’t just take a place to be a bad place just because you heard it is. Make your own judgements based on how YOU react to it and give the Spirits a chance to come through without being given a 30 minute window.

They might have a lot to say. We only see a 1 hour window of investigation on what will be a full night investigation on shows like Ghost Hunters etc….but they are basically coming into Spirits space and saying ‘Right……….talk’, but you know they’ve only got half an hour because they have to move on to the next place.



I’ve mentioned this before. They don’t just haunt at night, you can do day time investigations and often come up with more activity because we are busier and more stuff happens in our lives during the day so you can pick up on a lot of daily activity if you do a day time investigation it is just that night-time investigations are easier to control. It is quieter at night and your more able to control contact from the real world, ie phones ringing, unexpected visitors etc…if you can make sure your free from outside distractions like in former prisons, schools, hospitals, sanitariums etc…your more likely to get more stuff happen because those sort of places were hustling bustling places in the day time. Some of the most genuine stuff to happen on Most Haunted happened during the day when they weren’t expecting it (or making it happen lol). But it makes more sense to try to do day time investigations because of the fact it is our busiest time. At night prisons had lock down and hospitals patients were sedated at night etc….so while you will get some activity, you will get more in the day time. Give it a try.


One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve seen during some investigations is when it comes to child Spirits. Don’t be fooled into thinking ALL child spirits are poor souls ripped away from life in the prime of their youth. One of the most commonly used forms of communication by a Dark and Negative Spirit is through pretending to be a child. When it comes to a Child Spirit nothing about them should feel sinister or uncomfortable. Unless they were sinister in life but they lucky are few and far between and they get sent to the last rung of the ladder too. But genuine Child Spirits usually crave contact and want to play and also hold hands, hold your jacket, you’ll hear them laughing and running about, singing and playing with objects. They are pure beings and nothing about them will be suspicious. You will often get emotional because no one likes to think a child has died. So our natural instinct is to nurture them and play, stay with them and let them know we are there. Some, will even invite the child Spirit to follow them WHICH YOU NEVER DO EVER!!!! WITH ANY SPIRIT. I learn that the hard way when I was 7 years old. My big sister had to teach me to send it over. I felt so bad, She was really angry but realized I was still learning. But The worst Spirits are the ones that will come across on a recording as a child, they sound exactly like grown ups pretending to sound like child. It’s very dark. It gives you the heebee jeebees. But I have seen waaaaaay too many people talk to them and interact as though they are children and then they will get scratched or locked in rooms etc….there is only one way to deal with them and that is ‘In the name of the white light, be gone’ You just keep insisting they go away and make way for the genuine Spirits.

You can’t allow yourself to be tricked. You’ll know by how you feel if they are genuine. real children have a light about them, their energy is pure and they are playful. The pretenders usually try to get one investigator on their own, try to separate the team or group to attach themselves to the one most open to being attached to. They are out to cause trouble. So before any investigation you must protect yourself and even after one and make sure your mind is open but your energy isn’t. Make it clear before you start that your protected by your ancestors and will not allowed anything negative to enter into you or any member of the group.


I do find these claims to be the most intriguing and in the case of the woman they made into the movie The Entity I think even they concluded it wasn’t a Spirit who sexually abused that lady but rather it was a collecting of energy coming from elsewhere. Most probably from a living person, more likely male.

But so much can happen when energies collide. You can’t even begin to imagine how powerful our minds are. We are very powerful human beings who unlock parts of our brain without even knowing it. But just because you feel someone touch you in bed when you know your alone doesn’t mean it is a Spirit wanting to have sex with you.

It could be an imprinted image playing back while you happen to be in bed. It could be a trick of the mind. Our pores on our skin can give false feelings of being touched or even being bitten too.

But Spirit, our loved ones who die (and then come to visit every now and then), have zero interest in seeing us naked and it is mostly crossed connections if we see a Spirit in the bathroom while we are taking a shower. I once had an experience of a Spirit in my house who used to love to play tricks on me when I was in the shower but never once did I feel like they were being pervy (creepy in a sexual way).

It was actually quite funny because it was at a very stressful time in my life and they were trying to get my attention but they would do things that made me laugh like put buckets on toilet seats when I’m the only one home but in the shower etc…that isn’t to say there aren’t times when a person hasn’t been in the bath or having sex when they feel or see Spirit out the corner of their eye but what I am saying is, to Spirit it isn’t sexual. They aren’t there BECAUSE your having sex or naked.

But they just happen to be passing through while your naked or having sex. But they get stigmas attached to them and it’s just wrong. As I keep reminding you all Spirit are us only dead. That’s someones Dad or brother or son your calling a perv. They were once grieved over and now because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time as a Spirit they get called a pervy Spirit or worse Negative.

A Spirit who comes and goes as it pleases and offers guidance and support has absolutely no interest in sex or sexual activity. And it upsets me that sex is even brought into something as serious as the Paranormal. Lets not forget as well, we can very easily manipulate the energy around us and not even know it. It may be us who are making the energy react in such a way.


This is probably going to be the most controversial thing I ever say but I have to be honest. Remember I have described our passing as being ‘Judged, healed and sent to our next mission so to speak’ and depending on how we lived our lives depends on how far down the ladder we go? I know from first hand experience of people who have actually died and said this, ‘Hell’ (or the Spiritual perception of it) is not being allowed into the Light until we have learned our lessons.

We will be made to relive 1000 times over the hell we caused people on earth. Then we make amends with the big guy and we get sent back down to learn all over again, hopefully making amends to the world we hurt before. But just because you were something bad and hate filled in this life doesn’t mean your going to be a haunting, evil, nasty Spirit in the next.

Most bad people hang around because they fear what is going to happen to them but The Almighty turns no one away, he just makes sure his Door Staff don’t let any old riff raff in without the proper checks so to speak. If you’re wearing the wrong energy your sent away until you are wearing the right energy. But you can’t assume that Ted Bundy isn’t now some sweet little girl who has a loving family who will grow up to be a spectacular woman. It’s controversial but true. It’s all based on the lessons you learn on the other side and what each energy did to earn their steps up the ladder.

Our perceptions of what happens after we die is so far from the truth. Only we could assume if they were evil, they are evil for eternity. But that is what the indoctrination of religion is I guess.

I have had and heard of hundreds of cases of where someone who was horrible, I mean just horrible to the point they traumatized their entire family (and also soldiers most recently for me too,) when they were alive and were brutal and savage and nasty and they come through humbled and can’t apologize enough for the way they were.

In the grand scheme of things we are a learning creature and everything we are as humans and as Spiritual beings involves us constantly learning. So everything on this planet, good or bad, is here or has been here to teach us something. I truly believe we will get to such a point where as beings we will learn all there is to learn and we will become such a higher Spiritually evolved being death won’t exist, neither will illness and we will be able to wander the universe just like our loved ones who have died. But this is a long way off from where we are, if we are still ready to believe the Boston Bombings were done by two Chechen Brothers.

But Spirit have infinite patience and they know our purpose before we live this life and after we live this life and there hasn’t been one thing in history that has happened that hasn’t taught us something as a whole. Good or bad. So don’t assume that a man who beat his wife and kids and killed his daughter in life, will be hanging around to do the same in death. He would have been sent to ‘purgatory for a bit to suffer his fate until he was allowed to start working his way back up the ladder. They usually come down as a victim of abuse, or help people who are abused, but people like this don’t get a choice about whether they come back or not and I do know of a couple of cases where even though the horrible deeds happened decades ago, they are STILL in purgatory or hell or whatever you want to call it.  Your not given an easy time of it like a lovely Mum who has died of Cancer or a teenager who died in a horrible accident. But no one gets turned away. It’s why I am trying to hardest to make sure I get it right this time because I just can’t be arsed having to do it all again. It’s been too hard this time round lol In saying that, I’m going to stick around as long as I can lol I will be hounding my kids long into their adult years yet so I’m getting my share of life and then hopefully this is be my last life lol


We all know ow easy it is to misinterpret something being said on tape but like Ouija Boards and Seances please bear in mind if something threatening is coming across the recording directed to someone in the group, it could be because you’re wanting something to come through so you manifest it. If you have been able to use telepathy and telekinesis you will understand what I mean when I say it is easy to manipulate such things. The power of the mind is a virtually unexplored science. But if you are like me and my family it is a part of life and if I can tell my ex husband to make me a cup of tea using nothing but my mind, I can easily make a Spirit say something to peak your interest during an investigation. It can also be something being said in a past conversation, a trick or just a naughty Spirit trying to have a bit of fun.

But again, you’ll know if you have something to worry about based on your honest reaction. Dark and evil comes with sulfur smells and pain and fear like your going to die, you simply couldn’t stick around and could also be in danger of bringing it home with you. But considering dark and evil is based around our manifestation and our OWN perception of what we fear the most, you only  have yourself to fear but YOUR worst fears. Your basically being frightened by the darkest side of yourself. None of these energies including Spirit, have an ownership on you.

So if you want something gone that is hurting your energy and your Spirit either in life or in an investigation you have to treat any negative energy the same way you would treat a real living person who was trying to hurt or upset you. You tell them to go away. You demand they leave and ask for protection from the white light or your ancestors. Anything dark and negative is only as strong as your fear allows them to be. SO get angry, when your angry you’re not afraid. It shuts your energy down and you demand they leave you alone, send them to the light if you have to. You let them know ‘You have no power over me’. When you claim your space back they lose power over you and move on. But it is best to ask Spirit to send them to the light because you never know, next time they might attach themselves to someone less able to handle it. But that isn’t to say all recordings are mistaken.

I have had some doozies in my time and that I have seen on investigations and TV. But the best way to tell, if a Spirit is actually communicating with you or if it is a recording of an imprinted stone theory type thing is to ask irrelevant questions. If it is genuine, it will answer you. But ask questions no one in the group could know. What is the name of my dog I had when I was a child etc…if you don’t get a reply, chances are it’s an imprint or misinterpreted. But when it is genuine and they really do want to make contact with you, they will know everything about you more than anyone so don’t be afraid to ask it stuff like ‘What am I allergic to?’ or ‘What did I have for breakfast’ It is a very emotional process when you’re talking to someone who knows you so intimately but they have been dead for years.


But it doesn’t mean we should ALL use it. We all know of someone whether it be on TV or in real life who has claimed to be psychic. They are all over the top and dramatic often pretending to even be taken over by a Spirit. They used to flounce around in robes and head bands with pencil thin eye brows in my day but now they dress slightly Gothic with trench coats and some sort of ethnic necklace, or they try to come across as ‘just like you’ with their £500 shoes on. We only see the edited version, not the bits where they get it wrong or they cold read. You know the sort. The ‘Is there someone in your family whose name starts with a G’ ‘No but there is a C’? ‘Oh yes C or G I knew it ended in E’, or they tell a lady who is clearly in her 70’s ‘Your Mother has passed over hasn’t she? or ‘You have a mother figure in Spirit’.

It’s so easy to do and make a good living from it. I used to be not envious but slightly longing to have the sort of work and love Sally Morgan has, she takes care of her family, she’s so good’ People paying their hard-earned money to hear what she had to say. And even though I don’t do mediumship, she read for people like Princess Diana, I wished to have her leave of success and love. My husband used to say ‘Babe your better than that, she’s fake and you wouldn’t rip people off’ but he’s my husband, he’s supposed to say that right? Then slowly things started appearing on the internet about how people were at her shows and happened to be in the nose bleeding seats and overheard men talking through headphones, which seconds later Sally would then repeat. When they and a few other people in the audience noticed this voice, and an open widow and started discussing it among themselves, a stage manager happened by and saw the window was open and ran back to the back to where the men were with the headphones and slowly shut the window.

People were complaining on the radio and on websites. Then a friend of mine went to her show and said most of the people in the audience walked out mid show because she was so bad. So there is hope for me yet lol  Or the people who claim to be psychic because they use Tarot cards lol Give me a break.

That’s like thinking you’re the next Da Vinci because you once drew a stick figure on a note pad. Just because you have an interest in the Paranormal, just because the idea of predicting the future and seeing Spirits doesn’t mean you should work in the Paranormal field. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what I do.

You need to have a strong work ethic, you need to have a strong stomach, patience, you need to understand any situation a client can go through so you can empathize, you need to often give up doing something because your being called to help someone by Spirit, you can’t go anywhere without it coming with you, you have to get rid of any concept of religion or faith, your world as you know it will turn upside down, it can happen at the worst possible time, you need to be a leader so you can take control of any situation if needs be ie: someone messing up big time while using a Ouija Board, You have to put up with being hounded, abused, insulted, assaulted, stalked and interrupted and worshipped just for being born this way.

People will want to hurt you or kidnap you to be their own live in Intuitive clairvoyant. It can lose you friends or potential friends and it can keep you up for days on end. You can often be told by Spirit ‘Don’t charge that person’ even though you yourself are on your last £10, it terrifies you as a child until you learn not to be, it takes your entire life to understand and master.

You can’t be selfish, you must put your client and Spirit first, you will often know things you don’t want to, you can’t have any sort of prejudice or bigotry, you have to spend a lot of time educating yourself, and it can freak people out.

It’s not the sexy life style TV makes it to be. I’ve worked from 6am-2am  non stop for weeks on end not having a holiday, never seeing my family because I get so busy.

But I love my job more than any job there is in the entire of the world. Oh the stories and lives I have been a part of. If I wrote a book people would think it was a work of Fiction lol

Luckily now I work in my own time because I have my kids and I want to spend time with them while they are little before I go back to work full-time. But in saying that I’m still doing internet based readings and cleansings etc…..6-8 times a week.

And I work hard, I work bloody hard. Spirit are as much a part of me as my own children. And if I need to sound mean and brutally honest I would say not everyone deserves or has the right to be a White Lighter. I think most of us are too caught up on wanting, having and getting, and gadgets and wouldn’t stay in all weekend to help someone you don’t know from a bar of soap because Spirit told you to.

We all have the ability, we are all born with it but there is a reason why most of us grow out of it. In the wrong hands you could do a lot of damage not just to themselves but innocent people. My only saving grace is I also know if you misuse or mistreat your gift it is all taken away from you in an instant and I honestly don’t know how I could live without Spirit. It’s all I know to be. They have been in my life my entire life so I wouldn’t dare to anything to risk losing my gift. But it must be hard for someone to have it all as a world-renowned Psychic and then take it for granted and lose everything. Sylvia Brown, Sally Morgan…..and there are only way too many people out there happy to wait for you to stuff up and tear you down. Some things are just best left to the professionals lol

and finally


As I have explained before, Spirit can’t physically touch you. They can only make you think your being touched. So assuming they wanted to hurt you (and you have to understand, Spirit need energy to come through, when they build up energy it all has to go somewhere and so you can get marks, get bumped, glass breaks, cups move etc…) and if your going to touch someone your going to do it the way any one would do it. If you tried to scratch someone, because your three middle fingers, your ring, pointer and index finger are longer than your thumb and little finger. The little finger and thumb won’t touch the skin unless you flatten your hand. So it’s not because it was a mockery of the Holy Trinity, it’s because it’s the only three fingers to touch the skin. Do it now.

Make out like your going to scratch the screen to your pc or laptop. It’s your three fingers that touch the screen, three, not five. And this is why you need to use a bit of science, common sense, logic and reason along with any gifts you have, when investigating and understanding Spirit and the Paranormal.

Just some things to think about. Your not expected to agree with what I have said. But educating yourself to alternative points of view is always a good thing. I know what I know because of decades of paying attention and learning, educating and experimenting, plus my faith indestructible so I believe what my Spirits tell me. I can be hard to take sometimes though because a lot of people are not ready to hear the truth about a lot of things. The Paranormal has only started being accepted in the last few years, it was something you never saw in multiple forms on TV or in the media before the late 1990 early 00s. Shows like Most Haunted have a lot to thanked and blamed for. It introduced the world to Spirit but at the same time taught people some very bad habits. Which is why I like Ghost Adventures. Three guys and some cameras. I don’t like it when they get ‘celebrities or guests’ on the show though, it detracts from the importance of an investigation.

29 thoughts on “Ghosts/Spirits: Dispelling some quick myths.

  1. One GOOD reason to investigate at night would be if you’re trying to capture visual evidence. However rare, I would think it would show up better at night.

  2. Yes but you can still catch the same visual evidence with the right type of equipment. If you look at Ghost Photography over the last 100 years, some of the best pictures were done in the day and without the type of technology they have today. The fact is, if they want to show themselves, it is irrespective of whether it is day or night. But good point, thank you.

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  4. I feel night time especially wee hours, the activity seems prominent, during the day it is hard with distractions.
    I use to play a game when I was a young teen. Everytime the phone rings, I would tell my mom or dad who is on the other line before they pick it up and sure enough it was who I said it was, they would look at me quizzically, so, I never told anyone of my other experiences for fear of being mentally unstable. My husband always makes so called logic excuses that don’t make sense.

    One time in April, My daughter (18 at the time) decided to mess with a Ouija board in the cemetery with some friends late between 11 and 2 am. She came home 4 am and slept. The next morning seemed normal, but I would see a movement out of the corner of my eye, I turned in the direction and nothing, so, I thought it was my imagination. As days passed, I would keep seeing out of the corner of my eye a dark object, but nothing when i moved. By the sixth day I thought I saw my cat Boogie slowly going past me (have a black cat,he was 6 yrs at the time); I followed the black mass thinking it was my cat, this shadow just kept out of arms reach, but moved slow and disappeared under my bed. I called out to my daughter to ask where is Boogie and she said up on the shelf sleeping; that is when I knew I was following a shadow, but I wasn’t scared, I just shrugged it off and went about my business.
    The next day I was seeing a slew of them coming and going… I felt under the table was an open portal, but how.
    One shadow (no bigger than a house cat) was moving very close to my ankle where I was sitting and the cold I felt was nothing like the cold that we know on earth. Several days of spirit central I am wondering if this is going to stop anytime soon. The shadows don’t bother me at all, I just go about my daily business even though I am aware of their presence.
    one evening I had to work late at a retail store till 10pm, by the time I got home it was 10:48pm.
    My daughter was scared to come out of her room, I asked what is wrong and she said there was a full shadow of a man standing in the doorway to the kitchen.
    The next night my husband and I were sleeping and I woke with the covers or it felt like the covers were being pulled in a scratching way, this has been going on for 2 weeks keeping me awake; I never knew earth bound spirits can physically touch; I was touched on my upper arm (like digging but no scratches), so, this had gone on for another 3 weeks. Finally I was getting annoyed that I am constantly being wakened and my husband had gone on a business trip for a week.
    I delt with this myself after I got home from work and started supper. I was perturbed from lack of sleep; the spirit followed me around since I didn’t give it any acknowledgement, then finally I sat down and talked to the spirit and explained that ‘you had a wonderful fulfilling life, it is time you let others live their lives. You had your turn, now it’s our turn to enjoy the life. Jesus is waiting for you on the other side with open arms calling you home, everyone is waiting for you.’
    in an instant it felt like a heavy veil was lifted and everything was bright and fresh. even the air was different,
    I realized when my daughter went to the cemetery with her friends to mess with the Ouija board,late at night, that is when she had a few uninvited company tagging along.
    I did ask her if she closed the portal correctly when done; she said yes.
    She never again did that and for the Ouija board, it got disposed of properly.

    My great Grandmother, my grandmother, Mom and me all have one thing in common being a ‘sensitive’. Mine is random and not as often

    • Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You certainly did the right thing by standing your ground and taking ownership of the house. I hope your daughter has learnt her lesson that Ouija, Scrying, etc…aren’t for playing around with. There is a reason people like me don’t touch them. But you absolutely did the right thing. Dark energy can only have an effect if you let it. They need to your permission to come in. They have no power over is until we give it to them. You took the power away so well done. It was instinctive as well which means your a natural. Keep it up. Xoxo

  5. I’ll start of by saying I found your post very interesting and informative. My interest in spirits became when I was a kid. I had horrible nightmares, when I was a kid. As I got older I learned to control them and fight ever I was afraid of. I remember fighting mostly demons or pure evil creatures. Sometimes I’d lose and other times I’d win. I remember one demon I killed in a demon I had this odd feeling that if I had shown it love instead of my anger I could of saved it… If the mind is a powerful thing, then perhaps it could even unlock gates to the spirit world, though I’m not sure, but wonder about that. I used to be suicidal, I was holding so much pain with all my lies, faults, and mistakes, plus believing I was better of dieing that I tried several times to kill myself. >>>>>Getting to the point…. xp>>>>> I want to learn to use my powers, to become one with my spirit, and I want to help souls cross over. I was also interested in “imprinting”. A friend of mine says he has a spirit of a dog as pet and has imprinted with it. I think imprinting is where you have a connection to something and it has a connection with you. I’m not entirely sure if that’s all. But, he told me there was to types permanent and temperately…. So, um if you could help me out…. That be awesome… ^^”

    • Imprinting? Does that really exist? Can you actually do that to other spirits? And unlocking a gate to the spirit world?!?! That’s impossible right!??! Right??? I know like there these psychs that channel ghosts and stuff, would that mean in a way they are opening some sort of passage way to our world. MEGA CREEPY! But… If I understand what this your saying Maiya. You think it’s possible that we could channel ghost in our dreams???? That can’t be right!?!? Can it?!?!? Wouldn’t we all be dead or something??? Or possessed at least? What does you having to be suicidal have anything to do with spirits. Are you implying suicidal people are more prone to spirits, because they are depressed. Or if your suicidal you can see ghost???? Surely suicidal people don’t see ghost more than other people do? Right? I mean why would they? Cuz they vulnerable or something?

      • Dee, you can enter the Spirit World but it is never allowed for long periods and usually has such a strong affect on you it can take a few days to recover. When I time slip, I essentially enter their world, and it is why everything slows down for me, it feels like I’ moving through molasses while to my husband I just look normal but spaced out. However I am physically exhausted for about a day and a half afterwards and when I’ve been taken by The Council to the ‘Other Side’ it is a good week before I can think and be normal again. It has a great affect on you emotionally and mentally and physically you have nothing left at the end of it. It’s like people who have Near Death Experiences say they remember every single thing in great detail and they feel sad when they have to leave to come back to this realm. It is just like that but the level of frequency your working at is so high it’s like……the way I describe it to my husband is like when two magnets are trying to repel one another, they know the other is there but they keep each other away with great force. Well I’m with Spirit, I’m there amongst them, but the Spiritual Light, the love, the power, and authority they have is so great, so powerful when you come back from it it’s like your kind of shell shocked for a few days. I always know when I’m needed because a couple of days before it happens I get a visit from what I call The Council. That’s when I know I’m going over lol But the last time I went over was just 2 weeks ago and I’ve noticed now I’m completely conscious when it happens and I feel like body lifting out of itself. But I don’t ever make myself go over. I would never want to dabble in something like that without being told it was okay and they have never told me it was okay for me to just come and go as I pleased. So while I can be amongst Spirit in their world many times in a year, it is they who invite me. Well I say Invite, it’s more like they knock on my door and just take me lol but all for very good reason and I trust them 100%. But you are right in the fact that your mental state has nothing to do with amount of Spirits you see. People who are about to die are surrounded by Spirit, but be it cancer, suicide or accident, it makes no difference. But you have to have a gift to start with in order to even start doing a fraction of this stuff. Then you have to understand it and know it and live it every day. There are some people in the world who if they had the gift of Imprinting as they call it could do such damage it quite frankly terrifies me to think about. The Hitlers of the world for a start, the Profit Makers and War Mongers etc….it would simply I think cause a actual for real Holy War. It would be like on South Park when Kenny had to fight the Devil lol A for real Holy War between good and evil.
        But how it works is all Frequency Based. Psychics work on a frequency like that of Spirit. But it cuts in and out all the time. It’s so we can control the contact because our lives would be unmanageable if we constantly walked with Spirit 24/7. But some of us can control our frequency so it isn’t cutting out. There is no time, no distance and it is all based around your Pineal Gland. I always know Time Slips and That sort of contact (Imprinting as Maiya called it) is about to happen because the right side of my brain literally fizzes. It goes all fuzzy and prickly, my head feels itchy with the fizzing. However it do it at will and not be at a high level of Spiritual Awareness would be nothing short of frightening. It would then suggest that anyone now matter their moral standing, ethics, or social consciousness would be interfering with the highest level of our existence and I hate to think what would happen. It would be like The Devil finally got into heaven if you looked at it in Biblical terms. Also Lucid Dreams are basically Channeling Ghosts as you put it in it’s loosest form because all dreams are Prophetic and all dreams are Spirit based. Our dreams are Spirit telling us things for us to interpret so to have a lucid dream (which I do a lot because I have a habit of paying for things for money I don’t have and handing them a empty hand but telling them in my mind it’s money and they take it and give me change hahahahahahaha) is a crude form of it. But what Maiya is talking about it actually getting in to the Spirit realm, which doesn’t really exist. There is no white cloud where our loved ones walk around waiting for us to cross over. Pure Energy doesn’t need a cloud to sit on. It’s an existence based around Quantum Physics with no concept of time. They can all see each other and help each other and help and see us just by pure thought alone. It’s a fascinating Science. I would love to sit with a Physicist and go through it with them. Tell them what I know and can experience and have them try and explain it back to me lol But sadly a lot of people would use it for profit and gain, it would be mistreated. Can you imagine the power someone would have if they could just go to Spirit anytime they wanted? They could charge tens of thousands of dollars to pop in on Mum on the other side to get messages etc….without ever learning the lessons that come with being Psychic. It’s only when you use your gift for the purpose it was intended for, that your even allowed to learn the secrets of the Universe and like I said, it took me 41 years and I still have only just gotten to that door and opened it. It’s like a person training to be a Surgeon. They have to go to Medical School for a few years then learn on the job and every year they learn more and more until they graduate and then they can do surgeries by themselves. Well it’s the same thing with people like me. I couldn’t let someone jump right in and do a reading for one of my clients who comes to me regularly if they had no ability. Some of my clients have some very serious issues and require delicate handling and to let someone have at them with no understanding of it would be dangerous. I’ve literally had people who have decided after one of my readings not to kill themselves and seek help for their depression etc….so….Rightly so, this sort of thing can’t be given to just anyone. But I had to chuckle reading your post. Your so funny lol not meaning any disrespect to Maiya, I just mean the way you expressed your curiosity and disbelief was funny.

    • Hi Maiya,
      Unlocking gates to the Spirit World is something only high enlightened people could do because of the level of power and responsibility that comes with it. It has taken me 41 years to understand what I am and I’m still learning how to deal with stuff that Spirit teach me. The Time Slip thing is a cross between Time travel and Unlocking Gates and I have zero control over when it is going to happen or where. I’ve only just learned what to do when I am having one and that has taken 12 years from the first one to now to even learn to do that. Now I know when one is going to happen by the way my body reacts, my husband said I give off signals now just before going to a place where I have one and such things but I’ve had to teach myself everything from scratch. I was so blessed to be born into a family with the same Psychic gifts, but no one in my family could answer the questions I had. I’m the only person I know of who started using Spirit as a research tool or teacher from a young age. The things I have been put through in order to be a Path Walker then a White Lighter would break even the strongest of minds. And it all had to be done so I could have the knowledge I have now. And I’ve been a student of Spirit seriously studying my gifts now for about 20 years (God that makes me feel old, I don’t even feel 41 lol) so to just teach someone who admits to having suicidal thoughts, such a precious gift over night would be impossible. Your faith in Spirit has to be unwavering. Your level of commitment has to be second to none. Your Psychic skills would have to be manageable to say the least and mastered at best. And I say this with absolute love and concern because it bothers me that people think you can just pull this stuff out of a book. Spirit don’t just unlock their secrets to everyone for a reason. We have to learn the secrets, understand them and then master them and only then are you allowed to even work in their name. I was seeing Spirits and doing readings on and off from the age of about 6 but I was 27 when I was told by Spirit it was time for me to do their work. So assuming you were in your early 20’s now you would be in your mid 40’s by the time you were allowed to unlock the gates to the Spirit Realm. You have to learn to be so much as a person and if every body could do it, then we would be in serious trouble. That is dealing with gifts and powers that wouldn’t be coming from Spirit. I think in order for you to be at one with Spirit you need to be at Peace with yourself first. Spirit are hard task masters and don’t let up, and if your not listening to them they can be as subtle as a brick if they need to get a message across and if you’ve been in a fragile state before now, it could seriously affect your psyche to mess about with things you can’t or don’t know how to control. So I would ask that you start working on building a relationship with Spirit first before you try to unlock their secrets and I wish you all the best with it. It’s wonderful to see so many people wanting to reach out to Spirit, but this life isn’t easy. People like John Edwards and Teresa Caputo might make it look glamorous and sexy but they clearly haven’t been allowed to be put through the same thing as the rest of us because they wouldn’t be charging $800 for a half hour session if they were.

      • Wow… All this Spirit stuff sounds very complex and maybe even dangerous… I wonder if it’s worth it? I mean… If it’s really that bad on a person and stuff. Why do it? I understand people might feel that need to help the Spirits cross over and stuff, but I wonder if Spirits are so strong, why can’t they help themselves at times? Not to be rude or anything, I was just wondering why if theses Spirits are suppose to be so powerful, then why do we hear so many stories of them being losted or attached to the world. Surely they could figure out what they need to do and do it on their one, right? Of course… we also hear stories about bad spirits that hurt people that are also attached to the world. Mostly cause some stupid person uses some spirit board or way to contact spirits when they shouldn’t have. Maybe some spirits stay as protectors and fight off the bad guys, I don’t know. But, it seems like we shouldn’t get involved with spirits in the first place. It’s to dangerous, and maybe the spirits don’t really need our help. I’m not trying to be rude. I was just thinking that. No offense to anyone.

      • I understand. You see, I’m still recovering from a fragile state of mind, and emotion. The first time I felt like Spirit and I was unattached in some weird way was when I was little. I had gotten into many fights and gotten hurt. It was when I realized that if I was hurting this much, then they must be hurting the same. It changed me forever. Now if I even tried to hurt someone it’s like I don’t have the will to do it. For the longest time, I started to blame myself for everyone I loved’s suffering. I just wanted to stop hurting everyone, and stop being the one who got hurt. It was like no one in the world would understand this. I couldn’t tell them. So, it built up until I finally decided the world would be better of without me. I tried several times to kill myself and failed miserably. I feared pain more than death and ironically it kept me alive. I continued to suffer alone. I remember this odd thing that happened to me. My own Spirit forgave me for everything I was blaming myself for. It felt like a load had been taken off my shoulders. I also remember this one dream, where someone I loved (who not related to me.) had gave me the breath of air, after I stopped breathing and woke me up. It was strange. I think I’m also beginning to understand why I feel drawn to people and bound to them. I’m not entirely sure, but I think my Spirit is trying to bind me to people to help me heal. However, the first time it didn’t go so well and hurt both me and spirit badly. The second time was better, but I still cry because I no the person I bound to has no romantic feelings for me. I’m currently living with a boy who doesn’t believe in ghosts or god. He criticized my believes every time I brought it up, so much I almost went insane. I’ve managed to find a new belief he can’t destroy. For no amount of proof can determine whither my belief is wrong or right. I currently believe that the universe was created from the void of nothingness. Nothingness turned itself into an evolutionary particle or whatever, and created all the gods, and things we see, hear about today. Being evolutionary, it can be anything. Alien, God, Vampire, werewolf, whatever. Also it would be impossible to find. It’s always changing with the universe around us. a certain type of Buddhist would probably call this Kami or something like it. Because of this belief I can believe in whatever God I chose, but mainly I chose to believe in The Creator of All. The origin of all Gods and other beings. I feel as if it is not the the creator of alls fault for the bad things that happen, but some of it’s children. >>>>>>Getting out of religion… Sorry>>>> I’m not sure if I can bring me and Spirit back together, but I’ll try anyway I can, but I do know my purpose. I’ve always felt drawn to Japan, and ghosts. I can tell my Spirit wants nothing more than to protect others from harm anyway possible. I have trouble dealing with real life problems of others. I can only give them encouragement and advice, plus be there for them but even that only goes so far. I think in order to get a better feel for helping people or Spirits. I should first start with the basics. I will become a counselor, and teach myself the ways of helping people using my own experiences to help them. But, I wonder…. I’m just now fixing my own problems…. I wonder if I will be able to help other people with theirs…. Besides that I take no offense. Also, Dee. It’s not a question of not whither we should leave Spirits alone to deal with their own problems, but are we willing to sacrifice everything to help another in need. I for one, would do exactly that, even if I destroyed myself in the process. However, I won’t be so reckless. I’d learn of the dangers, how to deal with it, and ect first, because I don’t want to die just yet. But, really it’s a choice. You don’t have to get involved if you don’t want to, but if you have ever helped anyone out you’ll know that the greatest reward is their happiness, and not your own. I made my decision to leave behind my selfish desires to help those I feel I need to. But, since it’s human nature, we will always carry those desires with us, and sometimes it will hurt, but we must toughen it out and continue. Now, there is another thing I’m very interested in. I was wondering about Kitsune. The demon foxes. There is so much I don’t know about the Kitsune like how is it able to assume human form, what is the kitsune really? and stuff like that. Also, I was wondering if you could explain Imprinting a little bit better to us. You said it was possible, but I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to tell us about it.

      • Dee, that is my point exactly. It IS dangerous and there fore should only be done by people of a certain level of Spiritual teaching. Only someone who had no interest in gain or profit could be allowed to do it and there are very few who wouldn’t use it for educational and Spiritual learning. It’s like people say to me ‘If your Psychic why don’t you get the lottery numbers?’ my answer is ‘Because I have no interest in winning the lottery’. I’m happy with my lot. I would be happy to work all my life doing what Spirit need me to do as long as it’s enjoyable and I’m not struggling to put food on the table. If I have enough, I’m happy, if I have more than I need we share with others. If I was worth millions I couldn’t help but give a lot of it away. The time slip thing could be used to cause all sorts of bother if I mastered and could control it but I have no interest to do anything other than observe the past. And it has taken me years of learning from Spirit and observing to learn to get to that point. When I have gone in to their world, it has been through being invited so I don’t call it Imprinting. I would never induce such practices in me to be in their world because I know how dangerous it is for someone like me to be without my Spirit protected. It is dealing with things only highly Spiritual people can do and you would have to have someone trusted with you because when your outside of yourself, it leaves you vulnerable to attack form negative energies. It’s the reason why I’m not allowed to meditate. It’s not even technically Imprinting, imprinting is imposing yourself in a certain place in time. The term always bothered me for that reason. It’s nothing like Imprinted Images because we aren’t recorded in Spirit’s surroundings, we are actually there. But like I say I would never go knocking on their door forcing myself, I have only ever gone to their world when they have invited me. It’s much safer that way and easier on my energy levels because it is nothing short of exhausting and like with Time Slipping it can leave me recovering for days. Your points are valid absolutely.
        Regarding your question about lost and attached Spirits.
        Some Spirits stay attached to this world for many reasons. Their death may have been traumatic or sudden. When their Spirits come to cross them over, the fear of what is waiting for them can be too much for them and they choose to stay. This is why I say as soon as we pass over the first thing that happens is we are healed. We are healed from our passing, healed from our life so we can be cleansed and free to move on or live again. But some people, say bad people for an example may in their time death become frightened of what is waiting for them on the other side ie What if hell is real? What if my judgement is harsh and I have to suffer because I was a bad person’ etc……so they don’t go to the light. And in my opinion some stay because it is a lesson for us. We wouldn’t know half of what we know about the Spirit World if we haven’t been seeing Spirits since time began. But it is my duty as a person of light to cross as many over as I can. Children especially. Psychiatric patients and prisoners also. The suffering is too great and puts such a horrible atmosphere in those places they frequent but my trouble is a lot of homeowners and such don’t want these poor souls freed because it’s good for business. Ghost Tours, Ghost Walks, Haunted Houses make a lot of money now. The Lizzie Borden house is a prime example of this. And until we all understand the importance of being Spiritually free I’m afraid it will be after my life has ended before we can even begin to start crossing them over. There is no offense taken Dee. Most people shouldn’t be around Spirit. It’s dangerous if you don’t know what your doing and if you don’t have the best of intentions of a pure heart it can give you trouble from Spirits that aren’t from the light. There is so much false representations of Spirit out there and I intend to do what I can to get the record straight.

  6. Hi Maiya,
    It sounds like to me your Empathic. If you read my post about being Empathic. It is a hard gift to have and the least favourite of all my gifts. It’s hard taking the weight of the world on your shoulders and if you don’t understand the way an Empath lives it can be even harder.I’m so sorry for you.I can feel your hurt and confusion.I used to be the same way but I promise you this. The more you learn the more you will understand and the easier it gets. You will NOT be to blame for anyone’s pain and suffering. You need to learn to control your emotions like I had to and it starts by not letting yourself be around anything you know will upset you. It was always hard for me as well in that if I watched the news and I knew what they were saying was a lie it would hurt even more. Ever since I was a child I would get ‘extra’ visions off the news and it would damn near kill me. So my family had to start controlling what I watch. I can’t watch certain commercials, hear certain songs, watch certain channels because any thing I see that is based on pure human emotion evokes a strong reaction in me. Even now at 41 my husband, siblings, nieces and nephews have to tell me to avoid a certain movie or TV show. The pain you feel as well when you realize someone you loved or respected doesn’t love or respect you back the same way as they should is nothing short of heart breaking. I’m not talking about boyfriends or anything but friends and family. I had to talk away from certain family and friends because they just did me too much emotional harm and Spirit said to me ‘Your not expected to love your family just respect them for who they are’ and if that means I have to respect the fact they don’t love me on the same level as I love them then so be it. But for what was the best interests of me I had to remove myself emotionally. You do have to guard your emotions as an Empath. It sounds harsh but in order to heal from the hurt of the past you have to protect your future. Your mental and emotional stability is more important than anyone else.
    It sounds like you have clear goals out of what you want and I think it’s wonderful to hear someone KNOW what their Spirit wants. I always knew I wanted to help people too, I knew it wouldn’t be in New Zealand and actually feel drawn to America and I was told by Spirit it would happen in my 40’s. So that will be exciting. I just need to wait for the Cleansing to end first. Follow your heart. Your suffering from your past sounds like it is going to be used in a positive way and I am truly so sorry you had such a horrible time of it that you wanted to end your life. I wish I had known you then. Just remember, your goals are your own and no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do but you. Live for you and if that means living to help others then Spirit will make sure you do and have whatever you need to make it possible because the life of a Path Walker is ALWAYS taken care of. Given what they need to get the job at hand one.
    I feel really proud of you.
    Also I don’t think Dee meant anything negative by her comment I just think she was questioning the possibilities and dangers of Imprinting. But her concerns have merit. It is a dangerous thing to do for people who don’t have the right level of Spiritual understanding. However, thank you for raising the question in my post. I LOVE it when people open up the forum to new and informative conversation.

    • I understand the need to help others, but I know a lot of people, myself included, have no talent in spirits and probably shouldn’t get involved. Yet, I’m still curious about them, and unlike some people I keep an open mind. Thinking what if they are real. Some people don’t even want to think that. Just like a bunch of people would of told Maiya off for her religious belief. I however, wouldn’t do that. I want to keep an open mind and hear other peoples opinion and what they think. I think I might learn a lot from people like that and so far that’s been true. I like your belief Maiya, It’s like you made a belief where almost everyones belief can be possible. I hope that your belief spreads through the world so everyone can open there mind one day and people learn to just accept each other. Besides that, you have a point Maiya. It would be nice to help the spirits if we are able, but I wonder if there is a way for no-talents to help in their own special way without getting to hurt or involved.

      • Dee I belief if your willing, there’s always a way! I wish I had know you earlier in my life too. Xp You wouldn’t believe how hard I tried to get help from anyone. I couldn’t talk to my friends or family, so I tried to find spiritual help from physics a few years back. But it always costed money, or you needed a credit card. Of course I didn’t care, cause I knew I REALLY needed help. I finally did find one physic who I gave money to by checks, but it was like she was stalling trying to get more money. The only things they told me were you have a turning point coming up in your life on this day of the month, or you have negative influences in your life. You need this thingy a bob ritual, book, or magical item to help you. (I’m not sure what the ritual was called. I’ve long forgotten…) Something to do with my grandmas that I was living with. (I’m not really sure) If I was lucky I could get free readings, but the serious stuff you needed to pay up and it really didn’t seem fair. If I was a talented physic I would help those in need and not charge them, unless I had no choice. I would also help the younger people. I don’t get why you have to be 18 and up for physic stuff. To me physics are meant to guide people, to help people and spirits retch their goal or in spirit’s case help them move along. The people who need our guidance the most are defiantly spirits and children to young adults. Mostly because children and young adults are trying to find their way in the world, they are trying to find their purpose, their life goal, and trying to figure out who they are. So, I was angry back then when no one could help me. I gave up on them, and did the best I could to solve my own problems to my best abilities. When I look back on that experience. I wonder if it was for the best. I wonder that instead of letting someone telling what I should do, that finding my own path was really all that I truly needed. Even if I was very confused about what path, what to do, and how to get there. But, I’m kind of glad too. I now understand I need to fulfill Spirit’s purpose, and take a path that makes me happy. Even if it’s selfish, it’ll be nice to finally do something for myself instead of everyone else. So I won’t give up on my goals or purpose. Not ever! <3 Also I remember watching politics and how it seemed like Mitt was the bad guy and Obama was the good guy. I cried just thinking about who Mitt being president would destroy my life. (just from what I heard of course) I thought I was going to lose my scholarship not be able to finish college, women who are dieing wouldn't be able to get abortion and they die. It made me cry and it hurt me for awhile, but a friend of mine made me feel better. He's the reason I've made it this far. 😀 He told me where he lives (Malaysia) it was like Mitt had one, and then I was okay with the election for Mitt verse Obama, cuz I thought if he could survive that and be okay. I could do it! It really gave me hope. My friend in Malaysia is the greatest. I want to see him and repay him for his kindness. So, I haven't been completely alone. But it has been hard. I'm sure that there be a rainbow in the end and I can't wait for it. But, thank you for your words of wisdom and kindness. I'm glad to have you to talk to as well. Especially since my friend has been so busy. So, thank you. And thank you Dee for being open minded. You both rock. 😀

  7. But i have read about succubuss and incubuss in the google and many paranormal activists claim that spirits come to sex with any sleeping individual is this true??
    In yahoo i saw some catholics saying that in dream if spirits come as your relative then its the work of Satan playing trick..or Satan will posseas you soon..I want to knw your views debbie!!so what is Satan??that means there is dark or evil spirits too?? How spirits become evil or dark what they want from human ??

    • Well as someone who was raised Catholic and with a Psychic gift all I can say is Bollocks. The Catholic faith doesn’t want people to be using their Psychic gifts because it will encourage those with the gift to find answers and get their own faith, thus moving away from the church and leaving them billions out of pocket. If everyone found a faith instead of religion the church would be shut down over night.
      Satan doesn’t exist, demons aren’t real.Succubi and Incubi are manifestations of our own imaginations just like the demons and poltergeists. Spirit have NO physical form, they are no more physical than Air and Thought. Why would they want sex when they have no desires? It annoys me how people have to go to that seedy place in the Paranormal like those who claim Aliens do sexual experiments on them. It demeans them and makes us look like idiots. Don’t listen Garima, it’s utter nonsense.

  8. No I am not interested in their reasoning so i asked you.Even some quote frim Bible that Jesus said so and so all spirits will be doomed..Becoz I m not well versed in Bible so I preferred to ask you..

    • Well there is no scientific proof Jesus even existed. They know down to the grains the food we ate through analysis of our teeth and stuff what our diet was as a Stone Age species but no proof this man who changed the modern world ever existed. So you did the right thing. As a former Catholic I spent the first 16 years of my life studying Jesus and God. And Jesus is no more a real man Than Puss Wears Boots lol Your a good girl Garima. Your following your heart and finding the answers to your questions. Thats what I call Finding Your Faith. That’s all Spirit ask. And your Marching to the Beat of your own drum. That takes a lot of guts. Especially in India.

  9. I love everything u have to say, this is the longest I’ve ever sat down to read anything on the internet. Its the same way I think and its just crazy.

    • Well then you followed your compass to find me and it helped you evolve so well done you. I hope it is helping you understand the things we have been fed the fear to be afraid of truth.
      But this Blog is Honesty and Truth, Truth is always Light, which is why it’s called ‘enlightenment’
      You should be proud of yourself. Anyone who can sit through all my shyte has my immediate respect.
      I live to serve, and am humbled by your gratitude but at least I know it means I’m doing something good right? lol
      You’ve made my month. But don’t give me the credit. It was all you.
      The drive to learn is strong in you. Sounds like the markings of a Path Walker.
      Cross over to the path and change your life.
      It will be your greatest ever achievement and reward bar none.
      Love and Light

  10. I am really enjoying learning from this site, feels genuine, honest, and trustworthy, very insightful, and eye opening, thank you spiritchild, for sharing your experiences and early gained wisdom! X (I have donated! ha!)

  11. Mmmm. I dont know what gift you have but you are wrong. You may be sensitive but you are no medium. I do t have enough time right now to tell you how much work you need to do, at last to understand better.
    Best wishes