Never Ignore the Signs of Communication (revised)

People always say to me ‘Oh your so lucky, I wish I could do what you do’ and it always makes me laugh because people always assume I get the lovely premonitions, the pleasant Spirits, and the lottery numbers.

The truth of the matter is Spirit communicate to everyone all the time but most people are usually too busy to notice.

The thing is you don’t want to do is ignore the signs because when it comes to Spirit, they are as subtle as a brick if they need to get something across to you. This is why people mistake being scratched and pushed as something dark and negative. 99.9% of all Spirits are just trying to get recognized and don’t realize their own strength of energy when they do manage to get across to someone.

In all honesty, they don’t want to hurt you, they can’t physically touch you, they can only project their energy onto yours to make you feel like you can be touched. It takes more energy to be a negative Spirit than it does to be a positive one. So in most stories of TRUE negative Spirit cases, your batteries will drain, they drain YOU, no lights will work, no TV or radio will function because they need that much energy. Besides which most cases of negative energy come with a level of positive protection.

Our ancestors and Spirit Elders would never allow anything to get too close to us. And so many poor misunderstood Spirits get blamed for being over zealous in their approach as being negative.

As I always say ‘You’ll know when it is a dark Spirit because the fear is so intense you feel like your going to die’.

Children and animals are the best judge of whether a Spirit is of positive or negative persuasion or not. If they are constantly sick for no reason, can’t sleep, can’t eat, restless, scream or growl at certain rooms etc…refuse to enter a home etc…then you know it is something to worry about. But if your hair goes up on your arms or back of your neck it is not a sign of negative energy. I explain it like this.

Our hair standing up on end and the goosebumps is like our alarm system. Remember I said if you imagine we are like a house and Your God whoever they are owns the house, and our Spirit Elders are our butler (you may call them Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, they are all the same thing) and our Elders are our cook, cleaner etc…well we also come with a built-in alarm system that lets us know if something or someone is trying to gain illegal entry lol

Our hair stands on end, we get goosebumps, our mouths get dry, our heart beats faster, our pulse races, we get jumpy and jittery. But it doesn’t mean it’s anything negative trying to get in, it just means SOMETHING is near.

Then what happens is we become alert and aware of something and it automatically closes us down to prevent anything coming too close. By which I mean it shuts our relaxed energy down to prevent negative and positive Spirits from making contact we don’t want.

Most Spirit or Ghost encounters don’t come when we sit watching to see if the door will move with the camera ready to catch it but rather when we are going about our business. The saying goes ‘A Watched Pot Never Boil’s the same is said of  ‘A watched Ghost Never Performs’ so to speak lol and I’m sorry for using the term Ghost, it is rude and disrespectful of Spirit but they know I jest to make a point’

It really bothers me the way I see some investigators act when on an investigation. There is too much work done where they concentrate on the gadgets that can cost way too much money, there is a lot of talking and discussion and not enough paying attention.

You don’t need to do investigations at night, it makes no difference. If the place is haunted, it is haunted during the day and the night.

Investigations just seem to be best done at night because it is quieter. But with a lot of these gadgets can hinder the investigation. You really don’t need half the stuff they use today. EMF detectors for one. Yes they pick up on electrical frequencies but to be honest, even in buildings with no electricity, there is magnetic frequencies in everything because of the sun and because time is gravity based our planet is extremely magnetic and I feel magnetic energy around me.

If your good at investigating you don’t need them or anything else that lets you know they are there. If there are reports of activity it should be enough. You have to be logical and be sensible. Don’t put everything down to Spirit and don’t dismiss the small stuff. You need to pay attention to your surroundings because Spirit will try to come to you through many ways. From Loved ones to trapped Spirits, they have many ways of coming through.

Here are some ways you can tell Spirit are trying to communicate.

Apart from the obvious hair standing on end, goosebumps etc…they may play a song on the radio that reminds you of them, a commercial, a movie. It will usually be obscure or one that isn’t played often but has meaning to you.

You will feel cold or warm but down in your soul. It is more than a breeze, it touches the very core of you and you may find yourself wondering ‘who could that be’.

If ever you have felt an unexplained breeze and thought ‘That’s odd, I wonder what that was’ That it Spirit.

A photo or memento might come from nowhere. They LOVE the what I call ‘Look what you found’ game. So if something appears from no where and is out of place then that is Spirit too.

You might feel something touch you, it either feels like cobwebs or actual fingers. You’ll know because it stays with you for a long time after it happens. Nausea is a common one for me. Smells, and sounds. Often you might hear a cry, laugh, or your name being called.

It can be thoughts said out loud or in your head. Mostly in your voice but not always.

Objects will get moved. (They can’t physically touch them but if they build up enough energy they can make it move by thought aka telekinetics )

You may wake up feeling like someone is in your room and for no reason you’ll start thinking about the person. It can make you feel unsettled. Not frightened but almost,……like your soul can’t rest because it’s on guard. In that case if you acknowledge the Spirit they are happy to leave you be then.

But this is the trouble. They don’t get acknowledged so they have to become more drastic in their communications and this can lead to all sorts of misunderstandings.

In any case you need to calm yourself down and think logically. If you’ve been touched or scratched or pushed. Do as you would if it was any person doing it. Tell them off. Tell them it isn’t acceptable and you won’t tolerate any form of physical touch. Or do what I do, swear, apologies and then ask them what they want lol 9 times out of 10 they just want you to know they are there. They are happy with just being recognized. But please always remember this Spirit once was like you. Living, breathing, loved, nurtured, this was someones child, wife, daughter, husband etc…this will some day be you and your loved ones. Always remember that. Respect always. Someone might very well still be grieving for them. Respect ALWAYS.

Pushed and Scratched could mean many things like ‘This is how I died?’ or ‘this is how I was treated’ or ‘Hey you, I know you can hear me, listen to me’ (over use of energy and Boom you have a mark because they over shot the runway lol)

It can be very useful having a good relationship with your Spirits and Resident Spirits because they will protect you and your home. It may be that all they need is for you to know they were a good person as maybe in life they were deemed to be mean or nasty. It may be that they want you to know their name. Help find their family, let you know they are okay etc…but one thing that is clear with all my 43 years and ancestral knowledge of Spirit is, if you don’t acknowledge them they will only get worse. They can bug you for a long time if you don’t acknowledge them.

I did a reading for a client in Liverpool who didn’t recognize a Spirit who came through and he hounded me for 2 months before she finally remembered who he was. He said he had a long name but was known by a short name, like James to Jim, Anthony to Tony, he made it very clear to her that he could finally dance, I told her I could see wheels etc…..and it turns out after I got woken up every night and morning with his face staring at me and my clock getting thrown across rooms etc…that he made me ring her at 7am to go around there and I sat there for 3 hours making her remember him. It turns out he was only the wheelchair bound best friend of her daughter who had only passed away the year before. Her daughter used to dance with him in his wheelchair and he had told me he always wanted to dance with Laura and now he can. She felt so bad for not remembering him because Anthony otherwise known as Tone had been such a very special part of her family for many years. Once she finally acknowledged him, he left me alone.

So as with investigations and with you personally, the second you feel Spirit or even have a thought in your head that it could be Spirit, please acknowledge them because they aren’t subtle in getting their point across if you’re not listening.If your too afraid to want to open communications just tell them. They listen. They don’t want to hurt you. You just tell them ‘I acknowledge your communication but I’m not ready for this just now’ or if your okay with it you can say ‘I acknowledge your communication and accept it, Thank you, if you have a message for me I am ready to receive it, if you have a message to get out I am ready to receive it’ then they will let you know in their own way what they need to say. But like I say, for the most part they just need to know you know they are there.

I think the voice boxes are awesome but I’m wondering how much is true Spirit.

Knowing what I know about time manipulation and the power of conscious thought it has made me want to try out and test the theory that Voice boxes like Poltergeists and Seances/Ouija Boards etc…are a manifestation of our own desires for the communication with the dead..

I wish wish wish I could tell you EVERYTHING I know but people are starting to copy my work and twist the facts to suit their own insanity and this information is dangerous to the wrong person but if I told you everything I knew you would never fear death again and in fact I think you would celebrate it. But I need to protect you all from certain things and only my students are privy to this info but trust me when I say, ‘See death? it’s all an illusion’

The living are just the dead on holiday – Maurice de Maeterlinck (1862 – 1949)

Never have truer words been said. Probably THEE most apt description of death and Spirit I’ve ever heard.

We live our lives for such a short amount of time, and are Spirit for the rest. Life is just a holiday. Some are weekend breaks and some are world tours but ALL come with lessons and when it’s over we go home again and when we take our flight home they our loved ones in Spirit meet us in the airport holding huge signs saying ‘Welcome home’.

But we can still Skype and Email them. That’s what people like me are. We are the Skype and Gmail. But so can you be if you stop ignoring them.

‘Your perception of Spirit is always going to be much darker than the reality of them’ (me 2016)

We have been investigating Spirits for centuries quite successfully without a lot of this stuff they use nowadays.

Flour, water, sand, coal, bones, etc….Night or day, try it the old way. Quiet, respectfully and cameras at the ready. If you feel something odd, take a picture. Don’t go charging over with machines that light up and beep. The mere fact your going into their space with strange machinery can be intimidating for them.

This is why Most Haunted got so bad. They started introducing all sorts of ridiculous gadgets to communicate like Tesler Coils and Gongs and it’s quite insulting to the process of Spirit communication.

Nowadays it’s all about the latest gadget and the best this and the biggest that. Just cameras, digital recorders and patience would be fine.

That movement out the corner of your eye is them, that sudden urge to be happy or excited is them. That need to have a cry but you don’t know why, is them.

Take note of every emotion in your investigation. And please……please…….oh god please…..use a trusted Intuitive Clairvoyant. Not someone who comes with the title of Clarscentiaudiychic. Test them first.

Make sure they have a proven track record. Not just someone who carries smudge sticks and can ‘sense’ something. My cat can ‘sense’ something and he’s afraid of apples lol make sure they can take control of any situation in an investigation.

They should be able to run faster than the most frightened camera man too lol

Coz lets face it, if your in a room and someone says something in French in your ear when your half asleep your natural instinct is to leg it lol even for the Clairvoyant.

It gives you a bloody fright but this is why most Spirits talk to us in our own voices. It’s only if you build up a relationship that they will come through in their own voices, out loud for all to hear.

But if you take one like me, please choose someone who is relaxed and knows what they are doing. Any one like me worth half their salt wouldn’t tolerate Ouija or Seances. They are the Cocaine and Heroine of the Paranormal World, you just don’t go near them because they become addictive and once they have you all sorts of bad things happen and nothing good ever comes from it. They are not Spirit, never have been and never will be. They aren’t needed in an Investigation. And by Investigation I mean anything you do to try and capture Spirit Communication whether your a Society or a guy in your house.

I’ve gotten amazing stuff just by setting up a camera and leaving the building or going to bed. Just go about your business. If they want to communicate with you as with a reading, they will. They will show themselves to 10 people in a room of 1000 or to one person in a room by themselves. They aren’t performing clowns who jump through hoops just because your there. If they want to, they will.

That goes for loved ones as well. Spirit know what we can and can’t handle. Just when they do, be respectful, acknowledge them and move on. But if you can build up a level of trust with a resident Spirit, you have a level of protection and trust that you just can’t describe. Every time I leave my house I ask mine to protect my home or my family, cat etc…and I’ve gone away accidentally leaving my back door wide open.

I’ve had some quite horrible people be literally scared out of their clothing to leave my house because they were caught doing something by Spirit who made sure they left and never came back lol

And please remember ‘Never EVER ask a Spirit to follow you’. If you move house or leave somewhere even with the nicest most communicative of Spirits you don’t ask the Spirit to come with you or anything of the sort because not only would you be inviting them but unwanted things as well.

If your dealing with a child or lost soul like a murder victim existing in their own suffering the only thing to do is move them to the other side. It’s the only right thing to do. Imagine if you lost a younger loved one and you knew they never left the place they loved even in Spirit, Wouldn’t you want them to move on to peace and love? Plus You have to remember there is negative stuff just waiting for us to screw up so they can jump right in and cause trouble.

So as I say treat them like you would anyone else, Spirit are just us only dead. Don’t let them get away with anything you wouldn’t let a living person get away with but at the same time always respect them and acknowledge them because even the ones who are filled with love and light and want nothing more than to guide you can be as subtle as a sledge-hammer if you’re not listening.


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874 thoughts on “Never Ignore the Signs of Communication (revised)

  1. Recently, I’ve been getting a feeling of a presence in my room almost every night. It feels like a heavy pressure overtop of me, and my heart starts to pound. I feel as if the energy is hovering off my body, and it is extremely heavy. I feel scared(maybe because the feeling of being watched, before I go to bed at all time creeps me out) I’ve been wondering since then if it is some sort of spiritual being/ghost. It will stay in that way for 30 secs to a minute, and before releasing the pressure sometimes I will hear a knock sound that sounds like a tap on my window(which does not make sense and scares me.) I feel guilty for being scared if it is a ghost sense I know that they deserve respect but i am not good with these kind of things. How do I communicate with it and become friendly or at least not bothered by it? How do I tell if it is negative? I always feel taken advantage of by this spirit(if it is one) like it is there for bad intentions, or maybe I just am overreacting and misjudging the spirit. It is very weird that a spirit is here if it is, considering I haven’t had this issue and have been living her almost all my life.


    • Over the past few days it’s been really hard to go to sleep. As soon as I close my eyes I instantly feel someone standing over me. I can instantly feel the energy of someone strongly. So I quickly open my eyes and it’s created somewhat insomnia of it. I get chills and my heart is beating so loud and I can’t help but feel like I hear whispers but can’t seem to hear words. I felt like my name was called one night and I opened my eyes. I’ve been living in this house since I was baby and once vividly saw a ghost of an older women in the kitchen and ran when it walked towards me as a kid. Even now, I have a terrible headache and am just nervous because I can feel it around me. Just moving .. I’m really big on energy .. and spiritual connection I always have been. I guess I’m just scared to face it as everyone else. I’ve never experienced a death of someone I was just really close with. Though my Bestfriend’s dad did pass away a few years ago and my significant others mom. I don’t think I want them gone but I would like to know who they are. And why make contact this whole week everyday.


  2. My spirit lives in one room of house. 3 days ago I heard from this upstairs bedroom a big crash. I am the only one home sick from work. I go upstairs and in the one room broken glass. 2 glass bottles, the glass thrown around the room, and a glass dish that my grandaugher made. MY granddaughter is 14 now living with us is scared to stay in room. THIS spirit has been in that room since my middle daughter lived at home. I never believed her of the things she would tell me, but I am a believer now. I though someone was in the house, I go running upstairs with a kitchen knife. IS this spirit becoming mean/evil. IS it going to hurt my grand-daughter


  3. The past two nights I have felt a presence around me at night while trying to sleep. I do have anxiety and at first I thought it was just my imagination but then I felt someone touch me in a room that was supposedly only occupied by myself. My legs were also slowly dragged across my bed under the covers and my arms pressed down against the bed. Last night I moved locations and stayed in a hotel and had the same feeling except more intense than the night before. I kept getting the feeling of being choked and my head was being jerked back every now and again. I did hear a few knocks on the hotel room door with my earplugs in and then heard my name being called a few moments later. When I opened my eyes I thought I saw a figure moving in the kitchen area. Thankfully I had someone with me all night but they did not experience any of the feelings or visions that I did, and they were able to sleep while I am still awake and unable to do so out of fear. I took your advice and acknowledged what I believe to be Spirit, and let them know I am not ready to be contacted by them. I am going to look into a Clairvoyant who may be able to help me with my situation. Your article helped me a lot with finally accepting that it is Spirit that is present in my life.


  4. Recently Lost my partner to suicide I witnessed & been having hard time ,I know hes in a better place but Im always wondering if he visits me & our daughter & if I’m just wishful thinking, I felt a hand touch my body & felt fingers aswell… Thanx for your article it’s really helpful , my mind feels puzzled & it’s not something to talk to anyone about as people can be judge mental of me


  5. I’m really worried right now. Since I was younger I was used to see things and hear things and I used to hear loads of whispers al at one time in different voices and I shouted ‘shut up’ and started crying and it all stopped. But when I turned about 14/15 it all started again and because I ignored it i ended up with scratches and bruises and I didn’t know what it was, I thought I was losing my mind. And I’ve been hearing people whispering my name and it gets louder and louder each time. It’s like all the different people take it in turns to say my name one after the other but there’s a massive shout right at the end before it goes silent and its always a mans voice and I shut it out. Since I’ve read this and while I was reading it I was seeing things and hearing things and I felt secure so I asked my angels to protect me if there was negative energy and then I heard something on my landing so I went on the landing with just the torch light on my phone and I saw loads of different weird lights. I then went in my room and turned the light off and recorded it and there were green balls of light gold balls of white some that were a weird shape and went really slow and the lights sort of listened to me as well. Is that weird? And then at the end of the video I recorded it went off because I didn’t have enough storage space to keep recording and I was doing something on my phone I looked up and saw a shadow sat/ stood I’m not too sure at the end of my bed. It was like the shadow of a man. And now I feel like I’m being touched and poked and my leg feels paralyzed and it keeps twitching. What shall I do?


  6. I am quite certain that I have been visited, but if I could have you answer one question it would be how to tell who is visiting you. Can you ever really be sure? I suspect it was someone dear to me who died recently but how can I ever know?


  7. Ehm… so I’ve read through your article just now and you really took some worry away, but I’m still a little scared. You see, I’ve always acknowledged the spirits around me, and I really like them. I think it’s two, but it also could only be one spirit… or even more I don’t really know.
    However something changed tonight. I was having a sleep paralysis and in my ‘hallucination’ a spirit was quite terrifying and angry. He/she held my arms, tried to shake me, called me ‘stupid girl’ and than something I couldn’t understand (maybe in a different language or the voice was just extremely distorted). After that it felt like the spirit was entering me. I got up as fast as I could and walked to my moms room… just to realize, that I was still asleep in my bed. I woke up light headed and with cold sweat all over my body.
    Your article says that most spirits mean no harm and I’ve never encountered one that tried to harm me but I’m not quite sure about this one. I’ve never felt so much energy and aggression when a spirit contacted me quite frankly; before your article I never really looked into this subject. I just accepted it. I’m not a medium. I could be I guess, I’m just too scared to actually seeing them. Anyways you said, MOST spirit mean no harm. I tried talking to it after I woke up, asked a couple of questions and it answered by making sounds. When I said ‘But you are not here, to cause me harm?’, it stayed silent. It really could mean anything, but there is still this nagging. As I’ve said, that was a really fearsome experience.
    I hope you can tell me something, that calms down my nerves.
    With kind Regards,


  8. I have spirits in my house one told me that he was going to hurt me but he didn’t at all. I hear music good ones and bad ones. I love to get rid of them but I don’t have the money to get rid of them. I pray to god to get rid of them but that would take a long time. I can’t talk to them it wouldnt be nice conversations. What should I do need help.


  9. I’ve had a spirit in my house for a long time now and follows me everywhere, think it’s my brother who was killed long ago and so did mother before she passed. I’ve tried to help him cross over but I’m not strong enough yet, i tried to force it out and just said we will cross over together then.But since then another not so nice spirit has come in i believe it’s trying to take him for himself. Asking if he wants to go he keeps replying “no”. I can send the other one out but just keeps coming back like attachment spirits do. Now i have two, one i want help and the other i want to make him leave us alone. Iwant to help my brother’s spirit go to the light and be with those who love him but it isn’t working for me. Can you help?


  10. I met this guy who I believe was my soul mate we clicked we were perfect. He killed himself leaving of us w unanswered ?? Never had experiences or any issues w the passing of anyone not even my mom. Losing her hurt and about killed me , but loosing him oh god I can’t explain the hurt. Since he died I’ve experienced some thing’s im not scemail of the spirit its what is around it, pics are sCarey I can see my cover move and feel him on me . pkzz email me this site has helped ty what do I do . if u seen what im seeing oh man


  11. I came on here looking for information bc the beginning of December I was in the bathroom cleaning while my husband and baby boy were in the living room well our bedroom is directly across from the bathroom i felt something staring I felt really heavy energy I turned and saw a shawdow in the door way both lights were on but it stayed there for what felt like forever my heart was pounding my middle of my spin hurt hairs were standing I walked out calmly into the living room with my husband and baby so I wasn’t alone then the goose bumps hit I was terrified I know it wasn’t good from my previous experience with bringing home my baby from the hospital there was a shawdow half way out like everyday and my baby would just smile it was only in 3 places a day peeking from the hallway into the living room peeking from the dining room into the living room and while he was in the bassinet at night sleeping not even a foot away from him was the spirit but I was getting so scared even though my baby would smile and laugh in those directions and sleep fine I finally told the spirit look I know you like my baby maybe you wanted a child of your own or your a parent or grandparent and miss your children but please stop showing yourself to me I just can’t metally handle it I said if you are good and won’t hurt my baby you are done to keep looking but if you are bad and have bad intentions please go away well I haven’t seen that spirit since but my baby still smiles and laughs at those certain areas but the one I met in December was different I was to scared to say or do anything it felt strong and was staring at me for so long the way it made me hurt and feel wasn’t the way the other one made me feel what is it


  12. Hi ,
    I need your advise as since around three month ago , i started to hear wierd knocks in the house every now and then ‘ i live in a rented studio ‘ , the fourth time i heard i realized there’s a spirit around me , i am not afraid but this is unconfortable at all . Untill today i am home sick and didn’t go to work , i woke up and took my breakfast and went to sleep by12:30 PM then at 2:30 PM i heared a young woman or a girl calling my name but mostly a girl’s voice i opened my eyes and stood still then suddenly i felt something very heavy got into me i could barely breath and my whole body came into something like shock even my head , i tried so hard to talk or move and it was very difficult to say god help me , when it stopped i stood still and didn’t move then again this time was that heavy vibes came to my whole head like she wants me to get up, i got up from the bed very fast , i need to know if this is real or what to do !!


  13. I have lived in places where people have passed away and not too long ago I seen things go missing and someone touching me and a person standing beside me and touching my hair and a hand pulled my hair and a toy eagle light up and move with no wind another place where someone running up the stairs and also seeing people who passed away in my dreams.I wasn’t afraid.what are they trying to tell do I talk to them.


  14. at night I would wakeup still sleepy but with my eyes closed this kind of feeling would always happen before this strange energy would appear next to me, scared but aware I would feel foot steps approach my bed side with every step causing a vibration in my body and the vibration would get more intense as the energy or spirit in this case approached or got closer to me this started happening one night when I was visiting my mom at her new apartment, the energy would walk up to me and I would feel it stair at me for a few minutes then walk away after with the same vibration going through my body as it departs but then the strange feeling followed me even to my home this continued for a max of two years I always was scared to open my eyes and see what it could be but strange the energy didn’t say or do anything I just could feel its presents in the room and it always showed an interest in me as I could hear it come from a distance


  15. Hello,
    I recently had a somewhat disturbing experience and I am wondering if you can provide any insight. My name is Melissa. I recently joined a paranormal investigation group. Last night I went on my second investigation. We were at the house from 11pm to 3am, i felt nothing until around 3 when we were packing up to leave. I was setting on the counter and I started to feel uneasy then every time I would reach out I would feel something like an electric shock radiating through my thumb up my hand and into my arm…I felt that about 10 times(it hurt) then we left and I felt nothing else. The first investigation was at an old hotel owned by my family. I went into the investigation with an open mind, I don’t remember ever having any experiences with the paranormal in the past. As the investigation started the first place we went to was the room my 5 year old aunt died in, we asked questions and waited….I felt nothing abnormal, no fear….nothing. I grew up in this place so I felt normal and I wasn’t afraid or uncomfortable while in the place at all. After the first room we went upstairs to one of the rooms and sat down and began the same routine. As we sat down I still felt normal, I wasn’t scared. We began the questioning, my partner asked if my aunt Sandy was there. Somehow I knew she wasn’t, I can’t explain how I knew that, but I could feel she wasn’t. I have never felt that way before. He asked more questions and at some point I lost attention from the rest of the room and suddenly I was just inside myself…I could hear the questioning but for some reason I wasn’t paying attention. Then I felt overwhelming sadness and paralyzing depression sweep over me, I felt like sobbing and almost did. My body felt heavy and I was different, nobody else in the room mattered at this point. Then I seen her….not as a spirit though. It was as if the image was being put into my head and that’s all I was able to see ( in my own head…not a hallucination!) I could see her hair, her body, and her clothes, but her face was blurry and smudged. I could see and feel she was pregnant…almost full term…I couldn’t feel the sex of the infant but somehow I could feel the baby…I can’t explain how..but I knew I was feeling the baby….for what felt like about 20 seconds I felt as if she and I were in the same place alone together..I felt nothing but her. Then I came back from whatever that was and began to feel giddy and stated to giggle for no reason…that feeling swept over me just as the sadness had, then I felt a weird sense of confusion then sadness again..the entire time I wasn’t afraid. We ended the session and as I got up and was walking out the door I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and I said thank you without even thinking about it, then as soon as I stepped over the threshold I felt as if she was gone or unattached from me. I walked downstairs and I was calm, we loaded up the equipment and as I was walking down the stairs outside I got a huge headacheand felt dizzy. I got into the car, as soon as I got into the car what had just happened hit me and I became very emotional, but these were my own emotions…I can’t explain why I felt that way but I felt like crying, I felt something like sadness. It took 45 minutes to get home and felt like that the entire time. My brother, who was with me the entire time during the investigation felt things while we were there to..but he explained it was nothing like I felt. He felt 3 distinct changes. First coldness, then ( ugh..I can’t remember exactly what he said), third I remember him saying he felt as if the atmosphere at gotten thick in the room and he thought as if he felt three entities or something in the room with us. Neither of us had ever felt this before in our lives and we went into this investigation not truly believing in anything without any fear or expectation at all because we had grown up in this place. My brother has been learning with the local Shawnee Indian tribe and has practiced rituals so when we got back to my house I had him do a cedar cleansing ritual on me. As he was burning the cedar I began to feel panicked for some reason I couldn’t get the image of her out of my head…he could see I felt panic so he tried to reassure me and directed me to breathe in the cedar smoke..I had a headache the entire time. When he was through with the ritual he said that he could see my aura and it was clear but I still felt panic and felt like her image is burned into my memory. While everything was happening during the investigation I didn’t feel as if she was malevolent……like I said, this has never happened to me before. I am confused, I don’t even know if what I felt was even real or if at the time I was just hormonal or something and did my mind make up the image of the woman. When I seen her image I didn’t see that she was pregnant but I felt that she was and I even felt that she was almost full term. Can this be real?…I’m just looking for answers…Am I some kind of medium?.. Or do ” spirits” do this to random people if it was real?… Will this happen to me again if I go on another investigation?… I am very confused.


  16. Hi Debbie, I’ve been on a very intense spiritual journey that has left me extremely confused.
    I went into a psychosis 6 months ago and felt the scariest energy I’ve felt in my entire life. Since then I have been on a spiritual roller coaster.
    I feel spirit with me 24/7, shifting energy through my body. There is a constant vibrating noise in the background and I feel the energy pop and leave throughout my ear canal all day long.
    I dont know what this is or how to deal with it, I know I need help.
    There is a very strong spirit with me. Sometimes when I try to get help understanding, it interferes.
    I pray to God, I don’t know what he wants me to do.
    All I want is help and validation for why this is happening to me and if I should be scared.
    I wish I knew anything, are they angels or are they demons? How many are there? What do they want from me?


  17. Hello I really enjoyed this article. I do have a question. I had a meduim come to my home in February and after she left I began to see and hear things I never did before. Just five months ago I suffered a very sad tragedy losing my sister and my brother in law within ten days of eachother,and they had been married on Oct 1,2016. They both passed before they got their marriage license.

    My family thinks it’s because of my tragedy and my sadness that I am feeling and seeing things they don’t so I started to document and now I have some proof to atleast keep them from locking me up. I have to say because I don’t no what I am dealing with I feel uncomfortable alot,and I can’t relaxe. Can you please give me some advice as to how to relaxe. I am on edge. I did knowledge but like you said I had also made it clear I wasn’t able to talk or help right now,but one day I might be able to.

    Then last night I was feeling a horrible burning under my arm and my ears hurt so bad. It was overwhelming. I video taped me saying who are you and to leave now because they crosses a line with me and also asked if he or she was from the light and said to say yes or no if they were and after I said leave me aloneI played back the video and it says no after I say to leave but I’m confused as to what they answered to. The one about the light or about leaving me alone. So idk im feeling ok and a lil uneasy tonight but could use some more ways to protect myself as well.


  18. I’m going through a custody battle and also trying to beat a prescription pill addiction along with renewing my faith in God and my step dad is in ICU last night I had very vivid dreams about sex, drugs and then I felt a cold finger touchy cheek three times, it didn’t scare me I felt as if it was curious about me??? Can u helpe please with this


  19. Hello dear:)
    I have a huge question. What happens if my father stays alone at home in the mornings Monday-Friday till my sisters get home from school and its the 3rd time that he says he’s sitting on his bed playing a game and he can see from the sidenof his eye a little white boy standing by the edge of his bed and the first time he saw it he thought he might of lwft his front door open but when he followed the baby it disappeared. Then in one of the other occasions he made eye contact with my dad and then the baby ran to the living room disappearing again. Is there any information tou could give me about this :(?


  20. I have been being followed by a spirit for 3 years now. I have been physical touched constantly for 2 of these years. Sometimes the pain is to much for me to bare. I can’t think or sleep. I cry constantly. I have set very clear boundaries and yet I am still being touched.
    This spirit is a man that I met when I was 15 and has loved me ever since. I am now 51 and he committed suicide. He was very special and he was a police officer in the USA. He was embarrassed of everyone seeing him deteriorate as he had Parkinson’s Disease. I am the only one he ever trusted enough to come to with this information. Please help me help him. He has like 3 friends that are with him that are hitting me on the back. He is highly sexual with me. He cracks jokes and wants to play a game he and his buddies played in the Army. He did help me find out that I have a rare form of Paryencharditis and hormonal seizures. I stumped…..😢😰😡😤


    • Will you please help me. I have been having horrible dreams also. Very rarely do I have a good dream. I have had so many now that I would not even be able to explain them all to you. Please help


  21. I have left a comment here before. It’s been some time now and it’s okay, I understand you may not be able to reply to everyone. However I wanted to tell you about what happened to me the other day when I took a nap. I fell asleep for maybe a hour and woke up. I fell back asleep not long after I woke up, for around 15-20 minutes. In that time I dreamt I was suffocating. I was blowing into something covered with plastic wrap and it must’ve created a vacuum effect because then the plastic wrap sucked to my nose and mouth. I remember thinking “this is it, this is how I’m going to die.” I woke up gasping for air. It was the scariest thing for me. I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. How do I interpret this?


    • I’d say you were either reliving your death or felt someone else’s. That must have been so horrible for you. You must have been so relieved to wake up Sweetheart.
      If its never happened before I’d say you were picking up someone’s murder. I hope it was your last time. Please let me know if it happens again OK? I’m so sorry for the delays. I’m just so backed up and have no time. I’m determined to get to all the comments and emails eventually though.
      Love and Light


      • Thank you so much for the response. It was very terrifying and your answer makes sense. It explains why I have always had a fear of not being able to breathe.


      • Then that’s a past life event my Darling. I imagine it was most terrifying indeed. But next time it happens I suggest relaxing and see what you can see to learn more about who you were. Male, Female?, Young, Old, Murder, Suicide? What era? Etc…’ll be astounded at what you can learn, unravel and discover. I’m guessing you were asleep at the time of being smothered so that’s why your Soul goes back to that a lot when your asleep. Poor thing.


  22. Last night I felt something in my bedroom …I switched off tv and lights in the mirror a dark shadow moved twice ….then when I turned round in d bed something touched my back …..I went to sleep in d morning my TV switched on remote control was not near me ….I dud feel slightly afraid but felt warmth too…was this a ghost unexplained few years ago something pulled my arm dragged me over the bed ….but yet I felt warmth ….. who us it wot do they want …… karen


  23. Debbie,
    I just took photos of the pink full moon and several faces, a few particularly frightening, a few are family members that have passed on, and, others I do not recognize, appeared in the photos. You would need to see them to believe it. Please email me and I will happily send them to you. In one, there are a set of eyes that have unnerved me terribly. I assure you, I am not a crackpot nor do I suffer from mental illness. I have had otherwordly experiences throughout my lifetime and kept them mostly to myself for fear of ridicule.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


    • pink moon means time to focus on new beginnings. But why are you scared to see loved ones in pictures? That would be totally awesome. Red eyes just means its like reflecting off the colours and bouncing it back a different colour. Light us made up of all colours. So your gonna see colours inside colours. I can’t wait to see your family.


  24. I just had a spirit dig finger in the back of my neck and feeling of it rubbing it self up and down on me from behind I was asleep in bed sleeping on my stomach. I said go away. It did. I can still feel my neck like it was being held. Could this be a person having an putter body experience. Felt like an old man.. xxx


  25. hey with this artical just wondering is it normal that I started to get scared of a sudden room. Can something from negative past cling on to objects/ emotions? Etc.

    It’s just I feel like recently I’m getting jumpy when I go into one certain room of my house… In all honesty I did not feel anything when I first moved in and lived in a newly built house for two months but until I started to go through my childhood box to do clean up/decide what I want to chuck out like I felt like a weird event happen to me that day and yeah I get easily jumpy in that room. My childhood consist of really dark vibes/enegies and events.

    While I was cleaning that day I was in my neutral mood if anything I didn’t think of the past I just wanted to do some cleaning and be happy


  26. Can spirits take things from you. Had a nightgown missing. A phone. My hearing aid. Sometimes they show up after quite a while. Thanks


  27. I have a question I don’t know but my voice get changes suddenly ….don’t know whether there are my elder who died or some one who I don’t know like ghost …and most important part is I got some strange mark on my four head it’s like tilakam (same like god narayan has on his four head ) I am not sure of this as well …so what u like is happen to me
    Is this a physiological problem …or same thing what u said … please slove my problem


    • I do but I work 20hr days on about 14 different time zones doing readings and teaching. I’m getting a radio show in the US in a few weeks and will have more time to do my blog as I won’t be doing full time readings anymore freeing up more time.
      Trust me. It annoys me too. But I’m determined to try and answer all questions in my life time even if it kills me.


  28. Hello. My name is Amy and I have read A LOT of everything in my years in this area. I have never eard it described better. It has made me tremendously happy to read this. Finally someone ho is being honest. Thank u. God bless:)


    • Well thank you so very much for your kind words and support.
      It is an honour for me that you took the time to appreciate everything I do.
      I have the best job in the world because of people like you.
      Thank you again
      Love and Light


  29. Hello,
    I am hoping you can help me for the past 2 weeks I have not been able to get good sleep because I know there is a sprit in my house I hear it walking and hitting walls ! It often frightens me and my 17 month son while we sleep he co sleeps with me. my husband sleeps in guest room because he wakes up early and uses very loud alarms to wake . I’ve asked it to leave us alone and to go away but it hasn’t I pray and I try to ignore . But nothing has worked I’m feeling stressed and crazy ! I just want to sleep! I get severe anxiety and I also understand if it’s here for good reasons but I want it to go away ! I also have very unusual dreams and hear voices and names of people or things randomly in my head . I also have sound machine i could hear voices on it !!! I just want to stop ! My son sees it as well but only about twice he has became frightened! What do I do so it can leave us alone or what do I ask to have it show what it wants so it can go away? I’ve had sprits around me since I was little and usually with ignoring they finally go away and usually never have disrupted my sleep for so long! Please help


    • Sweetheart, it’s you. Your the one causing the activity. 99.9% of all poltergeist activity comes from those under a high amount of stress.
      Your children will be feeding off you. You will have Spirits around no doubt but if your son isn’t reacting to it then your protected not in danger. However he IS picking up on you. When we are stressed and tired etc….we change the chemicals in our brain and one of the results of this is telekinesis. You can create energy that can then move about and bounce around. It has to go somewhere so it can result in things being knocked, tapped, rapped, kicked, punched, pushed, over, on and against. You can hear your name being called, heavy breathing. gasping, growls etc….ALL a result of pent up stress and depression etc….I truly feel you need to relax a little more. Your waking up at the same time because your body has been conditioned to do so. You’ve set an internal alarm clock. I suggest you take something like Valerian. It is 100% natural, and helps you fall asleep naturally but never a deep one. No side affects. Take it just before bed and just for a couple of weeks until your body resets it’s clock.
      You only need 1 and you don’t get that heavy drowsy feeling. You fall asleep naturally.
      Also find an outlet for your anxiety that is constructive and productive. Music, or crafts, cooking, gardening etc….you need to get this under control or it will start to control you then it gets really bad.
      Talk to your husband too, tell him how your feeling. I feel a lot of pent up resentment or underlying emotion there with him. You need his help.
      he need to help.
      Good luck and remember I’m here.
      Love and Light


  30. I m getting d dreams of spirits.i dnt knw y
    .bt this happened mostly.may it’s a sign or what.d spirits in my dreams are usually hurting me
    last night I got dream like a spirit entered in my body nd started hurting me. bt I started to praying nd chanting ‘hanuman chalisa’. what’s d meaning of dt dream??plz tel


  31. All my life I have been dealing with spirits. My friend has had attacks and we did research on it and we figured out she had a guardian angel so when she was physically attacked (she heard footsteps then was pushed up against a wall and passed out) and had her house blessed since then I have had small occurrences none of which have been even similar to hers just I could feel things around me and we have noticed ONLY OUR heads hurt when there is a occurrence do you know what is going on plus when searching on site we found out most small children can feel this so we watch her ever so often but we are both 12 so what is going on???


    • Hello Sweetheart, okay so lets begin, Firstly, there is no such thing as a psychic attack. No one has those kind of powers over ones psychic or spiritual energy without invitation or without something like hypnosis so you can relax about that one. Your young girls who are scaring yourselves and you need to calm down okay my Sweet? Your on the brink of adulthood and will be creating more than your wanting because of the hysteria of it. Please always try to remember the fear of the paranormal is always worse than the reality of it.
      Which means, it’s scary because you don’t understand what is going on. Blessing your house is useless, if it works its because it’s psychosomatic which means it works because you believe it does but the truth of the matter is I don’t think she is dealing with an actual dead person at all. I think she gets caught in time bends where her time matches up with the past and she lives in the past for a split second.
      That’s what ‘Ghosts’ are. They aren’t dead at all. Her experience with the footsteps and being pushed was simply her getting pushed aside by someone who in his time was running down his hallway because he was late for work. I bet he would of felt a rush of air hit him and he wouldn’t of known why.
      The most common way to explain this is when someone says ‘I feel like someone walked over my grave’. It literally feels like someone has walked right through you and yes it can knock you off your feet.
      The headaches are because in order to feel, see or talk to the dead your pineal gland needs to be activated. Headaches are a direct result of your pineal gland activating. It means you have just had an experience with the dead and your headache is reacting as a result because your brain is where the pineal gland is.
      It’s not most children can see Spirit, it is that ALL children can. Everyone can. Age has nothing to do with it, but most of us grow out of it by the age of about 8.
      But puberty and pre puberty triggers the brains chemical components to change and a child’s gift will never be stronger without development and training than when they are teenagers.
      Poltergeists are teenage angst in telekinetic form. So my babygirl, you can relax. Your not dealing with anything scary. You just need to understand what is happening. The dead aren’t that mean. Trust me.
      Just read my stuff and then you’ll learn what your dealing with. Don’t let your imaginations scare you okay if in doubt, come here.
      Love and Light


  32. Also last night I felt a hand on my shoulder and then boom!, it turned morning just like a light switch off then on what is going on??


    • If you were in bed at the time it was your Spirit trying to leave your body but your body wasn’t shutting down to begin the sleep process so your Spirit Elder will have turned you off so to speak so your Spirit could go and wander. Your body will be under 24 hour guard with the best kind of Spirit in the Universe watching it while you went off and did your Spirit based things. Your Spirit Elder rocks and you should never feel afraid of them. They give up their journey to watch over you and protect you and can even be ancestors of yours.
      Just because it’s scary doesn’t mean it is anything to be scared of, remember that okay?
      Poor thing, you must of been terrified not knowing all these things that have been happening to you.
      Love and Light


  33. Thanks for bringing some insight to the unexplained in my life. I’ve had these entities attracted to me since my first memories. Ive attracted really evil one’s (the kind that hit you), the ones that comited murder, some that have been murdered, some i just can’t explain, i cant tell what they are, some just wondering around, some silent ones looking for people to help, ancestors, and those I believe have saved me without letting themselves be seen. I’ve brushed death many many times and miracles happen. I know God has something to do with it. Im less worried or another word afraid now. Im dealing with one right now that I accidentally recorded asking me if I can see him. There was 2 that threatened me in italian haven’t heard from them lately thank God. I googled what I recorded and it was italian. I kinda would want this to stop. I don’t think that’s an option. But if it is how can I accomplish that? And my other question is why do they humm? Also why does it sound like electricity surging in my head when they try to get in?
    Hope to hear back from you soon.


    • Hi Eddie, they don’t Hum you do. It’s not Spirit making the electricity surging through your head, it’s your pineal gland in your brain being activated because you made contact with Spirit.
      You can shut yourself down simply by closing your eyes and imagining an open door. Count backwards from 10 -1 and imagine the door closing. When you get to 1 the door should be closed shut. Also put salt across your front doors threshold. I don’t know that’s it’s as you say Hun, I think your misunderstanding some of what your experiencing but if you email me at I can help you understand it better but I do have a plethora of posts you can read that will explain it all for you. But you know where I am.
      Love and Light


  34. Hi, I have a real good friend that passed away in her sleep, they say it was a heart attack. She was only 40 years old . I wake up every night about the same time , around 3:00 to 4:00 am . Around the time she passed away. When I wake up I feel very uneasy , I feel like I have something inside of me , I want to jump out of my skin . I also have been having bad headaches, especially in my neck . I feel like a nervous wreck all the time . Having a MRI done next week. I had neck X-ray and get results tomorrow. This morning I woke up and went to the bathroom and my hair on my head was standing straight up ! I also feel very sweaty when I wake up and my heart is racing. I asked my friend that passed away what she wants from me about a week ago , I was on a walk and talked to her . I am recently good friends with her sister that lives out of state . I met when my friend passed away. We have become very close. I recently went and visited her . I don’t think that my friend that passed away wants me to be friends with her . When I was on my walk . I asked her if she would appear if that in fact was problem . I asked her to appear as a Cardinal Bird , I looked to my left side and low and behold there was one there on a fence post. Is that a sign to not be friends with her sister? I need to know, if so I will break all ties with my friend that passed away sister. Please help me , my fiancé thinks I am nuts . I truly believe that my friend that passed is sending me signs . I feel her presence every time I wake up ! I need your advice ASAP! Also is the reason I am not feeling well a sign ? I have no where to turn to ask anyone. Is my friend that passed away asking me for help, or is she just not want me to be friends with her sister? Also her sister went and seen a Lady that is a psychic . The psychic said for me not to cry over her death. So I don’t anymore. It’s a long story but the psychic went up to my friends sisters son at a public place and said tht she knew that his Aunt passed away. Is my friend communcating thru the family? It’s all so strange . I need to know more please! Can you help me ?


  35. I read your article and it was very interesting, I have recently been woken up in the middle of the night with the feeling that I wasn’t alone. Except, a very strange feeling rushed through my body. It felt as if my whole body was being shocked but not in a painful it was just a very intense tingling feeling. I have experience with spirits but I have never experienced this feeling and I’m quite curious as to what it is. Thank you for your time, Casie VonDenBosch


  36. What a great article. I often sense spirits. Ill some times be laying in bed full of calmness and then I’ll get a sudden overwhelming feeling of somebody with me. This often makes me look into a particular area of my room. I’ll feel scared which makes my heart beat faster as well as breathing heavier. I have also experienced somebody shouting me when I was at my university flat. I was walking through the hallway and heard my name so clearly that I turned around. There was nobody there and nobody in at the time. I often see shadows quickly and also get a ringing in my ear at random times. X


  37. My son pasted away 1 year ago June 22 my question is a kitten just showed up one day all by itself my son loved cats could this be a sign he is trying to contact me


  38. I keep havingt. Cold sspot on top of my head about quarter size it happens once a day too a few times a day is it a spirit becausey my mom has passed a yr ago cud it b her?


  39. Hi, I’m only 14 but lately I’ve felt very scared. At night, if I’m the last one to go to sleep in my house I always feel afraid to sleep and I feel like someone’s there even though no one is. Nothing freaky has ever happened in my sleep, but I do find myself waking in the middle of the night for no reason. During the day or at night, unexplained things sometimes happen. Sometimes I swear I feel a breeze (although I might be just imagining it) and all windows in my house are closed. Sometimes things fall off a pile or something if they’re close to the edge, even if they looked stable to begin with. The freakiest thing that I can definitely remember happened just under a hour ago, during the day, when I was tidying my room. I picked up a pair of shorts while sitting on my floor and I was about to put it away when I felt something kind of press on my shoulder. I looked behind me, and there was nothing there. It also seemed to stop as soon as I turned around. I’m not sure if I’m just being paranoid or if something is actually going on, but could you please help me because I’m too afraid to sleep alone at night, I often have to move my mattress into my parents room because otherwise I can’t sleep.


  40. I do not know if you will respond to this message. I live in the Midwest of the United States. I have been having some issues and my home. I would appreciate if you would email me if possible please.


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