Remembering Premonitions

Spirit said ‘Before the pinnacle of global unrest the earth shall see natural disasters as she prepares to rid herself of parasites like a dog who scratches its fleas’.

I was just told this morning The Trumps were placed in position to be the new First Family. And what happened to The Kennedys?

I’m feeling stronger and stronger all of it. ALL of it was staged. 

‘Put in a ring the two opponent’s fighting but all working for the same Network. The strongest fighter becomes the champion speaking for the same voice.  They sent her to slaughter. She’s the sacrifice’.

 The Cleansing is here.

No more racism please

One of my students posted this in class. It is exactly what I say to people who are using race as an excuse to hate.


Thanks Karl


I just figured out a Cleansing Premonition 

Spirit showed me and said ‘Black people will die in the street and blood will run RED in the street’ 

In my vision the bodies were in front of that building in Washington that looks like a boob.

And the American flag burning at the edges.

In the vision I ask ‘When the black president is?’ and knowing he was no longer able to be felt.

The red blood trickles down at the feet of hundreds of thousands of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

The people then get angry, panic, protest, fire, fear, trying to protect these bodies and they pile up all kinds of piles of bodies. Different colours, races, ages etc……the anger builds and the tanks come.

A woman holds her baby towards it and the driver gets out and joins the masses.

When I go over the crowds of people they are in all kinds of uniforms. All religions, all races, genders, sexuality, education, and status.

And the white haired man standing on the white steps holding papers of freedom and papers of truth and it all started with him. It comes full circle for him. For many if us who speak the truth or seek it.

Then there is light.

I was 26 when I saw this. I’m 44 now. The blood spilling red is Trump. He cut open a wound to let the poison spill out and it reached the masses and it began healing. Whatever way you look at it. It does. You watch.

BUT a President may possibly die. It’s the only part I can’t figure out.

Is the visions I have of Obama precognition or symbolic? Like how the blood being red was symbolic.

Sure they could it just told me but my whole journey was based on these visions. It was meant for me to figure it out as I went so my learning turned to knowledge, my knowledge into wisdom, my wisdom into power. The power to control my journey, my fate, my life, my light.

Whether he is a good President or not, whether he survives or not, it doesn’t matter. It ALL started when Red cut open the wound in front of Washington ie Government.

The Cleansing has indeed begun.

The clock ticks down to Global Independence Day

I think Clinton was President when I started to see that one particular vision.


Now you KNOW why I’m risking my life to get the truth out about THE CLEANSING.What they talk about in this clip is what I’ve been seeing since I was 18 years old. (The Cleansing).

This is WHY Spirit needed to PROTECT the WHITE HAIRED MAN!!!!! 

Julian Assange is a fuckin Savior of this planet. What he has done has exposed Evil beyond all realms of comprehension that is GLOBAL and on EVERY level of business, religion and government.

James Herbert wrote a book about it called The Others. They killed James Herbert because his last book named the Royals. Died of an aggressive form of cancer. I fuckin LOVED that man. I have EVERY book he ever wrote.

And they killed him. Because he spoke the truth. They knew they couldn’t kill Assange because it would point the blame squarely on them.

So they faked the rape charges. And Thank the Universe to Ecuador for giving him sanctuary because what is about to be released is going to cause mass suicides, riots, rage and heartache around the world.

These cunts are gonna burn and noone can and will stop them.

I could name the celebrities and politicians and bosses and Royals etc……..who are going to die, get charged, destroyed and even mutilated. But I can’t.

Because my fight is one of the Science of my psychic ability and my big mouth.

I was born asking questions. As I grew older I grew less and less tolerant what I was seeing around me and my mouth muscles developed as quickly as my knowledge did.

Everything I know, I was taught by dead people. Your, My, Our loved ones.

I wouldn’t be what I am without people dying. They’ve given me their stories to tell and it’s an honor and a privilege I will and have endured hardships for.

When I was told by Spirit I needed to ‘get myself ready’ last year, it started a chain of events that changed the course of history.

We tipped the balance on the 9th November 2016 which happened to be my birthday. But we had a choice. Tip the scales to the light or to the dark.

Whether you want him in or not is irrelevant when you look at what you just got saved from. None of it will matter.

ALL lives mattered on that date. Every man woman and child on the planet.

These tapes ARE going to be released.

Spirit said ‘ The very thing used to control us is the very thing used to bring them down’.

That THING I realized is The Media. Assange, Jones, Anonymous, Icke, Burr, Sotomayor, etc…..ALL champions of truth who have like me endured abuse, threats, aggression, ridicule and hate just because they speak the truth.

We stopped being a planet of free thinkers and doers and started getting fat and asking these people to think for us. And they did, and they raped and killed us all in our own way.

We have ALL suffered. All faced debt, illness, loss, fear, Hardships, hate. Noone is free from pain.

Except them. When do you see The Royals losing a loved one to Cancer? Or Autism? 

How many food stamps do they get a week do you think?

Do you think they have the heating on today? It’s freezing here. 

I’ve been seeing horrors with which you cannot fathom since I was a child.

Children in Africa being hacked to death for body parts for rituals because their hair was blonde like mine.

Orgies involving animals, and blood both animal and human where they cut the throats as they orgasm and orgasm in the blood of the sacrifice. 

I was 9-10yrs old. Luckily I was smart enough to know it wasn’t normal to see this stuff but I wasn’t nuts. I knew I was ‘seeing’ rather than imaging. My brians haven’t let me down yet. It’s the bane of my existence.

But when I was being taught the Cleansing I kept being shown worse and worse things. And it made me eventually get to the point where I needed to find a platform to get this shit out.

My platform is WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, Google, YouTube, Hangouts and so on.

Social Media. Alternative Media, Global Communication. 

Together we are stronger. Divided we fall. Whether you like him or not you just saved us all.

The next few months are going to be rough on us folks. The shit about to hit the fan will stink for years.

The fight won’t last a couple of weeks but the clean up and recovery will take years. 

The emotional clean up I mean.

I was born with a gift that is a part of making history. People will talk about my predictions and how it saved them. Even if it’s 20 people. I get remembered in history. I have saved lives. I evolve in the next life.

If only one person watches this video and begins to see things differently in favour of WHY she could never be President then risking my life was worth it.

If there is a hell it’s about to get very VERY full. Mothers handing their children to slaughter is why my blog exists. Babies, toddlers, kids, teens, disabled, minority, Immigrant, illegal immigrant, kidnapped, children, human children, in a lot of cases siblings or relatives.

And that’s just the children. You should see what they do to homeless people and such.

Since I was a child I’ve had this NEED to understand death. Thank fuck my parents never judged me. Because I used to read all my Dad’s books about Jack The Ripper and Lizzie Borden and such because i could never understand or rather I was always fascinated and perplexed as to why I wasn’t seeing what the books said was happening. I was never seeing Oswald pull the trigger, or Marilyn and Elvis dying of what they said they did.

As I got smarter by about the age of 12 I knew I was being fed bullshit and began to ask questions. I got slapped by a Priest when I asked him ‘ If God created Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and they had two sons, Kane and Able, and they had two wives, where did the two wives come from? Did they marry their sisters?’

That’s when I began to realize the sex with kids and incest, the snake, apple, tree, Catholic symbolism etc…had striking similarities to Dad’s books about Alister Crowley’s Devil Worshipping shit.

That’s when the images started. By 18 I was plagued with dark things in my room which taught me invaluable things about Poltergeist activity and the teenage psychic power.

Thanks to my Dad’s love of movies like Poltergeist and The Entity etc…. Rosemary’s Baby, The Omen etc…..I studied, observed and paid attention. Then we got Sky TV which gave me Medical Detectives and I began to test my psychic abilities. Oprah taught me the suffering that was out there. It drew me in and taught me.

Then the internet came and launched my platform. So I could reach all of you.

So we could get to THIS point together. So we can hold hands and brace ourselves for what is to come. To hold on to each other and embrace the impact then never let go through the recovery.

It starts for me, in 3 days. Everything i have become and evolved into starts my true journey on the 14th of November 2016 all because of what your about to see in this clip. And when you see the footage, when it’s released and it WILL be released. Mark my words. It’s coming.

You’ll understand why we’ve all risked our lives to educate you on the truth.

‘Because a lie while sweet on the tongue and the truth bitter in time makes the truth sweet and the like bitter’

I need to then help heal what we all allowed to break. 

It’s about personal responsibility and pulling our sleeves up to repair the damage.

And we will. And it starts for me on the 14th. I will have come full circle in my evolution of Debbie Callaghan. From Palmerston North, New Zealand.

I don’t even feel like a person anymore. I feel totally foreign to me now when I look in the mirror of my eyes. Everything about me has changed. Because I’m not afraid anymore.

Not afraid of my visions any more. Because it’s not dark anymore. It’s beautiful things.

Only advancing and evolving. It’s love and healing. It’s peace for the first time in history.

And I get to be a part of it.

When I’m able to teach what I teach to the masses, and hug the scared and love the lonely I’ll have fulfilled a prophecy of my Teachers Society.

And I can die in peace. To make up for the ills of my past lives and my ancestors. Healing the light that got fractured in the fabric of time in my evolution as light. If that makes sense lol

The only way I can describe it is imagine an octopus. The head is the biggest smartest part. That’s the Light we all try to reach. The tentacles are the fabrics of light in time. Time itself exists there. That’s where we go when we die. Jumping back and forth between the suckers which is our past lives, our ancestors and Spirits control the arms and how they move. To they make it open the jar to get the treat or sit gorging on easy crabs?

Each sucker is at a varying level of the tentacle. Low, high, middle. That’s us evolving from the lowest to the highest stream of light to get to the head which is The Light of ALL creation. It too has a balance.

When we evolve we expand the light pushing it out, further creating the Universe. It’s called The Cosmological Constant and it pushes us all to the Light of creation. The drawing Spirit gave me looks like cells that come together to create life in a uterus. This is why we need the masculine feminine in the Universe. Masculine is feminines balance. I have drawings of symbols all over my house. I’ve figured all but two out and it’s driving me insane.

When we tip the balance the wrong the three circles contract and crush what’s in the middle is our Solar System. It goes down the black holes scattered about and they then need to tip their own balance to decide our fate. Do we get crushed and recycled or do we get dissolved and obliterated?

We just tipped it in favour of the light. And you’ll see why when you watch this clip, and the one about to be released by Assange, and The NYPD. Those beautiful bastards. They remember 9/11 better than anyone. And the FDNY and The citizens of New York. 

THAT’S why I’m drawn their I think. New York will speak the truth. And Assange will be vindicated and released as will the other whistle blowers like Snowden. And Holly G, and the countless souls who gave their lives, liberties and freedom so we could all evolve as one and heal this planet from the parasites that been feeding off our blood for centuries. Not just ours but this planets and all who reside here.

Just stop being so fuckin angry and closed minded. 

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is power. Illuminate your truth. YOUR truth. Noone else’s but for fucks sake, know BOTH sides of the argument and find your balance. Then we can respect each other’s opinions and move on. Stop allowing yourselves to be categorized into a box or subcategory and just be who the fuck you were born to be.

I did, and it changed my life. And now I’m teaching, and helping people heal. 

And it all started with some form of media and the connection I have to my, our, your dead.

I promise never to let you down.

This video clip contains upsetting conversations regarding emails but it’s graphic in content and extremely upsetting especially if your a parent.

Know I speak only the truth. Your free to believe what you want. This is MY point of view. So before you threaten and abuse me please watch it, I beg you. Just watch it then after you have watched it ask yourself this one question. What if she is right? 

What if WE are right. Statistics show I have an above average hit rate on my cleansing predictions. So what is the mathematical statistical probability that I’m wrong? 

This information has been authenticated. And YOUR media, your mainstream media knows about this and is covering it up. Why? Look at the ones who recoil in horror live on national television.

Why do you think that is? 

Because they all know it’s the end for them and their bosses. They can no longer cover it up.

To quote a legend.

This was one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.

And it’s called Kind for a reason.

Now….do you want to be a human ‘being’ the cause or a human ‘doing’ the right thing.

I am a human doing, the right thing. If I die there is fuck all I or anyone can do. It is what it is. I’m not afraid of rule. I rule that bitch. I’m deaths Queen.

I genuinely was born to love. And I love everyone until I don’t. But I love you all so much it has plagued me with pain my entire life. That is what an Empath is. It’s absorbing pain and fear. It’s reflecting back what I see and feel. It’s my curse. But I accept it is who I am because I can’t see if I don’t first feel.

This is why I get so angry at people who call themselves Empaths, Pathwalkers and White Lighters who don’t have the first clue about what one really is. It’s like owning the word ‘Mentally disturbed’ like it’s a bad of honour. This shit is painful. The process to being one is a life time of emotional suffering on your individual journey. Every single one of my students can vouch for this. This is why Spirit has had to whittle down the training process to weed out the ones resilient and dedicated enough to hack the training process.

I’ve made history with these classes of mine. They are every bit a part of the tentacle climbing up to the light on the sucker that is my/their lives journey that we chose to journey together. Each sucker have cells, all the cell’s working together to help the octopus function successfully.

It’s the only way I can describe it. But Spirit knew what they were doing when they chose my students. They’re tough, hard working, dedicated and all do the work without question.

But this isn’t so people can follow in my footsteps. I don’t want follows. I want leaders who can walk with me, not behind me. Because a spark of light in itself is bright and important but put them sparks of light together and your can light up the Universe like a light bulb and feed the light out into the Universe to help it expand thus firing us ever closer to the light of creation. Once there, we create new life and the cycle begins all over again in a constant feed of expanding light.

Please, don’t watch this video with children around. If you must, put headphones on. It’s going to break your heart if you see the truth. But let the truth be whatever it is for you. Just at least reward yourself the respect of knowing both sides and by trying to at least see the other person’s point of view first. Consider the possibility. That’s what an informed, intelligent human does. But be mature about it. You are free to believe what you want, take personal responsibility for your role in this journey through time we all take together because if I’m right, if WE the Alternative folk are correct, do you want your place in time to be one who tried or one who never tried at all? Because in our course of evolvement it is better to try and fail than never to have tried at all.

I am a human doing NOT a human being. What are you?

Thank you.

I love you all so much. I can’t wait till my new journey begins on the 14th. Wherever it takes me, I hope it leads to you and you can find peace on your journey too. I’ve only ever done what I’ve done for the American people and the rest of the planet. The healing begins with you America. It is to you I hold tight in my arms first.

See you on the 14th Nov 2016

Love and Light