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I am a happily married woman with a beautiful family. I'm originally from New Zealand, living in West Yorkshire. Ive Been in the UK since 2001. I am the Baby of 7 kids. I am a Scorpio. I live to love and love to live. I feel blessed in many aspects of my life. I love to travel and am luckily to have married thee most spontaneous man in the world. He's taken me on many interesting adventures and I can't wait to have more.

How much do you have saved in the Bank of the Universe?

I’ve been learning sooooo much about how things work in this Universe so much over the last couple of months I would have to say that I’ve learned more in the last few months than I have at any point in my life. The lessons I’ve learned have been mind blowing to say the least but in true Spirit style they make perfect sense.

So now I have cracked the code I’m going to share with you how you can get anything and everything you ever wanted in life without it costing nothing but your time.

The Universe has a Bank. They store and hold every good and bad deed you have ever done.

The more good deeds you do, the more you go out of your way to help people, be selfless, kind, generous etc…you get to Bank that into your Spiritual Bank.

Every time you do or say anything that isn’t good, you get it removed from your savings like a Bank Fee.

If you try to take out from the bank more than you have earned you won’t get it.

So if you ask for things, if you ask God or Spirit or the Universe for things like money, job, love, career, stuff etc……(and it has to be within reason of course because you can’t ask for things that are unobtainable or unpractical) and you haven’t done enough good deeds to save enough you simply won’t get it. YET!!!

There is always a way for you to earn those Spirit Bank Notes.

Be happy, be positive, have faith, help others and ask for nothing in return, donate to those in need (who are always the ones who don’t as for it), put others before yourself, feed the hungry, be kind to animals, feed the birds, don’t pollute, be kind to the planet (it is the child of Mother Sun and Father Moon), try to be the best person you could possibly be. Be happier, be kinder, be selfless, talk nicer, be less angry, laugh more, give what you don’t need to those who need it. Do what makes you feel good, don’t take more from people than they can give you in return, don’t make assumptions about things, don’t stress over things that haven’t happened yet, be calmer, do what makes you happy, talk to strangers, smile to strangers, calm down, don’t let yourself get angry or upset over things you have no control over.

Now…..some might argue but what about the rich people you speak of who are doing Evil? they get everything and are worth millions even billions.

It’s simple. They chose these lives because they collectively are going to go down in history as being the worst people who have ever existed.

To say the name Bush, Rothschild, Kardashian, West, Carter, Cheney, Rice, Obama blah blah blah in the future will be spoken with more disdain than that of Hitler, Hussein, Rasputin, Stalin etc….combined.

Why are they more evil? Because the others did what they did for their beliefs. They believed in their own F’d up way that what they were doing was for the greater good. That they were being lead by God in most cases to do this stuff that turned bad, really bad. And when they all died, they all went to the bottom step and are working it all off.

But the before mentioned did what they did for power, money, fame, control. They have, for 2000 years controlled by fear, ruled with money, and cost the lives and livelihood of trillions of people.

They allow themselves to manipulate the press, and court controversy to compensate for lack of talent or soul.

These people as far as I know it don’t have Spirit Elders. Because a Spirit Elder could never allow such behaviour. It would be so damning to their beautiful souls to watch their charge doing such depraved things to fellow humans.

But they get what they want because they sacrificed their souls so that we as a human race can learn the biggest lessons of our lives. In the history of the entire human world nothing that has happened will compare to the Cleansing. It is going to change our world for all time and it is such a huge step in our evolutionary growth it needs all hands on deck.

These people, in a year months, years time will become the most hated and reviled beings on the planet. For those that don’t get killed, will be arrested and sentenced to life terms (and life will mean life), stripped of all money and assets, to be handed back to the people in every country on the planet. The rest will go into hiding and be hunted down like the Nazi Hunters of yesteryear. I feel so sorry for them. When they all pass over and they are back in Spirit form the devastation will be insurmountable to them.

They will in all seriousness may never be allowed to have a body and life again. It’s that bad. So they get to enjoy it now, the bankers and pointless celebrities, the rich, powerful, royal etc….

Now the thing is, as I keep saying. It isn’t about being rich. Being wealthy isn’t a crime. Soon we will all be wealthy in our own ways.

If you work hard and you’ve built up your success honestly and you’ve not stood on anyone, killed anyone, taken from anyone to be successful then that is your reward for all your hard work.

Spirit don’t begrudge anyone who works hard and makes money doing it. It’s how you got the money and what you do with it once you have it that matters to them. That is there only concern about money.

There are people out there who have gotten wealthy being nice and kind and charitable. They are without guilt and their continued wealth will be their reward.

But if your a Policeman or Woman and you’ve beaten or killed someone you KNEW was innocent, or your a Lawyer or DA who sends innocent people to prison, a councilman or woman and you’ve taxed more than you should, taken more than you should, lined your pockets, ripped off a woman because she was a woman, immigrant, poor etc…..if you’ve staged and faked things to get attention etc…..then you will be in serious trouble during the Cleansing and you’ll be in overdraft with the Bank of the Universe.

You’d have to change your life in every aspect and send your dying day making up for it in order to get some saving or redeem your soul in the afterlife.

If you have a talent like your Sir Elton Johns and Tim Rice, or you work tirelessly to find cures for diseases or have spent your life Fighting the man for the greater good, if your a genuinely good actor who isn’t up your own backside, if you want fame and you earn it like the actors of the 40’s and 60s then you’ll get it and it will be deserved.

But it’s all about paying it in advance. The deeds you do today will be notes in the bank for tomorrow.

You might work your entire life and barely make any withdrawals, you might be having to make withdrawals all the time but it’s yours to take. You are never allowed in overdraft Your not charged interest, there are no fees.

It’s simple, you get out what you put in.

Now I know this, I’ve been saving my butt off lol

If you try to take out more than you’ve saved, you won’t get what it is your asking for.

It’s not just good deeds that create savings though. It’s your whole thought process. If your negative all the time, if your always angry and stressed out and you don’t have faith then your not going to add to any savings. You can be a good person and be charitable and kind but still be Universally broke if your depressed and stressed out, negative, don’t show faith etc….and please remember faith is not the same as religion.

Religion is indoctrinated, Faith is discovered.

I have a ton of people who have said to me ‘I did everything you said it it didn’t work, it’s shit and you don’t know what your talking about.’

Well now you know why it doesn’t work. It’s not just about being a good person and feeding some homeless people. You need to be good to yourself too. Stop being so hard on yourself. Your fooling no one but yourself if you think your going to get away with being nice to the planet but treat yourself so badly.

When your hard on yourself your disrespecting everyone who has lived and died who has dedicated their existence taking care of you. If you push people away, the ones who try to help you, your pushing away the people your creator sent to help you. That sort of behaviour puts you in debt.

It’s not okay to just love the planet and the creatures on it. You have to love yourself as well.

I had a visit two weeks ago while I was doing a reading on myself. I was told that I had to withdraw from my internet life for a little while because I was about to learn the last phase of my training. Once I’ve done this I will no longer be a student of the Universe. I will be Master of the Universe hahahahahahahaha ‘By the Power of Grey Skull, I have the POWER!!!!!!’

I can’t teach you how to be happy. So please don’t ask me how to earn the credits lol seriously, I’m not even joking lol I’m anticipating it lol

I know New Age practitioners will say its Karma Points. It kind of is, but it’s nothing to do with the next life. It’s ALL about NOW. This life.

This Blog is all about arming people with the knowledge so they can make it happen in this life so they won’t need to come back in the next.

Every single Spirits ultimate goal is to have learned everything they needed to learn and have reincarnation be a choice and not a duty.

Every single Spirits ultimate goal is to get it right this time so they can become teachers and guides as well as having the choice to come back again. For those Spirits who have reached the stop of the stairway to heaven, that chose to come back again are some of the most respected Spirits in the Spirit Realm. Because they choose the lives of the weary, disabled, short lived, embattled, damaged or broken, in order to teach those around them.

Every singe Spirit who makes the top have a choice and it gives them great responsibility. In charge of the new crossed over, those who need healing, living souls, etc…..it’s a huge honour. This is why you have different levels of Spirit. And why it’s not possible for a deceased loved one to be your guide. If anyone ever reads for you and says stuff like ‘Your Mother said she is now your guide’ it’s a lie.

They would never be allowed to. They won’t have lived enough and learned enough in the time they’ve been gone  to be given such a responsibility. Unless every life they chose was still births and cots deaths etc…which would be too sever emotionally even for a Spirit of pure love and light.

When we are in Spirit we take what we do very seriously. There is a balance there as there is in the Universe.

It’s all about balance.

Your guides are given to you from conception. And every life you live you start with a new bank account but the rewards are far reaching.

People who have been selfless in life and death are the ones who get rewarded with a good life in this life. When they cross over they will have graduated.

Or you can learn everything now so you don’t have to next time. Spirits are all about learning, love and light.

It should be the same for all of us here in this life. It’s not too later to start.

I will be away for a little while but I’m allowed to do my Blog and my readings.

I was told to be brave and have faith. So I’m doing just that. (as long as they don’t break our deal which I know they won’t because they have never let me down once).

I’ve already lost a handful of people I thought would be in my life forever. I’m obviously having to clean my life up for some reason and these people no longer have a purpose in my life which is sad but I can’t argue with Spirit. If they are meant to come back into my life then so be it. But I can’t worry about that now. I’ve recently spent the last few months making amends to people I know I’ve wronged in the past. It’s not been easy tracking these people down. Some of them date back to when I was 19 lol I’m 43 in Nov. But I said my piece and made amends with these people and I’ve also been working on my moods and attitude.

Sometimes we can get tired and if you have chronic pain like me you can let someone who has been slightly annoying or who’s putting pressure on you as the trigger to make you snappy and grumpy. I’ve apologized to these people too. But more importantly I’ve been working on the way I react to the things in the first place. It has been the difference between having an argument or having peace. Seriously…..it’s like night and day it’s made that much of a difference.

My Teacher Pauline Braddon the night she passed away in Queensland, Australia came to me with my file in hand and told me I needed to work on my judgement. I thought she meant I was too judgmental, but she meant I had to understand what judgement was. That not all judgement is a bad thing.

I learned there is two types of Judgement. The Judgement that Helps and the Judgement that Hurts. I had to learn to master one and understand the other. All these lessons I’ve learned in the last few months have been invaluable to me. I can see why they left till last. I don’t know what this means for me or my gift after I’ve had this final lesson. But I will try to write about it if I can.

So many things have been happening to me recently that I can’t talk about. Like how I’ve been feeling earths gravitational pull. Felt like I was going to fall off the face of all time and existence. Like how the Council came to me again. I’m too scared to tell my husband because he’ll panic. He’ll find out when he reads this lol

My house has been littered with Spirits, so much so that every night one of us is being awoken by them. Never in my life have I known this to happen night after night after night after night after night for weeks.

Even my cat has been reacting. So something is coming. Something big.

They better not put me on TV lol I’ll fight them every step of the way.

So take my advice. You know I don’t speak about anything I don’t know or haven’t experienced myself. Go and work on yourself and your life and make as many deposits as you can. Don’t be afraid to make a withdrawal. Its yours, you’ve earned it.

Although some people out there might find they don’t have as much as they thought.

So the next time you want to make a withdrawal stop and ask yourself ‘Do I have enough saved in my Bank of the Universe to make a withdrawal?

And you can’t cheat either. You can’t go and make 20 sandwiches to rush down to the park to feed homeless people. You can’t be fake. This isn’t a joke. This is the difference between you living a unhappy, miserable life and living a quiet peaceful happy life. Spirit know when it’s genuine or not. So next time your out carrying someones shopping to their car, help someone cross the road, let someone pull out in front of you without you giving them the ‘Wanker’ sign. Pay for someones lunch, or buy your colleague a muffin just to make them smile. Buys sweets or candy to take in to work just because, there are a trillion different ways to earn credit.

Just remember to be nice to you too. This is after all, all about YOU. It starts with You.

Go be the happiest you you can be. Don’t let those with poor credit influence you. If they are grumpy, be nicer.

Pay it forward. Any deposits you make now might even earn you double points. Because it’s never too late to start being happy and being a nicer person.

This bank knows if you don’t make deposits the only person who gets let down is you.




The Cleansing is near. Watch and Be Warned.

Everything they say I’ve been documenting since 1991.

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If you don’t like it don’t follow me. (My response to negative emails and comments)

I would like to apologize in advance for this rant but I’m pissed off.

I’ve been getting emails and comments from people who clearly have no idea about what I talk about but feel the need to have an opinion on me and what I am. I’m not idiot. There is nothing about the Paranormal I don’t know. I’ve dedicated my entire life to studying me, what I am and who makes me this way. I will not be talked down to like a child and I will not be a punching bag for your ego.

You can think my followers are of a lower class than you. And I might not have as many as you but my followers are smart. What I do, and how I do it isn’t for the dumb and easily fooled. I appeal to intelligent people looking to find answers to all their questions and to say ‘I need to take a lesson out of your book’ when I looked at your book it was like reading a Blog for a child. Your theories are so confusing. Your understanding of the Paranormal and Spirituality are naive and childish. Your talking about things I was doing when I was 12. You had an opinion about one of my more prolific commenters and her ‘Insane Rantings’ like she was nothing. I decided to edit this bit in because I don’t want any of my followers to think I’m talking about any of them. My WordPress was hacked a few months ago and I’m always so defensive of anyone who contacts me and is opinionated and aggressive. I always wonder if they were the ones who hacked me.

You and your friends made it personal and that is the antithesis of what you claim to be. And for the love of fucking God, stop calling them Ghosts. Casper is a Ghost. The dead are Spirits, Elders or Ancestors. Have some damn respect.

I encourage anyone to come and join in the conversation in my Blog.
I know thousands have read my Blog and disagreed with me.
But don’t come to my Blog and leave corrosive comments.
You can think your better than me. You can claim to know more than me.
You can think I’m down right crazy. But don’t bring negative comments caused to belittle me or my followers.
Simply click Unfollow.
It takes more energy to be negative than it is to be positive.
I don’t run my mouth off because I read some books and thought a meditation circle sounded cool.
I know what I know because I have spent my entire life Mastering my craft. I am Allowed to say I am the Master because I am. No one knows my gift better than me.
My society is older than the Bible.
We have been documented to have existed since the Stone Age.
My teachings predate Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad.
There is a reason not just anyone can be in my Society.
Being Spiritual isn’t just about what you believe but what you live as well.
There is nothing about the Dead and After life we don’t know. I’d go up against anyone in a debate.
You can’t wear a cloak saying Spiritual and sit in a comfy chair all your life. White Lighters are expected to get their hands dirty.
Being Spiritual isn’t a fashion choice.
I know I’m a Medium. But my definition of a Medium is different to yours.
The word Medium comes from the fact We are a ‘Medium’ between the living and the dead.
Medium coming from the synonym ‘act as communicator, relay messages between two parties’.

But I refuse to be a Medium. The type that calls Spirit through.
I don’t call. I leave the door open 24/7. I’d never want Spirit to feel obligated to do anything even if it is someones loved one.
Until people learn to have respect for the truth we will never evolve.
Do you know what our friends call us?
Baby Apes.
To them we are still poo flinging monkeys.
We live on Gods planet yet we need passports to travel on it. We let that happen.
We let wars happen. We let people starve. How many homeless people do you walk past and assume they’re drunks or thieves?
Ours isn’t to judge. Ours is to embrace. I went to town once. I had to go to the Post Office. In between the post office and the car I passed 4 homeless people. All of whom I fed. I had no money left to pay for parking or have lunch or post my parcel. I had no idea what I was going to do. But we didn’t care. We knew we’d be okay even if we had to go into over draft.
We get back to the car and someone had been given a parking token they didn’t need and had offered it to us.
I am a human doing not a human being.
Unless you are the same don’t have a go at me because your not.
Being Spiritual isn’t just about being and learning.
To quote the Bible and add a twist.
‘He who stands with drums and crystals shouting the name of Spirit does not make him a true believer’.
You don’t have to agree with me. I’m not interested in how you feel about me but don’t come into my house and spray on my furniture because you don’t like what I’m saying.
My posts are always open to adult, mature and respectful discussion.
But when you come in being blatantly negative you and I are gonna have problems.
Being Spiritual means being open to ALL possibilities not just your own.
It’s disrespectful to me and to the people who have spent decades studying, growing as Spiritual beings.
I’d never come to yours and tell you your wrong. Especially when you’ve only been at it a couple of years or worse not at all.
I’d never be so ignorant as ro assume I know more than a Cardiologist just because I got a Physiology degree when I was 18.

To me it’s just further proof your out of your league.
I don’t get angry. I don’t stress out. I don’t embrace any kind of negative emotion. But when it comes to Spirit and the Paranormal. When it comes to the people Spirit send me and people like me out to help and guide, feed and educate I WILL defend it.
Until you can walk a mile in my shoes don’t comment. You know nothing of my journey or struggle.
Just because you choose to be taught rather than to learn doesn’t give you the rightto judge me for choosing to do it the hard way.
You don’t have to like me, my Blog or my views.
We’ve all known from day 1 I wasn’t like everyone else. So don’t act so surprised when I say something offensive.
My acerbic take on people who mistreat Spirit and the process of being Spiritual is what I am. I won’t change what I am to please a minority of the people that come in here.
Spirit said from day one ‘When it comes to the truth don’t be surprised when very few listen. Just because you choose to speak doesn’t mean they will choose to listen. Some will choose remove their ears before admitting we were right but for the few who listen you will be kindred. They are the ones who learn the truth and will evolve because of it.’
I know for a fact people come here and read some of my shyte and carry on educating themselves. They take what they’ve read and investigate it further. They ‘Find Their Faith’. THAT is why I do what I do.
I dedicate 80- 90 hours a week mostly for free to teach people about Spirit and the Paranormal. Help them help their children, help them advance their gifts, help them choose life, help them be unafraid of what’s in their home. Help them gain strength to fight their depression and fears.
My words make a difference to people.
Your negative words help no one. It just makes you look bitter.
I don’t carry my burdens of the world for you. I do it for those who recognize Spirit speak through me. I do it to help them help themselves.
The Cleansing is coming and afterwards people like me. (Spiritually aware and gifted people) will humbly be asked to help heal those souls who found the truth too much to bear.
It will be a test to every so called Spiritual person on the planet.
Those that have been doing it a long time will have no trouble assuming the role of White Lighter. Those who fail the tests will be stripped of everything.
If you’ve made money by misleading people in the name of Spirit I’d be very worried.
Because after the cleansing people will embrace their own faith. They will understand better Spirituality and life after death etc….to the point where we will teach Spirituality and the Paranormal in schools. That was one of my last prediction I wrote down when I was 18. Kids will be taught how to use their gifts in schools and religion and monarchy, government and pointless celebrity’s won’t exist.
Slowly as the years go having gifts like mine will be second nature.
Through the procreative years of these students their progeny will be born the same way. As they learn they’ll evolve past the gifts of the parents and when they reproduce their children will be unlocked further. They’ll go to school. to learn beyond their parents and grandparents and it will be like that for all time. Well until we leave this planet anyway lol
But this is how we will all end up. The closest description I have to give you is if you remember the future humans in AI?
Those formless telepathic beings of light who helped the Robot boy die so he could be in Spirit with his Mum.
We will be like those beautiful souls.
I believe and have been told that we are expected to reach that certain level in the next 2-500 years is so we can leave Earth because there’s going to be some event that will require it.
However…..while we worship the Kim and Kanyes of the world. The talentless and controversial, the greedy and power driven, while we must kill an animal to wear on our body, buy houses that put our grandchildren in debt before birth, allow mass murderers to run the country, while we vaccinate our children with poisons and blame everyone but the government and yourself forgiving your children diseases that give them a less than perfect life, as long as we’re sending our babies to war in the belief that it’s to fight terrorists even though we know the banks fund them, even though, even though…..it’s no wonder we haven’t evolved.
Now….my words might offend but I didn’t make any of this stuff up. It’s all based on factual documented fact.
I spent my entire pregnancies trawling through hours of documents, watching interviews, videos, and talking to people to base my facts on my findings.
You can think I’m a nut job but what research have you done other than ‘The government website said…….’

But my point is I am free to believe what I want. As are you. I LOVE hearing about peoples views on such matters. Especially faith and religion and views on life after death.
It totally fascinates me how when you strip the religious aspects to a person we all fundamentally believe the same thing.

BUT when I can back my claims up and you come in and try to belittle me and my words with your condescending tones and corrections it just makes you look like someone who’s maybe gotten themselves into an area of conversation a bit over their head and your just taking it out on me and those who read it, understood it and appreciated it.
Just unfollow me. It’s that simple.
Like with my Society my Blog is only for those few who understand, so my posts aren’t going to be for everyone. And that’s fine. But just unfollow me. Don’t come and make negative comments. If you consider yourself a good person there’s no need to even be like that. You don’t need to comment at all. But the fact you go out of your way to take the time to be negative means maybe your not the open minded person you thought you were.
Not everyone is gonna get what I’m saying. But your comments make a mockery of all the people who turn to my Blog for help.
You might not want to put any real effort into your Spiritual and personal growth but I have followers and readers who work bloody hard to live a better more Spiritually rewarding life. Or are working hard at trying to understand their gifts and Spirit.
And when you assume to know more than Spirit your down right arrogant.
I don’t want and won’t allow ANY negative tone in my Blog.
And maybe you need to think about the reasons why you weren’t allowed to be born this way. Instead having to try to learn it so late in your life.
And I’m not just talking about gifts. I’m talking about being born with the knowledge you were going to help people and spend their entire lives doing so.
Negativity is the number one cause of Spiritual or Psychic ability.
You will never be allowed to open up and learn if your negative.
Negativity and The Paranormal don’t mix. That’s how you get Poltergeists and Tricksters.
Negative people will never be allowed to evolve or advance past a certain point.
It’s why no one and I mean NO ONE has EVER made it past the card test.
It’s why no one knows who the Council are.
Because negative energy is toxic to everything it touches and spreads like wild fire.
I invite anyone to have an opinion.
It’s a apparently free world.
Come in, have a read. If you don’t like something I say that’s fine too. But if your commenting to cause trouble or insult anyone with your arid comments  your messages will be removed.
I don’t talk coz I like the sound of my own voice ya know.
When you’ve had visions for 24yrs of the same thing over and over that spells out the end of the world as we know it and the start of a better new world and then your shown the reasons why and you and two archivists cross off everything on the list as they happen and one of the thing on the lists is ‘The End Of The Pointless Celebrity’ I’d never be arrogant enough to tell Spirit they were wrong.
I will sit with popcorn and beer when I see the world turn their backs on The Kardashians and Gagas of the world.
Hollywood has some of the most evil puppet masters on the planet. If you don’t get it. If you know nothing of which I speak (and it’s ALL documented)
If you don’t understand any of what I was saying, then comment so negatively on it…then I’m sorry but you don’t even deserve to call yourself Enlightened.
The Enlightened light the dark they see. The Enlightened don’t hide the dark.
People always say stupid things like ‘Well…..I choose to only see the good in this world. I accept everything for what it is’ then I’m sorry but your an idiot.
In this world we live in today there is more dark than light.
That’s the stone cold truth.
And Spirit are The Truth. They are the Truth and the Light is it not said?
If your choosing to block out the pain and suffering of this poor planet and the beings who are trying to survive on her and your making a conscious effort to avoid hearing the truth then I’m seriously doubting if you will cope well when the cleansing kicks off and I’d suggest you lock your doors and not go outside for the next 6-12 months.

People….listen to me. If you don’t prepare for the fact America is on the brink of civil unrest and riots will spread like wild fire across the globe then I fear some of you won’t survive it.
Please trust that voice screaming at you that something isn’t right.
Please put some extra tins in your cupboard.
Stay indoors. If you live in the city then buy good locks.
And PLEASE DO NOT go outside when the riots kick off.
When people start being told the truth about 911, Vaccines, Assassinations, Bank thefts (as in the banks and government have taken all the savings and pensions and I think it’s said if only 6 people when to the one bank on different countries at the same time to withdraw their pensions the whole banking system will collapse instantly.
Stocks will drop to zero. Atms would shut down and banks will be closed dow.
It might be a little more than 6 but you know what I mean. I’ll pull the article out and look.
But the thing is Negative Nelly Supposing me with my primitive knowledge compared to your superior knowledge what if I’m right?
How will you buy gas or food to see you through until it’s sorted?
Banks have never collapsed world wide in the history of banking.
It’s gonna take more than a few days for people to step in and fix it.
How many people do you think who were fortunate enough to have cash on them will head to the service stations and supermarket and buy up everything?
With truck and public transport drivers rioting or protesting about having no access to their wages and stuff how will the supermarkets restock their shelves?
People will down tools and protest and riot and loot until it’s all back up.
People will be forced to look for food where ever they can including rioting. While idiots will nick TVs and Xbox Ones forgetting they have no electricity in their house the smart will steal food.
The evil will steal at gun point truck loads of stock from the back and mark food up 2000%.
How will you feed your family?
Now….amongst all of this who will you want to help you through it all lifting your Spirits.
Kim Kardashian and that horrible family of hers with her Mother I like to call The Pimp.
Or Ron Paul and his plans on bringing America back together?
You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t care if you dislike me or even if you loath me.
But don’t knock the message.
It might not be helping you but it’s helping someone.
Your not superior to anyone. We are all the same.
That’s why an Empath hurts so deeply. When you hurt one your hurting all. Because we are all genetically linked.
There is nothing on this planet we aren’t sharing DNA with if it’s Animal, Mineral and Vegetable.

So when your knocking me your knocking everyone and it’s bullying. And I will remove your comments.
Just be the better person and unfollow me.

I’d like to point out this was in direct response to some emails and comments I had to delete. This is directed at them.
The negative people who’ve contacted me to talk down to me.

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So…why don’t I call myself a Medium?

People keep asking me why I don’t do Mediumship when I clearly talk to Spirit in a Mediumship kind of way.

For me it’s always been dubious of the word because it conjures up middle aged women with scarves in their hair, with giant wild hair, tons of make up, flowing clothes, bright colours every where, the house stinks of incense and cat pee lol They have scarves and pashminas and silk squares with Ethnic tones on them. Loads of rings on their fingers and long nails.

My gorgeous big sister is a Medium and it’s because she is so good I have faith that not all Mediums are flaky, and cold reading people for large amounts of cash.

She is the reason why I always give the less financially comfortable free readings or if they insist, they can make a donation. Some dear souls are simply too proud and insist on paying something. So I tell them to make a donation to either me of their local supermarkets Cat and Dog rescue donation bins.

I’m the antithesis of everything I described up there. My sister is too. She has this incredible Aura about her She hums and glows. I’ve been watching her do what she does so well for 42 years.

But my sister works differently to me. She prefers Mediumship to Prediction.

Me? I prefer Prediction to Mediumship and why is that? For many reasons actually.

1) I’m so scared of getting it wrong and letting people down who have paid financially and emotionally wanting to hear from their loved ones. To not bring them through when they pinned their hopes on it, would break my heart and knock my confidence. I could never forgive myself.

2) I can talk to our loved ones anytime I want. If your not bothered with wanting confirmation it was them with immediate visual answers and you just let them talk and answer your questions then I could do that till the cows came home. Eventually they would step forward so I could describe them for you.

I don’t do Mediumship because I understand how it all works. It is far out there for a lot of people what I’m about to say but I’m just the messenger.

When we die, we go from being a physical body with a soul, to an invisible light source of pure energy. We are the same but more powerful as the energy that runs your homes but this energy has the ability to travel through space and time. To the future, the past, into Space, visit other planets, other life forms join them, they visit their past lives, they go back to the Spirit World to help out and when they are wanting to they can be reborn and live through another lesson.

But as with all energy, it’s infinite and at it’s best when it’s strong and powerful. Full batteries if you will. If we died and stayed in our physical form we would take up space. We’d have to go somewhere. There would be a crowding issue lol

But as energy we are one. You can’t tell us apart. All living beings are connected to each other both genetically and psychically.

They are essentially our twins. We are meant to be at a point in our Spiritual journey where we can talk to them all telepathically. We are to eventually be a species of human so highly evolved, we can talk without speaking we will no longer be able to talk.

We will be healers and death will be a celebration because it’s going home but they’ll call you when they get there.

We will live for hundreds of years. New diseases will be cured within hours of contracting anything. Old diseases will be forever locked in the history of all time like Tuberculous, Polio and Leprosy were 60 years, they will come to an end and be a part of our chimp based existence. Bones will be healed in minutes, tumors won’t exist, if any organs die or get damaged in any way we will just grow new ones. We won’t age. Only accidents and suicide and murder will kill us before old age will. But we will be living in such an advanced Medical and Psychological era, people won’t be angry and stressed out.

Taking drugs will be for a recreational thing only as they are the source of much great inspirations in music and art.

But people won’t feel the need to take enough that they get addicted.

We will be happy, spiritual beings. Eventually there will be no crime. People will be happy. But in the odd case where it happens, the murder would have to be done where no medical help was possible because we will pretty much be able to cure anything. And this isn’t in the far off distant future, I’m talking in my life time.

I, neigh you, may very well live to 200 plus with your siblings and parents etc…..but your great grandchildren may live to be 1000. We will be learning souls, and helping each other. On earth and other planets.

I believe that once we have a majority of Spiritual people on the planet after the cleansing our friends from other planets will come down and introduce themselves and they will teach us many things and we will ALL be equal. No one will stand out from the other. We will all be one. You’ll all be in for a shock when you realize Greys, Blues and Greens don’t exist. Neither do the 10 feet blonde Humanoids. It’s actually quite insulting to them. They are navigators, and healers and technicians and teachers. Each species has a different skill that no other have. They share their technologies and discoveries. I know this sounds nuts but I’m just the messenger.

It sounds incredible I know, but communication with any of them, living, dead, ET, future selves etc…isn’t possible if we didn’t have that connection.

We have that connection because we are one energy.

I feel Spirit, because I am Spirit, I feel planets, when they are distressed or upset especially because I am the planets. They hum, I hear the hum. When they are happy, distressed or sad they hum at different frequencies. It’s incredible. I share the same energy as the planets, as your deceased loved ones, as you, as the cows and ants and grass, fish, birds and trees because we are all of the same energy.

This is why we share our DNA with Daffodils and Apes and Pigs etc..we are all one. We all started out as a thought for the Greatest and Ultimate Consciousness.

Because we all started as space dust that was sparked by the sun which was created first along with the moon, we all share the same connection, genetically and physically.

We started as bacteria which grew into everything, that then evolved and traveled and created and made and grew and discovered and learned and taught and procreated. From that bacteria turning into living organisms that grew into other water based beasties, they all left the water to escape the quicker evolved beasties.

But we eventually figured it out and started walking, singing, inventing, painting etc,,,, but through all of that people forgot the fact it meant we all came from the same thing means when we die, we are going home to family. Time is nothing to Spirit. So the past lives, future lives, present life, mean nothing.

We visit them in our sleep. They play out roles in our dreams. Other beings also. Sounds nuts but it’s true. You just don’t remember them. Why though?

Because we are all the one energy. Like a Battery Charger. We all get plugged in to the same power source even though we are all different species.

This I know because I talk to them. This is why I refer to all the dead as Spirit. Including my family and friends I’ve lost. Because they are all one.

Mediums call on Spirit. They turn up to work and expect our loved ones to come through to whoever needs it most. And that is wonderful. My sister I know has so much respect for Spirit, she made me brave and it taught me that it’s okay to not be normal with your gift. And that I can only find it when I go on the journey to look for it. It won’t come to me.

But because of this relationship I have with Spirit it means I’d never want to intrude and expect them to drop everything for me. So I leave the door open. My clients know I only bring them through if they step forward.

If they don’t step forward, to me, they are the same energy as everyone else. They don’t look like anything. They’re an invisible but with a voice. That talks to me telepathically, SO they will answer all your questions if they want to and eventually they might choose to step forward but for me they don’t have to.

If they choose not to step forward or there is not enough energy for them to step through it doesn’t anything other than they didn’t step forward. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They either have no energy to come through or they know their turning up might be too upsetting. That’s it.

They don’t need to step forward for me because I don’t expect them too.

They know my door is always open. Any of you reading this I’ve done readings for who’s loved ones have come through during your reading on the rare occasion know it’s a big deal for me because I don’t do Mediumship. To me they are all the same until they step forward.

My sister said to me ‘If you talk to Spirit, then your a Medium.’ Which she is right I talk to Spirit and I work as a Medium between this life and the next. But the difference being I let them make the call. If they want to have a video phone and they connection is good they are welcome to turn the camera on. I’d never stop them. But if they are more comfortable just texting then that is perfectly fine too.

There is no pressure from me. It’s how ever they feel comfortable and have the energy for. It takes up very little energy for Spirit to talk telepathically than it does to show themselves.

But when you talk to yourself in your head and your voice (or not) answers you back, stop to think about the fact it might not even be a Spirit answering you back. It could be the tree outside, or someone in the next Galaxy over. Picking up on your thoughts because they tuned their Pineal Gland in a search to find an Extra Terrestrial Life lol

Things that make you go Hmmmm…….

We are ALL one. Everything. So I don’t do Mediumship because Spirit don’t need the big production. One day we will all be Mediums and Psychics.

But the trouble is, We are no where near ready to have visits from Beings on other planets. We are no where near ready for such power.

We still hunt Whales and Execute Disabled People, we eat cats and dogs and abort babies at 8 months old.

While people like Kanye West and his husband Kim Kardashian are rich and famous we will never evolve.

I’m not a Medium because I don’t need to be. Like I can read for you without even knowing your name or date of birth or needing a photo, I can talk to your Mum, Husband, Sister, Dog, Tree or Child etc….. Because we are all one energy.

Do you understand? Did I explain it properly?