Bradley T: Guest Writer. Being Maori with a gift

 I thought I’d shake things up a bit for your entertainment. A little insight into what it is like being Maori with a gift. You know my side of it. Now hear from someone else.
Fate bought me Bradley. I call him Brother. We are not related but we are kin because we both grew up on a Pacific Island Paradise where Tribal Protocols are still adhered to to this day. We get Mana from our culture and it’s why even after not living in New Zealand for nearly 15 years I wouldn’t give up my passport for any country on the planet. I am Kiwi. I am Ngati Raukawa and I am Aotearoa through and through. But enough about me. Let’s here from my Brother Bradley Tutua. Any questions you have for him I am sure he would be happy to answer. Enjoy a different perspective.
It is with great irony I state that after 38 years of growing up in an environment where WAIRUA(SPIRIT) was accepted and the norm like drinking a cup of tea! My true journey of understanding has only just begun. Yes it sounds weird, but I now recognize and understand the fact that you can have a lifetime of “EVENTS” & “HAPPENINGS” but in those exact moments you may not have had the tools to glean the learning’s of those experiences. This is just my story,my truth, nothing else. Treat it as you will, as I am happy just writing for an audience of one. Often in the recollection of memories there are “TREASURES” their! little nuggets of information waiting to be discovered, gathered and polished. I invite you in fact to laugh,cry,ridicule,believe or disbelieve to your hearts content! What matters to me is that somewhere in my story there might be a  “NUGGET” waiting just for you? that could aid you on your own journey of spiritual discovery. I am from New Zealand and of Maori and English Descent, Who am I?
Ko Putauaki toku Maunga (Putauaki is my Mountain)
Ko Ohinemataroa toku Awa (Ohinemataroa is my River)
Ko Mataatua te Waka (Mataatua the Canoe)
ko Ngati Awa te Iwi (Ngati Awa the Tribe)
Ko Ngai Taiwhakaea te Hapu (Ngai Taiwhakaea the Family)
Ko Te Paroa toku Marae (Te Paroa is my Sacred Place)
Ko Taiwhakaea Turua te whare Tupuna (Taiwhakaea II the Ancestral House)
Ko Brad toku ingoa (I am Brad)
I acknowledge my mountain as this anchors me to the land, then my river that allowed my ancestors great canoes access to this land, I then acknowledge the land for providing a home for my ancestors, I am Brad KIA ORA. A month ago I would have been unable to provide you this simple traditional greeting, but I have been on such a rapid-fire spiritual awakening that I appear to be getting “Taught” every lesson I need to progress at once! Its Crazy. But I’m getting ahead of myself, I will tell that part of my story later. I wont apologize for my story jumping all over the place either, as I’m a “MAN” and It often takes me countless accidents before i figure things out. Again I will reiterate that you often don’t recognize the lesson till your memory tracks back (I posses a memory like your own Debbie).
I am the youngest of four children and growing up we were your typical 80’s working class family. Dad worked, yet our Mum was the BOSS of our household (She ruled with Iron fist) which is an achievement as she’s south of 5’feet. Though 1/2 Maori herself mum raised us “English style” courtesy of her English mother our NAN the creator of “IRON FIST”. We didn’t know Granddad as Nan kicked him out and raised their 10 children by herself.  I had been told by mum that after our births it was customary for Nanny Toots (dads mum) to give us children the “ONCE OVER”. Mum said that after my sisters birth and my own several years later she was informed that we both possessed what Nanny toots termed “THE EYE”, mum thought it cryptic but our DAD passed it off as “OLD PEOPLE STUFF”. My Dads family were OLD SCHOOL! they Lived of the land, they rarely spoke English and they seemed to have a KARAKIA (prayer) for every act under the sun, they just had that AIR of MYSTERY, KNOWING and MISCHIEF about them! its kind of hard to explain. Though poor in wealth they were rich in Maori culture and custom. Dads family homestead was on the crest of a low slung hill it has always had this amazing vibe, we kids just called it “THE TOP” (how original). Now Dad had 12 siblings and many of them are regarded as being either Tohunga (shaman), Matakite (Seers), or Healers,  All are well known locally,and a couple recognized Nationally and Internationally respectively through there work with WAIRUA(SPIRIT). I have only recently learnt that my dad was supposed to be “THE ONE” of the lot! but he scuppered as soon as he was able too apparently. I can see now looking back that the expectation and his experiences growing up were possibly too much for him. We had controlled contact with Dads family, I guess it was his way of trying to protect himself and give us kids a real world upbringing no WAIRUA stuff. He was the greatest dad he could do everything sing,dance,hunt,fish,joke,cook,clean,played sport,build anything,fix everything and he provided us massive amounts of love to boot. But I now recognize as with a lot of talented people that he poured all of what we Maori call MAURI (ESSENCE) into the physical world (Taha Oranga) and left none for the spiritual side (Taha wairua) that he feared. Me, I think simplistically there is a paradigm for living between the physical and spiritual worlds, we all exist somewhere on this scale. Enlightened individuals can navigate easily through both realms in balance and harmony! people like myself if not cautiously dipping their toe in the spirit realm….fall in when not paying attention lol. Others like some of my uncles and aunts spent so much time immersed in SPIRIT that they often neglected their physical side (i often pondered if this is how the ideals of a WITCH or HERMIT were born?) sorry Aunties. And then there are people like my dad….They excel and are so powerful and Present on this side, that when things go “BUMP” on the other? Well I will let you decide.
Classic DAD scene 1: My sister recounted this memory for me from when she was young. My dad was a shift worker so he often came home early in the morning while we kids geared up for kindergarten and school he would sleep. My sister was crook so she stayed home and slept in mum & dads bed as we kids often did. Mid morning Dad wakes up and told my sister he thought he could hear a guitar playing? she said “yeah it’s your one under the bed that’s been playing”….apparently he tore of the blankets and fled shrieking outside and left my sister inside.I had a chuckle thinking about it because my dads your prototypical Maori male he is massive over 6 feet tall and probably 270 pounds! while my sister at the time would have been a small blonde waif.
Classic DAD scene 2: Another Sis recollection, Mum was working late one evening and said she would bring home dinner for us kids! Apparently we kids were being antsy and pestering dad about being hungry. My sister said he ended up putting on an impromptu performance to entertain us, along the lines of wait and see when I clap my hands mum will walk in the door with your food….He put on a couple flourishes and fake outs to get the anticipation up! then let rip…..Apparently a split second afterwards everything in our house just turned off (only our house on the street). Needless to say he bundled us kids in the car and drove us around town until mum came home.
In typical Maori fashion a Tohunga’s services were often not requested! they just turned up at your door or wherever they had been “instructed” to go, they then proceeded to inform you about problems “YOU” had been experiencing either personally, in the house or on the land, they would perform Karakia (prayer) to Lift-close-pass over or bless, usually with minimal or no explanation then they would leave…It was uncanny but accepted. So surprise surprise when my sisters “LIGHTS” started turning on (gifts manifesting) at a young age, Dads siblings either rocked up and took my sister away to be “CLOSED” or Nanny Toots would ring (ALL HOURS) and tell Dad to bring her “UP”. I know that they were performing exactly what they themselves were taught! you were “CLOSED OFF” until such a time they deemed you ready to handle your gift, however my sister was one of those rare cases they couldn’t “CLOSE” though they tried repeatedly. The fallback teaching mechanism i learnt if they couldn’t close you was to instill the “FEAR OF GOD” into you, so you wouldn’t dabble or make mistakes. Not very user friendly but effective…I can see now there was a control element to what was taught back then! Our KAUMATUA (elders) were a superstitious lot and it was heavily ingrained in the Psyche that the Maori form of SPIRIT was fraught with DANGER so they guarded their knowledge closely.
My sister has always been able to see SPIRIT and she just knows shit she shouldn’t lol. I have countless memories of her GIFT…Our family having a picnic at the river and us boys deciding to jump in for a cool off, only for our sister to turn around to Dad and say ‘there are some Maori people across the other side of the river Dad they are calling for me to swim across” we all couldn’t see anything, but needless to say shortest no-swim decision ever. Or going to the beach on holiday with our extended family and having a great swim in some massive surf! My mother questioned aloud from the beach if it were safe…My sister pointed behind mum and said the Maori people buried here in the sand dunes reckon we will be OK….again we Swimmers literally raced out of the water.   We are as tight as siblings can be my sister and I considering there is several years between us and that we live at different ends of the country. Recently we discussed what happened from the period in time her gifts first popped up so I could share some of these memories with you, Much to both our surprise, I was present at many of her visits to “THE TOP”, I would have been around 3 years old when it started, But more importantly I could remember details and conversations better than her! We both recognized the fact that we had 2 brothers that just never came up to the homestead with us, and in their own words they didn’t believe in that “GHOST BUSTING” shit (didn’t stop them from being scared though)  ha ha. I guess I was just meant to be there.
In her first telling my sister vividly remembers being sat down in a room on a chair at the homestead with Dads brothers performing Karakia and splashing water over her! (water to Maori being regarded as one of the foundations of life was often the vehicle to cleanse or bless)..She was terrified! she couldn’t understand Maori, and Dad had remained outside as he was just as scared…She states matter of fact she remembers her Chair lifting off the ground and one of our uncles forcibly placing his hands on her shoulders to keep her down (fuck that). We found out a few years later when one of our uncles confided in us (Bless him),that they all could see a Lizard completely wrapped about my sister its head on her shoulder snarling at them with huge yellow eyes! it was extremely powerful and they thought too powerful to belong to one so young so they had tried to remove it….They in fact learnt later this was one of my sisters KAITIAKI (spirit guardians) they would of had better luck removing the moon lol…I guess the positives were that there were great learning’s to be had for all involved.
My dad told us kids this story about when he was a growing up at the family homestead “The top”. At that time we laughed and treated it as fantasy! (its much easier that way) bare in mind that we were young and had been raised on Disney books and nursery rhymes. He said for as long as he could remember things just happened at that house! They (he and his siblings) would hear strange noises and see lights outside at night. Things would be moved and items would go missing…But here’s the clincher! he readily said that they could see little people mucking about outside at night on occasions. He described vividly for us this ugly little dwarf creature that used to tap on the window pane and pull faces at them, when they told our Nanny Toots or Pop they weren’t ridiculed they were just told to ignore them. He went on to explain how one day them kids where playing ball outside and one of his brothers smashed their bedroom window by accident! he told us to a man that you could feel the collective fear emanate from the group…of course they would get “Belted” by Pop that was a give me, But dad said the bigger implication for them was the fact that there would be no barrier between them kids and that CREATURE!  he said it was the longest-scariest night of his life. This story stirred another memory for me and another visit with my dad and my sister for her to be “worked on” and provided one of those “NUGGET” moments in life. I was sitting beside my sister and one of my Uncles turns to her and raised his hand palm outwards and asked my sister what she “SEES”..She replied straight out a white cross with light beaming towards her! of course I heard what was said but I was young if it wasn’t sweet and I couldn’t eat it! it didn’t interest me…Though after this I remember my sister asking why “THEY” including herself were Gifted? My uncle explained to her that directly above the homestead was a spiritual portal that was sanctioned to be there from an accord struck many years ago (I know very fantastical) . Wairua(spirit) can come and go freely through this portal and even beings from outer space! I was a HE-MAN masters of the universe kid so I was heavily impressed by that last statement.
Another time another visit one of the few my mother actually came too! My sister and I in talking this memory through realized that through our life that our mother was far more accepting and supportive of the spiritual path despite having absolutely no experience with it! She was a rock…She said she trusted and loved Nanny Toots! and would do what needed to be done to keep us safe…..My DAD just provided full on love and heaps of laughter his way of coping with Wairua. Anyway on this particular visit we were sitting in the lounge with our uncles and Aunties! My sister and I were with DAD and our mum was across the room from us! My uncles were introducing KAITIAKI (guardians)…which was very entertaining to me! So and so has a Maori Chief, another has this RED INDIAN……I then hear one of my aunties scream and holler from the kitchen what the hell is that? My uncle running the show pacifies her and explains that his guide METATRON informs him that it is a STAR person here to represent my sister! again I thought this was awesome my uncle had a guide that sounded like a transformer (how unoriginal) and my sister had an ugly Alien as a guide ha ha ha…..though that alien would have been just as scarred by meeting dads sister lol…I have to say that my dads family had the funniest sense of humor for people that regularly dealt with SPIRIT. Anyways my Uncle gets to my mother and says you have a Lady from Maori Royalty here to support you! My dad turns and jokingly whispers quietly to my sister and I that she is probably an” old duck”…we share a giggle, Dads brother out of Earshot without turning says “She wants to know how you can tell how old she is?”…lol…My dad true to form scuppers outside tale between legs ha ha.
I can look back now and see that maybe it is no fluke my dads siblings being “TOUCHED” due to their proximity to this PORTAL! and now that all those fantastic stories we were told growing up….are not so entertaining that there is an element of TRUTH to them….Bugger. My sister and I are conscious of the fact that my Dads family being as gifted as they were, recognized and stated readily that just like “HARRY POTTER” our gifts were present from both sides of our family! In fact they seemed to be in complete AWE of our mothers Maori lineage. I will leave off, that with what I experienced firsthand with my sister, that when “STUFF” started happening to me in my early teens….I told no one! Guess i shared a few of my fathers Traits too…..And being armed with the half teachings and learning’s from my sister I just managed it. But I guess that’s another story.

Why am I seeing this?

I’m sitting here working and I’m listening to The Waterboys ‘Whole of The Moon’ and was moving to the music and suddendly an image of a child’s  or child like painting of an Apple Tree?
It’s painted. But they’ve gotten it wrong I think. It keeps switching between a green sky and blue grass and blue sky green grass?
That’s all that’s in the picture.
But then I heard a voice say ‘Put it on your Blog and say ‘I got it. I’m here” on it?

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Join My Forum for discussions out side of the Blog.

I’ve created a Forum for people who want to go in and discuss the paranormal. I will be joining discussions and enjoying open live chats.

Please try and have respect for the forum. I will delete any Messages that are inappropriate, aggressive, bullish, or disrespectful.

This Forum for people who would like to discuss the Paranormal where they aren’t stuck in the confusing Comments sections.

You can discuss what you like, just remember the rules. It is all about Love and Light.

I’m so excited.

EVPs and why they are so Dangerous. So read if your having issues. I can save your life.

As someone who was born observing the world around her I am proud to say I was probably born the most nosy and observant Bitches on the planet lol It drives my husband nuts because I will remember EVERYTHING. The time she looked at him, the top she was wearing, how tall she was. What he said, what he was wearing, what we were doing, everything. My Mother always said I would of made a fantastic Homicide Detective and always wanted me to join the Police Force lol

But I used to be a HUGE fan of Paranormal Investigation based TV shows. Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and the rest. I would spend hours watching these shows. It drove my husband mad because he felt with the exception of Ghost Adventures all the rest were flaky, dramatic and over the top fame seekers who never respected the process or Spirit. It was all these shows and watching the way they conducted their investigations that made me want to start my blog. That one about the Psychic Kids and the things they were getting these kids to do was just so wrong. Just because I was a kid with a gift once and it needn’t be a scary experience.

The kids were taught to investigate but not learn about their gifts. Yeah sure it’s great that can see this and know that but do they understand WHY they can?

So I wanted to teach people. The Council told me I was to sit back and observe and after having that experience with Kriss Donald’s Spirit it changed my life forever.

When I realized people were going to pay to have his Spirit reach out so they could get spooked or investigate the rooms it made me angry and it made me protective. What no one realizes is I’m now suffering because of sending him over. I gave him everything I had Psychically and not my body is racked with pain because of it. I would do it 1000 times over and I do NOT want sympathy. I’d do it again and again and again and again if I had to. Being me, being the type of gift that I have it is often painful or exhausting after I do certain things. It can take me days to recover from a Time Slip.

But I realized something. It made me look at all the investigations and put things together as to why people feel this need to catch evidence. Yet why so many TV shows only ever have negative or scary experiences rather than good ones like mine are. It is very very rare I come across negative Spirits. It made me realize the one thing all these experiences of scary voices and growls, threats and negative influence is always when they use EVPs. And Just like Seances and Ouija Boards they follow a pattern.

It starts with people getting someone who was murdered or died tragically so you feel pity for them.

Then they will start to say things to make you defensive and scared. Murder, Die, Devil is a popular one, Hate, Die You, Hell etc…..

Then they might say your name and you’ll hear someone vulnerable. Maybe a small child, a young woman, crying, maybe someone feels touched low down, or scratched.

You then feel protective of the child or crying and you offer to help it. You want to protect it or cross it over and the second you say anything like ‘Don’t worry I’ll protect you’ or ‘Come with me and I’ll make sure your safe’ or ‘I’ll get someone to cross you over just bear with me’ anything like that where your offering help they have you right where they want you because then they have invited you in.

Some don’t even bother doing the child or murdered innocent person thing. Some just come in and attach to the weakest person in the group. Whoever is the emotionally vulnerable one of the group, The Tricksters will have them in their sights.

That’s when you get the knockings and rappings, the aggression for no reason, feeling of vulnerability. You might have trouble sleeping, you might hear your name being called. You become addicted to the EVPS. You want to get more and more evidence so the more EVPs you do the more and more you want.

I know people will argue with me but in the ratio of good v bad experiences with EVPs very rarely will the person experience messages of love and light.

And as with Seances and Ouija sessions it all depends on who does them.

Not everyone should be doing them because not many people can handle and respond to the negative voices appropriately. Spirit come through when they want to, not because they have to. So who’s the ones who always need the attention and needs the numbers?

The Dark Side. So they go after the weak ones and thy try to wear them down.

The are the modern day Seance and Ouija Boards and like those two things only bad can come from a device that invites communication with the dead. Because 99.9 of people don’t stipulate they only want Spirits of love and light to come through.

Most people go in all guns blazing and forget to protect themselves. Then they contact me.

SO I’m here to tell you people unless you know what your doing please don’t try and make contact with the dead.

People have died from being hounded by the darker side of the Paranormal. They can’t take it any more and usually end up taking their life or having accidents because of lack of concentration and focus.

If your going to do EVP sessions of Seances and Ouijas, Scrying, Planchettes etc….please protect yourself before you start, don’t do it in your own home unless it’s active, ALWAYS make sure you only ask for Spirits of pure love and light to communicate and NEVER allow yourself to get provoked by the ones that come through saying horrible things. They trying to goad you into getting mad so you’ll let your defenses down. They go after the weaker of the group and they latch on and it can take years to get rid of them because if all depends on the mental strength of the one under attack and if they want to get rid of it.

Remember it like this. The Dark Side make everything too easy. There is no effort to make contact and you’ll get whatever you want no questions asked.

Spirit on the other hand only come when they know it won’t scare us, they only have your best interests at heart so if they know it will be upsetting they put it off or do it in a way that won’t scare you. And everything they do is for the lessons. We have lessons to learn and they want us to go through the process step by step so you learn from it. It’s hard and it’s self sacrificing and can be scary but your not afraid. You’ll know what I mean by that if you’ve experienced a Type A Spirit. You get scared. Even I get scared if I wake up seeing someone hovering at the end of my bedroom. But it’s not the kind that makes you want o run screaming. I just say ‘Not now please Spirit I’m tired’ and it calms down.

Of course your going to get scared. It’s not normal. It’s super ab normal. But it’s beautiful and it means something. You never forget the contact you have especially if it’s someone in need of love like wee Kriss was. You can’t be a price on giving him Peace and his family peace of mind. If you saw how excited he was, if you knew how he held my hand to say Thank you and the way he ran so fast to the light.

I told someone about this story last night to someone I consider to be one of my dearest friends. But he is a hard man. He doesn’t give emotion away easily. It’s taken me 2 years to chip away at his soft side and even he was touched by the story. He said it was hard not to feel the emotions and he could feel Kriss’s desire to see his parents and be at peace.

I’ll never forget it as long as I live. It’s why I had to protect him. He could be someone you love. Do you want Tricksters using your loved ones death as a way to get into your life to fuck it and you up?

Please think very carefully because you start using these EVP devices, or Spirit contact boards etc….unless you have a trained professional in the group who can identify the trouble makers and who protects the circle and Spirit at the same time.

There’s a reason why Spirit make it so hard for us to be able to talk to them all the time.

The best things in life are never easy. Otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate them once we got them and you can’t take talking to the dead for granted.

I’d love to do a show where I taught people and released trapped souls. Maybe I should get some Youtube stuff recorded. Not all of my investigations would be at night time either.

I’d send over every single Spirit I could AND I’d educate people.

I’m mere viewings away from reaching 100,000 views so I’m educating someone lol