Reading Energy: How I do what I do.

So how do I know two of you are getting new jobs, one of you is about to break up with your partner for a better life and one of you is about to either get pregnant or hear of a pregnancy in your family that brings great joy and celebration? One of you is about to find the love of your life and they have been right under your nose the whole time.

The same way I knew one of your loved ones was battling with depression and was contemplating ending his life? Having never met any of you or know anything about you. It’s your energy. It is how I do 90% of my readings now. If you closed your eyes and put your hand over a stove element you would feel heat was on even without even looking to see if it was. Because you can…feel the heat. I work the same way when I read for my clients and communicate with Spirit.

My friend asked me to do this blog because he thought it was interesting that I told him ‘his energy had changed since he did the cleansing’. All I need is for the person I am reading for to type something, say, write, sing something and I can feel their energy in my body. I can feel if they are sad, happy, scared, depressed, annoyed etc…just like the element on the hob. When I focus on that energy I can then pick up why they are sad or happy etc….but also I can pick up celebrations, sadness, fights, fear and the like even if they don’t because then  once I tune in to that persons initial energy I then get images off Spirit to go along with that energy. So I might have someone email me for a reading and because I only allow one question and nothing else, I am able to pick up on the energy they used to type the email, or write the letter or message they left on my phone. I then take about 5 minutes to making a direct call to Spirit and the images start flashing up in my head of why I am picking up that sad energy or whatever it is I am picking up. Often times the person I am reading for won’t know the celebration is coming and I did just recently put my foot in it with a friend of mine who just had a gorgeous baby the other day that her man was ring shopping lol But because we are all psychic or intuitive beings, our body reacts to future events. The same way some of us know ‘something’ is about to happen in America, and it gives us a feeling of anticipation or nerves and we feel like we are all waiting with baited breath to see what happens. It’s also the same way we can take an INSTANT dislike to someone we just met but can’t put our finger on why we don’t like them. We have all had that feeling of having butterflies in our stomach but don’t know why. Well I have taught myself or rather have just always been able to tune in to that to find out why. But yes even I can be given surprises. I always know something is coming but even I get nice little surprises from Spirit. I am always warned of the bad stuff though. Which I appreciate but I can’t say Mr can say the same lol.

Once I make that connection with a clients energy through their email or letter etc….I get kind of switched off from reality. I used to be able to control it but over the last 12 months I have lost control of it. I now barely remember anything once I open the email. It has become apparent to me through my husband that I am now losing entire afternoons or nights and when I come out of it I have been predicting, guiding and communicating for him or someone who I have no recollection of.

They (Spirit) seem to be using me to transmit messages through in a way that they have never done to me before. I don’t black out, I seem to function perfectly well to people who don’t know I’m in this Transmission, I am always safe and it is only when I start talking in different tones or accents that people know it isn’t ME, me. I apparently have spoken like an Indian Woman (as in the country India), English, French, Italian etc…and I’m a New Zealander so my accent is pretty obvious anyway but it’s when my own accent changes, people know to listen. All this starts with one connection. It could be a word someone uses that triggers it, like I say, an email, letter, phone call or conversation.

The people getting read are apparently blown away by it because they have described it as ‘fluid predictions in the form of a conversation’. So it’s like I blank out, and start talking non stop, predicting one thing after another that are beyond my possibility of knowing’ But when I come out of it I just feel a bit dizzy, and heavy and tired. Like I’ve been in a dark room watching a movie marathon. Spirit told me late last year that I would be learning a new way of doing things and I would feel like I was back at Spirit School like when I was 16 but I honestly didn’t think it would be like ‘this’.

I previously from the age of 15-16 did my readings through using normal playing cards. I would lay them out having had the client shuffle them. I had a specific way of doing it and only used certain cards in the deck. Then when I kind of unfocused my eyes I would get images in my head, and feelings to correspond with the images, then little videos would play in my head, then if it was a really good in depth reading, the cards would literally flip and become completely different images.

A reading would last about an hour and my clients would go away knowing they got their £20 worth. Well now I charge £45 but I’m doing about an average of 1 hour 45 for a reading and tend to talk about every aspect of the client’s life that needs to be talked about. The last one I did a couple of days ago, after she got her reading she rang me in tears. I panicked because I thought I had done something wrong as I do have issues with esteem when I know someone is paying their hard-earned money for a reading.

And she then put a tick on every single box I had brought up in her reading and couldn’t thank me enough, she was even impressed when I said to her ‘your getting a new car, like a Rav 4 but not a Rav 4, but it’s Jeepish like and I think it’s grey but it keeps changing on me’ They went in to get their new car which is just another models version of a Rav 4 and they were getting it in grey but that colour was no longer available so they chose black instead. She kept asking me ‘How….how can you possible know all of this just from a text message I sent’…..and it’s all because when I got her text. I felt her energy through the phone.

I could tell she was worried and at her wits end. It definitely helps when I’ve read for the person before. It does get easier the more I’ve read for someone. I will often find I pick up stuff about them even without doing a reading and will send a text or email to let them know what I saw. Oh incidentally I did tell this woman a co-worker was going to win some money and it would be enough for renovations and a nice holiday. They won some money and are off to the Bahamas or somewhere like that in the Caribbean while her Kitchen is getting refitted. So I’m picking up on people around the client too lol

Energy is a wonderful thing. It can tell an entire story of someones life. I’m sure you have all been with someone where even though they were acting perfectly normal, you just KNEW something was on their mind. We all have Auras and our Auras change depending on our moods. They can let us know when celebration or illness is coming and I simply use that energy to read for you. I can also see colours around people some times too. Usually when some life changing things is about to happen. Your colours will leap off you and I will know something is about to happen to you. Not always bad of course but not always good. But it really is a fascinating thing. I find it extremely fascinating. The mind boggles me. The things we are capable of doing is beyond understanding and I’m just an Indigo Baby, my sons are both Crystal Babies and they will unlock even more than me. So I can’t wait to see how their gifts turn out. They are both healers and my oldest see’s Spirit and my Youngest has Natural Telepathy. This has been evident since birth. I can’t wait to train them.

I do believe and have been shown us in the future (as in man) and we will know longer have the need for vocal contact. We will evolve into Telepaths and Telekenetic Beings. It’s a long way off yet though. We have to stop hurting each other and listen to our Planet before that can happen. But as long as there is one like me now, there are bound to be two like me tomorrow. I know there are many like me but we all work on different wave lengths. Mine is changing all the time and I will accept that it is necessary for me. But it is exciting to experience. They have never put me in any danger and they take care of me, so if they need to take me up a notch then so be it. I can then pass on what I know to others. Anything I can do to help people understand Spirit, I will do it. I hope this helps you understand what I’m talking about a wee bit better. If not, ask away. I’m only too happy to help or edit as the case may be lol

Love and Light to you all

Ghosts/Spirits: Dispelling some quick myths.

Coming from a looooooong line of people with gifts there are things that really bother me about what people think when it comes to Spirit. As a Person Of The Light I take my faith in Spirit and the Light very seriously and I know it bothers them too because I’m the one getting yelled at when they see something happening on the TV that is inaccurate or plain untrue. Hence why my husband has banned me from watching certain shows. So here is a list of some of the things that aren’t true that if your told by a Psychic are true, you know they aren’t expert in all things Spirit and Paranormal based (and if you take money for your gift then you are classed as an expert). You MUST be honest in this field. And I’m not going to start lying to please people who believe otherwise. Education is the key to understanding Spirit.

Okay so Myth


They don’t wander grave yards waiting for someone to pass by. They simply appear when they know someone who can see or feel them is there. Most commonly it is Spirits who have been moved from their family or their headstone have been moved that will stay around the longest. It can be the reason why they don’t cross over. But once you assure them they are better off on the other side they seem happy to go join their family. It seems to be graves and headstones of people died before about 1950 that hold on to the headstone and grave issues. I personally feel it is because they fear being forgotten. But either way, it isn’t hard to pass them on. I do believe all Spirits who don’t come and go of their own accord should be passed on.


I’ve seen way too many readings being done on TV and in person where the Psychic or Medium, Intuitive clairvoyant will say ‘Oh he still drinks his beer on the other side’ or ‘She still knits’………………………? Really? highly evolved Spiritual beings who are so far beyond needing a physical body still drink Lion Red? ( a New Zealand Beer). Not true at all. It is purely symbolic. They might come through holding knitting needles as a way to identify themselves to the person being read. My father was a die-hard Soldier for the New Zealand Army, so he always comes through to my sons as a soldier. That’s how I know it’s him. Well that and my son says he has a round face and no hair in his head too lol


You have to understand how hard it is for a Spirit to be able to communicate in the first place. If they simply want to appear as an Orb of light they have to absorb so much around them, including the energy of the people in the room at the time. Can you imagine how much energy it takes to come through vocally?

Manifestations are maybe 5% of Spiritual contact. They are extremely rare and that is full body, 3D manifestations. To get a voice that matches the same vibration as the recorder or your ear is more so than a manifestation and a talking manifestation is the rarest of the lot. But if this Spirit has been dead and come back in vocal form for the first time since death, do you think the first few times they come through they are going to sound all normal and clear of throat?

We perceive it to me evil or bad but it isn’t. It could be nothing more than them clearing their throat. Most people don’t stick around long enough for them to finally come through clearly. You have to use logic and common sense.

Don’t just take a place to be a bad place just because you heard it is. Make your own judgements based on how YOU react to it and give the Spirits a chance to come through without being given a 30 minute window.

They might have a lot to say. We only see a 1 hour window of investigation on what will be a full night investigation on shows like Ghost Hunters etc….but they are basically coming into Spirits space and saying ‘Right……….talk’, but you know they’ve only got half an hour because they have to move on to the next place.



I’ve mentioned this before. They don’t just haunt at night, you can do day time investigations and often come up with more activity because we are busier and more stuff happens in our lives during the day so you can pick up on a lot of daily activity if you do a day time investigation it is just that night-time investigations are easier to control. It is quieter at night and your more able to control contact from the real world, ie phones ringing, unexpected visitors etc…if you can make sure your free from outside distractions like in former prisons, schools, hospitals, sanitariums etc…your more likely to get more stuff happen because those sort of places were hustling bustling places in the day time. Some of the most genuine stuff to happen on Most Haunted happened during the day when they weren’t expecting it (or making it happen lol). But it makes more sense to try to do day time investigations because of the fact it is our busiest time. At night prisons had lock down and hospitals patients were sedated at night etc….so while you will get some activity, you will get more in the day time. Give it a try.


One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve seen during some investigations is when it comes to child Spirits. Don’t be fooled into thinking ALL child spirits are poor souls ripped away from life in the prime of their youth. One of the most commonly used forms of communication by a Dark and Negative Spirit is through pretending to be a child. When it comes to a Child Spirit nothing about them should feel sinister or uncomfortable. Unless they were sinister in life but they lucky are few and far between and they get sent to the last rung of the ladder too. But genuine Child Spirits usually crave contact and want to play and also hold hands, hold your jacket, you’ll hear them laughing and running about, singing and playing with objects. They are pure beings and nothing about them will be suspicious. You will often get emotional because no one likes to think a child has died. So our natural instinct is to nurture them and play, stay with them and let them know we are there. Some, will even invite the child Spirit to follow them WHICH YOU NEVER DO EVER!!!! WITH ANY SPIRIT. I learn that the hard way when I was 7 years old. My big sister had to teach me to send it over. I felt so bad, She was really angry but realized I was still learning. But The worst Spirits are the ones that will come across on a recording as a child, they sound exactly like grown ups pretending to sound like child. It’s very dark. It gives you the heebee jeebees. But I have seen waaaaaay too many people talk to them and interact as though they are children and then they will get scratched or locked in rooms etc….there is only one way to deal with them and that is ‘In the name of the white light, be gone’ You just keep insisting they go away and make way for the genuine Spirits.

You can’t allow yourself to be tricked. You’ll know by how you feel if they are genuine. real children have a light about them, their energy is pure and they are playful. The pretenders usually try to get one investigator on their own, try to separate the team or group to attach themselves to the one most open to being attached to. They are out to cause trouble. So before any investigation you must protect yourself and even after one and make sure your mind is open but your energy isn’t. Make it clear before you start that your protected by your ancestors and will not allowed anything negative to enter into you or any member of the group.


I do find these claims to be the most intriguing and in the case of the woman they made into the movie The Entity I think even they concluded it wasn’t a Spirit who sexually abused that lady but rather it was a collecting of energy coming from elsewhere. Most probably from a living person, more likely male.

But so much can happen when energies collide. You can’t even begin to imagine how powerful our minds are. We are very powerful human beings who unlock parts of our brain without even knowing it. But just because you feel someone touch you in bed when you know your alone doesn’t mean it is a Spirit wanting to have sex with you.

It could be an imprinted image playing back while you happen to be in bed. It could be a trick of the mind. Our pores on our skin can give false feelings of being touched or even being bitten too.

But Spirit, our loved ones who die (and then come to visit every now and then), have zero interest in seeing us naked and it is mostly crossed connections if we see a Spirit in the bathroom while we are taking a shower. I once had an experience of a Spirit in my house who used to love to play tricks on me when I was in the shower but never once did I feel like they were being pervy (creepy in a sexual way).

It was actually quite funny because it was at a very stressful time in my life and they were trying to get my attention but they would do things that made me laugh like put buckets on toilet seats when I’m the only one home but in the shower etc…that isn’t to say there aren’t times when a person hasn’t been in the bath or having sex when they feel or see Spirit out the corner of their eye but what I am saying is, to Spirit it isn’t sexual. They aren’t there BECAUSE your having sex or naked.

But they just happen to be passing through while your naked or having sex. But they get stigmas attached to them and it’s just wrong. As I keep reminding you all Spirit are us only dead. That’s someones Dad or brother or son your calling a perv. They were once grieved over and now because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time as a Spirit they get called a pervy Spirit or worse Negative.

A Spirit who comes and goes as it pleases and offers guidance and support has absolutely no interest in sex or sexual activity. And it upsets me that sex is even brought into something as serious as the Paranormal. Lets not forget as well, we can very easily manipulate the energy around us and not even know it. It may be us who are making the energy react in such a way.


This is probably going to be the most controversial thing I ever say but I have to be honest. Remember I have described our passing as being ‘Judged, healed and sent to our next mission so to speak’ and depending on how we lived our lives depends on how far down the ladder we go? I know from first hand experience of people who have actually died and said this, ‘Hell’ (or the Spiritual perception of it) is not being allowed into the Light until we have learned our lessons.

We will be made to relive 1000 times over the hell we caused people on earth. Then we make amends with the big guy and we get sent back down to learn all over again, hopefully making amends to the world we hurt before. But just because you were something bad and hate filled in this life doesn’t mean your going to be a haunting, evil, nasty Spirit in the next.

Most bad people hang around because they fear what is going to happen to them but The Almighty turns no one away, he just makes sure his Door Staff don’t let any old riff raff in without the proper checks so to speak. If you’re wearing the wrong energy your sent away until you are wearing the right energy. But you can’t assume that Ted Bundy isn’t now some sweet little girl who has a loving family who will grow up to be a spectacular woman. It’s controversial but true. It’s all based on the lessons you learn on the other side and what each energy did to earn their steps up the ladder.

Our perceptions of what happens after we die is so far from the truth. Only we could assume if they were evil, they are evil for eternity. But that is what the indoctrination of religion is I guess.

I have had and heard of hundreds of cases of where someone who was horrible, I mean just horrible to the point they traumatized their entire family (and also soldiers most recently for me too,) when they were alive and were brutal and savage and nasty and they come through humbled and can’t apologize enough for the way they were.

In the grand scheme of things we are a learning creature and everything we are as humans and as Spiritual beings involves us constantly learning. So everything on this planet, good or bad, is here or has been here to teach us something. I truly believe we will get to such a point where as beings we will learn all there is to learn and we will become such a higher Spiritually evolved being death won’t exist, neither will illness and we will be able to wander the universe just like our loved ones who have died. But this is a long way off from where we are, if we are still ready to believe the Boston Bombings were done by two Chechen Brothers.

But Spirit have infinite patience and they know our purpose before we live this life and after we live this life and there hasn’t been one thing in history that has happened that hasn’t taught us something as a whole. Good or bad. So don’t assume that a man who beat his wife and kids and killed his daughter in life, will be hanging around to do the same in death. He would have been sent to ‘purgatory for a bit to suffer his fate until he was allowed to start working his way back up the ladder. They usually come down as a victim of abuse, or help people who are abused, but people like this don’t get a choice about whether they come back or not and I do know of a couple of cases where even though the horrible deeds happened decades ago, they are STILL in purgatory or hell or whatever you want to call it.  Your not given an easy time of it like a lovely Mum who has died of Cancer or a teenager who died in a horrible accident. But no one gets turned away. It’s why I am trying to hardest to make sure I get it right this time because I just can’t be arsed having to do it all again. It’s been too hard this time round lol In saying that, I’m going to stick around as long as I can lol I will be hounding my kids long into their adult years yet so I’m getting my share of life and then hopefully this is be my last life lol


We all know ow easy it is to misinterpret something being said on tape but like Ouija Boards and Seances please bear in mind if something threatening is coming across the recording directed to someone in the group, it could be because you’re wanting something to come through so you manifest it. If you have been able to use telepathy and telekinesis you will understand what I mean when I say it is easy to manipulate such things. The power of the mind is a virtually unexplored science. But if you are like me and my family it is a part of life and if I can tell my ex husband to make me a cup of tea using nothing but my mind, I can easily make a Spirit say something to peak your interest during an investigation. It can also be something being said in a past conversation, a trick or just a naughty Spirit trying to have a bit of fun.

But again, you’ll know if you have something to worry about based on your honest reaction. Dark and evil comes with sulfur smells and pain and fear like your going to die, you simply couldn’t stick around and could also be in danger of bringing it home with you. But considering dark and evil is based around our manifestation and our OWN perception of what we fear the most, you only  have yourself to fear but YOUR worst fears. Your basically being frightened by the darkest side of yourself. None of these energies including Spirit, have an ownership on you.

So if you want something gone that is hurting your energy and your Spirit either in life or in an investigation you have to treat any negative energy the same way you would treat a real living person who was trying to hurt or upset you. You tell them to go away. You demand they leave and ask for protection from the white light or your ancestors. Anything dark and negative is only as strong as your fear allows them to be. SO get angry, when your angry you’re not afraid. It shuts your energy down and you demand they leave you alone, send them to the light if you have to. You let them know ‘You have no power over me’. When you claim your space back they lose power over you and move on. But it is best to ask Spirit to send them to the light because you never know, next time they might attach themselves to someone less able to handle it. But that isn’t to say all recordings are mistaken.

I have had some doozies in my time and that I have seen on investigations and TV. But the best way to tell, if a Spirit is actually communicating with you or if it is a recording of an imprinted stone theory type thing is to ask irrelevant questions. If it is genuine, it will answer you. But ask questions no one in the group could know. What is the name of my dog I had when I was a child etc…if you don’t get a reply, chances are it’s an imprint or misinterpreted. But when it is genuine and they really do want to make contact with you, they will know everything about you more than anyone so don’t be afraid to ask it stuff like ‘What am I allergic to?’ or ‘What did I have for breakfast’ It is a very emotional process when you’re talking to someone who knows you so intimately but they have been dead for years.


But it doesn’t mean we should ALL use it. We all know of someone whether it be on TV or in real life who has claimed to be psychic. They are all over the top and dramatic often pretending to even be taken over by a Spirit. They used to flounce around in robes and head bands with pencil thin eye brows in my day but now they dress slightly Gothic with trench coats and some sort of ethnic necklace, or they try to come across as ‘just like you’ with their £500 shoes on. We only see the edited version, not the bits where they get it wrong or they cold read. You know the sort. The ‘Is there someone in your family whose name starts with a G’ ‘No but there is a C’? ‘Oh yes C or G I knew it ended in E’, or they tell a lady who is clearly in her 70’s ‘Your Mother has passed over hasn’t she? or ‘You have a mother figure in Spirit’.

It’s so easy to do and make a good living from it. I used to be not envious but slightly longing to have the sort of work and love Sally Morgan has, she takes care of her family, she’s so good’ People paying their hard-earned money to hear what she had to say. And even though I don’t do mediumship, she read for people like Princess Diana, I wished to have her leave of success and love. My husband used to say ‘Babe your better than that, she’s fake and you wouldn’t rip people off’ but he’s my husband, he’s supposed to say that right? Then slowly things started appearing on the internet about how people were at her shows and happened to be in the nose bleeding seats and overheard men talking through headphones, which seconds later Sally would then repeat. When they and a few other people in the audience noticed this voice, and an open widow and started discussing it among themselves, a stage manager happened by and saw the window was open and ran back to the back to where the men were with the headphones and slowly shut the window.

People were complaining on the radio and on websites. Then a friend of mine went to her show and said most of the people in the audience walked out mid show because she was so bad. So there is hope for me yet lol  Or the people who claim to be psychic because they use Tarot cards lol Give me a break.

That’s like thinking you’re the next Da Vinci because you once drew a stick figure on a note pad. Just because you have an interest in the Paranormal, just because the idea of predicting the future and seeing Spirits doesn’t mean you should work in the Paranormal field. It takes a special type of person to be able to do what I do.

You need to have a strong work ethic, you need to have a strong stomach, patience, you need to understand any situation a client can go through so you can empathize, you need to often give up doing something because your being called to help someone by Spirit, you can’t go anywhere without it coming with you, you have to get rid of any concept of religion or faith, your world as you know it will turn upside down, it can happen at the worst possible time, you need to be a leader so you can take control of any situation if needs be ie: someone messing up big time while using a Ouija Board, You have to put up with being hounded, abused, insulted, assaulted, stalked and interrupted and worshipped just for being born this way.

People will want to hurt you or kidnap you to be their own live in Intuitive clairvoyant. It can lose you friends or potential friends and it can keep you up for days on end. You can often be told by Spirit ‘Don’t charge that person’ even though you yourself are on your last £10, it terrifies you as a child until you learn not to be, it takes your entire life to understand and master.

You can’t be selfish, you must put your client and Spirit first, you will often know things you don’t want to, you can’t have any sort of prejudice or bigotry, you have to spend a lot of time educating yourself, and it can freak people out.

It’s not the sexy life style TV makes it to be. I’ve worked from 6am-2am  non stop for weeks on end not having a holiday, never seeing my family because I get so busy.

But I love my job more than any job there is in the entire of the world. Oh the stories and lives I have been a part of. If I wrote a book people would think it was a work of Fiction lol

Luckily now I work in my own time because I have my kids and I want to spend time with them while they are little before I go back to work full-time. But in saying that I’m still doing internet based readings and cleansings etc…..6-8 times a week.

And I work hard, I work bloody hard. Spirit are as much a part of me as my own children. And if I need to sound mean and brutally honest I would say not everyone deserves or has the right to be a White Lighter. I think most of us are too caught up on wanting, having and getting, and gadgets and wouldn’t stay in all weekend to help someone you don’t know from a bar of soap because Spirit told you to.

We all have the ability, we are all born with it but there is a reason why most of us grow out of it. In the wrong hands you could do a lot of damage not just to themselves but innocent people. My only saving grace is I also know if you misuse or mistreat your gift it is all taken away from you in an instant and I honestly don’t know how I could live without Spirit. It’s all I know to be. They have been in my life my entire life so I wouldn’t dare to anything to risk losing my gift. But it must be hard for someone to have it all as a world-renowned Psychic and then take it for granted and lose everything. Sylvia Brown, Sally Morgan…..and there are only way too many people out there happy to wait for you to stuff up and tear you down. Some things are just best left to the professionals lol

and finally


As I have explained before, Spirit can’t physically touch you. They can only make you think your being touched. So assuming they wanted to hurt you (and you have to understand, Spirit need energy to come through, when they build up energy it all has to go somewhere and so you can get marks, get bumped, glass breaks, cups move etc…) and if your going to touch someone your going to do it the way any one would do it. If you tried to scratch someone, because your three middle fingers, your ring, pointer and index finger are longer than your thumb and little finger. The little finger and thumb won’t touch the skin unless you flatten your hand. So it’s not because it was a mockery of the Holy Trinity, it’s because it’s the only three fingers to touch the skin. Do it now.

Make out like your going to scratch the screen to your pc or laptop. It’s your three fingers that touch the screen, three, not five. And this is why you need to use a bit of science, common sense, logic and reason along with any gifts you have, when investigating and understanding Spirit and the Paranormal.

Just some things to think about. Your not expected to agree with what I have said. But educating yourself to alternative points of view is always a good thing. I know what I know because of decades of paying attention and learning, educating and experimenting, plus my faith indestructible so I believe what my Spirits tell me. I can be hard to take sometimes though because a lot of people are not ready to hear the truth about a lot of things. The Paranormal has only started being accepted in the last few years, it was something you never saw in multiple forms on TV or in the media before the late 1990 early 00s. Shows like Most Haunted have a lot to thanked and blamed for. It introduced the world to Spirit but at the same time taught people some very bad habits. Which is why I like Ghost Adventures. Three guys and some cameras. I don’t like it when they get ‘celebrities or guests’ on the show though, it detracts from the importance of an investigation.

The difference between Satanists and Devil Worship.

I say this in my blog about Satanists and I will rant to you again. Having just had this article brought to my attention by my husband. What really pisses me off about all of this is people think Satanists are devil worshiping, blood letting, murdering sexual deviants. People need to learn the difference between a Satanist and a Devil Worshiper.

As it seems to confuse a lot of the people who claim to practice it themselves including my Spiritual nemesis Alistair Crowley. A Satanist believes he (Satan) was the 13th Angel who was thrown out of heaven because he loved himself more than God, he was vain and self-indulgent. Therefore a Satanist self indulges in all things that bring him or her pleasure. They are sexually driven and use Satanism (like witch craft) to get powers of position, fame, money etc…it is all me me me me me with a Satanist. The blood they let is their own. They give of themselves to get for themselves. They do not worship the devil, they live like him. Everybody knows any image of the Devil is that he is dark, broody, sexual, well-groomed, toned and he offers your rewards for believing in him. It doesn’t mean they kill and harm for this gain as the Devil himself knows it is better to get servants by being giving and indulgent, to have people or animals killed will mean guilt sets in and so does heaven which causes him too much of a headache. Satan in the biblical sense doesn’t want people to die for him, he wants people to worship him and live for him and by him intern making him a God. Then he hopes enough people will believe in him and he will be more powerful than God but even he knows at the point of death Spirit or Heaven step in and he loses another soul so it isn’t in his best interests to have people or animals killed. He wants you to want him to get you want you need. If that makes sense.

Now you could argue that Satan became The Devil when he was thrown out of heaven but the truth is Satan came to earth, he didn’t go to what we know as Hell. Hence the saying ‘Hell on Earth’  The Devil is a concoction of what the bible calls Satan, Baphomet, Beelzebub etc….are. But he isn’t real. He or the idea of him is made up to scare people into thinking if you go against the church will you go to hell. But lets face it, if you know anything about the history of mankind, we should have changed the name to Mancruel. There is nothing that can be done to us in hell that we haven’t been doing to each other for thousands of years and we don’t even stop at each other, we destroy animals and trees and our oceans too. We are selfish and greedy and hateful on this planet, and we the innocent, the kind, the loving are getting sacrificed to these demons. This is hell, on earth.

Now as someone who was raised a catholic I spent my entire childhood terrified at doing anything wrong for fear of going to hell but by the age of 12 I started to ask my priest too many questions about my faith ie ‘If Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on earth and they had Kain and Able, who took two wives where did the wives come from? Did they marry their own sisters’? Also ‘If living in sin was bad and they had a baby out-of-wedlock why does god call it the miracle of childbirth if the baby is born of sin’? I got told off and told I was too young to be asking such questions. It made me want to ask more. My Mum loved it because she loved to discuss religion and she never once made me feel bad for going away from the church. The deal in my family was and is in my own family now ‘You follow my faith until your 16 and if you decide it isn’t for you your free to find your own faith’ The last time I saw my Mum before she died I asked her if she ever got disappointed in me for leaving the church and she said ‘No, because ironically you’ve turned out the most Spiritual’ See my Mum had what was supposed to be terminal cervical cancer when she was pregnant with me. I wasn’t supposed to survive and neither was my Mum.

But she lived for 32 years and eventually died of Kidney Failure secondary to Ovarian Cancer. But while Mum was having chemo and stuff I was Christened and having 6 other kids I guess Mum and Dad just never had the time to give me CCD or Sunday School. It was always this thing that hung over me, I couldn’t accept the blood of Christ or His Body because I never had Communion but only because Mum was so ill in and out of hospital. The church later offered a special dispensation for Mum to let me have it when I was 14 but by that point I was so far out of the church they probably would have feared I burst into flames if I stepped inside one lol I hated as well how Mum had to get permission from Rome to go on the pill so she wouldn’t have another baby because of cancer etc….she had to ask permission to protect her own life. Anyway I digress,
People like Crowley, LaVey and Ramirez were Devil Worshippers. They called themselves Satanists but honestly…….you can be in a group called The Church of Satan if you like but it doesn’t make you one. They killed, raped, had sex with and mutilated animals and killed children to gain power. They believe they do these things because it makes The Devil happy.

However I know for a fact that when these people start to die, they ask and beg for forgiveness because suddenly the game they were playing is over and if they were wrong and there is a heaven and hell they are in VERY big trouble so they do a deal with Spirit. I know one of the men who killed Kennedy did, also people like Idi Armin, Pol Pot, Ted Bundy all asked to be blessed by Spirit before they died. Because they were terrified of their actions in life coming to get them in the after life. I don’t imagine any of them have been reborn yet. You can play as many games as you like when your alive but at some point when your taking your last few breaths on earth we all start to think about what happens to us when we die. My husband said my article reminded him of the saying ‘There are no atheists in the trenches’ Which is absolutely true.

I have also gotten this from people who are actually dying in front of me too and sadly I’ve had too many conversations with dying people. One lady who was the sister of a client of mine was terrified of what was waiting for her because she had believed she had been living a lie all her working life and was scared of what would happen to her when she died. She was terminal and only had days left. I had to talk her through her own death to reassure her she wasn’t going to a bad place. Her lie had the best of intentions
But what drives me mad is that people always confuse the two, even those who practice is. I’m tired of people thinking it is fashionable, like Jay-Z and Peaches Geldof, Jane Mansfield, etc….they think it’s fun and sexy and while it does give you fame and power and money isn’t it better you get rich and famous off your own talents than to borrow it? Although it does prove my belief in if you want something bad enough you can manifest your own reality.

They just go about it the hard way. Besides which most Satanists or Illuminati or Devil Worshipers don’t usually die a peaceful death. Their deaths are usually tragic or lonely. In my opinion the two worst ways to die. Especially coming from my culture where a dying Maori spends their last days surrounded by loved ones right through till they are laid to rest, they are NEVER left alone, someone always stays with them while the others feed and shower etc…. Alistair Crowely (ya know I spoke about doing battle with him at Boleskin Cemetery) had all this power and control over some very famous people and he did it all because he was so angry at God for taking his precious and beloved Father. He would have died and seen his precious father for a fleeting minute before he was taken to the lowest step on the ladder. He could have had an eternity with his father but instead he got separated from him and everything he did in life haunted him in death.

People get involved in this stuff but do they truly understand what they are doing? Because if they knew what was waiting them on the other side, they might think twice. Even Devil Worshipers believe in an after life. What you do in this realm follows you to the next. Everything has a positive and negative in this life. I am a White Lighter and my antithesis is a Satanist. Where there is light there is dark. We need both to even things out. Even the Sun has the Moon.

But I really do wish people would educate themselves before following such things. They mean different things to different people. Like when I think of Goths I think of The Race of Germans who invented modern agriculture and were the only people ever to conquer the Romans. They became known then as Visigoths lol The Gothic Women would set up camp by their men’s battle field so they could tend to the wounded and feed them and care for them. Where as most women were left at home. They often followed the men into battle too. They would dress as men, much like the Scottish Women and go and fight if their husbands were too wounded to fight themselves. They had the most amazing philosophies. And even though they were beaten to victory by the Hun, The Hun were so impressed by their fighting skills they asked them to join them, they became Ostrogoths.

But what do you think of when you see the word Goth written down? Black trench coats, black vampire style clothing, moody dark make up and angst. That’s another thing that pisses me off, why do they wear black all the time? Black wasn’t even used in clothing until the Victorian era.

I am in no way putting anyone down for their beliefs. You are free to choose to be what you want to be. All I ask is you do the research before you be it. Know what it is your being before your being it. Don’t just follow what others are doing. maybe even start your own trend. Although I don’t recommend being a Devil Worshiper. Killing in the name of religion or faith is wrong on any level and the sins of this world always follow you to the next so death isn’t even the end of your punishment.

Natural Telepathy


 Lawrence Anthony, a legend in South Africa and author of 3 books including the best seller The Elephant Whisperer, bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated elephants all over the globe from human atrocities, including the courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during US invasion in 2003

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died.

.He is remembered and missed by his wife, 2 sons, 2 grandsons & numerous elephants.Two days after his passing, the wild elephants showed up at his home led by two large matriarchs.Separate wild herds arrived in droves to say goodbye to their beloved man-friend’.

A total of 31 elephants had patiently walked over 12 miles to get to his South African House.

Witnessing this spectacle, humans were obviously in awe not only because of the supreme intelligence
and precise timing that these elephants sensed about Lawrence’s passing, but also because of the
profound memory and emotion the beloved animals evoked in such an organized way:

Walking slowly for days –

Making their way in a solemn one-by-one queue from their habitat to his house. Lawrence’s wife, Francoise, was especially touched, knowing that the elephants had not been to
his house prior to that day for well over 3 years!

But yet they knew where they were going.

The elephants obviously wanted to pay their deep respects, honoring their friend who’d saved their lives – so much respect that
they stayed for 2 days 2 nights without eating anything.

Then one morning, they left, making their long journey back home………… 

So what happened? It is called Telepathy. Natural Telepathy to be precise and it is my most favourite gift in the whole wide world.

Natural Telepathy is in every single one of us, including animals. It is what makes a parent know their child has passed away, or what makes animals nervous at the watering hole. It is the gift of being able to communicate with all living things on earth. The trees tell me when a disaster is about to happen, the wind can tell me when someone is about to die.

Animals tell you their story and can tell you when they are sick so you can get them help. I have had more experiences than I can count where I KNEW one of my animals were needing help. Just recently I woke up with a sudden rush of concern for my cat who I discovered sleeping soundly on my bed.

But I KNEW something was wrong. I felt pain. I woke him to make him stand and he got annoyed with me but I noticed he wasn’t standing on all 4 paws. I went to the bathroom knowing he would follow and he couldn’t jump down off the bed. When he finally did he was clearly holding one leg up. I panicked and checked him out and he was telling me it burns and it hurts in his leg not paw. I rang the after hours vet to get him checked out as we lived in the countryside and you never know what is out there. It turned out to be a massive cut on his leg which had gotten badly infected. He was on antibiotics for 10 days. They think he got into fight with a Fox or Badger. Not bad coming from an animal too frightened to climb a tree lol
I have also been called many many times since I was a child to injured birds, mice, cats, hedgehogs etc…My nickname as a child was  Debbie Dolittle.

Animals congregate around my house. My ex is used to it now. I can’t help it. Every species of animal have distinctly different personalities. Dogs are so funny, Pigeons are dopey, Squirrels are like a gaggle of Chinese people in their heads. All this talking and chatter, they can’t hear themselves think through their own chatter lol But mine knock at the window for food and the birds all tell my ex husband off if he is outside and there is food for them all. It is so funny because the are saying stuff like ‘Oi, Monkey……..I’ve got kids to feed, get out of it’ and stuff like that. I know it sounds crazy but it really is a remarkable gift to have.
There are many forms of Natural Telepathy. You all know of the Dog Whisperer, there are many who can talk to the animals. It is the gift of communication through using Telepathy.

We all can do it and all animals can talk to us. If you’ve ever had a beloved pet that you knew its personality, you had that connection? they knew you were coming home? Knew when you were sick etc…..? That is Natural Telepathy. You project and receive images in your head. You hear what they are saying in your mind. There have been recorded cases of people being saved by animals where they should have actually been alone and died. where someone trusted that weird feeling in the atmosphere that saved them from a storm. It’s how we know it’s going to snow, or rain really hard or a tornado is coming. You read the signs in the ether.

The wind, the clouds and trees can tell you days in advance that a hurricane is coming. We have been using it for centuries. Most people treat animals and nature like they are second only to us. We are the most important things to have been put here on the planet and it is so not that way at all. If we were so good at being human why are we constantly having to evolve where as most animals stopped evolving millions of years ago? Some of you will argue I am crazy but we can come back as animals. If we chose to come back but don’t want to live an entire life time, often we will choose to come back as an animal so our lives are short and we can go back home quicker.

So the next time you shoot a deer or kill a mouse it could be your Grandmother who just didn’t want to live a long tiring life anymore lol This is also why most of the charities I give to on a monthly basis are animal ones because no one ever think of the animals and people don’t realize how important it is that we look after them. Everything on this planet was designed by the Master Builder. No one on earth can build or create better than the Master Creator himself. Much as many people on earth think they are Gods, there is only one Almighty Supreme Creator and they put every single thing on this planet for a reason and all we are doing by killing the animals off is create trouble for ourselves. Everything on earth compliments every thing else on the planet.

We need EVERYTHING on it.

From the devils creation the Spider (I  ick…..blaaah…..I don’t like them at all and call them The Devils Minions, but would never hurt one) to the flies they catch, to the largest, Elephants and Whales. They all have a role to play on earth and we keep stripping back this planet we are left with disasters and weather changes and disease on an unimaginable scale. It will wipe us all out.

Lifestyle or Social Class no exception. If we don’t have the flies to play eggs on the dead things there would be diseases so horrific floating about it would poison the water and other food supplies. If we didn’t have spiders to keep the flies under control w would be over run with diseased flies and maggots, again affecting the food and water supply.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t control fast breeding animals, we have cats for the rodents, birds of prey etc…but humans don’t know what the word ‘moderation’ means. Entire species of pollen spreading Butterflies get wiped out because we decide we want a shopping mall.

It really isn’t on the planet has been letting us know in many ways that is isn’t happy with how we are treating her. She cares for everything on her and why she is called Mother Earth.
We are so cruel to the gifts on out planet. And they really are gifts. We have dogs that can sniff out anything from drugs to cancer, cats dialing 999 (911) to get us help. Birds scaring off burglars. Monkeys helping people’s with disabilities. Elephants healing people with their art, etc….and there isn’t one culture on this planet that hasn’t exploited them in some way.

Yet all they want to do is live peaceful lives along side us. They see our potential and still choose to tolerate us even when we are being silly stupid monkeys. They are such highly tuned Spiritual beings and they CHOOSE to tolerate us. Whats the first thing we do when we don’t like someone? Abuse them? Attack them? Kill them? Well seeing our closest relatives are Chimps as they are the only other animals on the planet that kill for pleasure. They will beat to death and even eat follow Chimps and go in war parties to look for Monkeys to kill. Sound Familiar?

Yet everything else will allow themselves to be used in many ways to help and assist us. It suddenly makes you realize how tiny humans are in the grand scheme of things especially in intelligence and spirituality when a family pet tells you what medicine your child needs because what you have been using has been the wrong thing. If your Christian you will believe that God created everything.

We were a gift to the planet. We created all things equal and we are ALL the gift to this planet. I won’t go into it but basically when we evolved into the first man and woman and we had animals already down here, the snake, the Ox etc…we evolved our bodies to do the most magnificent things, but why do we think we’re only talking about Man?
I personally don’t cause harm to anything, I don’t eat meat and I give as much as I can because I don’t want on my judgement day to be held accountable for any animal based sins lol I let my sister talk me into cutting a worm in half once when I was 7 and it has plagued me with guilt ever since. The Universe is protective of all of us and we all need to realize these animals and trees can all teach us so much more than having a nice book case or pair of crocodile shoes.

Tree hugging does sooooooooooo much for the soul. The Hippies of the 60’s knew their stuff. Water heals, and calms emotion, trees absorb then expel your stress and tension, animals will guide and help us, they also are fantastically psychic. So we need to value them and all things on this planet because they can and are willing to help us evolve even further. I do see a future where we will live side by side and together. But it’s going to take a lot of Spiritual growth on our part. It has to start now.

So next time your outside or near an animal. Clear your mind, take slow deep breaths and let the first thing you think pop into your head. It’s easy to hear them once you open up. Don’t be fooled if you get some smart comment from the cat next door or the crazy rantings in your head of the bird sitting in the tree. Animals are hilarious and an absolute joy to watch and some will tell you their names and what they were before. You need to pay attention to this planet. They will tell you stuff that can save your life of the life of someone close to you. Or tell you your bum looks big in that dress lol But they love us unconditionally. We need to pay them the same respect because without them we are all doomed. This is why we are having Volcanic eruptions, and Floods etc….Mother is trying to tell us something.


Dying and Grief explained

In previous blogs I have discussed from Spirits point of view what happens when we die. I have experienced many forms of death as a lot of Spirits will make me experience their passing without realizing.
Children and sudden deaths especially. But I just recently had my best friend lose a very dear friend of his and I think it helped him have the process explained to him when I assured him that his friend was in no pain and he would be around for a while until he felt it was okay to go.

My friend felt conflicted in how he should grieve as his upbringing dictated one thing but his Spiritual side said another. The truth is, Spirit don’t mind how you grieve. Grieving is for the living not the dead. They are pure beings of light when they pass. The funeral and how we say Goodbye is for our emotional assurance.

They don’t care what happens to the body, it is just the vessel. All Spirit are concerned about is how their loves ones are coping and who is looking after those loved ones. And I also think they like to have a nosy at who turns up to the funeral or Home coming etc….When it is my time I want a Celebration of Life not a funeral. There will be no church in my funeral because I will have a New Zealand Maori funeral called a Tangi.

The Maori way of grieving is nothing short of beautiful. It is such a lovely way to remember the person who has passed. The body is bought home within 24 hours of death and they are placed in a casket inside the largest room in the house. Usually the living room or the Marae (Meeting place).

Every single object is removed from that room including mirror and photos as no photo of the living is allowed near the dead. Bedding and mattresses are placed around the room and the entire house has a Tapu (protection spell) put on every room in the house to ward off evil energy. The immediate family sleep with the body and they are given three days to grieve. The body is never allowed to be left by itself so it doesn’t get lost going into the after life and so one person must remain in the room so the grieving family can eat and take breaks etc…The extended family take care of the grieving family 24/7.

The idea being they should only concentrate on grieving and the extended family provide food 24 hours a day, and pay bills, provide meals, snacks, groceries, mow lawns etc…do all the daily things the grieving family would do. They usually do shifts, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper but food is there for as long as the Tangi lasts. No food or hats, or shoes, drinks, smoking is allowed in the Tangi room as the room is to be kept pure. When you enter you remove your shoes and hats etc…and when leaving you wash you hands in blessed water.

To keep pure so the Spirit is protected. Everyone who comes to pay respects will greet the head of the family first and work down to extended family and friends etc…before sitting with the body. We tell stories, sing songs, sometimes prayers etc…then on the 4th day the body goes for burial. In those days you cry, you laugh, you make amends with the deceased. Oh I forgot to say you also surround the casket with photos of the ones who have gone before them too. This is to remind the grieving who is there waiting for your loved on the other side so you don’t need to worry about them being lonely.
My Mum being of Maori was then taken to the family Marae, where she got honoured with a beautiful service, my Dad wet right to the family cemetery and my sister had a Catholic service then the cemetery. My dad would have haunted us if we took him to a church, he was a very traumatized Catholic boy lol But then after all that is done, they are buried and then exactly 12 months to the day of their death you have what we call an Unveiling. To unveil the headstone.

It is absolutely NOT allowed to be shown before that day. It is in my opinion more upsetting that the actual Tangi because it is the final goodbye. But the point of the Tangi to Unveiling thing is this. Spirit (The person who has died) gives you exactly one year to grieve. It gives them 1 year to watch over you to make sure your okay and then you unveiling the headstone and it is your way of saying ‘It’s okay, you can go now’. It’s a very emotional day because you’re in shock for a few months then you come to terms with it then you see their name carved in stone, its final. But the way Maori people grieve is the way that is right for us. I couldn’t do it any other way. It is how my children will know it.
But as I said to my best friend ‘He doesn’t care how you remember him, just that you remember him’. Spirit don’t need to big expensive caskets (it isn’t a coffin till it is buried), or the best spot in the cemetery, they just want you to be okay. They won’t go to the light until they know your taken care of. A lot of people I know of have grieved in such a way that they stop the Spirit from going over to the other side. And we all deserve to be in the light, children especially.

But it works like this. After we take our last breath, we are met with our loved ones who show us amazing love and embrace us with the light. Your then taken to the other side where you are healed. If we weren’t healed we would carry all the ills and illness of our last life onto the next and it would make our souls too heavy to bear. We must be cleansed of our past life. Depending on how we died depends on how long it takes to be healed. Children are instant, but people who had long illnesses and suicides take a bit longer because of the emotion attached to the soul before it passed. But in that time we are able to watch our loved ones. While we are Spirit we are then cut off from all emotion from our past life, our light as almost pure spiritual beings is so strong that we are allowed to keep that connection with our loved ones on earth so we can protect them in their time of grief and make sure our children know we aren’t really gone etc…The children will always see us first because the younger you are the closer you are to Spirit.

How we are in life is how we are in death and will be in the next life if we come back down again. Depending on how you live this life, depends on what happens in the next. Remember I said it was like a ladder and the villains of earth are put on the lowest rung. Because my understanding of it is there is no Hell, hell is just not going into the light. You spend your existence in limbo or purgatory, being made to feel 1000 times over the suffering you caused on earth until you finally get it right. It could take a millennia in our terms. But to them it could feel like 1000 years but actually only be 3 days.

The selfless, good hearted people will usually be given a choice on where they want to go. Back down, become a Spirit Elder, or Spirit who brings the homeless and unloved, unwanted over etc…

Children ALWAYS go to the top. Every child. Sick, Healthy, Killed, Murdered. All children are pure energy so they go up without question. It usually takes about an earth year to cope with the loss in your life as well as the loss of your loved one. Once that year is up they move on.
If you think about how you have grieved for someone when it first happens you feel alone, then after a day or two, you feel them there around you for a good three months.
You have a deeper connection with them in the first few months after death because they are ALL you can think about and it is when you’re having moments of sadness, like you start having to find things for insurances or you go through their clothes or when you remember your wedding day, or something meaningful is where you feel them the strongest but as time goes on they are able to pull back.
That is why time heals all wounds because the longer you go without them the further they are able to pull back and that is a GOOD thing to have happen.
The last thing we want is for our loved ones to feel obligated to stick around for our own reasons and comfort.

Your reminded of them not being there, you remember them in their clothes etc…they are there. They watch the children, they watch the parents, the siblings, the friends, the partner the pets all with the same amount of love and adoration. The just need to know your okay. As time heals your pain, they are able to pull back a bit more and concentrate on the things they will be doing more on the other side and usually after about 12 months and you have taken the first step towards moving on.

BUT!!! just because they may be reborn, just because they may become a Spirit Elder or Elder etc…doesn’t mean they can’t be with you anytime they want. Time is nothing to a Spirit. They can be omnipresent and even when reborn they are able to travel in sleep to visit loved ones. I’ve had and heard a lot of stories of people who have astral traveled and been aware of visiting strangers but knowing they were actually visiting ‘their wife in a past life or child’ We can only live one life at a time but out Spirit goes on forever even without a vessel.

My heart goes out to my friends pal’s wife. He was so young, and left a young wife and two small children and all he was worried about was his wife and kids. He didn’t leave her side, and is only now just starting to pull back. But he was lucky, he passed in his sleep so tragically his dead was a big shock. But it is deaths like Adams that seem the hardest to cope with. Naturally.

You didn’t expect it. But death is death. To the living there is nothing worse, but to them it is just the next phase in their Spiritual learning. They do it so they can eventually become beings of pure light.
When you’re a being of pure light you can choose what you want to do next. Depending on where you are on the ladder depends on this also. If you’re in the middle or the bottom you can guarantee your coming back lol.

But as I have said before, you all need to know that no matter the death, to them it was painless. The Spirit is removed before the last breath. For those who linger it is usually just to make sure everyone has been contacted to say goodbye, or they are deciding whether to come back or leave to go to Spirit. But here comes the warning.

Our grief can make a Spirit linger longer and it is very painful for them to be torn between this life and the afterlife. It’s very traumatic for them. They need to be let go of. This is accountable for a lot of haunting activity. If you keep calling on them they can never cross over.

All Spirits need to be crossed over. It is my goal to eventually see all Spirits crossed over so there are no more places haunted on the planet. It will take a few people a few life times but look at your loved one beside you and imagine they have passed over. You’re in so much pain and then years later people are taking photos and recordings of their essence when all they want to do is go to the light and wait for you, or go on to become the much wanted child of an infertile couple. But generations of people have kept them bound here in the name of morbid curiosity, research or for cheap thrills. Now imagine your loved one in 300 years time, STILL stuck here, long after you have passed over, long after your great great grandchildren have passed over.

Please, if your able to, pass them to the light. Some might through their own fear, not go, but do your best to pass them over. They have families waiting for them. Wouldn’t you want to wait to be with yours?

I forgot to say as well that the longer we are passed over the more energy we need to come through. This is why they require so much battery power and the like to come through. A newly passed Spirit has so much fresher attachment to this realm that it isn’t hard for them. Someone who has been gone for decades who flits between the two realms needs more help to come through. Never the less, they should have the right to move on as they see fit.

Grief is the worst feeling a person will ever feel. Death is cruel and affects all of us on this planet. It is ageless, sexless, culture less and has no religious affiliation. We will all experience it at some time. Some of us more than others. But there is no right way to grieve. Remember that. You will grieve in a way that is right for you. Spirit don’t expect anything of us in our time of grief. They understand what we are going through. They will make themselves known to you when the time is right. They always do.
Don’t honor them for them, honor them for you. The loss you feel will not be unnoticed by Spirit and if you listen and pay attention, there are plenty of things they do to let you know they are there and it isn’t just the one who has passed. When we lost Mum, I felt Dad.

I was 17,000 miles away when I lost my Mummy. And as I say knowing her funeral was taking place I sat on my couch in tears and I just wanted to feel her and with that I felt my cheeks go warm and the glow of my heart was beautiful. I knew she was holding my face in her hands as she did in life. I still miss her so much 8 years later but I know she is there.

When you grieve as a Spiritual person while it is still hard, there is an acceptance that they aren’t gone, just away for a while. The lines of communication are still as strong in passing as in death and I probably talk to my parents more now to be honest.
But even for us grief isn’t kind.
Cry for them, remember them, love and honor them, but honor yourself too, they haven’t gone anywhere, you just can’t see them right now but you will, when the time is right.

The love keeps the memory alive. Always know they are there when you want them to be, when you need them to be, but when the time is right.
It is okay to let them go. It doesn’t stop the love you have for each other, your just letting them move on to be the amazing Spirits they were in person. Know they go on to help the lonely, the forgotten, the war-torn, the childless, they become Guardians of a soul, they save people’s lives and give people hope.
But not once do they forget about you. And why wouldn’t they? Your love made them immortal.

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