All in a days Psychic Work:

In the last 48 hours I have had the pleasure of reading for some remarkable clients. But why do I never TV psychics suffering for their craft? I’m well versed, an expert even in the art of keeping Spirit at a distance when I need to but even I can’t stop them sometimes. I’ve had a busy 2 days and this is what I have been put through in the name of Spirit.

I have been stabbed in the heart and abdomen.

Beaten to a pulp and cracked on the head.

Mangled in a car accident.

Broken my neck in an accident.

Had two heart attacks.

The most horrible cancer causing pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Been on life support.

Falling from a horse.

And a drug over dose.

Felt sick and just stopped breathing.

My body is wracked with pain and I haven’t been able to eat. The Spirits have gone, the readings are done. The clients went away at peace and happy and my body literally feels like it has been put through a mangle.

Not bad for someone who swears she isn’t a Medium aye? lol

But for the record. These Spirits were parents, sisters, friends, in laws, grandparents and lovers to the clients I have been reading for. They showed me their death so I would know how they died to identify themselves to my clients. No aggression, no grotesque appearance as one ex follower put it, just pure love and light.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I wonder if the rest of them feel the pains of the people that come through or if I’m the only one who offers to take on their pain? lol



22 thoughts on “All in a days Psychic Work:

    • See I would show it. I would let the cameras see what happens as it is part of the beautiful process of connecting with Spirit. I do watch that show. I lole to see if there are others like me but as with most of these shows theres a lot of shopping lol. I hate shopping. But I admire anyone who does what we do. Its hard work. I just wish they didnt charge so much money because it means most of the people who need the most help cant afford it. Its called a Gift not A Right.


    • See I would show it. I would let the cameras see what happens as it is part of the beautiful process of connecting with Spirit. I do watch that show. I likr to see if there are others like me but as with most of these shows theres a lot of shopping lol. I hate shopping. But I admire anyone who does what we do. Its hard work. I just wish they didnt charge so much money because it means most of the people who need the most help cant afford it. Its called a Gift not A Right.


  1. On the show, she too has a spiritual teacher or mentor….the show films meet-ups together. Is this a MUST for what people with such gifts have?


    • Most people with a gift have a mentor at some point. My teacher was a fleeting thing, she was in my life, taught me some things and was gone again. My teacher basically answered questions I had always wanted to know, taught me to trust myself and my gift and then reassured me of things I had been feeling since I was a child. There wasn’t so much of her teaching me how to read as I had been doing that since I was kid. It was more theological and scientific teachings, confirming gifts I thought I had and ideas I always suspected to be true. As I understand it Theresa started doing readings after she was told by her mentor she had this gift. But she also does a lot of native practices which bothers me as she isn’t Native American and this is what I talk about in Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum. We need to stop taking off other peoples cultures to suit our gifts and beliefs as it is not ours to practice. Instead we are to find what feels right for us and our beliefs. My teacher though only in my life for a year, made the biggest impact in that one year than any single person I ever met before or since.


      • Isn’t this where individuality comes in? We all have to be true to ourselves? I truly dislike the amount many charge for their services and see the posts ( on Facebook) of their grand holidays and big new houses and I wonder – do they realise that to see them costs some people more than they earn in a month? I sometimes wonder if they get their value for money? Bit how do you work out value – and how do you face people who are desperate and paying so much money? It’s heartbreaking.
        Susan x


  2. When I dream of her(my grandmother) I see her tell her I love her n miss her and she hugs me and say sorry I never said goodbye the setting is in the hospital I’m crying so much not wanting to leave.
    There was a time I was napping in my boyfriends room and I felt something stand over me I was peeking n all I saw was a shadow and light and felt my hand get pressure as if something was holding my hand and when I opened my eyes nothing was there.
    The last dream I had was a picture of my walking up the stairs in her house going to her room and it being completely changed (mind you my youngest uncle lives there with his family and was remodeling at the time) and walk into her room and go looking around and then I stop and wonder where her to Elvis posters are. When I actually went to the actual home I saw some furniture in there from reminding and such and her posters were still there apart from furnitures being moved and put there looks like the last time she was there


    • Hi Drea, that sounds like your Grandmother is around you a lot. It just goes to show what I keep trying to tell people. When we lose our loved ones they DO communicate but 99% of the time they put it down to breeze or being asleep or my personal favourite wishful thinking. Your Grandmother is clearly a strong presence in your life even in death and your so lucky. Treasure it always because now you know she is always watching over you and while I try to tell others this, your proof if you open yourself up to them, they will come through. Your not losing your mind, it isn’t wishful thinking. If it made you think of them, it IS them. They are always around. Even when you don’t know it. You however…..know it. Embrace these tender moments with her Drea. They are so special to say the least. And Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. What did you feel for my dad? You are truly a strong woman. I am grateful to cross path with you and have you in my life. Thank you for doing what you do to help us all.


    • Your Dad was headaches first, pain in the abdo chest area. Almost like pins and needles then drug fuelled nausea or what felt like drugs in my system making me feel worse then my heart was racing like crazy. Slight panic at first then the pain went then all my muscles relaxed like… when you hop into a Spa or heated pool. Then heavy as his Spirit lifted from his body and pure weightless joy and love. He said to me ‘One minute I’m thinking ‘It’s ok, you can get through this once the medication helps’ and the next minute I’m watching my family and I thought ‘oh…….right then. That’s That then’ lol it was all very matter of fact lol but he worries about you. He’s one of my best pals your Dad. He’s even helped me help other clients and myself. He’s concerned your going to go down the wrong path out of duty to others and not yourself. He said ‘cultures don’t exist where I am. We are all one so now I see how much time I wasted on honouring my culture instead of just being me. Please just be you’.
      And the day you came into my life was the day my life was blessed. Your my good luck charm.


      • Aww thank you. I’m learning how not to care for ungrateful beings n not let useless things bother me. I’m taking it one step at a time, that is why your guidance is needed as well. :-) and I appreciate it. I’m learning to let go of bad things,
        might be slow andim waiting for the good and for my time to shine.


  4. Hi Spirit Child 1972, I take it your a medium, and I agree about what people say about mediums charging a ton of money for you to see them, let alone the wait (could be years before u get an appt. with them. I wish I had a medium to help me with my questions about my miscarried children and my miscarried brother or sister. I want to know if they are watching over us and what they are like etc.


    • Hi Isis I’m not a Medium I’m Afraid. Im an intuitive Clairvoyant. I predict and guide. I only do Mediumship when the Spirit steps forward and makes themselves known individually (as we are all one collective energy when we die). But what I can tell you in a way you’ll understand is All babies go to heaven. Without question or doubt. They go to the top. And are usually reborn as they are given a choice. Either way they are happy loved and healthy. Selfless souls always get the best treatment. A selfless soul is one who chooses a short earth life in order to teach lessons or leave a legacy.
      I wish you well. Love and Light


    • A Spirit is what you become when you die. Your Soul is what leaves your body when you die to become a Spirit. Its why I say things like ‘When your Spirit (or Soul) leaves your body’ etc….the Or Soul bit is because they are the same thing. We have our own Spirits who guide us that I call Elders and we have the Spirit inside us which most call a soul. But either way a Spirit is dead persons Soul and a Soul is the Spiritual essence of the living.


    • Readings are very draining. But there is no shame in charging to do your readings. How else are you expected to work and feed your kids and pay the bills if you don’t charge Charging is fine, it is OVER Charging Spirit have a problem with.
      You can make a living without taking advantage of people. That is where integrity comes in. Unless your a multi millionaire how could you run a shop and pay the rent and eat if you don’t charge? Unless you have a full time job but then when would you find the time to do Spirits work
      People always think ‘Oh it’s a gift you must treat it as such’ but the gift isn’t for the people you help. The gift is for the people who do the helping and charging isn’t a sin. Spirit do NOT begrudge anyone working hard and making money from it. They are happy to people rewarded from such hard work, what they care about is how you make your money and what you do with it once you have it.
      If you make money through deception, or hurting anyone or from the suffering of others or you use your money to cause harm, loss or suffering to any living being then Spirit have a problem with it. Being Psychic is a Gift to those who have it. It must be treated as such because like with anything in life is you abuse the gift it will be removed. If your serious about your gift and you want to help people you can absolutely find a good balance. I always said if I ever ended up a multi millioniare I will read for free. And even if I started getting such good work when I work full time I have to charge more because I have to employ someone to help me do my work in some way I will never go past £100. Never will I go near the kind of charges of these so called Celebrity Psychics because unless you have to leave the country or state to read for someone no amount of ability warrants charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars or pounds for a reading. It is inexcusable to be charging 2-3-5-800 dollars for half an hour, 45 minutes an hour to connect with Spirit unless your talking to God himself.
      It disgusts me that these people flaunt their money on these shows. I watched Theresa Caputo today commission a Swimming Pool which would of cost a good 30k. People watch her shopping, getting her nails done, Sally Morgan in the UK TV show, all she does is shop as well. Driving her 50k Car. And no one stops to realize they are making people watch them spend the money they made off the grief of others. The money they spend, comes from the grief of the those who lost loved ones. Someone died, many people died in fact for Theresa Caputo to build her swimming pool and she has made the viewers watch it. How is that allowed to be okay? You need to show some level of decorum and respect. Never in my life time will any of my clients see me dressed or wearing anything more than I always do. And while she does good work, I don’t think any of them like her have the right to charge what they do. She might be making money hand over fist but she doesn’t need to show it on her shows. In every episode that woman is in a store. It just makes me sick. But I have no problem charging my little fee. I know I have to put my prices up or change the way I do my work because I’m not balancing it all very well but it’s not going to be anything frightening. I’ve put my prices up three times in 24 years lol Maybe your just not ready to do it yet though because when you get the call, even if you fight it, you just can’t stop yourself.
      I hope you find balance Sweetheart. It is the biggest thing you need when your doing this for a job lol
      Love and Light


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