Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

Most people don’t realize that when we dream we are actually being told or forewarned about things in our lives or yet to come. It is never as simple as just thinking because you dreamed your partner or spouse committed adultery it means they will or are being unfaithful.

You must look at every aspect of the dream. Like was he naked? In  bed? Was he with a female or male? What was your reaction? Did any colours stand out? and other aspects like that. A dream is NEVER about what is happening in the dream.

Spirit, through your dreams can be trying to tell you to see a Doctor. Or take a lottery ticket.

Good dream interpretation can be psychologically and physically healing.

They can bring peace of mind or get your prepared to deal with something that is about to happen.

Below are some examples of dreams I have been interpreting for people. These dreams are cut and pasted from the Yahoo Answers site where I interpreted dreams when I had time.

I have deleted the names, usernames and images of the people who asked the questions as all my work is confidential. Plus I don’t want to cause any trouble for anyone. I’m not good at this blog technology. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just type and pray for the best.


What does it mean when you have a dream that you’re having sex?

with someone other than your husband? Not someone you know but a made up person


It signifies and end to a struggle. Your hard work will soon pay off. 🙂
Don’t worry it’s a good dream. And perfectly normal.

What does it mean to dream of looking for a toilet but they have no privacy?

Examples: Toilet area totally exposed – no doors or walls for privacy; transparent / see through walls; toilet door too small or won’t shut; large gaps in walls; toilet cannot be used – out of order.


You never said what you were going to use the toilet for. Number One or Number two or if you managed to actually go. All of this really matters because they have very different meanings. Did you ‘do’ anything and did you ‘see’ it. Or was it just that you needed to go and couldn’t go?
So to dream of just going to the toilet, is legal troubles to do with property. But the actual act of going, ie if you did a wee it means a release from stress and anxiety. To do a number two is unexpected money coming your way. In my culture Poo dreams are much appreciated lol we take our dreams very seriously. So what it is saying is there is going to be some worries but either way it will work in your favour or at least give you peace of mind.
These toilet dreams usually come to fruition within 2 weeks of the dream.

Recurring dreams about the end of the world?

I just woke up and it was the end of the world. A tsunami was coming and I was on the beach and sand covered me and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t claw my way out of all this sand and then I managed to and I ran home. When I got there my family all got into one room (which never happens in real life) and I told them how much I loved them I was really upset – in real life I don’t even talk to my dad much. And then I looked out the window and this huge wave was coming towards us. Then it cut out and I was looking down at the chaos. All these animals were drowning and the destruction was so vivid. Why do I keep on having these dreams – they’re awful. It’s always earthquakes and tsunamis. How do I stop having these dreams? I wake up in a cold sweat and in my head try to reverse the dream and think of a happy ending. Thank you


Oh you poor button. I know for those that don’t understand the way dreams work those sorts of dreams can be nothing short of devastating. But take it from me. To dream of the end of the world is probably one of THEE best dreams you can have next to dream of The Devil, Jesus, God or Asians. I could sit and type out what every bit of it meant but it would take less time to cut the long story short.
Your basically being told that your going to come to a point in your life where you will have won. Won in life, won in your soul and won in love. Your family will be of a great support for you and will share the happiness with you and even though you say your estranged from your Dad, Fathers represent security and protection.

Your basically going to do something that makes not only you proud but those around you will be proud. It will be something that causes great emotion (the Tsunami). The threat of death means your going to have the ability to completely transform your life. I don’t know how old you are but it could be something from ‘You could put yourself in danger to save someones life and be a hero which opens doors for you that help you get a new start in life or a new life’ or you could start a business that does really REALLY well, or you could win the lottery (honestly it wouldn’t hurt to buy a ticket for a bit lol)

The fact you were in danger means you will overcome what ever is going on with you now and go on to turn something negative into a positive and it will be better than you expected.

Now……to dream of Earthquakes is actually very rare. If you live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying you will have minor difficulties in your life.

If you don’t live in an Earthquake prone area it i saying after putting in the hard work you will be rewarded. So basically I would say your having a bit of a hard time of things just now, and your worried about how it or your life is going to work out.

But your going to do something or become something you put in a huge amount of effort to become or have and it will be the best thing you ever did to the point of give you a huge reward both in life and in soul.

You will have the love and support of those around you and you will end up more than proud. The fact that this is a reoccurring dream suggests maybe you’ve had a dream for a long time to do something, or be something or start a business but you or life have always held you back. Your dream would be saying ‘Do it, do it do it do it do it’ Spirit can be as subtle as a brick when they tell us stuff we don’t hear.

You’ll keep having the dream until you do whatever it is your being told to do. It’s your destiny. Please please please keep me posted. I feel like this is something you don’t think your good enough to do or be. You will make yourself proud whatever it is.

What does it mean when a close friend that has past away almost 15 years, you dream about them?

This is now the 2 time in the past almost 15 years she has appeared in my dreams. We were sitting laughing & chatting away and then we were walking and still chatting on a nice sunny day.. what we were talking about was crafts, cooking and the animals.


You didn’t mention whether she appeared as a Spirit or as if she never died. But generally to dream of someone who has passed away means you will soon hear some good news. You would of known if she was visiting you because there would be Emotion attached to the dream. She is merely representing something good.

When you dream of Spirit and it is a visitation it isn’t like they were never gone. Or you dream of them blending into back ground. They are merely the way Spirit has chosen to tell you to expect some good news. They chose your friend because she is a welcome sight and not intimidating.

Some people get very frightened of having dead people in their dreams so you tend to take more notice of the message when it is someone you loved or respected.
If your friend visits you in your dreams you would be full of emotion and you would carry it with you for days.

It would leave something on your soul that you just KNEW she was seeing you. When a Spirit comes through it is never to just chit chat. There is always something in the dream that stands out that stays with you for days or years. Please be careful what you read on here as some people have been giving out horrendous advice.

Really damaging stuff. I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I have been doing readings since I was 6 and have been seeing Spirit my entire life. I am from a long line dating back to the 17th century of known Psychics but I hate that word. My culture is very Spiritual based and we are taught to interpret dreams from a young age.

I’ve seen some people give us such horrendous advice has made me frightened for the person being read. You can’t just interpret dreams without first understanding the Spirit realm. Your dream is just saying your going to get some good news.

I honestly can’t believe some of the comments made to some of these people on this Dreams Topic. I guess every ones an expert lol If you ever need advice, just email me. I will be only too happy to help.


When this dream started it was as if I were in an old cartoon *like Betty Boop or Felix the Cat however not as happy* My Father and I were going to look at a new house to move into and the road we were traveling on was paved of white gold, *recently I had received a ring from my fiance of white gold as an engagement ring* when we had gotten there I heard noises only I could hear but my Father could feel. They irritated me and I felt as if I could fall to the floor and scream. I was yelling to my dad *daddy please we have to leave now I cant take it … something is here*
This is odd because soon I plan to move into my Great Grandmothers house which has been completely remodeled, I’m going to live with my dad for a while because I have lived with my Mother for some time. Now back to my dream my Mother and Grandma wanted to see the house so I went with them… when I returned the voices I could hear were tearing me down i couldn’t stand it I grabbed a hold of my grandmother begging her to leave …. however she was stubborn and had told me to behave and stop this when we could finally leave we were walking down the road and my mother was telling me of a story of thieves…. I had woken up with a headache and the night before i had heard noises in my friends house though I knew the noises were just mice in the chimney. Is it possible that this dream means something about my engagement and my Fathers new house.


Houses or buildings in a dream represents how you see yourself at this time. It doesn’t matter if it’s your actual house, a run down house, a barn, mansion, mall etc…if it featured in your dream it is a dream about how your feeling.

Your dream basically means your going through a lot of changes that they might be happenings too fast or or you feel like things are out of your control and your wanting things to slow down a bit.

BUT your dream is actually saying it will be the making of you. The type of people you had in your dream means that this new change coming into your life will be the best thing that every happened to you and you will be loved and protected and safe and happy. Your about to embark on a whole new life and while scary and unknown you will actually blossom and not regret it for one minute.

Asker’s Rating.5 out of 5

Asker’s Comment:Thank you so much this is a very good way of seeing things, and you are right I do feel rushed and things are happening so suddenly that I just feel like everything is just zooming by thank you for your help

Recurring dreams about the end of the world?

I just woke up and it was the end of the world. A tsunami was coming and I was on the beach and sand covered me and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t claw my way out of all this sand and then I managed to and I ran home.

When I got there my family all got into one room (which never happens in real life) and I told them how much I loved them I was really upset – in real life I don’t even talk to my dad much. And then I looked out the window and this huge wave was coming towards us. Then it cut out and I was looking down at the chaos. All these animals were drowning and the destruction was so vivid. Why do I keep on having these dreams – they’re awful. It’s always earthquakes and tsunamis. How do I stop having these dreams? I wake up in a cold sweat and in my head try to reverse the dream and think of a happy ending. Thank you


Oh you poor button. I know for those that don’t understand the way dreams work those sorts of dreams can be nothing short of devastating. But take it from me. To dream of the end of the world is probably one of THEE best dreams you can have next to dream of The Devil, Jesus, God or Asians. I could sit and type out what every bit of it meant but it would take less time to cut the long story short.
Your basically being told that your going to come to a point in your life where you will have won.

Won in life, won in your soul and won in love. Your family will be of a great support for you and will share the happiness with you and even though you say your estranged from your Dad, Fathers represent security and protection.

Your basically going to do something that makes not only you proud but those around you will be proud. It will be something that causes great emotion (the Tsunami). The threat of death means your going to have the ability to completely transform your life.

I don’t know how old you are but it could be something from ‘You could put yourself in danger to save someones life and be a hero which opens doors for you that help you get a new start in life or a new life’ or you could start a business that does really REALLY well, or you could win the lottery (honestly it wouldn’t hurt to buy a ticket for a bit lol) The fact you were in danger means you will overcome what ever is going on with you now and go on to turn something negative into a positive and it will be better than you expected.

Now……to dream of Earthquakes is actually very rare. If you live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying you will have minor difficulties in your life. If you don’t live in an Earthquake prone area it i saying after putting in the hard work you will be rewarded.

So basically I would say your having a bit of a hard time of things just now, and your worried about how it or your life is going to work out. but your going to do something or become something you put in a huge amount of effort to become or have and it will be the best thing you ever did to the point of give you a huge reward both in life and in soul.

You will have the love and support of those around you and you will end up more than proud. The fact that this is a reoccurring dream suggests maybe you’ve had a dream for a long time to do something, or be something or start a business but you or life have always held you back.

Your dream would be saying ‘Do it, do it do it do it do it’ Spirit can be as subtle as a brick when they tell us stuff we don’t hear. You’ll keep having the dream until you do whatever it is your being told to do. It’s your destiny. Please please please keep me posted. I feel like this is something you don’t think your good enough to do or be. You will make yourself proud whatever it is.

Asker’s Rating:

5 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:
Thanks. Yeah, I’m 20 and want to move to abroad for a year but I do feel overwhelmed and like I’m not capable (I’m at uni)
Babe your dream is saying whatever your hearts set on, do it. Let me put it this way. You have the blessing of the Spirit world to follow your dream. Do you know how rare that is? People would kill for a reading like that. There must be a greater plan for you.

What does my dream mean and why do I keep having it?

I keep having dreams that I cheat on my boyfriend. I’ve already had this dream twice this week, but it’s been different guys in both dreams. I’m not one to believe that dreams mean something but I’m wondering if mine does mean something, and why it’s reoccurring?

Additional Details

P.s.- I love my boyfriend very much. We’ve been dating for a year and there’s no way I would or could EVER cheat on him! That’s why these dreams are so weird and kind of funny to me.

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

For a person to dream of being the one who is being unfaithful means your about to confronted with a very tempting offer or situation that you will have to try with all your might to resist to save your reputation.
To dream your being cheated on means your partner is actually faithful to the nth degree.
Whatever the situation it might not necessarily be a good temptation.

So be wary of the fact that the dream is a warning that it might not work out well for you if you give in to the temptation.

So hypothetically speaking and I don’t know you but this is a ‘For Example’ You might be tempted to take the money you see laying on a table. You take, get caught and then you get arrested for stealing.

Or it might be that your out and have a few to drink (I don’t know how old you but but this is ‘for example’) you then kiss someone in a drunken stupid mistake and your partner finds out or catches you and you end up in a bitter break up.

Or you have a drink then drive home and get caught for Drink Driving which causes you to lose your job. It’s basically something that depending on what you decide to do will have great impact on your reputation. Do you understand what I mean?

But the good thing is, it’s a warning. It hasn’t happened yet and it won’t if you don’t give in to temptation. Only you will know what it means when it happens though so good luck.

Asker’s Rating:
5 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:
Thank you.
This is an answer that could of led to a whole heap of trouble for the Asker.

from a Freudian perspective, the case is your boyfriend isn’t satisfying you sexually but you don’t wish to let him know about that (maybe it’s the sense of shame that stops you from that), you will keep your desires in your unconscious mind. However, when you sleep, your desires will get out in the form of dreams of having sex with other guys who might be sexually more capable than your bf.



So if you want, tell me your dream and I will tell you what it means.

There are Three Types of Dreams.




A Visitation is when a loved one or Spirit come to you directly and connect with you on a personal level.

You’ll know these dreams because it’s always ‘more’ than the average dream.

You talk, you connect and you never forget it. Your often just in a place talking.

It could be on the beach, in a field, in a house etc….it doesn’t really matter. But you know it’s more than just a dream.

You’ll usually be shown things by them (that you yourself won’t remember) that will later become Deja Vu . But not always of course.

You don’t always know them. It doesn’t always have to be loved ones you’ve lost in this life.

But they will be people you connect with in Spirit. Meaning you knew them from past lives, future lives and as a Spirit yourself.

When we dream we visit our loved ones, in this life and the ones before and after it.

They will help us center ourselves, help us get through what it is we are going through. We are here to learn. They are here to teach and guide. And dreams are always the way we do it. Have done so since the dawn of time. Unless your one of me.

There are many ancient cultures that live by their dreams.

Which bring me nicely to the second type of dreams we have.

Which is Precognitive: These are one we have no control over. They are pure prediction dreams. Resulting in things like Deja Vu and events happening in life where you knew it was that the dream was about.

Like for example many MANY people had dreams about the Twin Towers attacks.

You can’t interact in these dreams. And your not meant to.

Lastly is Psychological dreams are where Spirit are trying to help you sort out things in your life that are happening, yet to happen or about to happen. They are dreams to interpret and they often offer a great deal of insight into whatever is going on with you at that time. Or offer a way out, or a way to look at it from a different perspective.

Some people will actively seek a Lucid Dream but its really not wise to do so.

We are supposed to be listening to the messages not interfering with them.

If you want to fly about when you can control your astral traveling that is fine but dreams are there to be observed. Not interfered with. Too much too soon for some people can be fatal.

You must remember that dreams are just another form of message from Spirit. ALL have meaning. But they don’t mean what it is in the dream.

If you have a visit from Spirit in your dream or are given a premonition in a dream it is a lot different to a conventional dream. It leaves you, well touched is the only way I can describe it.

I usually wake up exhausted and it’s just a knowing. Like before how I said you just know what your name is. You just know it’s a visit. Otherwise it is important to take every detail in as much as you can. You will always wake up after a dream so keep a journal by your bed.

Write every detail down you can remember and then look back every few weeks.

Spirit do talk symbolically too so it will take a bit of quiet and concentration to figure it all out. Only often they will show it how it is. It would make my life a lot easier if they just said ‘Look…..tell ‘the client they are going to lose their job but don’t worry because a better one will come by the end of the week’

But no……..for me, I will see usually something like a factory gate closing and being locked or a Job Center. But because Spirit have no concept of time (the live in the past, present and future and can visit multiple people at once in different parts of the world…..or universe *wink*)
So then I have to trust my gut instinct and I might feel excited like I want to bonce off the wall which means the job will come very soon within the next few days. Or I might get nervous and anxious so I will say to the client it will be sooner than you think but don’t worry, just keep your money out goings to a minimum and before you know it you’ll have another job. And sadly that has happened a lot lately.


 What does it mean when a close friend that has past away almost 15 years, you dream about them?

This is now the 2 time in the past almost 15 years she has appeared in my dreams. We were sitting laughing & chatting away and then we were walking and still chatting on a nice sunny day.. what we were talking about was crafts, cooking and the animals.

Debbie Debbie

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker

You didn’t mention whether she appeared as a Spirit or as if she never died. But generally to dream of someone who has passed away means you will soon hear some good news. You would of known if she was visiting you because there would be Emotion attached to the dream. She is merely representing something good. When you dream of Spirit and it is a visitation it isn’t like they were never gone. Or you dream of them blending into back ground. They are merely the way Spirit has chosen to tell you to expect some good news. They chose your friend because she is a welcome sight and not intimidating. Some people get very frightened of having dead people in their dreams so you tend to take more notice of the message when it is someone you loved or respected.
If your friend visits you in your dreams you would be full of emotion and you would carry it with you for days. It would leave something on your soul that you just KNEW she was seeing you. When a Spirit comes through it is never to just chit chat. There is always something in the dream that stands out that stays with you for days or years. Please be careful what you read on here as some people have been giving out horrendous advice. Really damaging stuff.

I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I have been doing readings since I was 6 and have been seeing Spirit my entire life. I am from a long line dating back to the 17th century of known Psychics but I hate that word. My culture is very Spiritual based and we are taught to interpret dreams from a young age. I’ve seen some people give us such horrendous advice has made me frightened for the person being read. You can’t just interpret dreams without first understanding the Spirit realm. Your dream is just saying your going to get some good news. I honestly can’t believe some of the comments made to some of these people on this Dreams Topic. I guess every ones an expert lol If you ever need advice, just email me. I will be only too happy to help.

Asker’s Rating:
5 out of 5
Asker’s Comment:
Thank you so very much, she was very real not a spirit. I appreciate your honesty about background and about other posts that replied to my question.

    Why do i have this ability?

    Ok well first off before I tell you what it is please don’t quote and say something like ‘your a fake’ or ‘your weird’ etc as its not nice and if i could get rid of it i would. It would make my life so much easier.Now how do i say this…I can see the future in my dreams and sometimes during the day. And seriously I’m not lying. Ever since i can remember this has happened to me and i want to know why i have it.

    I mean all my life the only person I’ve ever met who has a similar ability to me is my close friend. Though she has it stronger than me.And another thing is i have epilepsy. My mum says that when someone has a disability their body normally makes up for that disability by making them have something else. For example my friend Rosie is really badly dyslectic however she is amazing at every sport and when she does have to write imaginative coursework she is really good at it. Also another friend of mine is epileptic as well and he can know what anyone around him is going to say or do before they’re even doing it. And once again i’m not lying. I don’t make a habit of lying to people about these things.So i guess what i’m asking is why do i have this ability and is my mums reason true or just her way of trying to make sense of it?Oh and don’t make nasty comments. Its not nice and its rude when someone is serious about these things. Thank you.


    Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but may I ask but why would you think being precognitive would be such a bad thing?

    I’ve been seeing Spirit my entire life, my whole family have some sort of gift. I have been seeing the dead and making predictions and having premonitions my entire life and now I’m 40, it is how people just accept me.

    I do the occasional reading for people, I interpret dreams, I can talk to nature (Natural Telepathy is my most favourite gift) telepathic especially with my kids, and more. It’s not a big deal. You have a gift.

    The younger you are the more in tune with Spirit you are. It is usually society whacks it out of you by the age of 9. But luckily for me my culture and family are very in tune with Spirit. (I’m from New Zealand and Maori people are very Spiritually in tune, we don’t fear death or Spirit)

    But it sounds like to me that you don’t get any support and this is why they only come to you in your dreams. Spirit know what you can and cant handle and will only come to you in a way that won’t scare you.

    Be grateful you never woke up in the middle of the night to have a Spirit sitting on the end of your bed at aged 6 like me and I would have to wake up my Dad in the morning his Granny had a message for him. It is perfectly normal.

    Don’t let people make you feel any differently to them. People fear what they don’t understand and if they are closed minded by religion, they will never understand unless it is in their faces. Unfortunately TV and Movies give people like me a bad name. It is so not how it is on TV, and please do not EVER!!! try and use a Ouija Board, they are more harm than good at don’t actually contact your loved ones. It’s all done on a Telepathic link, but it can leave you open to a lot of bad stuff that can and will destroy your life.

    It’s okay to tell them to go away, if they start showing themselves but don’t be rude. It takes a lot for them to come through so just politely say to them ‘I’m sorry I’m not ready for this, please go away and come back when I’m ready’ Honestly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone has the gift but some of us just have it unlocked, others prefer to keep it locked because they fear it. Also it’s actually really common for people with brain disorders ie ‘epilepsy’ to have a gift. Where your brain lacks in one skill, it enhances the others.

    It’s why blind people have fantastic sense of smell and hearing or deaf people have amazing eye sight etc…It’s just the brain compensating. But don’t you dare let anyone tell you you are handicapped or ill.

    Your perfectly normal. Just special. And it’s good to be Special. It means you were hand picked to stand out above all those around you. Write your dreams down in a dream journal (like to do) and date and time stamp them.

    You can look back later and see which ones come true and which ones may be were personal messages meant just for you. But remember as well, a dream can just be a dream. You learn to tell the difference over time.

    I do understand being careful who you tell though. I’ve lost a lot of possible friends because of what I am but then clearly if they can’t except me for who I am, I don’t want them in my life. But it can work the other way too. you can have people hound you 24/7 for readings and advice. Good luck and if your able to contact me (I don’t know if you can on this thing) but if you can and you need advice or help, email me. There is nothing I don’t know about the Paranormal lol I’ve had 40 yrs experience.


    Man has been living by their dreams since cave man days.

    There are cave paintings of people documenting their dreams and we all know that Stone Age Man was extremely Spiritual.

    They worshiped their dead. They did the primitive form of what my people do when someone dies. We have their bodies at home for us to see them safely into the afterlife. It is called a Tangi.

    Tangi means to cry or grieve. But basically we have been communicating with Spirit since before we could talk so there is something to it and it needs to be respected. While that person who replied to that last dream gave me a thumbs down for giving the wrong answer (because I showed her up for not knowing what she was talking about)

    The Asker actually emailed me last night to ask if they could join my group.

    I didn’t know I had a group but they have joined it. They told me they have asked a few questions on it before about dreams and no one ever gives it to them straight and he liked that I was honest. I have to be honest, I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t.

     I panic. I am probably thee worlds worst liar. Never used to be until I started on my Spiritual path and feared the consequences of my Karma lol but more about that later.

    Some one living on the Sahara who has never seen a white person in a city before wouldn’t have too many dreams of shopping on Sunset Boulevard with fireworks going down etc…but it doesn’t matter if your Christian or Muslim. Spirit are of all races and religions.

    In fact my Spirit Elder is an Egyptian God lol (don’t worry I can’t figure him out either but I will explain that in my next Post)

    If some one knows what he is I would certainly appreciate the help. I’ve had 35 years of trying to Figure Birdie out.

    So whilst I’m always to remain humble at all times I am pleased I was able to help this person especially. Honesty at all times is how it should be and I live by this rule. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

    Long story short. Dreams are important and fundamental to our Journey.

    How happy you are, how good your relationships with people are, how much you learn and grow Spiritually can all be figured out by listening to your dreams.

    So pay attention.

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96 thoughts on “Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

  1. Five month before my mother died but she often appears in my dream and told me that she died but she love me she give me her clothes and advise me to take care you r father and brother but during in this period ther e are a lots of problém in my life financial and heath my brother and father are also sufer the same please told me what is this


    • Hi Aliha, im a bit confused as to what your saying. Are you wanting to know what your dream means? Because it doesn’t sound like a dream to me. It sounds like a visitation from your Mum asking you to take care of the yourself and your family. Did I understand correctly? please let me know.
      Love and light


  2. I had a dream the other night of which a couple of things really stuck in my mind. My husband and I were on holiday somewhere in the states. It was early evening (still daylight) and I went for a walk by myself. I came across a school/college. This I know because I was walking down an elevated walkway past some classrooms and saw some students. I kept walking and came to the school oval where a football (American gridiron) was just starting. I walked to the other side to watch for awhile. There was only the odd person there watching, mainly just the families of the players. The spot I chose to sit was a walkway to the seating. This was one part that really sticks in my mind – this side was elevevated, like a mound and I was sitting on dirt steps. There were plenty of seats. As I sat there watching, I heard a car pull up behind me and 2 american cops casually got out of the car as though they were being dropped off. They seemed to be in no hurry, but walked up the mound behind me and then proceeded to walk down these dirt steps I was sitting on. I moved out of their way into a seat. By this stage there were a lot more people sitting in the seats. I then realised they were looking for someone. As I realised that, a man sat down next to me. He seemed friendly enough and not threatening. This man then put his arm around me as though we were together, as the policemen walked down the steps checking everyone out. As they walked past, the man was pushing a bright yellow envelope into my hand insisting I take it, his grip around me getting tighter as he did. Reluctantly I took the envelope, and then the man just got up, walked away and disappeared. I then became aware that this was the man the police had been looking for.
    This was a very strange dream and I dont tend to remember my dreams when I wake up, but for some reason this one did. The yellow envelope seems to have great significance for me, and that was the first thing I remembered when I woke up.
    I love your approach on things and hoping you could explain what this dream may mean for me.


    • Your dream is predicting money luck but a warning to protect yourself and your win.
      If I was to tell it like a story I would say.
      ‘Your going to get some money, unexpected money but you need to watch out and maybe keep the gain a secret because someone you can’t trust will take your money and not give it back and it will cause so much damage in the process it will leave you worse off. Someone is going to try and borrow money or TAKE something from you that will end up costing you more in the long run. You are to guard your money, especially when you get this good fortune. Don’t tell a single soul if you get so much as a Dollar. Because what your dream is saying because of someone else wanting a slice of your good fortune it will cost you more in the long run. For example You might win $1000 in the lottery. Tell people about it, someone around you then steals your ticket, you have to get them arrested, it goes to court and you end up not only losing a friend you end up with a $2000 lawyer bill.
      Or you lend someone some of the money and never see a cent back and it destroys the relationship, but it’s someone like sister that does it and it means not only do you lose your sister but beloved nieces and nephews as well, it creates a family feud which causes more fights and before long your not talking to anyone in the family because no one is seeing it from your side only hers. But the Policemen mean safety and protection and the yellow envelope means news is coming that will require you to think things through, or have patience and ride things out instead of reacting first.
      So basically money is coming and you have to keep it to yourself other wise it’s going to cause trouble somewhere. But also prepare for some news that will require you not to react to it until you’ve thought things through first.
      Thanks for the lovely compliment.


      • Thank you so much gorgeous lady. I knew the yellow envelope held significance of some kind. Will heed the advice, but wonder, does the warning include telling my hubby hehe……maybe that is what the message is about. He is the practical sort and will want to save it for a rainy day, whereas me, well there’s always new shoes and handbags to be found…….Seriously, I will keep my guard up, and will not make any hasty decisions.


  3. hiii what this dream mean i always see dreams in which me and my family members are sleeping in one room and in the other room there is some paranormal activity going on i see like some spirit is roaming around or walking around in the other room and i get lot of fear….today i dreamt that my father woke up in night time and caught that spirit in the other room(generally kitchen).and started throwing water on her….pls explain i keep seeing this type of dreams


    • Hello Rahul,
      I’m so sorry to tell you this Baby but your dream means there is deceit amongst your friends or family. The kitchen is the heart of the dreamers soul and to dream of roaming Spirit means the deceit comes from close quarters. The fact your family were in the dream could mean the deceit could be for a family member but it affects the family. Like the deceit is for Mum, Dad, Brother but the repercussions could affect everyone. But it’s more than likely to do with you. However the fact your Father threw water on the Spirit means it could be to do with someone of Authority and Finances. So the deceit could come regarding work, job, money. The protection is there though. Good luck and keep me posted and Thank you so much for trusting me with your dream.


  4. Hello,
    I had a dream that I found two spirits in a living room and they were scared to come out of hiding. One was a child and the other was a woman, I assume the child’s mother. The child came to me first and the woman later on after she saw that her child took a liking to me. However she looked in the direction of a door that was open and I felt her fear. So I walked over and closed the door which already had a silver key in it and locked it. She then relaxed. I wasn’t scared at all and I walked back over to them unrolled an air mattress. I did all the talking but they did not use words to respond. The dream ended and I woke up feeling calm and at peace.


    • Hiya Sheri,
      Generally speaking to dream of seeing Spirit is a warning of deception. Someone is going to trick or deceive you in someway so be on your guard.The fact she was pointing towards the door means the deception is from someone close to you. It will be someone you least expect who will deceive you. BUT the fact there was a key in the door and the young girl was in your dream it means your going to either be too preoccupied with love to care or your going to be helped to move on from the deception through the help of a nice bit of yummy or it leads you to a nice bit of yummy lol Someone is going to romance your mind off what’s going on. You might have to move on from the deception but in the end where it takes you in the end, the end results of it,…………..well you won’t be complaining lol that I can promise you lol Moans and Groans but no complaining if you get my drift lol


  5. So, I’m really just looking for some kind of answer about this dream I had last night.

    I was standing in some old house, perhaps a mansion and was accompanied by my family ( Father, Mother, Sister ) The room is varnished with older furniture. I don’t thin we are talking antique but I specifially remember a chair in the room. It was a red leather chair that the back circled around into the arms. Down the arms of the chair were brass studs that held the leather in place. The wood on the chair was a dark oak color. Anyway, as we are standing about talking the furniture is violently ripped from the floor and smashes against the ceiling. I’m standing next to the previously mentioned chair. My family ducks to the ground and take cover. I stand in the center of the mess as things are splintering and shattering in the room and grab the chair as it begins to levitate towards the ceiling and shout ” Put the F***ker down, now!”

    This might have been a mistake. Because, as soon as I speak those words I am forcibly shoved to the ground face first. It felt like my entire body was being weighted down. I couldn’t move. Hardly breathe. It was like I was bound to the ground. Then, I felt a pressure. I couldn’t see anyone but I know what the feeling was. Someone…something grabbed my junk and squeezed. Tightly. Enough that I cried out in pain.

    At this point I woke up. While I’m awake I still feel the tight grip on me…I felt is shift. Like someone was getting a better grip. Still felt pressured like my body couldn’t move. After a few minutes it wore off and I slowly was able to pick myself up. I was terrified. I’m not the kind to be frightened by that sort of deal. But…really what the hell?


    • Hi Steven,
      God I can imagine you were terrified having a dream that direct and forceful but I can assure you, your dream is actually predicting something quite wonderful.
      The Building your in, in a dream is you and how you see yourself at the time of your dream. The fact it was an old big house suggests your about to have some family celebration or some family based dealing which is going to quite delightful and fun. A time to remember, I guess you could say.The antique furniture is ‘A Happy Home Life’, the Red Leather Chair is Unexpected News on the Way. The levitating furniture is saying and the grabbing your ‘Junk’ etc….means something is going to be happening in your personal life that you may feel is moving too fast, your the one in control of how you choose to do this so don’t let others tell you what you should be doing. Do you know what I mean?
      So something news is coming involving family which will be cause for celebration and will be something you never all never forget. And at the same time your going to have to make a decision for yourself that only you can make. So pay attention as the answer is there but only you can find one. I think your dream is saying as well that your quite an Intuitive person and Spirit have been trying to talk to you but your not listening to what they are saying so they are taking drastic action to get you to listen. I always say Spirit are as subtle as a brick lol So this time they ‘Took the Bull by It’s Horns’ so to speak lol but in fairness, it did work this time aye? lol
      Thank you for coming to me. I appreciate you trusting me with your dream. I wish you well, Love and Light Debbie


  6. so i had a dream today that i was with my mother & my baby cuzin & my mother was trying to pass me my babby cuzin but she said noo there is something behind you & she started crying then i got scare & told my mom i wanted to leave the apartment so i open the door & a dog was standing there it looked weird it was all brown & had a snout like a pigs nose & i pushed it out the door but it wouldent move i waited for my mom but my mom was taking to long so i open the door fully & the dog ran inside then i ran outside & the dog followed me thats when i started crying cause i was scared thats were my mother woke me up. keep in mind before this i had not slept for 2 days


    • Hi There,
      Thank you for coming to me with your dream. Believe it or not your dream is actually talking about your love life, or a relationship. Mothers represent Love, The Home, Peace and Harmony. Now you must understand, the Dog only scared you. You never said it was trying to attack or hurt you just that you were scared of this unknown funny looking dog. Which actually means Your going to either win the heart of someone you like, or someone is going to come to you with a declaration or love or if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend it is saying your going to have a period of pure love and connection with them. It is saying that maybe while you fear being alone, losing love or never find true love, your closer to it than you think and all your fears will be elated when this love comes into your life. If you’ve had a falling out with someone you love, it could also mean your going to patch things up and it will make the relationship you have with that person stronger and better for it. So it doesn’t have to be just about a Romantic Relationship,it could be a friend or family member as well. It just means it is someone you Love. The fact you had your baby cousin in it means ‘Success where you least expect it’. So if there was someone you did fancy your dream could be saying ‘Tell them, they will like you too’. Sort of thing. So whether you’ve had a falling out with someone, have a partner or are single, it is saying Love is coming into your life on a higher level than just a Fancy and it will bring you pure joy and peace. The scariest dreams are always the best predictions so remember that the next time you have a dream that scares you. Come to me and I will prove it to you. Okay?And thank you for sharing your dream. Love and Light, Debbie


      • thank you so much & okay i will tell you if i have a dream 🙂 its hard for me to fall as sleep because i whent to this other women before i had this dream & she told me somebody send me a dead person & its in my back so they did like this shower for me that was suppose to clean me of all bad things & protect me.


      • hey i had not a scary dream but a weird dream yesterday it was about this 2 twin guys that i just met i was with them & my aunt at some trailers & my aunt told me that she will take care of him & sge started laughing in a joking matter & she grabbed his hand & walked away & the other twin grabbed my hand & then i woke up.. i slept good last night in 3 days i had not slept for the bad dream i had & having a feeling someone was going in me & i would wake up sweating & shivering…


  7. Hello, I’ve just come across your website and would like to ask you a question about my dream I’ve had. Could you please help me understand this? I dreamt of my partner who passed away in 2008, i often do and i know the difference between a dream and visitation from spirit. This felt like a visit, a message and is playing on my mind. I don’t quite understand it or know how to interpret it. I was waiting for him outside of a night club, he used to be a bouncer and this felt like he worked here, he comes out very happy and relaxed and asks me what I’m doing. I tell him I’m waiting for my friend. Next thing i am in the bar chatting with some people, nice people, bar is like an old saloon type, a lot if wood. The people are nice, then I’m leaving with my friend, she is standing behind me, and just as i walk out the door i am attacked by a stocky male with a switch blade knife, he stabs me multiple times in the front of my torso. I start to fight back and grab his arm to prevent the knife from cutting me, i also ask my friend to get my partner, he doesn’t come though. Then i woke up. I went back to sleep and dreamt that i was shooting people with a machine gun who were trying to kill me. I don’t normally dream about these things and don’t understand what its about. Your help would be much appreciated.


    • Kia Ora Ngarimu,
      Thank you for coming to my Blog. To cut a long story short your dream is saying that a new love and social life are coming to your life. Maybe you’ve been feeling guilty about moving on from your man. But your getting his blessing. The attack (and the more brutal it was the better it will be) is saying that your new life or new situation will get the approval of those around you. You will have support where you will worry you think you won’t. But Eho,your dream is saying something new is about to enter your life and it’s going to be a great blessing so don’t worry about what people will think. It’s all good. Sweet heart I promise.


      • Kia Ora Debbie, so grateful, my mind can now rest. Nice to know there are people as talented as yourself that are willing to help others without a fee. I’ve been trying to find a dream interpreter for ages but there’s always some catch to their websites. It’s hard trying to piece things together, but again thank you for your help.


      • Kia Ora Debbie, How are you? Anyway so excited to talk to you about the dream I had this morning. Pretty please can you tell me the meanings for these two dreams. I can’t recall everything in the two dreams but I’ll just tell you what I can recall. My previous partner who has passed on shot me, and I died, I saw myself dead then was woken by my daughter. As hard as I’m trying that’s all I can really recall about that. There was something to do with me having a shower in a bathroom with no walls but I wasn’t naked, I had a towel on. It was a really dirty bathroom, however I was showing outside the bath and it had flooded. This dream didn’t make much sense and jumped around all over the place.
        My next dream I was with my mum and I think we were at a marae, she was talking to me about family that had passed on. My mum has disappeared and it’s just me. I’m in this caravan type house which is mine and there’s some stranger in there stealing my things, so I confront him and he leaves. Next thing my partner who has passed away (he always comes and goes as I’ve told you before) comes back and he’s talking to me telling me that he and I will always be connected by our souls and says I have something to show you. Next thing I’m falling and he has his arms around me, holding me as we fall. At first I felt scared and apprehensive and then told myself to relax and just go with it. While we are falling we pass through what felt like different realms to me, but also felt like rooms and even open skies (I don’t know it was strange). The first realm was full of bright colours, I remember saying to him OMG this is beautiful, then we fell through that level and was surrounded by clouds and skies. After falling through that level it was like skies again but their were like solid balls, tiny and see through like rain drops surrounding us (still falling) and just as we’re about to fall through this a black floating image, kind of like a spirit, not nice though tries to grab my partner but just misses him and we fall through again into this room. It’s like a ballroom and it’s surrounded by snakes, all sorts of different snakes. I hate snakes by the way, have a fear of them actually. Anyway, so there are all these snakes and this one man dominating the room who is trying to get the snakes to attack me, my partner is still with me but he’s not interfering and I am fighting these snakes off by myself. I don’t touch them and they don’t touch me, it’s like I have super powers and I just move them by movements with my arms, kind of like telekinetically moving them, with my thoughts. Then we both escape and run down these stairs. This is were I woke up. Could you please tell me what this all means.


      • Kia Ora Wahine,
        Your first dream is talking about you having an emotional release. It is saying emotionally you have been feeling vulnerable but your going to gain strength and have like an awakening, or epiphany even. I don’t know if it is because someone new will be coming into your life and your worried about how people will react, or even whether you will allow yourself to get close but it is saying you going to have an emotional break through. I keep seeing a crate of Double Brown, God that takes me back and I can hear Prince Tui Teka songs playing. I must be going back a few years, there is a man sitting on a couch looks like out in a shed and he is singing with thee most incredible voice. He is showing off he’s young again. Who is this man? he said ‘Man…I was gorgeous when I was young then I got a Mrs and she made me old and fat,too much Rewana and Fry Bread. He feels like he passed away before he should of. In his late 40’s maybe, early 50s. But he said ‘I just got a flu or what I thought was a flu and then next thing I had checked out. It was a shock coz I had plans that weekend’ When he passed he said you swore at him. Who is this man? I’m not a Medium, I predict and guide coz I’m always scared of getting it wrong for people and letting them down and he came barging in to the middle of my session with doing your dream. Can you tell me who this is? Before I go any further. As it might require a quick email session.
        I will put him on hold until I hear from you. He is awesome, he had beautiful thick black hair as a young buck.
        So your first dream is saying your going to have an emotional break through, which will help you move on. Find closure, or resolve an emotional issue within your self which will enable you to move forward with a fresh outlook on things. It could be and I’m just putting it out there but you might be about to meet a new man friend or you have already met him and your being told ‘Go for it, you have my blessing, I know you will always love me and I will always love you never forget that but your not being disloyal to me by being with him. I want you to move on’ sort of thing.
        Your second dream is a bit more complicated.
        Snakes generally mean trouble is coming usually in forms of deceit. But because you Deceased partner was with you it means that no matter what happens your going to be protected.
        What your dream is saying is you might have some trouble with work or business. But there is deceit in regards to work, business or money. Usually if the snakes were there and nothing was biting you then it means there is deceit to do with work, your business but it is where you get your money. Something is going to happen so be aware.
        It’s also saying Spirit need you to pay attention because there is some deceit going on around you. Besides the work thing I mean. They are saying that someone isn’t being honest with you or someone is going to do something dishonest. It is something important enough that your man is trying to protect you from the other side. It might be anything from someone over charging you for something,to someone stealing from you. It’s a warning so from any form of deceit. it could be anything. But it is saying that upon learning this deceit it is going to make you reevaluate your life and you will make massive changes from it. I feel like it might be a case of a friend or family member doing something o saying something that completely changes the way you think about someone forever. I don’t know, I would just be guessing but it is going to change the way you live forever. It will prompt a life change. Whether it be an emotional change or physical change after this ‘thing happens’ your life will never be the same again. Whether you sever ties with someone or move house, change jobs I don’t know but it’s big. And you need to pay attention. Your not to see this as a bad thing though Babe. I know it’s a silly thing to say but your being told that while it is going to be a big deal what happens to you it is going to create something better in the end. It is going to take something that was dirty and dark in your life and turn it into something positive and light and wonderful.
        This happen for a reason and when the shit hits the fan and your hurting or angry just remember your Man is telling you it’s gonna be okay. Your safe, your loved, we have your back up here’. This is going to happen so you can make a change in your life for the better. Whatever this person is going to do is big enough that it requires a ‘Heads up’ from Deceased Whanua. But it is big because of the changes YOU will make because of it. These changes while unwelcome will end up turning into something beautiful.Like how you get the best Roses from manure. Ya know what I mean? For your life to get better you must first go through some shit lol Pardon my language but your man is kind of causing trouble for me lol he is directing the conversation lol
        Things might seem like they are totally out of your control but in fact it is being perfectly and expertly orchestrated. Spirit know what they are doing so have faith. They would never send you a trial you couldn’t handle and this Trial will come with great reward.
        Let me know if you know this man from the 1980s.
        Always here
        Love and Light


  8. I have had two paranormal dreams the past two nights, and I have had some in the past. I sleep on my parents couch. In my dream I saw myself sleeping on the couch right where I was.. but there was someone watching me a girl. she had raggedy dirty grey looking clothes on I believe it were a dress. and she looked severely decayed. she had sorta like a mischievous grin on her face as she was watching me sleep, naturally I woke myself up, but as I was waking myself up she jumped at my sleeping body and I jumped awake with a tingly sensation all through out my body.

    Last night was a very strange dream. it started me and my best friend walking from the kitchen to my parents room in the back of the house. we went in there and I could sense someone else in the room other then the 4 of us (my friend my two parents and myself) as if they were almost tangible, we were chatting and stuff then my friend and I decided to go sit in a bedroom and I got on my laptop showing her things.. I pointed at the computer screen and when I moved my finger I could sense that same presence that was in my parents room. and it was pressing on the computer screen where my finger was and it cracked, then I said out loud “could you not please?” this is where it got angry it pressed harder on my screen and cracked the whole thing then they broke my computer in half and the lights blew out. my friend and I freaked out screaming. we tried running out of the room to my parents house. but when we opened the door to the bedroom to leave I woke up. and that same tingly sensation was all through my body.

    in the past I have had dreams of what I believe was possession. in the dreams they would start out normal. I would be surrounded by people i cared about and some friends, then my body would go numb, I would start to hear a scream in my head first faintly then it would progress to get louder through out the dream, then I would get dizzy and I would try to call for help but no words or sounds came from my throat and nobody could see that anything was wrong. once the voice and the symptoms of numbness and dizziness got real bad I would wake up, but I would still feel numb and dizzy and the echo of the scream in my head for about 20 mins or so.

    I have only ever had these dreams at my house. never anywhere else. sometimes I swear I can feel the same presence that’s in my dreams in person. I normally tell someone or get really worried when I can feel the presence who I believe is a girl.. I don’t know whats going on. I kinda hope its all my imagination.. but my grandma said that some people are more sensitive to “the other world” or something like that.. lol I really hope I am not one. being able to sense spirits. I am too much of a chicken. if someone could help me that would be greatly appreciated ^^


    • Your dreams actually mean the same thing. The First one is saying that your holding your feelings back about something or your feeling like your not being heard. It is saying your hiding a feeling or not admitting that your not happy about something. You have decisions to make and either your not going to like having to make them or others won’t like what you decide but your being told not to hold back on your feelings. You either ARE or will be feeling frustrated at the lack of support. It’s saying Emotionally you are feeling or will feel like your voice isn’t being heard. That your not being supported and you are going to make decisions not everyone will be happy with. It is talking about your personal life. So family or relationships kind of area. But it is saying that the decisions you make will make you happy and your happiness is all that matters. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for putting your needs and happiness first. The decisions you make are for your benefit not anyone else. So be strong of heart. Your dream says this time will teach you many things, including who is it that genuinely who has your best interests at heart, who absolutely loves you 100%. It is going to give you an opportunity to look inside yourself and discover truths about your life and those in it. A time of self discovery really. You might not like what you see but the truth will set you free. I think it means you might not like the way people react or the lack of support you get regarding your decisions kind of thing.
      The Spirit you feel when your asleep is your Spirit Elder. They protect you when you sleep. Your Grandma is right. Some people are more sensitive to the other world. you have nothing to be afraid of. This girl might even be your Elder. She clearly isn’t there to hurt you because if she did she would of done it by now.
      Just remember though your the one in charge of your gift so it is okay to politely ask Spirit to move along. It’s not natural to see the dead as the living but it is natural to be Psychic. So it can be very scary to see a Spirit in full manifestation. Even I can get a fright. But you just tell them with love and respect ‘Thank you so much for showing yourself to me but I’m not ready for any of this. Please could you wait until the day I am ready to receive you. Please respect my wishes. If you have something to say please do it in my dreams.’ or to that effect. Just be polite and respectful as they aren’t trying to hurt you only talk to you. Talk to them like you would a child who took a cookie before dinner. With love and respect but firm.
      You could also put sat across your front and back door, across your bedroom threshold and any windows you have in your room. That will make sure nothing physically comes into your room. As in manifestations.
      The other thing you can do before you go to sleep is close your eyes and imagine an open door, gate or window. Count slowly backwards from 10 to 1 and as you count the door should be slowly closing and when you get to 1 the door, window or gate should be closed shut. That is how you close yourself down. Do that every night. It doesn’t stop the gift all together but it will stop the majority of experiences. You won’t have them jumping out at you. You might still smell or hear them or dream about them but not on the level you have had done previously. Your the one in control. Not that they will but don’t let them bully you. If anything starts to get nasty (not to be mistaken with persistent) tell them to go away or you’ll send them away. But it doesn’t sound like they are doing anything of the sort. I’m saying just in case I never hear from you again. lol Thank you for coming to my Blog. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out to me about your dreams.
      Love and Light


  9. Kia ora, OMG did you just describe almost every Uncle and cousin in my family lmao? Unfortunately im not able to pin point this person. I thought it might be my cousin Para, but maybe not, as he died of throat cancer. I dont recall swearing at anyone either. If i did how rude, sorry. Gosh, dumbfounded right now. The 80s was a long time ago. Are there an other details? Got me thinking now.
    Talking to you is like talking to whau, so funny.


    • I felt Uncle to be honest. All I can tell you is he shows me a black leather jacket but not with anything on the back. He shows me horses on a beach wild horses, he said when he died he felt a bit iffy. Thought it was the flu but he gets worse and worse then he was dead. From the time he got sick to his death would of been weeks. It was quick. He had trouble breathing and he said he was happy he went quick coz he couldn’t bear being on all sorts of medicines and treatments. He passed when you were young but his passing left a huge hole in the family never to be filled. His presence is still missed to this day. He said he was gorgeous when he was younger (which is why he shows me him young lol) but he was shy so he had to wait for the girls to approach him first lol he had Mana and he was so proud of his Iwi. He did all the cultural stuff. He’s showing me him carving as a young guy. He says he’s wasn’t too bad at it but just enjoy connecting with the ancestors to carve. He’s funny but cheeky however he isn’t rude and disrespectful. He’s soft spoken do you know who he reminds me of in his cheek and charm? Billy T James. But without the Mo. He has that kind of cheeky every man charm of a gung ho Maori Boy. I do feel he died in the 80s. It does feel a long time ago but I might be wrong and I think he said Jackie? Also it wasnt him swearing it was me but he was trying to take over the conversation but he’s been nothing but polite and well mannered. He’s lovely. I feel like he might be from Mums side. I know his passing is still felt today. Now the thing is….I don’t know if he died in his 40’s -50s in the 80s or he would be in his late 40s early 50s now and died in his 20s in the 80s. I feel because he keeps showing me him young he was young when he died and would be in his late 40s- early 50s now. I also know he was considered quite the singer too. Has a gorgeous voice. Does any of this help?


  10. Hi debbie.

    Just had another dream if you could please help.

    This time I’m on the back of one our flat deck work trucks. Its moving. It isn’t just me but I’m trying to hold on tight so i don’t get flung off. Next to me one of the boys, not sure but feels familiar is also trying to hold on so he doesn’t fly off. On the tail end of the truck is my husband and his mate. They are talking, its weird though because my husband and his mate are just a heads, no bodies. The truck hits a corner and the guy trying to hold on with me flies off the truck, I’m holding on to a rope and a metal structure that are lying on the back of the deck also. Next thing the truck stops and we pick him up and carry on moving. This is where my dream changes. Im at work and in a factory, the other office lady is with me, she is telling my theres a problem and i need to check it out. We go and check it out and its a parcel that we’re unable to send because it wont fit together. She gives me a solution and we send it off.

    My work place turns into a bank and their are a few of us in the bank going for what feels like a job interview. I look around at the others and theres a lady there whose hair style doesn’t look right so i go up to her and suggest she lets it out because her hair is too short to be pinned up. She listens to my suggestion and lets her hair out. She still doesn’t believe me so another lady and myself reassure her that she looks much better.

    Finally, I’m in a house it only has three rooms that i can see. Two rooms are bedrooms the third is a kitchen. This house is filthy, why cluttered, disorganised and by my standards not clean. Im in the kitchen trying to clean it. The water tap is broken and theres some glass mechanism that looks like a glass cup over the top and water is flowing from it. I turn to the freezer and open it, pull out the drawer and its broken the freezer isn’t working. I try to make it work but it wont so i leave and go back to the bedroom. Im getting dressed and i tell my daughter who seems to be 10 to go and ask Mariah Carey who is in the third room for something, cant recall what sorry. Then i woke up.

    I have so many dreams should i be recording them? My dreams are always in colour, i can always remember seeing colour. I can also recall dreams I’ve had in the past and sometimes i will remember having the same dream but years before, you know like deja vu.

    Anyways, as always look forward to your interpretation.

    Love and light xx


    • Hiya Ngarimu, I’m so sorry it has take so long to reply. I’ve been busy then ill then busy again.
      Basically I will give you the quick version of the dream.
      Your dream is telling you that your going to have to make decisions your not going to like. It is saying your going to be torn between doing what is right by you or by the other person.
      Your being told to trust your instincts because it is always honest and if you don’t get support for your going to find out who has true faith in you and who doesn’t. It is going to cause a lot of emotional turmoil but you must stay true to yourself because at the end of the day it is only you that has to live with it but others will react in an inappropriate way which will sort the trusth worthy from the trusting in your life.
      I’m sorry for the delay. I hope your well, how is my Beautiful Country?
      Love and Light


      • Thanks again Debbie, its nice to know. Ive been treading very lightly at work. Going through my review at the moment and since it is a new direction in which im heading im just making sure that i am not being taken advantage of. Is it easy to learn how to interpret your dreams? Its just crazy all the things that i see and remember. Im grateful for your time though and you have been so kind in helping me out. Anyway, hope you and your whanau are well. If i dont hear back from you before xmas i hope you and your whanau have an awesome one.
        Peace, love and light


      • Babe a lot of what I know about Dreams my Mum taught me. Mum and my big sister (the Medium) were and are The Absolute best at Interpreting Dreams. My other big sister and I use to use this book we found in Western Australia back in like 1990, but it opened up a whole want of learning abour our Dreams so we started keeping Dream Journals and then Interpreting them Naturally (meaning using our gifts and resources to try and do it ourselves) Which started bearing fruit and I’ve been doing it ever since. But between the Maori traditional dream stuff and Spirit it’s not hard. I assumed all Maori did the Dream thing. I’m Nga Te Raukawa Tribe. The book disintegrated a million moons ago but surely you must know the Maori thing of ‘Dream of Nits it predicts pregnancy’ to Dream of Crying is news from a far? sort of thing? Maybe I should write a Dream Interpretation Book lol Maybe I should do an Dream Interpretation Blog where it is just an A-Z of Dream Interpretations.
        If I have the time I think I might just do that. Write it all down or Type it all out I mean. Catalog it for my Followers.
        Anyway I Hope your well
        Love and Light


  11. I used to see in my dreams that me, mom and dad sitting at living room (or sonewhere else I mean we’re all home) and I hear a sound keys clinking like someone is going to open the apartment door to get in but we’re all at home and nobody else has the keys. What did that mean?


    • Mothers in dreams represent Harmony and Love, Fathers represent Security and Protection, the keys jingling is your Pineal Gland sending out signals but because your asleep you think it’s keys in the door which is your conscious self trying to make sense of the noise while your asleep. Buildings in your dreams are you and how you see yourself at the time of your dream. So basically it is saying all in all at the time of your dream you were or will be feeling content and happy. It is saying either your feeling content or your going to have a period of calm and peace in your life. Which is a beautiful message I think,
      Love and Light


  12. Hi sir, good day to you. Im from the Philippines and I just got a really weird experience. Can you please help me expain what just happen. Last week, I had a vivid dream of myself riding a passenger jeep. In my dream I notice a pedestrian overpass. But in that overpass there are lots of people falling/jumping to the high way below. It’s like there is a massive stumped above. But in my dream those people won’t fall to the ground I don’t know where they end up… after we pass that overpass, the jeep stop besides that pedestrian overpass to get more passenger. I notice that 1 of the waiting passenger is wearing a white blouse. (im 25yo and shes around 35yo to 45yo) And from that group of waiting passanger shes the only one that has a vivid face. she has a really strong presence. She was smiling, she seems happy. When that group enters the jeep. She move straight to my side and hug me tightly. Her face was on my chest. I was in shock because I don’t know her at all. Even now I don’t know who that lady is. I got I little bit embarrassed. Then when I look around, the person in front of me told me that she was a ghost/spirit/(multo in tagalog). So he help me get the lady off of me. When she was about to be push back. This is the moment where it gets much weirder.

    I suddenly woken up and I notice that there is something heavy in my chest. Its the same spot where the lady is hugging me in my dream. So I look in my chest and I see something that even I cant explain. There is a shadow resting in my chest. When i lift my head to look what it is, it seems to notice me and seems to look at me as well. She seems to lift her body with her arms and look at me. She has no face just a silhouette. Shes somewhat made out of shadow or like a very dense grey smoke. Im still under her so I tried to push heraway. But she jump away from me. Into the air in front of me. She is now around 5 feet away from me and 5 feet above my bed. While sitting in my bed looking at her. She start to fade like a smoke. From arms and legs then to the center of her body. After that I just sit in my bed wandering what just happen. After around 5 mins. I notice that our worker sleeping next door woken up. They open the light in the leaving room and ready for their work. So im pretty sure that this happen around 3 to 3:30 am.

    Im really sorry if I have a really bad grammar. English is not my native language. I don’t know what just happen. And I don’t know what was that. The dream and the experience it self isn’t heavy. Unlike what psychic describe when they feel something unnatural. Its more of a neutral experience.. i dont actually belive in ghost until this happen.

    please help me explain what this means.


    • Hi Jet,
      Firstly, it’s Mrs not Sir lol secondly you must have been terrified out of your mind to see her. But don’t worry, you have nothing to fear. You have simply met your Spirit Elder. The one who’s job it is to protect you while you live your destiny and sleep at night. Her job to be your Elder was one she chose after her death and before your birth. She got to choose what she wanted to do and she chose to protect and guide you. So let me tell you what your experience was about because, she was in your dream you need to pay attention as this isn’t just about you waking up before your body did.
      Okay, we only dream just before we wake up. The fact that she was in your dream trying to stop you from waking up (sitting on your chest) means your being told to pay attention to the dream. The dream you had means your in danger of following the crowd even though your heart is telling you not to and if you listen you will be put in the same position as those you chose to follow. So for example your friends all want to do something that you KNOW is silly, dumb, dangerous, illegal or whatever but you go along with them regardless and then you end up in as much trouble. Your dream is telling you to trust your instincts and don’t do anything just because everyone else is.
      So pay attention to what you know feels right and what feels wrong because it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.
      The fact she was sitting on you etc…means you were starting to wake up before your soul or Spirit was back into your body and if you wake up before your Soul is back from Astral Traveling your in danger of being ‘hacked’ by bad things. Very bad things. She drew your focus to her so you wouldn’t notice what was hanging around you. Our Spirit elders can resort to scary things to get us awake and alert. It hurries the soul back into your body. You’ll know when this happens because you wake up with such a jolt you can wake up the whole house with the yelps and yells lol
      But know your safe, your not in any danger. She was just making sure you woke up properly and without haste.
      Pay attention to your dream though. Don’t follow the crowd is what your dream is saying, or you’ll end up falling just like they did.
      Love and Light


  13. Hello, I have had a really disturbing dream, it really bothered me because i remember it vividly, i knew it was a dream and i tried multiple times to wake up, I really want to know what it means, this is how it starts.

    it was a large house, it is old yet it seems to be changed, like new rooms added, i felt like it was hiding something. a family moved in this house, then some people then came, they where brightly coloured in compared to the rest, each person had a unique colour, white, light blue, violet, orange/amber, yellow and pink/red. everyone ran inside, something was outside, when the six brightly coloured people left outside, i tried to pull back the six that left back inside. the house vanishes, a boy is beside me and he holds my hand, as we try to find our way back. we stop when two people emerge, they where like the six coloured people, but darker. then I was blinded, i hear a scream and i couldn’t find anyone, i tried to wake up.

    i open my eyes to see the house again, the mother was looking after a chocolate coloured dog, the family repeatedly mentioned that the dog would be “gone soon.” i remember the mother praising the dog. i cannot remember anything at this point but I remember the father saying something being “Not right,” i am then in the boys perspective he is in a dark room, before the boy left, he glanced round the room again, and we see a man glare back. the scene switches outside, I am now In the mothers perspective, she is outside playing fetch with the dog, “i only have him for today, i will spent some time with him,” i heard her voice echo. i could see the same man looking at me through the window, i remember someone else appear behind him, then they vanished. Finally i watch the boy as he sleeps, he is turned to one side. the man walks up beside his bed and pulls a knife out, my vision goes black, “sorry, i cant turn to face you right now,” i hear a voice speak to the man, “I’m sorry, Brian.” i wake up with a slight jolt.

    What i don’t understand is that i do not know anyone called Brian or used the name Brian.
    What does my dream mean?


    • Well your dream sounds all exciting and vivid but for the most part it just means you ate something too soon before going to bed, or ate the wrong thing before bed as this is what it means to dream of people being different colours. But it’s a dream saying there is something going on in your digestion.
      However the rest of it is actually a fortunate omen.
      The Mother and father, the house, playing with the dog etc….means you don’t need to look to other people to find your happiness or success. The answer lies within you and what is around you. Look to yourself to find the answers you seek is what your dream is trying to tell you.
      And make sure you don’t eat less than a couple of hours before bed lol
      I hope this helps
      Love and Light


  14. what does it mean when you dream about a spirit that no one else can hear when he talk and he tells you that he “wants” one of your friends?


  15. I’ve been having dreams about a spirit dressed in a blue button up shirt and blue jeans and its an older man he doesn’t speak and he comes out of the restroom and I feel as if he’s trying to take my son away or hurt him but I’m not sure.because he always goes to my room where my son is at and when I run to my room he disappears and I’ve had three dreams of this man and one of a lady dressed in a light pink dress past her knees almost like a nightgown she also didn’t talk she came out the restroom following the man and they went into my room and when I got in there my son was moved from the bed he was on the edge of the bed as if they moved him wrapped in a receiving blanket that was a grey with blue and he was not wrapped in a blanket when I had left him. I’ve only seen this lady once in my dreams. They both look at me before entering the room with a straight face showing no emotion and the man the times before he also looked at me like that. They do not walk they float. Its only when I leave newborn son alone. And I am very scared I cannot sleep at night I wake up scared


    • It sounds to me like they were trying to alert you that your sons impending danger. I don’t feel negative I feel guardian. If you hadn’t of gone into his room he was going to fall and potentially hurt himself.
      I think you need to stop seeing them as something to fear and start embracing their protection because nothing you’ve said gives me any fear. I feel quite the opposite. I promise you I’d tell you if I thought for one minute you and your son were in danget. Change your perspective Babygirl.
      It changes everything.
      Love and Light


  16. I had a dream where there was no light left in the world. The only light I could find was at my grandma’s old house in the living room. Some entity was chasing me and the only two ways to avoid it were light, and glow paint. I know this sounds weird, but I was terrified. Then someone comes in the house and asks if God is with one if us. I didn’t understand it. We looked puzzled then they said well, because he’s outside hovering over the house. I started freaking out. I went to the den of the house and I felt this entity. I miraculously ended up with squirt guns and glow paint and started spraying the entity. Couldn’t see it, so I sprayed the whole room tool I found it. It began to speak to me and told me that all it wanted to do was cover me and protect me as I sleep. I agreed and as the entity lay on the sofa, shapeless, I feel into it and feel asleep. Then I woke up. What does this mean?


    • Your dream is saying a period of hard work and struggle is about to come to an end and your Spirit elder is telling you to have faith. He’s on it and to trust him. You’ve met your Spirit which is very very rare.
      But your also being told to keep your good news and good fortune from people as some of them won’t be as supported as you would expect and it will be quite a revelation for you. Your going to have an epiphany when this life event happens and the whole experience will be life changing. It would be anything from a new job, a win, engagement, meeting your soul mate, passing an exam, starting a business, a baby, something life changing. Whatever it is, don’t show off to too many people because your going to tread on someones toes.
      That’s what your dream means.
      Love and Light
      P.S And don’t be afraid of Spirit. Your Spirit Elder has your back. Trust in him. He will guide you through your life so you never get steered off the path.


  17. I had a dream last night that scared me, i ve never had one like this. I was in my mothers house (my childhood home is sold) while walking thrught the kitchen to the living room i saw a ghostly figure she stood in the corner (NW) when she saw me this surge of power pulled me toward her quickly. I tried to yell for my son Zechary. There was this roar that over powered my sound and i could not speak- like
    something was covering my mouth. Something caused me to stop- i think i said stop and person then became s child and crawled behind some furniture in the room to the persons right. I woke up scared shaking. I asked myself if this really happened no reply, i asked it again – Body was that a dream? Its reply was yes. But then i could go back to sleep. I found myself researching it over in my mind to its meaning…no resolve can u assit.. ? After this i am going to call my mother to see if she’s alright.
    thank you!

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    • You can relax. There’s no danger. Your dream is telling you your going to uncover a deceit which involves you and your past or the deceit is from someone in your past. Your being told it could have consequences that affect peoples lives so be careful how you choose to handle the situation. However calling out for your son means you’ll get help in dealing with this deceit or the problem won’t have as greater impact as it should do thanks to the help of someone you trust. They’ll have a solution to the problem or offer you some advice which makes things better. Listen to the advice is what your being told. It will bring Harmony and peace to your life even better than before. The fact you had trouble moving is because we always dream just before we wake up. The two go hand in hand. But sometimes your body wakes before your consciousness does and because your soul is out having adventures or ‘Astral traveling’ your body is locked. Like a car that has no key turned on in the ignition your body can’t move when there’s no soul in it. Infact it can be dangerous or even fatal should you try to move before waking. You simply started to wake up before your key was in the ignition and turned. Your perfectly safe.


  18. I’ve had a dream that’s been continueing itself over nights, although there are large gaps in it.

    Now the first one I was dragged into some very nerving paranormal like situation. I have to help a member of a clan (dont remember the name) complete some task of figuringnout the meaning of a symble for them and I had to connect like chakras or something through it to figure it out, but i woke up before it happened.

    Now that was a whike ago. After this dream, the other day my friends and I went out to this nice little smoke shop and they have this corner full of ritual things and pagan stuff. I saw the symble in a form of an earing. I remember it vividly.
    The other thing about this is the people in this dream are people ive never once seen in my life, but I do remember the faces.

    Last night I had the dream again, although it was continueing. I had to stop trying to figure it out, and go off and do research. I dont remember anything apart till the last part before I woke up. The other individual, which was a man, stood with me and we held hands. We closed our eyes and it felt like sort of a ritual i guess? To see what the symbol gave off or what it was. He started saying something in a different togue and a figure flashed in my face, well, the symbol, again. Although more disorted, and disturbing. Almost as a demon. In the dream i stayed silent but flinched so bad and fell backwords and cuddled ina corner. The other individual tried to help me up but that was right when i woke up

    Now I dont normal believe in this stuff but its been freaking me out and i tend to watch what my dreams are. can you help in any way?


    • Without knowing the dream in detail I’d say your about to have some incredible fortune. Getting a dream job, money win, something life changing. But whatever it is keep it on the downlow. Your good fortune will be at a time when others around you aren’t as fortunate so you’ll be rubbing salt in the wound to brag. You should be allowed to shout it from the roof tops but you have alot of friends and family who aren’t secure in themselves so it might cause problems if your seen as bragging. Your life is about to change in a very dramatic way. It’s going to be inspiring and awesome whatever it is. Your going to get a lot of support but your going to be expected to bring other people in on your success. These are the people your going to have to be careful of. Not all who support you are genuine my Darling. And it’s not fair. Your working hard to get by and have your dreams and goals and ambitions. You should be allowed to brag and be proud of yourself but those older than you or who feel smarter than you, they feel their dues should come before yours and won’t be supportive as you’d like. So either try to be humble and pull it back or be prepared to find out who can and can’t be ppl you can rely on. I’d rather want to know to be honest lol Good luck and keep me posted. Xox


  19. Dreams about paranormal stuff and spirits? Most times I try to yell or scream but can’t. Occasionally I actually wake myself up trying to scream but it comes out like a creepy groan. Thoughts?


  20. Hi, so I had a dream that I was at a friend’s wedding in Bangladesh, but it was also somehow my home country. In the dream I was going to cheat on my boyfriend with some random guest of the wedding but then when I got him to a secluded place we didn’t do anything. So when I was with my family in our living room, this little boy that turns out to be a girl comes up to my boyfriend to whisper in his ear, I was afraid they would tell him I was with another man so I picked up the child and walked away with her and asked what they wanted to say to him and it turns out it was the spirit of a 4 year old girl that was married to an older man, as it is custom in that religion for that to happen and she died in his house and she wanted me to tell him that she loved him. And stressed on his name which was very ethnic. And I put her on the floor in the middle of the living room to rest, but my friend that was getting married heard her talking to me a bit and she claimed “that’s the little girl I told you about!” Because apparently she recognized her husbands name. So the little girls spirit leaves, And another tried to come in thru the window, this time they’re coming in like floating head first and I keep pushing the head out and it gets like annoying and I start screaming to God and the spirits that we’re all at peace and don’t want to be bothered by this and my aunt screams too because she’s desperate, all spirits were trying to go to my boyfriend. And then this bandana comes in and I couldn’t stop it. And it goes to my boyfriend and it folds up in a tiny triangle and he takes it and holds on to it and gives me a signal like to trust what he’s doing, and I do because he’s a smart man and usually knows what he’s doing, and he sets it aside on the table and I scream to tell someone to get a scissor in case it starts choking him, and then my grandma, who’s been dead for 3-4 years, was siting next to me the whole time and she turns to me and asks me if everyone liked her letter, that she left and I couldn’t remember it but then I somehow did and I told her we thought it was funny, and that’s when I forced myself to wake up.

    Please help, thank you


    • Hi Carolyn,
      Your dream was telling you that our job/career is about to change and you won’t initially like the changes because there is some deceit or dishonesty going on and you need to protect yourself from it. But in the end the change will be a positive one.
      Seeing Spirits in dreams is a warning of deceit however to dream of a female be it child or adult that you don’t know in life is a prediction of good things to come. Marriage for a woman in a dream is success in life and career.
      Some basically to boil it all down your going to have some changes in your life or career that will be a reward for all your hard work and efforts but there is deceit either in work or in personal life but by being warned about it, it gives you time to protect yourself from it. But the success or job situation will be better than even your expecting (because it was in a different country) and will set you up for life (the choking).
      So the change coming is so big it’s going to make an actual difference in your life. Not just a small token gesture change but like…..never look back, set for life, worries are over, better life kind of change. It will affect your life forever. But just be wary that someone along the long isn’t going to be honest with you. But as I said by being warned, it arms you. Fore warned is fore armed.
      But either way you come out on top.
      Love and Light


  21. *** keep in mind that for the past four years I have been receiving paranormal activity in my house ******

    For the past few months I have been getting constant dreams that I am in either my house or a familiar house that seems like my own in the dream and the house is somewhat haunted. I have had these dreams before but it was only like twice between 3 years and now they are getting more consistent. I have had dreams where I talk to the ghost and I ask it why it would tap on the walls and it would reply by saying something like “can’t I have some fun,”
    When I would talk to it the ghost wouldn’t really reply and I could never see the ghosts face in any on these dreams but I would always sense that it was male or female but mainly male. The dreams have gotten worse and worse. Last night I dreamed that I lived in this strange house that looked similar to my own in reality from what I can remember I was standing out side when I sensed a wise entity and it told me that my house would either be good for me or extremely bad for me. There where parts of this dream where I would contact what seemed like the same entity from my other dreams and I didn’t want to contact or talk to it but it was like something was forcing me to, I was continuously thinking that I should not talk to it and I should get away but I could never get away. Eventually I switched to a new setting in my bedroom which looked exacally the same to my bedroom now and the ghost was standing in the corner of my bedroom I do not remember what it looked like but in all my dreams when I try to remember the appearance of the ghost all I can remember is darkness. At this point I was laying on my bed and I was extremely scared, so I said “go away, please go away!” And I felt it leave then I suddenly woke up.

    Keep in mind that this was the first time that I told the being to go away in my dreams.

    My dreams would vary from being in my house to what seems like a ghost has entered a random dream. I have had only two somewhat demonic dreams in at least 15 paranormal dreams though. But I have always gotten away from whatever it was in the demonic dreams. In one demonic dream my mother was possessed and I somehow saved her but the deman tryed to possess me but I was too pure for it to possess me. *keep in mind I am not religious*
    In the demonic dreams I would say prayers to Christ and I would speak lines like “let the power of Christ compell you,”
    And the ghost/demon would get really agrivated by this

    Eventually in that dream someone powerful told me that it was my time to die and I exepted it and I went through I bright tunnel to heaven.

    Other dreams I have had is where something is telling me that my third eye is opening and stuff like that. At first I barley new what a third eye is, I Searched it up on the web and now I am sorta freaked out.

    *i do have phycic realatives but they live in A different country*

    I don’t know what this means because
    I am not religious and don’t know any actual prayers but I happen to in dreams. I never remember my normal dreams clearly anymore but I remember these ones like a picture or a movie and jeez I’m only freaking 14 and I am basically peeing myself cuz of the weird paranormal stuff going in my dreams and at my house


  22. Hi,
    I read most of the posting and thank you for posting them. Well, can I please tell you about my dream that scared me last night. I know its weird but somehow I saw Kim Kourdashian in my dream. I cant remember it all however, what I can remember besides that I was somewhere and I was trying to feel if that person (let me say it was a black person did not see face) was real or not and the next thing I know my arm touch me (like squeezing the size of me across my stomach) then I woke up to the noise of pouring rain.


    • Hiya Sheila, what a shame you don’t remember the dream. ock well never mind. You only remember the dreams your meant to. But to dream of having someone famous in your dream is ‘getting help to achieve your goal’. and if you felt pain or pressure on your abdomen is ‘financial gain is in the air’. I looked it up in my book as well just to be double sure and I’m right. So I would say money is coming which will make life a little easier helping you achieve a goal or enter a new exciting phase in your life.
      Lucky You 🙂

      Love and Light


      • I ‘ve had many of dreams about my aunt visiting me, she has been dead for almost 3 years now. She always comes when i’m going through a hard time in my life either to hug me or warn me. What does this mean? I also had a dream tonight that woke me out my sleep. I was sitting with friends in the dream talking and one of my friends said omg someone is sitting next to you in the picture i just took, i became scared and went over to where she was and she took another picture, the spirit was still sitting there, it was just black clouded figure, then in the dream i opened my bible and certain things were highlighted in it, nothing of the bible but words saying, “i know your a very strong person but stay strong, weird. The dream kept twisting. What does this mean? Why are spirits constantly in my dreams at times. My aunt atleast 3 or 4 times since she’s passed and this other stuff atleast twice.


      • It means your surrounded and protected by loved ones.
        You have nothing to fear from the dead. Especially kin. They’re reaching out to you. Something most of us wish for so just be calm. Pay attention and every time you feel them, Say Thank you 🙂
        Your blessed indeed my Sweet.


  23. Hello i found your blog while searching for some help to interpret my dream. First off let me say i have a gift in seeing 444 before someone passes away….also i dream of death prior to it happening. But lately i have been under stress at my work….and im not sure if this is promonition or a mesg to me about changing my field or job.

    So i dreamed that i was with my family in some old log home and there were several different generations present. I was very hungry and need to go to the bathroom. We all were talking and i discovered that me and my cousin whom i never met in waking life worked cor the same people. I asked her to come to my work to criticie it. And then we all sat down for dinner generations seating. Their was several older women in the family serving and giving prayer and instructions. One of them put a scoop of chocolate coa co powder in each of or mouths and another spoke a word out loud over the family. Then they were sprinkling some form of white powder over every one in The. Air. Then we bow for prayer. As we prayed a large stamp like what they use for signing checks came out of air from know where and landed on my moms back in black ink it said DANGER. Then she lay there and died….but i could see the younger version of her standing by a window looking back. At the family….i jumped up where she lay and held her crying trying saying to jesus no no she belongs to me and then i woke up.


  24. I get dreams about spirits often but for the first time I got one with spirits in water and they where trying to pole me under, the water felt heavy I was able to get out and felt happy I had this vile of water that purified the rest, black mist ghosts came out and left but one stopped and looked at me with red eyes and I felt a little scared but it moved on and I felt fine so what the heck does meene


  25. In 1991 I lost my father suddenly to a heart attack. I could not get there in time to tell him I loved him. A few months later I had a very clear dream. In fact it seems like yesterday I had the dream. My dad was a farmer. In my dream I was at the farm and could hear a banging noise coming from his barn. I walked out to the barn and pulled the door open. I stepped in and could see his tractor I walked around to the other side and I could see him banging on it with a wrench. But I could almost see through him. He was dressed in his normal work cloths as usual. When I asked him what he was doing he stopped and looked at me and said go to the house and tell your mom I’m alright and for her not to worry. When I began to ask why he got frustrated with me and said just do what I said. I said to him that can’t be dad your sick. You died. He replied I am just fine I’m not hurting anymore and I’m fine now go tell your mother. So finally I left the barn and woke up. The funny thing was after dad passed, my mother had an auction and sold everything in the barn. Yet in my dream everything was still there just as he left it. Do you think it was a visitation?


    • I’d bet money on it Hun. That was your Dad telling you to tell his wife he’s fine and not in any more pain.
      What a beautiful experience you had with your Dad.
      How lovely. Lucky you.
      Embrace the message Sweetheart, Dad is perfectly fine and not in anymore pain. So tell ya Mother lol
      How lovely. Naaawww. Bless.
      Love and Light


  26. I’ve been having a lot of dreams where paranormal activity is present often being the center of my dreams. Sometimes I’m in a big old house in specifics I was once in the entrance of a bathroom where the curtains open and closed and the faucet turned on and off by itself, later being led by a baby cat through the house passed zombies into an underground world where everything was bright and happy. Or a dream I had a little bit ago where I awoke in my dream on my bed, I thought it was real because everything was exactly how my room was, It smelled like gingerbread, I was holding a gingerbread cookie in my hand ready to eat it when what seemed to be a portal appeared on the wall in front of me and the image of a brick house appeared in it and a dark shadow also appeared in front of the door entering the house and then coming to my bedroom, looming over me and paralyzingly me, but I said a few words, as I was very upset and knew I had power and the dark shadow quickly disappeared. One more that stuck with me is being in a house with my family around the dining room table, I was at the head of the table my father at my right and my siblings surrounding the remaining areas. Everyone except me was getting possessed and I was somehow being forced to watch. I felt so uncomfortable, scared, sad, ect. What could these dreams mean?


    • Dreams of the paranormal depend on who and what was going on but based on the dream you’ve told me about your being told your not admitting to or will have trouble seeing a deceit that is happening around you or going to happen around you. There is a deceit and your in denial or you will be but you need to see this for what it is or it will have a detrimental effect on you too. Don’t get caught up in other peoples mess unless you want the same kind of trouble is the message here my sweet.
      I’d listen if I were you.


  27. My husband was killed on Nov. 21st, 2014. I was 39 he was only 32. He was my best friend. Never in a million years did I think I would ever move on from him and in a lot of ways I haven’t but I am in a relationship with someone I have known for a long time. He actually knew him as well. I had a dream last night that my husband and I kept missing each other everywhere we went but we’re always in contact thru the phone. Then the last part I remember was my husband, brother and I wereally in a house in California a d there was an earthquake aND I was telling them what to do. Him and I were under one doorway and my brother in another. I for some reason ended up running out the door and the the house fell around me and me standing in the middle of the Fallen wall with me in the middle of the doorway. And then my boyfriend called and woke me up. I just don’t understand what he is trying to say… I miss him so much and wish he would come more often. Can you please help me. I make myself crazy everyday wondering if he is angry with me. If he understands that he still holds my heart. I want to know I am not hurting him. There isn’t a second that goes by that I don’t think about him. I know he was meant for better things. I had a reading done and she said he was working and busy there were a lot of things that only he would say and things that we talked about with our kids that she couldn’t have known. I didn’t give info either. But she did say I would never be with another man again. I make myself crazy everyday wondering what I’m doing. Please help me if you can. Thank you.



    • Oh Honey you poor poor Soul.
      Your husband is trying to tell you It’s okay to move forward. You must leave the past behind and embrace the future. The house or building in a dream always represents you and how you see yourself at the time of the dream. He’s saying tear down the past and embrace your future. He’s not angry Sweetheart he’s giving you his blessing.
      However it’s interesting you mention an earthquake in California because I too keep having dreams about an earthquake snapping California off the earth and tumbling into the sea and vanishing. Had it for years. Sometimes I see men behind the quake and sometimes it’s just an earthquake.
      But if I look at it in the context it’s given ur just being told to let go of the past. Things end so one can move forward to achieve their destiny or goal. Your husband loves you but he wants you to be happy. You will always have his heart and your memories and when ur time comes or you need guidance he’s always gonna be there and he said ‘Debbie I’m in the best possible position where I can do that now’. Your living one of my worst fears. Losing a husband is Soul destroying when your in love at the time. It’s something everyone in love fears. But unfortunately it happens. But Spirits aren’t bound by time. So you can meet up in memories or thought. He’s always gonna be there. He’s just giving your new man the respect he deserves and stepping back but he’s there and he’s happy. He loves you but he said ‘I’m her past but I’ll always be there in the future if she needs me but before too long I’ll me a memory and that’s a good thing because it means I served my purpose and can evolve which is always a celebration on this side of the fence’ lol


      • Hi
        Please tell me what my dream means. My deceased father came to talk to me he appeared as alive but I couldn’t talk to him as me and my brother was in the house fighting a war against strange beings we were under attack but I really wanted to talk to my dad. I told him I loved him and asked him to wait for me but I didn’t want him to get hurt so I asked him to go hide upstairs but my brother said no so my dad went and sat in the kitchen looking out the back door into the garden. I was afraid he would get hurt as the door was opened and the attackers could get to him. I never got to speak to him and was very sad. Why didn’t I get to speak to him?? Please help as I need peace. Thank you.


      • Your being told your not making very good decisions regarding your life and future or your going to be making bad decisions.
        But you need to think before you speak or act and watch what you say or do regarding your future is the message here. Your life is all over the show right now like a rocking boat. But you just need to stand up and balance and you’ll be fine. Just py yourself the respect of being honest about it when you make the bad decisions or mistakes. This is your path no one elses so take responsibility for it. Is the other message.
        Pretty strong message there.
        Love and Light


  28. Hi. My nan died 15yrs ago, i love and miss her so much and often cry for her… But for past couple years in my dreams im going to visit her in her house but she is an evil poltergeist.. She tried hurting me with objects in her home or throws me against walls.. What can this mean? Thanks you


    • two nights ago I had a dream I had before, I’d say a year ago but this time more was added to the dream. The dream starts with my cousins and I planning a sleepover. We ended up staying at a guys house whom I didn’t really know and he had a huge warehouse in the back of his house full of things he had done in his life time (I painted my nails black at the sleepover, important thing added for later) our main activity as part of the sleepover was to go parachuting so we went to the warehouse, gathered our equipment and headed to the helicopter but just as we were going to take off a storm started rolling in. I told them that it wasn’t safe to go while it’s storming and immediately after got a strong impression that we had to leave the helicopter and start running so I proceed to do so. My cousin that was on my right side fell behind close to the helicopter, it ended up exploding and she died. The rest of us made it to the house and after making it there were several people banging on the front door trying to get in. One of my cousins rushed to lock the door. Then the dream skipped 2 years ahead I was at the same house looking down at my black painted nails and realized I had gone back in time to witness the accident again. My husband was fixing the house and I was telling him that I knew what happened that day now, I was pushing for him to believe me. That I had gone back in time but he wasn’t listening and proceed to do his work. The dream then shows a picture of me on my wedding day of me dancing which I did do (in real life) I was actually in the same position in real life as the picture shows but different perspective from above and I had the strong impression that it was me who was supposed to die in the incident and not my cousin and the dream ends.


      • Hiya Sweetheart,
        It would unfortunately be redundant for me to reply to this because the dream was a year ago. All the predictions will have come true within 2 weeks to 3 months of you having the dream. Sorry.
        But next time post it immediately after you have it.
        Love and Light


    • If your Nan is appearing as your Nan while being a poltergeist someone around you is going to be a victim of deceit or betrayal in a big way. If you just think it was her and she was just a Poltergeist then your going to be the victim of the deceit.
      But either way your being told it could be avoidable. You have your feelings or suspicions about this person (male I think) but your not listening. Or you will have your suspicions. Either way be ready.
      Just remember, it’s their journey not yours, don’t take it on board.
      Love and Light


  29. Okay so last night I had a strange dream. In it a spirit tried to contact me. I didn’t explicitly see or hear the spirit, but I could feel them, and knew they were there. I think they tried to tell me something, although I couldn’t really understand what. My intuition told me it was an accident that was going to happen.
    What they showed me was someone running. While I could see the person was running, everything was kind of shown as still pictures. The clothes was nondescriptive and the person had long dark hair. I got a feeling it was one of my cousins, though the thought that it might be me also popped up.
    Just as i was about to see the face of the person I woke up. My body was shaking with pain and I felt nauseous but fell asleep again nonetheless, as I still was tired. When I fell asleep I had the same dream again, though this time the spirit felt more desperate. Again I woke up before I could see the persons face, and once again I woke up in so much pain I was shaking, feeling nauseous.

    The encounter with the spirit in the dream wasn’t unpleasant, but being shown whatever that was did make me worried. I just felt like I had to find out what the dream meant, and i really admire the way you see and approach things. If you have the time, I’d appreciate if you could help me! Thanks


    • To dream of the dead if you didn’t know them is a warning of hidden deception. I’d say you were being warned about the person you saw in the dream. Probably a cousin. Did anything come of the dream? Any accidents per chance?
      It sounds precognitive to me, which most dreams are. But yours sounds like a direct prediction not a beat around the bush kind.
      I’m interested to hear what you have to say.


  30. I just had a dream I was in my kitchen all the drawers were open I was really scared so I ran to my brother and he just laughed and said cool there was like paranormal activity going on idk but it was scary and in my dream I was thinking it was my boyfriend that passed away 3 months ago. ever since he passed I dream about him very frequently, he’s always very happy and I’m always crying when I dream about him it’s like he’s lost then he comes back and he just tells me he’s ok and smiles


  31. I want to know what my dream means I cant fully remember it but I know it went something like staying here in the state I’m living in and my girlfriend and my son leaving then it jumped to me being there with them then we were living some where and the house was hunted like TV’s turning on and a bunch of other weird things happening then it jump to her and I at a tattoo shop and I wanted to get some work done then some how the guy and my girlfriend ended up having sex and I caught them then switched to me looking for her and trying to save her and someone else I think


  32. Hello Debbie, I hope you find yourself well. I need help with a dream. My dream, i was in my bedroom and had my back turned from my chest furniture and i heard a noise, like a drawer open. I thought I was hearing stuff continued on and heard it again when i looked a moment later the drawer from my chest open slowly again. I was scared and i think maybe my sister or daughter were there plus we called some guy whom i don’t know in my real life to fix the unseen ghost pulling my drawers open. As we are discussing whats going on and looking on a handheld deice for solutions, my daughter who is 6, goes down the stairs and it seems like this entity that’s messing with my drawers pushes her down the stairs. It hurts her but she ends being alright. I don’t remember the rest of the dream, i don’t know if a solution was found to get rid of the paranormal going ons. If i remember correctly, i sense my mom was in the dream i didn’t see her just that i felt that my youngest went running to her after her fall. I think the dream because a blur. FYI my mom has been deceased for 10 plus years. I was afraid in my dream of the paranormal going ons and was trying to get rid of it. Thank you. Many blessings


  33. It was around 4:45 pm ..I went to take a nap and I dreamt something really weird…I dreamt I was about to enter my room and but some force dragged me by my leg and I passed through the wall to the otherside but I wasn’t shouting all I was doing was murmuring repeatedly that “oh u came back…but m not gonna get afraid ” ..then a hand came out of my chest and started shivering as it happens wen some 1 has any nerve related problem..still I was lying stiff nd murmuring ” I won’t get afraid” then the worst part happened which woke me up out of fright .a strong negetive force was all over me as if someone slept over me …it was so scary ..but there was no 1 in the dream except me not even a shadow ..it was all dark ..greyish atmosphere…I want to tell something additional ..Some days back I got the news of demise of gaurav tiwari ,the founder of indian paranormal society ..I am his great fan n the cause of his death made me psychologically weak to a extent that from dat day I wasn’t able to sleep alone and all these r not so normal for me because I used to b a strong girl who never used to b afraid of paranormal stuffs , negative forces etc rather I was interested in searching and knowing abt all this …can u plz tell me whether my dream meant something or it was all normal..


  34. I have had the same dream twice now where I am being held back or spun round by a paranormal being. I try to call for help but I speak in slow motion and no one hears me. It is so vivid that I remember this and my partner has had to wake me up because my breathing has been so heavy and he states I am absolutely covered in goose bumps. These have happened at random times in the night. I have not needed to go to the toilet or anything like that! What do these dreams mean?


  35. I yesterday saw in my dream ..a evil spirit who was trying to get me…but my computer sir who has done a lot of research on paranormal activities saved me…this all happened in my dream…is there any connection…do I need to fear….pls help…pretty scared


    • Hi Nishan your dream means the opposite actually. The more scared of the demon you were the better your good fortune will be. Your dream is saying success after hard work but in better ways than you can imagine. To do with career or money or study.
      The scarier the dream the better the one.
      Love and Light
      Mama B


  36. My name is Mary and last night I had a very vivid dream. I was living in my old townhouse where I lived when single my mother came through front door all full of dirt and said she’s been buried for only 26 years and she was finally happy to had gotten out of her coffin.(my mother died 26 years ago from pancreatic cancer). Then my brother appeared in my living room vacuuming the carpet and I was shock to see him because he died last September. He told me not to be afraid and that he will walk with me. Then I’m headed to the kitchen and booth my grandparents were cooking (they past away back in 1990). Then my aunt comes in through back door and Saids hello to everyone (she past away in 2004). Then I went back to the living room and found two premie baby girls laying in their cradles all dressed and pink. They spoke to me and told me that it was nice to had finally met me since I aborted them back in 1980. What does this mean! Everyone who came to visit me had died years ago! Someone please help me!


  37. Hi Debbie,
    Hope you are fine!

    This is for the first time I had a dream of paranormal

    ‘It was a big apartment ground like area and I was present there along with the other people (may be mates). It started like we all are already alerted that something is there and we all are trying to find where the spirit may be present. So first I experienced a jerk and I notified others tht its there. Then suddenly from first floor we heard kids crying and two kids being thrown from first floor, luckily my other mates catches both the kids safely. Then after a while I heard an old lady cry in pain near the staricase, and she comes sliding down from the stairs. I immediately take hold of her by carryimg her in my arms. So we all decide totake her to safe room in ground floor. Howevr in one of the room I heard two ladies calling me and asking me to keep this lady there as she wont be alone. The two lady already present out of them one was my deceased granny who actually called me to keep this lady in her room. So I did that, mean total three old lady in one room. Later I move out of the room and we all get back in observing any more para activity. Then after sometme I went in the same room to just check out if the lady who I carried was feeling safe. So I could see she ws sleeping with blanket coverwd all over her. As soon as i removed the blanket all i could found was A Watermelon and not the lady. Th spirit had played its trick again.

    Can you help me on this



  38. All my life I’ve had this reoccurring dream. The atmosphere changed as i grew older like living in different houses and such. It would always start out normal with me in my bedroom or in the living room of the house i was living in at the time. I remember one dream in particular when i was much younger. I was staring at my door and reached for the knob to turn it and felt the dread and fear that always came in this dream. When i was younger i identified it as a monster but now i’m starting to think it was some kind of entity or demon that was attached to me which is insane but would explain some things about me. I never saw a shape or anything it would usually come as a feeling but i did see it as like black blob of smoke. For a little bit it came as my great grandmother and she would push me over the stairwell until i let it win. Whenever i had this dream all i wanted was for it to end so i would always just “let it win” as i call it now. It was almost as if i would play dead, it felt like i would go limp and felt numb and fall through the floor in eternal blackness, because that was usually the only way i knew how to get the dream to end. Since i’ve been thinking about it I made a vow to myself that the next time i had the dream i would do whatever i could to  beat it instead of letting it win as i had done so much in the past. The dreams that i’m having about it recently have really scared me so much to where i can’t go back to sleep. Im trying to remember if it affected me that much in the past but i’m sure it did because i slept with my parents till i was like 7… So this is how the most recent dream went

    I was in a plane weirdly, i’m usually in my house or my bedroom. But i was sitting in a cushioned coach seat or something and I got up to go down to the first level of the plane and I felt like everyone was judging me because i kept tripping over myself and falling on people. I felt that feeling come again and I immediately turned to the source of the feeling and this time it was in the form of a girl which i had never seen it like that before. The face of the girl looked like it was melting and the plane and everyone else in it disappeared. I looked at the half girl/half blob of dread and i screamed “In not afraid of you anymore!” I remember feeling so scared. It said “You should be.” I remember like jumping to it and swiping at it trying to fight it but i woke up after that feeling proud and scared. But seriously I’ve been having dreams about this thing for as long as i can remember and i’ve been thinking about it more and more recently. This fucking freaks me out so much. Every time i talk/write about it i start shaking…. I think my dog felt i was scared because he just came in my room and sat with me. I want to have this dream again to figure it out but i don’t because it always fucks me up. Do you know what this could be and if it’s paranormal or not? It’s starting to really scare me..


  39. Hi, I just have a question about my dream, I just woke up from it and it’s very unusual. I found myself on my old grandparents house, then a person I call “Arnold” in my dream approached me and told me to stop courting her and showed me some pictures from his phone, which he tends to avoid me seeing because it’s too fast. He just warned me, “stop courting her, she doesn’t like you, she wants you out of her life.”. I looked for him after those words ad he vanished to thin air. My dream continued, when my uncle(still in dream) told me to explore the house for spirits, I saw two cute girls that I haven’t even see their faces anywhere in the physical world, they looked like ghosts because they disappeared after I greet them, then here comes Arnold again, he tried to pursuade me to stop, I said, “I waited for years now I’ll stop?”, then he vanished again. My dream ended as I was checking my Facebook acount to check as well if there were such this messages.

    Thank you!

    PS: I’m still courting her. 🙂


  40. I saw a dream a black cat came and after that a spirit of young girl having mehandi designs on her hands came to me n ask me ,”what’s your wish,what u want “@7am ,what’s that mean


  41. I keep having dreams about paranormal things happening to me. I have seen things in my house before but now I feel like there haunting me in my dreams its even got to the point where I cant sleep without the lights anymore. Do these dreams have any meaning to it? What is it trying to tell me? Since these dreams have been more common lately. I would really appreciate if someone can respond. Thank You


  42. This is nice… I have one doubt… I’m having 2 dreams often… One is a cave and a temple which is used to repeat thrice or more then thrice in a year without any changes on the image… The another one is a person who is known to me in my college is often in my dream, the truth is I don’t like him… Can you solve this?


    • Your dream is telling you that you have an internal battle possibly between faith and religion possibly???. BUT it IS saying there’s an old solution to your existing problem. Whatever has been on your mind between now and when the dreams started it’s not gone away from your mind or heart. Could be career related but your past holds the key. Only you can answer honestly if you have a deep seated issue over conflicted wants and needs etc….but if you have a reoccurring dream it means your not getting the message and to listen to it. It’s important, so listen.
      Start working stuff out basically on all levels, emotionally, mentally, Physically etc…. you’ll eventually fix what’s broken and as a bonus gained added knowledge of one’s self internally and externally.


  43. I need to know about the dreams I see. I always wake up between 2am to 5am with a high sleep in my eyes. I see unknown spirits in my dreams. I always feel someone watching at me. I saw dreams where my husband cheated on me and I caught him with another lady and in my dream he had accepted too. I trust his loyalty towards me. He doesn’t have any female friends in real life. I see my dead mom in my dream regularly and I talk to her normal as before her dead. When I wake up in the night, i see my son is feared in his dream or talking or crying or laughing at times, I hold him tight in my arms and start praying then he feels better. I also see water following me in my dream everywhere I go but it doesnt harm me. I see huge waves or tsunami situation which is regular. I am very scared of waves or water in real life. When i wake up in the night after seeing the spirit, sometimes i am forced to go back to sleep and then the same dream continues. I don’t know how to get rid of it. Please help me in finding answer to my dreams.


    • It’s hard to say if this is a dream or precognition. Is your husband cheating? The reason why I ask is usually cheating is the opposite, that their love is true, but to dream of Spirits is warning of deceit, to dream of Mothers is within the home and tsunamis is underlying stress and emotions. Like REALLY upset, like heartache or stress and worry etc…..so I’m wondering if maybe you suspect your husband is having an affair in real life?
      If not, then your being told that your paranoid and your making this worse in your mind that you think because actually your husband is loyal and faithful.
      But without knowing you its hard to say, only you can answer this one.
      If your getting the same dream over and over your being told your not listening to the messages or warning.
      So either trust him or kick him to the curb but either way your being told to listen and deal with this once and for all.
      Love and Light


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