Manifesting your own Reality

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.

We know so little about the human brains true potential but if your like me your able to unlock parts of your brain that even Science can’t comprehend. I have actually been studying this for over 5 years.

Testing out my own theory that soon in the future we will all have the ability to ‘Will’ things into our existence. I have been told that in the future we all become a race of highly evolved Spiritual beings and death will not be the end. Spirit now are already trying to let us know that death is not final. It is only our shell that ends, our Spirit lives on, but in the future I have been told that we will ALL be ale to communicate with the dead like we do the person sitting next to us. I was also told that we will get to a point in Science and Medicine that death will be a choice. Because we will have no illness or disease, we will live beyond the need for any physical shell. Which is why I keep referring to the beings on AI.

When I saw that movie in the theater it gave me chills as those beings at the end who help the robot boy die, are exactly how I was told we would be in the next 100 odd years..

Anyway until we all get to that point I have started it with myself and my sister and I am trying to get some friends and my husband to do it also. I have come to the conclusion that a certain level of Spiritual awareness and faith is needed to make these things we ask for happen, as the only two people I know for a fact it has been working for is myself and my sister. I have gotten EVERY SINGLE THING I have asked for.

I am going to talk to you about how to do it but I must add a caveat to this as you must be careful what you ask for.

In All my years of doing readings I have had clients say things like ‘Oh I wish this and I wish that’ Then they get it and it is exactly what they ask for but in  away they didn’t expect. So if your going to ask for something but you’re not going to mind about the consequences scroll to the next paragraph but otherwise please add a caveat to what you’re asking for.

For example, if your asking for money you would say ‘I would like some extra money to come into my life but not at the expense of loss or death’ I had a client who kept saying to me ‘Oh why can’t i just get some money, why can’t some relative die and leave me some money’ well a week later her beloved Gran died and left her with a nice little amount. This woman was so devastated by her grandmothers death she ended up needing counseling as she blamed herself for her Grans death because she had asked for money. I know of another lady who got her son taken from her because she kept wishing he would just ‘go away’.

It blind sided her but when she came to me I did have to point out to her I had told her to be careful what she wished for. It was around this time I began to realize that there was something into this getting what you ask for thing.

So I decided to test it out. It took several different tries to figure out how to get right but in the end it started working and I always make sure I put in a caveat.

So for example I wanted a baby. We had a 5 year plan after we got married, pay off debt, travel, spend time as a married couple getting our house together. When we got married we had nothing but a bed and a TV. So every adventure we had we bought something for the house and now have a house full of memories (although that isn’t what Mr calls it now lol) but then I wanted a baby. I started to visualize the baby in my arms. I would imagine myself rocking him and what he smelt like. I would think of names and I would imagine him growing in my tummy. I then had that visit from my Mum and because I became so aware of my body I knew the next day I was pregnant. When he was born he was exactly what I imagined. Big round cheeks, blue eyes, black hair, soft skin, big strong baby, loves cuddles.

What I have learned though and this is the bit my sister is discovering out, is that you only get what you want if you actually need it. Like there is no point asking for money if you’re a millionaire. What ever it is has to be in your heart. It can’t be superficial and you must really want it in the deepest part of your soul. You will NOT get it if you don’t need it without a huge lesson attached about knowing the difference between want and need.

My ex husband was miserable in his job. It was to put it bluntly, draining the life out of him. He was working long hours, never seeing the kids, we were like ships in the night. It was destroying him. So I envisioned him in a job where he didn’t have to work long hours, where he would be able to play with the kids. I would put images in my head and keep them there all day as often as I could for at least a week.

So every time I had free brain time I would imagine these scenarios of him coming home an us all going out for a meal together as a family as he was actually coming home so late he was heating his tea up in the microwave and eat it while the kids and I were asleep. So I would imagine us having picnics and meals on a Friday at a local grill or something like that. Then I would say this is what I wish for but I want it to be because he chooses to have these things and not because he loses his job or becomes sick. Then 7 weeks later he got offered another job and a whole new life began. He is still drained and jaded from the lessons the last 2 years have taught him but he doesn’t realize how lucky he is that he got to start again. It could have been so much worse than it was. I now wish that he would start making his own magic happen. So I now imagine him doing various things that bring about the things he needs to be more positive and bring about the changes he wants within himself.

So how exactly do you do it?

You simply imagine yourself having it. Every second of the day when you’re not needing your brain for other things you sit and imagine or day-dream in our head what it is you’re wanting. Imagine yourself doing it or using it or having it in every way you can think of and keep in the back of your mind every day for at least 2 weeks.  Every time your having a shower, imagine it, every time your washing dishes, mowing lawns, hoovering, making the beds, folding washing, walking the dog, doing the shopping but NEVER while driving. Every second you have time to really put all your energy into your thought. Then make sure you add a caveat. I would really like this change but not at the expense of death or loss to anyone else.

I had a client who was a mistress and she wished for her lover to leave his wife. Which he did but left the mistress as well. Not that I agree with adultery, in fact it is considered dishonest and Spirit don’t ask or expect a lot of us except that we are honest with ourselves and with others. But anyway, she didn’t add the caveat but as I said to her ‘If you didn’t get it then you didn’t deserve it’ She went on to meet and marry a really nice Airline Pilot and she now pretends like those days never existed.

So you MUST believe in your heart it is what you want.

So keep imagining yourself getting what it is you’re wanting and then usually within about 3 months in my experience it comes to pass.

Just remember to add the caveat and know in your heart it is what you want. And make sure what you’re asking for is sensible and doesn’t hurt anyone because once your psychic antennae goes up you send out those signals and you get what you ask for so because what you ask for because you just might get it.

Also I am also a firm believer in what you send out comes back ten fold so if you do send out negative thoughts it will come back to you 10 times worse. The best comparison to this is myself and my husband. I am the eternal optimist. I always think good thoughts, in my heart I am running through wild fields with all the animals of beasties The Big Almighty created around me and I’m free and happy and in love and blessed. When negative things happen they bounce off me. With the exception of a death I refuse to let anything get me down. My faith is strong and when The Tempters come calling I send them packing with positive energy and strong will. My relationship with Spirit is like that of a child with their much-loved parent or older siblings. So I know if I need to worry they will tell me to be prepared.

That has happened since my Mother got sick. But her passing wasn’t sudden and I had time to prepare and she has since come to me a couple of times so I know she is okay and at peace, much as I miss her terribly. My husband how ever is the eternal pessimist. I try to try to tell him to be careful because what he sends out comes back ten fold and yet all this stuff happens in his life and never affects mine.

My Fiance and Ex tell every single person they meet who is of the same mind about me and my abilities and they can defend everything I do with proof and evidence. They have brought so many lost souls to help and I know they would fight anyone to defend my gift and honor.

He will argue the point to anyone about Spirits existence but doesn’t use his relationship with them for his own needs. So I do it for him. But the trouble is, now Spirit are saying they can’t help him until he knows what it is he truly wants. So let that be a lesson to you. You can take my advice and sit to ask for things you want but if you don’t know what you want, are asking for random nonsense you don’t really need or your faith isn’t strong, your wasting your time. If however you are at a good stage in your faith and learning  and what you’re asking for is sensible (ie jobs, love, babies, health etc…..) you have a higher chance of getting it more than someone like Mr Ex husband. He’s just lucky the boys and I do enough of the positive stuff for him. I’m working on him though.

I wish you well and would love to hear if you have practiced what I have taught you.

Love and Light

Note: I’ve had a couple of people read my blog and seem to be having trouble understanding exactly how to use my magic on themselves. It really isn’t hard. If you’re wanting a new job and partner in life then you imagine yourself taking a different route to work, imagine a different work environment to the one your taking now and so on. You have to remember to include the sounds and smells and feelings involved with traveling to work. So if you drive to work imagine the sounds of the car, the traffic, the radio etc…also the smells of the journey, having just showered, you might smell like perfume or after shave, or shower gel, and hair products with a hint of tarmac and gasoline in the air. is it hot outside? Or snowing? or raining? these are essential because it will say roughly what season it will be when you’re wanting the change to come about. So if you have a white Christmas and you’re wanting this change to come by summer, imagine yourself going to work with the hot sun starting to kick off a lovely day in your new job. Or if you’re wanting  night shift work, imagine that warm breeze hitting your face, with a slightly over heated back but without the sweat making your shirt cling to your back. The hint of over heated road surface and tar is in the air with the lingering of a BBQ somewhere in the neighbourhood as you’re heading out to head to your new job. That sort of thing. Also you can’t just think about it a  couple of times a week. You need to keep it out in the ether for at least 2 weeks, 3 if you can, but in order to do this you need to put as much thought behind it as possible. You can’t just imagine you at work in your new job then switch to you getting married. You have to walk your mind through the process of how you want it to be. So start from the beginning and don’t be unrealistic with your goals too. If you want your wife to look like Halle Berry don’t imagine yourself marrying Halle Berry because then I get the blame if it doesn’t happen. Imagine someone like Halle Berry. But imagine where you meet, what the atmosphere is like, what she smells like, what her skin feels like, how soft her hair is when you stoke it etc…

You do have to put a lot of thought into what you’re going to approach this but make sure you get it right before you start playing it out. If you keep chopping and changing your mind during the process like my husband is doing you confuse the energy and you could just create a whole heap of mess for your life. Sit down and figure it out. If your wish involves wanting more money don’t be unrealistic. How much would you need in the bank in savings for you to be really happy? Always imagine a little bit more than that, then if you get what you asked for, you weren’t let down. If you imagine 10 billion pounds or dollars and don’t get it, you kind of asked for it to be honest. You have to realize, not even people like Brad Pitt will ever get tens of billions of dollars so if you’re an average Joe like me, just not having to worry about bills and be able to have savings and a holiday once a year is usually enough for most of us. My husband’s trouble is he has changed his mind so many times now he is confusing the magic. I gave him a step by step of what to do and he did almost the complete opposite. Plus he does listen to outside influences so it confuses his energy even more.But he knows if he doesn’t get what he wanted, it’s his fault not mine lol.

So, remember to

1)  Know exactly what you want before you start asking for it. Write it all down play by-play how you want it to play out. And end the wish at a point where your happy for it to change. So if you wanted to find love imagine yourself meeting, falling in love, dating, the proposal, the wedding, the pregnancies, the Xmas’s together, then getting older and being buried next to each other. It will send it out that you’re looking for your soul mate to grow old with. The whole thing doesn’t work itself out in 2 weeks, you should be able to do a meeting, marrying, kids, old age etc…in a day, but for the next 13 days you keep the imagine playing out in your head during various stages. So on the 2nd day you imagine yourself then being married and eating your breakfast with that person you imagined yesterday, but while your actually eating breakfast for real. Do you see what I mean? Because your essentially imagining yourself in the future, your placing yourself in the future. In order to do that you need to keep the image up in the ether long enough to play out a life time, enough that it catches in the atmosphere and attracts the energy of the person who is going to make the wishes come true. It brings them into your path. It works the same way you thinking of an old school friend does then you hear from them out of the blue.

2)  Imagine all the sounds, smells and textures involved, weather, and music included is required. Play the song you want to play at your wedding. Imagine yourself dancing with that person you imagined yourself being with. Imagine the feelings and sounds and emotions and sights associated with it.

3)  Don’t be unrealistic in what you ask for

4)  Daydream every chance you get, except when our needing your brain for important things like driving and using machines or tools, knives etc…Ideally it is on the train, in the shower, on the toilet, doing dishes, cooking tea, cleaning the bathroom, folding washing, doing washing, walking to the store to get milk, making a cuppa, as your falling asleep, brushing your teeth etc….all the things that don’t require your absolute attention.

5) Know in your heart it is what you really truly want. Once you start the magic you can’t stop it or change it so it has to be your deepest desires being asked for. You can’t be halfhearted. If you are then you don’t really want it that bad.

6) NEVER use it to cause harm of loss to another living being because what you send out comes back ten fold so what you send to someone will be sent back to you but worse.

You might seem a bit weird of embarrassed doing it but it really does work if you do it right. There is no need for anyone else to know or see what you’re doing. I’ve yet to be let down from the things I’ve imagined. It’s why I call it My Magic lol.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Especially by doing it here on the blog because your questions may help other readers.

Love and Light

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9 thoughts on “Manifesting your own Reality

  1. Sounds a lot like that book ‘The Secret’… if you haven’t read it yet, you definitely should… there’s also a video about it with the same name. I don’t know if you have it there, but the movie used to be on Netflix.

    It’s a great book. A lot of people belittle the ‘Law of Attraction’ that it’s based on, but I thought it was great.

  2. This is pretty much thinking mentally certain gud things happened and more of worst when you have made us understand the logic I hve to be cautious as you have warned me to check my rage

    • It’s absolutely right Garima. And using my powers of positive thinking has gotten me out of many situations I didn’t want to be in and gotten me any wonderful blessings. It really does work if it is something you TRULY want.

  3. So you say Imagine yourself doing it or using it or having it in every way…
    If you are want a career youll be happy in or to own your business, but dont know what in? How to you plant this seed? Im confused on which way my path lead, so how to know what to.ask.for, if i dont know what i NEED or WANT?

    • That’s because it hasn’t come to you yet. Your mulling over possibilities for the sake of having something to do but your not looking at what YOU want to do. I suggest not even trying to find a shoe that fits. Let the shoes come to you. Don’t force what isn’t there.
      But for the things you really want, the things you KNOW you want, then you visualize the things you want. You imagine yourself having, being, getting the object of desire, at every possible opportunity. Play it out as often as is possible for at least 2 weeks, depending on what you want, it is about 2 weeks, or 4 to put it out there. Like when I wanted my babies I would imagine what it felt like to hold the baby in my arms, feel its skin on mine, the smell, the feel of its tiny fingers around mine etc…I was pregnant within 3 months of me putting it out there. If you really want it, you’ll do what you have to to get it and you’ll get it. If you don’t get it, you never really wanted it.
      I’ve magicked up tons of stuff from my husband getting a good job to my babies. At the moment I’m using it to get me and my boys home next year. We want to renew our wedding vowels in NZ and it’s gonna cost a fair whack so I’m bring that about in my head. I’ve pretty much figured it all out in my head except the dress lol