Past Lives, Pregnancy; (Reincarnation) (revised)

For those of us that have children, we all feel our children are special. But some of us feel that we were given our children for a reason. That there was more to our children than just a gift from The Creator.

When you lay your eyes on your miracle of love for the first time the connection and the love is instant. To me I feel that the love I have for my babies is the closest thing you will ever feel to know God’s love if there really is a God. I’m not religious but I have a faith. I believe in a creator, I just know it to be a bit deeper than one man with a beard sitting on a cloud.

Plus it is a religious term and I am not anti religion I just don’t believe man has the right to tell any other man what to believe in and how to believe in it. I think your faith should be free and practiced without fear of condemnation. But this is just me. I have the same faith as strong as any Christian. I just choose to call myself a Jedi instead lol But I digress,

When a woman is pregnant she will start to feel a connection to her baby almost as soon as it registers she is pregnant. For me I knew the second I was pregnant because when your dead Mother stands by your bed and tells you to ‘Get stuck in Girl’ the night you know your ovulating, it is hard to not trust that as fact especially when you start vomiting exactly 7 days later.

But for most Mothers, and especially for me, once I had my first scan something changed. I began to be able to talk to my baby in uterine. I could hear them talk to me. I knew when they were crying or hungry.

It’s not because I was special, it’s because they are.

My gift enabled me to know a lot of things about my pregnancies and my babies but I think every woman has a heightened sense of Psychic ability when she is pregnant.

She is creating life, she is protected and guided by the Spirit realm. And never a truer word has been spoken when she is carrying a ‘Gifted child’ A Gifted Child is a soul who has been reborn from a life of tragedy.

I was given two and I knew their former selves while they were in my womb.

A Gifted child is given a second chance to know love and protection because their past life was so tragic and so heart breaking bad they are chosen to know love.

But children are reincarnated because they chose to come down to learn a specific lesson.

For example: A child born with a short life or illness, or disease is a Spirit who chose to live a harder life to learn the lessons to give the lessons to those around them because they know the harder life brings the best reward.

All children who pass over, go right to the top of the ladder of life without question.

I say ladder of life because if you imagine a ladder laying on it’s back resting in the middle of a pin which balances the ladder like a scale.

Depending on how you live your life depends on which part of the ladder you.

So imagine each rung or step of the ladder is a different level. Just like a scale.

The further up the ladder you go balancing one way and your getting higher and higher up to the top. When your at the top you tip the scale and you get to evolve.

As you evolve the higher up the ladder you go the more you evolve and the higher Spirit you become. So life is a constant state of learning, dying, evolving. With the aim of being the highest of high.

To the other end it is the same if your not learning your lessons. You go further and further down the ladder you go and you tip the ladder and you end up in the worst place a Spirit of love and light can go and that is their own hell.

Being what ever they did to others in life is the fate they live 1000 times over and it is a torment and suffering they will do anything to get out of.

So reincarnation depends on how good or bad you were in your last life.

Some Spirits have had such a traumatic experience here (even though they chose it) they become jaded to the idea of coming back down.

All children who pass get to choose what they want to do. All children who pass, fit, disabled, homeless, wealthy, poor, loved, unloved go right to the top.

For the rest, if you chose to live a life where your will and your freedom and beliefs were what caused your passing, it can leave an impact on the next life that puts the Spirit off from ever wanting to try it again.

We aren’t all bad. We have been gifted a stunning planet that we still don’t really know anything about. We have the gift of invention and creation and learning and with those gifts we have created Masterpieces and Medicine and Music etc….the population of a planet should never be held accountable for the misdeeds of a few on the planet.

We are loving and protective and caring and empathic and generous and forgiving. We all deserve a second chance if we are judged wrongly. So these Spirits have parents that are hand-picked for them. The perfect parents to raise this child or children because of who they are in Spirit (soul). And the mothers know it. Any Mother who has had a Crystal Baby, Indigo Child, Rainbow Child, Water Baby, etc…most will tell you they felt ‘connected’ to their babies in the womb.

My first child was talking to me almost 6 weeks after conception. I started a hormone bleed at 6 weeks and had a scan 1 day short of 7 weeks. I had been telling my husband I could feel him kicking and bouncing about and he along with my midwife thought I was insane.

When I had my scan to see why I was bleeding, our 7 week old fetus kicked past the screen and turned like a mermaid in the water and waved to us wriggling his fingers. The Dr sat for a second and then said slowly ‘Did you see what I just saw’ to which we all said ‘Yes’. She then sat for 15 minutes trying to work out my due date because she was convinced I had gotten it wrong.

When I told her we used the rhythm Method so I know when I conceived. She ran and got the nurses to come and see the scan. After we were done we had nurses coming from all over wanting to look at the 7 week fetus that waved.

It was around the time the baby started talking to me and showing me who he was before. It happened in dreams and in visions. I slept a lot with my first pregnancy. It knocked me for a six. I did NOT look like the glamorous when I was pregnant with my first.

I looked like I had been caught sleeping in a nettle bush most of the time and the rest of the time I looked as greasy as a KFC Bucket of Chicken.

So I rested a lot. I would sit down to read a book and wake up when my husband was getting home from work 5 hours later. In this time of hormonal unconsciousness I would see this old man. He was frail and thin and under dressed and laying on a stone floor.

He was protective of his space and when ever he got food he would divide it up and hide it around his cell under rocks that were loose and under his cloth around his waist. He told me he was Italian and from the Renaissance era. He was put in there by his family to protect the family name.

He was from a wealthy family and he stayed in prison for so many years without contact with the outside world, it made him mad. Spirit told me when this family lost status and money they executed him but they called it Murder.

He was Murdered they said ‘Just because of what he was’ I was told I would never find out how he was killed because I couldn’t handle it and it would change the relationship I had with him after he was born.

I would wake up hysterical because I would see them come and take him and the fear in his heart was so strong but his mind was gone so this poor man thought he was being taken back to his family. He then said ‘I lay down, then I died’ I don’t know to this day and never want to know.

When he was around the age of 8 months he started saying Laquila and there is a place in Italy with that name spelt ‘L’Aquila’ that I just learned about last year.

It’s had a varied tumultuous past. This dream of him in his cell then his being taken off to this death used to play over and over and it really broke my heart but I promised my child I would protect him for all my life and beyond and I would make sure I made it up to him with lots of unconditional love.

But he would say things to me telepathically all the time like……He used to tell me things like ‘Put the kettle on Mum, Daddy’s coming home’ so I would as soon as it started whistling my husband would pull up. Even though I wasn’t expecting him.

I don’t eat a lot meat, occasionally chicken, occasionally fish, and I would be cooking my vegetarian meal and he would say to me ‘Well when I’m born if you think I’m not going to eat meat you’ve got another thing coming’ lol

I did start getting cravings for chicken and cabbage mostly…oh and corn. But only roast chicken and I gave in and it was nice.

But he would tell me ‘Tell dad go and get me a piece of chicken’ lol The baby would also tell me off. I used to call him ‘Old Man’. I have this habit I’ve had since I was a child where I sit under my feet and sit crossed legged but with my feet up by my thighs if that makes sense.

Like how maybe someone meditates when sitting. And it’s dangerous to do when your pregnant because it can cause blood clots and blood poisoning and my unborn child would say ‘Listen you, straighten your legs out and flex our toes please I need you healthy’ lol

It sounds insane but if you knew my son and how he is now you could totally believe it. It also sounds insane that a mother would have disagreement with their unborn child but I did, often and still do. I told my husband ‘this kid and I are going to fight a lot when he’s here’ And we do. A lot. But he is my best friend and he is my whole world. I just love that boys energy. He’s so very kind and gentle.

I didn’t realize I was even in labor or that my waters had broken three days before until my unborn child said to me ‘Tell Dad to turn the Xbox off Mama I’m coming out now’

When he laid eyes on me he lifted his head up to do so and said telepathically ‘So your my Mum?’

He was the love of my life and I knew then we were going to be together forever as soul mates. And while my husband was having his bare backside covered up by the Anesthetist as his scrubs were falling down and he was butt nekid underneath lol (true)  my newborn baby said something I will never forget to the end of this time and beyond.

He said ‘I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Thank you for being my Mama’ I cried and cried. He is simply perfect.

It was immediately after he was born I noticed he had the Spirits around him. Surrounding his cot. He would gurgle and sing and smile at nothing and his cot would rock back and forth.

But it was when he was crawling and weaned I noticed his past life showing an appearance. At 8 months old he would hide food in his room and under the carpets. We would find him having crawled into his room lifting toys up off the floor and looking around all shifty like as he ate the food he snuck under there. This happened until he was about 18 months old.

He wouldn’t share anything. You couldn’t get him to share a toy, food, hugs, anything. He held on to stuff so tight they would get damaged or dirty. And still to this day chicken is his favourite meat. He used to do things that a baby shouldn’t be able to do. I called him old man until he turned 3.

He was terrified of the dark and we had two night lights and a lamp in his room. And as a wee bean of a kid I asked him why he was frightened of the dark and he said ‘The bad men took me in the dark’

We took him to Linlithgow Palace and they had Renaissance reenactments going on in the dining hall part. My son was getting visibly upset at age 2 and a half and he was shaking and trying to leave to the point of becoming aggressive and agitated when the ladies came over to ask  us all to join in. I took him out of the room to hold him close and calm him down and I said to him ‘Bubba what’s wrong, that music and dancing was lovely’ and he said ‘But these are the people who hurt me’

What do you say?

I’m happy to say now that The Old Man is now my beautiful little boy. He is now 7 and has just so clever at School. He loves to write and is incredible at English and Spelling. He loves to read as well. He likes Maths too but he has a thing for Anatomy and using his imagination.

He is very advanced for his age which is common in Crystal Babies. I’m an Indigo Child and I was very advanced as a child too.

Older parents will usually have the Gifted Children more than young parents. It’s to do with patience. Gifted Children require more nurturing than the average child. You will often have to deal with two personalities until we can set the past one free.

It’s not that they can’t let go, all the past hurts and traumas of a gifted child are removed as with any normal person who passes but the trauma is so bad it leaves an impact on their soul that needs to be cleansed. They have gotten over the death and hows and whys, it’s just a tinge of concern for what happens next. This is why Special parents are given the Gifted Ones.

All parents of the Gifted or Crystal babies will be either Indigo children themselves or be so open to the needs of a Crystal Baby that they can emphatically nurture them in what they need without question.

My youngest child, haunts me more emotionally because his visions and suffering was more recent. He was a Bangladeshi girl of about 8-10. She was taken from her family by her Father to clean for another family. She has shown me hundreds of times being lead away from her Mother who sat on a mat in tears.

She looked back at her Mum not knowing why she was crying. She was only going with Dad for a bit and would be back soon. Then she is taken to this family who beat her and mistreat her and she is left to do back-breaking labur and decides to run away.

CAUTION: If you’re an emotional person, don’t read this next bit. I have the misfortune of seeing things like this all the time but you might not be exposed the truths of real life.

She lived on the street sleeping on a piece of cardboard where she would lay and watch the trains go past. She would see all the people on the trains and wish she could be taken back to her Mum or one of the ladies on the Billboards across town.

She would clean toilets for money and bought coffee with it and food she bought would get hidden away. She also used to go through the rubbish looking for plastic.

Like flies on meat, these children would swarm around these rubbish dumps looking for plastic.

She would get beaten by random people in the street if she begged for money. When did children become disposable?

As I talk I can see her now in her ripped pink and white skirt and top. Matted hair. Big brown eyes so sad and pleading for someone to just come and take her away from it all. And that’s what happened to my poor little angel. Two men took her, beat her, broke her battered little body inside her when they raped her and then threw her body onto some rocks when they were done.

The thing that makes me so angry is this beautiful Angel I got the joy to love forever has parents that are still living. I know the both of them are still living and they had more children after my Angel that they didn’t sell. There is some part of me that wants to track them down and tell them what I know.

BUT!!!! The punishment I met out won’t be nearly half as bad as what they will get when they die so I will leave it for Spirit to deal with.

My gorgeous 5 nearly 6 year old, who also see’s Spirit and is telepathic and has an amazing Natural telepathic gift (animals especially).

He also since he could walk at 8-10 months old would rummage through my recycling bins to get all my plastic out. He still does every now and then but he would pile it all up in his bedroom and if you moved them out he would get hysterical.

I could only take them out of his room to recycle is I essentially ‘Bought them back’ with sweets or coins for his money-box.

He was also fanatical about trains. This kid has about 100 trains of various types and tracks and sets and builds. He adores trains. His bedroom wall is covered in trains. He also has been trying from a very young age to get our coffee in the morning and has an absolute fear, no, terror of heights.

I am too but I wasn’t afraid at that age, mine was evident from about the age of 10 (now can even stand on tippy toes without getting dizzy lol) but with my youngest is terrified if his father picks him up too quick and holds him up afraid of heights.

It’s so bad he can’t even stand at the top of the stairs and look over.

Also and this is probably his biggest thing is he absolutely cannot be away from me. He tells his Dad all the time, ‘You love (his brother) and I love Mama. He tells me ‘Your my best Mama and I’m your best friend Aye Mama’

If I’m in another room to him he will come through every ten minutes to see where I am. One day he told his father when asked why he wasn’t going to come with him to play replied ‘Because you took me away from my Mama’ he said it with a real quick glanced, angry tone. He pulled his hand away from his father and came running to me and just stayed there for ages until he could hear the hijinks going on.

I feel sorry for my husband because our youngest has said some things that you can tell really hurts his feelings but he knows not tot take too much to heart. Our youngest will grow out of it once his Spirit feels comfortable with him.

Crystal Babies are a special breed of human that has one more piece of the jig saw than the rest. They are more often than not born to at least one Indigo Child, who is born to at least one Rainbow child who was born to at least one Water Baby and so on.

The belief is that one day we will all get to a point where we have evolved so much we will no longer get ill, communicate with language but telepathically, we will all be of a high intelligence, be natural healing and healers etc….

The best way to describe it is if you have seen that movie A.I and you see those beings at the end that guide to Robot boy to his death and they are beings of pure light but are all-knowing, all loving, selfless and giving.

This is essentially what we will become. But slowly we are being born a few generations of us at a time. Both my parents were Water babies (they may be called something else to others but I call them Water Babies) born during the end of the war.

I am an Indigo and my babies are Crystal. The traits of these babies are that they are usually born to Older Parents, of a higher intelligence to others from a young age, they seem to be older than their years, they have clearly defined gifts such as clairvoyance, intuition and prophecy etc….they will often talk of their past lives or carry on traits through to the new life, they will talk about death comfortably, they will have great love of music, art, literature etc….(They are some of our greatest gifts) they will also be exceptional at art, music or writing.

They are always Empathic. I don’t like the Empathic side of it for me so much because I feel I am over sensitive. So many things can have me in tears and I will hurt for weeks. I like that I can sympathize with people and situations on a level that normal people do but I’m a 40-year-old woman who has been banned from watching The Lion King and The RSPCA ads and Nature channels on TV. When these Donkey Sanctuary ads come on or a Save the Children ad comes on my husband runs to turn it over or that is my crying for days. lol

Needless to say they stand out and any parent that has a Crystal, Indigo will know exactly what I mean. And there are more Crystals now than indigo etc….This is all I know. This is what I’ve been told. They might be called different things by different people but the gifts and children and situations are the same.

Some people are new Souls. They are brand spanking new souls. Never been here before ever. Some like me have had maybe 4 or 5, my husband has had 6. Some people have so many I can’t see them all lol I can usually pick up the last one in the client had as soon as I meet them.

If we are here now, we either chose to come back to learn more or got sent back to try again. I don’t think I have the energy to come back and do it all again so I’m doing everything I can to get it this time round. I died in Vietnam. I was a 21 yr old Soldier from Arkansas. My name was Billy and I got shot in the back and chest while on patrol. I came back because I took lives. In the eyes of Spirit War is never the answer. I didn’t too long to come back in terms of time really, compared to some people. My husband was so bad in one of his lives he didn’t come back for about 300 years lol (in earth time) But because I killed people, I had to come back. Now I am the biggest weeny on the planet who can’t even kill ants.

We all know a lot of people remember in great detail their past lives but for The Gifted Children they remember such tragedy and pain and sorrow you can’t help but give them that wee bit more love and attention.

Whether or not that’s a good thing I don’t know lol But there is a love for them you can’t describe and it’s not just from the parents. These children will have followings where ever they go. Our kids have had everyone from nurses in the hospital they were born come from different wards to hold them. There were grandparents coming to visit there new-born  grandchildren and sit with our babies instead. Teenage boys stop and tell our babies and toddlers they were ‘cool dudes’ girls cooing and women peer out of windows in restaurants to watch them walk past.

They are happy, well-rounded healthy, extremely loved and a little spoiled little boys and I feel blessed every day that they chose me to be the one to teach them about this life they are living in.

Anyone who is reincarnated will carry a lot of traits from their past life. That is a known fact. My oldest has a favourite book at aged 4 and it is ‘The Human Anatomy’

I can’t help but wonder if in his past life he was a man of Science in a time when Religion Ruled all. He was ‘Killed for what he was’ why would a wealthy man be imprisoned by his family to save them from embarrassment and then be killed in thee most heinous way that even someone like me who see’s all sorts of dead is never allowed to be told how he was killed?

It had to have been Science or Sexuality. My son has a fascination with the Human Anatomy the same way my youngest has with trains. Why????? I’m never going to know. But I will do everything I can to make sure he (both of them) get everything he wants as far as education and support is concerned.

My body is ripped and broken now from having my 10lb 1 (premature baby) and my 10lb 6 baby and every time I get the pain and I’m in hospital on morphine for the pain because my body is rejecting the meshes of my hernia repairs I just remind myself what my boys went through to even be here in the first place to bless my life and it’s all worth it. Evey single scar. It’s a small price to pay for Gifts such as they are.

I worked hard to get them past their issues of their past life. It had to be done. Their Souls needed peace. It was the best thing I ever did for them because now they understand how it works.

They both see Spirits and are open and happy about it and neither has and any signs of past life memories in about 2 years although my youngest still likes to keep cardboard boxes. He collects them but he is okay with me throwing them out after a few days.

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8 thoughts on “Past Lives, Pregnancy; (Reincarnation) (revised)

  1. This was both beautiful & heartbreaking. And amazing. I bet both the little scamps are absolutely adorable. Give a squeeze from me 🙂 (see? Now they’re getting fans all over the globe!) Do you think that you might make a post on the different types of children, ice. Crystal, rainbow etc. To explain it better if you haven’t already? I haven’t seen all your posts yet so you may already have 🙂


    • Oh that’s a good idea. I just don’t know if peoples idea of Crystal babies and the like, are the same as mine. They seem to be turning it into some sort of Alien nonsense nowadays. My perception of it is old school. I don’t know how people would take it. The Reincarnation thing seems to be picking up in frequency now because so so many people are being killed by war. It’s utterly heart breaking. And I did hug them for you.

      • A) It’s YOUR blog. Your little piece of on-line real estate, and you are allowed to ‘landscape it’ with whatever you want. It doesn’t matter how the masses take it, because those who are put off by it either aren’t ready to hear it at that moment, or won’t ever be ready. Those who need to hear it, will.

        B)Even if it doesn’t match what other people believe, it WILL help those with different definitions understand what you’re talking about much better when you mention them, they will know your point of reference, instead of using their own.


  2. I know you do 🙂

    But seriously, especially for someone so sensitive to others and their feelings/reactions, sometimes we need a nudge to remind us that some things are OURS, and we are allowed to make, as well as keep, them that way.



  3. I’m looking for someone who would know…this is my 5th pregnancy, previously had a miscarriage and 3 surviving children. I’ve been having dreams, and visions that are coming to pass and this isn’t hugely normal for me. (I’ve had it,very rare tho.) And I get the feeling I know my unborn baby. I feel familiar with her. When I think on her she’s calming to me. Is this something you’re talking about? Could you tell or explain what’s going on?

    • I’m sorry for loss. Unfortunately chances are she won’t choose you again. Your experiencing the loss will be your lesson. We will all get those kinds of lessons as women. Well this of us who want kids anyway. If she died at that stage she would have too many past lives and yours her final one. The wisest Spirits choose the shortest journey. She won’t need to come back now. She gets to evolve into something greater than human. She made it through to the other side. That’s really all you need to know at this point I think. The rest will come later. I’m so sorry for your loss. You’ll be reunited every time you sleep and when it’s your time to join she will be the first one there. Xox