‘Spirit are just us but dead’   

I was born the baby of 7 kids on the 9th November 1972. 5 girls two boys. A poor Catholic family, trying to get by. I’ve since learned that often my parents would eat porridge so us kids got the meat and veg. Dad was Irish and Lebanese. Mum was Scottish and Maori (native New Zealand). Mums family were huge so I also had my entire Maori family of cousins and Aunties and Uncles who were/are also a huge part of my life.

I was born in a city called Palmerston North, New Zealand. My Dad was in the Royal Engineers of the New Zealand Army for 34 years. He got out when I was 18 and then became a Security Guard until his death at the age of 59 in 1998.

We moved around a bit because my Dad was in the Army but luckily for me we only moved a few times after I was born. We moved to a tiny town called Levin until I was 15 then we moved to Perth, Western Australia. While I was in Australia I got a  Beauty Therapy and Massage Therapy Degree. I was the youngest person ever to get such a high score at the age of 17, I passed with Merit. I worked in salons for a bit but hated it so much. It was full of gossiping, whingeing old money bags and one day the mistress of a town mayor came in for treatment the same day as the wife and the back stabbing and gossiping that went on was just a step too far for me so I quit and decided I wanted to become a teacher instead.

I was going for an Early Childhood Development Degree which meant I could either work in schools, day care, kindergarten or a Nanny. But my sister died at the age of 28, from skin cancer but it was the cancer spread to her brain and she bled into her tumour and that is what she died from. She left a poor little boy aged 8yrs old and a 7 week old girl for my parents to raise. My parents were broken inside. It is unholy that parents should bury a child. Mum wasn’t coping, Dad threw himself into work. So I gave up my training to help Mum with the kids for a couple of years. It was when my sister died I saw the extent of just how powerful my Dads psychic ability was . One day he went into her bedroom to get something out for the baby and her music box started playing. He was on the bed talking to my sister and she was so powerful. She had only been gone a week. He called us into the room and it was then I realized the music box was the sort that wouldn’t go without the lid being opened but also it was battery operated and there were no batteries in it. I knew my sister had packed it away BECAUSE it was broken. The way the atmosphere was in the room, the way my Dad handled it all, it was the first time I had seen him in action. He had always hid his gift from us. He would tell us stories about his experiences but he would never say anything as it was happening, only after. He however, was afraid of is a gift. Being raised Catholic with those beastly Nuns in the schools beating the life out of you for blinking when God said you weren’t allowed to made my Dad very bitter about his love of God and confused about what was good and bad. He said what we did was ‘Voodoo’ or ‘Witchcraft’ and mostly ‘Bullshit’ lol but he never ever made us afraid of our gifts and always encouraged us to talk about what we had seen. It was he who would explain who a lot of the Spirits were I would see in my room at night. My sister died in 1991. It was a day I will never forget. As Mum and I were the only ones home. I was supposed to go to Course and I said to Mum ‘Oh I just don’t feel like to go today’ and she said ‘Why’ and I said ‘I don’t know, I just don’t think I will go today’…………..6 hours later I’m doing CPR on my big sister with Mum frozen in the door. I told her to call an Ambulance and she died shortly after. I blamed myself for years for that. And what is even more weird, I had JUST passed my Comprehensive First Aid exam just two days before that fateful day?????????????

Mum had cervical cancer when she was pregnant with me and my sister who was 8yrs old would look after me after school. I know this sounds insane but I remember some things so clearly with her. I can remember her rocking me to sleep. When I’m upset I still rock myself to sleep the way she did. I remember seeing her reading at night in our bedroom. Twice she almost burnt the room down with me in it because her reading candle tipped over. My Dad put the flames out once with his hands on a varnished dresser and the varnish burnt and scarred his hand for life it was that bad. But I remember both times. It was in my room I shared with her that I had my first Spirit experience.

I had a really high bed it must have been a cot or something and I was in the dark. I was apparently only about 8 months old when I was in that room. I can STILL remember everything as if it was yesterday. I was sleeping with my arms above my head as babies do and I half woke to find a dark shape stroking my arm and side. It gave me a fright and I tucked my arm down and it vanished. I remember being frightened. But there was a lady that used to sit on the end of my parents bed and stroke my Dads feet and some old hag type Spirit that used to peer inside the windows.

Mum wasn’t supposed to survive her radiation treatment after I was born, and I wasn’t supposed to survive birth. The radiation treatment she was having while pregnant with me we later found out caused some Spinal Diseases in me from the age of 4 years. My teeth had no calcium and the nerves were infected so all my teeth grew through black and had to be removed. My hips were crooked and my feet were even more crooked, my feet are still slightly crooked though. From the age of 16 I started having proper treatment for my back but by the time I was 21 I had been told there wasn’t anything anyone could anymore. I have a Degenerative Spinal disease, Spondylitis, Lumbar Lordosis and Sciatica but the trapped nerve is right where the worst part of my spinal disease is. I have a 5mm piece of Spinal Chord trapped in between some of my vertebrae. But it’s a small price to pay to have had my Mum for 34yrs considering neither of us were meant to survive. Plus I’ve had some amazing adventures considering I’m on medication for life. I also have an extra bit to my stomach and it can cause a lot of pain and weeks of vomiting when aggravated.

The Elder of my society said this is the life of a White Lighter. Someone who was born chosen. The gifted are born chosen as a White Lighter and he said that those that are chosen are not without afflictions themselves. Because we can help those out in the world who are suffering if we ourselves don’t know suffering. So a good way to know if someone is a White Lighter is if they have some debilitating illness, that has been or could be life threatening or changing. You can’t proclaim yourself a White Lighter either, you really are born one and The Council will send someone to find you. It is usually your teacher. I met my teacher by a swimming pool on my last day of a holiday in Australia. I was flying back to NZ that day. It was so weird how it happened. She came to New Zealand a year later to find me and taught me what I needed to know and then left and I never saw her again. I don’t even know if she is still alive. She was an amazing woman. Her name was Pauline Braddon. Very gifted Psychic and has worked in some of the biggest Scientific Experiences involving the God Phone for a University in the US. She also worked with a very famous  American Treasure Hunter using Metaphysical Dowsing to find treasure. Successfully too. I’ve tried to find her online but haven’t had any luck. She would be in her 80s now.

I met my husband in 1999 as a  pen friends really. Then I met him in real life in 2001. It was love at first sight. We have been together 14 years now. I gave up my business, my home, my life, family, everything to be with him in the UK. He was the one who encouraged me to start doing readings. I put my Beauty Therapy business on hold to see how it would work out back in 2001 and I have been doing readings ever since. I’ve done readings for some really interesting people from all over the world.

I love music, I love most types of music except Opera and yodeling lol I love Hip Hop and Rap but none of this modern rubbish. I’m old School. I like Daft Punk to George Benson, Sam Cooke to Hot Chip, Reggae to Iron Maiden.

I love cooking and baking, My husband said it’s what made him fall in love with me, when I cooked for him the first time lol I love to bake too.I also have written my boys some short stories. And I’ve been writing poetry since I was a kid. I’m waiting for my husband to illustrate my stories. He is an Artist. He is employed as a Senior 3D Artist and he makes mostly Xbox and PlayStation games but he also has extensive experience in making IOS games and has made some lovely independent games for Smart Phones and IPads etc… But he also has degrees from Uni in Graphic Design, he too hated the BS that came through being a Graphic Designer and got himself some books on Photoshop and taught himself 3D. Got a job as an artist for a company called Codemasters and the rest is history. He also paints and does photography too. He is as dramatic as an Artist too. Oh God, it’s like living with Van Gogh and Ru Paul in the one skin. But my husband is a beautiful man. He works hard and he is so intelligent. I have to admit, I am a self-confessed Nerd Lover and my husband is a Nerd. He loves Physics of any sort, be it Meta, Quantum or Astro, he is big into astronomy and Quantum Theory, he loves Art History and mathematics. He can do Maths I can’t even spell lol He has been so patient with me with my illness since I had the boys.

I started this Blog because I couldn’t sit and watch these TV Psychics and Mediums spreading such nonsense about Spirit and The Dead and leading people on with it all. I figured if one person read what I had to say and thought ‘Oh…so that’s how it is, I won’t be afraid now’ then the blog has done what I set out for it to do. I want people to know it’s okay to want to learn about this stuff and it’s okay to be frightened but there is no need to be afraid because Spirit ARE just us, only dead. The relationship you can have with the dead is such an incredible privileged. If people see them as former people and not as Ghouls and Ghosts, the dynamic would completely transform every thing around us. But I’m not a Polka Dot dress wearing, scarf in my hair, comfortable heel wearing middles aged psychic. I don’t even own a comfortable suit lol I have tattoos and piercings in my ears and tongue. I’m not a Rock Chick, I’m not a Moody Goth, I have my own style. I’m just me. Any leather I owned wouldn’t be in the form of a trench coat and rocker boots lol I don’t do Biker Chick either. I have pure white skin and long Auburn hair. My eyes are blue my lashes and brows are black so I look a bit….different. My husband says my skin is as soft now at 40 as it was at 26. I’m proud to say I don’t even have a wrinkle or frown line. I was blessed with height, and long legs and a large chest to match. My husband used to call me (this is the polite version) Breasts on a Stick lol I am just under 6 feet 1 inches tall. And my pregnancies changed all of that lol I looked like a Capital D in shape and Golam by face lol My hair fell out from all the hormones and my skin was horrible. I was so big I couldn’t even see my chest let alone my feet. My husband used to make beeping sounds when I moved to warn people I was moving lol (poor me)

I don’t find jokes funny. But I laugh constantly. My husband and big brother are the funniest people I know. They are so natural at it. My best friend is funny too. I honestly don’t laugh at jokes and it is the stupid things I find funny. Especially Mascots running and falling down. I can laugh so hard it hurts. I don’t know what it is.

I love doing what I do and I will help anyone who needs it. It’s why I keep asking if anyone has any questions. Anything your thinking or wanting to know that can open up a discussion is a good thing. Too many people like me charge money for asking a question. I hate that. I only charge for readings. But often if you have a question it will be something someone else is thinking too so please, ask away. And if you have any ideas for a Post, let me know. I just want people to know the truth. But I won’t beat around the bush. I am honest, frank and sometimes even blunt. But it’s the truth and it is done with 100% love, respect and truth. And Spirit are all about love and Truth. My goal is to have everyone have the type of relationship I have with Spirit,. I know it’s a big ask but imagine if you had Spirit there 24 hours a day to help you and offer you advice and guidance? Then you wouldn’t even need a me. Death is only hard for the living.

All I want to do is help people. It doesn’t matter how big or small your questions are, if you have something you want to say, share or discuss, please don’t hesitate to ask it here. And of course, private readings are available.

Have fun reading and welcome to a bit of insight into my world.

Love and Light

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  1. I love your insights of the paranormal. I to believe in the spirit world. I have experienced a few ghostly encounters. I believe my old house was haunted by my Grandma Jenny, I know that ghosts are all around us, protecting us and guiding us through life. I look foreword to following you. Have a great day,


    • Well your first instinct is always the correct one. You must always trust your first inpression so if you felt it was your Nana, then it was. How awesome for you. That must have been so nice for you to have a loving influence around you. Especially when you needed someone. I always think it’s such a special gift to have a loved one around you because I know how busy they are. You must have been close, or did she love the house?

    • Oh Sweetheart I’m so sorry it has taken so long. I only JUST figured out how to use WordPress. Thank you for following me too. I also look forward to your posts. I love your cover picture. Where is it?

      • Hi there, Spiritchild. I just wanted to offer a suggestion since you said you didn’t know how to use WordPress well. I’m not an expert by any means, but one thing I suggest, if I may, is that when you write your posts (or going back and editing them, if they’re already posted), place your cursor somewhere around the first two or three paragraphs and click the button on your dashboard that has two thick horizontal lines separated by a dashed/dotted line. What this button will do is, on your home page, it will cut your post off at the location where you had the cursor when you clicked the button, and there will be a link that says ‘Continue Reading’ so that you can get accurate information regarding which posts are actually being read, which is helpful in learning about what topics your readers favor, as well as making it much faster and easier for someone to find a particular post from your home page.

        Just a bit of info which you may or may not be interested in. :)

        Have a great day!


      • oh thats fascinating, thank you, I didnt even know you could that lol I’m not very good at these things and a friends was supposed to help me but he’s been too busy to do stuff lol so I will give it a try.


      • Okay……I tried to do it and set something on fire so I’m gonna get my bestfriend to help me figure it out. I understand what you said but it’s the ‘two horizontal lines’ bit. I don’t seem to have it on my dashboard lol I probably drop it when I was setting this things up lol

      • If you click New Post, or Edit an already published post, you get the screen where you type in your content. The buttons across the top, a capital B for bold, a capital I for italics… on that same line of buttons, if you go across to the right to the 12th button, that is the one I’m talking about. If you hover your cursor over it, it will say ‘Insert More Tag (Alt + Shift + T)’ That’s when you’ll know you’ve got the right button. Or, alternatively, you can just put your cursor where you want to insert the Continue Reading link, and press Alt + Shift + T at the same time, and that should do it. :)


      • haha I found it but now for some reason it is pushing the bit I high light down and it cuts the entire post off lol I’m gonna get J Dub, he’s my bestfriend. he will know what to do lol but thanks so much. I always wanted to do it but wasn’t sure how. See……your useful and kind lol

      • no highlighting, just click where you want it to go on your post (basically, pretend you were going to begin typing a new sentence, have the little blinking text cursor where you want it to be), click the button with your mouse, and it should put a grey solid line across the page, with the word ‘more’ in small type near the right side of it.

        It’s really easy to do, but sometimes it takes actually seeing it done for it to ‘click’. :)

        I try to always be kind, but useful… now that’s a new one! ;) Methinks I must mark this day on my calendar, lol.

  2. Oh I hope I am lucky enough to do a big US tour one day. Your country has some beautiful things to see and this is coming from a New Zealander livinng in Scotland so I know a thing or two about beautiful countries lol Night night my friend xoxox

  3. Hi there! I haven’t had a chance to explore your blog, but your comments on ‘Harsh Reality’ have shown me that you are a person whom I should follow. Is it weird that I got a tingly feeling in my stomach from reading your ‘About’ page? It makes me excited to discover what may be hidden within your blog (or your mind, as yet unwritten) that I need to see. (I would assume my enthusiasm is obvious, since I’m commenting/replying/following before I’ve even seen the first word of content, lol)

    I’m writing this on the assumption that you’ll know the ‘tingly’ feeling I’m talking about, and know it’s not one of those weird stalker-like comments, ^_^


    • hahaha Oh well then Welcome to the Mad House that is my life you poor thing hahaha That tingly feeling I know well. I got it when I first started talking to my Spirits and things started making sense to me. The one thing you must realise when you enter my world is it is MY world. I don’t expect anyone who reads my Blog to think I think I am the Be All and End All of the Psychic world lol I am only talking about MY experiences and if people want to read them then I am priviledged and honoured. BUT if anything I say makes sense to someone, then I am achieving what I set out to do. My goal is to just make people Not Afraid to the Dead and to view them and respect them as the wonderful givers of love they are and not to be exploited. People fear what they don’t understand and if I can show how ‘normal’ it is to be around the Dead then I’m hoping I will stop a few more people from being afraid of them. My views are pretty controversal to say the least. Some people won’t agree, some people will get offended but we need to discuss these things in order to learn. And that after all is why Spirit are around us, because they want us to learn so we can gain wisdom from our knowledge and find a faith that is right for us. Not what others tell us our faith should be. I am not religious but I am of Faith and my faith is unbreakable. My intention with this Blog is not to hurt or offend anyone. It is the furtherst thing from my mind. BUT!!! some of the things I say are….well basically a bit bonkers lol but it’s ALL true. So sit back and enjoy the ride. You sound like you will fit in really well around here. lol And please feel free to join in, add to the blog and ask questions.
      Love anbd Light

      • *grins* you may regret inviting me to comment and ask questions… somehow my comments turn into novels if I’m not careful! :)

        Also, I see you have checked out my blog. Please skip the post about my grandmother (85 Year Old Woman Abused) because it will likely upset you.

        Take care!


      • Aaawwwwww your just like my family lol they warn me about stuff too lol Actually I did start reading it and had to stop because I was indeed getting upset. I have a reading to do for a client and I don’t to be upset through it. Sadly that sort of thing happens here too. Bless her, I want to bring her home and give her a piece of Banana cake with cream.
        But please……talk away. Any thing you want to add, or ask, you just go for it. Kindred souls are always drawn by the light and judging by your blog posts you and I are alot a like….so watch out world lol
        I think I like you already lol

      • Strangely enough, I know I like you. The moment your blog opened on my screen, before I’d read a single word, I felt happy. Reading your ‘About’ page, I felt excited.

        And that’s really freakin’ weird. LOL.

        I don’t see dead people, I don’t hear them talking to me, but I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason; that we’re drawn to particular people for a reason… and the feeling I got was that, for one (or both) of us, it’s going to be an important one.

        Weird? Definitely. Crazy? Maybe. Wrong? Only time will tell. :)


        PS- I’m looking forward to reading your husband’s posts on what life is like with you, lol. Haven’t gotten that far yet… I want to make sure I have time to read both parts before I start!

      • I tried to find a way to send you a private message but could not find any link or email address .. Could you please let me know how … I need to share and ask ..thank you

  4. Famous last words lol Just don’t get upset or offended by anything I say. Everyones experiences are different. I merely talk about mine. If something upsets you or confuses you, then by all means ask because as I say ‘If it’s on your mind it might be on others who are too afraid to ask’ . I’m not like people who see the dead. I’m kind of…..blunt but it’s because Spirit are….blunt. They are all 100% love and light, all loving, all giving beings of energy but if you need a kick up the backside for them to get thier point across, they will do it. I say they are as subtle as a brick but it’s a brick wrapped in love and the best of intentions lol

  5. *smiles* outside of direct personal attacks, I rarely get offended. I’m extremely open and receptive to others’ thoughts and ideas. I prefer bluntness to wishy-washy political correctness, it’s much easier to say what needs to be said when one just says it, lol.

    Oh, and I also wanted to say that I, also, am not receiving some notifications when you reply to things I’ve said/comments I’ve made. (Saw someone else mention this on the ‘Dreams’ post, wanted to say I’m having the same issue, which is why I didn’t answer until this morning!)


    • Okay………….any clue as to why? Oh God I’m so crap at this internet stuff lol It was so much better when I communicated with smoke and a blanket lol I’m replying in the bit under your message that says Reply and a down arrow. Should I be doing it in the box below that?
      You and I are so much alike. I too don’t like hog wash. I like it honest and up front. I dont like to talk down to people. In saying that I am probably talking to myself again because you didn’t get this message lol
      If you don’t get this message I will try and reply in the other box.

      • Yes, if you use the ‘reply’ box to a particular person’s comment, we should get notifications, but if you just use the ‘comment’ button, we won’t get notified… (unless we have signed up for e-mail notification, but most people don’t)

  6. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, doi, okay. Got ya know. I thought I was doing the same thing day after day but in my old lady state I must have been going in any random box yesterday because I was too keen to blether (that’s Scottish for having a chat) lol I won’t make that mistake again. And once again, Thank you lol it takes the younger generation to teach us oldies how it’s done. With your hippity hop and heavy metals and Microsoft Apple Phones lol

    • ewww, Crapple Phones ^_^

      I’m an android gal ;)

      It also appears that after a few ‘replies’ you can’t reply anymore, and have to start a new comment… unless my eyes are just tired, lol.

      One thing that might help, though, is if you add the ‘Recent Comments’ widget. It will show the last 5 or so comments made on your blog, either by you or your readers…. would be helpful with this issue! :)

    • oh My god i could just eat you with dip lol That’s so nice of you. But I don’t class myself as Maori lol I’m a Mongrel lol I’m just as much Arab as I am Maori but because I grew up in Aotearoa it is my culture. I think in NZ I’m technically classed as European Maori/Arab lol It takes a mix of different countries to make this 6 foot freak lol

  7. Just say Kiwi, Maori is fine though, if anyone truly reads my blog they will know I am more than just Maori. You could say Multi Cultural Kiwi, that might be better. My Arab side is partly resonsible for my gift. That side has some very famous psychics back in the day apparently. Multi Cultural Kiwi would do lol t’s not easy being a Mixed breed or Mutt lol

  8. Hi,
    My name is Anastasia. I wanted to drop by and introduce myself. I was delighted to find your site from KraftedKhaos. I haven’t read any of your postings as of yet, although I’m quite eager and excited. This is an area of interest/lifestlye for me as I err with Like Minded folks.
    Love & Light,

    • Hiya Anastasia, welcome to the madness lol You’ll see we are all quite mad in here lol As I tell everyone who comes in, my thoughts are my own. I don’t expect anyone to believe in the things I say. I know what I know through my own journeys with Spirit. It is something I am very passionate about and have been basically studying my entire life. I welcome your in put and questions. We are a loving, respectful lot here and welcome new observations and discussion. Have fun and welcome to the family :)
      Thank you for embracing the madness lol

      • Thank you for such a warm welcome. Indeed when spirit communicates with us it’s very much subjective. I cherish the gifts others have, and choose to share with me. I like to use your reference of “mad” as Metaphysical And Development. I Like “Madness” it gives me the feeling of home, and that I’m at the right place. : )
        Love & Light,

  9. How could a christian (as myself)handle Inquire About. This. Without it being considered witchcraft? I. Tried to. Look into certain.people with. These talents. But ironically something always. Stops the communication…..almost like God is telling me to stop seeking out. This. Information. Or maybe the world was. Preventing me from incountering false. Guidence…help?

    • See, I believe it is you who stops seeking answers because your belief in your faith stops you. I believe my gift comes from God and I was given this gift to help people. To deem it Witch Craft is ignorant on behalf of your religion because nothing in what I do hurts anyone. I don’t force anyone to give money, or tell them if they don’t live by what I tell them they will burn in hell. Your Jesus spoke to Spirits, and became one so why can’t I talk to Spirits? I do no ritual, or hurt even a leaf. I don’t have any temple or overlord who condemns me for being born special. I give to charity, put others before myself, I don’t do anything that would stop me from going through the gates of heaven in fact spend my days trying to assure my place. yet religion funds wars, takes from the poor, hides the truth, abuses children (and admits it through paying compensation to the victims) preaches in buildings that cost tens of millions of dollars, lavishing themselves with BMWs and gold robes while God’s people are homeless and hungry, in fear and forgotten. Who do you think God is going to be more upset with? Me who appreciates everything he created and uses a gift he gave me to help those who are grieving or confused, giving him a voice to guide his blessed children or every religion that has ever told people to give the money they can barely afford if at all to them so they tell you how evil and bad you are? Religion, a forced institution is the sinner in this story my friend not someone like me. You confuse me with something else because I bend over backwards to help people, often at my own expense, give freely of my time and never complain about it to spread the truth. It isn’t how you preach or where you preach it that makes you a man or woman of God but how you live and what you preach. The reason religion doesn’t want you seeking the truth is because it doesn’t want you seeking the truth lol Your clearly being told to find the truth or you wouldn’t be finding yourself at sites like mine. I was raised in a very religious Catholic upbringing. I was raised to fear everything about what I am…….except at home. God turns no one away and no one gets to speak on his behalf, not me not you or any man of the cloth. If God was a man he would be demanding his money back off every religion that ever profited from him and then he would give it to every man woman and child who has ever suffered. For every one of his trees we knocked down to build furniture, for every rock we took from his earth to place around our necks and on our wedding finger, for every crater we scorched in his earth in the name of democracy and freedom, for every life that has ever been taken in the name of God, gain or profit and for every lie every told on his behalf. I don’t lie, kill, steal, cheat, borrow, beg, threaten, maim, take, or blaspheme. I don’t sexually abuse children and then tell people they will go to hell for living with a man out of marriage. I don’t take money from the poor and tell them if they don’t give me more money I can’t tell them God hates them. All I do is tell people death isn’t the end. I don’t charge an outrageous amount of money, I simple take a small fee for my services. No one is forced to pay for a reading and not one person has ever said I was hurting them. If a grieving daughter, or confused house wife gets comfort and peace by what I do, do you really think God would punish me for that? Before you allow yourself to judge someone like me you need to understand what it is your judging. I’m not a false prophet. My views are my own. I share what I know with the world. I don’t force anyone to listen. Unlike religion. Until religious corporations give themselves over to God, and takes nothing for preaching the name of the Lord, and gives up their trillions of dollars in estates and properties to do it, feeds and shelters the homeless and live humble lives (it was good enough for Jesus the said son of god after all) then they have no right to judge me. For was it not said ‘You must practice what you preach?’ He who stands on the street corner shouting the name of the lord does not make him a true believer after all.

      • Please understand my words are not spoken to you. They are spoken of religion. My dear friend, if you saw what I did and how I do it you would see I am no harm to anyone. If you need guidance, if you need help let me help you. But you must first forget what you know about your faith. Take a leap of faith and trust your God given instinct and find the help you seek. No God would want their child in this world alone, feeling helpless and afraid. Your pain is deep and your on the right track. You just need to take that step and trust that your God is there to guide and protect you. Sometimes his light comes in different forms. Trust your self. In trusting yourself, you trust your creator. Go to my post My Readings: Clint Endorsements. You’ll see quotes from some of my recent clients. You’ll see nothing evil about what I do there. From which you can make your own mind up about whether you want help or not. I hope to hear from you soon. Love and Light

  10. I am only commenting to make you understand of the fine experience my wife’s daughter went through going through the blog. She realized a wide variety of pieces, which included how it is like to have a marvelous helping mindset to get men and women without problems know precisely chosen very confusing topics. You undoubtedly did more than our own expected results. Thanks for providing such beneficial, dependable, explanatory and in addition fun tips about your topic to Janet.

    • Your more than Welcome my friend. My only aim in life is to help people understand things. I think the Media portrays what I am and do and live in a light that doesn’t even begin to explain the whys of the Paranormal world. It’s not anything to be afraid of and if I can help one person understand it a little better then it’s all been worth it. I didn’t really have anyone to explain the hard stuff to me. My family are all like me but it just was, it was never explained. I’m a nosy person and I like to figure things out and understand the world around me so I decided to find the answers myself. I developed a relationship with Spirit in a way I’ve never seen anyone else have before. Because of that they taught me. So now I make it my goal to teach what I know to those who want to know it. It’s my pleasure and a honour for me to have people listen.

  11. I trust that God blesses people with this kind of gift…..
    I am not sure exactly what I want to know….I want to know….and the truth is knowing may not make the journey or easier for me and its important that u know I accept it because ultimately I am confident in my walk with God and I know that he is with me on the journey


    • There are some things even people like me aren’t meant to know. About ourselves, our clients or the Universe. But as you say it is a journey with God in what ever you believe in that makes us connect with our faith. I walk with my God every day. My God has made me a good person, a happier person. And it is done without an ounce of religion. Faith is personal, only you can have that personal relationship with your God. It is one you build yourself and half the fun is in the journey I think.
      Thank you for sharing.

  12. I feel so comforted by reading your words, the way you describe your religion and spirituality. I too was brought up a catholic and began to seriously search for more meaning to the answers I received in my teens. I have always believed that there had to be more to life than the finality of death. There was too much I felt but could not gt answers for (although the nuns and priests threatened to excommunicate me). :0
    Coming to Australia I have felt such a disconnection from everything I knew and impossible to find what I kept calling real spirituality. Mumbo jumbo you can find everywhere but I was looking fort that spark which made my heart light up and my soul now it was finding its home again.
    I have tried many meditation groups with varying degrees of success. The good ones seem to fall apart after a while because they either wanted or need a certain numbers of people to attend and we struggled with numbers. I have taken my healing in the areas which I was drawn to, Reiki was and is a favourite. but I find it hard to do on myself. (The pain gets in the way :) ) Then an angelic healing called Pellowah. It isn’t much heard about and I enjoyed it but it had a strict silence during healing that was hard to manage in busy suburbia. I did Melchizedek healing, as different from Reiki as you can imagine and that was also really good but I came back to Reiki all the time. I’ve studied with Doreen Virtue for the Angel Intuitive. I love her cards but… the lady herself seems to be one a different path to me. Australian Bush flower essences are great and I’ve used tarot for many years. In fact, at present everything is packed up and I miss all my things. Meditation is a must though.
    So, after my long introduction I do have a question…you have said that everyone cam talk to spirit. Perhaps I want it too much, I have always said that I want to help people, help them with things they themselves cannot do at that time, but help, always in everything I have done I have worked at helping others. Isn’t that one of the prime things in spiritual work? So – how can I improve my connection with spirit? How can I learn to really communicate with them? Am I asking for too much. I’m hoping you wont say it’s because I’m ill, lots of people are but have still been tremendous psychics, mediums.
    I think I’ve gone on long enough. I would have sent it to your email if I could or posted to your website but couldn’t find it… if you need my email address I will happily send it.
    Love and light Sister,
    Susan x

  13. I have so many questions…but I am so afraid to ask. Afraid you might have answers, afraid you just might not. My questions come with a long story…so complex. So personal. I’m going to work on getting brave, so I can ask my questions…or at least the most “important one”… Soon.

    • Yarrow you have nothing to be afraid of here. Maybe start with the easiest question first. I promise I will do my best to answer you as best I can without making you scared or confused. If you don’t want to do it here you can email me on debbiedakiwi@gmail.com
      Anything you say in my email will be Confidential. If you choose to ask your questions on my Blog please remember this Blog is about helping people understand Spirit and The Paranormal so you could be helping others in the exact same situation as you by posting them for everyone to read. BUT this is about you and what makes you comfortable. So you do what you feel is right. Either way I hope you contact me and start releasing yourself of the burden of your fears. Be Brave. Just remember we are all strangers so it isn’t like we will be bumping into you later at work lol. If it makes it any easier, email me privately. I’m here for you. I don’t charge a dime for help and advice. You can trust me. Well I hope know you can anyway lol I look forward to hearing from you when your ready.

  14. its really nice to know whum ur communicating with these long months..only a great heart like u can lend all help towards others ,which is rarest in this self centered world.

    • Oh sister your going to make me blush lol Thank you much for your kind words but I am one of many. I just have the biggest gob lol hahaha but seriously Thank you. Your making me feel humbled. Your so sweet. It makes it easy though when my followers are as open and lovely as you. Xox

      • Now ur compelling me to *blush* a lil too lol …u should get urself used to abt getting lotssaa compliments ,as authentic and hard working soul like you must get wat u deserve..and trust me all the said things are straight from my heart..

  15. *hugg*!! Soul sisters or may be magnetic attraction of two energies lol…may be thts true because i believe wat happens in this world thts for a reason nd that too positve one..otherwise its nt easy that certain words of mine made a tear fall , whereas m staying in India and u in distant land!! I even dnt remember how i got ur blog..i was just searching the web after 2hours I saw yours..M lucky I feel..I can come down to u anytime and u reply asap!! Where on earth that happens !!!

    • Well you joke about that but your not far wrong off the mark their Garima. Some people are Polar Opposites and WILL clash if they meet. Some people just do not get on, just simply don’t have matching frequencies yet a lot will still marry, date, have babies to or befriend this person. They put it down to being passionate or opposites attracting but that only works if your energies match. Your frequencies need to match. People who don’t get on have different frequencies. But that’s fine. We aren’t expected to all get along, just respect one another. Don’t worry, I get lumps in my throat all the time when I read all my lovely comments from people. It reminds me why I am doing this Blog in the first place. All I want to do is show people the fun side and true side of The Paranormal. How if you just look at The Dead and Paranormal occurrences from a different point of view it can stop you from being afraid of it. Most people are scared for the wrong reasons. So when people like you and Susan say such lovely things about my Blog and I it makes me know I’m doing the right thing. I will do anything I can for my readers and followers. It’s why I keep asking for Post Ideas because I don’t want my Blog to go stale. So if you can think of anything you would like me to cover as a Blog, please let me know. Love and Light xoxoxox P.S Is your Mum not feeling so well? Upset stomach or abdominal pain?

      • No not my mum but i m having terrible abdominal pain caused by excessive infection in urine.i hvebeen howling nd crying with pain.nd yesterday night i had sudden gastric pain giving me whole night pain. Wow you gt my frequency !!
        Nd i know and strongly believe that two energies should have that wavelength or frequency matching thm..i cannot deny every single thing that you explain watever ur mentioning I just think and becum amazed that is exactly wat i feel or like my words..that is why i read ur every post and commnt on it.I am unwell nd lying in bed and still replying you through my mobile..lol..straight from my heart ,I hve grown and living with an unknown attactment with you..that can be also because of ur kindness and polite behaviour..your just so patient and deal with so many posts calmly…amazing!! trully I am in tuned with u!!

      • Drink cranberry juice and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a half a glass of water four times a day for a week. That will clear your Urinary Tract Infection sweetness. Also everytime your intimate with your fiance go to the toilet afterwards and wash. The UTIs will stop then.

  16. U got me dear!! I have an idea for a new article if u can work upon it..I have this idea because I read so many books on occult,paranormal,spirits,now reading on spells lol.Ucan go with” Life After Death” by talking to ur spirits guide and recording their stay good or bad evrythng on the other dimension.Even scribble some unusual spirits experience in the other side…This is to give people idea of what are they and their lifestyle is ….People having mixed concepts about afterlife,so this also a way of telling them they r just not different than us…u know,previously I had heard that relatives once dead turns to be ur enemy,which i felt strongly a “no”…Later when i got in touch with some spirits in dream and in reality first i also got scared but later learned to live with it for some good years..and trust me i had fun with them,nd later my mum whu is so scared of ghosts lol she also living with them happily..we just talk to them like lil kids ..
    Anyways so this is my idea..I dnt knw whether u gonna like it..people take interviews of living celebs but its take love and opennes to write biograpies on non living celebs(spirits) lol…

  17. the one wrritten in “contact me”..I clicked that hyperlink adress and sent with my name and dropped a message..

  18. yaa i accepted..hehe..thanxxx for taking the trouble..no i din get married..well i look married when I wear saree and red bindi(the symbol of a married woman)…u took me as married as i attend any traditional occassions like marriages or anniversarries and their I wear saree …when I will be getting married I will inform you first and would send a invitation through mail… ;) :) :)

  19. Uppss!! There may be some mistake..In my profile its clearly wrttn as “engaged with 21 august ” m engaged not married…may be u saw my cousin sister’s getting married ,those pictures..

  20. Upppsss !! Sorryyy sorry..I wrongly understud you…I thought you saw my marriage date in my profile….I got confused by that…trust me I m loving you more than I do now Debbie princess…love u :)…U saw it ..aaahhh m soo lucky…We were having trouble of our marriage u knew that earlier.My would be hubby’s mother dsnot love or like me at all..She hates me as I deter her always for telling lies and she covers her dirty outlook for every people and remain sweet with them in their face !! Which I hated the most..She neither invites relatives in her house whereas I love peoples gathering,as I love to cook so I love to feed people knwn or unknown !!!
    Well if you have seen then its going to be true…thanxxx again Sweetie pie !! I need your wishes and blessing :) :)

    • Lol It’s okay. You’ll get used to my random predictions lol your a stunning woman Garima. When I saw your photos you took my breathe away. Im the image I saw in my minds eye you were wearing the most beautiful red and gold. You had some type of jewelry over your head. He was wearing cream or off white and gold. His mother is threatened by you because your better than her. Class wise she cant match you. And by class I mean you have class and grace. Your poised and intelligent. She’s threatened by that. Plus your cooking and hospitality is legendary. My husband would LOVE to come be fed by you. Your probably the only type of woman my husband would leave me for lol he LOVES Indian food. I’ve only just discovered the Chicken Saag and Saag Aloo lol

  21. Ooo i got goosebumps sweetheart.Your a darling to me..I am really blessed to have you as my closest friend,guide,and support…And your right dear my mother in law is exactly is threatened by me lol..btw,I din know you can cook Indian food too ,your loaded with talents and power lol…And Your Mr.wont leave you lol becoz he knows that person like you is the rarest in this world,helpful,good cook,good at heart and a pshychic too…And if he leaves you for me well I am not going mess up with you ;) :)..coz I Love You and topping that all who dares to be enemy with a powerful pshychic lol :) :)….And for you and your dearest Mr.I can send some of the most tastiest recipes !! :)

    • Well I think maybe you appreciate my talents more than my Mr most days I’m afraid lol but I’m also a qualified Beauty Therapist and Massage Therapist as well lol but I have a feeling by the time you marry your Mother in law won’t be an issue lol someones going to talk in her ear and remove her jealousy and doubt.

  22. There is an open invitation from my side that whenever your going to come to India I would like myself to be your humble host :).. For your Mr.I will try and make every tastiest Indian recipe ,may be not as good as your hand does magic in cooking lol ;)..we will play “holi” and would make your special “bhang”…And I believe I will meet you in this life definitely :) :)

    • I accept your invitation and extend it back. I’m a beginner Indian food cook I’m afraid. Chinese, home made pies, soups and baking are my specialty. I’m good at baking and creating cakes, cookies, slices but my decorating skill let me down or I’d be a baker lol if your ever in England let me know :)

    • Oh and I would LOVE for u to teach me to cook proper Indian food. I don’t eat beef, pork, sheep or sea food apart from Cod, Haddock and Teriki. I eat chicken maybe twice a week so I don’t have to get B12 injections lol and I’ve been told Indian food is a Pollotarians (only eat chicken) dream. But I can’t do spicy at all lol Tikka is the hottest I can do lol I’m such a weenie. Lol

  23. Ooooo !! Someone’s going to talk to her ears..hoping for that..as I always dreamt of a perfect family bonding!!yaa read that in one of blogs that your a beauty therapist ,and its depressing I missed that quality in my previous post :)..See whats genuine about you I wrote and thats always true from my heart and in the same way I convey exact things of yours to my fiance and my mum…Whatever I have in my mind ,I speak that ….Its impossible nowadays to find a genuine person with huge heart and love for people..And I love to be associated with good companies and not impostors!! And here I found you from U.k lol…credit goes to mine lol ;) :) ..I accepted your invitation thanxxx and for sure…

  24. Yess true we Indians are chicken lovers..but as you know India is an acculturation so,I am being Bengali we love muttons much..actually only the Bengalis and south Indians they have variety of cooking forms…these two doesnt goes for only chicken..we have hell lot of veggie items with spicy or without spicy…punjabis and bengalis eat the most spiciest !! But we Bengalis prepare without spicy also with only coconut milk..prawn in coconut milk known as “chingri malai kadi” is tastiest … ummm !! Favrte of mine lol..well I knw continental cooking but I dont knw how to make cakes,muffins and cookies…can you help me with simple cake preparations…I made it twice but its nt that soft … maybe I had poured cornflour much!!

    • I might do better in Bengal then than the rest of India. There is a gorgeous Punjabi restaurant around the corner. Nothing smells nicer than Indian food cooking. It’s why you all live so long lol and I would love to give you some easy biscuit recipes. I’ve been baking and cooking since I was 7. I love it. It’s cathartic.

  25. Hello there! I am so happy to have learned about you and enjoy reading your blog, inspiring and eye-opening. Please private message me with instructions on how to obtain a private reading.

  26. Hi,
    I’m going to try this again. Lol
    An ex contacts me every so often, but before that happens, I see this person’s name (just the first name), hear a song that remind me of them, or just see thing that remind me of this person. Am I feeling them or am I a little intuitive?

  27. I’m sorry but I should have told you that my ex is still alive. I was just wondering if the signs I get were signs by my loved ones or if I was a little intuitive. The ex contacts me (still alive) but I’m not sure why?

    • Ok now I’m confused lol you want to know if your intuitive because you think of him before you hear from him and things happen that remind you of him like songs playing that trigger memories of him? I mean the first part would suggesr a telepathic think to your ex but things that trigger memories of a living person isn’t anything unless you were referring to something else and I’ve misunderstood again lol

  28. I confused myself reading what I had written. Lol For example, Sarah an old friend I haven’t talk to in a long time. I would hear the name Sarah in a song or I would see things that remind me of Sarah maybe like 3 times during the day….then in a couple of days later, I hear from Sarah. I get little signs like that with people that I hadn’t heard from in a while so I was asking if I was intuitive? And why do I get signs like that? I hope I made sense this time. Lol

    • hahahaha Your so funny lol Okay well yes, Telepathy is where you will think of someone and they appear. Some might argue that it’s Intuitive, you think about them because their energy is drawing close. But Telepathy is a form of Psychic ability. It is how we communicate with Spirit after all. So now I understand the question lol I would say Yes, you show signs of Psychic/Telepathic ability.
      Why you get these images? Well because of in terms of Level of ability your a Fetus. Spirit start off with the simplest forms of communication and then build you up as you become more used to and understand your gifts. You could never run before you could walk, so it’s baby steps. The possibility is there for you to take it further if you wanted. The choice would be yours. xoxox

  29. Thank you for helping me understand. This has been happening for over 10 yrs but it depends on how much I notice it or in tuned with it. I’ve been trying to contact my Spirit Guide but haven’t had much success. Any tips to what I can do to help contact my Spirit Guide?

    • Your Spirit Elders aren’t ones we can contact. Your Elders are only around during times of life and death. People have been taught wrongly that your Elders or Spirit Guides can be seen at any time and it’s simply not true. Your Elders are the Guardians to your soul and destiny. They have so much to do and protect and defend. They will only be seen during times of great stress or high emotion. However your Spirits can be felt all time time. Let them show you. Don’t push it. It happens better when it happens spontaneously. Xox

  30. Years ago after a bad break up, I had felt stuck in my life and wanted direction. I would go to a book store and just read. I started reading about Angel and Spirit Guides and how you can contact them. Then I started buying Angel cards and an Angel board; not sure if any of those things worked. I do feel guided but sometimes I let chatter in my head and from life get in the way of my focus. Lol I guess you can say I’m in a point in my life where I want to know if Im making the right decisions…that’s why I was looking up Theresa Caputo and ended up finding you. :))

    • Okay Baby so tell me how I can help you? My blog is perfect for anyone wanting to know how to understand and know their gifts so if you have any questions or is there is anything specific you think I should talk about just ask. It’s what I’m here for :)

  31. What’s my life purpose? Most people already know what they want to be when they grow up or have a passion for something…singing, lawyer, etc. I have many gifts but end up living a simple life. I guess i just feel like I should be doing something. Lol

    • Lol You do have to understand only you can answer that Hope. Half the journey is in the discovery. If I gave you all the answers what would you learn? I can’t give you the instructions only the manual. Your talking about Your Lifes Purpose. Thats the whole point of your existence. No one should answer that but you I’m afraid. Any questions other than that which only you can answer? Lol

  32. Then I don’t understand what I can ask you. I know I have lessons to learn but asking what I should do with my talents and gifts seems pretty basic. I didn’t want to give away too much of myself because I’d like to know if you’re real or not. :)

  33. Great blog you have here! I am also from a large family, the youngest of nine (7 girls and 2 boys) and we’re not even Catholic! Thanks for visiting and following my blog…I will definitely return to read more of yours. Om shanti

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