Manifesting your own Reality

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.

We know so little about the human brains true potential but if your like me your able to unlock parts of your brain that even Science can’t comprehend. I have actually been studying this for over 5 years.

Testing out my own theory that soon in the future we will all have the ability to ‘Will’ things into our existence. I have been told that in the future we all become a race of highly evolved Spiritual beings and death will not be the end. Spirit now are already trying to let us know that death is not final. It is only our shell that ends, our Spirit lives on, but in the future I have been told that we will ALL be ale to communicate with the dead like we do the person sitting next to us. I was also told that we will get to a point in Science and Medicine that death will be a choice. Because we will have no illness or disease, we will live beyond the need for any physical shell. Which is why I keep referring to the beings on AI.

When I saw that movie in the theater it gave me chills as those beings at the end who help the robot boy die, are exactly how I was told we would be in the next 100 odd years..

Anyway until we all get to that point I have started it with myself and my sister and I am trying to get some friends and my husband to do it also. I have come to the conclusion that a certain level of Spiritual awareness and faith is needed to make these things we ask for happen, as the only two people I know for a fact it has been working for is myself and my sister. I have gotten EVERY SINGLE THING I have asked for.

I am going to talk to you about how to do it but I must add a caveat to this as you must be careful what you ask for.

In All my years of doing readings I have had clients say things like ‘Oh I wish this and I wish that’ Then they get it and it is exactly what they ask for but in  away they didn’t expect. So if your going to ask for something but you’re not going to mind about the consequences scroll to the next paragraph but otherwise please add a caveat to what you’re asking for.

For example, if your asking for money you would say ‘I would like some extra money to come into my life but not at the expense of loss or death’ I had a client who kept saying to me ‘Oh why can’t i just get some money, why can’t some relative die and leave me some money’ well a week later her beloved Gran died and left her with a nice little amount. This woman was so devastated by her grandmothers death she ended up needing counseling as she blamed herself for her Grans death because she had asked for money. I know of another lady who got her son taken from her because she kept wishing he would just ‘go away’.

It blind sided her but when she came to me I did have to point out to her I had told her to be careful what she wished for. It was around this time I began to realize that there was something into this getting what you ask for thing.

So I decided to test it out. It took several different tries to figure out how to get right but in the end it started working and I always make sure I put in a caveat.

So for example I wanted a baby. We had a 5 year plan after we got married, pay off debt, travel, spend time as a married couple getting our house together. When we got married we had nothing but a bed and a TV. So every adventure we had we bought something for the house and now have a house full of memories (although that isn’t what Mr calls it now lol) but then I wanted a baby. I started to visualize the baby in my arms. I would imagine myself rocking him and what he smelt like. I would think of names and I would imagine him growing in my tummy. I then had that visit from my Mum and because I became so aware of my body I knew the next day I was pregnant. When he was born he was exactly what I imagined. Big round cheeks, blue eyes, black hair, soft skin, big strong baby, loves cuddles.

What I have learned though and this is the bit my sister is discovering out, is that you only get what you want if you actually need it. Like there is no point asking for money if you’re a millionaire. What ever it is has to be in your heart. It can’t be superficial and you must really want it in the deepest part of your soul. You will NOT get it if you don’t need it without a huge lesson attached about knowing the difference between want and need.

My ex husband was miserable in his job. It was to put it bluntly, draining the life out of him. He was working long hours, never seeing the kids, we were like ships in the night. It was destroying him. So I envisioned him in a job where he didn’t have to work long hours, where he would be able to play with the kids. I would put images in my head and keep them there all day as often as I could for at least a week.

So every time I had free brain time I would imagine these scenarios of him coming home an us all going out for a meal together as a family as he was actually coming home so late he was heating his tea up in the microwave and eat it while the kids and I were asleep. So I would imagine us having picnics and meals on a Friday at a local grill or something like that. Then I would say this is what I wish for but I want it to be because he chooses to have these things and not because he loses his job or becomes sick. Then 7 weeks later he got offered another job and a whole new life began. He is still drained and jaded from the lessons the last 2 years have taught him but he doesn’t realize how lucky he is that he got to start again. It could have been so much worse than it was. I now wish that he would start making his own magic happen. So I now imagine him doing various things that bring about the things he needs to be more positive and bring about the changes he wants within himself.

So how exactly do you do it?

You simply imagine yourself having it. Every second of the day when you’re not needing your brain for other things you sit and imagine or day-dream in our head what it is you’re wanting. Imagine yourself doing it or using it or having it in every way you can think of and keep in the back of your mind every day for at least 2 weeks.  Every time your having a shower, imagine it, every time your washing dishes, mowing lawns, hoovering, making the beds, folding washing, walking the dog, doing the shopping but NEVER while driving. Every second you have time to really put all your energy into your thought. Then make sure you add a caveat. I would really like this change but not at the expense of death or loss to anyone else.

I had a client who was a mistress and she wished for her lover to leave his wife. Which he did but left the mistress as well. Not that I agree with adultery, in fact it is considered dishonest and Spirit don’t ask or expect a lot of us except that we are honest with ourselves and with others. But anyway, she didn’t add the caveat but as I said to her ‘If you didn’t get it then you didn’t deserve it’ She went on to meet and marry a really nice Airline Pilot and she now pretends like those days never existed.

So you MUST believe in your heart it is what you want.

So keep imagining yourself getting what it is you’re wanting and then usually within about 3 months in my experience it comes to pass.

Just remember to add the caveat and know in your heart it is what you want. And make sure what you’re asking for is sensible and doesn’t hurt anyone because once your psychic antennae goes up you send out those signals and you get what you ask for so because what you ask for because you just might get it.

Also I am also a firm believer in what you send out comes back ten fold so if you do send out negative thoughts it will come back to you 10 times worse. The best comparison to this is myself and my husband. I am the eternal optimist. I always think good thoughts, in my heart I am running through wild fields with all the animals of beasties The Big Almighty created around me and I’m free and happy and in love and blessed. When negative things happen they bounce off me. With the exception of a death I refuse to let anything get me down. My faith is strong and when The Tempters come calling I send them packing with positive energy and strong will. My relationship with Spirit is like that of a child with their much-loved parent or older siblings. So I know if I need to worry they will tell me to be prepared.

That has happened since my Mother got sick. But her passing wasn’t sudden and I had time to prepare and she has since come to me a couple of times so I know she is okay and at peace, much as I miss her terribly. My husband how ever is the eternal pessimist. I try to try to tell him to be careful because what he sends out comes back ten fold and yet all this stuff happens in his life and never affects mine.

My Fiance and Ex tell every single person they meet who is of the same mind about me and my abilities and they can defend everything I do with proof and evidence. They have brought so many lost souls to help and I know they would fight anyone to defend my gift and honor.

He will argue the point to anyone about Spirits existence but doesn’t use his relationship with them for his own needs. So I do it for him. But the trouble is, now Spirit are saying they can’t help him until he knows what it is he truly wants. So let that be a lesson to you. You can take my advice and sit to ask for things you want but if you don’t know what you want, are asking for random nonsense you don’t really need or your faith isn’t strong, your wasting your time. If however you are at a good stage in your faith and learning  and what you’re asking for is sensible (ie jobs, love, babies, health etc…..) you have a higher chance of getting it more than someone like Mr Ex husband. He’s just lucky the boys and I do enough of the positive stuff for him. I’m working on him though.

I wish you well and would love to hear if you have practiced what I have taught you.

Love and Light

Note: I’ve had a couple of people read my blog and seem to be having trouble understanding exactly how to use my magic on themselves. It really isn’t hard. If you’re wanting a new job and partner in life then you imagine yourself taking a different route to work, imagine a different work environment to the one your taking now and so on. You have to remember to include the sounds and smells and feelings involved with traveling to work. So if you drive to work imagine the sounds of the car, the traffic, the radio etc…also the smells of the journey, having just showered, you might smell like perfume or after shave, or shower gel, and hair products with a hint of tarmac and gasoline in the air. is it hot outside? Or snowing? or raining? these are essential because it will say roughly what season it will be when you’re wanting the change to come about. So if you have a white Christmas and you’re wanting this change to come by summer, imagine yourself going to work with the hot sun starting to kick off a lovely day in your new job. Or if you’re wanting  night shift work, imagine that warm breeze hitting your face, with a slightly over heated back but without the sweat making your shirt cling to your back. The hint of over heated road surface and tar is in the air with the lingering of a BBQ somewhere in the neighbourhood as you’re heading out to head to your new job. That sort of thing. Also you can’t just think about it a  couple of times a week. You need to keep it out in the ether for at least 2 weeks, 3 if you can, but in order to do this you need to put as much thought behind it as possible. You can’t just imagine you at work in your new job then switch to you getting married. You have to walk your mind through the process of how you want it to be. So start from the beginning and don’t be unrealistic with your goals too. If you want your wife to look like Halle Berry don’t imagine yourself marrying Halle Berry because then I get the blame if it doesn’t happen. Imagine someone like Halle Berry. But imagine where you meet, what the atmosphere is like, what she smells like, what her skin feels like, how soft her hair is when you stoke it etc…

You do have to put a lot of thought into what you’re going to approach this but make sure you get it right before you start playing it out. If you keep chopping and changing your mind during the process like my husband is doing you confuse the energy and you could just create a whole heap of mess for your life. Sit down and figure it out. If your wish involves wanting more money don’t be unrealistic. How much would you need in the bank in savings for you to be really happy? Always imagine a little bit more than that, then if you get what you asked for, you weren’t let down. If you imagine 10 billion pounds or dollars and don’t get it, you kind of asked for it to be honest. You have to realize, not even people like Brad Pitt will ever get tens of billions of dollars so if you’re an average Joe like me, just not having to worry about bills and be able to have savings and a holiday once a year is usually enough for most of us. My husband’s trouble is he has changed his mind so many times now he is confusing the magic. I gave him a step by step of what to do and he did almost the complete opposite. Plus he does listen to outside influences so it confuses his energy even more.But he knows if he doesn’t get what he wanted, it’s his fault not mine lol.

So, remember to

1)  Know exactly what you want before you start asking for it. Write it all down play by-play how you want it to play out. And end the wish at a point where your happy for it to change. So if you wanted to find love imagine yourself meeting, falling in love, dating, the proposal, the wedding, the pregnancies, the Xmas’s together, then getting older and being buried next to each other. It will send it out that you’re looking for your soul mate to grow old with. The whole thing doesn’t work itself out in 2 weeks, you should be able to do a meeting, marrying, kids, old age etc…in a day, but for the next 13 days you keep the imagine playing out in your head during various stages. So on the 2nd day you imagine yourself then being married and eating your breakfast with that person you imagined yesterday, but while your actually eating breakfast for real. Do you see what I mean? Because your essentially imagining yourself in the future, your placing yourself in the future. In order to do that you need to keep the image up in the ether long enough to play out a life time, enough that it catches in the atmosphere and attracts the energy of the person who is going to make the wishes come true. It brings them into your path. It works the same way you thinking of an old school friend does then you hear from them out of the blue.

2)  Imagine all the sounds, smells and textures involved, weather, and music included is required. Play the song you want to play at your wedding. Imagine yourself dancing with that person you imagined yourself being with. Imagine the feelings and sounds and emotions and sights associated with it.

3)  Don’t be unrealistic in what you ask for

4)  Daydream every chance you get, except when our needing your brain for important things like driving and using machines or tools, knives etc…Ideally it is on the train, in the shower, on the toilet, doing dishes, cooking tea, cleaning the bathroom, folding washing, doing washing, walking to the store to get milk, making a cuppa, as your falling asleep, brushing your teeth etc….all the things that don’t require your absolute attention.

5) Know in your heart it is what you really truly want. Once you start the magic you can’t stop it or change it so it has to be your deepest desires being asked for. You can’t be halfhearted. If you are then you don’t really want it that bad.

6) NEVER use it to cause harm of loss to another living being because what you send out comes back ten fold so what you send to someone will be sent back to you but worse.

You might seem a bit weird of embarrassed doing it but it really does work if you do it right. There is no need for anyone else to know or see what you’re doing. I’ve yet to be let down from the things I’ve imagined. It’s why I call it My Magic lol.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Especially by doing it here on the blog because your questions may help other readers.

Love and Light

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Past Lives, Pregnancy; (Reincarnation) (revised)

For those of us that have children, we all feel our children are special. But some of us feel that we were given our children for a reason. That there was more to our children than just a gift from The Creator.

When you lay your eyes on your miracle of love for the first time the connection and the love is instant. To me I feel that the love I have for my babies is the closest thing you will ever feel to know God’s love if there really is a God. I’m not religious but I have a faith. I believe in a creator, I just know it to be a bit deeper than one man with a beard sitting on a cloud.

Plus it is a religious term and I am not anti religion I just don’t believe man has the right to tell any other man what to believe in and how to believe in it. I think your faith should be free and practiced without fear of condemnation. But this is just me. I have the same faith as strong as any Christian. I just choose to call myself a Jedi instead lol But I digress,

When a woman is pregnant she will start to feel a connection to her baby almost as soon as it registers she is pregnant. For me I knew the second I was pregnant because when your dead Mother stands by your bed and tells you to ‘Get stuck in Girl’ the night you know your ovulating, it is hard to not trust that as fact especially when you start vomiting exactly 7 days later.

But for most Mothers, and especially for me, once I had my first scan something changed. I began to be able to talk to my baby in uterine. I could hear them talk to me. I knew when they were crying or hungry.

It’s not because I was special, it’s because they are.

My gift enabled me to know a lot of things about my pregnancies and my babies but I think every woman has a heightened sense of Psychic ability when she is pregnant.

She is creating life, she is protected and guided by the Spirit realm. And never a truer word has been spoken when she is carrying a ‘Gifted child’ A Gifted Child is a soul who has been reborn from a life of tragedy.

I was given two and I knew their former selves while they were in my womb.

A Gifted child is given a second chance to know love and protection because their past life was so tragic and so heart breaking bad they are chosen to know love.

But children are reincarnated because they chose to come down to learn a specific lesson.

For example: A child born with a short life or illness, or disease is a Spirit who chose to live a harder life to learn the lessons to give the lessons to those around them because they know the harder life brings the best reward.

All children who pass over, go right to the top of the ladder of life without question.

I say ladder of life because if you imagine a ladder laying on it’s back resting in the middle of a pin which balances the ladder like a scale.

Depending on how you live your life depends on which part of the ladder you.

So imagine each rung or step of the ladder is a different level. Just like a scale.

The further up the ladder you go balancing one way and your getting higher and higher up to the top. When your at the top you tip the scale and you get to evolve.

As you evolve the higher up the ladder you go the more you evolve and the higher Spirit you become. So life is a constant state of learning, dying, evolving. With the aim of being the highest of high.

To the other end it is the same if your not learning your lessons. You go further and further down the ladder you go and you tip the ladder and you end up in the worst place a Spirit of love and light can go and that is their own hell.

Being what ever they did to others in life is the fate they live 1000 times over and it is a torment and suffering they will do anything to get out of.

So reincarnation depends on how good or bad you were in your last life.

Some Spirits have had such a traumatic experience here (even though they chose it) they become jaded to the idea of coming back down.

All children who pass get to choose what they want to do. All children who pass, fit, disabled, homeless, wealthy, poor, loved, unloved go right to the top.

For the rest, if you chose to live a life where your will and your freedom and beliefs were what caused your passing, it can leave an impact on the next life that puts the Spirit off from ever wanting to try it again.

We aren’t all bad. We have been gifted a stunning planet that we still don’t really know anything about. We have the gift of invention and creation and learning and with those gifts we have created Masterpieces and Medicine and Music etc….the population of a planet should never be held accountable for the misdeeds of a few on the planet.

We are loving and protective and caring and empathic and generous and forgiving. We all deserve a second chance if we are judged wrongly. So these Spirits have parents that are hand-picked for them. The perfect parents to raise this child or children because of who they are in Spirit (soul). And the mothers know it. Any Mother who has had a Crystal Baby, Indigo Child, Rainbow Child, Water Baby, etc…most will tell you they felt ‘connected’ to their babies in the womb.

My first child was talking to me almost 6 weeks after conception. I started a hormone bleed at 6 weeks and had a scan 1 day short of 7 weeks. I had been telling my husband I could feel him kicking and bouncing about and he along with my midwife thought I was insane.

When I had my scan to see why I was bleeding, our 7 week old fetus kicked past the screen and turned like a mermaid in the water and waved to us wriggling his fingers. The Dr sat for a second and then said slowly ‘Did you see what I just saw’ to which we all said ‘Yes’. She then sat for 15 minutes trying to work out my due date because she was convinced I had gotten it wrong.

When I told her we used the rhythm Method so I know when I conceived. She ran and got the nurses to come and see the scan. After we were done we had nurses coming from all over wanting to look at the 7 week fetus that waved.

It was around the time the baby started talking to me and showing me who he was before. It happened in dreams and in visions. I slept a lot with my first pregnancy. It knocked me for a six. I did NOT look like the glamorous when I was pregnant with my first.

I looked like I had been caught sleeping in a nettle bush most of the time and the rest of the time I looked as greasy as a KFC Bucket of Chicken.

So I rested a lot. I would sit down to read a book and wake up when my husband was getting home from work 5 hours later. In this time of hormonal unconsciousness I would see this old man. He was frail and thin and under dressed and laying on a stone floor.

He was protective of his space and when ever he got food he would divide it up and hide it around his cell under rocks that were loose and under his cloth around his waist. He told me he was Italian and from the Renaissance era. He was put in there by his family to protect the family name.

He was from a wealthy family and he stayed in prison for so many years without contact with the outside world, it made him mad. Spirit told me when this family lost status and money they executed him but they called it Murder.

He was Murdered they said ‘Just because of what he was’ I was told I would never find out how he was killed because I couldn’t handle it and it would change the relationship I had with him after he was born.

I would wake up hysterical because I would see them come and take him and the fear in his heart was so strong but his mind was gone so this poor man thought he was being taken back to his family. He then said ‘I lay down, then I died’ I don’t know to this day and never want to know.

When he was around the age of 8 months he started saying Laquila and there is a place in Italy with that name spelt ‘L’Aquila’ that I just learned about last year.

It’s had a varied tumultuous past. This dream of him in his cell then his being taken off to this death used to play over and over and it really broke my heart but I promised my child I would protect him for all my life and beyond and I would make sure I made it up to him with lots of unconditional love.

But he would say things to me telepathically all the time like……He used to tell me things like ‘Put the kettle on Mum, Daddy’s coming home’ so I would as soon as it started whistling my husband would pull up. Even though I wasn’t expecting him.

I don’t eat a lot meat, occasionally chicken, occasionally fish, and I would be cooking my vegetarian meal and he would say to me ‘Well when I’m born if you think I’m not going to eat meat you’ve got another thing coming’ lol

I did start getting cravings for chicken and cabbage mostly…oh and corn. But only roast chicken and I gave in and it was nice.

But he would tell me ‘Tell dad go and get me a piece of chicken’ lol The baby would also tell me off. I used to call him ‘Old Man’. I have this habit I’ve had since I was a child where I sit under my feet and sit crossed legged but with my feet up by my thighs if that makes sense.

Like how maybe someone meditates when sitting. And it’s dangerous to do when your pregnant because it can cause blood clots and blood poisoning and my unborn child would say ‘Listen you, straighten your legs out and flex our toes please I need you healthy’ lol

It sounds insane but if you knew my son and how he is now you could totally believe it. It also sounds insane that a mother would have disagreement with their unborn child but I did, often and still do. I told my husband ‘this kid and I are going to fight a lot when he’s here’ And we do. A lot. But he is my best friend and he is my whole world. I just love that boys energy. He’s so very kind and gentle.

I didn’t realize I was even in labor or that my waters had broken three days before until my unborn child said to me ‘Tell Dad to turn the Xbox off Mama I’m coming out now’

When he laid eyes on me he lifted his head up to do so and said telepathically ‘So your my Mum?’

He was the love of my life and I knew then we were going to be together forever as soul mates. And while my husband was having his bare backside covered up by the Anesthetist as his scrubs were falling down and he was butt nekid underneath lol (true)  my newborn baby said something I will never forget to the end of this time and beyond.

He said ‘I’ve been waiting for this my whole life. Thank you for being my Mama’ I cried and cried. He is simply perfect.

It was immediately after he was born I noticed he had the Spirits around him. Surrounding his cot. He would gurgle and sing and smile at nothing and his cot would rock back and forth.

But it was when he was crawling and weaned I noticed his past life showing an appearance. At 8 months old he would hide food in his room and under the carpets. We would find him having crawled into his room lifting toys up off the floor and looking around all shifty like as he ate the food he snuck under there. This happened until he was about 18 months old.

He wouldn’t share anything. You couldn’t get him to share a toy, food, hugs, anything. He held on to stuff so tight they would get damaged or dirty. And still to this day chicken is his favourite meat. He used to do things that a baby shouldn’t be able to do. I called him old man until he turned 3.

He was terrified of the dark and we had two night lights and a lamp in his room. And as a wee bean of a kid I asked him why he was frightened of the dark and he said ‘The bad men took me in the dark’

We took him to Linlithgow Palace and they had Renaissance reenactments going on in the dining hall part. My son was getting visibly upset at age 2 and a half and he was shaking and trying to leave to the point of becoming aggressive and agitated when the ladies came over to ask  us all to join in. I took him out of the room to hold him close and calm him down and I said to him ‘Bubba what’s wrong, that music and dancing was lovely’ and he said ‘But these are the people who hurt me’

What do you say?

I’m happy to say now that The Old Man is now my beautiful little boy. He is now 7 and has just so clever at School. He loves to write and is incredible at English and Spelling. He loves to read as well. He likes Maths too but he has a thing for Anatomy and using his imagination.

He is very advanced for his age which is common in Crystal Babies. I’m an Indigo Child and I was very advanced as a child too.

Older parents will usually have the Gifted Children more than young parents. It’s to do with patience. Gifted Children require more nurturing than the average child. You will often have to deal with two personalities until we can set the past one free.

It’s not that they can’t let go, all the past hurts and traumas of a gifted child are removed as with any normal person who passes but the trauma is so bad it leaves an impact on their soul that needs to be cleansed. They have gotten over the death and hows and whys, it’s just a tinge of concern for what happens next. This is why Special parents are given the Gifted Ones.

All parents of the Gifted or Crystal babies will be either Indigo children themselves or be so open to the needs of a Crystal Baby that they can emphatically nurture them in what they need without question.

My youngest child, haunts me more emotionally because his visions and suffering was more recent. He was a Bangladeshi girl of about 8-10. She was taken from her family by her Father to clean for another family. She has shown me hundreds of times being lead away from her Mother who sat on a mat in tears.

She looked back at her Mum not knowing why she was crying. She was only going with Dad for a bit and would be back soon. Then she is taken to this family who beat her and mistreat her and she is left to do back-breaking labur and decides to run away.

CAUTION: If you’re an emotional person, don’t read this next bit. I have the misfortune of seeing things like this all the time but you might not be exposed the truths of real life.

She lived on the street sleeping on a piece of cardboard where she would lay and watch the trains go past. She would see all the people on the trains and wish she could be taken back to her Mum or one of the ladies on the Billboards across town.

She would clean toilets for money and bought coffee with it and food she bought would get hidden away. She also used to go through the rubbish looking for plastic.

Like flies on meat, these children would swarm around these rubbish dumps looking for plastic.

She would get beaten by random people in the street if she begged for money. When did children become disposable?

As I talk I can see her now in her ripped pink and white skirt and top. Matted hair. Big brown eyes so sad and pleading for someone to just come and take her away from it all. And that’s what happened to my poor little angel. Two men took her, beat her, broke her battered little body inside her when they raped her and then threw her body onto some rocks when they were done.

The thing that makes me so angry is this beautiful Angel I got the joy to love forever has parents that are still living. I know the both of them are still living and they had more children after my Angel that they didn’t sell. There is some part of me that wants to track them down and tell them what I know.

BUT!!!! The punishment I met out won’t be nearly half as bad as what they will get when they die so I will leave it for Spirit to deal with.

My gorgeous 5 nearly 6 year old, who also see’s Spirit and is telepathic and has an amazing Natural telepathic gift (animals especially).

He also since he could walk at 8-10 months old would rummage through my recycling bins to get all my plastic out. He still does every now and then but he would pile it all up in his bedroom and if you moved them out he would get hysterical.

I could only take them out of his room to recycle is I essentially ‘Bought them back’ with sweets or coins for his money-box.

He was also fanatical about trains. This kid has about 100 trains of various types and tracks and sets and builds. He adores trains. His bedroom wall is covered in trains. He also has been trying from a very young age to get our coffee in the morning and has an absolute fear, no, terror of heights.

I am too but I wasn’t afraid at that age, mine was evident from about the age of 10 (now can even stand on tippy toes without getting dizzy lol) but with my youngest is terrified if his father picks him up too quick and holds him up afraid of heights.

It’s so bad he can’t even stand at the top of the stairs and look over.

Also and this is probably his biggest thing is he absolutely cannot be away from me. He tells his Dad all the time, ‘You love (his brother) and I love Mama. He tells me ‘Your my best Mama and I’m your best friend Aye Mama’

If I’m in another room to him he will come through every ten minutes to see where I am. One day he told his father when asked why he wasn’t going to come with him to play replied ‘Because you took me away from my Mama’ he said it with a real quick glanced, angry tone. He pulled his hand away from his father and came running to me and just stayed there for ages until he could hear the hijinks going on.

I feel sorry for my husband because our youngest has said some things that you can tell really hurts his feelings but he knows not tot take too much to heart. Our youngest will grow out of it once his Spirit feels comfortable with him.

Crystal Babies are a special breed of human that has one more piece of the jig saw than the rest. They are more often than not born to at least one Indigo Child, who is born to at least one Rainbow child who was born to at least one Water Baby and so on.

The belief is that one day we will all get to a point where we have evolved so much we will no longer get ill, communicate with language but telepathically, we will all be of a high intelligence, be natural healing and healers etc….

The best way to describe it is if you have seen that movie A.I and you see those beings at the end that guide to Robot boy to his death and they are beings of pure light but are all-knowing, all loving, selfless and giving.

This is essentially what we will become. But slowly we are being born a few generations of us at a time. Both my parents were Water babies (they may be called something else to others but I call them Water Babies) born during the end of the war.

I am an Indigo and my babies are Crystal. The traits of these babies are that they are usually born to Older Parents, of a higher intelligence to others from a young age, they seem to be older than their years, they have clearly defined gifts such as clairvoyance, intuition and prophecy etc….they will often talk of their past lives or carry on traits through to the new life, they will talk about death comfortably, they will have great love of music, art, literature etc….(They are some of our greatest gifts) they will also be exceptional at art, music or writing.

They are always Empathic. I don’t like the Empathic side of it for me so much because I feel I am over sensitive. So many things can have me in tears and I will hurt for weeks. I like that I can sympathize with people and situations on a level that normal people do but I’m a 40-year-old woman who has been banned from watching The Lion King and The RSPCA ads and Nature channels on TV. When these Donkey Sanctuary ads come on or a Save the Children ad comes on my husband runs to turn it over or that is my crying for days. lol

Needless to say they stand out and any parent that has a Crystal, Indigo will know exactly what I mean. And there are more Crystals now than indigo etc….This is all I know. This is what I’ve been told. They might be called different things by different people but the gifts and children and situations are the same.

Some people are new Souls. They are brand spanking new souls. Never been here before ever. Some like me have had maybe 4 or 5, my husband has had 6. Some people have so many I can’t see them all lol I can usually pick up the last one in the client had as soon as I meet them.

If we are here now, we either chose to come back to learn more or got sent back to try again. I don’t think I have the energy to come back and do it all again so I’m doing everything I can to get it this time round. I died in Vietnam. I was a 21 yr old Soldier from Arkansas. My name was Billy and I got shot in the back and chest while on patrol. I came back because I took lives. In the eyes of Spirit War is never the answer. I didn’t too long to come back in terms of time really, compared to some people. My husband was so bad in one of his lives he didn’t come back for about 300 years lol (in earth time) But because I killed people, I had to come back. Now I am the biggest weeny on the planet who can’t even kill ants.

We all know a lot of people remember in great detail their past lives but for The Gifted Children they remember such tragedy and pain and sorrow you can’t help but give them that wee bit more love and attention.

Whether or not that’s a good thing I don’t know lol But there is a love for them you can’t describe and it’s not just from the parents. These children will have followings where ever they go. Our kids have had everyone from nurses in the hospital they were born come from different wards to hold them. There were grandparents coming to visit there new-born  grandchildren and sit with our babies instead. Teenage boys stop and tell our babies and toddlers they were ‘cool dudes’ girls cooing and women peer out of windows in restaurants to watch them walk past.

They are happy, well-rounded healthy, extremely loved and a little spoiled little boys and I feel blessed every day that they chose me to be the one to teach them about this life they are living in.

Anyone who is reincarnated will carry a lot of traits from their past life. That is a known fact. My oldest has a favourite book at aged 4 and it is ‘The Human Anatomy’

I can’t help but wonder if in his past life he was a man of Science in a time when Religion Ruled all. He was ‘Killed for what he was’ why would a wealthy man be imprisoned by his family to save them from embarrassment and then be killed in thee most heinous way that even someone like me who see’s all sorts of dead is never allowed to be told how he was killed?

It had to have been Science or Sexuality. My son has a fascination with the Human Anatomy the same way my youngest has with trains. Why????? I’m never going to know. But I will do everything I can to make sure he (both of them) get everything he wants as far as education and support is concerned.

My body is ripped and broken now from having my 10lb 1 (premature baby) and my 10lb 6 baby and every time I get the pain and I’m in hospital on morphine for the pain because my body is rejecting the meshes of my hernia repairs I just remind myself what my boys went through to even be here in the first place to bless my life and it’s all worth it. Evey single scar. It’s a small price to pay for Gifts such as they are.

I worked hard to get them past their issues of their past life. It had to be done. Their Souls needed peace. It was the best thing I ever did for them because now they understand how it works.

They both see Spirits and are open and happy about it and neither has and any signs of past life memories in about 2 years although my youngest still likes to keep cardboard boxes. He collects them but he is okay with me throwing them out after a few days.

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Spirits and the Paranormal: ‘They Are Just Us Only Dead'(revised)

Most people, when they think of Spirits think of Ghostbusters, Most Haunted, Ghost Whisperer

or Medium. All popular and all completely inaccurate. What drives me mad is how people

assume all Spirits are Ghosts and all Bad.

The truth is most Spirits are here of their own free will and half of them don’t even know we

exist. And we forget they used to live, love, eat, sleep, cry like us. We……will one day be dead.

Death is not final. Spirit are just us……only dead.

In order to explain myself I will categorize them with an explanation so it makes it easier to


Imprinted Images

Often referred to in the biz as the Stone Tape theory this is when a person’s emotions are

recorded in the very fabric of the building or surroundings. Always made of natural materials

like stone, concrete, rock, wood, pottery, water, dirt etc.

Most commonly an Imprinted Image of person is captured at the most joyous or saddest time of

that person’s life. And usually before that person’s own life ends. A time of suffering, anguish,

pain, joy, celebration. Any sort of pure and raw emotion.

It is the Grey Lady who is seen sitting at the window desperate for news that her husband is

returning from war. Her cries, her pacing of the floor can be heard on a regular basis. She doesn’t

know your there. She is locked eternally in your own anguish. She is no more than a recording in

the ether like a photograph, a snap shot in time.

It is the sound of laughter and music in a hall. When upon opening the door, it ceases. It’s a party

of a great celebration.

One thing I am starting to look in to is the theory I am starting to have is that Imprinted images

are in fact us seeing stepping in time to their past. Seeing someone as they were living their life

as though we were standing there with them as they did it in their time.

Since my Time Travel incidences, I’m starting to see things a lot clearer from Spirits point of

view and because I am being taken to their time as though I was living it with them I’m starting

to wonder if some Spirit encounters are in fact us going back in time to see them living as though

we were there with them in that time.

I have some reservations about this research I am conducting because of the fact the stone tape

theory suggests it is just one moment in time on repeat. However, there are documented cases of

people seeing this image beyond a repeat.

So, it’s not just always the grey lady standing at the window, some people will see her then walk

through a door. Or even turn to look at them confused.

There are plenty of reported incidences of so called Imprinted Images turning to respond to the

person in this time as if they were seeing a Ghost themselves as well.

So, in theory the Spirit isn’t the Spirit, in essence you are. They are seeing in the future and

responding accordingly.

I’m reading of a few cases where so called Spirits have responded to the living in a way that

would suggest to me it isn’t a case of us stumbling upon them roaming the rooms like a Ghost in

limbo but actually US going back in time to their life and them seeing us as the Ghost or

Unknown entity.

For that reason, I might soon be adding a 4th category to this post soon if my findings suggest

sometimes Spirits are the living and we are the one being projected in time to the past to see

them in their life and where they see us as the thing to fear.

I’m close to figuring out all this Death, Spirit and time being imperative to Paranormal Haunting

and Time Travel, Death and communication. It’s all so important and my time trips are

unlocking so much.

So be prepared for me to be altering this post soon because I’m close to an answer.

Resident Spirit

is a Spirit who has died, who more often than not know they have died (but some don’t know)

and choose to stay around. They may have loved the house or building so much they couldn’t

leave it.

They may have stayed to try to stay connected to the people in it, or to protect the place. It could

be love or regret that keeps them there but they should really be moved on. These are the ones

most commonly called Ghosts. I hate that term. Any Spirit, Ghost or free roaming is a higher

evolved Spiritual being and they deserve the respect. Ghost is so cheap and tawdry. It conjures

up images of women with scarves on their heads holding crystal balls saying things like ‘Yes he

is here, he’s saying G, like G, grass, gold, good? golf? He haunts you coz he wants his G…..?

A Resident Spirit will be the ones you hear coming up the stairs, and sitting on your bed, or

tucking you in, or cooking, singing etc. They go about their business. For the ones that know

they have passed on, they know your there and just go about their business and try to get

involved with the living when they feel the need or want. But they generally are too busy going

about their business and sometimes the two worlds collide. Some people will report feeling

someone hopping into bed with them.

It’s nothing personal. It may just be where they also had their bed. For those that don’t know

they have passed and have stayed on, they don’t know your there and more often than not the

two worlds collide a lot. Again, this is where I am questioning whether this isn’t more a case of

us being in their time more than them being in ours.

But neither mean any harm. In the rare occasion, you might have a bit of a naughty Spirit and

they are trying to cause bother so you will leave all you need to do is stand your ground and say

to them ‘Oi!!!!! this is my house now, bugger off if you can’t live with me, your dead’

I say this is jest but the truth of the matter is, they always deserve your respect unless they are

dark side.

They know what you can and can’t handle and the naughty ones will try to push you so you must

stand your ground. I tell people you treat them like you’re scolding a small child. Firm but fear

and with love. Always with Love. By naughty I mean the ones who might try to frighten you for

fun or move stuff to annoy you. It doesn’t happen often like manifestations they are rare but they

do happen. You know when they are being naughty or genuinely trying to get your attention.

They give off different energy.


They can come and go as they please, know they have passed over and communicate with those

they know they can. Most people don’t know they can though which leads to interesting

encounters lol Spirit will always communicate in ways they know the person can handle it. But

most people put that movement out the corner of their eye or cold breeze in a warm room or

touch or sound they hear that is out-of- place down to their imagination or down to being tired

etc. But in actual fact, it is Spirit. It always is and will be. If you don’t listen that’s when they

move stuff, turn things on, call your name, spook the cat for fun. But they are just trying to get

your attention. All people need to do is say ‘Okay I hear you now leave me alone’ and it stops.

Or then they move on to telling you stuff or appearing in dreams to get messages across (hence

why your here lol)

Free Roaming Spirits also are the ones who died in tragic ways who can’t move on till they get

help. They need to be moved on also. You hear a lot about these poor men who died in wars who

will roam the fields looking for help, or will come into your home trying to get your attention.

They all just need to be moved on. It’s not nice to have them linger in eternal suffering like that.

Imagine that was someone you loved being treated like they were harmful and scary. Spirit

deserve our absolute respect people.

They are so much more than something to shine a light on and take a photo of.

Some Spirits will stick around just so they can let someone who can hear them know they didn’t

kill themselves, they were murdered. Once they have made that contact they feel free and can

move on. Most of the Free Roaming Spirits will divide their time (I use that term loosely)

between this world and the next.

I call them Spirit, even if they are my parents, sibling or lost children. They are all, of a higher

standing than me, as they are beings of pure light and energy. They are free of earthly restraints

of emotion and frailties, so I give them the respect they deserve and call them Spirit. They guide me in every aspect of mine and my husband’s life. I live by them and love by them. I trust them

above all others and without them my life would be a disaster.

It is my faith in Spirit guiding me that has helped me through some of the most traumatic times

of my life. I will defend them to anyone and have. Through them I live by a very strict code. In

return, they take care of me and my family.

I am what is called a White Lighter. I started out as a Pathwalker. A Pathwalker is someone who

spends their life learning, teaching and living by your guidance from Spirit. It is personal and

time-consuming work but it gives you rewards not of this earth.

A White lighter is someone who lives their life based on what Spirit tells them to do. Your sent

to help those that need it and you do it without question. You take the knocks thrown at you and

get back up with a smile because you know that there is a lesson to be learned to make you a

better person and they never give you a lesson without a reward. All sacrifices come with


If they ask something of you and you do it then your rewards are great. I make it sound like it’s

all about the rewards but the rewards aren’t always material or financial. They never ask

anything of you, you can’t give. They never expect you to do anything you can’t handle. The

strength and control you end up in your life is priceless. You see the world differently.

The Rose-Tinted Glasses come off and suddenly everything and everyone is clear to you. You

just ‘Know’ that person can be trusted even though they look dodgy. You just ‘Know’ that if

your asked by Spirit to give that man your last £3 Spirit will give you 20 back. You walk on a

Leap of Faith every day.

Everyday your walking blind. Not knowing how your day will end. But it can be so exciting and

fulfilling. The life of a White lighter is hard and sometimes thankless. So much is expected of

you but you don’t even question it. I have been blessed with so many gifts. I can’t not use them

to help people. I live to serve Spirit and in return they take care of me.

There is more to having a gift than just being able to see the dead. There are so many aspects to

it. Clairaudient (hearing Spirit) Clairsentient (smell) telekinetic (moving or manipulating objects

with your mind) Telepathic (Communicating with your mind) but really it all means the same

thing. If you can feel Spirit, you will see them, and can communicate with them if you call

yourself Psychic or Clair/whatever or Medium.

It’s all the same thing really. It’s just different names for the same science basically.

My husband and my oldest son are Telepathic and we often talk to each other when apart and

without our voices. Our oldest child has often finished our sentences of the conversations we are

having in our heads. Natural Telepathy is the gift of being able to communicate with nature and

animals. It is my favourite gift.

Like Dr Doolittle, but for trees and plants as well as animals. The clouds will often tell me when

there is about to be a natural disaster or conflict. Psychometry is using pendulums or tools of

divining to read the energy of natural objects. For example. Most people don’t realize we

shouldn’t just be buying crystals and picking up stones and shells off the beach because we are

‘in to them’ or think they are pretty. Everything on this planet works on its own vibration and not

all vibrations go together.

It can be the difference between playing a beautiful G cord on the guitar and scraping your

fingernails down a blackboard if you have anything around you that is negative to your vibration.

Before you bring anything like a crystal, rock, stone, shell, wood or anything made of all 100%

natural materials as it was created you MUST!!! have it checked to see if it matches your

vibration I promise you. If your walking around with a shell necklace around your neck and

crystals on your window sill and a bit of drift wood adorning your fire-place and you haven’t

checked it and it turns out to be an opposite energy, it can make a huge difference to how your

life is going. If your always feeling tired and drained and nothing seems to be going right and

you just can’t seem to catch a break in life, check your house for crystals and rocks etc.

We’ve all done it. We have all walked along the beach and seen a gorgeous shell we have to take

home. It could be turning all your energy of your home off kilter. You need to free that energy. If

you imagine your life as a series of cogs and someone puts a stick in one of the cogs and it stops

all the cogs from turning properly. Some stop all together, some rattle, some skip back and forth,

back and forth stuck wanting to be free.

This is what your life can be like when you have opposing vibrations in your energy field. You

need to use Psychometry to fix it. I use a pendulum made from glass but in truth you can use a

ring on a strand of your hair or cotton. As long, as it is natural and long enough to swing. Hold

the pendulum out and ask it which way it wants to swing for yes and for no. It will tell you which

way it prefers to swing.

You then place the pendulum over the object and ask; ‘Is this ‘name the object’ positive for me?

It will swing yes or not. It could be up and down for yes and side to side for no. Or in circles for

no and on a diagonal for yes. But it will decide when you ask it. And it will tell you when you

use it. If it swings Yes, you’re okay to keep it, but if it swings No, then it must be removed

immediately. If you can’t find someone who the energy is positive with then it needs to be put

back or buried.

Unfortunately, girls this is also true of gems and gold, silver, bronze etc. Diamonds and Rubies

etc., so before you let your man buy you a ring get him to check it first. It could mean the

difference between a long and happy relationship and a bitter divorce. I kid you not.

The most important thing to remember when your deal with the Paranormal is instinct and

intuition. When you’re talking to yourself in your head you’re talking to Spirit. When you ask a

question in your head and answer yourself, that is Spirit.

When you have a nagging feeling, it is Spirit. When you have second thoughts about doing

something and it turns out to have been a good thing you didn’t have second thoughts, that is

Spirit telling you something isn’t right, think again.

That is more specifically, your Spirit Elder. You might know them as Guardians, or Angels,

Guardian Angels, etc.

We all have them. We are given them from the second we are conceived to the second we die.

We have a main Spirit Elder and then well…….maybe the best way to describe it is by saying.

Imagine yourself as a house. God (or whatever you believe in) owns the house. Your Spirit Elder

is the Butler. They take care of the running of the house. They control every member of staff in

the house. Then your Elders are your cooks, cleaners, drivers etc.

Your Spirit Elder controls everything concerned with life and death. They are the ones that stop

you from crossing that road because you at the last second changed your mind then a truck

comes around the corner and just missed hitting you. They are the ones that walk you to your

loved ones when you pass away.

They guide you to the person who will give you your children. Anything to do with the biggest

aspects of your life, that is your Spirit Elder helping you get there. Not all are from decades or

hundreds of years ago. I know of a friend, of my husbands, whose wife was pregnant at the time

she was being visited by a Spirit. She was so frightened and ask for my help. It was just her

unborn Babies Spirit Elder introducing herself to the mother to be and she had only passed a few

weeks before.

I can still see her standing at my bed all apologetic for scaring a pregnant lady. Once it was

explained to this woman who her son was being protected and by someone who has family that

is still grieving over her passing, she felt very comforted and blessed.

The Elders will guide you on everything from money, love, business etc. each Elder is the

Manager of each thing.

I have Leelee, she is love and money. She is the one who stops me from wanting to hit my

husband with a bat when he is pissing me off lol. She led me to him and made me love him like I

do. She made me not fear giving up my life and traveling 17,000 to be with a man I had only met

once for a month.

Then I have Head of the Eagle. He is a young Native America boy who governs my health, both

mental and physical health. He always comes to be when I’m grieving or sick. Or if I’m having a

big crisis.

My husband has a career Spirit. I don’t. Basically Spirit are my career so….

You might have a love Spirit and if it is in your life to travel a Travel Elder. But they only have

your best interests at heart and serve only you. They are all yours and your alone. Even twins won’t have the same elder.
Unusually, my husbands, Spirit Elder is an Old man who at the time of his introduction had

Spirit children with him that were golden. As his path has progressed the children have gone

away. We are pretty sure the siblings are our boys. We didn’t know it then but looking back now

we think he was showing our boys their parents.

Because Spirit work on frequencies different to ours, when they come into contact with you, it

can be like an electric shock to your soul. It is why your hair stands on end and you shiver. It is

why you walk into a building or room and you get an almost flat, quiet, still feeling.

That is a sign your picking up on Spirit. It’s like when you’re in a library and you make a sound

and you can feel all eyes on you and it gives you that rush of blood in your chest. That’s when

you’re in contact with Spirit. It’s an electrical charge or impulse. Your blood pumps faster, you

go hot or cold (depending on how much energy they have used up).

They like to play games to get your attention. But they only show themselves to those they want

to. You could be in a room with 50 people and you’re the only one who sees the vase move.

But you must remember they can’t physically touch stuff. It is done by making it move through

telepathic telekinetic energy. It does, actually move, you do, actually get scratched but they can’t

do it physically. They make you think it happens so it actually happens. They gather a great deal

of energy and use you as the charge, so to speak. They can’t physically touch things as they are

just energy on a different frequency.

Depending on the frequency depends on whether they can move or talk to you. Understand?

So, enough energy turned to one frequency will have enough power to move objects.

Enough of the other frequency and you can hear them talk. Telepathy is talking using the power

of the mind and Telekinesis is moving objects using the power of the mind.

Teenagers are the best at this power as their brains run on a whole different frequency all

together and it is in a permanent state of their WiFi being on they can create untold seemingly

paranormal experiences like Poltergeist activity and Demonic Possession type activity all just

because they were having a bad day. It really is remarkable. I’d love to do a study on it.

My nephew was very powerful at using telekinesis when he was a kid. But it seems in my family it can only be used when we are angry or frustrated. One time when he was about 4 he was fed up with his Mother telling him to sit still while she did a reading for us at the table. After about the 10th time of getting told off for fidgeting he grumpily looked at a teaspoon that was sitting on the table, arms all crossed in a puff and the spoon just ‘popped’ up and bent in half, lol. It was astounding. I must ask him if he can still do it.

I, myself, can only do it when I’m really angry. Like punch a wall angry and I’m never that angry in my everyday life but I have thrown things out of cupboards and down hallways or slammed doors shut before. Luckily for me the last time I used it was over a decade ago. I have

been told I am never allowed to use it. Because I can only use it through negative means it could invite negative entities in while I have my guard down.

There are many types of people like me. They go by many names but how can you tell the ones who are genuine from the ones who are fake?

ORBS: People mistake these for being Spirit but in actual fact only a small percentage of orbs are Spirit. The rest are balls of energy or time traps. The energy ones are manifested from stress, anger, depression and the time traps are pockets of moment trapped in time. The rest are dust.
How you can tell which ones are Spirit are because you’ll see colour or faces in them often resembling photos taken f loved ones but you can see the faces as plain as day.

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Seeing Spirits: Why Is Everyone Suddenly Psychic?(revised)

I am 43 years old. I have been seeing Spirit ever since I was a small child. Everybody is born

with the gift but most of us grow out of it by the time we get to the age where society becomes

more important. So, around the age of 8 we start to lose the gift.

I am blessed because my entire family is gifted. I am from a long-line of people with gifts going

back hundreds and hundreds of years. It is in my culture to have respect for the dead and to know

what to do when you are around them. So, in essence seeing dead people was part of my family’s

daily conversation. My first teacher was my big sister. She helped me discover how I was going

to do my readings. How to tell the difference between Good and Bad Energy and how to deal

with them. I had grown up watching her do some of the most fascinating Spiritual work I have

ever seen. I wanted to be just like her. Little did I know I would be just like her and it would

come with good and not so good consequences.

When I was growing up, it was a bad word to be gifted. You did readings on the sly, word of

mouth. You didn’t shout out to the world what you did because people fear us. People fear what

they don’t understand. People feared what they thought I might know about them. I have had

clients come to me with life changing choices to make where what I told them meant whether

they lived or died.

I’ve had clients come to me and decided not to leave their wife for the mistress and it saved a

family from certain disaster.

My point is, there is so much pressure on one like myself to do what I do right because it can

literally destroy a life.

Yet nowadays everyone is Psychic. Everyone can do what has taken me 40 years to master. You

can take a 3-month class to learn to do what I do and it’s frankly terrifying.

Having a gift isn’t just that you can see the dead and pass on a message to Mary that’ Bob is still

watching you do the garden’. It is such a serious thing we do and yet, there are people who are

doing this, (and charging A LOT of money) because people are desperate to understand their

grief or situation. It’s not just about getting the initial of their name. After 26 goes you’ll get it

right eventually. It’s about dealing with the clients psyche and helping them understand that

death isn’t final.

And now there are dozens of shows on TV about glamorous women solving complex mysteries

in teeny tiny towns that must have more Ghosts in it than the whole of Europe.

We are expected to believe that Spirit will physically stand next to the loved one getting the

message and we can see them like we would any living person and they make us cold and can

physically touch us and hang around for hours at a time and not lose energy. I mean, do people

really believe how that is with Spirit?

We are talking about someone’s deceased loved ones. It doesn’t matter if they lived 1 month ago

or 600 hundred years ago. Once…..these people were loved. How can we be allowed to

disrespect Spirit like that?

Firstly, if anyone tells you ‘He is standing next to you touching you’ they are lying. The truth is,

as good as it makes you feel to think Dad or Son are standing next to us touching our

shoulder it’s not physically possible for a Spirit to touch us without them needing a huge amount

of energy to do so. If they are standing there touching you, you would feel it too. Trust me. You

feel the dead around you, psychic or not.

If a Spirit would need to drain a camera and phone, in order to get enough energy, just to make

you cold, can you imagine how much energy would be required to manifest, touch you and

change the temperature of the surrounding area?

When a person with a TRUE gift ‘see’s’ Spirit, it is in the mind’s eye. You see them standing

next to you with their hand on your shoulder in your mind. It is like if I was to tell you to

remember what you did at breakfast this morning you could instantly recall in your head what

you did in detail. That is how it works. Manifestations are extremely rare.

And what they say is just as important. Spirit in effect cannot communicate the way we do. It is

all done telepathically. Only occasionally they will talk in their own voice because it would

startle you too much and shut you down. It requires tremendous amounts of energy for talking,

but it can happen occasionally and when it does it can give you a fright. Even someone who sees

can get a fright. lol

But can I please ask you what your name is and what you did on your last

birthday………………………………………………….in your head with your voice you would

have answered that. That is how Spirit talk to us. In our voice and in images. You would have

said your name in your head and remembered your last birthday. When Spirit communicate, they

do it in (for me) like watching a movie in slides. It is one image after the other and just how I

know what my name is I just know that they are telling me they still watch Mary in the garden.

He will show me a garden and Mary pottering about in it. It might not be her actual garden but

the garden I am shown is symbolic.

Spirit draw on your energy to come through also, so your always exhausted after communication.

Especially if you’ve been reading for people. It is exhausting. You can’t just then meet and greet

your public for two hours, sign autographs and then drive 200 miles home like I’ve seen some

psychics do on TV.

You will often get a headache or feel a bit sick or if you’re lucky just feel so tired you could

sleep for a week.

They show you images and you have to relay them as you see them and never try to figure it out.

If you see a red Porsche, it doesn’t mean it is a red Porsche the client is going to get. It could just

mean the client will have connection to a fast car like a Porsche that is red. But you tell the client

‘I’m seeing a red Porsche, so you must be getting a car like that’ It is up to the client to draw

their own conclusion because while you’re trying to figure it all out, Spirit have shown you 20

other images since then.

Once the reading is done you must always ask the client if they have any questions. Because

often they are so overwhelmed with emotion that everything is going ten to the dozen. I’ve never

seen anyone do that on the TV.

In all honesty, the only Paranormal show that does it the right way, that doesn’t do it in a

disrespectful way and who take the time to understand what is going on and draw a conclusion to

it is, Ghost Adventurers. Three guys, with cameras and no camera crew.

My husband has banned me from watching shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer because I

kept screaming at the TV. Even Psychic Kids drives me mad but only because no one sits and

explains to the frightened kids what is happening and why. It’s pretty much ‘You have a gift,

now enter this haunted building, see you did it now don’t be afraid’ For me as a kid, it would

have just left me with more questions. The thing that shocks me about that show is how belittling

and unsupportive some of the parents can be. One mother put her child in a mental institution. I

know people fear what they don’t understand but just when that poor girl needed love and

understanding, the one person who should have been there for her above all was her Mum.

It is such a serious thing to deal with and yet so many people seem to be able to do what I do.

There is someone on Yahoo Answers who is going about interpreting dreams and being so

wrong I worry for the people she is reading for. That Post I put about the Guy dreaming about

having a small penis and cutting it off, she is swanning around telling him he has psychological

issues about his penis size and he should get mental help because and I quote ‘Only people like

me with my gifts can truly understand what this means’ and the poor guy is now terrified. The

truth of the matter is, I then often have to spend my time making sure these people don’t panic or

get scared.

I once did a reading for someone who decided that because she had been given a couple of

readings from me that she could do what I do. Within 3 months of her doing readings, I had an

influx of terrified people coming to me for clarification because she had been telling them I had

taught her how to read. She told one poor Mum that this Spirit man who her daughter had seen in

my house was evil and she needed to pay her to get rid of the Spirit from her (the clients) house

because he would haunt this kid and bring bad luck.

This poor Mum then rang me and I had to sit and talk to the girl and ask her what she saw. It

turns out it was my Father. My dad always shows himself in Uniform to those around me who

never met him because he had been a proud soldier for over 30 years. I had not long moved to

the UK from New Zealand and was going through some very traumatic times in my personal life

(yes, I did know they were coming and knew how it was going to end) and he was simply

lending me some support. When I explained the “Spirit man” wasn’t bad and wouldn’t follow

them home, the girl was fine with it. I showed her pictures of me and my Dad so she could put a

life to the Spirit and she went away happy.

The worst thing you can do is mix Spirit with is religion. The two don’t mix. Spirit have zero

interest in religion. It is a man-made thing that has no business in the Spirit realm and it drives

them insane when they see people in churches praying and quoting palms then ‘communicating’

with Spirit. The advice is never Spiritual, it is personal.

Spirit in truth don’t believe in religion. I know this might upset a lot of religious people but

religion holds no purpose in the Spiritual. Spirit believe religion is an earth creation and is used

only to control the masses. It is not about religion, it is about faith. They don’t care what you

believe in or how you do it, just that you believe. It’s not about how often you go to church or

how much of your hard-working money you give as an offering, it is whether you were honest

and helped people less fortunate than yourself. You’re not expected to be perfect in prayer. Just

be the best person you can be. Help those less fortunate than yourself. Be honest, be selfless, put

others before yourself. If you have more than you need give to those who have less.

Be faithful and loyal and respect other people’s opinions. You don’t have to like someone’s

views or lifestyle. Just respect them. Every, single thing on this planet, has a right to be here and

has a reason to be there, so leave it all alone.

This is what a true ‘Christian’ is. But you don’t need to worship your god or deity in a church.

Your heart is your temple. Worship him there. I’m pretty sure if your God, or Allah, Buddha, or

Jesus came down now and saw some of these churches and how much money comes in and out

of them they would be mortified.

A bit of smiting wouldn’t go a miss. I think the conversation would go something like this ‘So

you took 300 billion pounds of people’s money and bought priceless art and hand-made gold

robes and let people kiss your feet and yet the people who come to you are starving and having

children they can’t afford and aren’t getting the medical treatment they need to save them and

you did it all in MY NAME? BLAM!!!! lol

If you’re a man of God, it shouldn’t cost a penny. If you’re doing his work, the money you get

will be going to the people who need it. Do you think there would be starving Africans and

Homeless American Families on the street if God or Jesus knew that their so-called Voices or

representatives on earth were netting in hundreds of millions of pounds in ‘donations?’

So, for that reason and many others, religion must be kept away from Spiritual and Paranormal

teachings and practices.

If you’re having trouble understanding what is happening to you, I can help you. It terrifies me

that some people are being put on antidepressants or worse because they don’t know how to

listen to their intuition.

Your intuition is your first voice with Spirit. We must all follow our intuition. In my next blog, I

will be talking about how to know when you’re talking to Spirit and what types of Spirits there

are. But if you need me. just ask.

I have sat back for too long and let people take the piss out of what the genuine do. I don’t make a profit from what I do. In fact, the internet has helped me be able to do what I do for free. When

I do a reading, I ask only for a donation. My readings are private, confidential and recorded on

digital format if you want, or done via email so you get to keep it for always.

I only read for a select few clients because with young children, my time isn’t my own just now.

I don’t do what I do for financial reward. I only charge, if I charge, when I charge (for private

readings) to stop people taking me for granted. Some people will take it for granted I worked 3

days to do their reading and will only pay $5 which converted to pounds is less than £2.50 which

isn’t fair really, so it is a faith and trust based thing.

I’ve had a lot of trouble in my life of people trying to be my friend because they think it will get

them free readings. They then stop liking me after I refuse to give in.

When I do a reading, it is for at least 2 years in advance. I will not do a reading for anyone twice

in less than 6 months. The bigger picture doesn’t change, just a few more details will be added.

So, some clients, who have tried to be friends, have tried to have a reading every month. But by

charging a donation, I stop it from happening.

I certainly can’t go buying BMWs and Million Pound Houses on what I earn. It’s not because

I’m not good. It’s just because I put my kids first and do so many readings for free. 90% of my

readings are done via email now.

Please understand I am not saying all Psychics and Mediums are fakes. There are a lot of

Psychics and Mediums out there doing fantastic work. Especially the ones who work with the

Police. I have nothing but love and respect for.

But I know you will know the ones I mean.

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Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

“Dreams Explained (revised 2016)

Most people don’t realize that when we dream we are actually being told or forewarned about things in our lives or yet to come. It is never as simple as just thinking because you dreamed your partner or spouse committed adultery it means they will or are being unfaithful.
You must look at every aspect of the dream. Like was he naked? In bed? Was he with a female or male? What was your reaction? Did any colours stand out? and other aspects like that. A dream is NEVER about what is happening in the dream.
Spirit, through your dreams can be trying to tell you to see a Doctor. Or take a lottery ticket.
Good dream interpretation can be psychologically and physically healing.
They can bring peace of mind or get your prepared to deal with something that is about to happen.
Below are some examples of dreams I have been interpreting for people. These dreams are cut and pasted from the Yahoo Answers site where I interpreted dreams when I had time.
I have deleted the names, usernames and images of the people who asked the questions as all my work is confidential. Plus I don’t want to cause any trouble for anyone. I’m not good at this blog technology. I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just type and pray for the best.
What does it mean when you have a dream that you’re having sex?
With someone other than your husband? Not someone you know but a made up person
It signifies an end to a struggle. Your hard work will soon pay off. 
Don’t worry it’s a good dream, and perfectly normal.
What does it mean to dream of looking for a toilet but they have no privacy?
Examples: Toilet area totally exposed – no doors or walls for privacy; transparent / see through walls; toilet door too small or won’t shut; large gaps in walls; toilet cannot be used – out of order.
You never said what you were going to use the toilet for. Number One or Number two or if you managed to actually go. All of this really matters because they have very different meanings. Did you ‘do’ anything and did you ‘see’ it. Or was it just that you needed to go and couldn’t go?
So to dream of just going to the toilet, is legal troubles to do with property. But the actual act of going, ie if you did a wee it means a release from stress and anxiety. To do a number two is unexpected money coming your way. In my culture Poo dreams are much appreciated lol we take our dreams very seriously. So what it is saying is there is going to be some worries but either way it will work in your favour or at least give you peace of mind.
These toilet dreams usually come to fruition within 2 weeks of the dream.
Recurring dreams about the end of the world?
I just woke up and it was the end of the world. A tsunami was coming and I was on the beach and sand covered me and I thought I was going to die. I couldn’t claw my way out of all this sand and then I managed to and I ran home. When I got there my family all got into one room (which never happens in real life) and I told them how much I loved them I was really upset – in real life I don’t even talk to my dad much. And then I looked out the window and this huge wave was coming towards us. Then it cut out and I was looking down at the chaos. All these animals were drowning and the destruction was so vivid. Why do I keep on having these dreams – they’re awful. It’s always earthquakes and tsunamis. How do I stop having these dreams? I wake up in a cold sweat and in my head try to reverse the dream and think of a happy ending. Thank you
Oh you poor button. I know for those that don’t understand the way dreams work those sorts of dreams can be nothing short of devastating. But take it from me. To dream of the end of the world is probably one of THEE best dreams you can have next to dream of The Devil, Jesus, God or Asians. I could sit and type out what every bit of it meant but it would take less time to cut the long story short.
Your basically being told that your going to come to a point in your life where you will have won. Won in life, won in your soul and won in love. Your family will be of a great support for you and will share the happiness with you and even though you say your estranged from your Dad, Fathers represent security and protection.
Your basically going to do something that makes not only you proud but those around you will be proud. It will be something that causes great emotion (the Tsunami). The threat of death means your going to have the ability to completely transform your life. I don’t know how old you are but it could be something from ‘You could put yourself in danger to save someone’s life and be a hero which opens doors for you that help you get a new start in life or a new life’ or you could start a business that does really REALLY well, or you could win the lottery (honestly it wouldn’t hurt to buy a ticket for a bit lol)
The fact you were in danger means you will overcome what ever is going on with you now and go on to turn something negative into a positive and it will be better than you expected.
Now……to dream of Earthquakes is actually very rare. If you live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying you will have minor difficulties in your life.
If you don’t live in an Earthquake prone area it is saying after putting in the hard work you will be rewarded. So basically I would say your having a bit of a hard time of things just now, and your worried about how it, or your life is going to work out.
But your going to do something or become something you put in a huge amount of effort to become or have, and it will be the best thing you ever did to the point of giving you a huge reward both in life and in soul.
You will have the love and support of those around you and you will end up more than proud. The fact that this is a reoccurring dream suggests maybe you’ve had a dream for a long time to do something, or be something, or start a business, but you or life have always held you back. Your dream would be saying ‘Do it, do it do it do it do it’ Spirit can be as subtle as a brick when they tell us stuff we don’t hear.
You’ll keep having the dream until you do whatever it is your being told to do. It’s your destiny. Please please please keep me posted. I feel like this is something you don’t think your good enough to do or be. You will make yourself proud whatever it is.
What does it mean when a close friend that has past away almost 15 years, you dream about them?
This is now the 2 time in the past almost 15 years she has appeared in my dreams. We were sitting laughing & chatting away and then we were walking and still chatting on a nice sunny day.. what we were talking about was crafts, cooking and the animals.
You didn’t mention whether she appeared as a Spirit or as if she never died. But generally to dream of someone who has passed away means you will soon hear some good news. You would of known if she was visiting you because there would be Emotion attached to the dream. She is merely representing something good.
When you dream of Spirit and it is a visitation, it isn’t like they were never gone. Or you dream of them blending into back ground. They are merely the way Spirit has chosen to tell you to expect some good news. They chose your friend because she is a welcome sight and not intimidating.
Some people get very frightened of having dead people in their dreams so you tend to take more notice of the message when it is someone you loved or respected.
If your friend visits you in your dreams you would be full of emotion and you would carry it with you for days.
It would leave something on your soul that you just KNEW she was telling you. When a Spirit comes through it is never to just chit chat. There is always something in the dream that stands out and stays with you for days or years. Please be careful what you read on here as some people have been giving out horrendous advice.
Really damaging stuff. I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant. I have been doing readings since I was 6 and have been seeing Spirit my entire life. I am from a long line dating back to the 17th century of known Psychics but I hate that word. My culture is very Spiritual based and we are taught to interpret dreams from a young age.
I’ve seen some people give us such horrendous advice has made me frightened for the person being read. You can’t just interpret dreams without first understanding the Spirit realm. Your dream is just saying your going to get some good news.
I honestly can’t believe some of the comments made to some of these people on this Dreams Topic. I guess every one is an expert lol. If you ever need advice, just email me. I will be only too happy to help.
Asker’s Comment:
Thank you so very much, she was very real not a spirit. I appreciate your honesty about background and about other posts that replied to my question.

When this dream started it was as if I were in an old cartoon *like Betty Boop or Felix the Cat however not as happy* My Father and I were going to look at a new house to move into and the road we were traveling on was paved of white gold, *recently I had received a ring from my Fiancé of white gold as an engagement ring* when we had gotten there I heard noises only I could hear but my Father could feel. They irritated me and I felt as if I could fall to the floor and scream. I was yelling to my dad *daddy please we have to leave now I cant take it … something is here*
This is odd because soon I plan to move into my Great Grandmothers house which has been completely remodelled, I’m going to live with my dad for a while because I have lived with my Mother for some time. Now back to my dream my Mother and Grandma wanted to see the house so I went with them… when I returned the voices I could hear were tearing me down i couldn’t stand it I grabbed a hold of my grandmother begging her to leave …. however she was stubborn and had told me to behave and stop this when we could finally leave we were walking down the road and my mother was telling me of a story of thieves…. I had woken up with a headache and the night before i had heard noises in my friends house though I knew the noises were just mice in the chimney. Is it possible that this dream means something about my engagement and my Fathers new house.
Houses or buildings in a dream represents how you see yourself at this time. It doesn’t matter if it’s your actual house, a run down house, a barn, mansion, mall etc…if it featured in your dream it is a dream about how your feeling.
Your dream basically means your going through a lot of changes, and that they might be happening too fast or you feel like things are out of your control, and your wanting things to slow down a bit.
BUT your dream is actually saying it will be the making of you. The type of people you had in your dream means that this new change coming into your life, will be the best thing that ever happened to you, and you will be loved and protected, safe and happy. Your about to embark on a whole new life and while scary and unknown you will actually blossom and not regret it for one minute.
Asker’s Rating.
Asker’s Comment: Thank you so much this is a very good way of seeing things, and you are right I do feel rushed and things are happening so suddenly that I just feel like everything is just zooming by thank you for your help

What does my dream mean and why do I keep having it?
I keep having dreams that I cheat on my boyfriend. I’ve already had this dream twice this week, but it’s been different guys in both dreams. I’m not one to believe that dreams mean something but I’m wondering if mine does mean something, and why it’s reoccurring?
Additional Details
P.S- I love my boyfriend very much. We’ve been dating for a year and there’s no way I would or could EVER cheat on him! That’s why these dreams are so weird and kind of funny to me.
Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
For a person to dream of being the one who is being unfaithful means your about to confronted with a very tempting offer or situation that you will have to try with all your might to resist to save your reputation.
To dream your being cheated on means your partner is actually faithful to the nth degree.
Whatever the situation it might not necessarily be a good temptation.
So be wary of the fact that the dream is a warning that it might not work out well for you if you give in to the temptation.
So hypothetically speaking and I don’t know you but this is a ‘For Example’ You might be tempted to take the money you see laying on a table. You take, get caught and then you get arrested for stealing.
Or it might be that your out and have a few to drink (I don’t know how old you but but this is ‘for example’) you then kiss someone in a drunken stupid mistake and your partner finds out or catches you and you end up in a bitter break up.
Or you have a drink then drive home and get caught for Drink Driving which causes you to lose your job. It’s basically something that depending on what you decide to do will have great impact on your reputation. Do you understand what I mean?
But the good thing is, it’s a warning. It hasn’t happened yet and it won’t if you don’t give in to temptation. Only you will know what it means when it happens though so good luck.
Asker’s Rating:

Asker’s Comment:
Thank you.
This is an answer that could of led to a whole heap of trouble for the Asker.
from a Freudian perspective, the case is your boyfriend isn’t satisfying you sexually but you don’t wish to let him know about that (maybe it’s the sense of shame that stops you from that), you will keep your desires in your unconscious mind. However, when you sleep, your desires will get out in the form of dreams of having sex with other guys who might be sexually more capable than your bf.
So if you want, tell me your dream and I will tell you what it means.
There are Three Types of Dreams.
A Visitation is when a loved one or Spirit come to you directly and connects with you on a personal level.
You’ll know these dreams because it’s always ‘more’ than the average dream.
You talk, you connect and you never forget it. Your often just in a place talking.
It could be on the beach, in a field, in a house etc….it doesn’t really matter. But you know it’s more than just a dream.
You’ll usually be shown things by them (that you yourself won’t remember) that will later become Deja Vu . But not always of course.
You don’t always know them. It doesn’t always have to be loved ones you’ve lost in this life.
But they will be people you connect with in Spirit. Meaning you knew them from past lives, future lives and as a Spirit yourself.
When we dream we visit our loved ones, in this life and the ones before and after it.
They will help us centre ourselves, help us get through what it is we are going through. We are here to learn. They are here to teach and guide. And dreams are always the way we do it. Have done so since the dawn of time. Unless your one of me.
There are many ancient cultures that live by their dreams.
Which bring me nicely to the second type of dreams we have.
Which is Precognitive: These are one we have no control over. They are pure prediction dreams. Resulting in things like Deja Vu and events happening in life where you knew it was what the dream was about.
Like for example many MANY people had dreams about the Twin Towers attacks.
You can’t interact in these dreams. And your not meant to.
Lastly is Psychological dreams where Spirit are trying to help you sort out things in your life that are happening, yet to happen, or about to happen. They are dreams to interpret and they often offer a great deal of insight into whatever is going on with you at that time. It may offer a way out, or a way to look at it from a different perspective.
Some people will actively seek a Lucid Dream but its really not wise to do so.
We are supposed to be listening to the messages not interfering with them.
If you want to fly about when you can control your astral traveling that is fine but dreams are there to be observed. Not interfered with. Too much too soon for some people can be fatal.
You must remember that dreams are just another form of message from Spirit. ALL have meaning. But they don’t mean what it is in the dream.
If you have a visit from Spirit in your dream or are given a premonition in a dream it is a lot different to a conventional dream. It leaves you, well touched is the only way I can describe it.
I usually wake up exhausted and it’s just a knowing. Like before how I said you just know what your name is. You just know it’s a visit. Otherwise it is important to take every detail in as much as you can. You will always wake up after a dream so keep a journal by your bed.
Write every detail down that you can remember and then look back every few weeks.
Spirit do talk symbolically too so it will take a bit of quiet and concentration to figure it all out. Only sometimes they will show it how it is. It would make my life a lot easier if they just said ‘Look…..tell the client they are going to lose their job but don’t worry because a better one will come by the end of the week’
But no……..for me, I will see usually something like a factory gate closing and being locked or a Job Centre. But because Spirit have no concept of time (they live in the past, present and future and can visit multiple people at once in different parts of the world…..or universe *wink*)
So then I have to trust my gut instinct and I might feel excited like I want to bounce off the walls, which means the job will come very soon or within the next few days. Or, I might get nervous and anxious so I will say to the client it will be sooner than you think but don’t worry, just keep your out goings to a minimum and before you know it you’ll have another job. Sadly this has happened a lot lately.
Why do I have this ability?
Ok well first off before I tell you what it is please don’t quote and say something like ‘your a fake’ or ‘your weird’ etc. as its not nice and if I could get rid of it I would. It would make my life so much easier. Now how do I say this…I can see the future in my dreams and sometimes during the day. And seriously I’m not lying. Ever since I can remember this has happened to me and I want to know why I have it.
I mean all my life the only person I’ve ever met who has a similar ability to me is my close friend. Though she has it stronger than me. And another thing is I have epilepsy. My mum says that when someone has a disability their body normally makes up for that disability by making them have something else. For example my friend Rosie is really badly dyslectic however she is amazing at every sport and when she does have to write imaginative coursework she is really good at it. Also another friend of mine is epileptic as well and he can know what anyone around him is going to say or do before they’re even doing it. And once again I’m not lying. I don’t make a habit of lying to people about these things. So I guess what I’m asking is why do I have this ability and is my mums reason true or just her way of trying to make sense of it? Oh and don’t make nasty comments. Its not nice and its rude when someone is serious about these things. Thank you.


Best Answer – Chosen by Voters
I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but may I ask but why would you think being precognitive would be such a bad thing?
I’ve been seeing Spirit my entire life, my whole family have some sort of gift. I have been seeing the dead and making predictions and having premonitions my entire life and now I’m 40, it is how people just accept me.
I do the occasional reading for people, I interpret dreams, I can talk to nature (Natural Telepathy is my most favourite gift) telepathic especially with my kids, and more. It’s not a big deal. You have a gift.
The younger you are the more in tune with Spirit you are. It is usually society whacks it out of you by the age of 9. But luckily for me my culture and family are very in tune with Spirit. (I’m from New Zealand and Maori people are very Spiritually in tune, we don’t fear death or Spirit)
But it sounds like to me that you don’t get any support and this is why they only come to you in your dreams. Spirit know what you can and cant handle and will only come to you in a way that won’t scare you.
Be grateful you never woke up in the middle of the night to have a Spirit sitting on the end of your bed at aged 6 like me and I would have to wake up my Dad in the morning his Granny had a message for him. It is perfectly normal.
Don’t let people make you feel any differently to them. People fear what they don’t understand and if they are closed minded by religion, they will never understand unless it even if it is in their faces.
Unfortunately TV and Movies give people like me a bad name. It is so not how it is on TV, and please do not EVER!!! try and use a Ouija Board, they are more harm than good at don’t actually contact your loved ones. It’s all done on a Telepathic link, but it can leave you open to a lot of bad stuff that can and will destroy your life.
It’s okay to tell them to go away, if they start showing themselves but don’t be rude. It takes a lot for them to come through so just politely say to them ‘I’m sorry I’m not ready for this, please go away and come back when I’m ready’ Honestly, there is nothing to be afraid of. Everyone has the gift but some of us just have it unlocked, others prefer to keep it locked because they fear it. Also it’s actually really common for people with brain disorders i.e. ‘epilepsy’ to have a gift. Where your brain lacks in one skill, it enhances the others.
It’s why blind people have fantastic sense of smell and hearing or deaf people have amazing eye sight etc…It’s just the brain compensating. But don’t you dare let anyone tell you you’re handicapped or ill.
Your perfectly normal. Just special. And it’s good to be Special. It means you were hand picked to stand out above all those around you. Write your dreams down in a dream journal (like I do) and date and time stamp them.
You can look back later and see which ones come true and which ones may be personal messages meant just for you. But remember as well, a dream can just be a dream. You learn to tell the difference over time.
I do understand being careful who you tell though. I’ve lost a lot of possible friends because of what I am but then clearly if they can’t except me for who I am, I don’t want them in my life. But it can work the other way too. you can have people hound you 24/7 for readings and advice. Good luck and if your able to contact me (I don’t know if you can on this thing), but if you can and you need advice or help, email me. There is nothing I don’t know about the Paranormal lol I’ve had 40yrs experience.
Man has been living by their dreams since cave man days.
There are cave paintings of people documenting their dreams and we all know that Stone Age Man was extremely Spiritual.
They worshiped their dead. They did the primitive form of what my people do when someone dies. We have their bodies at home for us to see them safely into the afterlife. It is called a Tangi.
Tangi means to cry or grieve. But basically we have been communicating with Spirit since before we could talk so there is something to it and it needs to be respected. While that person who replied to that last dream gave me a thumbs down for giving the wrong answer (because I showed her up for not knowing what she was talking about).
The Asker actually emailed me last night to ask if they could join my group.
I didn’t know I had a group but they have joined it. They told me they have asked a few questions on it before about dreams and no one ever gives it to them straight and he liked that I was honest. I have to be honest, I couldn’t live with myself if I wasn’t.
 I panic. I am probably thee worlds worst liar. Never used to be until I started on my Spiritual path and feared the consequences of my Karma lol but more about that later.
Some one living on the Sahara who has never seen a white person in a city before wouldn’t have too many dreams of shopping on Sunset Boulevard with fireworks going down etc…but it doesn’t matter if your Christian or Muslim. Spirit are of all races and religions.
In fact my Spirit Elder is an Egyptian God lol (don’t worry I can’t figure him out either but I will explain that in my next Post)
If some one knows what he is I would certainly appreciate the help. I’ve had 35 years of trying to Figure Birdie out.
So whilst I’m to remain humble at all times, I am pleased I was able to help this person especially. Honesty at all times is how it should be and I live by this rule. It is better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.
Long story short. Dreams are important and fundamental to our Journey.
How happy you are, how good your relationships with people are, how much you learn and grow Spiritually can all be figured out by listening to your dreams.
So pay attention.

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So pay attention.

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