The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost: POD CASTS


We will come to you once a week via YouTube and our Blogs and Also Facebook.

Each week will have a different theme. You will be able to contact the show via Twitter, Facebook, Email, YouTube and our Blogs of course.

We will ask you all to submit your questions and comments via the above mentioned and we will answer them on the show for you. This way we can reach more people.

At the end of every show I will interpret dreams. Each show will go for about an hour and if you miss it don’t worry. There are plenty of places you can go to hear it.

I will NOT be on Camera lol you will only hear my voice. But we invite you to email, Tweet, and message us any questions or dreams you want us to deal with on the show.

We will cover different themes each week. Everything Paranormal and Interesting. We will also have Guests on the show. Talking about everything from UFO’s to Photo Shop Awareness for those not sure what they are looking at online. Which will help you decipher if the Ghost or UFO or Big Foot footage or photo your looking at is real or not.

It’s going to be fun, exciting, scary, informative, and jam packed with audience participation. Some lucky people might even get read for free. We can’t promise we will behave but we can promise you’ll have as much fun as we are having.

The idea came about because of you my beautiful Followers, emailing me and asking me your questions. I have been having a hard time answering them all now within 24 hours so my Mr suggested a Pod Cast. I spoke to my friend Thomas Spychalski and our show is slowly coming together. We are looking at broadcasting our first show within the next 2 weeks so stay tuned. In the mean time post your shows questions or your dreams here or email me at and Write: Pod Cast in the Subject matter. Or go to Facebook for The Kiwi Psychic and The Midwest Ghost. Just Message us your question or dream for the show.

Thanks and we really are so excited and hope you join us.

Love and Light

Debbie and Thomas

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