Do you know who The Tempters are?

The Tempters? Who are they and what do they do? Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Tempt the hands of fate?’ Well The Tempters are just that. They test your fate, they tempt you to make you test your faith. They are neither living nor dead, god nor bad, they don’t nor care. They are like the archetypal Grim Reaper. No judgement, they are just there to do a job. So why haven’t you heard of them? Well you might call them Fate or Destiny, I call them The Tempters because of the significant role they play in your life. I only know of a handful of people who call them Tempters so you won’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of them.

So what are they about? Well quite simply they are sent to put situations in your path to test your faith. They tempt you with situations that can make you decide either way which way your faith lay. Judging by what you choose to do, they then decide to keep testing you and putting things in your path to see if your faith can be shaken and pushed to its limits. I have taught my Mr well to tell them to bugger off because once you recognise them it is easy to push them off with a stern flick of the wrist.

So an example:

You may be going about your day, working and your boss is on your back. They are really driving you mad with the little jibes and obnoxious attitude. They are threatened by how good you are, and the fact you don’t need to be something you’re not to make people like you. Plus you have the constant pressure to get something done to HIS specifications even though your years of experience tell you he’s wrong and your going to get the blame and have to work back late to fix it because he actually has no clue what he is doing. You want to throw a chair at him and tell him to stick his job where his Mama hasn’t seen since he was a baby. But you can’t afford to lose your job so you keep your head down, filled with seething with a potion of rage and depression. Then you get a call from your partner to say ‘The Gas bill just came in and it is quoted at £700. You know you don’t have that money and can’t figure out how it can be that much when you’ve only been in the house 2 months so you know it’s wrong but it means because you can’t call the Gas Company from work it means your going to be ringing at tea time which is madness time in your house. So you drag yourself to the end of the day and you have this horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach because you feel like everything you do it pointless, why bother working, why bother even trying to be a good citizen when the bad guys who treat people like rubbish get the jobs with the highest paid wages and get the Porsche, or you could just rob a bank and get it over and done with, that way you might not get caught and never have to work again or you will get a cosy room with three square meals a day and no worry of bills except your wife and kids will suffer without you and you love them too much to do anything that stupid. So you get into you car from the train station to drive home and a two light come on in your car you’ve never seen before, and it says something is wrong with the engine but it only had a service 2 months before and passed. it’s just one more thing that has gone wrong today and you don’t know whether to drive your car off a cliff or cry. You get to your front door and your greeted by your children who are so happy to see you and you don’t want them to see you worry so you hug then and all you want to do is live in that moment but you can’t. You have to deal with all the things that have gone wrong, you can;t think straight and your hungry and need quiet so you can ring the Gas Company. You just want the day end. All you can do is hope the day ends without you threatening to come down to the Gas Company and take out every person in the building. The Tempters are all those negative thoughts you have while dealing with all those horrible situations. Because what you sent out comes back ten fold. So The Tempters put the first negative situation in place with your boss. Then depending on how you react depends on the next test. You got slightly irate so they put the next action into our life which was the gas build. The rage is starting to build and now the negative reactions are now causing real human emotions of rage, anger, depression, fear, worry etc…and it goes on and on and on. It does all work out in the end the Gas Company actually owed you money and your battery in the car was just a bit loose and while your Boss is still a moron, at least you have a loving family and a job and unlike him, your well liked and respected by the big bosses, even get a pay rise later that year. So now your asking ‘So am I supposed to just turn my back on it and ignore it all? And the answer is Yes. This man wasted an entire day getting himself into such a state he contemplated robbery, murder and suicide all in one day. The kind of horrible reactions those sorts of thoughts have on a person’s health both Spiritual, Physical and Mentally is what is making Heart Attacks fatal and Cancer cells spread. We are killing ourselves with stress. And trust me, I know how stressful life can be. I am a White Lighter and we are given a life where we know suffering from childhood. Because in order to guide the suffering, we must know what it is to suffer. From Sexual Abuse, to losing children, parents, siblings, accidents, I was born with a Degenerative Spinal Disease, Arthritis, Lumbar Lordosis, Sciatica all in the same area, and have been plagued with excruciating back pain my entire life. I also have had cancer scares and have died and almost died, lost someone to war, mentally and physical abused by a partner, been cheated on, homeless, almost bankrupt, I’ve been stalked, harassed, publicly assaulted, immigration issues, mugged, had an eating disorder, it goes on and on. Honestly. And I’ve come out of it stronger than ever. Stuff happens to us every single day but it is how you choose to deal with it that matters.

Now you can either take the negative and make it worse. If this man had of punched his boss not only would he be arrested and taken to court but he would have paid fines and court costs IF he didn’t go to jail, plus he would have lost his job and been 100% unemployable ever again. Or he could call his boss all the names under the sun in his head, laugh at how sad and pathetic this man is for having to pick on the most qualified guy in the office when he doesn’t realize that this guy he is picking on could make his life a misery if he wanted to. Then when the partner called to tell him about the Gas bill he could have just thought ‘Ock, unbelievable, if it doesn’t rain it pours then decides actually it must be wrong because you’ve only been in that house 2 months so you will calmly ring them when you get home. you can’t really take it out on the person your going to call because they didn’t send you the bill or make up the price up so you will sort it out and all will be good. When the car lights come on you just think ‘Well it’s just had a service so it can’t be too bad, I will look online to see if I should worry then take it in on the Saturday and get them to have a quick look. Then he can get home and hug his kids and his wife, have a nice meal and a cup of tea while he rings the Gas Company and sit and say at the end of the day ‘Well that was a horrible day but I’m not letting the Tempters get to me this time or the next’

So you see, depending on what life throws at you and the way you choose to deal with it depends on what happens next in your life. So remember whenever something happens in your life that might not be good or positive, try to ignore the worst parts of your situation because all that negative energy can and will only make it worse. I know it sounds easier said than done but it really does help you and your situation. if The Tempters succeed every time your life will spiral out of control. You must push all that negative to one side. It’s funny how with me being what I am, with me practicing everything I preach how when things happen in my marriage that can be just horrible to deal with and then watching how I deal with it and how my husband deals with it. I always refuse to take the bait and until I remind my husband to tell the Tempters where to go he will run about like he is on fire, all dramatic and panicking and here we are two people living the same drama and it affects us each in opposite ways. He has actually said to me ‘How are you not freaking out about this, how can you stay so calm?’ But what good does killing yourself with stress do? I have gotten to the point in my faith and my life where I don’t let the things I can’t control get to me anymore.

The truth of the matter is You can’t worry about the things you can’t control. But you can control how you choose to deal with it. Plus as I keep saying ‘The power of positive thinking’ really does work. So the next time things happen in your life  that aren’t going your way, try to change the way you deal with it. Tell the Tempters they can go away, tell them they can’t get to you today and watch what happens. You will find, in time, eventually any sort of rubbish that happens in your life just washing right off you.

Now clearly I’m not talking about tragedy. The Tempters don’t deal in tragedy. They Tempt the Hands of Fate. So naturally if you lose a loved one in a tragic way or you yourself are a victim of tragedy then that is the exception to the rule. You will deal with it the way you deal with it at the time. Nobody can judge how they will act in the face of tragedy. I’m talking about in the every day aspects of ones life. All the small things that happen to us in a day, week, month, year that happen that could have turned out far worse or a lot better than it did. Because it all depends on how you chose to deal with it. So just remember that you can’t worry about the things you have no control over. Then it leaves you stronger and in a better mind to be able to deal with things you can control.

Try it, the next time life throws you a curve ball.

Thanks for reading

Love and Light

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