Never Ignore the Signs of Communication (revised)

People always say to me ‘Oh your so lucky, I wish I could do what you do’ and it always makes me laugh because people always assume I get the lovely premonitions, the pleasant Spirits, and the lottery numbers.

The truth of the matter is Spirit communicate to everyone all the time but most people are usually too busy to notice.

The thing is you don’t want to do is ignore the signs because when it comes to Spirit, they are as subtle as a brick if they need to get something across to you. This is why people mistake being scratched and pushed as something dark and negative. 99.9% of all Spirits are just trying to get recognized and don’t realize their own strength of energy when they do manage to get across to someone.

In all honesty, they don’t want to hurt you, they can’t physically touch you, they can only project their energy onto yours to make you feel like you can be touched. It takes more energy to be a negative Spirit than it does to be a positive one. So in most stories of TRUE negative Spirit cases, your batteries will drain, they drain YOU, no lights will work, no TV or radio will function because they need that much energy. Besides which most cases of negative energy come with a level of positive protection.

Our ancestors and Spirit Elders would never allow anything to get too close to us. And so many poor misunderstood Spirits get blamed for being over zealous in their approach as being negative.

As I always say ‘You’ll know when it is a dark Spirit because the fear is so intense you feel like your going to die’.

Children and animals are the best judge of whether a Spirit is of positive or negative persuasion or not. If they are constantly sick for no reason, can’t sleep, can’t eat, restless, scream or growl at certain rooms etc…refuse to enter a home etc…then you know it is something to worry about. But if your hair goes up on your arms or back of your neck it is not a sign of negative energy. I explain it like this.

Our hair standing up on end and the goosebumps is like our alarm system. Remember I said if you imagine we are like a house and Your God whoever they are owns the house, and our Spirit Elders are our butler (you may call them Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, they are all the same thing) and our Elders are our cook, cleaner etc…well we also come with a built-in alarm system that lets us know if something or someone is trying to gain illegal entry lol

Our hair stands on end, we get goosebumps, our mouths get dry, our heart beats faster, our pulse races, we get jumpy and jittery. But it doesn’t mean it’s anything negative trying to get in, it just means SOMETHING is near.

Then what happens is we become alert and aware of something and it automatically closes us down to prevent anything coming too close. By which I mean it shuts our relaxed energy down to prevent negative and positive Spirits from making contact we don’t want.

Most Spirit or Ghost encounters don’t come when we sit watching to see if the door will move with the camera ready to catch it but rather when we are going about our business. The saying goes ‘A Watched Pot Never Boil’s the same is said of  ‘A watched Ghost Never Performs’ so to speak lol and I’m sorry for using the term Ghost, it is rude and disrespectful of Spirit but they know I jest to make a point’

It really bothers me the way I see some investigators act when on an investigation. There is too much work done where they concentrate on the gadgets that can cost way too much money, there is a lot of talking and discussion and not enough paying attention.

You don’t need to do investigations at night, it makes no difference. If the place is haunted, it is haunted during the day and the night.

Investigations just seem to be best done at night because it is quieter. But with a lot of these gadgets can hinder the investigation. You really don’t need half the stuff they use today. EMF detectors for one. Yes they pick up on electrical frequencies but to be honest, even in buildings with no electricity, there is magnetic frequencies in everything because of the sun and because time is gravity based our planet is extremely magnetic and I feel magnetic energy around me.

If your good at investigating you don’t need them or anything else that lets you know they are there. If there are reports of activity it should be enough. You have to be logical and be sensible. Don’t put everything down to Spirit and don’t dismiss the small stuff. You need to pay attention to your surroundings because Spirit will try to come to you through many ways. From Loved ones to trapped Spirits, they have many ways of coming through.

Here are some ways you can tell Spirit are trying to communicate.

Apart from the obvious hair standing on end, goosebumps etc…they may play a song on the radio that reminds you of them, a commercial, a movie. It will usually be obscure or one that isn’t played often but has meaning to you.

You will feel cold or warm but down in your soul. It is more than a breeze, it touches the very core of you and you may find yourself wondering ‘who could that be’.

If ever you have felt an unexplained breeze and thought ‘That’s odd, I wonder what that was’ That it Spirit.

A photo or memento might come from nowhere. They LOVE the what I call ‘Look what you found’ game. So if something appears from no where and is out of place then that is Spirit too.

You might feel something touch you, it either feels like cobwebs or actual fingers. You’ll know because it stays with you for a long time after it happens. Nausea is a common one for me. Smells, and sounds. Often you might hear a cry, laugh, or your name being called.

It can be thoughts said out loud or in your head. Mostly in your voice but not always.

Objects will get moved. (They can’t physically touch them but if they build up enough energy they can make it move by thought aka telekinetics )

You may wake up feeling like someone is in your room and for no reason you’ll start thinking about the person. It can make you feel unsettled. Not frightened but almost,……like your soul can’t rest because it’s on guard. In that case if you acknowledge the Spirit they are happy to leave you be then.

But this is the trouble. They don’t get acknowledged so they have to become more drastic in their communications and this can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings.

In any case you need to calm yourself down and think logically. If you’ve been touched or scratched or pushed. Do as you would if it was any person doing it. Tell them off. Tell them it isn’t acceptable and you won’t tolerate any form of physical touch. Or do what I do, swear, apologies and then ask them what they want lol 9 times out of 10 they just want you to know they are there. They are happy with just being recognized. But please always remember this Spirit once was like you. Living, breathing, loved, nurtured, this was someones child, wife, daughter, husband etc…this will some day be you and your loved ones. Always remember that. Respect always. Someone might very well still be grieving for them. Respect ALWAYS.

Pushed and Scratched could mean many things like ‘This is how I died?’ or ‘this is how I was treated’ or ‘Hey you, I know you can hear me, listen to me’ (over use of energy and Boom you have a mark because they over shot the runway lol)

It can be very useful having a good relationship with your Spirits and Resident Spirits because they will protect you and your home. It may be that all they need is for you to know they were a good person as maybe in life they were deemed to be mean or nasty. It may be that they want you to know their name. Help find their family, let you know they are okay etc…but one thing that is clear with all my 43 years and ancestral knowledge of Spirit is, if you don’t acknowledge them they will only get worse. They can bug you for a long time if you don’t acknowledge them.

I did a reading for a client in Liverpool who didn’t recognize a Spirit who came through and he hounded me for 2 months before she finally remembered who he was. He said he had a long name but was known by a short name, like James to Jim, Anthony to Tony, he made it very clear to her that he could finally dance, I told her I could see wheels etc…..and it turns out after I got woken up every night and morning with his face staring at me and my clock getting thrown across rooms etc…that he made me ring her at 7am to go around there and I sat there for 3 hours making her remember him. It turns out he was only the wheelchair bound best friend of her daughter who had only passed away the year before. Her daughter used to dance with him in his wheelchair and he had told me he always wanted to dance with Laura and now he can. She felt so bad for not remembering him because Anthony otherwise known as Tone had been such a very special part of her family for many years. Once she finally acknowledged him, he left me alone.

So as with investigations and with you personally, the second you feel Spirit or even have a thought in your head that it could be Spirit, please acknowledge them because they aren’t subtle in getting their point across if you’re not listening.If your too afraid to want to open communications just tell them. They listen. They don’t want to hurt you. You just tell them ‘I acknowledge your communication but I’m not ready for this just now’ or if your okay with it you can say ‘I acknowledge your communication and accept it, Thank you, if you have a message for me I am ready to receive it, if you have a message to get out I am ready to receive it’ then they will let you know in their own way what they need to say. But like I say, for the most part they just need to know you know they are there.

I think the voice boxes are awesome but I’m wondering how much is true Spirit.

Knowing what I know about time manipulation and the power of conscious thought it has made me want to try out and test the theory that Voice boxes like Poltergeists and Seances/Ouija Boards etc…are a manifestation of our own desires for the communication with the dead..

I wish wish wish I could tell you EVERYTHING I know but people are starting to copy my work and twist the facts to suit their own insanity and this information is dangerous to the wrong person but if I told you everything I knew you would never fear death again and in fact I think you would celebrate it. But I need to protect you all from certain things and only my students are privy to this info but trust me when I say, ‘See death? it’s all an illusion’

The living are just the dead on holiday – Maurice de Maeterlinck (1862 – 1949)

Never have truer words been said. Probably THEE most apt description of death and Spirit I’ve ever heard.

We live our lives for such a short amount of time, and are Spirit for the rest. Life is just a holiday. Some are weekend breaks and some are world tours but ALL come with lessons and when it’s over we go home again and when we take our flight home they our loved ones in Spirit meet us in the airport holding huge signs saying ‘Welcome home’.

But we can still Skype and Email them. That’s what people like me are. We are the Skype and Gmail. But so can you be if you stop ignoring them.

‘Your perception of Spirit is always going to be much darker than the reality of them’ (me 2016)

We have been investigating Spirits for centuries quite successfully without a lot of this stuff they use nowadays.

Flour, water, sand, coal, bones, etc….Night or day, try it the old way. Quiet, respectfully and cameras at the ready. If you feel something odd, take a picture. Don’t go charging over with machines that light up and beep. The mere fact your going into their space with strange machinery can be intimidating for them.

This is why Most Haunted got so bad. They started introducing all sorts of ridiculous gadgets to communicate like Tesler Coils and Gongs and it’s quite insulting to the process of Spirit communication.

Nowadays it’s all about the latest gadget and the best this and the biggest that. Just cameras, digital recorders and patience would be fine.

That movement out the corner of your eye is them, that sudden urge to be happy or excited is them. That need to have a cry but you don’t know why, is them.

Take note of every emotion in your investigation. And please……please…….oh god please…..use a trusted Intuitive Clairvoyant. Not someone who comes with the title of Clarscentiaudiychic. Test them first.

Make sure they have a proven track record. Not just someone who carries smudge sticks and can ‘sense’ something. My cat can ‘sense’ something and he’s afraid of apples lol make sure they can take control of any situation in an investigation.

They should be able to run faster than the most frightened camera man too lol

Coz lets face it, if your in a room and someone says something in French in your ear when your half asleep your natural instinct is to leg it lol even for the Clairvoyant.

It gives you a bloody fright but this is why most Spirits talk to us in our own voices. It’s only if you build up a relationship that they will come through in their own voices, out loud for all to hear.

But if you take one like me, please choose someone who is relaxed and knows what they are doing. Any one like me worth half their salt wouldn’t tolerate Ouija or Seances. They are the Cocaine and Heroine of the Paranormal World, you just don’t go near them because they become addictive and once they have you all sorts of bad things happen and nothing good ever comes from it. They are not Spirit, never have been and never will be. They aren’t needed in an Investigation. And by Investigation I mean anything you do to try and capture Spirit Communication whether your a Society or a guy in your house.

I’ve gotten amazing stuff just by setting up a camera and leaving the building or going to bed. Just go about your business. If they want to communicate with you as with a reading, they will. They will show themselves to 10 people in a room of 1000 or to one person in a room by themselves. They aren’t performing clowns who jump through hoops just because your there. If they want to, they will.

That goes for loved ones as well. Spirit know what we can and can’t handle. Just when they do, be respectful, acknowledge them and move on. But if you can build up a level of trust with a resident Spirit, you have a level of protection and trust that you just can’t describe. Every time I leave my house I ask mine to protect my home or my family, cat etc…and I’ve gone away accidentally leaving my back door wide open.

I’ve had some quite horrible people be literally scared out of their clothing to leave my house because they were caught doing something by Spirit who made sure they left and never came back lol

And please remember ‘Never EVER ask a Spirit to follow you’. If you move house or leave somewhere even with the nicest most communicative of Spirits you don’t ask the Spirit to come with you or anything of the sort because not only would you be inviting them but unwanted things as well.

If your dealing with a child or lost soul like a murder victim existing in their own suffering the only thing to do is move them to the other side. It’s the only right thing to do. Imagine if you lost a younger loved one and you knew they never left the place they loved even in Spirit, Wouldn’t you want them to move on to peace and love? Plus You have to remember there is negative stuff just waiting for us to screw up so they can jump right in and cause trouble.

So as I say treat them like you would anyone else, Spirit are just us only dead. Don’t let them get away with anything you wouldn’t let a living person get away with but at the same time always respect them and acknowledge them because even the ones who are filled with love and light and want nothing more than to guide you can be as subtle as a sledge-hammer if you’re not listening.


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991 thoughts on “Never Ignore the Signs of Communication (revised)

  1. I’ve been being touched & my pets are being touched as well. I don’t know if it’s sexual but I’m being touched mostly vaginally & anally but all over my body as well & as I said, my female & male Chihuahuas are being touched the same way. With them, I can tell by their behavior…licking, trying to get away from something.
    Before it starts & during, my body temperature rises & I perspire profusely. I become extremely nauseous & exhausted. I also experience extreme fear, almost terrorized & I feel that, that’s what it wants me to feel. As a matter of fact, I’m being touched right at this moment.
    Also, my cat has changed & she’ll do things like suddenly attack my arms, hands or feet. She seems very stressed out & so do my dogs. My other cat refuses to come inside now & yet another cat ran away, which breaks my heart because I love all my pets. I also have two bunnies who are always freaking out & running away from something.

      • I’ve been having a outta body experience.. I truly don’t no what to do, or how to help

      • They’re normal Sweetheart, just relax and let your body mind and soul adjust to what has just happened. It’s a stepping out if physical time and it’s only scary because we are used to only doing it in our sleep. Are you ok? How do you feel?

    • last night i woke uo and thought i had a fire in the house there was a big puff of grey smoke i jamp out of bed lookong for flames but the fog or grey mist dissapeared. then my phone hooked onto the tv and started playing a youtube video. ive also been getting goosebumbs and a heavy feeling on my neck.

      • Sorry should of said the phone did that later on in the night it didnt all happen at the same time.

    • The same thing happens to me. Sometimes I feel a hand grab my butt or grab me somewhere (I don’t think vagina wise) but being grabbed somewhere like I feel a boyfriend or something would. And I always wondered if this was a regular occurrence for other people or. Like it doesn’t happen supper often but it can happen anywhere, at home, while I’m in the bathroom at school and I just wonder what it means

  2. My best friend past away a year ago she meant everything to me, she helped me through my abusive marriage. When she passed I “lost my self” went n a deep depression almost killed myself! Then I started to her her voice, her singing, she would change my radio station to the one she listened to and every song mafe me cry! One day out of no where tears started pouring from my eyes and I felt like someone was huging me, I knew it was her, it was like she hugged my soul after that day I felt stronger and finally managed to leave my husband! Now I don’t feel her as much but now and then she lets me know she’s still here! Always seems to be when I need her the most!

  3. There are many things I have been wondering about, I’ll start with the most current thing and go back further in the past..

    Yesterday, as I cuddled up in bed between the warm ,comfy sheets I suddenly felt very cold, I was shivering throughout my whole body, I was wondering what (& why it) happened (it has happened quite a few times).. when I had the thought that maybe a spirit was passing through me ,it stopped.. but I still wonder what that spirit was doing for me to feel so cold..
    Then I felt like there was something behind me, it felt like a very gentle hug.
    That was followed by my head, hair and face being softly caressed,
    It is something I’ve enjoyed a lot since childhood and it has a calming effect on me.
    The family members who have ever caressed me in that way are all alive, so I do not know who it could be.

    I’ve very often felt someone run their fingers through my hair or caress me, or a soft breeze (to which sometimes I am very thankful; once I needed it because it felt too warm/hot to breathe and I couldn’t breathe properly, but as I was hoping for the soothing cold, the much needed breeze came and felt very nice. Overall, I seem to need a bit of an colder environment and my room is often the coldest place in the apartment. When it is cold outside and most people freeze, it feels perfect to me, neither warm nor cold, like there is a small fire ball in me; which is something that when imagined warms me up throughout my whole body).

    Once, I was in the woods with my boyfriend and felt fingers combing through my hair, it was quite weird ,since I had never felt it that way before.. my first thought were tree branches but there were none that could have touched me (nor any spider webs), then there was that soft breeze through my hair, yet not a single leaf moved even the slightest..
    I told my boyfriend of what had happened (regretted it afterwards ,didn’t mean to creep him out, more like share it with him out of excitement) and suddenly it became a bit eerie, he was also a bit strange,.. it felt like he shouldn’t have been told a thing.
    While I felt safe and comfortable in that place before ,in that moment I told him, he became strange (like he ignored it, as if I shouldn’t have said a thing about it, as if he pretended that I didn’t say a thing.. just weird.. when he looked at me, it was slightly unsettling; maybe he had scary thoughts and I creeped him out) , there was a slight feeling of being unwelcome, I felt vulnerable and unfamiliar, like we could easily get lost (the familiar feeling was gone). Which I cannot comprehend.. I don’t really see a reason..

    However, I do wonder, is it possible for spirits to settle in trees ?
    That would explain the feeling in that forest, or the feeling of a bond I had once felt with a tree.
    It was a very strong, special bond.
    When I met the tree, it happened right away I felt a strong pull and interest, as well as respect and love. I took my shoes off and climbed it, sat down on a branch and it felt like home. It felt like the tree had a spirit which was like a soul mate to me.
    I caressed the moss that grew on certain parts and branches and the branches themselves, feeling a very faint warmth radiating beneath my hand.
    When it was time to leave, it felt very difficult to part.. I kept on turning my back ,being close to running right back to it, not wanting to leave it.. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.
    I was missing it but I couldn’t stay longer since it’d have become darker ,colder and dangerous for me to stay out there.
    Days passed, it became colder, I felt like it called me but I couldn’t go because it was cold and not safe for me to go alone. Then winter came and the urge to go and see it grew faint.
    I promised to see it in the spring, which I did, but I was with my boyfriend then and it had never been the same.. as if I shouldn’t have brought him along and as if my love and feelings towards him had broken that bond with the tree spirit.

    Another question, that I have is whether certain spirits can be friendly to certain people and unfriendly or cold/distant to others and mostly whether that treatment can be felt right away, by both parties or only one of them ..
    Since, my boyfriends’ house seems to be a tiny bit haunted.
    He had told me once of a night in which he couldn’t fall asleep & saw a shadow/someone tall, felt a presence right beside his bed, which unsettled and scared him.. he also told me how things had disappeared and reappeared in a different room, how his cat had been running for dear life, like being chased, how he saw something pass by but there had been nothing (which happened to me too, I thought it was his cat so I often called her name & looked for her ,but she was nowhere close by, I brushed it off, yet again to call out to her a few hours later).. but that presence and unsettling feeling ,of not being ready to fall asleep yet, since not relaxed and uncomfortable ,is something I felt at his place once and long before that, in a monastery (which was during a school trip and so very. very much worse.. I actually wished for light & had to keep the light on to feel safe).
    I’ve been wondering how I could help him, if it is to happen again..
    How could I make that spirit friendlier towards him, me.. (or what could I have him do to make the spirit welcoming towards him ? Would it be the correct way ,to give out unconditional love and spread warmth/light from within me ?

  4. This really helped me because I’ve felt that something has been trying to contact me for awhile. Maybe it’s the same thing maybe it’s not. Anyways I’ve been too afraid to listen to it because I get flooded with anxiety. Not as strong as it used to be, but definitely an uncomfortable feeling of unknown.

  5. Wonderful advice on how to accept, not fear & communicate with spirit. It has been a very creepy and frightening ordeal for me & i “like you mentioned” have thought it was demonic because of its,aggressive ways of trying to communicate. My spirit/spirits will interfere with me trying to sleep blinds might move ill hear tapping on objects loud ones, i have felt touched i have seen shadows, when i walk they will mess with street lights i have seen synchronistic events for years especially concerning a man i met a few years ago. Theyve turned off tvs in my house with no sleep timer on the tv, occassionally very seldomly i have felt i was sexually touched like the other commenter commented. So normally because im so scared i ignore, but yesterday i decided to say something to it it was making little noises and i asked wht it was doing that. So hopefully it will be positive communication between me and this spirit i just know I dont want to be scared of it anymore.

  6. Hi, i read your article while searching for information that could explain why some things happened (and apparently keep happening) at my parents house, where I grew up in. I found it very interesting because it offers a different approach to the theme. So even if the article was written years ago, I’ll take a shot and see if you will answer anyway. I always had insomnia as a child and later during my teenage years, I got involved with the wrong crowd and was living in angst also because my parents would fight a lot every day. I bet the energy wasn’t properly good… Then, I started to dwell in witchcraft and so it got worse. Some strange things happened in that house… My brother then died and I started to sense more strange phenomena such as my bed shaking at night. But as I was involved with such spiritual levels that I understood nothing about… I cannot say it was my brother trying to communicate. Until today I doubt it could be him
    Because it could be anything else that used my magic and the room as a portal (?). Nowadays I am a born again Christian and everyday I pray for me, my baby and family…mostly I live in a positive attitude and try to get away from anything bad. But see: today my mom told me that when she sleeps in that room, many times at night, the bed shakes. Is there a way to understand who is
    it and is there a way to just make it stop and clean the place ? Thank you so much for the help ! God bless ***

  7. Around 3am today, I went to the bathroom….as I was sat there I had a real strong urge to look to the left of me.
    And there I saw a little girl, no older than 10.
    She didn’t move or do anything. It’s the first time this has happened in the 5 years I’ve lived in this house. I ran to bed, and 5-10 minutes later I could hear her playing with my daughter (aged 1) whom I am assuming she had woken up. I could hear her talking and laughing. And I then fell back to sleep feeling happy in the fact that my daughter was happy.
    I don’t know what to do next? I’ve spent my day pottering around my house and talking to the girl (I have felt a bit “off” whilst upstairs today)
    But have been talking to her and basically saying that I don’t mind her being here, but I can’t handle seeing her right now, it’s very new to me and I’m still a little on edge.
    What should I do? Anything? Nothing? Something?

  8. my hubby died 6 months ago. and he is communicating with me. i am a medium myself so i know what to look for. my doorbell will ring, my lights flicker, I see something move out of the corner of my eye, he leaves me white feathers, a song will come on theradio or tv that meant something to us, ringing in my ears, shivers and i could go on and on. howeever way he can get my attention he will.

      • Can you become a medium or is it something that you’re born with? I’d really like to connect with my dad who took his own life almost 3 years ago

      • You can learn. My senior students just started learning the Medianship stuff. None of them were mediums before joining my class.

  9. I keep feeling a sting like warm feeling near my breast I’m not to sure who it is but I remember in hospital when I was so sick i was given a big hug from a spirit it he must of been protecting me from something and maybe this warm feeling is him again who knows.

    • If it gave you the warm fuzzys then absolutely. I hope your ok? Spirit don’t just randomly hug without good reason. Are you ok?

      • Yes I’m ok I found out he is my arch angel thankyou for your concern though 🙂

      • Arch Angel? You mean Spirit Elder? Again, they don’t come to you for no reason. Unless you were in bed asleep or getting ready to sleep or wake up of course but a random visit from a SE won’t be without reason.

      • Yaaaaay, I’m so glad you said that. The alternative had me worried lol

  10. So I have 2 roommates and a friend that always comes over. We all have had funny things happen to us. We hear keys movement in the kitchen. I get woken up it feels like I’m up but I’m asleep and when I wake up it feels like I was up trying to fight myself because it seems I get stuck I can’t move or yell when I’m trying to and when I finally wake up I’m so scared and can’t go back to bed. It’s has happened to me before but now at this new apartment it’s happening so much and it’s not only at night but threw out the day .. I want to know but at the same time I’m scared could this be something or can it be my nerves

    • Honey your having an OBE. Sleep paralysis is perfectly natural. Your simply waking up before your Spirit is back in your body. Your safe as long as you relax and don’t fight waking up naturally. I’ve done a post about it to explain it. As for hearing keys, without knowing more it could be a time bend or spirit but I don’t know enough to say yet. But the sleep paralysis is natural. It happens to all of us. It helps if you don’t sleep on your back. Your perfectly safe. You just need to relax because the fear of what you think it might be is detracting from the logic of what it actually is which is probably a time bend of someone coming home from work at the same time as your in bed or going about your business. Both exist at the same time, neither of you dead. It’s just a wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing. Pretty cool really lol

  11. Yesterday I was crocheting a baby blanket in front of my computer. I was in a very bad position and my back was hurting like crazy. In that moment I thought “ugh, my back hurts” and the very next moment I felt a hand on my back. It was like a gentle “pat” that run down my back. In that moment I just thought that was strange but I didn’t question it because I was not afraid at all. At first I thought that something had fell from my chair, but there was nothing there and I was completely alone in my room.
    After that “touch” I started paying attention to my posture when I crochet.
    I actually feel like there’s a gentle spirit here that wanted to help me and at the same time make me aknowlege him. After I read this, I immediately thanked him for communicating with me and for helping me, but that I might not be comfortable with him/her touching me. I hope the Spirit understands, but I actually don’t like to be touched at all, even by living creatures. I want to build a good relationship wth this spirit but I’m still not sure it’s a good idea. I haven’t had any problem with my sleep and/or things moving or vanishing like magic, so, this is actually the very fist “Spirit experience” that I had.

  12. I was sitting in my room on my bed doing some paperwork, my fiance was playing his video games an all of a sudden it felt like a warm, large hand pressed against my lower left back above my hip, an no one else was in the room. It felt like someone had put their arm around my waist. It lasted for about a minute or two, once it was gone I put my hand in the same spot an didn’t feel anything, it was cold like the rest of my skin as if it never happened. I can’t seem to get this out of my mind. I’m not really sure what to make of it. Do you happen to have any advice on what it could mean.

    • Would it scare you to be told it was Spirit and you should embrace the experience? Are you needing the comfort right now? What was your mental and emotional state in the run up to this experience?

      • No ma’am it wouldn’t scare me I would love to embrace it, what is the best way to do that?
        I’ve had experiences with spirits for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I was able to sense them an there were alot of times when I could see white lights and/or dark shadows an hear voices when no one was around but it seems the older I got the less I could see or hear them but I could still sense their presents or emotions even to this day I can tell when ones around me or in the same room as me.
        But for some reason this time seemed different I felt the touch but couldn’t sense anything or anyone.
        At the time this experience happened I was really stressed out and wasn’t feeling to well.

      • You need to put it out into the universe that you need a teacher. Tell Spirit your ready to learn. Then start educating yourself, do the card test as I’ve demonstrated in my YouTube video and let the rest unfold as it’s meant to. It will be the best thing you ever do.

  13. I would really love and appreciate the opportunity to speak with you directly. I have had “mysterious” things happen my entire life, but as of recent, something or someone is with out a doubt trying to contact me, and I’m ready but I’m also scared. I don’t know how to feel! I see things out of the corner of my eye all the time. I get this overwehlming feeling of uhmm… I guess I’d explain it as pure joy and love for life. I’ve never felt so calm pr such happiness. I randomly tear up. I’ve been hearing things too but most importlantly, I feel it. When I was younger I was told I was clairvoyant by a spirit, that I of course didn’t believe at the time. And my roommate says she’s been seeing me in dreamworld, so I think I may be projecting without even knowing… does internet work like that? Ive only projected once that I can remember. But I do lucid dream, and I’ve had encounters before asa child. I just feel something very strong, an awakening of some kind, and I need guidance.

  14. couple of days back i saw a dream.. i was in my terrace with my mom and dad they were talking abt some usual things i walk into them and suddenly they saw a paranormal activity above the building they told me not to look there and go to sleep.. i didnt looked there and was trying to sleep on terrace but i thought lets take a little look what is this really look like as i was curious to know abt it…i saw someone was floting above the building.. i took my blanket, wore it, then suddenly i felt that someone was in my blanket my body got heavy, i couldnt move my hand and i saw two hands touching to my stomach and coming towards my chest.. i was trying to scream but my voice was not coming out.. i was shock when i got
    up in the morning this is the 1st tym i had exprience something like thi..

    • To dream of Spirits in the context you dreamt them if you didn’t know them means deception, or deceitful people being revealed. The other experience is classic OBE or out of body experience or sleep paralysis or night terrors. The hands you saw it felt would be your Spirit Elder resorting to scare tactics in order to wake you up quicker as you were in danger of waking up before you were ready to. The quickest way to wake you up is through a fight. Your perfectly safe. Just try not to sleep on your back. Your perfectly safe…….well as long as you are woken up before your Soul is back in your body that is.

  15. well just wanted to ask a question, i just recently moved back to my home town back in Ontario, ive been living in BC, and i havnt had these “being pushed or visited by this figure” for a while now (4 years), but now that im back in ontario its happening again, waking up with cuts on my right arm not deep but notice able, being pushed awake, and this figure that has a hood and when it comes close to my face its like smokey waves, but it knows im not afraid, it whispers like a bunch of people whispering all at once, its hard to make it out sometimes, we had a few encounters, one time i could swear it showed its face under the bed in my dreams it was white, black eyes and a straight face, no expression, when i looked under the bed it was black and then it just came real quick into view, face to face and im not kidding, it was waiting for me to freak out or wake up but i smiled and said im not scared of you, and then i was warped into a different dream, ive had dreams where i fell asleep in a dream to wake up in another, ive done this 6 times all in one dream, to be woke in the dreams to finally into reality, the one dream i had that still burns is, looking up in a room, and no roof just stars and space, when i got out of it i thought i would fall into nothingness, but there was a floor, and these white lines that showed our solar system connected to other systems and old Greek symbols, once i looked up i seen this 7 spiral galaxy, in perfect sync it was huge but to me it was just in a perfect view to see it all, and then suddenly i was at one side of it and blasted to the other side of it, then i was awoken by my friend. i wish i could finish that dream but maybe its just my thought of wonder of things that manifested it self into these dreams? or could it mean something?

  16. Hello, I would love your feedback! I am 28 and about 10 years ago I had quite a lot experiences at my moms house, things moving, voices I even ended up seeing a spirit one time during that. The odd thing is it lasted for about two years but started at the end of August and went through till about November than everything stopped. The following year it started around the same time and got so bad I begged for it to leave me alone. It was very scary and it didn’t seem pleasant. However, I had one positive experience in the hospital when my daughter was born (9 1/2 years ago) and nothing since till now. Starting again, a little later than August this time on September 25th. I woke up to use the restroom and heard a women’s voice Say a name but I couldn’t make it out. Then, this past Sunday I thought I heard my daughter in her room talking (when she was at her dads for the weekend) and all I could make out was a sentence and at the end of it I heard “mom and dad” I got up and looked all around upstairs thinking my daughter was there And nobody was there. I don’t feel like this is as scary as it was years ago but it still creeps me out!


    • It sounds like your dealing with either stone tape theory or a time bend. Which basically means it’s not a dead Person but an impression of a living person caught in time and is playing back like a record or its where a living person from another time is living at the exact same time as you and your time and their time exist together. It’s not interactive so your not actually dealing with Spirit but a rip in time. How cool is that?

      • Even the stuff that happened years ago or just what’s going on now? Is there anything I can do? I’ve only been able to meditate once and when I did it I was so overwhelmed that I had a huge rush of emotional and happiness I couldn’t stop crying. Really strange and I still can’t explain it. Haven’t been able to since.

      • Meditation is only for people who can’t transcend into the Universe naturally and yes even back then too. It sounds like you just need a teacher my sweet. Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive 🙂

  17. While I was cutting veggies I heard a beep sound in my ear as if I m hearing another frequency and I felt something entering my ear then a voice screaming aaaaaaa and suddenly something leaving from my other ear. It felt something passed in between my ears and was trying to say something bt all I could hear was aaaaaaa…It didn’t made me scared bt a little startled wat it could be …Or m I going mad?

    • The beep would of been pineal gland activation. The Aaaaaaa would be the Spirit equivalent of “testing testing 1 2 3″…lol I’d say the dead are tuning you in my Sweet just go with it and see where it takes you .

      • Maybe the dead is trying to speak bt how do I know wat and whether it is good or bad spirit?
        Thanks for answering 😊

      • Because bad spirits only come if you create them or invite them in. They don’t mill about waiting for an innocent victim. Trouble comes when you invite it or create it.

      • Can I get your name please? Yes that’s true bt could it be a bad spirit sent by someone or a maybe a guide spirit? Watever it is I still didn’t get the message wat it wanted to convey. Also, are u sure it was a spirit trying to contact ? Many thanks for being so helpful.

      • Debbie, honey, 1000 bad Spirits could be sent by 2000 people, but none of it matters if you don’t let it in. There is a fundamental rule in the universe all life must adhere to. And even the darkness has to live by those rules. The rules for them are “no innocent” ie kids and never go where your not invited. Unless your doing things you shouldn’t and being a fair balanced person the dark side can’t come anywhere near you. I know a lot about this. Trust me. If the dark side want you and get in you couldn’t function. They would drain you of EVERYTHING.

  18. My daughter seems to be sensitive to spirits. She has one that I have noticed around her since she was born. She has always noticed this energy. Most of the time this spirit is quiet. Every now and then she gets creeped out. She will hear voices or cold touches or the feeling someone is watching her. I have spoke with “him” and told “him” to leave my daughter alone. I have told her to tell “him” then same thing. Always respectful. Lately though it’s been a bit more intense. The power fuse for only her bedroom went off and she is hearing more & feeling more. When I feel this feeling I usually say hello or not to bother me. But I am an adult and she is a teen. How should I advise her and “him”?

  19. My cat got out of my car and though I put tuna out for her the thorny bush she went beneath made it impossible for me to reach her. She was freaked out so I stepped away to let her come out but fell asleep to wake up to this guy outside on my window asking me if I had heard all the commotion of fighting. I hadn’t and a bit later I heard a LOUD horrible moan/meow unlike I had ever heard. I assumed she ran across the street but that guy told me the raccoons we’re going after the cats. after that I never saw or heard from my baby though I was calling out and casing the area.

    I don’t know if she is alive or passed but it pains me. Last night after reading the entries I was awaken by scratching sound. I don’t know if it was a random spirit, another cat from my past or her.

    What are you able to tap into with your readings?

  20. Hey,

    I just went through a terrible tragedy which result in losing my two years old sister. It has been almost three months, however I had a dream a week ago. I vividly remember seeing her in a bright light with beautiful curls of hers and she looked at me as I run up to her to hug her so tight. I cried in my sleep saying I will never let you go. Then my dad woke me up. That was it. It felt so warm to the core and I couldn’t shake that warm feeling. Also, when she died I could immediately see her every where but lately she has faded. Does that mean I’m ignoring her or she has went to the light? Or she’s ok?

    • Oh honey I’m so very very sorry for your loss. Just remember, the wisest Souls choose the shortest or hardest journey. Your sister was letting you know she is alive and well and just a different vibration of light now from the one she was before but that she’s safe and well and still connected to you loving you no matter what. How beautiful is that? Your experience was living proof that life does indeed go on after death. I guarantee you that you’ll have many more visits from her and that you’ll remember that first experience forever. I’m so sorry for your loss. Please pass my love on to your parents. Xoxo

      • Thank you so much for saying this, I find it comforting! I will pass the message to my parents. I forgot to mention that when I closed my eyes and be calm, I would be able to see her vividly with her dress on. She seems to be waiting for me to pick her up and bring her to the white tall door. She opened it for me before but I couldn’t go in. I tried but all I could do is watch her go in by herself into beam of light. Is this way of grieving or could be something else? Everyday I would see at least one butterfly too I’m trying to figure out everything at once.

      • No baby she showed you she crossed over into the light. She showed you she’s gone to a good place. Heaven or afterlife, whatever you want to call it. That’s where she is
        She’s not trapped, alone, afraid or anything. She’s on the other side happy as a lamb. She was showing you this so you wouldn’t worry. How beautiful is that? Your very lucky to of had this experience. If only we all had them like that. Our grief would be less painful to handle otherwise.

  21. I absolutely like how this page has explained many mysteries I’ve been curious about and to the person who put the time and effort into breaking down the process as the do’s and don’t’s I sincerely thank you

  22. In the house my nani and papaw lived in there is an occurrence it kinda scared my uncle and I lol but there is a voice that would mimic papaw’s voice or nani’s voice and it would holler one of our name’s like it wanted me or him come to it in the other room and even though it would holler at paul my aunt and I would hear it to or for me they could hear it its been going on for many years even before they passed away can please tell me what it could be……..and another thing that happened to my uncle paul is after nani passed away papaw followed a year later and he had a dream that he told me about when he fell asleep on her side of the bed that her and papaw slept in he dreamed that nani was in a cold dark place and kept repeating im so cold im so cold……please let me know if that meant anything

    • Srry for throwing so many questions at you I really admire what you do plus the ease and comfort you bring to those in wonder about the very world that most of us don’t understand….bless you and thank you

      • Don’t apologize. I’ll answer as soon as my Ratbags are fed. It’s what I’m here for xox

    • Ok well first off it sounds like the voices heard were either stone tape theory where you hear a recording in time that plays back when the atmospheric conditions are right, Time bend where someone living in one time meets someone living in another as time exists simultaneously and can bend so your time heard their time when the name was being called or they were trying to get the attention of those they were calling out to. Only the last one involves actual dead people. The last one sounds like your Uncle was questioning the afterlife after the death and his subconscious mind was feeling she hadn’t gone anywhere but darkness. It’s a common belief especially with parents to believe their child is cold in the ground possibly still alive and frightened etc…but it’s a primal fear but a Spiritual one. Unless your Nani was a bad person there is no basis for reality in that fear because she sounds like she is both very loved and sorely missed. The term Nani is one of deep love. It doesn’t conjure up an image in my head of A wicked woman with red eyes and tongue like acid. I hope that helps my love. Just remember the best way to connect with the dead until your like me is in our memories.
      So get the photos and videos out and say Hi. I guarantee they’re waiting.
      Love and Light

      • Ok thank you so much and bless you she was a very kind hearted lady ive never even heard her cuss lol this has helped me tremendously thank you debbie

      • Your very welcome. Do you know how I could tell she was a beautiful person? Because your so polite and respectful. Nanis command respect as the Matriarch without needing to ask for it. You my Darling areca reflection of your upbringing and it starts with a Nani and a Paw Paw. How very proud of you they both are. It’s so sweet they died so close together. Your a very sweet soul John. I’m proud to have made your acquaintance. Xox

  23. I do have a very important question…..can I and how do I enroll in a class to teach me about paranormal and spiritual life after death and communicating with them

  24. I have been feeling touched softly and then a weird frightening pain is left behind. When I was younger and to this day I have visions of birds but just their shadows in places that logically would not be possible. I feel like I’m being watched at times. I had a argument with my girl friend today because I felt someone caress my bicep but it wasn’t her. And it felt very hot (temperature) afterwards. I am scared that this is either hallucinations or someone is really doing this either way I am terrified.

    • Usually feeling touched that low down is children but other than being touched your not saying if anything else is happening beyond that so I’d go with something like low sodium, or a build up of acid in the muscle. Are you an active person? Were you doing anything physical before these occurances happened? Muscles can get warm for many reasons not attributed to Spirit so you can stop worrying. Our bodies spasm all the time, jerk and even make entire limbs move. As for the birds, either your seeing them how they want you to see them or there isn’t enough energy for them to be seen. It’s usually the brain trying to make sense of it all that confuses how the eyes see them. So you can stop worrying. It’s not the dead 🙂 more would be happening if it was 😉
      Go make up with your girlfriend. Life is too short to be fighting over a muscle spasm. Xox

      • I feel like I posted a reply but I’ll try it again. I was laying in bed when it happened I could feel fingers touch me. Also I do have muscle spasms and things like that but mostly from ptsd. I was told that the bird thing might have been a manifestation of past mistakes. And shortly after my father passed I had seen a blue orb and my daughter’s toys would go off at throughout the day when no one was playing with them. Honestly I stumbled upon your blog and was very interested in what you had to say. I was just looking for an explanation for what had happened other than I’m going crazy.

  25. something strange happened at work I dosed off and I guess I was dreaming but I became overwhelmed with this overbearing of sadness, it was really heavy. I keep hearing how do you get over losing I guess a child or feel a child I don’t know. It kept saying it over and over. It became louder and louder until I hollered you just have too several times because it felt like it was getting heavier and heavier climbing I don’t know suffocating like. when I woke up the sadness was so overwhelming for a few minutes. After. that left I felt kind of cold. uneasy, uncomfortable kind of worried. then everything was fine. There have been things before like turning of pages, noises, one employee saw a figure but not this.

    • Oh wow so you have an active Spirit or your picking up on someone’s grief where you work. I know it’s hard Baby but your dealing with a grieving mother or father I assume. Do you know anyone there who lost a child? Please try and remember your dealing with the worst type of grief imaginable. Losing a child is the worst kind of grief. If your a parent or you have siblings or kids you love please put yourself in their shoes. If it’s not someone currently grieving then you need to close this grieve down. I recommend you do a cleanse. I have a post on how to do it quickly and easily. Obviously because you were dozing off you where in your higher self state where your Spirit yourself so you’ll be more susceptible to these experiences. Let me know if you can’t find the post on how to cleanse your home and I’ll send you the post. We’ll get this sorted just stay calm and remember this could be someone living who’s grief has left an imprint in the atmosphere or someone who lost a child who’s grief has kept them grounded so we will try the cleanse first and if that doesn’t work we will cross them over. Ok? I’m here with you every step. Love and Light Debbie xox

      • someone hung themselves some years ago when the area was a schoolyard but I do not know all the circumstances. there are many noises that go on but not this.

  26. Last night, I woke up around 5 am. I didn’t fall asleep probably until around 2 am. But I woke up to thinking my fiancé had sat up next to me because sometimes he doesn’t sleep well. Then my blankets were ripped off my feet and partially the rest of my body. I was still thinking it was my fiancé. Something held onto my left foot firmly. I still thought it was him. Then I started feeling a heat and sickness run up my leg. Then an overwhelming panic. I moved my foot a little, thinking he would pull away. But didn’t. Then the feeling got too much and I pulled my feet closer to my upper body, under the blankets I did have. I turned over to see my fiancé back towards me, sound asleep. I woke him up and told him what happened. He checked the entire room for me. Whatever held my foot didn’t feel like a good spirit.

    • Any experience you have that revolves around you sleeping, preparing for sleep or laying in bed with be your Spirit Elder. If you were in the process of preparing to disengage with your physical self to be your higher self and there was a glitch like sleep paralysis or sleep walking etc….your Spirit Elder will resort to any means necessary to wake you up. Fear being the quickest way possible. In essence, he saved your life. That’s what they do. Their role is to protect you every minute of every day of your life until the second you die. Waking you by fear wakes you up quicker than a gentle nudge and you might think your perfectly awake but won’t be. If it was anything to fear you’d be telling me it happens constantly and other factors would be mentioned like how your always fighting, how your ill all the time, depressed etc… negative spirits don’t just wander into your house at random, they’re invited and do more than take blankets off you. What you felt was your body slowly starting to feel sensation again as you came back down to your physical self. Don’t sleep in your back. That helps. Your perfectly safe I promise. You just need to understand that what he did actually saved your life. Those who don’t wake up in time die in their sleep. It’s called SADS sudden adult death syndrome. Love and Light, Debbie xox

  27. Last week i was in the middle of an exam and suddenly i felt cold and weird thoughts of horror films started to get into my mind no one else in tje room noticed.At home i was depressed like if i was sad but was’nt.i don’t know any one who is dead.What does this means?

  28. I just recently moved in my first single family home and since I’ve moved in I kept telling my mom I hear walking around downstairs where my living from and kitchen is located and i have hardwood floors my mom kept telling me my house is settling and I’m just not use to a bigger home thanksgiving eve was her first time spending a night and when i woke up next day she was in my room with me terrified she said she seen a man walking and when she turned to look he wasn’t there she also said everyone was sleep and she know for sure of because she checked and she heard walking around the house she was suppose to stay till Sunday but she didn’t want to stay I was so scared knowing that what I thought was true it’s something in my home I decided to go around the corner to stay with my cousin well this morning something scary happened at her home it sounded as if someone was walking up and down her stairs at 6:30am this morning i closed my eyes assuming she was getting ready for work till I turned on hallway lights she walking sounds stopped and I seen my cousin hadn’t even waken up yet for work…. is it possible it may have followed me??? I’m in the process of breaking lease at new home and finding another home while I stay at my cousin house but this morning I really have reason to believe it may have followed me whatever it may be or who ever it may be has big heavy feet I can hear every step and the last night I stayed in my actual home what made me leave and pack my kids up at 1am was because I heard walking and heavy breaths I called over my cousin at 1am packed my kids up and left I’ve only returned 1 time to start packing and my neighbor told me I’m the 3rd person to leave after a month

  29. I came here just now because I’ve been bored all day at home with my 2 year old son while my older two are at school so I went upstairs to my bedroom and decided to wrap my fiancé’s christmas gifts I bought for him. Before the first gift was even close to being wrapped I felt a very strong 3 taps on my right hip (I was sitting on the floor when this happened) at first I thought my son came creeping in trying to scare me as I sensed someone very strongly! I actually went to grab the persons hand because I seriously thought someone was there! But I quickly looked all around me convinced that someone, (I felt like it was a male) probably was with me! I checked my entire room and ensuit bathroom because I could feel that someone was there! It shook me to the core and now I’m having bad anxiety from it! Why would anyone who I don’t know come and tap me? I’m feeling scared and anxious right now although I do feel like the spirit means no harm I just feel afraid and nervous knowing that there is a spirit around me!

    • Hi Amber, listen to me Sweetheart, you have nothing to fear. This could of been anybody, but usually at floor level or lower down the body it’s a child. So it could be a make child reaching out because your Mum. Or it’s somebody letting you know they’re there. They didn’t hurt you, you just got a fright and that’s perfectly normal. That’s why it’s called Para Normal. Para means extra, other, etc….it’s not normal to experience this stuff. But it should be. If he wanted to hurt you, you’d know it sweetheart. I promise it’s perfectly fine. Just say next time he’s not to scare you. It’s ok to do that. Maybe he was someone from the past or future checking to see if your real lol it honestly could be many things.
      But you know deep down you has nothing to fear of you wouldn’t have gone looking for it. That takes guts lol if it happens again let me know. Ok? Let’s see if he knows your there.
      Love and Light, Debbie xox

  30. My child’s father passed away a few months ago and at first it was lights not turning on and then it was a warm feeling on my forearms that made goose bumps all over. The feeling was warm like hands and very big like his hands. We were not together when he passed and now siri on my ipad keeps coming on after I turn off and lock my ipad. It always says “can I help you find something” or “what are you looking for” this has happened in front of his child as well. Very strange. My dogs are always barking at the wall in front of my bed room. Several people I know have passed in the last two years, however, this is the first time this has happened since I was a child myself. Lights not turning on or off. Even had an electrician check the wiring and nothing is wrong.

    • That’s because Spirit need an energy source in order to communicate Sweetheart. It’s better for them to take it from the lights or TV than you because it’s YOU they’re trying to communicate with. Your dog’s will hear the clicks and see the energy waves of the Spirit as it tries to manifest in energy or form. Your perfectly safe Babygirl. It’s okay to talk to them. They’re clearly trying to talk to you. Just don’t invite anything. Let it happen as they chose to make it happen and react then. Never invite it. Just let it happen as they’re wanting it to. Validate them. Let them know you know they’re there. Because they know you know they’re there. They’re just waiting for validation. I’m sorry for your loss my love. But it sounds like they haven’t gone anywhere lol
      Love and Light

  31. So I have no idea what currently has it’s eye on me. It seems to be only connected to a certain general area in my house but, it’s been getting increasingly restless.funny enough I only began noticing it through my cats unusual actions. He usually just sleeps on the edge of my bed,but that night he was staring intently at one particular spot and then began uncharacteristically chasing something all around and pawing at the air. (Note he hasn’t done this since.) after he jumped on my bed and stared behind me was when my phone turned off (despite being fully charged) did I freak out and leave my room.
    Fine not a big deal.
    Next a couple of days later on my way to the washroom when I was thinking that I should turn off the light did I hear a very real and male-esc voice (I say male esc because it sounded male but also sounded more like hissing than smooth words.) behind me telling me that “you forgot to turn off the light.” I immediately turned around but nothing was openly there.
    These past couple of weeks I’ve been having strange dreams. Also when I would lay down on my bed to sleep I would feel my body/bed shake though I thought I was going crazy.
    I also had a strange female voice I’ve never heard interupt my ‘day dreaming’ while I was laying down telling me to “Be careful!!” Just before I felt like I was being shaken by someone.
    Ive also heard deep breathing in the same spot above me behind my headrest a couple of times.
    Then just a couple nights ago my cat looked under my head rest area and I didn’t think anything of it. A couple of hours later while I was playing on my phone I saw what looked like a black shadow like feather fall behind my bedrest into this shadow mass/cloud when my eyes hit the mass it took a couple of seconds before ( it noticed ?) and began shaking the bed directly beneath me. (I’ve never ran that fast honestly because it didn’t feel friendly at all.)
    Any advice? I am kind of freaking out.

    • Hi Baby, listen it sounds like you either have a resident Spirit or your experiencing time bends or what I call Ghosting or its Telepathic. Let me explain. A resident Spirit will directly communicate with you. They’re interactive and usually pop in now and then because they choose to be in the places they were happy. They’re neither trapped nor troubled. They come and go as they please. But if they communicate it’s directly, as though they’re alive, talking to you albeit not daily or often. They require a lot of energy to come through so you’ll usually see a drain or fluctuation in energy in and around the home before hand. Like batteries draining, TVs and phones playing up, lights flickering etc…. however you only heard not saw them so that requires less energy. Which brings me to option 2 of what it could be. Which is you heard him telepathically. Which next to dreams is the most common way the dead communicate because it requires the least amount of energy. Our conscious state exists separate to the physical brain so it’s like a generator or mainframe or server that exists away from the main building and requires less energy to run it. So clearly this would mean you have the gift. I’d say he’s definitely one of these two things. The female however I believe would be a time bend or Ghosting because she talked at you not to you. As in you heard her talking but she didn’t say anything that made sense to you or your current situation at the time of hearing her. So she wouldn’t be an actual dead person. She would be someone living in her time, and the frequency being just right her time overlapped your time and both times existed together for a brief period of time. This phenomena is 99.9% responsible for hauntings or ghost sightings or experiences. But either way your perfectly safe. Your cat was the first and only indicator you need to let you know if your safe or not. The fact it was playful, not hissing, growling, attacking you, refusing entry into the property, getting ill, refusing to eat etc…..means you either have a lovely resident Spirit who is protecting you and your electric bill or you have the perfect house for stone tape or time bend conditions. You can get a bell and make shift pendulum to sort the time bend or stone tape recording though. If you’d like to go to my post on how to cleanse yourself or your home the quick way. Or I have a YouTube video but if you need help I’m here ok Sweetheart? Your perfectly safe and I’d suggest you start working on opening yourself up to your gift. What you experience isn’t what the average normie norm experiences and I’d say it’s about time you opened your gift up. You won’t regret a single bit if it once you learn what you are to the dead.
      I hope this helped elevate your fears. I promise your perfectly safe. I’m actually excited for you. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Love and Light, Mama Bear xox

    • Oh and the black shadow etc….it’s what I said before, it’s the manifestations of Spirit. The less energy source they have to drain the less they can manifest. They prefer dreams or telepathy first but orbs, black shapes, wisps of light etc….are all them without a sufficient energy source. The bed shaking was more than likely your shock or fear. The brain can do so much more than people realise. Fear of the the paranormal is always worse than the reality of it and fear itself can fire bullets of kinetic energy about like you wouldn’t believe. It just sounds to me like your about to open up to the world around you which is time…..time is everything to the dead. And people like us step in and out of it constantly. I’d say someone is trying to get you opened up. Clearly your being told it’s time to stop fearing what you think you know and be what you were born to be which is gifted. 😏

  32. So I’ve been suffering from what I thought was sleep paralysis, I usually wake up and it’s hard to breath and there’s a figure of sorts on the other side of the room jumping all over my ceiling, it’s been happening for years, I passed it off as such, what makes me leave this comment is that in the last couple years it has gotten closer and closer, I moved because I figured it may have been some sort of spirit trying to contact me in my dreams but the thing is is that I can’t decipher the point of when I woke up, it jumps into another room and I can move again, last night was my first time it has happened since I moved into my new place just over a year ago, the difference though was that it grabbed me and picked me up… like off my bed and feet literally dangling, I was trying desperately to hit the light switch that was two feet away and when my girlfriend woke up I was flung back into my bed, I don’t know what to do, I figured I could get some sort of explanation, I’m hoping it’s just my mind running rampant, could you please help me.

    • Oh honey, your waking up as your Spirit is moving back and forth between physical state and higher self. Between being conscious self and Spirit. Your perfectly safe, I promise. It’s scary and confusing I know but your experiencing a very rare occurrence that doesn’t get to happen to too many people. Your actually feeling your physical self get detached from your Spirit, just like in death, that’s how death feels too. It’s fascinating really. You get to experience it. Just relax and know when it happens you get to go off to all sorts of beautiful and exotic places in this Universe. You get to be IN all time. With loved ones in this life and others on the other side. You can avoid this by a couple of ways. Don’t sleep on your back, and don’t sleep with your feet facing the door. Also try to limit brain activity before bed. Turn off TVs and tablets etc…at least an hour before bed. Try to shut everything down in your head before lights out. Keeping the mind active after our resting state is half the cause of sleep paralysis. So just adjust your sleeping pattern and rituals before bed and it should settle down. You are living the dream though just so you know… you can say you know what it feels like for the body to detach from the Spirit like in death……😁

  33. I had a that friend that died.. We use to hang out sometimes not super close, and I felt a little guilty for
    making a joke about her back then that embarrassed her that caused us not to be friends.

    Basically her pants had a red undertone to it. I kind of made fun of her it was her period.
    I started off with “hey I think you got a period stain on you”
    Some people laughed with me. It was inappropriate because we were not too close
    for me to be that comfortable, and embarrassed her.

    I regret it since, we see each other but she ignores me.

    When I heard she died, I was really sad, but did not dream of her. I came by to
    see her body, and I felt anxious, even more than sad. Still that day I did not dream of her.

    BUT the day when her body was to be put away permanently burial or cremation,
    I am not sure. I could not make it.

    The girl I am currently with was talking to me, when out of no where, the girl I was with.
    Made a very similar pose, to the girl that died. I looked at her face, and not for a second,
    but atleast 10 seconds, she looks exactly like the girl that died. I was kind of worried.

    Then as my gf left the car, I noticed my gf was not on her period, but she sat on
    something that made her pants red.

    I told her “yo hey, you got a period stain on you”

    immediately after I said that, I had a flash back of exactly what happen.

    Do you think this was coincidence? My gf looked exactly like her, then got up and
    had that period stain looking thing that made me say the same thing.

    That night I dreamt of her, and we were both really happy to see each other.

    I asked her to go hang out.

    She asked me back, how come back then you never want to really hang out with me that much?

    I told her, I really did want to, but I knew her ex’s.

    We talked a bit more. then I asked her again lets go hang out one more time.,
    then I said screw it, Lets hang out forever..

    then next thing i know she disappeared. and I yelled out again ” hey ____ , lets hang out forever..yeah?

    But I said it in a joyful way.

    I woke up feeling better, and havnt dreamt of her ever since. But still think about her.

    Do you think this was a visitation? or my mind working out a problem or guilt I had.

    • Honey, I think your guilt tortured you a little too much and she was just letting you know it’s ok what you did. We all say and do things in life we regret but you punished yourself long enough. It’s time to let go and move on like she has. Go with love and light Sweetheart. She’s releasing you from the guilt. Merry Christmas xox

  34. i feel like someone is trying to communicate with me..but Im not sure because whomevr i love and they love me back are alive.
    This happened yesterday night I slept at 1:15am ..after like an hour or so I felt somone rubbing my arms suddenly I held one finger then i felt same rubbing sensation on my back .I was too scared to open my eyes ,I couldn’t talk either
    Please replyy….

    • It sounds to me like your Spirit Elder was waking you up from an OBE. It’s perfectly harmless. If you were beginning to wake up during sleeping you will have been in danger of sleep paralysis. Which in itself isn’t dangerous per say but can be if you don’t relax etc….you can have a heart attack in your sleep and is the primary cause of SADS or Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Your Spirit Elder would of done it this way to gentle prod you awake. If it’s urgent and your in danger they resort to scaring the life out of you so having your back rubbed was a nice way to do it. You must of been between sleep and awake stages and needed gentle prodding awake.
      But regardless of anything I promise your perfectly safe. No-one loves you more than your Spirit Elder. They chose to be guardian to your Soul rather than do anything else, that’s how much they love you. Loyal and dedicated to the cause, they spend their entire existence looking after you until the day you die and what’s cool is most of them but not all but most of them are your ancestors, from present and past lives. How cool is that? I hope that helps Sweetheart, you know where I am if you need me. Love and Light, Mama Bear xox

  35. Okay, so I’ve always seemed to be somewhat connected to spirits ever since I was a child. I always thought they were demons, due to my intense repetitive nightmares. Objects being moved. Feelings of suffication and someone physically on top of me. It seemed to go away when I moved homes. But recently, things are coming back. Waking up anywhere between 3-4:35am. Last night it felt like I was grabbing a childs fingers on my knee, and when I went to reach further it quickly felt like finger nails jabbing my leg in a fast motion about 4-5 times. I felt that feeling on my leg until I fell back asleep. What can this mean? Should I acknowledge this spirit?

    • Hi Sara, it’s a shame you didn’t know that the scarier the dream the better the premonition being predicted. It makes me sad that this isn’t common knowledge because it would of saved people like yourself years of heart ache and anguish. But now you know 🙂
      To answer the rest of it, if this only happens when your asleep, getting ready for bed or snuggling down to sleep then your Astral travelling and your Spirit Elder is waking you up so you don’t die in your sleep or leave yourself vulnerable to anything negative that might be hanging around. The dark energies don’t hang about waiting for people to sleep. I mean if you’ve done things to invite them, they will wait. If not, they don’t bother you. But I have to cover all scenarios for education purposes. So your Spirit Elder is a child? The feeling unable to breath and feeling pressure is classic OBE symptoms. Your essentially trying to be a living person without a spirit and your conscious self is aware of this fact. Our bodies shut down and hibernate while we sleep so our Spirits can traverse the Universe and the time space continuum. When you wake up before your Spirit is back inside your body it can feel oppressive and under some sort of attack. The fact she touched your toes to wake you means you weren’t in too much danger but needed waking. If it’s bad, trust me when I say they will resort to terrifying tactics and they do this to wake you up as quickly as possible and nothing gets a quicker reaction than fear. Fear of loud noises and sudden movement are the only fear we are born with, the rest is learned and it goes back to when we were mammals who weren’t apex predictors. We had to watch out for predators who wanted to eat us. The same way animals become jumpy around a watering hole when a Lioness is around hiding. That sudden movement of a tail or blade of grass makes the animals drinking, jumpy. So your experiencing the same thing. Your on high alert once your conscious. When your not conscious that’s what your Spirit Elder is for. She’s there to protect you and walk your path until the day you die. I suggest three things. 1) sleep on your side not your back 2) sleep with your feet away from the door. Move your bed if your feet face the door, otherwise put a mirror or wind chime above your door frame. 3) don’t watch TV or anything with light that stimulates your brain for at least an hour before bed. Your brain thinks it’s daylight and becomes alert. You need to shut yourself down. So music, read, or lay quietly. You can also ask your Spirits and ancestors to watch over you etc….but try to avoid lights and that includes screens from TVs, phones, tablets etc…..but rest assured, your very safe. If you were in danger you’d know it. The objects moving if you were between the age of 10-19 was more than likely kinetic energy created by you or someone going through or about to go through puberty, or under a great deal of stress. If not, they’re just trying to get your attention. We’re all gifted as children, we don’t usually grow out of it until society starts to mould our way of thinking around 7-8yrs old. If you were younger when the objects moved I’d say ‘Coooool’ I’d of needed to know why lol but I’d be interested to see if you’ve been under any stress recently? I hope this helps you my darling. You know where I am if you need me. Love and Light, Debbie.

  36. I’m glad I looked at this article. Lately I’ve been on high alert of my surroundings and I’m sensitive at times because I can sense when another being is around me. Usually at night I can tell something is staring or just looking at me. I don’t say anything, but I become a little worried. I don’t feel like it’s a harmful spirit, it’s just unknown. This hasn’t been happening long, recently I’ve gotten stronger with the sense. So, while I was getting ready for bed I start to feel that someone or something is watching me as I walk towards the back. I get ready for bed, once I lay down I slowly forget about the feeling. Moments later I feel two taps on the back of my leg. For the tapping, I saw a imagine of me in a black dress hugging a unknown being. I didn’t freak, I was a little shocked and wondered who would be trying to communicate with me. At times, I don’t feel like it’s one spirit? At times I don’t know if it’s my guardian or a loved one, I confuse the two of them. I assumed a little because I saw 12:12 right before and I’ve been seeing numbers like that over and over. I just wish I could be sure and be able to tell them apart. This isn’t the first time something like that has happened. I’ve been tapped on, I’ve heard mumbling, I’ve heard my name, and seen figures.

  37. Hi Debbie!
    Thank you for this.
    I was “awakened” by a gentle kiss on my cheek. I thought it was my husband but he’s at work. I wish I knew who it was.

    I put “awakened” in quotation marks because I’m not sure if I was half asleep and felt it or dreaming.
    Either way, i felt loved. 🙂

    • Well what a lovely way to be woken up. If it was your Spirit Elder or not, what a lovely way to be woken up. If I had to give feedback on who it was my money would be on it being your Spirit Elder waking you up to bring your Spirit back to your body before you wake up. But even if it’s a loved one or such….it’s beautiful. Feeling loved is the best emotion.
      It’s all you need lol John Lennon was a smart guy lol 💟💗💕

  38. Hey my boyfriend died 5 months ago July 23rd and I say he made contact with me the first couple of days so stuff been happening around the house like the teddy bear move, candle, Keys just move so I notice it I’m really didn’t bother me but when I talk to my mom or a friend about it they be like I should just tell it leave me alone and let it go cuz I don’t know if it’s a bad Spirit trying to contact me or trying to take over me so I really appreciate it if you write me back and let me know what you think about it