Spirits and the Paranormal: ‘They Are Just Us Only Dead'(revised)

Most people, when they think of Spirits think of Ghostbusters, Most Haunted, Ghost Whisperer

or Medium. All popular and all completely inaccurate. What drives me mad is how people

assume all Spirits are Ghosts and all Bad.

The truth is most Spirits are here of their own free will and half of them don’t even know we

exist. And we forget they used to live, love, eat, sleep, cry like us. We……will one day be dead.

Death is not final. Spirit are just us……only dead.

In order to explain myself I will categorize them with an explanation so it makes it easier to


Imprinted Images

Often referred to in the biz as the Stone Tape theory this is when a person’s emotions are

recorded in the very fabric of the building or surroundings. Always made of natural materials

like stone, concrete, rock, wood, pottery, water, dirt etc.

Most commonly an Imprinted Image of person is captured at the most joyous or saddest time of

that person’s life. And usually before that person’s own life ends. A time of suffering, anguish,

pain, joy, celebration. Any sort of pure and raw emotion.

It is the Grey Lady who is seen sitting at the window desperate for news that her husband is

returning from war. Her cries, her pacing of the floor can be heard on a regular basis. She doesn’t

know your there. She is locked eternally in your own anguish. She is no more than a recording in

the ether like a photograph, a snap shot in time.

It is the sound of laughter and music in a hall. When upon opening the door, it ceases. It’s a party

of a great celebration.

One thing I am starting to look in to is the theory I am starting to have is that Imprinted images

are in fact us seeing stepping in time to their past. Seeing someone as they were living their life

as though we were standing there with them as they did it in their time.

Since my Time Travel incidences, I’m starting to see things a lot clearer from Spirits point of

view and because I am being taken to their time as though I was living it with them I’m starting

to wonder if some Spirit encounters are in fact us going back in time to see them living as though

we were there with them in that time.

I have some reservations about this research I am conducting because of the fact the stone tape

theory suggests it is just one moment in time on repeat. However, there are documented cases of

people seeing this image beyond a repeat.

So, it’s not just always the grey lady standing at the window, some people will see her then walk

through a door. Or even turn to look at them confused.

There are plenty of reported incidences of so called Imprinted Images turning to respond to the

person in this time as if they were seeing a Ghost themselves as well.

So, in theory the Spirit isn’t the Spirit, in essence you are. They are seeing in the future and

responding accordingly.

I’m reading of a few cases where so called Spirits have responded to the living in a way that

would suggest to me it isn’t a case of us stumbling upon them roaming the rooms like a Ghost in

limbo but actually US going back in time to their life and them seeing us as the Ghost or

Unknown entity.

For that reason, I might soon be adding a 4th category to this post soon if my findings suggest

sometimes Spirits are the living and we are the one being projected in time to the past to see

them in their life and where they see us as the thing to fear.

I’m close to figuring out all this Death, Spirit and time being imperative to Paranormal Haunting

and Time Travel, Death and communication. It’s all so important and my time trips are

unlocking so much.

So be prepared for me to be altering this post soon because I’m close to an answer.

Resident Spirit

is a Spirit who has died, who more often than not know they have died (but some don’t know)

and choose to stay around. They may have loved the house or building so much they couldn’t

leave it.

They may have stayed to try to stay connected to the people in it, or to protect the place. It could

be love or regret that keeps them there but they should really be moved on. These are the ones

most commonly called Ghosts. I hate that term. Any Spirit, Ghost or free roaming is a higher

evolved Spiritual being and they deserve the respect. Ghost is so cheap and tawdry. It conjures

up images of women with scarves on their heads holding crystal balls saying things like ‘Yes he

is here, he’s saying G, like G, grass, gold, good? golf? He haunts you coz he wants his G…..?

A Resident Spirit will be the ones you hear coming up the stairs, and sitting on your bed, or

tucking you in, or cooking, singing etc. They go about their business. For the ones that know

they have passed on, they know your there and just go about their business and try to get

involved with the living when they feel the need or want. But they generally are too busy going

about their business and sometimes the two worlds collide. Some people will report feeling

someone hopping into bed with them.

It’s nothing personal. It may just be where they also had their bed. For those that don’t know

they have passed and have stayed on, they don’t know your there and more often than not the

two worlds collide a lot. Again, this is where I am questioning whether this isn’t more a case of

us being in their time more than them being in ours.

But neither mean any harm. In the rare occasion, you might have a bit of a naughty Spirit and

they are trying to cause bother so you will leave all you need to do is stand your ground and say

to them ‘Oi!!!!! this is my house now, bugger off if you can’t live with me, your dead’

I say this is jest but the truth of the matter is, they always deserve your respect unless they are

dark side.

They know what you can and can’t handle and the naughty ones will try to push you so you must

stand your ground. I tell people you treat them like you’re scolding a small child. Firm but fear

and with love. Always with Love. By naughty I mean the ones who might try to frighten you for

fun or move stuff to annoy you. It doesn’t happen often like manifestations they are rare but they

do happen. You know when they are being naughty or genuinely trying to get your attention.

They give off different energy.


They can come and go as they please, know they have passed over and communicate with those

they know they can. Most people don’t know they can though which leads to interesting

encounters lol Spirit will always communicate in ways they know the person can handle it. But

most people put that movement out the corner of their eye or cold breeze in a warm room or

touch or sound they hear that is out-of- place down to their imagination or down to being tired

etc. But in actual fact, it is Spirit. It always is and will be. If you don’t listen that’s when they

move stuff, turn things on, call your name, spook the cat for fun. But they are just trying to get

your attention. All people need to do is say ‘Okay I hear you now leave me alone’ and it stops.

Or then they move on to telling you stuff or appearing in dreams to get messages across (hence

why your here lol)

Free Roaming Spirits also are the ones who died in tragic ways who can’t move on till they get

help. They need to be moved on also. You hear a lot about these poor men who died in wars who

will roam the fields looking for help, or will come into your home trying to get your attention.

They all just need to be moved on. It’s not nice to have them linger in eternal suffering like that.

Imagine that was someone you loved being treated like they were harmful and scary. Spirit

deserve our absolute respect people.

They are so much more than something to shine a light on and take a photo of.

Some Spirits will stick around just so they can let someone who can hear them know they didn’t

kill themselves, they were murdered. Once they have made that contact they feel free and can

move on. Most of the Free Roaming Spirits will divide their time (I use that term loosely)

between this world and the next.

I call them Spirit, even if they are my parents, sibling or lost children. They are all, of a higher

standing than me, as they are beings of pure light and energy. They are free of earthly restraints

of emotion and frailties, so I give them the respect they deserve and call them Spirit. They guide me in every aspect of mine and my husband’s life. I live by them and love by them. I trust them

above all others and without them my life would be a disaster.

It is my faith in Spirit guiding me that has helped me through some of the most traumatic times

of my life. I will defend them to anyone and have. Through them I live by a very strict code. In

return, they take care of me and my family.

I am what is called a White Lighter. I started out as a Pathwalker. A Pathwalker is someone who

spends their life learning, teaching and living by your guidance from Spirit. It is personal and

time-consuming work but it gives you rewards not of this earth.

A White lighter is someone who lives their life based on what Spirit tells them to do. Your sent

to help those that need it and you do it without question. You take the knocks thrown at you and

get back up with a smile because you know that there is a lesson to be learned to make you a

better person and they never give you a lesson without a reward. All sacrifices come with


If they ask something of you and you do it then your rewards are great. I make it sound like it’s

all about the rewards but the rewards aren’t always material or financial. They never ask

anything of you, you can’t give. They never expect you to do anything you can’t handle. The

strength and control you end up in your life is priceless. You see the world differently.

The Rose-Tinted Glasses come off and suddenly everything and everyone is clear to you. You

just ‘Know’ that person can be trusted even though they look dodgy. You just ‘Know’ that if

your asked by Spirit to give that man your last £3 Spirit will give you 20 back. You walk on a

Leap of Faith every day.

Everyday your walking blind. Not knowing how your day will end. But it can be so exciting and

fulfilling. The life of a White lighter is hard and sometimes thankless. So much is expected of

you but you don’t even question it. I have been blessed with so many gifts. I can’t not use them

to help people. I live to serve Spirit and in return they take care of me.

There is more to having a gift than just being able to see the dead. There are so many aspects to

it. Clairaudient (hearing Spirit) Clairsentient (smell) telekinetic (moving or manipulating objects

with your mind) Telepathic (Communicating with your mind) but really it all means the same

thing. If you can feel Spirit, you will see them, and can communicate with them if you call

yourself Psychic or Clair/whatever or Medium.

It’s all the same thing really. It’s just different names for the same science basically.

My husband and my oldest son are Telepathic and we often talk to each other when apart and

without our voices. Our oldest child has often finished our sentences of the conversations we are

having in our heads. Natural Telepathy is the gift of being able to communicate with nature and

animals. It is my favourite gift.

Like Dr Doolittle, but for trees and plants as well as animals. The clouds will often tell me when

there is about to be a natural disaster or conflict. Psychometry is using pendulums or tools of

divining to read the energy of natural objects. For example. Most people don’t realize we

shouldn’t just be buying crystals and picking up stones and shells off the beach because we are

‘in to them’ or think they are pretty. Everything on this planet works on its own vibration and not

all vibrations go together.

It can be the difference between playing a beautiful G cord on the guitar and scraping your

fingernails down a blackboard if you have anything around you that is negative to your vibration.

Before you bring anything like a crystal, rock, stone, shell, wood or anything made of all 100%

natural materials as it was created you MUST!!! have it checked to see if it matches your

vibration I promise you. If your walking around with a shell necklace around your neck and

crystals on your window sill and a bit of drift wood adorning your fire-place and you haven’t

checked it and it turns out to be an opposite energy, it can make a huge difference to how your

life is going. If your always feeling tired and drained and nothing seems to be going right and

you just can’t seem to catch a break in life, check your house for crystals and rocks etc.

We’ve all done it. We have all walked along the beach and seen a gorgeous shell we have to take

home. It could be turning all your energy of your home off kilter. You need to free that energy. If

you imagine your life as a series of cogs and someone puts a stick in one of the cogs and it stops

all the cogs from turning properly. Some stop all together, some rattle, some skip back and forth,

back and forth stuck wanting to be free.

This is what your life can be like when you have opposing vibrations in your energy field. You

need to use Psychometry to fix it. I use a pendulum made from glass but in truth you can use a

ring on a strand of your hair or cotton. As long, as it is natural and long enough to swing. Hold

the pendulum out and ask it which way it wants to swing for yes and for no. It will tell you which

way it prefers to swing.

You then place the pendulum over the object and ask; ‘Is this ‘name the object’ positive for me?

It will swing yes or not. It could be up and down for yes and side to side for no. Or in circles for

no and on a diagonal for yes. But it will decide when you ask it. And it will tell you when you

use it. If it swings Yes, you’re okay to keep it, but if it swings No, then it must be removed

immediately. If you can’t find someone who the energy is positive with then it needs to be put

back or buried.

Unfortunately, girls this is also true of gems and gold, silver, bronze etc. Diamonds and Rubies

etc., so before you let your man buy you a ring get him to check it first. It could mean the

difference between a long and happy relationship and a bitter divorce. I kid you not.

The most important thing to remember when your deal with the Paranormal is instinct and

intuition. When you’re talking to yourself in your head you’re talking to Spirit. When you ask a

question in your head and answer yourself, that is Spirit.

When you have a nagging feeling, it is Spirit. When you have second thoughts about doing

something and it turns out to have been a good thing you didn’t have second thoughts, that is

Spirit telling you something isn’t right, think again.

That is more specifically, your Spirit Elder. You might know them as Guardians, or Angels,

Guardian Angels, etc.

We all have them. We are given them from the second we are conceived to the second we die.

We have a main Spirit Elder and then well…….maybe the best way to describe it is by saying.

Imagine yourself as a house. God (or whatever you believe in) owns the house. Your Spirit Elder

is the Butler. They take care of the running of the house. They control every member of staff in

the house. Then your Elders are your cooks, cleaners, drivers etc.

Your Spirit Elder controls everything concerned with life and death. They are the ones that stop

you from crossing that road because you at the last second changed your mind then a truck

comes around the corner and just missed hitting you. They are the ones that walk you to your

loved ones when you pass away.

They guide you to the person who will give you your children. Anything to do with the biggest

aspects of your life, that is your Spirit Elder helping you get there. Not all are from decades or

hundreds of years ago. I know of a friend, of my husbands, whose wife was pregnant at the time

she was being visited by a Spirit. She was so frightened and ask for my help. It was just her

unborn Babies Spirit Elder introducing herself to the mother to be and she had only passed a few

weeks before.

I can still see her standing at my bed all apologetic for scaring a pregnant lady. Once it was

explained to this woman who her son was being protected and by someone who has family that

is still grieving over her passing, she felt very comforted and blessed.

The Elders will guide you on everything from money, love, business etc. each Elder is the

Manager of each thing.

I have Leelee, she is love and money. She is the one who stops me from wanting to hit my

husband with a bat when he is pissing me off lol. She led me to him and made me love him like I

do. She made me not fear giving up my life and traveling 17,000 to be with a man I had only met

once for a month.

Then I have Head of the Eagle. He is a young Native America boy who governs my health, both

mental and physical health. He always comes to be when I’m grieving or sick. Or if I’m having a

big crisis.

My husband has a career Spirit. I don’t. Basically Spirit are my career so….

You might have a love Spirit and if it is in your life to travel a Travel Elder. But they only have

your best interests at heart and serve only you. They are all yours and your alone. Even twins won’t have the same elder.
Unusually, my husbands, Spirit Elder is an Old man who at the time of his introduction had

Spirit children with him that were golden. As his path has progressed the children have gone

away. We are pretty sure the siblings are our boys. We didn’t know it then but looking back now

we think he was showing our boys their parents.

Because Spirit work on frequencies different to ours, when they come into contact with you, it

can be like an electric shock to your soul. It is why your hair stands on end and you shiver. It is

why you walk into a building or room and you get an almost flat, quiet, still feeling.

That is a sign your picking up on Spirit. It’s like when you’re in a library and you make a sound

and you can feel all eyes on you and it gives you that rush of blood in your chest. That’s when

you’re in contact with Spirit. It’s an electrical charge or impulse. Your blood pumps faster, you

go hot or cold (depending on how much energy they have used up).

They like to play games to get your attention. But they only show themselves to those they want

to. You could be in a room with 50 people and you’re the only one who sees the vase move.

But you must remember they can’t physically touch stuff. It is done by making it move through

telepathic telekinetic energy. It does, actually move, you do, actually get scratched but they can’t

do it physically. They make you think it happens so it actually happens. They gather a great deal

of energy and use you as the charge, so to speak. They can’t physically touch things as they are

just energy on a different frequency.

Depending on the frequency depends on whether they can move or talk to you. Understand?

So, enough energy turned to one frequency will have enough power to move objects.

Enough of the other frequency and you can hear them talk. Telepathy is talking using the power

of the mind and Telekinesis is moving objects using the power of the mind.

Teenagers are the best at this power as their brains run on a whole different frequency all

together and it is in a permanent state of their WiFi being on they can create untold seemingly

paranormal experiences like Poltergeist activity and Demonic Possession type activity all just

because they were having a bad day. It really is remarkable. I’d love to do a study on it.

My nephew was very powerful at using telekinesis when he was a kid. But it seems in my family it can only be used when we are angry or frustrated. One time when he was about 4 he was fed up with his Mother telling him to sit still while she did a reading for us at the table. After about the 10th time of getting told off for fidgeting he grumpily looked at a teaspoon that was sitting on the table, arms all crossed in a puff and the spoon just ‘popped’ up and bent in half, lol. It was astounding. I must ask him if he can still do it.

I, myself, can only do it when I’m really angry. Like punch a wall angry and I’m never that angry in my everyday life but I have thrown things out of cupboards and down hallways or slammed doors shut before. Luckily for me the last time I used it was over a decade ago. I have

been told I am never allowed to use it. Because I can only use it through negative means it could invite negative entities in while I have my guard down.

There are many types of people like me. They go by many names but how can you tell the ones who are genuine from the ones who are fake?

ORBS: People mistake these for being Spirit but in actual fact only a small percentage of orbs are Spirit. The rest are balls of energy or time traps. The energy ones are manifested from stress, anger, depression and the time traps are pockets of moment trapped in time. The rest are dust.
How you can tell which ones are Spirit are because you’ll see colour or faces in them often resembling photos taken f loved ones but you can see the faces as plain as day.

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30 thoughts on “Spirits and the Paranormal: ‘They Are Just Us Only Dead'(revised)

  1. I learned something new from your post and that is to check crystals and other natural objects to see if they match my vibration. I am familiar with dowsing but did not realize the implications…so thank you!

  2. (hello, it’s Becca again) Thank you for the information, wow, I shiver for no reason sometimes, it could be a spirit? It would be cool to communicate with animals and other living things like trees, haha! It would be so fun to hear what my pets Nana, Mittens, & Daisy are thinking about! I’m really drawn to the Paranormal and Spirits!

    Do you know how I can channel my ‘inner physic?’ It’d be cool to have the gift of communicating with spirits. I used to when I was younger, but I haven’t really seen anything since then.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Becca,
      You know….to be honest, it takes years to be able to open up to Spirit. For me it isn’t just about being able to see and feel them ya know? it is my way of life and this is why I get so upset with people that write books about how to become one. Yes we all have the gift. Most of us turn it off once we get to a certain age, but some people just down right shouldn’t be going near it ya know what I mean? I think there is a reason only a select few get to keep it switched on. Can you imagine what would happen if someone like Charles Manson or Ted Bundy got hold of a gift like mine? But it takes more than meditation (actually I’m not allowed to meditate lol) and feeling groovy to KNOW Spirit.
      But….it does take years of dedication and hard work to get to where I am and I’m still learning stuff.
      Whoever in saying that, someone like yourself who is obviously showing signs of a natural gift, if all your wanting to do is learn to be aware of them, it really isn’t hard. You have to start off by opening yourself up, and making sure your protected always. After your done you then close yourself off kind of bless where you are. YOu simply sit some where quiet and breath slowly and imagine two doors opening in your mind. As your opening the doors you say ‘I am opening myself to Spirit, to a higher power, to all that is good and natural, I am blessed and my home is blessed, while I ask for Spirit to surround me with love and light I also ask they protect me, my home and my family and anyone who enters my home with the white light’ or something to that effect. You get the idea. Then as you finish saying it the doors should be wide open. Only leave yourself open for a couple of hours at first and see what happens. You will feel different BUT things might not happen right away. It might take days or even weeks but stuff will be happening. They will be trying to communicate in ways you won’t notice at first but you will get used to the signs. Never Ignore the Signs of Spirit Communication is one of my blogs Posts, it’s long, but read it. It will help you. Sit with outside sometimes, sit and look at your pets, really look at them, it starts off as fuzzy white noise at first but eventually you will tune your frequency to theirs and you’ll hear them talking to you. The trees, pets, the wind, birds etc…all things natural. It will be in your voice in your head but it will be them talking. People always think Spirit will talk in another voice but they don’t they speak in yours. It uses less energy and you would probably have a heart attack if they spoke in theirs. Some of them haven’t used vocal chords in centuries so when they do try and talk it can come out as growling or raspy sounds which make people think they are evil lol
      As I said, open up for a couple of hours at a time. Test the waters, this will take time so be patient. To close yourself down imagine the doors closing and count from 10 to 1. When you get to one the door should be closed. After it is closed ask for Protection of the white light to protect you, your family, your home and anyone who enters your home. Use those EXACT words. Once you start t get used to everything you’ll see things out of the corner of your eye, you’ll have dreams, precognition even. And it starts from there.
      Now….The Rules.
      1) Never open yourself when upset or angry, only open yourself when your calm and happy and at peace.
      2) Never share what I have told you to anyone else. It works for you, but not for others. I don’t know where their abilities lay, yours I do, so what I tell yu is taylored for YOU, noone else.
      3) Never, ever invite Spirit in. Never say anything of the sort other than ‘I open myself to Spirit and the White Light’
      4) Always protect yourself and your home and anyone and anything that lives in it.
      5) Do not communiate using seances or ouija, If you think they are trying to tell you something come to me and I will help you. But you know this already.
      6) Don’t deal with anything you don’t understand. It took me 20 yrs to master my gift and another 20 to understand Spirit so if you don’t understand something come to me. And becareful what you read online. There are plenty of fruit loops out there claiming to be White Lighters who will charge you money to ‘Protect’ or ‘Teach you’ and they have no gift or ability. You can make a lot of money doing what i do if your evil and are able to exploit the grieving and still be able to look at yourself in the mirror.
      7) If you start noticing unusal things happening like bad smells, angry animals, feeling ill etc..the stuff I explained before with Daisy shut yourself down immediately, put salt over the windows and doors and contact me right away.
      8) If you open yourself up, use whatever you get coming through wisely. Don’t use them, take it for granted, show off or exploit it. You will cause a lot of trouble for yourself if you are anything less than humbled.
      9) Never invite a Spirit to follow you to work, school, your new house etc….once you have an encounter, shut yourself off and leave it at that.
      10) Don’t be like you see on the TV. They are using expensive and often pointless equipment, and are making tons of money, use your instinct. That is the number one rule in my society. Trust your instincts. They are better than anything. And the second rule is Never assume you know anything. Just because a Spirit might come across as a girl, doesn’t mean it is. Don’t jump to conclusions either. Just because you get scratched doesn’t mean it is evil or negative. This is where you trust your instincts. Read my post Never ignore the signs of Spirit Communication. You’ll learn more there.
      11) If you proceed with this, and you don’t listen to me, and you bring in negative Spirits, don’t blame me lol contact me and I will hellp but hold me responsible lol People think it is all fun and games dealing with the dead but the darker Energies are quicker to come to you than the Good Spirits so you have to be aware of how dangerous this all is in the wrong hands. You can either do it this way or let your gifts unfold naturally. But people don’t realise the responsibility that comes with seeing the dead and being able to communicate with them. If you get an urgent message to pass on to a loved on from a Spirit and they live on the other of the world and you have to track them down and the Spirit won’t let you sleep or function until you’ve done it. You have to do it. You won’t be allowed to eat, sleep or drive even without doing what your being asked to do. It’s not all limos and TV cameras and posh houses. A TV psychic is a different kind of Psychic. They don’t show you the hard stuff onTV. Or the negative. So think very carefully about what your wanting to do.
      So you know where I am if you need me though.
      Good luck

      • Thank you, that is good to know. I wait a until I’m older. (I’m only 13 right now,) When I do I will follow all of your rules, I’ll read the post right now. Thank you for your information, I might also let my gifts unfold naturally, on it’s on.

        Thank you again,


      • 🙂 Good girl Becca. That’s a really mature and wise decision to make. This is how I knew you were okay to be told this stuff. You have a wise head on your shoulders. You have one of the most beautiful gifts a person could ask for. It’s Okay to use Natural Telepathy now. it hurts noone and only requires you calm yourself and your breathing to become intune with your surroundings. Start listening to your animals. Look at them, their eyes, talk to them and ask them questions. You will start to hear yourself reply in your head. That’s them. They can be so funny. Sometimes I will be outside talking about loud to the birds and squirrels and stuff like a crazy lady. Pigeons are hilarious lol They are so dithery. Squirrels are barking mad lol but in a funny way. Let me know if you start to hear stuff.
        If you ever need any help or advice, you come to me Button. I will help you any way I can.
        And I’m so proud of you. Your Mum must be too. She’s got a gift on her hands with you.

  3. Awh, thank you! (: I will start talking to my animals more, I just need to keep the place very quite, which can be hard when you can hear everything outside your window. (Like the wind, where there is no trees to shelter it!) I always loved nature, I would rather go on a hike then go to the movies with a bunch of friends! If I need any help, I will certainly ask you for help when I need it! I will send you a picture of Daisy soon!


      • Over time you’ll learn to shut the sounds out. Just close your eyes, slow your breathing down and imagine something calming. I use walking along a frozen lake with my kids running a head, my husband beside me, holding my hand. Winter coats and gloves on. The cold icy chill nipping at my nose and the trees are bare and still and the birds are sitting on the branches waiting for me to feed them crackers. When it’s calm in your mind it soothes the frequencies around you and you learn to block out the noise. Once you’ve done that, open your eyes and sit with your animals. Animals are easier to pick on on when your first learning. You will know what they are saying. Even in it’s basic form you will know instinctively when they are hungry or ill etc….so it’s just a matter of tuning in. Just remember, it might sound like nonsense at first, it might sound clear but the talking doesn’t make sense because a dog is talking like a person. But you have to remember, when your connecting to your animals on THAT sort of level. They aren’t a dog, cat, squirrel etc…they are beings of energy, just like you. So it is perfectly normal for a dog to discuss politics or talk about it’s girlfriend etc….lol
        As for Daisy, she is exactly how I imagined her to look. She’s gorgeous. She has seen violence though. She has haunted eyes. She lived in a very violent home and not only was abused but she saw abuse. She is so sad. She is worried about a child or person from her former life. But you need to reassure her that the person is safe and it is okay for her to be a happy dog now. She is such a loving dog but she has trust issues I think. She is waiting for one of you to snap, out of the blue like the last owner did. Does she like milkshakes or something pink? I’m seeing her being fed like pink milkshake or something like that. Is it medicine? She does love you though, just don’t give her any sudden surprises or quick loud movements. She will relax eventually. Play hide and seek with her but just don’t jump out and surprise her when she finds you. I play it with my cat lol he’s good too. Except sometimes he gets sick of me and will jump out the window and not tell me so I spend ages trying to find him and he’s been outside the whole time lol

      • lol, thank you for telling me this! I play ‘police dog’ with her, I let her smell someones clothes and the treats (peanut butter flavored) The person hides with the treats, and she has to find the person to get the treats. She has a lot of fun with it! I try to calm Daisy down a lot, like petting her belly and hugging her telling her things. She loves going bye-bye, and she is very curious about the world around her. Daisy, I think has a boyfriend. lol, Buddy our neighbors dog. Her passed life might not of been plea-sent, but I will make sure this life is the best life for her!


      • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww, she sounds amazing. Your the perfect person to have as her Soul Mate Becca. She needs a calmling influence like you in her life. It’s horrible when your pets have past life issues and you can’t help them. But as you say your making it up to her now. My youngest son has past life issues. But he is showing less signs of them now, but up until recently it was horrible to watch, BUT I know for a fact that a troubled soul in the last life is a blessed soul in this life so she was given you as her reward. She would of been sent back down to you so her soul could know love. To put it another you, ‘Your her Earth Angel’. I can’t wait to get a dog. Just my luck it sill be even crazier than my cat lol

    • Thank you! (: Daisy is special, I couldn’t imagine life without her in it! She is already three years old, only yesterday I remember picking her out of her litter in the barn & taking her home in my lap covered in her ‘baby blanket’! I will post about Daisy soon, and Mittens! I am going to log off now, I’m going to have dinner then watch a movie with the family! I will also be taking an hour or more out of my day to talk to Nana, Mittens, & Daisy!


      • Hello, Today my mom and I might of experienced some paranormal activity! Daisy started barking, then I heard what she was barking about the garage door was opening! I told my mom I thought someone was in the garage, but soon we thought it was nothing. We closed the garage door. Then, when we left the house the garage door was open again! We think it might be a spirit playing a little trick on us, nothing was blocking the door there is no reason why it could be opening like that. What do you think?


      • Hi Rebecca, You know what? I’m having the same problem. It’s because we are both moving house. There is often a sudden surge in activity when your moving house and its for many reasons. 1) The stres, excitement levels of the people living in the house increases therefore opening up the lines of communication. 2) If you have a Resident spirit like you do, they might be sad at your leaving and are trying to say ‘hey don’t forget me’ All you need to do is talk to him. Tell him you are so grateful he has been there to protect your home but its time to move on. He is attached to the animals. He was drawn to them because they are so bonded to you. Never invite him to the new house though poppet. Just tell him you have to move on, and you’ll never forget him. But tell him he has an important job of looking after the next family who will move in after you leave. 99.9% of the time Spirit do these things simply so we will acknowledge them. They know, you know they are there, just most times we put the bangs and stuff down to something logical. So they become more obvious in their contact. He’s obviously been trying to get your attention and you’ve all been so busy with the move he’s resorting to opening doors lol bless him. Just talk to him. Tell him you know he’s there. But also remember to tell him to stop if he’s making you frightened or uncomfortable. But you don’t seem that bothered by him which is nice. And why he is upset your going. I’ve had the children popping their heads around corners and running up the stairs etc….but I will talk to them just before we go. It’s kind of nice though because when stuff like this happens, in its honest form, the dead are telling you, your special to them. 🙂 You mean so much to them they are sad your leaving. Do you know if anyone is taking your house after you leave? If so tell him. Let me know how you get on and once you move and get settled I will teach you in private lessons how to use Natural Telepathy to talk to nature. You have a gift with Animals and to teach you to open up to them could take you a long way. Imagine if you were a Vet and your animals told you what was wrong with them before you took so much as a blood test.

      • Aw! Thank you for letting me know! I will talk to him before we leave, we have the house until September something, but we will be living there in about a week. (oh my gosh it’s coming so fast!) Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be a vet! (: That’d be awesome! I also would like to be an animal control investigator, they save animals from dangerous situations, from abusive owners, dog fights, abandonment, storms, ect. For that I need to take animal behavior classes, a few health classes, law classes, and how to protect myself. Which I’m pretty sure I’m okay with that. I’m a black belt in karate now! I thought I had a reply one time from Daisy… but I’m not sure if it was me just answering in my head!!! lol, What do you think? Anyways, I have to go. I’m going to my best friend’s sisters wedding at a grilling place, and then to a hotel! I love to swim. (: Hope you have a great day!

      • Babygirl, they always answer you in your head using your voice lol so well done. You heard Daisy 🙂 don’t be shocked by what animals tell you. They are hilarious.

      • Whoaa, awesome! (: Now I need to get the cats to listen and talk to me lol! I had a great time at the wedding and hotel, we went on this one waterslide called the cyclone where it’s pitch black and you slide down really fast and there’s a drop off that makes your stomach turn, and then it’s really bright and you go around three times in a big circular bowl and then you drop down! (It sounds scarier than it is,) How have you been? Today I’m uploading part one of the moving vlog! I will send you a link to it if you want, I am going to upload it now.


      • That would be lovely Becca Thank you. Yeah watch out for cats, they are quite…..surly and now it all when your able to talk to them. They are quick to tell you when your wrong. They are like grumpy elderly neighbours lol but they are hilarious as kittens. I’m glad you had a good time. I’d give anything to swim. I miss swimming. They don’t do a lot of swimming here in the UK but I’m going home to New Zealand next year so I will swim then. No water tunnels though, I’m too chicken now lol

      • Haha, my friend made me go on the cyclone, good thing she did! I loved it! I’m pretty sure Mittens will be very sassy, Nana is very cuddly, but shows people who’s boss! (My grandma says: “She thinks she’s Queen Sheba!”) haha, I love them. There is one ride I will never ever go on, the Rock Bottom plunge, it’s a really big roller coaster.



        Have a nice day!


      • I’m terrified of heights, the dead I can do, but stand me on a chair and watch me scream hysterically lol honestly I get dizzy standing on tippy toes.

  4. I was wondering if you have issues with family members in life, how does that play out in the afterlife or once one or all parties pass away? For instance, the last 3 years my parents have not been in my life because of some horrible things they have said/done to me and my husband. I have made the choice to keep them out of my life because they cause me so much stress and pain. They don’t support me unless it’s what they want. My parents are not understanding at all and have never respected me as an adult. I want to live a happy life and I decided I couldn’t be happy with them in my life and my children’s lives. They’ve never met either of my children. It’s been on my mind how all of this will play out if one or both of them pass away before me and how will it be when I pass away? Will my soul meet them and be with them? If they pass before me will they haunt me and my children? Just something I’ve thought about a lot.

    • It all depends on the evolution rate of the Soul that has crossed over,
      If they were nice and kind and had a special light about them and they helped folk etc….then chances are they get to become Spirits or Elders or something. Obviously the nicer you are and the more you ‘get it’, the faster you evolve. You could bypass the whole being a Spirit thing and just go straight to the light source. Children, Homeless, Disabled, Innocent victims, animals etc….all go to the light without question. Anyone who’s life wasn’t easy and or was cut short, get the reward of the light.
      That is why it’s so important never to let the dark even in. They can’t come unless invited anyway but the same can be said for if the person did something wrong. If a parent isn’t being the adoring, hard working, nurturing, educating, souls then they de evolve and have to come back and do it again. So get it right this time and it won’t be an issue. But if any relative or loved one wasn’t as evolved as you then you wouldn’t even meet on the other side. They would be below you fighting to see the light.
      The only way you’d meet them again is if you both fight hard to be on the same level.
      I mean your aware of each other and stuff but if someone wasn’t nice especially to a child they were rewarded with then chances are if they didn’t make up for it in life, they won’t be on the same level as the child and would have to reincarnate to try and get on the same level again.
      No light to a soul of pure conscious light is the worst thing. Because below that is the cessation of existence. So no matter what, chose the light. And then you can always be evolving. It’s such a powerful experience I’m going through right now. The light, I can’t even explain it. It has to be seen to be believed.
      Thank you for your really interesting questions Heather.
      I love good question sessions.
      Love and Light
      Hope that helped
      Love and li

      • Thank you! That all makes sense and does help me a lot. I’m so curious and I think so much about what happens when our heart stops beating. From reading your blog it seems like life begins when our physical body dies. Ive enjoyed hours of reading your posts. I’m so glad I found this and I’ve actually gotten to talk to you!! And I think you’re a beautiful person for using your gift to just help others and to do good, never for profit. Since I’ve found your website I’ve tried to live happier, do things in love, go out of my way for others and find peace within myself. I want to thank you for sharing what you know about spirit, the afterlife and how our time on earth affects it all because you’ve helped me realize how precious life is and it shouldn’t be wasted. The post you made about a spirit you talked to that told you about what he wished he would’ve done differently changed my life. Also the one about how our life is written out for us before we are conceived, how no matter what road we choose it will always end the same. All your posts have moved me!! I could ask questions allllll day! Thank you for always replying! It means the world to me!

      • Well you just gave me the biggest head lady geez lol shut up lol (sorry I don’t take compliments well).
        But good for you Girrrr. Sounds like your well on the path of self awakening. You’ll look back in years to come and be so proud of your journey. I am at that point now. Even the heartaches have all been worth it because looking back was dark and hard but looking forward is easy and light. I have no fear and my confidence has gone through the roof so I’ll talk to anyone and love everyone where as before I kept myself to myself. I hide behind a computer screen but I’m getting ready to step out into the public eye and I’m so excited. I’ve worked so very hard for this new me and it’s all because I rewarded myself the journey.
        Thank you for your support. It really does mean so very much to me and if I could be blessed to find you I’d thank every single one of you personally because you all helped me get to where I am just by believing me.
        So thank you for helping me evolve and I hope in turn I’ve helped you evolve too.
        To answer your question, yes death isn’t something to be afraid of but celebrated. If you knew what they went to you’d be having parties not funerals and I get to see what they see now and be what they are and me and all of you now because of training and education in this field. I wish I could tell you all everything that has been going on but I just can’t right now. But I will. One day. And it’s big.
        It’s gonna make history.
        So watch this space.
        And remember the only way to learn is to ask questions so ask them all.
        Love and Light