My October Predictions/Spells/Synchronicities Notes For Nicki

It won’t make sense to anyone but Nicki and I but this is HUGE.

The dates prove my code is right. The time codes of Synchronicity is spot on. They to the day exactly one yr or 5 months etc….to the day or within 24hr time frame to the day.

Below is the article to this picture:

And if the last article doesn’t convince you check this out.
The synchronized symbols I’ve been getting that I have been talking about, such as:
4s, 7s, 44, KY (which to me means Scotland).
So the station where I’ll record my show is number 14, it’s band width is 14, I got the news on the 7th of the 7th 2017.
It’s in the Fox Valley with the river Fox running behind it. And all the place names around this station are Scottish in name.
Highland Ave, Douglas Rd, etc….my hair stood on end all day at the synchronicity revelations.

THEN: I had a time slip event last year right in front of my students who witnessed me walking around this street. I said there was a school close by that went by numbers.
The streets had E at the end like for example Bond St E etc…(an example only not fact).
I said the building was two storey, had a glass front window and surrounded by old Victorian industrial buildings. It was an up and coming area. My Scientist got me to walk around following the street where I described a bakery, café, jewellers, markets etc….there was a dish on top of the building I came out of but it was during the day and I couldn’t understand why I was there but I knew I was taking a break. I always assumed my show would be at night when I got one. But this was clearly afternoon. I could hear the kids in the school playing.

I have been saying to my ex for a over a month. I keep seeing myself walking out of a brick glass fronted building. Blue and white has been so prevalent for me too. Even my son and students talk about blue and white.

In this slip of time I have been having I am coning out of this building, it is two storey and brick. I said it’s familiar to me, I know it well but it’s not here I live but I’m there a lot and we are ALL comfortable being there.
I have my travel mug in my hand, my hand bag under my arm and my boys are ex are getting into a blue car, 4 doors.
It’s just starting to get cold, it’s got to be around end of September, beginning of October. Because I have this excitement in me to get home and celebrate Halloween feeling all the time.

If you saw this building where the station is, if you saw the town you would choke on your bagel.
The jewellers is next door to the station. The café and bakery are on the same block.
It’s identical to what I walked around and the school is indeed a number and a letter and a ton of the streets have E or S at the end.
How cool is that?

Below is the date of my largest spell that got rid of most of my students.

The talk I had with the moon was on the 6th December 2017

But the spell was cast on the

Now look at the Prince Andrew post and it’s date.

A reminder of my October warning

Its big for me because it proves me right that I can use the universe to get what I want by tuning in and using magnetism and stuff that do it further proving me right that if you cast correctly, if you read the code correctly etc….you manifest your reality and pull good things to you.

So if I’m right between now the 22nd Oct and 14th November my life changes forever and it’s over for the Paranormal world and the lies because I’ll be exactly where I need to be.

I can feel it building.

My tattoo is 4/14/16

The numbers are my code that are leading my path. This is me documenting it more than writing to anyone reading.

It’s my mental note.

I can feel it in my waters.

My show The Paranerd Show went out on the 18/8/18 18+8+18=44

And lookit for Riya the show started at 8pm, for Nicki 9pm for me 2am.

2 × 9 = 18

2× 44 = 88

18/8 8pm lol or is that just my brain?

By trying to figure out the code it brings you to your destiny.

I believe mine is saying October takes me to my husband and my life begins in America and next month 14th November ends my spells cycle taking it to 12 months like the one I did in December which took 10 to the day.

Again this won’t mean anything to anyone other than me and Nicki but this is pretty exciting.

Today is the 22nd.

It’s 13.22

My boys dream:

He said the birds

WordPress deleted some of my post mid type. Luckily I took pictures because I saw the numbers

I’m feckin on to something. Lol I really can see time and any student that gets the code I send them gets my gift.

I’m like a satellite, my gift the signal and they’re the stations playing on all my programs.

Something is coming. My life is about to change forever.

I know how it all works lol

I get it now.

It’s just maths I can understand because I can’t do maths lol

What do you think Nicki?

Just fox, horses, orange to go.

I don’t know where it’s leading to but it’s fascinating figuring it out.

I know the horses are definitely connected to the Grandmother tree location.

Possibly California way.

But it’s all a matter of figuring it out as you go. When you hit the right one the synchronicity stops for that code.

So 44 is still going and maybe it will stop once we’re together?

Quantum Magnetics posts. Same numbers

Comments Nicki?

Rene Descartes said “Cogito, ergo sum”

“I think therefore I am” I think I just proved him right in practice and in theory.

Nicki Teacher died on the 12h Oct I found out the 13th.

I’m an army brat so 16 to me is 4

I think because I’m not very smart I’m being taught the maths through code Nicki. The quantum magnetic code.

Training Session 6: How To Do A Reading

The girls have no sound for some reason BUT the readings they conducted were personal so I think it was meant to happen this way.

It doesn’t take away from the lesson though.

We had a internet cut at the end of the session. I apologise about that. I’m doing this on my phone thanks to 4G.

This training session is me teaching my seniors how to do a reading and how to conduct themselves accordingly.

The Children Are Gathering: Just Like I Said

When your right your right

The Pope: It All Comes Tumbling Down. Told You: The Children Don’t Lie

I’m REALLY on a roll today haha it’s like ……the Domino effect of what today? This is what happens when you figure shit out lol

Smug again lol

It’s all about the Children. They are the light.

See where this was all leading up to with the children I’ve been talking about?


And I get to be a part of it 🙂

How lucky am I?

Bitcoin Decline And Anger: I’m Allowed To Be Smug

Told Ya. Turns Out I’m REALLY good with money and knowing what to invest in which is ironic seeing as I’m poor as a church mouse lol

But see one thing I neglected to mention about Scorpio is we are the rulers of other people’s money and we’d sooner sacrifice ourselves than lose someone else’s money.


I’m gonna be smug now. I could of helped you save MILLIONS AND MILLIONS AND MILLIONS and ya all laughed at me.

You should of listened to me. I could of told you about the 3Ss. Now I’m smug which sits too good on a SCORPIO lol

Bitcoin? Ya mean Shitcoin? Lol