How to get a Reading:

I get emailed this more than anything else so I thought I would put it as a post.

Okay there are two ways you can have a reading from me.

Number One:

You can email me your question/s and after I receive the payment you will receive the reading within 48 hours. It’s usually about 12 hours. You can ask as many questions as you want and just recently got sent 25 questions and I answered every single one apart from when the persons In Law was going to die lol  I only ask that when you ask your question/s you don’t give anything away. No leading questions or statements, no life stories, just general questions like ‘Will my job situation improve?’ type of thing. It asks the question without giving anything away.

Should you not have 25 questions to ask in the one sitting you get three months to ask the rest. So don’t worry. I keep a log of questions and how many were asked etc……

Number Two:

We can meet on Skype, Google Plus Hang Out, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, Yahoo Messenger or Phone (if your in the UK). You can ask as many questions as you want. I will answer openly and honestly and will answer as best I can but will NOT answer any questions about when you or someone around you is going to die. I tell my clients to make sure they have around 2 hours spare for the live readings. It is on average around 1 hour 15 minutes but I say make sure you have two hours spare just in case. I try to have you booked in for a live reading within 3 days. All readings live will be done in the PM my time as I only work part time and can’t do any live work without my husband present to watch Train and Robot unless it’s the weekend in which case it’s any time that suits the both of us.

Please Note: I am NOT a Medium. I do not and will not call Spirits on. I work with the ones who come to me to help read for you. I only do Mediumship when one of your loved ones steps forward to be identified. So please don’t book a reading on the hopes you’ll hear from a loved one. If it happens then that is awesome and I am happy to pass on the messages but I predict and guide. It is what I am most comfortable with. I just don’t want to disappoint anyone who turns up thinking they are going to hear from someone and they don’t show.


You get 2 days to ask as many other questions as you want regarding your reading. All included in the one original payment you make before you have the reading. . FOR FREE NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. They can be submitted through email.


It is £45 British Pounds

$75 US Dollars

$75 Aus or NZ

55 Euro


If you need me to interpret dreams or if it transpires you need to do a cleansing or something as with the extra questions, it’s all covered in the original fee.

Anything I can do to help. I’m here.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your reading you have 48 hours to come to me to try and resolve the issue or you get your money back.

Love and Light






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