For those of you who made it through to the next stages please if I’ve not emailed you regarding a day and time to video chat with me please contact me immediately with the days and times your free to chat via video.
Two sessions a month I’d like but if your in the class Gmail and I’ve not sent an invitation to join the Hangout chat please PLEASE Accept or send an invitation. It’s imperitive we ALL hook up on Hangout because I will hold joint classes at some point.
Where there are a few of you in the session.
Hangout is critical to the classes so please send me an invite if I’ve not sent you one.
Susan and Jess are who I’m thinking of that I’ve missed but I might be wrong. Your all using different names in class lol
For those who haven’t heard back it’s because you failed to follow instruction which was to set up a Gmail account when asked of you two weeks ago.
It’s nothing personal it’s just I need to know my students can follow instructions because what I’m teaching is a new scientific discovery and highly sensitive classified information.
I need to know I can trust you with my life as what I’ve uncovered with my gift will make me a target and I have a large group of family of friends I need to protect.
My students are people I need to trust with my knowledge because I’ve not just created or discovered a new science but anyone involved in it with me will be a part of making history.
It’s not a game for me. It’s life. So I NEED to trust and teach only the best.
If your meant to be you’ll figure it out what to do next. Show Spirit how much you want it otherwise I’m so sorry you didn’t make it but I have to be that strict with myself.

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Bloody Hell lol

I started sneezing and time slowed time lol

You know in the movie The Matrix when Neo bends backwards and the bullets are slowing down around him?

Like that but I was the one slowly going backwards but without going backwards lol I sat watching things go past as my sneezes and my hand covering my mouth got slower and slower lol

Could of sworn I heard a whirring sound. Does time have a sound? Lol

Does this make sense? Is this me? Yeah it is I just got the nauesa lol


Have a missing boy here

Currently sitting in bed with hubby and became aware of a child in the room.
It’s  nearly 3am.
My son saw him today and I’ve felt him all week. But he is currently telling us his story and this is what we have so far.
Young male child between 3-5yrs old.
Brown hair, fair skin, blue shirt, green pants.
He’s from Eastern Europe possibly Hungary or Polish.
He was taken by a neighbor that his Mum trusted.
His Mum is wearing light denim. Dyed blonde hair with dark roots.
His abductor strangled him but we think he’s getting ready to pass over.
We think he’s possibly still conscious but barely.
We think he’s reached out to us in the midst of death.
Dad works away.
He’s hysterical because the man who killed him was trusted by the community but he’s helping in the search.
I know this sounds nuts but that’s all we have to go on and I can’t cross him over until he sees the light or is found.
If anyone reading this  can help please contact me immediately.
He’s not giving us much to go on.
The man befriended the Mum to get to the boy.
Groomed for the boy.
The house is on a dirt stone track.
The houses are made of wood.
He is a neighbour. It’s not a poor area but not wealthy. More working class.
It’s impossible to find him with what we have.
He has come to us because this man is a bad man in a kittens clothing.
He fears for his Mums safety and wants this man away from his Mum.
The tiny community trust this man and he’s even helping in the investigation to find this wee boy.
If anyone can help please contact me IMMEDIATELY.

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My ‘Feckin’ Ghost Story (and Orbs explained)

I’m sitting here waiting for the boss to connect so I can get started on updating my Blog when I happened to flick the TV over to Really. Which is playing My Ghost Story.

If your not familiar with it, it’s a show where every man and his dog has captured evidence of the Paranormal while recounting their stories.

You get to see the evidence they have collected and hear their stories.

I was banned from watching this show by my husband because I spend so much time screaming at the TV I exhaust myself and piss my husband off coz he has to deal with the aftermath lol

Bloody Fuckin Nora,………………I mean. Who teaches these people this stuff? It’s not the people on the show I’m pissed off at, it’s the people that are teaching these people this shit that I want to walk up to and punch right in the throat.

If any of you so called Psychics, Sensitives, Clairhearsmellfeeliants, Paranormal Investigators who are going out and telling people that this stuff is true and fact and documented fact that scratches mean attack, and 3 being the Holy trinity and light streaks are Angels, Growls and Groans means evil or and shit like that you should be ashamed of yourself.

I am the one who has to fix what you break in people and I can’t keep up with it all. I’m emailing on average 380 people a WEEK because people are terrified of what they have been told is in their house, or attached to their family or loved ones in Spirit.

Let me tell you something, in just a few months time the world is going to become a very different place and there will be no room at the end of it for people like you.

I am going to make it my mission to travel the globe in however many ways I can to show people that what they know about Death and the Paranormal is wrong and I’ll tell you something else which I take great pride in.

If ANY of you have lied, stolen, cheated, robbed or bribed your way to getting one penny off an innocent you can be sure Spirit are going to have a nice little bed for you in Hell on the other side.

I am NOT talking about those who don’t charge, or charge little who genuinely believe what they know is truth. Those who use their gift or knowledge to try and help people. I’m not talking about you. If it’s genuine and it helps not hurts I am NOT talking about you.

But you will ALL know he kind I’m talking about.

I have never understood for one minute how I was chosen for this life. Because we are assigned certain lives. We don’t get to choose them all. Well we do, we can say No to one we are asked to do but there are some lives assigned to people because it will be required in order to evolve up. So basically I know when I die I get a choice. I can come back to a really lovely life, I can be an Elder, I can stay and help people who have passed over, or I can be a Spirit traveling the Universe teaching and experiencing existence and evolution.

So this means when I die I should be allowed to chose what I do next. Being an Elder would be the logical next step then hopefully a Spirit Elder after that.

Children, the Disabled, Innocent victims of War, Murder etc…..Good Souls etc…..get the highest offer on the table when they die which is Spirit Elder. But there are ones beyond that up to The Council I’m still figuring out. But I’m totally going off on a tangent now lol

Anyway, I’m the last person who should be this Spiritual Teacher because I’m so pissed off with people ALL the time. I have no patience for greed, ruthlessness and arrogance. But to take money and misrepresent Spirit REALLY pisses me off.

People who try to tell me about me, and my gift like they think they’re experts on it because they have been doing tarot for 6 months.

People who take money from those desperate for hope that their loved ones are safe on the other side KNOWING you have no gift whatsoever but your just really good at cold reading. Charging poor widows $250,000 to release the demon holding her husbands soul from going to Heaven because he did bad business dealings she didn’t know about when he was alive, KNOWING the only talking to the other side they do is talking out their ass.

Those who do investigations wearing trench coats and wear all black and have logos like P.I.S.S (Paranormal Investigators of South Shields) hahahahahahahaha who swan up to peoples houses and businesses with their EMF detectors and digital recorders who tell the owners there are demons and other scary entities in their home/business because they misread the information put in front of them. But WORST STILL are the ones who investigate for the rights of bragging on their websites who know there are trapped Spirits in the house/building and do NOTHING to help them.

I’m putting an offer out to anyone in the UK now, if you have anything in your house that you need sorting out, come to me, I’ll do it.

To those of you who live outside the UK please just give me a little time. I am amassing an Army of Spirit Warriors, in the US, India, UK and NZ who I’m personally training. SO they will eventually start their own Blogs to reach out to people in their areas who need help.

I’m making it my mission to release as many trapped Spirits and Cleansing as many houses and buildings as I can and I’ll teach and educate along the way so eventually My tree has hundreds of branches and my branches will eventually have leaves that produce their own branches and so on.

I will go on any TV show, any Radio show, Any Magazine who will have me so I can reach as many people as possible and with my students help within a year people will know my work and my purpose. Which is to educate the world about Spirit, and help people understand they are nothing to fear. And also to teach people how to let Spirit guide them to perfect balance and happiness. I know I could call myself a Psychic Therapist but is that maybe a bit up my own butt? Any advice on what my title would be?

One of the things that upsets me most of all on these shows is when the person takes a photo and they see streaks of light and say it’s a Spirit. Or she said Ghost which Spirit hate most of all. The words Ghost and Alien are as offensive to them as the N word is to Black people and the F word to gay people.

But this streak of white light was right next to a row of white lights. The woman in the prison who was convinced there were a ton of green streaks of Spirits next to a row of green lights. Not one of them stops to think it’s exposure. They all automatically assume and ran with the theory it was a Spirit.

The truth is if you take a photo and see streaks of light, you can automatically throw it out if:

  1. The colour of the streak matches the colour of the lights in the room.
  2. If there is a reflective surface near the streak
  3. the camera was not on a tripod.

My husband is a professional photographer. He has had exhibits back in his day before he got into Gaming Art and when he watches these shows he knows the names of all the anomaly and he said ‘If the investigator doesn’t set his camera down on a steady surface like a table or Tripod when he or she takes a shot, it can immediately be thrown out when something shows up’.

See…..with digital cameras nowadays they have them on Automatic settings so the camera will adjust itself depending on what it thinks the picture needs judging by how much light is in the room. It will pixilate anything it can’t recognize. So if your investigator doesn’t hand set all the settings the camera needs for that particular environment you can discharge the photo immediately.

Those streaks of light that are in the same colour as the light in the room is when the shutter speed is on the wrong setting and over exposes the light that is in the room. The same can be said for a lot of ectoplasm or mist photos.

Not all, some are genuine, but 99% of them aren’t.

So any time you see someone taking a photo and it’s not on a tripod of hard flat surface, takes a pic and it shows something, discard it.

If the camera hasn’t been set by hand to work in the conditions it is to take photos, ie night time with low light, etc…….you can throw the pictures out.

99% of all the photos people have caught in mirrors or glass, picture frames or window aren’t even Spirits. It is all tricks of light and or that thing your brain does where it will recognize a face in any pattern.

People actually have been told that the faces in her curtain are trapped Spirits or not even trapped, Spirit. People ACTUALLY believe dead people who lived, loved, ate, slept, worked, laughed, played, cried, made love, played with toys, read books, had families, got married, had babies, thought, planned, hurt, and died chose to spend their afterlife sitting in your curtains or carpet or in rusty spots in mirrors etc….but it’s not Spirit at all. It’s just a trick on the brain because our brain is conditioned to recognize faces the minute we are born. Long before we even know language we know facial recognition.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense, but it makes sense because it’s a simple answer. Everything Spirit are and do is simple. It’s ignorance that makes it so complicated and I honestly think it is why I have such a loyal following, because they understand me and get where I’m coning from. Because they are all smart, very intelligent people who know that nothing about Spirit needs to be complicated.

The Paranormal is not a complicated science. Nothing Spirit say or do is hard to figure out. It’s only when you get to my level of experience you start to get into Quantum Physics and things like String Theories and stuff. But I doubt you’ll get to have these conversations with your Psychic, Scentiant or Medium.

Now…..I must stress. I am NOT talking about genuine Psychics and Mediums who charge a reasonable amount of money to help people. The genuine investigators who respect the process and Spirit and try to help the Spirit as much as they try to help the people in the building or home. There are genuine ones out there.

You ALL know who I’m talking about. We all know them. We have all seen them and know what they do. We’ve all heard the stories.

So while I update my Blog (as I’ve recently had a massive dose of information packed into my reality which means I’ve not only changed my views on how I see things but I’ve also had to update my knowledge because even I got it wrong in some cases. But I’m not unhappy to share that. I admit my mistakes. What I learn I can pass on, so no one loses on anything I’ve gotten wrong.

Nothing I got wrong was like HUGE, it was just small things like Orbs which I’m about to correct now. I am updating my posts as I go. The ones I update will have (revised written on them)

Okay so there are three types of Orbs. They aren’t even what most people think.

I used to think Orbs were Spirits who never had enough energy to manifest but it’s not the case at all.

Here they are explained.

  1. The genuine orbs are the ones that interact with a person. They will follow, touch and respond to the person and if you look closely you can see a face in the middle of it. These are rare but they happen a lot with loved ones in videos. I’ve been sent a few. One that springs to mind was one I still find touching to this day that I put up in my Post related to a show I did when I was doing Pod Casts The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost.

It is footage of a young Dad sitting at his computer singing to a song on his laptop to his young daughter. It’s a song that clearly means a lot to the Dad singing it. I remember the wife of the man in the video contacted me to ask me what I thought and it was such a beautiful example of Spirit reaching out to a loved one it made me quite emotional to watch it. To be a part of something so raw and beautiful just etched in my brain and I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

I remember telling the wife quite clearly this was the Spirit of an older man because I could see him clearly in the footage when it was enlarged. I had my husband take a look at it and even he was moved by the footage.

The wife confirmed it was her husbands Father. They had not long said ‘Bon Voyage’ to Dad and this song playing was being sung by a grief stricken son to his beloved best friend, his Dad’ And Dad was responding.

It is a beautiful piece of footage I will never ever forget.

This older man was loving this moment with his son and Grand daughter. He was floating around his Son just soaking the moment. It would then go into the kitchen and pace like it was looking for someone.

But long story short I told her it was an Older man, connecting with this man and he was looking for a woman who was out the back in the kitchen area, near a patio.

She said this place I was talking about was where this deceased mans Wife was sitting while her Son and grand daughter was having this moment with her husband.

So he was clearly trying to reach out to his wife and son to let them know he was safe and with them.

This type of Orb is rarer but certainly not uncommon. If you want to send me your orb pictures and pictures/footage of people in mirrors/glass/windows etc…..I’d be happy to help you understand what it is. Just email me at

Just be warned though, I will tell you the truth. It might disappoint you but it’s better to be hurt by the truth than devastated by a lie.

But you can often see the faces of the person inside the Orb. I’ve seen a ton over the last 12 months where it is obviously a persons face.

The orb isn’t the person physically but the Soul of the person if you will. Imagine the life force or essence of a person after they die. You would always see it as a light or ball of energy right? Well that is what these types of Orbs are.

These types of orbs have a clear and definite purpose. The way they interact is too personal and deliberate for it not to be conscious.

2) The second type of orb is less known about and I myself have just learned it. But it is an Orb or ball of light attached to a memory.

It is a visual stone tape theory if you will. Imagine a memory attached to an incident in a persons life. It is just like an Imprinted image. Which is often called the stone tape theory. It works in the same way. It captures a moment in time and traps it in a ball of energy and when the conditions are just right it ignites a memory.

It’s why some times you’ll get them and some times you won’t. It’s not a repeating pattern though like a visual. It’s the same energy on a different frequency. But you will get them in the same area. They’ll appear to go from room to room, moving up and down with purpose. Like their strolling from one room to another as they do their work if it was in an office building or somewhere that once had an office. Or you’ll see one going up and down a hallway going from room to room. That is more the memory playing out of someone like Mum or Nanny putting the kids to bed. Checking on them and then settling down for the night themselves for example.

Which brings me lastly to

3) Orbs like poltergeist activity can also be triggered by the people in the building or home.

People go in wanting to hear from them.

It’s like a ball of energy being fired into the atmosphere when you go in expecting or hoping to have an encounter with Spirit.

Then depending on what your expecting will be what you get. Like Ouija and Seances.

People don’t realize how good we are at manifesting things we want. We manifest our own Karma and our own demons, if I could train people to use that same energy into manifesting their idea of bliss, can you imagine how happy and self rewarding our lives would be.

No one would be in competition with each other. No one would be jealous of anyone because you could literally manifest the same thing or better.

The rest really are just bugs, dust.

But these shows need to stop because they are teaching people very dangerous habits.

It is also making a mockery of the memory of our loved ones.

I’m the first one to admit they’re awesome to watch if you don’t take it seriously. But so many people do unfortunately.

These shows are without knowing it, exploiting the dead if they don’t do anything about trying to help those trapped.

If I ever get a show, it will be just that. Investigating, connecting and crossing over. I’ll show everyone how it’s done and then within a year I’ll have copy cats lol but it’s better they copy right than wrong.

I’m tired. I’m so tired. I spend so much time fixing other peoples mistakes and I can’t do it on my own any more.

I either reach the masses and recruit Soldiers or I sit and keep ranting on my Blog lol

I want to thank everyone for their incredible support while I go through this transition with my gift.

I’m not scared. I need to reassure you all of that. I promise you I’m not scared. I was at first but it was only because I didn’t know what was happening. If I was having a stroke or bleed on the brain or something but I assure you I’m fine. I’m having a really big issue with not being able to charge a single bloody thing in my home and I’m sleeping like the dead which I love but I’m sleeping like he dead because I’m draining myself as soon as I start connecting with Spirit.

I’ve created a new Science apparently. I have single handedly invented a new Science lol not bad for a Housewife who left school at 14 aye/ lol hahahahaha

‘Only you could aye Bub?’ lol I hear my Mum say jokingly lol

Love and Light













Wed 27th Jan 16. 1.15am-6am

So……….something’s been in my room for two nights which I’m assuming is one
I couldn’t see them obviously but I need to get this all out coz I’m scared I’ll forget.
So I’m noticing when I get Spirit coming into my room and they don’t show themselves I’m about to experience something big lol
It means either my Elders or Spirit of equal importance have been sent to monitor me or something lol So I’m guessing that Gravity feeling I had a couple of days ago was a sign. What I know for sure is within a couple of days most definitely within 72 hrs something big happens after I experience certain physical phenomenon. But the REAL warning sign is when I have Spirit in my room who don’t identify themselves lol
But when Elders and big Spirits like ancestors get involved it’s life changing stuff.
They’re either testing my training, or monitoring my growth. They power me up depending on how fast I adapt. That’s for sure lol

So I’ve been paying attention and testing myself as usual and I’m finding the deepest sleeps result in the most exhausting lesson.
That’s understandable right. That makes perfect sense.
But does that include when your woken up 6 times and all 6 times you wake up as someone else?
Coz I was so tired last night after doing my work I could barely talk and Spirit were hard core yelling at me to go to sleep.
I had gotten an email from a Mum asking for help with her 12yr old son and I couldn’t leave him without talking to him. He HAD to go to bed knowing his sister was with him.
I couldn’t let him go a day longer being so sad.
So after my husband told me off for not listening I said my bit and signed off and that’s all I remember.
Until I woke up and feeling REALLY drowsy and groggy I realised I was a man in his 50s in a room I can describe in perfect detail in every way from the plastic sheet up at his window from when it got broken in the corner where the tree fell and a branch went into window and broke it.
To the generic brand talcum powder on his cluttered drawers.
I felt him because I was him. I felt his body being warm and toasty from being snuggled and warm in his antique brown wooden bed with big old comfy mattress that was his parents and grandparents.
As he sat up I realised it was me sitting up but he sat up in a way where he raised both legs as if to propel himself up and out of bed as one fluid movement.
I saw his legs but they were my legs. They were hairy and slightly thin and really short. My legs are 44inches long on the inside leg so I was drawn to the fact they were short and hairy not long and hairlessish(about four days over due for a shave lol)
As he moved towards sitting up and getting out of bed he pulled his heavy floral bedspread back.
I saw he had about 7 layers of blankets under the floral quilt. Which explains why he was so toasty.

At this point I knew something was off. Bearing in mind all this happened in a split second. From start to finish this experience took about 1.5secs maybe 2 but no more.
That’s how quick I pounce on my thoughts and connect them to what I’m experiencing.
You have to be that quick. Otherwise it would take 100yrs to figure all this out.
If it’s taken me 43 with my quick thinking and analytical mind it would take someone like The Kardashians by the time their kids are grandparents for Kimpanzee, Kristin,Karpet, Krinkly, Kate, Kyle, Kirk, Kindergarten, and YessusMary and Joseph to work it out. Lol

But I realised I was having ‘a moment’ so I told myself to lay back down.
In the first few moments of me waking up I felt heavy and groggy because I’d been woken up from a deep sleep.
I couldn’t understand why I’d gone from a deep sleep to sitting up and climbing out of bed.
Once I figured out what was going on I just lay down and covered myself back up.
This man was in Russia and I think his alarm went off and he was getting out of bed. It was about 4-5am for him. It wasn’t dark outside his window but the sun wasn’t fully up. It was a light blue early morning colour out his window.
But he had a German sounding name like Gustaf.
How did I know? I just do.
I don’t know if he felt me. But I know as he works at his Toll Booth or whatever it is. People drive up, pay him, he gives them a ticket or token he lifts a gate thing and they drive through.

I fell back into a deep sleep once I told myself to lay back down and let myself go through what they needed me to go through.
But it happened five more times.
A nurse in Australia, in the hospital nurses quarters, a man in Thailand/Malaysia, a woman in Germany, a man in the US (who was having a sexual encounter at the time lol ) and the 6th I cannot reveal and don’t ask.

I don’t know if they all saw me or knew I was there. I remember every detail though. I felt their bodies, their blood run through their veins, their heartbeat etc….felt it all. As a straight woman I now know what it feels like to have male genitalia because in the last 3 weeks since that issue with gravity I’m jumping in and out of men and women lol I feel everything. The Thai/Malay man has a chest infection. I felt it in his chest. I was watching him prepare lemons and boiling water and ginger on a bench being chopped up. To the point where my fingers are still feeling puckered from touching all the juice and water. Not all of them were asleep but they were all sleeping, sleepy, tired or I’ll.
I was doing what they do but I’d wake up from a dead sleep and see in front of me whatever they were seeing.
The man in the US was with a woman.
His walls were painted a really light aquamarine colour. A double bed. A big flag or large cotton bandana or something is on the wall above his head. It’s made from the same material as a handkerchief but it is really big. It’s black and red and trippy. Psychedelic.
A black woman was kneeling over him. Lol
A door was half open to my right where my TV would usually be. Noone else was there.
It was him crib. But it smelt musty and man like lol he obviously never opens a window.
He had plait type braids in his hair like Coolios hair in Gangsters Paradise but they were shorter. They were sticking out all over his head like a hedgehog but they were really cool. He takes pride in his hair lol he’s proud of his place.
He’s 26 and they call him Dre, but he’s Andre B. He works for the City Council. He writes poetry and versus etc….for fun. He’s REALLY good too.
Really good.

What I don’t know is if they knew I was there or if these people are even alive today. I felt them coz I was in them. As me and as them and it was so real if my husband was awake during every event he would of seen me acting out slicing lemons, kissing thin air, staring out of a window that is where we have a window and various things like that.
I’ve woken up myself thinking I’ve slept for what seemed like 20 hours but it was in fact only 3. Now I’m fully awake and analysing what happened I am aware that I have a slight headache.
My chest hurts still from the man in Indo Asia. My fingertips still feel puckered but I’ve just looked at my fingertips and they aren’t puckered.
But I feel them.
Just another thing I need to experience so I can figure it out I guess.
I’m not bothered. I stopped being bothered by what Spirit were doing to me in 20s lol

I’m starting to recognise the signs something’s gonna happen now. ‘There’s three steps. So now I know what they are I’ll be prepared.
I’m being yelled at to lay down now. I’m suddenly aware of nausea and dizziness.
I’ll have a drink of soda water then I’ll rest before I hit the work.
I’m slighlty shaky. My glucose is normal. My BP is a little low but I’ll check it again when I’ve had my water and rest.
I certainly can’t say I’m boring lol