The difference between Satanists and Devil Worship.

I say this in my blog about Satanists and I will rant to you again. Having just had this article brought to my attention by my husband. What really pisses me off about all of this is people think Satanists are devil worshiping, blood letting, murdering sexual deviants. People need to learn the difference between a Satanist and a Devil Worshiper.

As it seems to confuse a lot of the people who claim to practice it themselves including my Spiritual nemesis Alistair Crowley. A Satanist believes he (Satan) was the 13th Angel who was thrown out of heaven because he loved himself more than God, he was vain and self-indulgent. Therefore a Satanist self indulges in all things that bring him or her pleasure. They are sexually driven and use Satanism (like witch craft) to get powers of position, fame, money etc…it is all me me me me me with a Satanist. The blood they let is their own. They give of themselves to get for themselves. They do not worship the devil, they live like him. Everybody knows any image of the Devil is that he is dark, broody, sexual, well-groomed, toned and he offers your rewards for believing in him. It doesn’t mean they kill and harm for this gain as the Devil himself knows it is better to get servants by being giving and indulgent, to have people or animals killed will mean guilt sets in and so does heaven which causes him too much of a headache. Satan in the biblical sense doesn’t want people to die for him, he wants people to worship him and live for him and by him intern making him a God. Then he hopes enough people will believe in him and he will be more powerful than God but even he knows at the point of death Spirit or Heaven step in and he loses another soul so it isn’t in his best interests to have people or animals killed. He wants you to want him to get you want you need. If that makes sense.

Now you could argue that Satan became The Devil when he was thrown out of heaven but the truth is Satan came to earth, he didn’t go to what we know as Hell. Hence the saying ‘Hell on Earth’  The Devil is a concoction of what the bible calls Satan, Baphomet, Beelzebub etc….are. But he isn’t real. He or the idea of him is made up to scare people into thinking if you go against the church will you go to hell. But lets face it, if you know anything about the history of mankind, we should have changed the name to Mancruel. There is nothing that can be done to us in hell that we haven’t been doing to each other for thousands of years and we don’t even stop at each other, we destroy animals and trees and our oceans too. We are selfish and greedy and hateful on this planet, and we the innocent, the kind, the loving are getting sacrificed to these demons. This is hell, on earth.

Now as someone who was raised a catholic I spent my entire childhood terrified at doing anything wrong for fear of going to hell but by the age of 12 I started to ask my priest too many questions about my faith ie ‘If Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on earth and they had Kain and Able, who took two wives where did the wives come from? Did they marry their own sisters’? Also ‘If living in sin was bad and they had a baby out-of-wedlock why does god call it the miracle of childbirth if the baby is born of sin’? I got told off and told I was too young to be asking such questions. It made me want to ask more. My Mum loved it because she loved to discuss religion and she never once made me feel bad for going away from the church. The deal in my family was and is in my own family now ‘You follow my faith until your 16 and if you decide it isn’t for you your free to find your own faith’ The last time I saw my Mum before she died I asked her if she ever got disappointed in me for leaving the church and she said ‘No, because ironically you’ve turned out the most Spiritual’ See my Mum had what was supposed to be terminal cervical cancer when she was pregnant with me. I wasn’t supposed to survive and neither was my Mum.

But she lived for 32 years and eventually died of Kidney Failure secondary to Ovarian Cancer. But while Mum was having chemo and stuff I was Christened and having 6 other kids I guess Mum and Dad just never had the time to give me CCD or Sunday School. It was always this thing that hung over me, I couldn’t accept the blood of Christ or His Body because I never had Communion but only because Mum was so ill in and out of hospital. The church later offered a special dispensation for Mum to let me have it when I was 14 but by that point I was so far out of the church they probably would have feared I burst into flames if I stepped inside one lol I hated as well how Mum had to get permission from Rome to go on the pill so she wouldn’t have another baby because of cancer etc….she had to ask permission to protect her own life. Anyway I digress,
People like Crowley, LaVey and Ramirez were Devil Worshippers. They called themselves Satanists but honestly…….you can be in a group called The Church of Satan if you like but it doesn’t make you one. They killed, raped, had sex with and mutilated animals and killed children to gain power. They believe they do these things because it makes The Devil happy.

However I know for a fact that when these people start to die, they ask and beg for forgiveness because suddenly the game they were playing is over and if they were wrong and there is a heaven and hell they are in VERY big trouble so they do a deal with Spirit. I know one of the men who killed Kennedy did, also people like Idi Armin, Pol Pot, Ted Bundy all asked to be blessed by Spirit before they died. Because they were terrified of their actions in life coming to get them in the after life. I don’t imagine any of them have been reborn yet. You can play as many games as you like when your alive but at some point when your taking your last few breaths on earth we all start to think about what happens to us when we die. My husband said my article reminded him of the saying ‘There are no atheists in the trenches’ Which is absolutely true.

I have also gotten this from people who are actually dying in front of me too and sadly I’ve had too many conversations with dying people. One lady who was the sister of a client of mine was terrified of what was waiting for her because she had believed she had been living a lie all her working life and was scared of what would happen to her when she died. She was terminal and only had days left. I had to talk her through her own death to reassure her she wasn’t going to a bad place. Her lie had the best of intentions
But what drives me mad is that people always confuse the two, even those who practice is. I’m tired of people thinking it is fashionable, like Jay-Z and Peaches Geldof, Jane Mansfield, etc….they think it’s fun and sexy and while it does give you fame and power and money isn’t it better you get rich and famous off your own talents than to borrow it? Although it does prove my belief in if you want something bad enough you can manifest your own reality.

They just go about it the hard way. Besides which most Satanists or Illuminati or Devil Worshipers don’t usually die a peaceful death. Their deaths are usually tragic or lonely. In my opinion the two worst ways to die. Especially coming from my culture where a dying Maori spends their last days surrounded by loved ones right through till they are laid to rest, they are NEVER left alone, someone always stays with them while the others feed and shower etc…. Alistair Crowely (ya know I spoke about doing battle with him at Boleskin Cemetery) had all this power and control over some very famous people and he did it all because he was so angry at God for taking his precious and beloved Father. He would have died and seen his precious father for a fleeting minute before he was taken to the lowest step on the ladder. He could have had an eternity with his father but instead he got separated from him and everything he did in life haunted him in death.

People get involved in this stuff but do they truly understand what they are doing? Because if they knew what was waiting them on the other side, they might think twice. Even Devil Worshipers believe in an after life. What you do in this realm follows you to the next. Everything has a positive and negative in this life. I am a White Lighter and my antithesis is a Satanist. Where there is light there is dark. We need both to even things out. Even the Sun has the Moon.

But I really do wish people would educate themselves before following such things. They mean different things to different people. Like when I think of Goths I think of The Race of Germans who invented modern agriculture and were the only people ever to conquer the Romans. They became known then as Visigoths lol The Gothic Women would set up camp by their men’s battle field so they could tend to the wounded and feed them and care for them. Where as most women were left at home. They often followed the men into battle too. They would dress as men, much like the Scottish Women and go and fight if their husbands were too wounded to fight themselves. They had the most amazing philosophies. And even though they were beaten to victory by the Hun, The Hun were so impressed by their fighting skills they asked them to join them, they became Ostrogoths.

But what do you think of when you see the word Goth written down? Black trench coats, black vampire style clothing, moody dark make up and angst. That’s another thing that pisses me off, why do they wear black all the time? Black wasn’t even used in clothing until the Victorian era.

I am in no way putting anyone down for their beliefs. You are free to choose to be what you want to be. All I ask is you do the research before you be it. Know what it is your being before your being it. Don’t just follow what others are doing. maybe even start your own trend. Although I don’t recommend being a Devil Worshiper. Killing in the name of religion or faith is wrong on any level and the sins of this world always follow you to the next so death isn’t even the end of your punishment.

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  1. A few questions
    1. Satanist Being that they believe in the falling Angels, heaven vs.Hell etc.. Does that mean they believe in the holy bible, where those things are addressed?

    2. So what is your conclusion now after being told for so long “having a baby out of wed lock is a sin” ?

    3. These terrible beings whom tried to make a deal with spirits during their last days…What do spirits do/say ? what are the outcomes after they “beg for forgiveness”

    4. Are you referring to the Illuminati when you speak of borrowed fame & talent..? So is that real? With today’s entertainment market how could we tell?

    • Well yes, they do believe in the Bible, most of them came from very religious backgrounds. At least the ones I knew. But you have to look at a Satanist not as being OF the Devil, but living LIKE the Devil. If you look at it in the Biblical sense the 13th Angel ie the Devil was kicked out of heaven for being vain, selfish, self indulgent, jealous etc…a modern day Satanist is someone who lives for luxury, sexual joy they live to be the best. All the Satanists I spoke to said it was about not being told how to be, they wanted to feel good without guilt and were tired of being told everything they did was evil or bad. They do NOT do sacrifices, the will do rituals but not sacrifices. If they do sacrifices they are Devil Worshipers which is a whole different ball game. You wouldn’t even know a Satanist if you passed them in the street until they were doing some ritualistic. They aren’t good, nor evil. The ones I knew had really important or high positioned jobs. Devil Worshipers however go out of their way to be the antithesis of all a good Christian is.

      Having a ay out of wedlock? If a couple love each other, if the baby was born into love and is loved in life, then the Almighty doesn’t care. He trusts us with his most precious creations and he only takes issue with it if we don’t love that child the way he does. It doesn’t matter the colour, sex or martial status of the parent/parents, it is what they are as parents that matters most. A single parent who gets no support from the other parent who works hard to provide the best life they can for their loved child/children is going to get more love and respect from the Big Guy than a wealthy married couple of are too busy to even look at their children, or these women who treat their kids like fashion accessories

      End of Days: Well I think I will answer this in a way you’ll understand better. As I understand it Heaven as you know it to be, turns no one away. NO ONE, not even the Hitlers of the world. BUT!!! They aren’t allowed into the kingdom of heaven without first knowing the suffering and pain they caused on earth. The best way to describe it is if you imagine a ladder and the top of the ladder is Heaven and the bottom rung of the ladder is what you would know as hell but it’s not what you think it is. It’s not hell fire and brimstone. It is where your stuck reliving all your hurt, all the suffering you caused in life, you are made to feel it 1000 times greater. So you will learn your lessons. As you learn your lessons your allowed up the rung. There was a former gangster who died and went to this bottom rung and lived to tell about it and he said he felt like he had been at the bottom rung for about 1000 years, but he had only been clinically dead for 2 minutes. He said while he was living his torture and pain that he had caused he knew love was watching. He knew he was being ‘Looked after by Love’. That some how he knew he wasn’t in danger because love was protecting him. He was essentially put on a really harsh naughty step by his parent who loved him so much. When he came too, and realized what had happened, he knew he had to do something with his new education and he changed his life around and went on to give his time and money to helping others. Now Christians would say he was ‘Saved’ but I would say ‘He was saved because he was going off his true path which was to help these people he needed to look after, so they gave him a reminder of his purpose’. As I keep saying, we have a destiny but how we get there is up to us. It all has the same outcome but had he not of had that experience when he did, he may have missed the point of why he was to do what he was to do. This way it insured he got the message. Like a Bank that constantly reminds you every month you owe them money.

      Illuminati: Yes, absolutely. They are very real. Any Disney toy like Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Lohan, Britney, Amanda Bynes, are the victims of the Illuminati, given fame at a young age they then tried to sacrifice. The say the 27 Club is ALL victims of the Illuminati because they make more money from them dead than alive, it is some ritualistic thing. Brittany Murphy and that Aussie Actor, I can’t remember his name, they were victims too. BUT thee most famous New World Order Princes and Princesses are Jay-Z and Beyonce (you only have to watch their videos), Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Ga-Ga is HUGE Illuminati (her videos are full of symbols) it is rumoured Eminem was one but got out, thanks to Dr Dre, Mos Def they destroyed for being Anti NWO, Wesley Snipes they destroyed with a law that doesn’t even exist (there is no law in the land that say you HAVE to pay tax), Lauren Hill, they destroyed for the same reason. There are 5 companies that control the entire world and the people in it. If you go to and check out The Vigilant Citizen. They can explain things better. The wordpress guy is a very dear friend of ours. He’s a really clever, lovely guy who documents all my predictions and explores them and my theories. The Royal Family (any Royal Family) and Catholic Church and Disney are three of the biggest organizations who are NWO. This is how all the wives and husbands or Royals and your Presidents are genetically traced back to a Royal, because they don’t marry outside their own gene pool. We are just cash cows to them. Their game plan is to wipe most of us out with things like Vaccines, Cancer, Genetically Modified foods, toxins etc…and those who have been fit enough to survive are allowed to serve them. It sounds completely insane. When I was told these things by Spirit, when I was a teenager I thought I was crazy then I started seeing others with the same beliefs and now there is stuff coming out that cannot be denied. 9/11 was an inside job, there is no denying that. They needed an excuse to get into Iraq to get the oil. Afghanistan for protection of the Poppy Fields. I personally know someone who was in both wars and they said they spent their whole time guarding Poppy Fields and Oil Fields. They are after Syria now. The Iranians aren’t dumb so they don’t fall for any of it. We can never run out of Oil, there is no such thing as Global Warming, Vaccines aren’t safe and oh I could go on for hours. But check out those two websites. They can explain better. It is a lot to take in, but if you have any questions, just ask Andy, (the orwellwasright guy, he is really lovely and only too happy to answer questions and I will tell him to expect you in case you do and he backs his claims up with evidence. I am really proud of you because your doing the one thing Spirit wants us to do. Your doing the research. Whether you go back to your religious beliefs or not your educating yourself in alternative views. You can say you had a look and it wasn’t for you, or you find actually this makes more sense than what I knew to be so I shall continue to inform myself, but either way your educating yourself. And as I keep saying ‘Learning is knowledge, Knowledge is Wisdom and Wisdom is Power and no one has more power to control your life than you.
      As always, I’m here if you need me.
      Sorry I forgot your question about the Homeless and Unloved: Yes they will have loved ones on the other side but if someone was ill, or mentally unfit, or died with great sadness, anything that leaves a mark on the Spirit they are taken by their Elders and healed. It is also the reason why we leave our bodies seconds before we die, because if we died in a less than nice way, like if we had trauma in our death or emotional upset like suicide, it would leave our souls imprinted and we couldn’t be reborn into a new life without bringing some of our old life with us. Some people as you know have lives tragic, horrible lives, some people have also died in some tragic and horrible ways, so while it is our loved ones who stand at the foot of us and welcome us to them, it is our Spirit Elders who take us for healing.
      P.S I have told my pal Andy ( to expect you, he said he is happy to help you any way he can. I’ve not mentioned anything personal, just that you were looking at what is out there. Feel free to ask him anything, he really is a very intelligent guy who puts fact with claims etc…he backs everything up. Quite frankly he is one of the smartest guys I know.

    • THE DIFFERANCE The differance is pretty big. In Satanism you are your own “god”, and when you worship the Devil, you worship him or herself as the highest force, as a god. Also, Satan in Satanism is pre-christian, and comes from the Pagan image of power, sexuality, sensuality, and virility. To most Satanists, Satan is a force of nature, not a god. It has nothing to do with Hell and evil, unlike the Satan that is worshipped. Devil worshippers build their beliefs on the Christian beliefs, because they worship the evil Satan, ruler of Hell, the Devil in the bible. To Satanists there is no God, no heaven, no Devil, and no Hell. The only God there is, is themselves. If they do believe in another God, it’s one of their own personal creations. There is also a differance when it comes to ceremonies. Devil worshippers hold their ceremonies with the purpose to gain power from the devilhimself, and they make sacrifices. Sometimes it is their own blood or the blood of an animal or sometimes much worse. Satanists on the other hand hold their ceremonies with the purpose to build an emotional, controlled energy, also known as magic. People often confuse Devil worshippers and Satanists, and that’s one major reason to why the Satanists have to put up with alot of crap that they don’t really deserve. Some people call themselves Satanists and go around cutting themselves with razorblades and knives, dying their hair black, only wearing black clothes, and just simply try to look as scary as possible. The truth is, that they have often missed the whole meaning of Satanism. Satanism isn’t about being scary, it’s about believing in yourself, and not oppress the instincts you were born with. So please don’t be frightened. Blessed Be!

      • Well said RobX. Very nicely put. It’s so hard trying to get people to understand that they are two very different practices. Satanists get a bad wrap. They live with the belief of ‘self’. Hedonist. But not in a bad way. They surround themselves with beautiful things but it’s not like they don’t work hard for it.
        Satanists do get treated badly because uneducated people assume because Satan is in the name it means something abhorrent and scary and to be honest I’ve yet to meet one I haven’t liked. Satanists are very smart and intelligent people who work hard to live a life like Satan. Who was a fallen Angel. But he was kicked out for being vein and self absorbed and self indulgent. He wanted to party and have fun with only the best food, clothes, sex etc….but unlike Devil Worship they don’t involve innocent people and unwilling participants.
        Any blood rituals are by people who offer up the blood.
        It’s the same with any religion though.
        You get your intelligent, honest, selfless people who do what they do for the love of their God, planet and fellow man and then you get those who in the name of their God blow up abortion clinics and lynch people for not being like them.
        I’ve never met a Satanist or even read about one where an innocent was even hurt let alone killed. Yet every day I read about thousands who die every year in the name of God, or Jesus. Because of course we all know God wants you killing someone who aborts a baby who was the result of incestuous rape. Lol When God said Not in my name. He meant it.
        It’s people with very low IQs who don’t know the difference and Devil Worshippers have a belief that they will be rewarded for their loyalty and they will as you say gain the same powers.
        But I’m so tired of people who don’t know the difference abusing me because I do. But as I said before it’s the uneducated who shout and lynch first before asking questions lol
        Thank you so much for your eloquent clarification. I welcome all points of view in the form of intelligent conversation. You will have educated a lot of people with your comment so Thank you so much.
        Love and Light

  2. Actually you need to get your facts straight. I was defending Satanist because they are misrepresented. I don’t believe in God and I’m not Christian. I don’t believe in Religion or anything biblical anyone who reads my words know this. That’s ignorant and sorry but Satanist can use blood as an offering but it has to be offered to them or their own. Usually by pricking a finger. Any sad pathetic person like Crowley and La Vey make me laugh because they spent decades trying to get powers I use in my sleep. I don’t believe in Demons or The Devil. One of my ex’s was a Satanist and he was a far greater person than any of those well I can’t call them men really. So before you come in here with your pathetic threats know who your threatening. My light outshines you and pathetic devil worshippers. And they were Devil Worshippers with their stupid Goats Head Hats lol You can’t scare a Person of light with that drivel. Go away and bully someone else. If you come back I will report you. I welcome open discussion with anyone but when you come in here and try to bully peoples belief system then I get mad. A Satanist doesn’t give a fuck about what others believe. They’re usually highly intelligent people with incredible jobs. They are about The Self so what do you care what we in here believe? Your obviously a Devil Worshipper. Everything I said was from first hand sources so don’t you dare come in here giving out muscle to me and my readers.
    Get a life and leave ours alone.
    You have no power over me or my followers.

    • mother can you please explain to me…If Iam a satanist and singing Gospel music with Jesus Name is it a folt or A mistake,,Then in A satanic religion what can I expect money,Fame ect.or it goes of your dedication and hard work? or everything comes as easy as A.B.C?and one last more being A satanist does it mean being in A path of success? ?pleas respond…


      • Hello Sweetheart,
        If your a Satanist who sings Gospel music your not a mistake or have faults, it’ prove God has a sense of humor lol Be who you were born to be. Follow your heart and be true to it. As long as your not hurting anyone or anything, or causing loss or harm to anyone or any thing then you do what makes you happy.
        My friend who is the Satanist said it’s about getting what YOU want in your life that makes you feel good. He dresses in thee most incredible hand tailored suits and has a gorgeous car. He only drinks the best Whiskey and the Nicest Beers, everything he does is about luxury. He told me to tell you ‘it’s choosing to reward yourself in this life instead of waiting for the next. surrounding yourself with luxury and working hard to enjoy the pleasures now instead of waiting till you die.’
        It’s not a blood letting, animal sacrifice thing with Satanists. My friend D, only uses small amounts of his own blood but sometimes girlfriends will offer blood etc…but he said in this day and age no one really uses blood now instead choosing fake blood because of diseases and stuff but when he first started 30 years ago it was your blood or your lovers. But it’s symbolic now. He said Satanists of his day wouldn’t dream of doing some of the things young inexperienced Satanists would do. He said we don’t break laws, or hurt people, we don’t want to hurt anyone. We just want to surround ourselves with beauty and luxury and in fact there are a few famous Satanists known for their generosity. IE Sammy David Jnr, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Manson, Liberace, all famous Satanists. Mae West was rumoured to be one too. But I don’t know how true that is.
        And yes if you want something bad enough you can manifest it into existence. The rules are, you never take more than you’ve earned and try not to take more than you need. Make sure it’s things you really need to be happy, otherwise your just being greedy and Spirit will more than likely step in to pull back on the reigns a bit lol It’s all about balance.
        But I can tell you from first hand experience that the Quantum Effect does work. I’ve used it on many occasions to manifest things into my life. My babies, my husband, his jobs, etc…I got every single one within 3 months, a couple of things within weeks. But being a Satanist doesn’t guarantee success, and money etc…you have to be quite selfish because it’s all about YOU and what YOU want where as being Spiritual is about the sacrificing of ones self to help others. I personally think the rewards of being Spiritual are far greater and better than that of my Satanist friend because while I have to work harder, he’s constantly having to work harder to make more money because his fashions need updating, so does his car which he changes at least one a year. If something totally luxurious comes out he HAS to have it but he doesn’t always have the cash so he stresses a LOT. Plus he has a lot of issues with the friends who hang around to get his hand me downs. He said I’m the only friend he has who has never asked for anything and actually buy him gifts as opposed to these friends. Most of which were from when he was a good little Irish Catholic boy. lol
        Life is what you make of it Baby, be it Spiritual or Satanist. It just depends on what you want and how hard your willing to work for it.
        Love and Light Sweet Pea

  3. thanks a lot Master you really educating us like really’ We are a group of four and we are satanist and does go to church pray as others bt spend time in doing rituals and satanic prayers ,we where confused earlier, bt now we are able to stand still and do what has to be done the right way,stop listening and following foolishness bt focus on nothing bt the better.. I really love the wisdom in you and education you have for us as still learning and growing. I wish we could have a link with you to talk instantly at times when I come across challenges where guidance is needed something like watsup,e-mail or jst anything.

    earlier I was look at the article of Freemason,I just need to be sure about this masonry there intention and capabilities are they religious and real or they are jst as illuminaty, in short we would love if you organise the article of and about the masonic/freemason.where you will educate us more about this hidden secret societies,there should be no secrets.

    You know we love you and we do follow your articles as you are like our mentor or leader when ever we see your article we read, listen and follow your path and your way,thank you so much and never stop doing what you doing is perfect and we appreciate the good work you doing jst keep up.

    • I’m so sorry but the Feds are already on my case listening to my calls and stuff.
      What I will say is Masons are Devil Worshipers. A practice I will never condone. Satanism is about pleasure and self. No blood letting or harm to living souls. Masons and their fools on the other hand will drown in the blood of their victims and suffer a fate worse than death both here and in the after light.
      I am of the light. They, the dark. They fear me but dead or alive I have power. Please know who your loyalties are with.
      Mine is with The Highest. The Conscious Light. The Universal One. My God. I master no one but my gift and my only master is my Creator. The Highest of High. It is for Love and Light only that I am.
      I wish you love and light on your journey though. I am of the practice of ‘To each his own’. As long as it doesn’t hurt or harm or cause loss to a living soul you can fill your boots.


    • Something else I want to say. Satanists don’t get others not of the faith involved. They clean up their rituals and stuff so it doesn’t affect those outside of the chapter. Devil Worshippers don’t care who they hurt if it helps them. You gain nothing in the next life as hell doesn’t exist. Purgatory does and it’s traumatic for even hardened criminals because once they die they are of love and light. Reliving their sins is painful and emotionally traumatic for any one let alone a being of pure love and light.
      Don’t do anything today you’ll regret in the after life. Taking a life for gain or wealth, power or fame is the biggest sin of all. You can have what you want as long it is about thy self. Satanists don’t do anything other than self. They don’t involve others without permission. Please know the difference. Xox

  4. I am a Christian and this helped so much differenciate between satanises and what I can now label the worst religion or cult as being devil worshippers.
    I don’t think satanism is a bad thing to be perfectly honest. It’s a good different perspective. I knew there was a huge difference between Anton Levay and Crowley. One appears harmless, the other is harmful