An Ode To My Wicces

With every releasing of dead weight you raise yourself above my standard.

Tiny mice cower in the strength of your mane.

Your character unworthy of those around you.

The Moon revealed the truth.

And just like that my life changed in an instant.

I salute you my gracious Princesses of Universal Power.

I bow to you, my Wicceman and I, for you have proven worthy of such graces.

If distance wasn’t the force keeping us apart I would lay at your feet in humble pose and revery.

Yet I know I’m not worthy to do so.

In short…. You bitches rock.

You changed my life and yesterday was the greatest release of my life.

I gained so much in letting go and found more in my career yesterday in so many ways more than I ever did last year in full and you know all the cool prizes I won last year. I know it was the final release yesterday.

We knew it was coming. And as you know it transformed my entire life.

Gone are the shackles of my past.

Gone….and I honestly felt the weight lift. It’s such an interesting feeling watching yourself free yourself of ties you knew needed to be cut a long time ago but I didn’t want to let anyone down.

There isn’t a single thing I would change about my life or my attempt to teach and write.

Now I’m doing something I enjoy because it’s nothing anyone like me has ever done, our dreams are syncing up, we’re seeing the same Spirits possible Council at the same time and my husband actually likes you and doesn’t stress out when we’re together.

You know your good people when he doesn’t try to interrupt our time together because he feels bad juju and is trying to protect me from it. Lol

And now your dream jumping with him and my kids who already call you Aunty and have never met any of you.

Your spider senses tingle every time you sense trouble near me and your never wrong.

It means we are One. If that’s the Council we all saw then it means it has been decided.

It’s why everything died yesterday. Because in its place a rebirth.

For a Scorpio it is called The 7th Stage.

The Phoenix.

I want to honour you by marking my body and taking you to the ancestors.

It’s the least I could do.

I will let the Universe decide the design.

To say I love you isn’t enough.

You changed my life in an instant.

My life anew and I can’t thank you all enough. My family, my friends, my sisters, my Wicces, my Stars in the Sky.

My life is beautiful, I see with new eyes.

I’m humbled and not worthy of every lesson that came my way in my life that turned me into this that I am now today.

I have no failed relationships or failed ventures, I have unfinished jigsaws that just didn’t have enough pieces to complete the whole picture and that’s OK. It wasn’t so bad. It’s better to love and lose, than never to know love, it’s better to try and fail than never to have the courage to try.

I’m a narcissists worst nightmare lol

But you all handle me so beautiful. I’m a child. My mind isn’t here and my heart and soul is a child.

I’m Scorpio and Water Rat which means I hurt deeper than anyone else out there.

But over time with each battle it toughened me up and it helped my gift develop to the point of the Universe giving me a heads up about stuff now including what happened yesterday and today.

Either through my Wicces or through me.

And I just now realized that’s what my Teacher meant when she said ‘surround me like a bullet ‘ lol

You realise that’s what you just did? Lol

You just protected me from a distance like a magnetic force field which is why yesterday was painless.

It honestly felt like a burden lifted because I was letting go of a kind of job that had finished serving its purpose.

I was too afraid to admit I should of let go ages ago but now I have my channel and we can make our shows, and I’m booked solid for work doing work that I really get to sink my teeth into.

I wasn’t meant to read for people the conventional way anymore.

The second I changed how I did it I got work like the Universe hand delivered me a gift with a bow.

And I get to travel through time like Quantum Leap dude.

And make my videos, and the kids are back and they’re coming to you guys now too.

Our shows are gonna be so much fun.

I can’t wait to introduce you to my beautiful family.

I’m sorry I tried to fit so many wrong puzzle pieces around you all but if I had of given up the first time it went tits up I wouldn’t have the beautiful panoramic view I see before me.

I’m going to take that Ode and get it all nice like….. And frame it for my office in our studio.

It will be an honour to serve you for the rest of my light.

Riya Brown,

Erika Faircloth and

Elizabeth Botwight-Noonan
I, Bee of the Meadow, Star of Scorpio, Wife of the Maple Tree, Daughter of Callaghan, Ngati Raukawa, Granddaughter of Aotearoa, Mother and Guardian to Earth and Children offer myself to you so your light too will shine.

(I tried to make the tribute sound all like…. Knights of the round table, medieval witchcrafty sexy mysterious like Oooh it sounds all cool and mysterious and a bit nuts but so poetic and fun when I wrote it. I’m gonna edit the cool bits together. Remove the blurb and keep the honoring stuff and frame it for my office).

I honestly feel like I’m 20 again lol

Love and Light


McCain/ Bush Executed? I Did Say Executions Were Coming

Today is the day of illumination for me.

Mr Trump: RE: Bushes Funeral. I’ve Waited Most Of My Life For This Moment. I Thank You. You’ve Set Me Free.

This blog, my sanity, my income, my reputation, my livelihood, my career and my personal relationships were given over for video footage like this.

I told you. I TOLD you. My dead kids, my predictions, my thousands upon thousands of hours of sitting up at all hours typing my visions and conversations with dead kids, veterans and more…… People said I was crazy and I believed them……. Until now…….. Until now…… My tears are a release.

I told the world and got silenced. I shouted as loud as I could and got destroyed by everyone but a few. I cried, I fell and every time I got back up because I speak for the children and I wasn’t going to let them down.

I would gladly offer you my services.

I know what you’ve done. I know what your doing. I know what’s coming. I’ve been warning people for years and now my voice won’t go unheard, for these children I speak. For these children I spoke and this video speaks louder.

And now I’m being vindicated.

My fans and followers I know will weep with me for they know my battle. They know my suffering at what I’ve seen and reported in this blog. They came on this journey with me. They encouraged me to keep going when I crawled by the skin of my teeth through my own sanity and heartache for these victims.

Now I know why the soldiers and kids are here.

Now I’m free. Thank you Mr Trump.

Thank You

I wish I could offer you my services.

It would be my honour to protect and serve the country I long to call home.