Coming to America: Let’s Do This

Okay so you know I’m coming over next month and I know so many people have been asking to meet up and sadly I just can’t fit them ALL in BUT how about this?
I’m going to be coming over ever few weeks as of next year to do group readings for folk on the East Coast and places like Virginia and Carolina etc….
It’s less than 8 hours to get there from the UK by plane and only a couple of hundred quid.
If I can book more than 6 folk and fit them in over a weekend or week if you have tons of friends I’ll fly to you. I’ll even come over month on month off if needs be.
The only thing is, I won’t be doing group readings like you see on TV where we all sit in a room and I swan in, say some stuff then leave.
For your money I want to always give you the full one hour one on one.
They will be private sessions. I do NOT read for people in front of others because I know how much people suffer in silence with their pain and fears and I don’t think it is something others need to know about.
People have real pain and real problems and I will only want private time.
I will stay in a Hotel and I’ll have a driver so you don’t need to worry about anything other than making sure I get to have a nice chair and tea, water or coffee waiting.

It has also been suggested I do meet and greets which I would LOVE to do. I would love to hold little classes and talks as well. I will hire out a conference hall or something.
But if while I’m there you know anyone who needs help being crossed over or houses that need cleansing or dark shit needing a butt kicking I would be happy to do all of this free of charge while I’m there.

I’m done hiding now. I have too many people who need me and this way we both help each other.
My visa relies on me having the work to support myself and my boys and I will work as hard as I need to for you and for my visa.
I know I’m am immigrant but we have been immigrating since the first big bang and my bit of rock is hurtling towards the one place I feel I belong.
I can’t explain it. It hurts for me not to be there helping those souls I feel need me. I am not saying this because I feel no one there can help but no one there does what I do. I am one of a kind and good or bad I know death better than any living person.
I can help you set your compass straight and I can help ease your pain. I can set you free Spiritually. I feel you call me every day and I can’t stop myself.
I’m coming for you and I’ll cross you all over as I meet you I promise. My bell will be my greatest weapon/tool.
I’m going to document all my experiences and put them on YouTube now I’ve lost enough weight to not need two channels just for my bum HA!!!!
But if you help me, I’ll help you and together we can help the living.
I’m giving you permission to start bringing them to me.
I’m ready.
Bring it on.

Love always
Your Humble Servant

Absorbing the pain

In the last 3 weeks I have been going through unknown murder cases for my students to try to pick up on.
When I was a teenager and young adult it is what I used to do. Death has always fascinated me. ALWAYS. I’m a Scorpio so I rule it, and the Occult but my Dad the Aries was the same. His book case was full of murder cases and books about Serial Killers etc….one of my favourite books was The FBI’s Handbook of Death. It documents all the ways people can die. It was like an A-Z of death.
The Medical Detectives TV show, I was obsessed with.
I would record them and sit and solve the murders. So this is what I’m doing with my students.
I am Empathic and connected to death on every level being of the Light.
I AM The Queen of Death. No one understands death better than me and I stand by that claim.
I’ve experienced every type of way to die from being what I am and seeing these deaths in books and TV shows etc….(as long as it is factual and not fictional death).
Drug overdoses, throat cut, falling, hanging, shot, stabbed, hit by cars, trains, plane crashes, beheading, poisoned, beaten, gassed, electrocuted, choking, buried alive, burned alive, choking, strangled, starvation, cancer, head caved in, blown up, infection, fever, heart attack, aneurysm, honestly, I’ve felt them all.
I’ve seen sights that would turn the stomach of even a seasoned Popo.
But a child’s death is the one thing I find the hardest to cope with and sadly in the last couple of weeks it’s all I’ve been dealing with.
As a Mother myself these parents who come to me for reassurance and love are the TRUE heroes of this world. To me it is the biggest sacrifice a soul can make, to give a child back to the Universe and I NEVER want to know that pain. I have lost babies and it was bad enough but even with my knowledge, to bury one of my Lights would do me in.
I watched my parents do it and I watch the both of them slowly decline and then both die 7 and 14 years after my sister died. (They all died within 7 years of each other.

As an Empath and person of the Light (meaning I can step into the light by stepping out of time) I absorb everything I see and feel. My students are now reacting the same way with me.
We have a kind of symbiotic relationship now where if I’m feeling something they feel it too.
It’s incredible the way all 10 of them can tune in to my and each others emotions and feelings even from different countries.
While the majority of them are in the US, I have 2 in the UK, 1 in Holland, 1 Kiwi, (well two but I’m Teach), Romania and the rest the US.
All super Telepathic and able to tap in to me.
It’s fascinating to watch.
But these last few weeks even they don’t know what I’ve been dealing with because as their Teacher and Protector of their Universe (until they get their own) I have to maintain a standard of professionalism.
So they will read this and know why I’ve been so quiet.
2 weeks ago I helped a Mum who’s ex husband killed their three gorgeous children, 3, nearly 6 (he was emphatic he was nearly 6 not 5 like a baby) and 9 years old. Murder suicide.
Also an 8yr old boy who hung himself because he feared school.
And a little precious girl who died of stomach cancer.
I’ve also had to trawl through murder cases for case studies to test my students Telepathic connection to Spirit and I’ve absorbed it like a sponge and I’m fucking knackered.

Death isn’t easy at the best of times but there is something just not right about the death of an Innocent.
It’s because they’re the very epitome of life and hope and the very essence of who we are. They are the direct result of thousands of years of ancestry and evolution and when it is removed it’s like the essence of you is destroyed.
That’s how it feels to me. It’s so painful there are no real words to describe the pain and for me thankfully it’s not as real like it is to the parents.
This is why I NEVER charge a grieving parent. I couldn’t in all good consciousness take money from a parent who lost a child.

But the one thing I have had throughout every experience I’ve had with these little Lights of Love is they are all so happy and wise in Spirit.
This is how I know child Spirits are the ones who evolve to the light the instant they die.
Because only the wisest Souls choose they hardest journey.
So to anyone reading this who has lost a child, firstly let me say my love and admiration for your strength and survival ability in my eyes makes you the strongest of us all. I simply can not put into words the respect I have for you.
You have chosen a tough journey to forge and one I never want to follow in the footsteps of.
But I also want to say this. You can all hold your heads up high and be proud of the fact that while you made the ultimate sacrifice you did it not knowing your children were going to evolve into pure light.
There is no one (other than the disabled) on this earth that goes to the light quicker.
Their journey while short leaves the biggest trail and you got to walk them to the light. They now represent you and your ancestry in the light and it is perfection there (in the light).
They want for nothing and have access to all knowledge and all time.
This journey you chose with them while painful, leaves the BIGGEST mark on this Universe of ours and I want to personally Thank you for your sacrifice so people like me could learn.
I honor your babies memory and your heroic strength. I never forget them even after all these years, I’ve never forgotten one single child Spirit yet barely remember my own sister. That’s the impact their light has.

I now need a couple of days to cry and get this emotion out because it’s been hard.
My boy is about to turn 8 so that one hit me hard.
I love what I do more than anything in this world. I have the best job in the world.
But even for the Queen of the Dead, it’s a loss felt hard even for me.

I salute you with my hand on your heart.

Love and Light always
Mama Bear

Why we choose to die:

I know this post going to be controversial but I only write what I know to be truth.
As you all know I’ve been on quite the journey of self discovery this year. Everything I test myself to do this year I have done.
I successfully completed all my tasks bar one (retire the ex) but that for me and my life it is mission accomplished for this year. Next year I’ve set my goals even higher as it involves me building my life and career in the US to be with my beloved and my American family. (which is all of you who need the kind of love and help I provide).
So in these lessons I’ve learned about the physics of the Universe, the cause of the Big Bang, the Cosmological Constant, balance, time, gravity, magnetism, etc….and it’s correlation to our evolution, existence and purpose as told to me by the dead.
All done through weed and music lol

Anyway on one of my many occasions where I was asking a thousand billion questions I was told the reason why we are the only race in our galaxy who chose to die still.
The others out there have lived for millions of years, evolved beyond the need for vocal chords, physical form, etc….what we see is how they chose to show themselves to us as our primitive brains are still very visually.
When you evolve past the need to die you get to travel through time and space and to the light where all time exists. So death doesn’t exist.

The reason we do it is to fold.

1) In order to obtain optimum Spiritual light we must suffer the human experience.
Life is death, death IS life. This entire Universe is based on evolution and balance, time, magnetism etc….we are in actual fact one of the lower forms of existence basically. We are just three devolution’s away from being Dark Side Spirits and it’s up to us to find the balance so when we die we can evolve.
Without evolution nothing and I mean NOTHING progresses. We are relying on a delicate balance to make sure we all get it right so we can all climb up that ladder of evolution together.
Unfortunately for our brethren up there because they don’t die, and they are pretty much perfect in every light they no longer have that experience of life and the suffering that comes from death.
When they hurt they heal.
They have no fear because there is nothing more powerful than them, their power and technology.
Each race striving to advance and perfect their connection to the light.
Spirits in essence are recycled over and over until they get in just right and I know in cases of murder victims and victims of war, babies, kids, mentally ill or disabled, those who suffered crippling addiction, homeless, etc…those who have suffered great pain and loss in their lives evolve. The harder the life, the higher you evolve.
Because there is no greater fear on this earth than death.
To over come that fear is monumental for an evolving Spirit, so some chose lives that are short and or have great impact to themselves and those around them in order to gain the optimum human experience.

Maurice Maeterlinck said ‘The dead are the living on holiday’ and he was spot on.
When we go on holiday we like to ski, ride, swim, shop, eat, sleep, shag, drink, dance, laugh, love etc…..right?
Well it’s the same for a Spirit.
I have actually heard of loved ones who when they passed over never came back again. They evolved to such a high status in the light, they forfeited the need for human form or life again. Thus giving their suits or vessels to a new soul.
As even energy takes up space if its in large enough quantities lol
We are all responsible for each other which is why our friends up there check in on us all the time.
And NOT looking like greys and blues and giant 7 feet humans. We are the only race who needed to evolve skin and hair and shyte like that. Some of them don’t even have eyes but are incredible navigators.
There is only one bad one and they live in fear every day. We need to help them to be honest. They did bad things out of desperation.
But fundamentally they want life and it is evading them. The irony of life, they kill to live lol silly buggers.
But if we help each other we get

2) Full control of all time and space. Having that kind of control i ones evolution is key to our existence as we are ALL here for the Learning experience. To see how far as can go basically. See how far we can push ourselves to see what is beyond it all.
Evolution, creates, on every level.
We know that we create it every day, every day our Universe expands, when we create and evolve. But if we get the balance wrong our Solar system gets caught in a recycling process and planets get destroyed. I know we are missing about 50 in total, 7 just in our Solar System.
The big gap in space, is where the big bang happened and we are the result of what was pushed out from it after it was created. So I’ve been told.
Like when you detonate a landmine. It leaves a crater? Understand what I mean?
But because the Universe is all based on balance, it works the other way as well. When we get it right we create new worlds in other galaxies and they’re so much nicer than ours lol.

We have fucked this up so much we are that department store in every small town that can no longer survive and it’s shelves are empty and they can’t afford to have all the lights on and it runs on a skeleton staff and it’s heart breaking to watch because in it’s day it was the hub of the town. It took care of everyone in the town and everyone is devastated to see it’s demise.
Well earth is like that department store. We have fucked it up. It’s going to close it’s doors one day and if we don’t prepare for that or try to fix it, we will all suffer for it. No one wants to have to drive miles and miles to Walmart when they could have what they need right here.
However, the stores demise all depends on how the towns folk chose to deal with it. They can save it and rebuild it or walk away and let it die out.
The trouble is when if we let earth die out, it tips the balance and our solar system goes the wrong way and gets recycled and we all have to start again.
So we are going through various stages of evolution in order to get off and safe this planet also. For the greater good of humanity and the Universe and all that gets created in herm (joint energy masculine, feminine not one of tuther. I created the word Herm to describe it lol).

But when we have access to this light we have total power and control over time and space. We can go back and forth to the past, present and future of any living being on any form of existence.
Omnipresence is what it is.

So death isn’t something we need to fear in the light, but until we re i the light, death is all part of the necessary steps required to evolve.
It takes a selfless soul of light to chose to die as a child or by way of murder etc…..honestly, only a being with total understanding of it all would chose such a life to live.
The lessons aren’t just theirs though. There are always lessons to be learned from anyone surrounded by or connected to just pain.
But death is only hard on the living. For the death it is an adventure. An experience. A right of passage we all agree to take part in before we come down to live.
If you lost someone, you chose to have this journey with them however short the path.
These are things we decide and agree to even while we sleep (for those yet to woven (born) into our journeys fabric).

I believe one day, (until we are immortal which won’t happen while we still live by banks and government, money and fear etc…we are fucked.
However it is starting to change. We are about to tip the balance in favour of evolving). We will celebrate death.
We won’t mourn but celebrate the journey that loved on now gets to be a part of because what if, just what if, they got to make it to the light where they now get to live forever?
Once we are able to look past those fuckin Kardashians and all the distractions we allow ourselves to get caught up in, we will be able to join them in thought and memory (actual visual memory like I can now do at will) and never be parted when while we are still living in this life on this planet and they aren’t.
Who wouldn’t want that until we are all together riding the same thread of light?

But it’s up to all of us. No segregation, no hate, no labels, no dominance. Just doing what you love and loving what you do does all you need to kick start your true light.

We choose to die and we choose when we die and how.
My Dad died of heart disease. He could of not smoked or drank and eat crap the way he did. Even though his organs were healthy and that of a man half his age his heart was fucked. It was his choice.
My sister chose to die of skin cancer, she went in the sun, when she was told at the age of 14 not to.
My Mum chose to die of cancer because she didn’t have her check up the first time she felt off. Had she of answered the doctors letters to get checked up she would still be here not having died at 65 from Ovarian Cancer.
Suicides choose to pull the trigger, jump, swallow, etc…..even murder victims choose to open doors, hop in cars, follow their killer etc…..but this while it seems harsh, is ALL true.
We control every aspect of our loves including when we die. I used to think we didn’t but I was wrong, so wrong.
With the exception of the innocent ones (babies, children etc…) it’s all up to us, but all of our fate is decided before we are even born. But there is a domino effect that begins once we take our first breathe into life.
My family would all still be here. If only……however, this is nothing to be sad about. That was their journey and they willingly chose to participate in it with us.
We are all actors playing specific roles in each others plays.
Except in the future, the final scene gets standing ovations not boos and hisses.

It’s that simple🙂

Readings in New England

So I’ve been thinking, what if I flew over to the East Coast once every couple of weeks for a long weekend or come for a month at a time and did readings out of a Hotel room?
I could go between Ne England and New York. Visit my man, get a feel for where I like and set myself and my boys up once I found a place I liked.
It’s more than likely gonna be Mass or upstate NY.
But it means I meet the requirement for a visa which is to have the funds not to need Government assistance.
I would charge $100 (on my life I will never charge more) for a 1 hour sitting, or session.
I’d need to employ an assistant though. But it is totally doable.
But would there be enough interest to warrant doing it?
My travel visa I have now lasts 2 years. I can come and go as I please for 2 years. So…………………………….who thinks it’s a good idea?
I’m doing some readings while I’m there in November, sessions and even crossing Spirits over too. I can’t wait. I’m so excited.
I really want to do this. There are Souls that need me, living and dead. I can’t explain it. it’s impossible to explain but it’s just how I feel.
My magnet is pulling me so hard now my feet are starting to lift off the ground.
I could possibly be the Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia areas too if I’m there for a month at a time. The East Coast is just so easy to get to from the UK.