The Missing Sock Club: Do one of these Spirits belong to you?

I have Spirits who turn up in my home looking for their loved on on this side. I call them my Missing Socks because like a Missing Sock in my laundry they sit and wait patintely waiting for me to find their missing sock making them a matching pair lol

He turned up 2 weeks ago, in my bedroom, too polite to come in like other Spirits, Michael chooses to stand at the bedroom door. All he said was ‘I’m Michael, I had an injury to my head but when I fell I hit my chest,my body was moved when I was alive but I died alone with people all around me not knowing I was dead. Tell them 27′ and he repeats 27 over and over again. I’ve asked every client I’ve been reading in the time he’s been with me and I can’t find who he belongs to so now I’m going public to find the missing sock.

So I have a missing sock looking for his sock so I can match them up. So if know Michael and he belongs to you, I have messages for you. Please contact me so I can pass them on and finally let Michael go. I wouldn’t charge for this of course and I’m dying to find out what 27 means. I don’t think it’s age, he looks a bit older than 27, 30-32 maybe. I felt 27 was something important, so this missing sock would know what 27 meant as soon as they heard it. So Michael is about 5’10-6’0 tall, mid to slightly dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin but he said its because he worked a lot outside.

He may have been a builder or landscape gardener or something because while he is a very good looking man, (he could be a model or in the movies) he has a rugged manly thing about him his tan is classic ‘Out door worker tan’ and not because he was hispanic or fake tanned. He wasn’t weather beaten though so he may have also spent a lot of time in an office also because he was wearing a blue collared shirt and jeans. So if you belong to Michael, he want’s to tell you ‘He IS safe and happy and he doesn’t want you to cry for him. He is at peace and he said Remember Me, don’t mourn me. I am in all your memories of me. Tell my Mum and Dad I love them and tell them this couldn’t of been prevented. It was going to happen so don’t carry any guilt.

Nothing could be done. It was his time. He said ‘Don’t spend a lot on his Headstone because he’s not there in the ground, he is with you all and in The Beautiful Ever After. Its not important to him. He loved the song that was sung at his service as well. He was very proud. He wants you to know, he’s sorry he never said Good bye but he is here now saying Good bye. He is at peace and he said it happened so fast he didn’t know what hit him. He went down and opened his eyes and he was in Spirit with his brother (I think it could be his cousin but he’s saying Brother). He didn’t suffer and he came because you called to him but he didn’t want to scare the crap out of you if he turned up at your house as a Spirit lol but he said he is the reasons why the dog/s? bark.
I hope you know who he is. The poor thing has been waiting so patiently for 2 weeks. Please let me know asap.


Also I have a little girl who is aged between the age of 8-10. She has long blonde hair and she died of an illness. It might of been cancer because she was making a huge deal over the fact she has hair again. She was rushing the hair of a doll too, a Barbie doll and she sits on my floor in a white night gown with it’s either a rainbow with a Care Bear on it or a My Little Pony on it. It’s Pink (the Bear or Pony) with a rainbow behind it. She has blue eyes, fair skin, bear feet.

And finally I have George. He coughs and kicks things to wake me up lol he’s about 80. About 5’6, white hair, receded hair line with freckled, brown freckles all over his head and he has a white mustache. He is wearing a blue knitted jumper, in a dark dark blue and grey slacks, blue and brown slippers on and he has a walking stick.

Please contact me if you are the missing sock to make a pair.

Thank you for your Patience and Understanding

Spirit Child

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