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  1. A friend lost her husband suddenly working on a construction site. we was all so shocked and upset that he was taken away from his loving family and friends. He was a well respected and an amazing man which is and will be missed so, so much.
    His wife and who has become a dear friend of mine through this horrible accident mentioned that her husband has being trying to contact her and that hes with her all the time at mo which I believe he is. Mick keeps leaving 20p coins around for her to find which she puts them into a cup to save. can you explain its meaning? we have found the odd one at our office which he used to visit us on occasion to discuss work.

    • Hi Julie,
      Thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate you taking the time to write to me.
      Now you can look at it one of two ways. The Cultural way or the Spiritual way.
      The Cultural significance of finding money is a sign of prosperity and well wishes. In the same way some people nowadays will frame the first dollar they ever made in business the finding of money (even in dreams) is luck, prosperity and blessings.
      Spiritually it is the same thing with the added bonus of it using some of the most technically advance forms of Science in the history of Science. What the husband is doing is magnificent and truly incredible. It is one of those little known about and even less understood phenomena like miracle healing, spontaneous human combustion and the like. However what I do know is most people who are having these experiences seem to be going through difficult and stressful times in their life when these coins appear. Although for most people it’s pennies and they will turn up in really odd places like between freshly folded linen or in cooking pots on the stove etc…
      It is certainly nothing to be alarmed about and it doesn’t sound like any of you are which is wonderful. There may have been something between them where they said ‘I will give you a sign if I die before you’ or He may have been hearing her talk about money issues and is giving her a helping hand. But one thing is for sure. It is a great blessing and she is being told not only is he watching over her but he is blessing her also. In my culture we would use the money to buy something with great meaning or significance for the deceased or we would donate the money. Kind of like spreading the blessings. But she should do what she feels is right by her. This is about him communicating with her and all his loved ones. It’s wonderful. I would want to see if he could drop money by request like that of the boy Spirit in the lawn mower repair shop in the 90’s. I’m trying to find the story but there was a wee Lawn Mower repair shop somewhere here in England and the staff were used to this wee boy moving things and making noise etc…one day the owner needed a coin for something and a penny fell out of the roof essentially out of nowhere. They kept asking for him to do it again and again and he ended up doing it all the time. One day the owner cheekily asked ‘Can you not drop something a bit bigger’ and he started to drop 20ps and I think even Pound coins. I’m trying to find the link for you but I know it was on an episode of Michael Aspels Strange But True TV show. But I can’t find it lol typical lol But either way, in any culture it is a wonderful blessing and a beautiful form of communication between this wonderful man and his loved ones. He obviously loved you all a great deal. I bet his wife finds great comfort in him doing this for her. It’s not uncommon to find coins on headstones too but in my culture we do NOT remove ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING from a cemetery. He said ‘When I lay dying all he thought about was his family and how they would cope without me. I thought to myself ‘This can’t be good because I can’t feel any pain I’m either dying or I’m dead’ and then the panic around me and yelling and screaming went quiet and there I was looking at my body and watching my family waiting for the news to reach them all at the same time. I knew then it was going to be okay because if I could do this for the rest of her life, the rest of their lives, then I was good with that. Tell her I’m sorry I left her but I’m in a good place and she will be too’ Don’t tell her this but he said she will find love again when the time is right and your to tell her (when it happens) he has given his blessing. He wants her to give some one else the chance to have what he had. He said he was a lucky man who didn’t always appreciate what he had and he hopes she can forgive him for not always being a shall we say ‘Calm’ person but he promises to always watch out for her. Don’t tell her this now, but when she is ready. Tell her to take her blessing with both hands and don’t let go, she is in deed a lucky woman’.

  2. Debbie, why is it that I can’t talk to my deceased mother? I think I feel her, but I also don’t really know if what I am feeling is her or not. I guess what I am asking is how can I know it is really her. I just miss her so much since she died when I was 13 in 2010. It sparked my interest in all this stuff and I have learned so much but I still just don’t know if it is truly her I feel or if it’s what I want to feel. It makes me so sad.

    • Emma, unfortunately I can’t answer that Sweetheart. My Mummy has been gone for 9 years and I’ve only seen her twice, felt her once. There have been times when I really needed her, to know she was around me and haven’t felt her once. But my siblings see and feel her all the time. Maybe you and I just aren’t ready yet????? I just have to accept there is a good reason why it hasn’t happened yet and know that when the time is right we will feel and see them. My Dad on the other hand has been around loads, he is my boys wee Spirit Pal and I wasn’t even close to my Dad. Loved the bones of him but we weren’t close. All I can tell you is, when something happens and your first gut response is ‘It’s Mum’, then it’s Mum. They watch us and are around us ALL the time. I promise you that but sometimes they have to stand back for reasons unknown to us at the time. Maybe they are being typical Mums and feel we are too young lol I laugh because I’m 41 lol but that would be typical of Mum to decide her Baby wasn’t ready to see her even though her baby has seen like a gazillion Spirits in the mean time lol
      I wish I could tell you what to do. You could always try Scrying but I don’t recommend doing it alone. And come to me if your not sure how to do it but want to do it exactly as it should be done. At least then I know your in good hands aka mine lol

  3. Hey Debbie! Sorry to boer you yet again with another question but it is something I would like to have your opinion on. How do you deal with people who talk behind your back?

    • I ignore them. If they are talking about me I’m obviously a threat in some way so more fool them because all they are doing is insuring me and all I have to offer as a person is something they will never get. I don’t give respect to anyone who doesn’t respect me. I’d rather have no social life than fake friends and that includes family. You can’t allow your energy to be around negative types because otherwise it sullies your energy as well.

  4. Dear Debbie Readers
    I found Debbie while looking up the Long Island medium she had posted on the sight about her price.
    I emailed her and she replied pretty quickly she let me know where I could find her blog on WordPress well I looked her up and looked at all of her reviews and then I decided to give this amazing lady a try.
    We set a date threw email (yes threw email;))
    Debbie knew nothing about me other than I wanted her help
    She nailed everything to my inattentive husband to my beautiful daughter and my sister
    My mom and grandma helped her along the way (they r deceased)
    She comforted me with the thoughts I had of their passing to one of my sisters having a special gift which was being interpreted as being mental disorder.
    I would Highly recommend Debbie to anyone.
    Her price is $60.00 and u have 7 days to ask as many questions as u can ask
    Unfortunately she was so thorough with her assistance (my mom and grandma) I can’t think of anything more to ask right now;)

  5. I actually think I found your blog through Long Island medium searching as well! Debbie, does spirit get angry when we ignore them and doubt their existence? Or are they understanding that humans go rough some sort of amnesia when we come to Earth? I’ve always wondered this

    • Spirit don’t show negative emotion. They don’t get angry. They understand the importance of the journeys we need to take. The only thing that makes them sad is the way we treat each other and the planet. That’s why I try so hard to put others before myself because to cause loss or suffering to a fellow human being or our beautiful planet is the biggest sin of them all. They don’t care what you believe just that you believe. They don’t care about you being rich. It’s how you get the money and what you do with it that matters. It doesn’t matter who you love just that you love. Or whether a child is born to unwed parents as long as the child is loved and cared for.
      They don’t punish us when we do wrong we punish ourselves subconsciously. With Spirit its the Three Ls. Love, Light and Learning.

  6. I’ll try to keep this short, but I apologies for it’s length in advance. My best friend passed away almost 10 yrs ago in a fiery car crash. We were very close and for many years I could feel him near me. He always made my day brighter and he was who I went to when upset. Needless to say I had a hard time letting go. My mom said I needed to bc it was selfish to try and keep him here. I had a really bad week and cried myself to sleep begging him to come to me. When I finally fell asleep he did and he talked to me in my dream which he’d never done before, he usually just hugged me and would leave. This time I told him I could let go I just needed to hear him. When I woke up I was crying and could feel pressure on my hands which were folded on my chest and as my crying slowed the pressure let up, I knew it was him. I haven’t really felt him since. But my friends and family say I have a strong presence and they feel it’s bc I have an open heart and mind. They say things happen more often and stronger when I’m there, at any location and my deceased friends family seems to crave having me around (besides the fact that they love me.) Also a girl I work with has a friend that’s a medium and he asked her who shed been around lately that’s so open bc somebody is urging him towards her work place. But lately I keep getting the smell of something burning when nobody else smells it and the same girl (friend of the medium) says she heard it’s bc a spirit is near. I read that it could be a sign of a tumor so I’m a little freaked out. What do u think I should do ( besides see an ears, nose, and throat doc)? Any advice is appreciated and I’m sorry to bother you if it’s nonsense.

    • lol It’s not nonsense lol why would I think it was nonsense? lol I can honestly say the smell of burning is a new one for me. It’s not anything I’ve ever experienced. I thought the smell of burning was the sign of a stroke lol but I laugh because I know your completely fine. Your 100% healthy. Maybe the Spirit trying to connect to you died in a fire and your smelling them????
      But I’m not quite sure what it is your asking me to do. Do you want advice? Confirmation of your gift? I’m sorry about this Sweetheart. I’ve read it three times and still not sure what you need help with my lovely. Could you please please rephrase the question?
      Thank you my lovely and sorry to be a pain.
      love and light

      • Sorry, rereading it I see it’s a little vague lol. I’m not necessarily saying I have a gift, but I experience things a lot and feel it’s bc I’m not closed off to the idea that someone is around me. I’m a little unsure of reaching out bc I’m kind of a chicken and when things do happen… I run, fast. So maybe I’m asking how should I approach acknowledging if someone is wanting to be heard without opening a door to something that shouldn’t be messed with. Or how will I know if I do try to communicate that there is someone or if it’s my imagination? I’m sorry, I know this probably still sounds confusing. Truly appreciate how quickly you responded. =)

  7. Absolutely Danni, you should definitely open yourself up to the experiences. You obviously have the right vibration, the right light, you just need to learn to understand and use it.
    Don’t worry, even I get frights sometimes, it’s perfectly normal. It can be scary sometimes the way some of them choose to come into your energy field. I yell at them after I’ve sworn and run away lol It is perfectly natural to get scared because your basically experiencing the Ab or Para Normal.
    As long as you always protect yourself before you go to bed and before you do anything Spirit related, I can’t see any reason why you would get any trouble. You know not to do the Seances and Ouija Boards, and stuff like that and as long as you always respect Spirit and don’t use aggression, or disrespect, while at the same time asserting your boundaries and rules you’ll be find. I tell people to be firm but fair. Make sure they know what you will and won’t tolerate. Talk to them like your scolding a child. Don’t let them intimidate you, don’t open yourself up to negative energy and if you do DON’T let them control or frighten you. Negative energy feeds off your fear so stay strong always. And don’t mistake being scared with a Spirit with being terrified with something dark. You’ll start to learn pretty quickly what your doing right and wrong because Spirit will tell you. They talk to you like a thought using mainly your own voice. So trust what the voices in your head are saying. Trust yourself, have faith in what your saying and doing and never doubt what you hear or feel. Having faith in yourself is just as important as having faith in Spirit. My advice is start small and build up your confidence to the big things later on. And if you ever need advice or help on anything, you know where to come. :)

  8. Debbie, I came across your website while searching on ways to cleanse yourself of negative energy and saw the information you wrote on it which I am going to try. I need to do this because I just can’t seem to find work. My question to you is will cleansing my home and myself help? HELP!!

    • The cleansing unblocks your channels, unblock negative energy and bring to the fore front the root cause of your problems. If you want to get a job I suggest you get a small green or orange candle and write down the side ‘income’ or ‘ job’. Light it and tell spirit what you need then let the candle burn down then bury the wax in the dirt outside. Get a candle that only takes like 3-6 hours burning time. Write on a piece of paper ‘I do not ask for riches plenty just that my purse is never empty’. Keep it either in your wallet/purse or under your pillow. Also imagine yourself working as much as you can. Your definitely getting work.

  9. Debbie, Things are becoming desperate for me, as the truth is my husband can’t go it alone anymore, we are living pay check to pay check as I write this, so I appreciate very much your advise and I intend to do as you say, if it means I’ll get a good job. Many, many thanks!


    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for the email and for being so open. Unfortunately your in the exact same boat as so many of us. My husband and I have just had the wort possible times of our lives and my faith was the only thing that kept my chin up. Thankfully over the last year and a half things have been looking up and we are now looking forward to a more stable and secure future. I’ve been doing a lot of readings for clients in your situation and it’s never easy. While you understand I can’t conduct a free reading when others pay and have to wait days sometimes, I can promise you things are going to work out for you too. Summer will see the start of many change that put you in a better frame of mind by Xmas. It will start with one good thing and escalate from there. Tell your husband to keep his chin up and remind him what a good man he is for working so hard for his family during such trying times and he will be rewarded for keeping the faith. Just be strong together. Together your stronger than divided. So remember, love, things change by summer time and rewards lol and keep the faith. Spirit never put us through anything we aren’t strong enough to handle. We aren’t starving in Africa, or worried about being blown up in The Arab Lands, not dying of life threatening illnesses with out cures, we aren’t homeless and destitute and we aren’t alone. Together we are stronger than divided. I wish you love and light, Debbie

      • Debbie, Did the cleansing and I am already feeling hopeful for our future, I appreciate your reply as I know you are busy so thank you. Love and Light always to you as well.

      • Your more than welcome Sweetheart. I’m never too busy to help my lovely so don’t you worry. If you need me. I’m here ok? Don’t be afraid to come to me. Love and light xoxo

  10. Debbie, I feel that I cannot thank you enough. You have no idea how much you have shaped the way I now look at things and view the natural and profound beauty of Mother Earth. I feel that I have grown so much and become a better person in such a short amount of time because of this blog and other blogs it has led me to. I just feel like I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. With all that being said, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and light,

    • Wow, Thank you so much Emma. I’ve had some pretty incredible things said to me today but this tops the lot. You have just confirmed to me that I’m on the right path with what I’m doing. It took me so long to pluck up the courage to set up this Blog and I’m so glad I finally gave in to Spirits demands. I’ve met some incredible people. Some pure and genuine souls. My life has become richer through the people of this Blog and because of people like you.
      I don’t feel worthy of your kind words but I shall accept them anyway because you took the time to tell me. We live in such a cynical world at the moment. People too quick to judge and criticize so I always take time out to Thank good service or products. So I really appreciate you’ve done it for me.
      Love and Light to you beautiful

  11. I know I said I would stop bombarding you with so many questions Debbie! However this is something that has really been puzzling because it happens so frequently. Now My sister and I have always had a very close relationship for as long as I can remember and I am not kidding when I say we will be thinking the same thoughts. (Like she will say something and I would honestly be thinking the same exact thing) we also will be in two separate parts of the house and start singing out the same random part of a random song AT THE SAME TIME) there are many instances of this. I am just trying to get a grasp on what this May be. Just incase it matters, there is a delta of five years between us. Thank you for everything you do Debbie!
    Love and Light,

    • Emma, I swear to God, I know I don’t know you but if you don’t stop saying sorry I’m gonna track you down girl lol Please…..Stop saying sorry. Any questions you ask can benefit others so please don’t stop asking questions lol
      Now you’ve been told off I’m going to explain it simply as this:
      You and your sister are Soul Mates. Plain and Simple. My sister and I are 8 years apart and her and I are exactly the same. Your telepathically linked through your love for each other. It goes beyond the love you have for anyone else. It is deeper, and more highly tuned than that of a normal relationship. Your love for each other, your connection to each other will go beyond this life to the next and chances are you’ve known each other in many lives previous. I’m so happy to hear it’s your sister. My sister is mine too. It’s very real and what Frozen the Disney movie is based on.

  12. Debbie Hi,
    Since I’ve last contacted you things are slowly starting to look up and you are right, there is so much to be grateful for in our lives than focusing on the negatives. I have a dilemma, my husband and I have been busy getting our house ready to put it up for sale. Here is the problem, He thinks we should list it January 2015, he’s thinking about the way the housing market is trending right now. And I think we should do it by the end of June when the kids are finished with school for the summer, because I would prefer if they started the new school year at a new school in September than in the middle of the school year, the kids are already anxious as it is already about changing schools and leaving their friends behind.However our kids are whats most important to both of us. What do you think would be the right thing to do for our family at this time.

  13. Hiya Sweetheart, I’m so glad things are looking up now. It’s great to hear things are getting better. Patience is a virtue isn’t it? lol I hate virtues, they annoy me lol The expectations put upon is mere mortals is unfair at times lol
    To answer your question. It doesn’t matter, which month you put the house up for sale, it will sell when it sells. It is a buyers market at the moment not the sellers. You need to do what is best for the kids, not the sale of the house. The house will sell when it’s meant to. So delaying it till January does nothing but draw out the inevitable. It’s going to be really hard on the kids, so you need to decide if you want to get it over with or give them time to prepare to say good bye to their friends etc….Personally I agree with you, as a Mum myself I would want to get them moved and settled for the new school year. The sooner they get moved and settled the better. Your house will sell quicker than your expecting though because you’ll like the people who put in the offer. Good luck Sweetheart, keep me posted on your progress and what you decide to do.

  14. Debbie,
    We still have a few weeks left to finnish up our projects but we are getting there now I only wish the weather would cooperate lol. Thanks for seeing things through the eyes of a mom, you’re great! Your reply makes me feel better moving forward. You know Deb, this move will not only represent change but a fresh start for us as a family. I will definitely keep you posted. Much love and light…

  15. So I have yet another question :)! So I have a big hunch that something important is supposed to happen in my life but I feel that I am just waiting in limbo for it which makes me second guess myself. I then start to fall down a hole of never ending “what ifs”. So I guess what I am asking is do you think that what I have always felt in my bones is just wishful thinking or is it actually something that is supposed to manifest? Thank you so much Debbie! Love and light always!

    • Emma, you ask as many questions as you want babe. I know I don’t know you from Adam but you always ask the sort of questions that benefit more than just you.So you ask when and what you need to.
      To answer your question, your not crazy, and your not alone. There is a shift in global consciousness in people feeling they are about to be involved in something big in their lives. I did contemplate doing a Post about it actually because your one of about 20people who ask me a months if this is normal or are they crazy.
      It’s as simple as this. Your feeling the pull in the Universe that is bringing people like myself and yourself, (the ‘Lighter more Opened of the Monkeys on the Planet) together for a greater purpose. We all have our own purpose but what your purpose will be made clear when the time is right and I think it’s because of The Cleansing. We are being called to get ready to Help and Heal and Guide and Teach and Learn and Love all of those who aren’t open like us who will get the full force of the Cleansing thrown upon then. How, when and why I can’t say for you but I was told I would be a Teacher to the Masses. Which is what I am doing with this Blog. It started with me here on this Blog. So all I can say is keep following your heart and wait for the call. When it comes you’ll be more than ready to embrace it. You might be required to embark on your own Spiritual Journey, it might be something that simple. But whatever it is, it will be important. It will change your life. It is always life changing. I’ve not known one person who has answered the call and it hasn’t changed their life. You’ll know when it happens. And I want to know when it happens :)

  16. Awww thank you so much Debbie! I am so sick and tired of the sneaky stuff that is going on right now in our world that I can’t wait for the cleansing. Thank once again from the bottom of my heart!
    Love and light

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