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Time Creates Atoms

The best visual I can give you of what an atom looks like in my head is Saturn and it’s rings.

The rings are bits of other things that were once planets with civilizations on them.

Individual lives on an individual rock creating a ring around its center.

Now imagine all that life has a consciousness.

A civilization is everything in that ecosystem not just human life.

Plants, insects, animals, bacteria, cells etc…. unique to that planet.

They got it wrong and got chewed up and spar back out to start again.

But those ricks collide and cross contaminate or conceive a new life.

So all that is created is conscious. All that is conscious is the master of time.

The rings of an atom is time itself made up of the geberyic memory of EVERYTHING contained within that time line of existence.

So image those rings keep going around Saturn but instead of encircles the planet it encompasses it.

The light goes around so fast and spreads so quickly it ends up covering Saturn so you can’t see the planet anymore only it’s rings.

Eventually the rings won’t have anything to encompass so it collides and explodes pushing out the sneeze or big bang.

That’s the expansion of our universe or cosmological constant or big bang in effect.

Or the creation and expansion of atoms.

Generic memory IS time.

Hence why the dead say “Remember me don’t mourn me”.

They’re in our memories where time lives.

Tap into that memory you tap into time where they are waiting for you in that moment.

THAT is when your talking to the dead. When your really talking to them.

They’ll trigger memories or you will and you go to them in time. That’s why remembering your last dance with Dad before he died hurts so much.

Its the phyiscal effect of traveling in time to be with him in time.

That’s when you talk to him. That’s when he’s listening.

Make memories. The more you remember the more you connect with them after they or you are gone.

Expand the consciousness of time and be one who can live outside the phyiscal boundries of it and essentially live forever.

Its hard work but so worth it.

That’s why time is the 4th dimension. Master that and you master living.

The concept of death will be distant memory in our evolutionary history.

The participation of everything involved and their own individual balance decides what happens next.

Get the balance right, tip the balance, expand and move forward.

Get it wrong and everything breaks down and nothing changes or it stagnates or becomes unstable until the offending particle is restored, fixed, replaced or removed.

But whatever the end result is, it’s exactly how it was intended to be.

And everything else must adapt or change in order to stabilise everything else and bring balance to create the next new thing with this added but different participant.

Adapt or die.

Survival of the fittest.

That’s it basically it.

Adapt or die.

Be the front end of the sneeze pushing the rings around Saturn so fast the cover the planet and push itself to become something so much more than its former self or become the back end of the comet.

Our solar system is dying.

There’s a reason we’re the only ones left to sustain life in this system.

We’re so busy killing each other over land that doesn’t belong to anyone but actually belongs to everyone, sexuality and the colour of people’s skin and being fed the disease of religion and politics, the deflectors of evolution we aren’t in space like we’re supposed to be by now.

We are the biggest threat to our planet right now.

We are the parasite killing the planet. She absorbs what we throw at her.

Now she’s dying like all the other planets did.

Everything will go backwards soon and it will get sucked backwards into the black hole.

The decider of fate’s.

That’s why the other planets are now just balls of gas or can’t sustain life.

Anything in them with suffer the same fate.

If you think of earth’s core. Its just a dead sun.

All the things that hit that dead sun when it was sneezed out of the big bang is the stuff that hit earth to become sedimentary rocks, dust, dirt, sand, oil, water etc…..over time the balance of migratory collisions created what we are now.

It created air, water, earth, and fire.

All the things essential to maintain and sustain life.

Just like the human body has the soul, bone, flesh, muscle, veins, arrieries, skin, organs etc….just contained within the universe that is the human.

Saturn, Mercury, Mars etc….are the organs of something else contained within its own universe.

The Black hole and worn hole are the decider of fate’s.

Are you reborn to something better at the other side or made to start again to self correct?

Everything is based on the deciding factor of every individual atom contained within a bigger atom waiting for you to decide your and it’s fate.

In less than a million years we will be the last planet in our solar system sucked backwards into the black hole.

Unless we advance.

And while we have people fighting for the right to have sexual intercourse with the most purest innocent gift our evolution has we don’t stand a chance in hell.

Anyone who thinks having sex with a baby, toddler or child is a sexual preference or judging someone on their skin colour is (especially in the name of religion, political or scientific belief) is the lower evolved of us all and they’re the ones getting heard the loudest.

They are the cancer killing us off quicker than anything else.

The balance to selfless is selfish.

Putting the needs of the few infront of the needs of the many is the biggest mistake we are making right now.

So be warned.

What you choose to be now has a direct result on who we become next.

And fucked if I’m going down like that.

What You Need To Know About Depression (A Free Post As A Gift To You)

In light of my recent Psychiclogical theory about mental illness I just want to say this to anyone suffering from it.

I am doing this one for free in the hope someone reading it gets a clue.

To All,

Your depression isn’t because there is something wrong with you.

Its because you reflect what you absorb and your being told who your around is no longer serving a beneficial purpose to you.

If your around people who are unhappy, stressed out, has hidden anxieties, or life situations going on causing them emotional or psychological turmoil as intuitive animals we pick it up.

Sympathy on an intuitive level is what it is.

But we don’t know why we’re so down and depressed all the time.

Its because depression drains the battery. That’s why your seratonin levels drop.

Because seratonin is essential to healthy Psychic function. Psychologically HAS to be incorporated into the word psychic.

Psy is the mind.

But you allow your battery levels to deplete the more your around it and it begins to drag us down and pull us back.

Like salt near a slug.

Two organic objects when used together has a negative reaction.

When you have depression who your around matters and needs to be evaluated and assessed.

Then you need to find an outlet to it.

If your an Empath as well it is the reason your suicidal.

You don’t absorb the pain, you become the pain in every corner of your existence and you don’t know how to stop it

You LIVE the depression.

You can beat depression and learn to cope with the Empath days simply and easily yet no-one wants to do it.

Dump the baggage or have an outlet if you can’t because it’s at school or work or home where your absorbing it from.

Get rid of anyone who knocks you down.

If they are negative or angry, being a bully or mean, judgmental or aggressive, even mousey and subdued, and introspective soul who wallows in self pity or is hiding secrets they are afraid to release……you absorb that like a sponge because on a baser level your instinctual because your still an animal.

When we can’t figure out the source of the pain…….it’s because you’ve taken on someone else’s garbage.

Event based depression is completely different but for the rest it’s the psychological absorption of other people’s energy.

We now live in a society where everyone is depressed so everyone is absorbing everyone.

Really an Empath is just a higher level Intuitive. The Empathic Pathwalkers are the rare ones. Empathic Pathwalkers don’t hide and that’s why it’s so hard.

We force ourselves out of the shadows even though it’s psychological torture but we do it for the cause.

Empaths will hide as much as they can. Isolate themselves.


How to combat it?

Get rid of the people who don’t uplift you.

If someone is around you who makes you think anything other than “Yaaaaaaay” or “Oooh no here is my side kick let the trouble begin”

Then they serve you no positive purpose.

When you are around someone who is uplifting and positive even if they’re having a bad time themselves, they are always still people you want to be around and in fact you become sympathetic to them because you care so your problems don’t matter all of a sudden because they need your sympathy.

That’s Empathy. That’s you seeing and knowing their pain and putting yourself aside to help support them emotionally.

And if your an actual Empath showing empathy there is nothing more uplifting.

Everyone has a level of empathy in them.

Its pretty much the higher end of being instinctual or intuitive but an actual Empath at the high end will get so uplifted from the experience it ceases all depressive symptoms for a while.

Showing compassion, love, sympathy or empathy increases seratonin.

An Empathic Pathwalker feeds off it. That’s the difference. We create the positive energy to be around because to not help almost kills us.

The need to be like the white blood cell and deflect the negative that surrounds us and uplift all that embrace us to push the universe that contains us forward is a need AND a must.

An Empath who doesn’t understand why they have depression and can’t find a way out of it ends up either killing themselves or going on medication or acting out in negative ways. But either or, it’s not good

They don’t usually get past 65 and if your not yet 65 and have any illness or disease you shouldn’t have like diabetes, autoimmune disease, sensory or orthopaedic illnesses, digestive or reproductive issues then you’ve turned the depression inward.

Meaning your mind can no longer cope so now it’s killing off your healthy cells and your body is slowing rotting on a genetic level and before long the battery is drained and dies.

The truth is we should all be like teenagers in our 60s. 60 will one day be the teenage years we will live to 120 no problem.

Even though 1000 is already possible.

But I mean those of us that are alive right now over 30.

This is why elderly people work in charity shops and do charities.

It stops the depression from loneliness and such.

They are always so uplifting and happy. Its because they’re supporting and being supported.

This is why in the new world the elderly will be the ones to do all the public servant jobs.

When your MEANT to be around someone you can’t stop yourself. Even their down days are never an issue because your drawn to them like a magnet and their issues and never yours.

You can help them, support them or just let them get it out by listening, your sitting there thinking “I’m so happy they came to me with this because it means they trust me”.


Then you have a soul mate. Your friends of the soul.

Magnetism. Animal Magnetism.

Like attracts like.

Sometimes you’ll get drawn to each other and then there is a demagnetisation and that’s ok too. Its the shedding of unnecessary weight.

I do castings to demagnetise regularly.

It highlights the positive and negative ions in my atomic orbit I guess you could say.

It needs to be done. Because now it’s a pandemic on this globe and even our plants and animals are getting depression.

That means the planet is dying too and that’s us no more

We will become so far the back end of the comet we cease to support life and our beautiful girl will turn to space dust and have to go down the black hole to get spat back out to start again.

Those voices in your head need to be sorted into files.

When it’s the dead there is a phyiscal reaction ALWAYS. Nausea, goosebumps, headaches, that sort of thing.

When it’s voices of doubt, logic and reason, concern, regret second guesses etc….it’s the voices of your past.

YOUR past. Past life you trying to guide you to make intuitive decisions.

When the voices are telling you to do things that goes against what is normal for you or tries to tempt your fate. That devil on your shoulder so to speak. That is also you. Your demons. The things in you that you manifest when your angry and stressed out or depressed.

But they are like the left brain ESSENTIAL to the daily running and overall maintenance of you and who you are.

The Tempters are there to test your faith, test your balance. It pushes us to learn to ALWAYS make the right decision.

Until we learn to live without the need for either and just be pure raw empathic Intuitives we have to learn how to find the balance.

And we do that by finding our thing.

We all have that thing we do that makes us so relaxed and at one with yourself.

Your Zen zone.

For me it’s writing while I listen to music or going to my trees.

Trees are huge for me. They give me therapy. We talk and they give me advice.

Trees were people at one point so…… everything living was a person at one point. That’s what Natural Telepathy is. Its reading the genetic memory of the atoms of EVERYTHING.

We all started as space dust. We all were that one cell at one point.

Its all conscious. We’re the genetic memory of everything that came from that one cell that got a clue and became the smartest thing on earth.

That cell is still smarter than most people on this planet with actual jobs and responsibilities.

Empaths are part of the white blood cell too. Intuitives, Sensitives etc….we are just different parts of the same atom. Magnetism, gravity, balance, momentum, time etc……

And there is a little company called Cern trying to find a way to crush those atoms to cease life in its entirety.

But they don’t realise only evolution can do that.

Some elements of an atom can’t be controlled. You can break down time but it will always exist.

You can slow down gravity but it will always exist.

If this planet explodes into oblivion it will always exist as particles, comets, meteors, falling stars etc…..that’s what they are after all.

The body parts of the ones that devolved.

Self decides the fate of self.

Its evolution. Self with do what self is drawn to do be it human or genetic, organic or conscious.

Fate’s can’t be controlled only developed.

And we must decide our fate now more than ever because never have truer words been spoken when they said “Where we go one we go all”.

120yrs left if we don’t start taking responsibility for what we allowed to break and it starts with self.

So dump the toxic friend, get out of the negative situation your in, avoid the people who drag you down at all costs and if you can’t find your Zen Zone.

Smoke weed, pick up a pen and write. Listen to music through headphones. I highly recommend it. Not on your stereogram.

Garden, paint, cook, cycle, whatever it is you do that takes you off to your happy calm place.

We all have it something.

I clean when I’m stressed or angry. I clean like billyo.

If I need to talk to someone to get help or guidance I go to my trees and walk or sit among them and have a chat. I talk to them like we’re in a cafe lol I don’t even care if it makes me look nuts. I’m there because I need it not because I want to look cool and save face in public.

If I’ve gone to trees to talk you know it’s big and needs to be done.

Its always because of something I’m grappling with on an ethical, professional or personal level.

They always know what to say.

When I bake I’m content and happy.

But writing helps me think.

You owe it to yourself to get all that sullys your soul out because the survival of not just you but everything else around you is dependent on it.

It starts with you. Your choice, your decision decides the fate of everyone else.

The same goes to everyone else on this planet. What they decide for themselves decides your fate too.


I know this because I’m the first of my kind.

There is no-one alive who is me with my gift.

Theresa Caputo ain’t doin neigh fuckin physics with her gift I can promise you that.

John Edwards isn’t coming up with theories on the psychology of death.

I’m the cell that got a conscience.

My brain hit the right vibration that started my getting of that clue.

And that’s why I’m doing this article here and not on my Patreon where everyone else pays for them.

Because I’m giving you this information so you can stop blaming everything on my dead and get a clue.

It starts with YOU. It always starts with you.

You decide what happens next. If you appear to be the cunt because you told your friend “if they talk one more time about their boyfriend/boss/Dad one more time I’m gonna stab my own brain out with a leaf but that’s how much you just can’t do it anymore your prepared to suffer a slow painfully annoying death just to avoid the conversation with them” then so be it.

If they are your friend can’t see your side then they aren’t friends. Its called friendship. Its two way, it’s supportive and understanding even in times of darkness.

But if the people your with are making you feel this way they aren’t supportive they’re destructive.

If they’re true then it can be dealt with diplomatically but people do push you to that edge.

I tolerate a lot before I snap. Or I did . I don’t now because I don’t tolerate anyone around me who are no longer positive for me to be around.

People are toxic. I was becoming toxic too.

I just had the detox of my entire life last week and I feel like I’m floating on air.

I feel incredible. Like I’m in a hot air balloon but without the height, tears and stroke that would follow the second the basket left the ground.

But I’m the balloon and I know I’m never running out of air or beautiful things to see.

Sure I’m gonna see roadkill, death and disaster but it’s only a small fraction of what I get to see if I soar high enough because I know with me the sky isn’t the limit because I also now live amongst the stars too.

I’m the hotair balloon that got a conscience after all.

If you have negative voices that haven’t been with you for life (like the voices that sat your fat, dumb, ugly, useless, weak or whatever……..) they’re the voice of someone your picking up on that your believing to be your own.

But who’s? If they’re time based there is a phyiscal reaction remember. Connecting with time has a phyiscal reaction. When it connects the mind, body and soul it’s your gift doing it.

If it’s someone around you from childhood or now it’s psychological and it shuts out the consciousness but affects the mind and body.

That’s why you feel so lost and can’t figure anything out. Your confused and discombobulated. Your consciousness is your compass and when your around people negative to you they pull down on your compass distracting you away from North.

And it’s you that suffers most.

So you don’t honour yourself when you allow it to happen.

Its better to have no friends than have friends that don’t validate you in the measure you do them.

If it’s work, then when your not at work do what makes you feel good so you look forward to it when you get out.

But I did this article to help as many people as I can.

The vampire can only suck your blood if you don’t protect your neck.

Live for others, you make them happy.

Live yourself for you, you make you happy.

You get one shot at being you. Get it wrong be the back end of a comet.

Get it right be at the front end of the sneeze and be a cell that gets a clue.

Expand the universe contained within atoms by expanding the atoms within yourself.

And that’s the only way it can be fixed.

Healthy mind, healthy, body, healthy soul, ever expanding Universe.

And consciousness expands our universe nothing else.

And the only thing that controls an atom is each individual consciousness contained within it working together to balance it all out. Anything that goes wrong gets recycled and made to start again.

Regeneration of the cells I guess you could say, reincarnation of organic matter and it just does that over and over until it gets the balance just right to tip itself over to become something other than what it just was.

That’s what it looks like visually in my head when I look at it anyway.

So anyway here is the original article.

So you see………ghost hunters, psychics and mediums……..they’re cave men. Its ancient, dark ages in belief and practice to me now.

I’m actually a bit embarrassed for anyone who says it’s messages from the dead now.

The dead do talk to you but the dead have been reborn already. Its the consciousness of them you talk to.

They come to you anytime they want by pulling you to their time line when they sleep or are in their higher state, or in right brain state.

You connect in memory. That’s why making memories are so important.

Then you have something to meet up in when you both dream or connect to higher self.

If you’ve ever randomly just drifted off into deep thought it’s because your probably appearing as someone’s loved one in a reading as their husband or child.

Death isn’t real. Only the body dues. It has to, it broke down too much to repair but any atom that recycles gets to start again. Its only when it all breaks down it ceases to exist but there is ALWAYS a trace of something somewhere.

Its called DNA

Its one of the elements that make up the atom to determine the fate of something.

Inbreeding and interference are what make DNA unbalanced.

The consciousness of self decides the fate of everything.

Its all down to self.

To thine own self be true

Then you save us all.

(I really want to give talks now lol)

To My Muse:

Thank you for inspiring me to do this. Now we both help people because of your sponge being full.

Thanks also for making me the normal one of the pair lol

Always here my Libra Girl.



There is only one who instinctively knows the truth of death, time, empathy and love in its purity.

What we teach them matters. If we get it wrong they become the dark voices in someone else’s head as well as their own.

So just think…when you hear a voice in your head it could very well be the thought of someone who could now be thinking “It’s 1637….what the hell is this voice in my head telling me to download a new song on Spotify?”

Makes ya think twice about who psychics and mediums think they’re actually connecting to now aye?

Its Psychic Lology lol

Technically the paranormal world is a misinterpretation of the affects of the psychic world and all the abilities contained within its Science and therefore does not exist in actuality.

Gluten Allergy: What The Voices In My Head Said To Do Works

If like me you have a gluten allergy it’s the worst feeling.

You get migraines, bloated painful stomach, gas, diarrhea, and for me I break out in painful skin pimples on my face that burn and fill with crystal like heads, your exhausted and your body aches like the flu just from eating something with gluten in.

Could be something as simple as tomato sauce puts you down for a few days.

Well……..I appear to have sorted that problem by taking a antihistamine and a big spoonful of coconut oil after I know I’ve accidentally eaten gluten and I never get the allergy attack.

I tried it a few times and the effects are either barely noticeable or non existent.

I’m still checking it out though. But I found it very interesting.

The coconut oil I think must protect my gut that the gluten tries to inflame.

And the antihistamine stops the symptoms.

Try it. See what you think.

I’m chuffed. I’m on a Paleo diet. I’m barely on 1000 calories a day (but it’s not big deal if I go over).

But I listened to the voices in my head and they appear to have sorted the allergy effects of the reaction.

The coconut oil gets rid of the halcibactor pylori virus too.

One of my former students put me on to that and it got rid of it.

Sugar is what causes that bacteria in your gut.

I don’t care what science says.

They say bad dental hygiene might be linked but it is sugar.

And coconut oil cures it.

Why do you think they’re trying to sell disinformation about coconut oil?

Because it’s a miracle cure all.

Everytime I have sugar my gut goes again and I’m getting sulphar burps and bubbling gas in my digestive system.

Take the coconut oil and the symptoms go away after a couple of days if it’s bad but a mild attack goes after two big mouthfuls.

Just saying…… you now.

Avoid sugar and gluten.

They’re the devil.

Um…..So Schizophrenics? Don’t Hear Voices. They Hear Time

They’re Hyper Telepaths.

Super Sensitives who can’t different between the voices of the past, present or future.

When you hear voices in your head chances are your hearing the voice of someone in a mental health facility or someone from the past telling you to kill yourself because that’s they were thinking when they picked up on each other.

Anyone who has hallucinations aren’t seeing random things, they’re seeing time. Memories are time travel episodes.

We connect to the dead through time using Telepathy.

The level of ability depends on the diagnosis of mental illness.

Bi Polar I call Empathic.

ADHD/Autistic I call Genius.

Manic Depressive Empathic Pathwalker.

Seasonal Behaviour Disorder even is Empath.


I always thought they came to us but they don’t, they bring us to them or people like me go to them.

That clicking and flashes of light aren’t them manifesting by breaking time like I thought.

Its them and us working together to break time so we can go to them. They are time. In it, the essence of time are those that made it.

The atoms of time are those who made its history. Everything that has ever lived is in time.

We join them and we connect to the consciousness of them and they us therefore stepping outside of time.

Like two telephones connected by a phone wire on different planets but telepathically.

When we harness that energy it’s Telekinesis.

Get the balance right you can bring time closer to you by manifesting your own reality or slow it down and be unhappy.

When the voices in your head are coming from the voices of the past, present and future and they’re as equally unhappy. And being empathic they reflect what they absorb so you get called Schizophrenic.

There are good voices and bad voices and some of those voices are yours. Baggage you carry from your past, some are time. The dead are time.

There is a vast difference between the voices of the dead and the voices of the mind and it’s physical.

When you connect with the dead in time there is a physical reaction. A tangible, measurable reaction.

The nausea, goosebumps, headaches, sleeping, feeling cobwebs on your face, hearing clicks, flashes of light, seeing things out of the corner of your eye etc…..all physical.

But when it’s a psychic connection with a hyper telepathic Empath it’s all in the mind and emotion.

They just don’t know how to tell the difference.

And this is why the teenage years are so crucial to get right as a society.

If you look at our lives as the cycle of a butterfly.

The baby stage is the larvae stage.

The caterpillar stage is childhood.

The Butterfly the adult years.

The cocoon is the teenage years.

The butterfly is the only thing we have that changes itself on a molecular level to break itself down to become something else completely different in molecular structure.

The caterpillar literally breaks itself down on a generic level to become something entirely different to be reborn into something unrecognisable to its former self.

Children are innocent and pure because they’re Spirits.

They have the innocence and virtue of pure innocence.

By the time puberty hits everything about them begins to change.

Hormonally, emotionally, mentally, sexually, educationally, economically, theologically, politically, artistically, psychologically, socially, EVERYTHING about a teenager changes.

Even the chemicals in their brains down.

Their fate’s are decided in the teenage years. They’re at their most impressionable, most easily influenced. Its called peer pressure. Because they have all these changes going on it makes them super psychically active.

If we get it wrong with them, we great moths that live in the dark milk mg themselves to chase the light.

Even a moth dies to find the light.

It consumes things not good for them and are scary to most people if they get too close, especially in the dark outside.

That’s when they tune in to the voices around them. Unable to channel or control the Empath and Telepathic ability in themselves while being bullied or pressured to have sex or being beaten up at home or parents divorcing or Mum died or whatever…..and BOOM out come the voices.

Because all that thinking and figuring out tunes them in like radios.

Children’s imaginary friends are a prime example of this.

Kids playing with invisible friends are just kids playing with kids from a different time.

Occasionally it can be a trapped energy but a trapped energy doesn’t always have to be the soul of a dead person.

There is a huge difference.

Its observing the physical.

There is a Science to this.

A psychic psychology if you will.

Psychic being the Science not the ability.

Gifts of the mind.

As I keep saying.

The psychology of the person makes the difference between whether it’s called a gift or a mental illness.

I’m telling you.

I observe.

When it comes to balancing the mind.

I understand it. Balance the mind, balance the body, balance the soul, evolve.

Get the balance wrong and you have mental illness.

I could write a book about it I swear lol

I’ve lived it. I understand it on every level.

I can help so many people.

I’d love to go to schools and give talks to the highschools.

Encourage your children and teenagers to be whoevee they want to be and not what you expect them to be and suicides and mental illness rates will drop.

Its all in genetic memory. Some people are just wired to tap into genetic memory easier.

Empaths can be Empathic Pathwalkers with the right guidance so the EP can become White Light then Light. The stage between Pathwalker and Light is the White Light stage. Where the teacher comes in.

They break down the Pathwalker and shows them the light from a whole greater perspective.

The Teacher/Mentor/Guide is the cocoon.

Only one of the light can teach it. That’s why it’s the highest state of evolutionary ability because it’s the ability to see the light and master how to get in it.

There is a Science to this a teacher understands. It is a learning few can ever undertake because very few people have the want to come out a butterfly once society has told them to watch movies and but crap.

I totally get it now. I totally have just realised why an Empath and saving them by teaching them death/ time is by tuning into it.

This is how evolution started. Something grew a consciousness. Cells broke down and divided itself when water hit and air blew and the sun shine the right way.

Other Empaths helped it to grow and inspired it to evolve.


Everything organic is conscious. Atoms carry the genes of all memory within itself.

Genetic memory is imperative to the manipulation of time and understanding it.

Telepathy is the ability to do that. Telekinesis makes it happen on a physical level.

Give that to a Hyper Telepath the right way and you have Edgar Allan Poe, Michaelangelo, Van Gogh, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Mathematicians, Scientists, Engineers, Creators, Inspirers, builders of industry that evolve and advance us.

Can’t have that now can we?

I can’t wait to open my school.

I’m gonna balance the shit out of these kids and students.

I totally get it now.

My gift. How and Why.

Now I just need to teach it and help people.

I love my life so much