My Gift Has Changed. I Appear to Time Slip during Readings now

It seems to be now when I’m doing a reading I am able to Time Slip during the reading. I have found in the last 8 readings I have done not only could I Appear beside the Client while I’m watching them like a Spirit going about something I’m predicting in a reading but I am also able to Time Slip to their Past Life events as well.

I know this sounds crazy because it’s so different to an Actual Time Slip.

I don’t get the Hum or Buzzing like I do a Time Slip in Public. This is while I’m Psychically reading for the client.

Let me explain as best I can.

Before when I read for someone it was like a movie playing out in my mind. I would get images and glimpses often in quick succession and Spirit will fill in the blanks. But recently I’ve been basically transported to the space and time of a particular imagine in the reading where I can not only see everything as though I am actually there but I can smell the smells, feel the weather on my skin and describe what I’m seeing in great detail.

I did it just tonight with a client. I saw him standing outside a building taking a phone call. Instantly I felt the cold air hit my face, (Still do actually) I could feel the snow hitting my face and my face IS cold. I could smell his cologne, I could feel my feet crunching on the gravel. I could describe where he was standing in such great detail he knew exactly where I was talking about. I can touch objects and retain the feel of their fabric. It’s remarkable.

I’ve had two clients who were shown past life issues where I was right there, watching them go about their business in their last life. I could smell the blood, the heat, the screams of the men dying in battle. I could feel the metal of the saw as it cut limbs off. The feel of the cotton cloth she was using to wipe the blood off her face. She was in the heat of battle during the American Civil War. I can describe it in vivid detail because I was there.

The trouble is, I’m never prepared for it so I can’t make sure I take a tablet for the pain it gives me when I come out of it.

As with Time Slips the common thing is my eyes start to go blurry and my real life seems over lapped with the image from the reading. And when I come out of it I am WIPED out. Seriously WIPED out. I can barely move. The Nausea is oh my god…..I can’t even begin to describe it. Nothing takes it away either.

I will sleep like the dead tonight (no pun intended). It has taken over 2 hours for my eye sight to almost repair itself.

There is a down side though.

One of the Clients I read for lost his Mother when he was 9 years old. His Mother was murdered and no one knew to this day what happened and who. I was transported to the room. I witnessed in great detail this poor woman being beaten about the head and strangled. I felt her thinking about her son as she took her last breath. I was able to describe who killed her. I’ve seen death many times before but not like that. I will never forget it. The freakiest part about it all is I swear to God, she saw me. I swear she knew I was there.

I don’t know what is happening to me. I am letting Spirit guide me the way they feel I need it. I accept any experience they give me as being part of my Greater Plan. And I know I can’t interfere with anything I see and I never would but the incredible thing about it all is It isn’t just in a reading now that I can do it. It’s Past Life Readings and Future experiences I’m travelling too. So my Time Slips are without Time.

Ever The Student





I have some messages: Odd Sock Club

I’m being taken over today lol Spirits every which way I look. I can only tell you what I’m being told. Please contact me if your one who these messages are for: I can’t promise I’m going to make sense but I will try as I literally have multiple Spirits trying to talk to me and I can feel myself going. I more than likely won’t remember any of this so please forgive me if anything I say is offensive or upsets anyone. This is not my intention. I’m simply passing on messages. I love you all so much. You all mean the world to me. Please know I’m doing this knowing it is going to take days off me lol But your about to experience me in action lol But I am NOT a Medium. I only do it when Spirit step forward. And my God have they stepped forward.

Okay firstly to Amanda: I have Grandad, he pushed through first. He was like a little bulldog pushing his way through. This man had a job where he was boss lol He may have had a Military back ground or a background of leading men. He is authoritative but so loving. He’s the sort of Grandad that went all out at Christmas for his grand children. He was always full of love and he passed with some sort of stomach or gut issue. I feel like he got something like Cancer in his stomach or Pancreas then it went to his lungs or something. But the gut/stomach is where it started and it spreading is what took his life. He was sick for about 8 months, less than a year and he keeps saying over and over ‘I need to speak to my Manda’. This is his message. ‘You can’t do more than your capable of. You have tried to mend the pieces of a broken family but you have done all you can do. You need to focus on you now and let the rest of them sort it out. You are allowing yourself to be drained by those around you who are negative. Your creative energy is being drained because someone around you is draining you. Your giving so much of yourself to mending others, your forgetting to look after the most important person which is you. Your going to suffer an illness because of this if your not careful and you have things you need to be doing next year. Big things. Your telling yourself it’s because your tired, it’s because your busy your the way your feeling right now is because those around you are draining you. You need to step back and let the world around you fix itself. You need all your energy for next year. He wants you to know he loves you and he has your dog with him. He said you’ve always the apple of his eye. He definitely said Manda. He said Manda before he said anything else. So if your Manda or Amanda or you know who this message is for please can you pass on this message. I feel like this person REALLY needs to hear this message right now.

Next I have a Woman here, she is saying Daphne. She is dressed in Older clothes, from like the 1900’s but what she is saying is really important. She wants whoever it is to know she is getting bring to bring Mum/Grandma over. You know this person is terminally ill so its not a surprise. This woman who is being watched over buy her Mother would be in her 70’s 80s herself. But this Spirit woman looks like she wold barely be 50 if not late 40s. So this terminally ill woman’s Mother died in her 40’s maybe early 50s at least 60 years ago.The ill woman I don’t think had her Mother in her life for very long. But I don’t know if Daphne or Delphine is her name, or the name of her daughters. But the ill lady needs to know that Mum is with her and she is making sure she isn’t scared. She said she is going to be with her every step of the way. I keep wanting to say Mmmm for a name. Mary, Marion, Margret, etc…the daughters name might start with M. This woman is showing me a photo of herself when she was about to be married that still exists and she is wearing a White Blouse with a high neck. Long pencil thin skirt that sits high on the waist. With black boots and she has her hair tied back in a bun. She looks about 18. She said ‘I could of been an actress, I acted in Community Theater but I wanted a family more than I wanted to act.’ She wants her  children and grandchildren to know that Nana/Mum will not be in pain or alone in her final hours and she will be free from pain. Wisconsin means something to this woman and also she is saying ‘Don’t paint with that yellow colour, it isn’t going to look very nice. You’ll regret it as soon as it’s done. It is NOT the colour for you.’


Then I have Michael, my poor Michael who has been with me for Months. I’ve asked numerous clients and Facebook and Tweeted about this poor man. He STILL stands by my bedroom door. All I can tell you is he was in his 30’s, he either had a brain aneurysm and bleed into his brain while he was at home.I think he lived in a Caravan type of house. But it was because of his work.Michael worked outside I THINK in the Lumber Industry. There are machines in his yard. He may have been a Lumber Jack or worked in the Industry but he worked on site or often slept in the company Office which is on site. Because he shows me going in side to make lunch or have a break and next thing he gets this pain in his head and he is on the ground. He keeps talking about blood and his head so I don’t know if he was hit on the head or like I said had an aneurysm but his death was because of his head. He said he was found alive, but died when no one was around. He was moved while alive (I think he is saying he was taken by ambulance alive and died in hospital). His message is so important because he is desperate. This poor man has been standing in my bedroom every night for about 5 months now and I need to find his family. He is desperate for his sister to know he has her baby with him and he is looking after it. I don’t know if she lost a baby or is wanting a baby but he is saying ‘It’s okay sis, I have your baby.’. He wants his parents to sell his stuff. He has no need for his stuff but he wants Dad to have his truck. Coz ‘Dad loves it’. He wants his family to know ‘He didn’t feel a thing. The last he remembers he was feeling tired and took and early break, then he was with Grandpa and (I think) he said Uncle Richard’. Michael is about 6’2 inches tall, not slim, maybe athletic build with muscles. He had soft hands even though he worked with Lumber. He had brown eyes, and he asked me to talk about the scar on his face by his right eye. He played guitar, ‘self taught thank you very much’ lol and he is a gentleman. He has been in my room for months and hardly makes a sound. Please if Michale belongs to you or sound familiar to someone you know please get in touch or pass his messages on. It would mean so much to me.

I also have little Sarah. Sarah is about 10-12 years old.One son says 10 one son says 12, I think she looks about 9-10. But the one thing that confuses us is she sometimes has almost blonde hair and sometimes it is a light brown. But her eyes are brown. She is wearing blue jeans and a pink top with My Little Pony on the top, she also sometimes wears green pajamas with her hair tied back.

I feel she had some sort of stomach disease, because I don’t see any injury but the boys say she was stabbed. Please bear in mind my boys are 4 and 5 and they are still learning to deal with their gifts. They aren’t afraid of Spirit. But sometimes they get so caught up in what is going on they forget to listen or ask questions. But this is what I’m currently teaching them. She may have told them Stabbing pains and at 4 and 5 they took it to mean she got stabbed. OR she may have been stabbed. But I’ve not seen any blood. I just know it’s her stomach that caused her death. She wants her Mummy to know she knows about her baby brother and sister and was with them when they were waiting to be born and she wants her Mum to stop feeling guilty about her passing. There was nothing anyone could do and it wasn’t her fault. But she wants Mum to be happy and she doesn’t want Mum feeling guilty for moving on with her life. She hears her cries and feels Mummy’s broken heart but ‘Mum I died a few years ago (I feel she died somewhere between 10-15yrs ago judging by the way she is dressed). You need to just move on now and look after my brothers and sisters. Your an awesome Mum and you weren’t replacing me. I’m so happy here because I have all these animals to play with and they don’t hurt me.It’s so cool and I still have my Barbie you gave me Mum and I have responsibilities with the animals and I get to hold babies too. I love you all so much but I don’t even get to miss you because I see you every day. If I feel you crying for me I just think of you and I’m right there with you. So please remember, all you have to do is think of me, and I’m right there. I think the blonde hair, brown hair thing is she was blonde as a toddler but went brown as she got older. This might be to help me help establish who she is to her family. She loved My Little Pony when she was little and for some reason she keeps switching from being a toddler to being about 10. But to me I feel it means she first got sick as a toddler. That whatever caused her death started to affect her when she was a little girl around about 4 yrs old. She used to sit on my stairs but she now talks to my boys. She isn’t from this house. This house is only 26yrs old. She sits on my stairs but likes to sit in my boys bedrooms. My youngest said she sometimes sings to him because she loved to sing. It sounded like a Backstreet boys song to me. Does Sarah belong to you?

If you know any of these Spirit Family members,please pass their messages on or contact me on

Also there is someone who reads my Blog who is hiding their sexuality to their friends and family. Your being told ‘Everyone knows, your the one who isn’t admitting it. Come out, be out and proud and your life will be happier than it’s ever been, No More Secrets. Your not going to get the drama your expecting.’

Also there is a man with a J name. I think it’s Jeff (he is saying the names, Timothy, Henry, Helen,  but someone who comes into this Blog who has a husband who is suffering emotional issues since he lost the business/job and house. He needs to change his perspective and it will give him ideas and focus. He needs to know that he is not any less of a man because of these things. They are just bits of wood the bank owned because you didn’t own them out right. BUT they are someone elses problem now. You lost a house that needed so much doing to it. It was going to take years to fix and tens of thousands of dollars/pounds. You didn’t even like the house.Now your free to travel the world if you want and you could stay away as long as you wanted because your not being held back by a mortgage or business. You were unhappy in your business. Why be upset about losing a job you were so miserable in? remember you used to dream of being able to start again. Your job and sticks of wood don’t define who you are as a human being.It doesn’t make you the husband and Father you are, nor does it make you any less of a Husband,Son or Brother. You put so much worth into things you can’t take with you when you die so why allow yourself to be stressed over something you never wanted anyway?Use this time to have that new career you always dream about. You won’t even remember being Bankrupt in a few years. You have to see this for the blessing it is. You now don’t have the pressure of paying for a house you couldn’t afford to fix or move out of because it wouldn’t sell in that condition. That pressure is gone. It is no longer your problem. You could just up sticks and move county, or country if you want and nothing is holding you back. You always wanted to see The Pacific and Asia. Save up and go. Put your savings in your wife’s maiden name or something and save for a trip. I say Save up because I do feel you have a job or your just about to start your new job.). But you had a dream for a new career. Go back to school, go to school at night or do online courses. You have dreams, but you were so busy working to pay for your big house which needed repairs, and keeping your job/business a float when you were being ripped off anyway. Now those hurdles have been removed and your free to do all those things you ever wanted to do. Your going to change your job, it will be a better one and will suit your schooling hours. Your just one of these people who has to have certain hurdles removed from their life so they can start all over again with a clean slate. Most people don’t get second chances at life and your being given one. no amount of money or celebrity in the world can get what your about to be given so you need to take the Bull by the Horns and take this new beginning as an incredible blessing because it is a blessing. Soon you won#t be working to survive, you’ll be surviving to work because your going to LOVE your new calling. I keep seeing a Ambulance, so maybe he might have dreams of being in the Medical field. Paramedic, Nurse, Doctor or something like that. But he is the only one holding himself back. His fears are letting him down. He hasn’t lost the love or respect of one single person since everything went wrong which means they loved you for you and not what you had or what job you did. Your legacy isn’t your failings but your triumphs. You have so much more to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of. Your a victim of the economic times. Your not the first and sadly you won’t be the last. This is this mans Father talking. I wonder if it was a family business that went under. If it is, Dad clearly doesn’t care.

If you know Jeff, or you are Jeff, John, Jimmy, J name, please listen. You have the love of the Universe guiding you. Hold your head up high. Your a good man. You were in the wrong business. You now have the chance to be in the right business. You are loved so much.

I hope all of these messages find who they are intended for. Contact me if they belong to you to see if there are more messages.

Thank you for your time

Love and Light


I would like to Invite You to a Question and Answer Session:

I would like to invite my Readers and Followers to ask me any questions they have. Judging by some of the Search Engine Questions you have a few questions and also some of you are having Dreams they want help to interpret.

Feel Free to Submit your questions and Dreams here and I will answer them ALL for Free. Don’t be afraid. I don’t bite much. You can be Anonymous if you wish.

Also if you have any suggestions for Post Topics. Have I not covered something you would like me to talk about?

Please don’t be afraid to contact me. I do NOT Charge for any of this stuff. Only Readings. Also I’m talking about Questions to do with the Paranormal. Anything you want to know, want to understand, dream interpretation, not of a Predicting nature. I would go against my Confidentiality Agreement. But of you want to know what’s happening in your house or office? Having strange dreams? Ask away.

Can’t wait to hear from you all.


Farewell my Teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of my Teacher Pauline Wardel Braddon.

Pauline passed away today 13th Oct 2014 at 2.10am Queensland, Australia time.

I received an email when I woke this morning. informing me she was in the final stages of passing over and then a following one to say She had pass away.

Pauline, I know you can hear me Teacher but you were the Biggest Influence in my entire life. You made me not fear my gift and oh you poor poor patient woman. How you sat and answered my 1000 questions. I used to exhaust you with my questions. But your answers never felt wrong to me. It was like you could see into my soul. I will never forget how we met. Me sitting by the pool in that Hotel in Surfers. You and Janette took me in and you proceeded to tell me that my Dad had come to you while you were on the toilet lol hahahaha Then began my journey.

You were such a teeny tiny lady. I used to joke and call you Yoda. You never let me talk myself out of things, even when you threw me in the middle of things I wasn’t ready to do, like ‘talking to and reading for your friend in Canada without notice’. You told me once ‘You will have a student and he will be younger than you and you’ll be harder on him than I ever was on you’ with her little round pure white face lol Well…………your wrong, I think I’m a positive delight (although Brandon might not agree) hahahahahaha

Pauline, please come and see me. You must be done meeting and greeting everyone by now. You told me the night before you left my house that ‘I would be your last student but you felt I would be your most successful because I was a natural and you would never worry about me because you had faith in my ability’. Well Yoda, I still need you. I have so many questions now only you can answer. Please come and visit me. Your Padewan awaits.

Rest in Peace now my Dearest Pauline. I can still smell that damn fried Tofu,Tomatoes and Onions.


Suicide: The Truth About What Happens Afterwards.

Sadly I have been dealing with a lot of people who have had their lives torn apart by the loss of a loved one by Suicide. So I decided to do a post based on my knowledge of what happens to a Suicide Soul after they pass over.

Contrary to popular belief they do NOT go to Hell and they do NOT get classed as being a Sinner for taking their own life.

Depression is the number one cause of Suicide and Spirit being the all loving all light souls that they are turn their back on NO ONE in the After Life. So I’m going to tell you the truth about what happens and I know this according to what I have been told by the Spirits who committed suicide themselves. This might hurt or offend some people and that isn’t my intention. I am simply trying to educate people because I am quite simply bothered by the amount of lies, half truths and blatant ignorance is given by supposed Psychics and Mediums who care more about the work than the clients to educate themselves on the truth. SO here it goes. I apologize if I offend anyone but I am all about The Truth when it comes to Spirit.

Our Lives are all predestined. From the minute we are conceived it is set in our Life Cycle when we will marry, who we marry, what children we have, what careers we have and things like that but also especially when we die. So contrary to what some believe NO ONE dies before their time. If their time is up, it was meant to be and part of the plan. Even unfortunately Babies, Children. The duration of our life is based on two things.

The Lessons we were sent here to learn and The lessons we have taught those we leave behind. We spend more time as a Spirit than we do as a Human and we live our lives according to the lessons we are meant to learn. For example: Someone who was a wealthy, greedy, megalomaniac might after death decide to come back as a Poverty Stricken African Child so his soul will know the true meaning of suffering in his soul.

As we live our life, everything good or bad happens when and how it is meant to. Our Paths are as they were set out to be before our birth. But the easiest way to understand this is if I explain it like this.

If you imagine our life is a journey and your using Sat Nav to complete your journey. Imagine then your destination is set in before you set off on that journey and while we will go down some roads set out for us how we reach our final destination is based on how many detours and reroutings we take. The destination is the same but the roads we choose to go down is all us but either way you get there in the end. But the roads we take whether we choose them or not come with the lessons we are meant to learn from taking them. All the good things that happen to us, all the bad things that happen to us, happen because they are meant to and because the lessons we learned from them are important for us to complete the journey having learned the most we could from it.

With Suicides, they get to a fork in the road when the Sat Nav gives them a choice. take Road A) Where your life will end and your journey is completed or Road B) where you take the lovely scenic route which means it will take longer to reach your destination but you will get there in the end.

If they are successful in their attempt to take their life then they chose Road A. I haven’t met one Spirit who killed themselves who didn’t regret what they did the second they pulled the trigger, jumped,swallowed the pills etc….they all said the second the light left their life they realized that actually things weren’t so bad and there IS a way out of the depression or stress they were under at the time. They all wished they had chosen Road B. However because they are Spirits they know, understand and fully accept that this was the path they chose and it was for a greater purpose than anyone living realizes.

They are treated with so much love and understanding when they die. All their loved ones greet them and walk them to where they will get the help they need to release themselves from the stress and fear of what made them want to die in the first place. All their loved ones on the other side actively join forces to help mend the pieces of their Broken Souls. And they are Broken Souls. They are released of all their Earthly emotion,all the things that made them hurt, angry, sad, depressed, jealous, worried etc…it is removed from them as is the trauma of their death. Especially in the case of Gun Shot deaths, Hangings, Train, Bus Suicides etc…the body takes a huge impact which if not removed it would carry over into the next life they have to live. And they WILL have to be reborn. So what happens next?

Well this is the where the Tough Love part comes in.

Suicide isn’t an acceptable practice in Spirit. Your, We are expected to have utmost faith that no matter what happens in our life, there is a way out and we will be taken care of no matter what is happen right now, tomorrow is another day. So if you do choose to take your life your showing a lack of faith. And because of this you will be made to look at the impact of your death on those you have left behind.

For some reason the popular belief of those left behind is that the person who killed themselves is trapped and filled of guilt and anguish because of their actions. Because the house they lived in and or died in seems so dark now, there is a horrible air of sadness and dark depression in the building that wasn’t there before they took their life. I am here to tell you this is wrong. The dark heavy depressive feeling left in the house they lived/died in isn’t because of them being trapped souls. It is because WE know what happened in the building and if your still living in the house where it happened or you still have access to the building no one remembers what the place was like before the death only afterwards. The house stops being the house where ‘XYZ’ lived and it becomes the house where ‘XYZ’ took their life. They get forgotten for the people they were and become defined by the fact they took their own life.

If you can remember they are now in Spirit and all the things that made them so sad and so full of anguish in the first place is now gone. They don’t feel the same way. They are Enlightened Beings of Light, all they care about is making sure their loved ones are at Peace with their passing and this is why they are told to come back and hang around.

We all feel them around us after they die and the heaviness we feel is OUR grief not theirs. But they are around us and they are feeling guilty and that is because of the fact they see the suffering they caused us. Suicide is never easy on anyone. If you die of an illness then people will say ‘Well at least they aren’t suffering now’ if they died of an Accident or Sudden Death they say ‘At least it was quick and they didn’t suffer’ or ‘They died doing what they loved.’ if it is Murder or something Violent like that we say ‘I won’t let the tragedy of their death define how I remember them, I’m going to embrace their memory because that is what they would of wanted’. etc….  But if it is Suicide everyone involved is left until the end of their days asking ‘Why? What could I have done? Why didn’t they talk to me or get help?’ and because of that Our Creator, Our Elders, our Loved ones on the Other Side make us come back in Spirit form so we can ‘Learn from our mistake’.

No Spirit who take their life is free from learning a lesson. They are ALL made to come back to those they left behind so they can see what their decision to take the A road created. And they aren’t allowed to move on to the next phase in their Spiritual Existence until they are forgiven. So this is why I tell everyone who comes to me looking for answers that they need to sit down with their loved one and tell them what their death did to them and at the end of it you need to tell the Spirit you forgive them.

They have to make amends for what they did and the best thing you can do for your loved one who has taken their own life is to sit down one day and say ‘XYZ, you broke my heart when you took your life. I will never understand why you felt you couldn’t talk to me. But I love you and I need to know your at peace now because you were in so much pain during your last days. So I want you to know I love you and I forgive you for doing what you did because no matter how much I am hurting for losing you I know nothing I feel will be as bad as what you felt when you made the decision to leave us all behind. So I forgive you and I want you to go in peace.’

Just by saying that, you heal everything. You heal the gaping hole in your heart and you heal theirs too. Then they can move on to the next phase of their Existence. Which for them is Reincarnation. They don’t get a choice to stay. They have to come back to learn from their mistake.It may very well be in the next life their lose a loved one to suicide so they know the pain. Then when they die they understand it from both sides and hence they move up a step in the ladder.

However, in the case of things like Murder Suicide it is a different story all together. In the case of a Murder Suicide the Murder Victim goes up the ladder and the one who did the murder then took their own life once they are healed of their passing etc…get sent down to the bottom of the ladder along with the serial killers and dictators etc…and will be made to suffer the pain and suffering ten times worse than they caused until they get the lessons they need to learn. Then they will get reborn and reborn and reborn and reborn moving up the ladder until they finally get the message. I know in one of my past lives (my first I think) I was a horrible disgusting man who gorged and gave orders to end the lives of those who opposed me or got in my way. I was a slothfully lazy man who basically ate himself to death from his own greed. From the times of King Henry the 8th. So I would like to think I’ve learned from my mistakes by now. lol I’m NOT coming back again. I will sit outside the Pearly Gates singing Protest songs if I have to lol

So what can you do to help someone you know how has taken their own life?

Well you can sit down one quite day or night and talk to them. It doesn’t need to be out loud, it can be in your head. But you can help by telling them how much your hurting. How you wish they had come to you for help and how much it has affected your life. It is perfectly okay to get upset and even angry. This is what they are needing to hear. You need to be 100% honest. You don’t need to use kid gloves for their benefit. If your angry, tell them your angry and why. This will be Cathartic for you and it will be a valuable lesson for them. Then after you have said all you can you then need to try and see it from their perspective. You don’t have to like it or accept it but you do need to forgive them. Because you’ll never know their fear or their suffering until you try to piece together WHY they did it. Think about all the things they had going on at the time and try and see the other side of the coin (as they will be with you too). Then you need to forgive them so they can be at peace. In fact you don’t even need to forgive them, but you do need to accept that this is what they chose and for whatever reason they did it you just want their souls to finally be at peace. By doing this your letting them move on. If you don’t do it, they don’t get to move on.

They have no concept of time but instead of being a Spirit who is waiting for people to say ‘I forgive you’ they could be getting reborn into a new life. I am not saying that all suicide cases are reborn into a life where someone they love kills themselves either, I was using that as an example. Some have said that was the case but not all.

The one thing you don’t want to do with a Suicide is keep them Earth Bound because of your grief or guilt. It is bad enough when it happens with a loved who died from other causes but because Suicides do have to come and make amends it is easier to do it to them. So if you love them, please……let them go. And as they have all, every single one of them have told me basically ‘Don’t let my death define how you remember me. I was more than how I died. My death wasn’t what I was as a person, it was who I was in the moment of my death. So don’t let your memory of me be about how I died and why I died. Remember ME, not my death and then if you love me, let it go so we can all be at peace.’

There is ALWAYS a way out of your despair. There is always an answer to your questions. There is always another option to taking your life. I couldn’t imagine anything worse having lost a couple of people myself to Suicide but what is worse for them is not being allowed to move on until their loved ones forgive them. They aren’t trapped. They aren’t unhappy, they can come and go as they please, but until they make amends for their passing they are just a Spirit who exists and can’t move forward to any of the good stuff. It happens to them all eventually though and I’ve seen what it does to them and it bursts your heart with pride and joy when you see it. It really is the most remarkable thing I’ve ever seen when a Spirit gets to move on. It is indescribable.

So if you’ve lost a loved one to Suicide, let them go so they can be more than they allowed themselves to be in life. It is the best thing you can do for yourself and for them so you can all Be At Peace.