Seeing Spirits: Why Is Everyone Suddenly Psychic?(revised)

I am 43 years old. I have been seeing Spirit ever since I was a small child. Everybody is born

with the gift but most of us grow out of it by the time we get to the age where society becomes

more important. So, around the age of 8 we start to lose the gift.

I am blessed because my entire family is gifted. I am from a long-line of people with gifts going

back hundreds and hundreds of years. It is in my culture to have respect for the dead and to know

what to do when you are around them. So, in essence seeing dead people was part of my family’s

daily conversation. My first teacher was my big sister. She helped me discover how I was going

to do my readings. How to tell the difference between Good and Bad Energy and how to deal

with them. I had grown up watching her do some of the most fascinating Spiritual work I have

ever seen. I wanted to be just like her. Little did I know I would be just like her and it would

come with good and not so good consequences.

When I was growing up, it was a bad word to be gifted. You did readings on the sly, word of

mouth. You didn’t shout out to the world what you did because people fear us. People fear what

they don’t understand. People feared what they thought I might know about them. I have had

clients come to me with life changing choices to make where what I told them meant whether

they lived or died.

I’ve had clients come to me and decided not to leave their wife for the mistress and it saved a

family from certain disaster.

My point is, there is so much pressure on one like myself to do what I do right because it can

literally destroy a life.

Yet nowadays everyone is Psychic. Everyone can do what has taken me 40 years to master. You

can take a 3-month class to learn to do what I do and it’s frankly terrifying.

Having a gift isn’t just that you can see the dead and pass on a message to Mary that’ Bob is still

watching you do the garden’. It is such a serious thing we do and yet, there are people who are

doing this, (and charging A LOT of money) because people are desperate to understand their

grief or situation. It’s not just about getting the initial of their name. After 26 goes you’ll get it

right eventually. It’s about dealing with the clients psyche and helping them understand that

death isn’t final.

And now there are dozens of shows on TV about glamorous women solving complex mysteries

in teeny tiny towns that must have more Ghosts in it than the whole of Europe.

We are expected to believe that Spirit will physically stand next to the loved one getting the

message and we can see them like we would any living person and they make us cold and can

physically touch us and hang around for hours at a time and not lose energy. I mean, do people

really believe how that is with Spirit?

We are talking about someone’s deceased loved ones. It doesn’t matter if they lived 1 month ago

or 600 hundred years ago. Once…..these people were loved. How can we be allowed to

disrespect Spirit like that?

Firstly, if anyone tells you ‘He is standing next to you touching you’ they are lying. The truth is,

as good as it makes you feel to think Dad or Son are standing next to us touching our

shoulder it’s not physically possible for a Spirit to touch us without them needing a huge amount

of energy to do so. If they are standing there touching you, you would feel it too. Trust me. You

feel the dead around you, psychic or not.

If a Spirit would need to drain a camera and phone, in order to get enough energy, just to make

you cold, can you imagine how much energy would be required to manifest, touch you and

change the temperature of the surrounding area?

When a person with a TRUE gift ‘see’s’ Spirit, it is in the mind’s eye. You see them standing

next to you with their hand on your shoulder in your mind. It is like if I was to tell you to

remember what you did at breakfast this morning you could instantly recall in your head what

you did in detail. That is how it works. Manifestations are extremely rare.

And what they say is just as important. Spirit in effect cannot communicate the way we do. It is

all done telepathically. Only occasionally they will talk in their own voice because it would

startle you too much and shut you down. It requires tremendous amounts of energy for talking,

but it can happen occasionally and when it does it can give you a fright. Even someone who sees

can get a fright. lol

But can I please ask you what your name is and what you did on your last

birthday………………………………………………….in your head with your voice you would

have answered that. That is how Spirit talk to us. In our voice and in images. You would have

said your name in your head and remembered your last birthday. When Spirit communicate, they

do it in (for me) like watching a movie in slides. It is one image after the other and just how I

know what my name is I just know that they are telling me they still watch Mary in the garden.

He will show me a garden and Mary pottering about in it. It might not be her actual garden but

the garden I am shown is symbolic.

Spirit draw on your energy to come through also, so your always exhausted after communication.

Especially if you’ve been reading for people. It is exhausting. You can’t just then meet and greet

your public for two hours, sign autographs and then drive 200 miles home like I’ve seen some

psychics do on TV.

You will often get a headache or feel a bit sick or if you’re lucky just feel so tired you could

sleep for a week.

They show you images and you have to relay them as you see them and never try to figure it out.

If you see a red Porsche, it doesn’t mean it is a red Porsche the client is going to get. It could just

mean the client will have connection to a fast car like a Porsche that is red. But you tell the client

‘I’m seeing a red Porsche, so you must be getting a car like that’ It is up to the client to draw

their own conclusion because while you’re trying to figure it all out, Spirit have shown you 20

other images since then.

Once the reading is done you must always ask the client if they have any questions. Because

often they are so overwhelmed with emotion that everything is going ten to the dozen. I’ve never

seen anyone do that on the TV.

In all honesty, the only Paranormal show that does it the right way, that doesn’t do it in a

disrespectful way and who take the time to understand what is going on and draw a conclusion to

it is, Ghost Adventurers. Three guys, with cameras and no camera crew.

My husband has banned me from watching shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer because I

kept screaming at the TV. Even Psychic Kids drives me mad but only because no one sits and

explains to the frightened kids what is happening and why. It’s pretty much ‘You have a gift,

now enter this haunted building, see you did it now don’t be afraid’ For me as a kid, it would

have just left me with more questions. The thing that shocks me about that show is how belittling

and unsupportive some of the parents can be. One mother put her child in a mental institution. I

know people fear what they don’t understand but just when that poor girl needed love and

understanding, the one person who should have been there for her above all was her Mum.

It is such a serious thing to deal with and yet so many people seem to be able to do what I do.

There is someone on Yahoo Answers who is going about interpreting dreams and being so

wrong I worry for the people she is reading for. That Post I put about the Guy dreaming about

having a small penis and cutting it off, she is swanning around telling him he has psychological

issues about his penis size and he should get mental help because and I quote ‘Only people like

me with my gifts can truly understand what this means’ and the poor guy is now terrified. The

truth of the matter is, I then often have to spend my time making sure these people don’t panic or

get scared.

I once did a reading for someone who decided that because she had been given a couple of

readings from me that she could do what I do. Within 3 months of her doing readings, I had an

influx of terrified people coming to me for clarification because she had been telling them I had

taught her how to read. She told one poor Mum that this Spirit man who her daughter had seen in

my house was evil and she needed to pay her to get rid of the Spirit from her (the clients) house

because he would haunt this kid and bring bad luck.

This poor Mum then rang me and I had to sit and talk to the girl and ask her what she saw. It

turns out it was my Father. My dad always shows himself in Uniform to those around me who

never met him because he had been a proud soldier for over 30 years. I had not long moved to

the UK from New Zealand and was going through some very traumatic times in my personal life

(yes, I did know they were coming and knew how it was going to end) and he was simply

lending me some support. When I explained the “Spirit man” wasn’t bad and wouldn’t follow

them home, the girl was fine with it. I showed her pictures of me and my Dad so she could put a

life to the Spirit and she went away happy.

The worst thing you can do is mix Spirit with is religion. The two don’t mix. Spirit have zero

interest in religion. It is a man-made thing that has no business in the Spirit realm and it drives

them insane when they see people in churches praying and quoting palms then ‘communicating’

with Spirit. The advice is never Spiritual, it is personal.

Spirit in truth don’t believe in religion. I know this might upset a lot of religious people but

religion holds no purpose in the Spiritual. Spirit believe religion is an earth creation and is used

only to control the masses. It is not about religion, it is about faith. They don’t care what you

believe in or how you do it, just that you believe. It’s not about how often you go to church or

how much of your hard-working money you give as an offering, it is whether you were honest

and helped people less fortunate than yourself. You’re not expected to be perfect in prayer. Just

be the best person you can be. Help those less fortunate than yourself. Be honest, be selfless, put

others before yourself. If you have more than you need give to those who have less.

Be faithful and loyal and respect other people’s opinions. You don’t have to like someone’s

views or lifestyle. Just respect them. Every, single thing on this planet, has a right to be here and

has a reason to be there, so leave it all alone.

This is what a true ‘Christian’ is. But you don’t need to worship your god or deity in a church.

Your heart is your temple. Worship him there. I’m pretty sure if your God, or Allah, Buddha, or

Jesus came down now and saw some of these churches and how much money comes in and out

of them they would be mortified.

A bit of smiting wouldn’t go a miss. I think the conversation would go something like this ‘So

you took 300 billion pounds of people’s money and bought priceless art and hand-made gold

robes and let people kiss your feet and yet the people who come to you are starving and having

children they can’t afford and aren’t getting the medical treatment they need to save them and

you did it all in MY NAME? BLAM!!!! lol

If you’re a man of God, it shouldn’t cost a penny. If you’re doing his work, the money you get

will be going to the people who need it. Do you think there would be starving Africans and

Homeless American Families on the street if God or Jesus knew that their so-called Voices or

representatives on earth were netting in hundreds of millions of pounds in ‘donations?’

So, for that reason and many others, religion must be kept away from Spiritual and Paranormal

teachings and practices.

If you’re having trouble understanding what is happening to you, I can help you. It terrifies me

that some people are being put on antidepressants or worse because they don’t know how to

listen to their intuition.

Your intuition is your first voice with Spirit. We must all follow our intuition. In my next blog, I

will be talking about how to know when you’re talking to Spirit and what types of Spirits there

are. But if you need me. just ask.

I have sat back for too long and let people take the piss out of what the genuine do. I don’t make a profit from what I do. In fact, the internet has helped me be able to do what I do for free. When

I do a reading, I ask only for a donation. My readings are private, confidential and recorded on

digital format if you want, or done via email so you get to keep it for always.

I only read for a select few clients because with young children, my time isn’t my own just now.

I don’t do what I do for financial reward. I only charge, if I charge, when I charge (for private

readings) to stop people taking me for granted. Some people will take it for granted I worked 3

days to do their reading and will only pay $5 which converted to pounds is less than £2.50 which

isn’t fair really, so it is a faith and trust based thing.

I’ve had a lot of trouble in my life of people trying to be my friend because they think it will get

them free readings. They then stop liking me after I refuse to give in.

When I do a reading, it is for at least 2 years in advance. I will not do a reading for anyone twice

in less than 6 months. The bigger picture doesn’t change, just a few more details will be added.

So, some clients, who have tried to be friends, have tried to have a reading every month. But by

charging a donation, I stop it from happening.

I certainly can’t go buying BMWs and Million Pound Houses on what I earn. It’s not because

I’m not good. It’s just because I put my kids first and do so many readings for free. 90% of my

readings are done via email now.

Please understand I am not saying all Psychics and Mediums are fakes. There are a lot of

Psychics and Mediums out there doing fantastic work. Especially the ones who work with the

Police. I have nothing but love and respect for.

But I know you will know the ones I mean.

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22 thoughts on “Seeing Spirits: Why Is Everyone Suddenly Psychic?(revised)

  1. People who are truly your friends won’t want you to do a free reading, because they know that the little pittance you charge helps you and your family. Those who respect your gift will pay, not because they have to, but because they *want* to. Even in times before ‘money’ existed, when one person does a kindness for another, even the poorest of recipient would offer some sort of acknowledgement in return, even if it was small. Even if they accept a free reading, they will ‘pay’ you for it in some other way.

    • O M G you must be psychic lol I JUST got an email off someone who saw my ranting on a Youtube thing and has asked me to do a free reading for her. I don’t know her. Never met her, she doesn’t live near me. She saw a message I had posted on a Youtube site and tracked me down. It’s so hard. Because as soon as they ask the question I start seeing stuff as is what happened with her. But I have clients who patiently wait sometimes weeks to get read because the know I only work part time, for a reading even though I try and get the reading done with 48 hours. But it depends on if Mr can watch the boys, keep the house quiet etc…but where do I draw the line? I’ve had people, actual human beings, come over for coffee after coffee, call me every day, invite me to dinner, parties etc….and then say ‘Now we are friends can I have a reading?’ It’s really hard because I never know now if someone is wanting to be my friend for me or my gift. Anyone who is my friend knows they will get stuff off me every now and then. I lose friends a lot because of boundries being crossed etc…I am happy to do free readings, I do more free than get money for, but it’s like my Mr says ‘If you were a dress maker or or a chef, would you be letting your mates get free dresses and meals every time they wanted it? And he’s right. I totally understand that there is a recession on but I think £30 isn’t a lot considering that includes follow ups and stuff for days even weeks. Most people like me don’t do follow ups for free. I don’t know anyone who charges that. I did some research and most people charge about £75 up. I am happy to do free readings when I don’t have paying ones waiting. But it should be my choice or Spirits. It puts me in a position of not trusting people when they don’t talk to me for 6 months because I have said I can’t read for them because I have paying clients to read first. It’s like, ‘Really? It used to really hurt, but I’m used to it now. Doing free readings are my choice or Spirits, noone elses. INobody realises what hard times my husband has fallen on in the last 3 years. He has lost his job 4 times in 3 years. While I don’t work, he is the soul provider for all of us. He had a breakdown from the stress and fear of worrying about not being able to provide for us even though I kept predicting good things (which all came true). He snapped. He couldn’t take the stress, his hair fell out, he lost about 5 stone, he couldn’t sleep and would shake uncontrollably and worst of all he thought he was letting us down. And yet people will still ask for free readings. He’s back on his feet now. Moving to Glasgow saved him. He got all his wishes and more. He understands now why he had to go through all he did but now he might lose his job again but he is strong and I decided I need to help this time. I couldnt before because I was slowly dying from a twisted bowel and a hernia we didn’t know about lol But now I can help.So if I have to choose between helping my husband pay bills to not have a break down and offend a stranger because I won’t do a freebie, the so be it. There’s only my family and my besties I give freebies too, but even they are happy to wait until I’m able. People who want freebies, don’t see the other side of it. They assume we are all Ian Lawmans lol which I could be if I wanted to but I want to be with my boys while they are young and I have morals lol That’s freaky how you mentioned it the second I get an email from someone lol

      • *smiles* I told you that I mention things/know things/bring things up in an extremely uncanny manner, LOL! Occasionally I creep MYSELF out!

        But seriously… you’re a human being. You’re not one of those mechanical fortune tellers at the fair in which you deposit a quarter, and it spits out a fortune. You have worries, cares, hardships of your own. People tend to forget that those who do for others, often do so at the expense of their own time, health, income, feelings, etc.

        While you can’t stop the people from asking, and you can’t stop the visions from coming, you can choose not to tell them what you see. (Excluding, of course, the times when Spirit does it FOR you, in which case… you’re not to be blamed, are you?)

        While you may often bypass your own needs to help others, as a wife and mother, you find the strength to stand up for yourself, for the sake of your family, in ways you couldn’t do if you had no one to worry over except yourself.

        It might make you feel a little guilty sometimes, to not give a part of yourself when others ask, especially the part you know is meant to help others, but as much as Mr is your Protector, and the protector of your children, so do you protect him and your boys. Staying firm isn’t about being mean to others, it’s about being NICE to yourself, and protecting your family.

        Anyone who can’t see that for themselves… well… they’re oblivious ‘arses’, LOL 😉

      • hahahahaha Well I did tell you more Cancerians are psychic than any other star sign lol
        It is hard though, I probably do about 20 plus free readings a month. Because Spirit tell me to or because it just happens. Which is Spirit telling me to lol I wish I could do them all for free. If I won the lottery of something I would go around just giving them away for free lol I was offered a thing for TV, what do you call it? Do a show where they consider it for TV? years ago it could of made me famous, I was offered Psychic Fairs as Guest Psychic, I have been offered interviews for radio and newspapers, but I turn it down because it’s not me. I would never be comfortable with fame. I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it to help people. But I do have bills like everyone else. Who knows, maybe one day I will be comfortable with TV and stuff but not just now.

      • By the way, just for reference, as of right now, the conversion of 30 pounds to US$ is $45.79, which is the proper amount you should be getting from anyone who pays you in USD.

        For your American readers’ information, as well as your own, in case you hadn’t looked it up. (And something tells my you haven’t!)

      • lol I know, I had one US client pay $120 lol I had a heart attack. I’ve told her all her dreams are now free and on me for life lol (as in interpretting them) She is a beautiful soul.
        She thinks I don’t charge enough but I think it’s perfect. I’ve been charging pretty much this for 15 years lol It’s gone up by £5 every 5 years, I started at 20. Do you think it’s too much?

  2. I’ve never looked into prices, but if you’re charging what your heart tells you is right, then the price is right. Probably not enough, to be honest, but cost is relative. What is dear for one person to pay is pocket change to another. Just follow your heart.

  3. I agree with everything you said! The shows on tv make it look so glamorous and it makes seeing spirits and telling family that ‘blah blah…’ okay have a nice day and go on with your day. One of the newest tv shows the ‘psycic ‘ actually walk up to strangers and tell them what’s going on. In public yet! Really???
    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog! You are very right that this gift leaves you when you are 8. I remember a lot of things regarding spirit communication that happened to me. I was confused and my mom didnt want to talk about it. This goes back to the 60’s70’s. I was 2 years old and I remember my experience. Later on when I was in my late 20’s my would talk about it a little bit. I knew my mom was able to see spirit. I could feel them around me. I am trying to activate my minds eye. I only shared with close friends.
    Anyway, if you have any suggestions for me on how to re-open my minds eye it would be greatly appreciated👼

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Thank you for your support and understanding. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one lol
      My advice to you is pay attention to your surroundings. Take in what your seeing and feeling. Pay special attention to what your feeling as your first impression is always the psychic one.
      I watched a lot of true crime, unsolved mysteries things and I looked at Missing websites and tried to pick up on what happened to the missing person. Or who did the crime etc…watch the news, write down stuff you ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ and ‘see’ then see how often you get it right. No bit of information or image is too trivial or unimportant. With Spirit it’s the little things that matter. Also use coins or cards, mix them up, jumble them up and then guess is they are heads or tails, or what colour the card is. Once you start getting that right, try the type of card, ie Queen of Hearts, 9 of Diamonds etc….and pay attention to your dreams. They are always predictions. See these things right and it gives you the confidence to try the harder stuff, and it opens your senses to Spirit. It becomes a relationship of faith and trust. Test yourself ALL the time. I test myself all the time. I always do. It keeps me on my toes. There is nothing worse than a psychic or Clairvoyant who rests on their laurels and assumes they will always be right. Here is you need me.
      Good luck and Thank you again so much for your support and kind words.

  4. What I find interesting is that I’ve been seeing almost energy disturbances. So far it’s been 3 in the last couple months. It’s like wavy like I’m almost looking through water or something. I don’t know how to explain it. Is that the start of seeing spirit or something else?

    • It’s funny you should say that because I have as well. It’s like when you see heat waves on a hot day but inside your home ad during Winter etc… just means your Pineal Gland has tuned in to the frequency of the planet and your seeing it visually.
      It’s nothing to be afraid of. And proves my point that People who are in tune are becoming more so since the start of the Cleansing. Because the Universe is calling to Arms (metaphorically speaking). Getting us to pay attention.

      • I’m just really curious about them. Is there anything I should know about them or do? Should I focus on them more when I see them?

      • For now just focus on when you see them. Let them take the lead. They know you better than you know yourself so let them take the lead and deal with each event as it happens and if you want them to teach you anything just ask them. Just make sure you always protect yourself and invite only Spirits of Love and Light into your circle of energy xoxox

      • Ok that’s been my approach normally anyway. I only research things if Im drawn to them, they pop into my mind or they practically fall into my lap 🙂 it’s just what feels right to me. I don’t want to lose any of my gifts, I think I know my purpose for them just waiting to be verified. As confusing as they may be sometimes, I want to keep them for my daughter and think there might be another purpose but I’m just going to see how it plays out. Enjoy your new year! New year, new lessons, new and better things 🎉🎉🎉

  5. Not true my son just passed last week he stands next to me and smiles and when I’m a sleep he grabs my feet..55 yr old mother

  6. Hi Debbie
    How do I arrange to have a reading from you please? Not looking for any predictions, looking to connect with deceased loved one.
    Thank you

  7. Hi Debbie,
    Hope you are fine!

    This is for the first time I had a dream of paranormal

    ‘It was a big apartment ground like area and I was present there along with the other people (may be mates). It started like we all are already alerted that something is there and we all are trying to find where the spirit may be present. So first I experienced a jerk and I notified others tht its there. Then suddenly from first floor we heard kids crying and two kids being thrown from first floor, luckily my other mates catches both the kids safely. Then after a while I heard an old lady cry in pain near the staricase, and she comes sliding down from the stairs. I immediately take hold of her by carryimg her in my arms. So we all decide totake her to safe room in ground floor. Howevr in one of the room I heard two ladies calling me and asking me to keep this lady there as she wont be alone. The two lady already present out of them one was my deceased granny who actually called me to keep this lady in her room. So I did that, mean total three old lady in one room. Later I move out of the room and we all get back in observing any more para activity. Then after sometme I went in the same room to just check out if the lady who I carried was feeling safe. So I could see she ws sleeping with blanket coverwd all over her. As soon as i removed the blanket all i could found was A Watermelon and not the lady. Th spirit had played its trick again.

    Can you help me on this