I am Feeling Troubled:

I have been struggling for 3 days to decide whether I should write this Post or not but I feel now I have no choice. I hope and pray it doesn’t put my life or the lives of anyone I know in danger but I feel the end IS near.

I have been having dreams of attacks on Buckingham Palace, and on The Queen. I have been having dreams of White Balls falling from the sky on American Flags where when they hit the people they are falling to the ground dead and American Fighter Jets fly over the people. I’m having dreams about Foreign Leaders and People of Importance being blown up in Planes, President Obama being killed in Car Bombings. But the Obama thing seems almost fake because in some cases I have seen him climbing through a hole in the road mere seconds before the car explodes. I can’t make sense of it. But I’m having more and more and now I am becoming restless. Emotional, Pacing, Nervous, and I can’t sleep. I thought it might have been because I have just had my Beautiful Big Sister and Brother in Law here for a month and I was dreading them leaving me to go back home. They left two days ago and my anxiety is getting worse. I have theorized a couple of cases based on my dreams and the dreams of people who have come to me with their dreams what it could be that is about to happen but either way I feel the Cleansing and it’s trigger is just weeks if not days away.

The first one is this:

Our Beautiful Scotland is days away from voting for Independence from The United Kingdom. On the 18th September 2014 will possibly mark the end of an entire Era. Centuries of war for this very issue is about to finally get answered once and for all. Wiill Scotland finally be awarded their Freedom? They want to be Independent like America and rightly so. I believe no one has the right to tell any country how to live. Scotland deserves this and for many reasons England and the US etc….don’t want this to happen. All because of money. Scotland owns the North Sea Oil which England has been getting for free and will then have to start paying for. England is broke.

Every Man Woman and Child in Scotland pays for everyone in London just to exist not to mention a lot of Scotland’s taxes pay for Benefits Britain. I have no doubt they will get Independence. Meaning my husband and Sons will have Scotland Passports and I will need a visa on my Passport as the wife and Mother of Scots.

Scotland will bloom. They make £30 billion a year just in Whiskey Sales alone. Plus the Oil, plus everything else. They will in fact be better off than England, Wales and NI combined. BUT because of this, because England will be found out for the debt they are in, they are panicking as are America. Scotland make up something like 70% of the Armed Services. Scotland will then have the right to decide whether or not they want to enter into Illegal Wars and Invasions which of course they won’t. UNLESS!!!!!! Scotland itself was under threat. What would make people want to fight under one United Kingdom. They tried to blow up Jenners, the oldest department store in the world a while back and it went wrong. They tried to blow up Glasgow Airport and we all know how that ended lol Glasgee Fears Neigh Wan!!!Not even a man on fire.

The election is just a few of days away. Could they be planning something on Scottish Soil during Voting Day? or just before to make the Scottish People feel insecure enough to either vote NO to independence or so they can maybe Postpone the Election? If people fear they are under attack and will have no Military to protect them they might in Fear, vote No because they fear not having enough of a Military in Scotland to protect them. So many countries don’t want Scotland to be Independent for so many reasons but if they make the Scottish people fear for their lives and Freedoms then they WILL vote No to Independence.

Although good luck to any fool who tries it.Scotland has thousands of years of defending their lands from not just the English, but the Vikings and Romans to name a few. If they can kick a man on fire for trying to blow up their airport I will be expecting some Terrorists to be hung from the street lamps in Glasgow. If they are caught by Scottish citizens, they won’t probably survive a trial. But this is one of my theories based on my dreams and premonitions of the last 12 months.

My other Theory is this:

Could they be about to attempt or take out The Queen and or Prince Phillip? The Pedophile Sex Scandals going around the UK at the moment with celebrities like Cliff Richards, Noel Edmunds, Phil Collins, Pete Townsend, and others to name a few being named and of course Rolf Harris, Jimmy Saville, Stewart Hall, that DJ guy etc…being convicted and or sued etc….the rumour mill on line with very reputable sources are saying that Prince Phillip and possibly Charles are about to be arrested. So could they be about to Sacrifice one of the Royals in order to distract people from the Elections? That way taking the heat off the Sex Scandal Allegations surrounding the Royals. The one thing people know about the sex scandals and Paedo activities of the British Celebrities and Rich and Famous is they are all connected. They all had BBC protection and now it is all becoming unraveled. A Police Officer in the 1980s did indeed make connections to the Royals and he was quickly fired from his job,all his evidence went missing and he was found ‘Suicided’. And lets face it. The Royal Family are adored. They make up a huge percentage of the Tourist Dollar in England, London especially has so many famous landmarks based around the Royals. Everyone wants William to be King (except it seems William himself) William and Harry are loved by so many as was their Mother. Even I like William and Harry. They are good boys who don’t seem to be caught up in anything. I do believe that when William is King he will dissolve the Monarchy. I don’t feel there will be any King or Queen after him anyway. I also feel Charles will never be King, especially if he is named in a sex Scandal. So could they be about to take out Britain’s Most Famous Institution? Have people so distraught with the death of their beloved Royal/s they don’t see anything other than revenge and a calling to go in and stop Isis? People want war the second they feel they have been wronged and this will in effect start WW3. These governments are desperate for another war because they are all stone broke. All our Pensions have been spent and there is no value in money any more. They have spent every cent and they can only get any of it back by going to war. Selling arms and opening weapons factories and even food outlets in the war zones etc…it all makes them money. They need to protect the oil, they are trying to stop other countries like Iraq, Syria etc…from trading in US dollars and getting their own currencies back. And lets face it, WW1 was started because of the Assassination of the Nephew of the Kaiser. All those poor souls on the Twin Towers were killed to start the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is always a mass event that happens that has the people crying out for vengeance. Poor souls who thinks they are enlisting to fight for Freedom are actually going to be Fodder for Mines and Snipers.

Needless to say something is about to happen and I believe it is going to be the beginning of the end for these very Powers.

Spirit told me years ago ‘The very thing they created to control the masses will be the very thing that brings down themselves down’. And based on my dreams, whatever it is they are going to do it will be hurried and not very carefully thought out and their mistake will be they are doing in public, around crowds of people with video cameras, IPods, IPads and so on. We have cameras every where. Even our cars have them now. My dreams suggest a monumental fuck up done under the watchful eye of many dozens if not hundreds of people taken from every angle possible. Like at the Boston Bombings, and 9/11 etc…but this time they won’t be able to brush it off and ignore the people who are putting stuff on line. My dreams suggest it is such a Fuck up it is undeniable. Thus starts the riots and rage. Thus brings the end of 2000 years of tyrannical rule and oppression the world over.

I’ve not been sleeping. I’m nervous and emotional. My husband said today he hasn’t seen me like this since I knew they were going to take out Haiti and Indonesia with their Rod they put in the oceans floor to causes the Tsunamis and Earthquakes. I didn’t know when it was going to happen though, that was the hard part.

However, If I’m honest, my dreams never showed a Scotland Flag or anything Scotland related, only The Union Jack, The Queen, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Buckingham Palace. So it might be a London or England attack to distract the masses. But nothing brings people of Britain together like a good World War.

The thing that troubles me though, the thing that makes my premmies even more disturbing is two of my friends, both of which have never had ANY clue of Psychic Ability or even showed any interest in having my ability have been having identical dreams to mine. One of them see’s it from the point of view of a Guard or Security Agent of The American President while I see it from the point of view of someone with a video camera. And the other person, she is one of my most beloved clients has been having dreams almost identical to mine and I know for a fact she like me, is an emotional wreck. She too is hearing the cry of the planet. She too is being kept awake at night by the nervous tension and sad cry of the Planets Hum. Never before in her life has she had these experiences.

The first friend I mentioned has many dreams where the US President is under attack but when he is on UK soil.

I wish I knew what is was. I just know the UK and US have put the two countries on the highest possible alert since 9/11.

Spirit have promised me no one I know is going to be under any threat as long as they  keep their heads down.

I really hope and pray I am wrong about this and I look like the Lunatic that I am lol I pray I am just THAT crazy. I would rather be crazy than see any innocent souls giving up their lives for our freedoms but this is the thing. IF we go to WW3, we won’t survive as a Free peoples ever again. It will be Armageddon with the US, South Americans and North Americans becoming one nation with one currency and we will ALL be slaves to the Elites. We will never grow to where we should be. We will all be forced to be medicated, and any free thinkers will be imprisoned, killed or forced to tow the line. They will off the weak and keep the strong to make them money. They already call us their Cattle and believe me or not but they will make Pedophilia a common every day thing. There are articles starting to surface where there are plans to make it perfectly normal for Fathers to have sex with their kids, and teachers with students, and so on.

THIS is why They have to be stopped. This is why we need The Cleansing. So while I pray no innocent people will die for our freedoms, I know some people will have to die for our freedoms. So when you hear of someone dying or being arrested for your freedoms, you be Thankful that it wasn’t you.

People in Syria, Egypt, Spain, Greece and so on aren’t fighting against Terrorists and being killed because they are trying to get rid of these Isis, Al Qaeda, CIA soldiers, they are fighting their Bankers, Leaders and Tyrants who have stolen their pensions and savings and houses and jobs. The News just wants you to think it is a Terrorist thing so you will back them going in to stop it.

These people have been told it is now the Law that their banks can take up to 40% I think it is (some countries are more, some are less) of the money in their citizens accounts. In Cyprus they closed the banks over one weekend and took 20% of every citizens bank accounts then proclaimed this is something that will happen on a regular basis.

If you have ever had your bank have ‘Technical Difficulties’ where you couldn’t use Online Banking, or using your ATM or Eft/Pos/Switch/ Bank Card for shopping in store then you now know what they are doing. The truth of the matter is the banks have no money to give and if only 100 people went into their bank tomorrow and asked to withdraw ALL of their savings it would shut the bank down.

Money isn’t tangible. It is numbers on a screen if you think about it. Your wages are numbers paid into your bank account which is numbers. This is why they are trying to get everything digitized because they don’t have the cash sitting in the vaults like they did in the old days because they spent it all. They print more money off knowing it’s no big thing because people don’t walk around with their wages in their wallet like the old days so it is easier to shut a bank down over the weekend to save them handing out money they don’t have to give you to spend. People just aren’t aware of what these people are getting away with and I feel it is all about to come to an end for them.

Please, I implore you, start stocking up on tinned foods and non perishable goods. Here is a list of things you can get to store in any space you have available. This is just a rough guide. For at least 3 months worth:

Tinned Foods:  from Beans, Soups, Spaghetti, anything you can store for ages and it not go bad.

Pastas and Rices: Always good, cheap, packed with carbs and can be used in a 1000 different ways to fill you up and keep you full.

Pasta Sauces: In jars, they have a longer shelf life than the lids suggest as they are full of preservatives.

Seasonings: Salt, Pepper, etc….not just for flavours but salt has a million other uses such as disinfectant, bleaching agent, keeps slugs away, and Pepper also keeps cats away from your food.

Bin Liners: You would need quite a few hundred of these because you will be using them for a toilet and burying your garbage in as you will be without sanitation collection or flushing toilets for a while until things settle down.

Two Thick Plastic Bins with sealing lids: One you will use for a toilet. You would line it with a bin liner then when it gets half full you can take it and bury it away from the house. The other you would have as a wash basin or back up.

Water: As much bottled water as you can get your hands on. Fluoride free if possible. The most important thing to remember is if there are mass riots throughout the cities on a global scale. So we are going to be without running water, flushing toilets, and more than likely electricity and gas. So you would do things like eat off paper plates then burn them on your fire and use the water only for washing pots, washing your hair, etc…..you won’t be able to have baths and showers so the second bucket is good for filling for washing your hair, teeth etc…as you might need your baths for storage as it will keep food and the like cooler. Make sure you have plenty of face cloths and sponges for washing yourself in. Only changing the water every couple of days. You don’t need water for brushing your teeth, it is actually better for your teeth to not rinse (unless you have fluoride toothpaste). Making sure you keep the toilet bucket away from the washing bucket lol

Tinned Fruit: As it is a cheap way of making sure you get your 5 a day of fruit and veg without the worry of your fruit going off. Tinned soups are a fantastic way to get your veg as well. Bear in mind we won’t have electricity so you won’t have frozen veg at your disposal.

Powered milk: We bought Coffee Mate, as well as that UHF milk stuff. That has a huge shelf life on it.

Baking Soda, Disinfectants, Dish Liquid, and Vinegar: The Dish Liquid and Disinfectant for obvious reasons, but the Baking Soda has a trillion uses, as does vinegar. From keeping your clothes white and fresh, to getting fleas off your cats and dogs, to bleaching your teeth, to curing UTIs (the Vinegar that is), keeps your bladder healthy, great for cleaning glass and windows, unsticking metals like a DW40 type of thing, washing your hair, (it is fantastic for dandruff and makes your hair thick and lush).Look up the uses for Vinegar and Baking Soda.You’ll be surprised.

Blankets and Duvets: If you don’t have heating you can snuggle with your blankets. We all have thermal underwear and socks that hold on to the body heat.

Radio/Torches/Candles/Charger for Phones:

We have solar powered radio, torch and phone chargers. You can use batteries,hand crank the torch or radio as well but they have a solar panel on them all so they will never be without power. You will need a radio or access to the news some how. Candles are always a must because the wax can be used to seal lids on jars, cracks in things that need to keep water out and starting BBQs and camping stoves etc

BBQ/Camping stoves: So you can cook without electricity in the house. You can buy pies in tins here in the UK, Stews and stuff too so you won’t be without a decent meal, it might not be a nice home cooked roast dinner but it will keep you alive and fed while your waiting for the power and stuff to come back on. There are so many meals you can make just by adding water to a pot or carton ie Pot Noodles and Uncle Bens Rice Meals. They are dirt cheap,make a great snack, and doesn’t use any dishes. You just need to make sure you have the pots and stuff you need to cook these meals and heat the water. You won’t have a microwave remember. But you can buy powered egg, and tinned hot dogs etc…so there is no reason for you to go hungry and live off horrible bland foods. You can even by mash potatoes where you just add milk so while it might not be Michelin Starred Meals, when your hungry you’ll eat anything.

First Aid Kit and Bottle of Cheap Whiskey or Vodka and Sambucol:

The first aid kit will be to have everything in it from antihistamines in it to paracetamol, Anti-inflammatory medication, antacid medication, and if you can broad spectrum antibiotics. Also plasters,bandages, gauze, tweezers, Vicks medicated rub, Vaseline, antiseptic cream etc….(you already have disinfectant which you would dilute). Be practical and sensible. You will need things for cuts, burns, scrapes etc. The Vodka or Whiskey is great for a disinfectant, tooth ache, or to numb the pain. Sambucol will destroy any flu or cold over the winter season like you wouldn’t believe.

Newspaper, Good Scissors, Needle and Thread, Paper Towels, Rubber Gloves (multiple pairs) and Wet Wipes. If you have kids or pets you will need to stock up on nappies and animal food as well.

Make sure you have enough Coal, Gasoline, Oil etc….for your cooking implements.

If your in the US and live in one of the major cities you could do worse than buy a weapon for protection as well.

I have also stocked up on Cereals, Oats and Flour and yeast and sugar etc….even Naan breads. Because Cereals are cheap, and make great alternatives for meals and snacks and are fortified with vitamins and minerals. Put some tinned fruit on it and you have a nice pudding if you have a sweet tooth. Oats for Porridge, which is filling and yummy and also added to meats they are very filling and makes the meal go further.

The flour and yeast because I taught myself to make BBQ bread. I can make bread by hand but without an oven to cook it in I found an awesome recipe for BBQ bread. It is really easy and yummy. Naan bread also has a really long shelf life and if you eat it with your soups or pasta meals it fills you up quicker. Our Naan has a shelf life of nearly 2 years.

Knives and Knife Sharpener:

Disposable Plates and Cups:

Chocolate and Biscuits: Dark Chocolate is better. It has many medicinal purposes but most importantly it is great for energy and the Biscuits or Cookies make great fillers for cereals (broken up) and pie bases, as well as keeping the kids happy.

Now this is just off the top of my head. You will all no doubt come up with more and better ideas. But this is what we have. I am sure I’ve missed loads of stuff off the top of my head but this is simply for the purposes of not having any electric or gas or flushing toilets.

When the rioting and civil unrest kicks off the first things to get disrupted will be the gas and electric supply. This is the ONLY reason. There will be looting of food stuffs and you won’t be able to just go down and buy a shop for the house once the first fire is started in a city. So we have been stocking up for a couple of months so when the shit hits the fan you won’t have time to buy anything.

The worst of it will last for about 4 weeks. It will start to settle down but after that it could take up to 3 months for normal services to resume so try and stock up for at least 3months, 5 if you have the room.

If I am wrong, then hey….you won’t need to buy groceries in a while. Maybe donate some to The Food Bank even. Invite people over for a nice meal once a week or take meals to the elderly of your street.

But if I’m right……………….This is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

I pray for you all to be safe. Please keep your heads down. Don’t get involved. Don’t let anyone know you have supplies either. People do stupid things when they are panicking and if they know you have stuff because you stocked up and they didn’t they can do stupid things which is why if your in the US, it wouldn’t hurt to have a firearm at your disposal.

Keep away from places of a high concentration of people. Don’t go near any big buildings or structures where there is going to be a high concentration of people. If you see anyone with their faces covered,LEAVE. If you see any ‘Training’ practices going on where streets are being cordoned off  LEAVE FAST.

If you work, go to work, not using Public Transport if you can help it, come home and keep your doors locks and your house quiet. Don’t bring attention to yourself. And keep in touch with your loved ones. Tell them your intentions to lay low should anything happen. Facebook, Instagram and most News websites will more than likely be shut down. Any sharing sites. So you will need a way to contact loved ones.

So get your phone numbers and email addresses of loves ones up to date.

And know I love you all so very much. Thank you for coming into my life and for trusting me with your deepest, darkest fears and worries you have had in your life. I will be up and running for as long as I am able to and I really REALLY hope I’m wrong.

My intuition is never wrong though. I’m on edge. I can’t relax. I’m worried. I’m nervous. I’m concerned. I’m exhausted. I’m connected to Spirit more than I have ever been looking for signs and clues about when and where. I’m exhausted.

I love you all. I love Spirit and I love My Creator and I know that what they have in store for us is for the benefit of the entire world. There are bad bad BAD people out there doing horrible,evil,despicable things in the name of Democracy, Freedom, Peace, Progress and it isn’t okay any more. 2000 years of them ruling by fear and greed, starting wars which are killing and destroying the lives of billions of people every day in our name, with our tax payers money. With our pensions and savings. And it has to stop. I will not mourn the loss of any of those involved. Be it The Queen, or Beyonce, The Prime Minister or the Boss of the ALS charity. If your an Elite. If you have gained off the labours of others, if you have gained by fear, murder or bullying, if you have ruled through murder,lies and deceit, your days are numbered.

You will have all heard by now of this Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS? Did you know by the time the Chairman and Board members take out their wages for running that charity all the money you have all raised doing that challenge less than 28% of the total sum will actually go to the Charity itself? The Chairman is on $339,000 a year. There is 15 members of that board all on over $100k a year. Your Ice Bucket Challenge Money isn’t going to the poor sufferers of the disease. It is going to pay the wages of the people who run the charity.

The South Yorkshire Police Constabulary chose to ignore the complaints of over 1300 vulnerable children in the South Yorkshire area who were being groomed for sex with Pakistani men in the area and wider Yorkshire area because they didn’t want to be seen as being Racist? Since they opened the case up to start prosecuting these Animals, there are over 2,800 cases of kids being used for sex on going. Supposedly now connected to the Jimmy Saville Sex Ring.

These two things along need the Cleansing and this is just the tip of the Ice Berg. When all the truths are revealed people will start to understand why this needed to happen in the first place.

UPDATE; 07/09/14 The word going around the Internet is

Fox News would have allegedly published an article about an ISIS attack on America for September 11, 2014. The article was written in advance just like if it had prior knowledge! It has been removed after being discovered and leaked. The URL used for FOX was: “http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/09/11/us-under-attack-isis-militant-forces-retaliate“.
Evidence of such trace of the URL could be proven and found on “Way Back Machine” site (http://web.archive.org/), which collects all data registered over the Internet. Watch video here:

But we shall wait and see. All I know is Spirit are getting to kick some ass badly. There are many souls on this planet who will NOT be seeing a White Light when they die.

God I hope I’m wrong.

I love you all.

I am surrounding you all with The White Light of Love and Protection.

Spirit Child





The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 7

Here is our latest Episode. Sorry for the Delays.

This Episode with my husband the Graphics Expert is looking at some famous and not so famous ‘Ghost Photos’ and whether they are real or not. Expert Analysis so to speak.

Some of our Followers very kindly sent in photos and videos for us to look at. Unfortunately some of them haven’t been possible to post here because I don’t know how to re-post Facebook Videos onto my Blog lol if someone knows how to do it please let me know. I tried to embed the video but it just kept coming out as a photo. Maybe The Poster:Jannel Dunn might be kind enough to email me the footage instead? Anyway, enjoy.

Here are some of the ones we did discuss though.






GHOST MONKEY/ CHILD? (the head peeking around the door by girl on the lefts shoulder)

Ghost Girls

EVEN SPIRITS LOVE A GOOD PARTY: (is it a trick of the light of the Mum of one of the girls at the party?)
Ghost party

I’ve just been taught a valuable lesson.

Today, I found out, I can no longer be friends with my clients. I discovered that no matter how hard I work, I will never be enough for some people and I’ve been left feeling confused, upset and sad.

A few weeks ago I got contacted by someone wanting a reading. Who seemingly was so pleased with what I was offering they wanted their husband read and then her best friend. I started feeling like I’d met a kindred soul. They were so much like my husband and I but they had all this untapped potential.There was something there with the both of them and when they asked me to Mentor them I was shocked and nervous, scared and excited. Were these people going to be the first to learn everything I had been taught. Sure I’d helped people in the past but never had I wanted to sit and teach someone to ‘Hear the Universe’ as much as I wanted to teach this couple. I agreed to Mentor them and we had our first session last week. They were like sponges. I felt like ‘If anyone was going to really listen to what was being said it was these two’ then 4 days ago I was approached by a young man who has such a strong gift he is almost hounded by the Spirits who surround him and he asked me to mentor him also. I took this as a sign maybe this was the time I start teaching because my teacher always said I would end up teaching. Now I didn’t see any harm in this because it was A Couple Who wanted to bring out and enhance anything they had there and or laying dormant for the purposes of guiding and healing others verses a young man who wants to understand how not to be afraid of his gifts and learning to ‘Read’ for people so he can help them and guide them using pure Psychic ability, like I do.

Well apparently I offended my couple by saying this when I did the survey on ‘Would any be interested in taking classes and was it a good idea?’ because I then wake up this morning to a request from PayPal to return all the money they paid and a torrent of abuse and cruel remarks.

Upon trying to ascertain what I had done wrong I was told a few things which I would like to address publicly for the purposes of anyone else who is curious about me and what I do.

One of the things she kept saying was ‘I am a liar’ that what I say about them on my Blog is different to what I say in Private’. Well what did I say? I said they had no gifts per se but I’m charging them to enhance their gifts’ so I’m lying because she has gifts and her gifts are just as strong as her husbands and I don’t know what I’m talking about because she’s been seeing Spirits since she was a kid which I never mentioned.’ Okay so lets address this ‘She told me in one of her first emails, she was a Gypsy. Gypsies are psychic,it’s a known fact.I live in the UK where her Gypsy family are from, they run all the Psychic booths and shops and stalls. it’s a known fact. I had no need to mention it. When I said ‘they have no gifts per se’ I simply meant compared to my young man in Nevada who wants to be a professional Psychic and do readings for people,this couple were going to work together, one in a sort of healing role and the other in a more Spiritual, Emotional Guidance kind of way. Two very different roles, one requiring completely different skills and understanding that the other. They didn’t want to be trained to be a Psychic, they wanted to be trained to enhance the gifts they had which were for him Healing and Natural Telepathy and for her using her gift to Offer Spiritual Counseling or Offering Spiritual Guidance which is like a Therapist but using Spirits Guidance rather than a medical degree. So that’s what I meant.

The gifts that the couple have are for a different purpose than the young mans. Therefore requiring different lessons.

She said I am Ego driven and have no gift. I’m obsessed. All I do is talk about myself.

Well when you ask someone to teach you what YOU know, how can I not? I can’t teach you how I learned stuff without talking about how I learned them and how I used them. I don’t like New Age Spirituality, everyone knows this. I don’t like they can charge some poor soul the earth for a crystal when a rock from your garden does the same thing. It’s not the followers I get pissed off with, but those in the Industry who profit from it.

Everyone knows this. I swear,  rant and I get annoyed. But she had lead me to believe we were becoming friends and I in my ‘Switched off’ mode tried to share my life with her as she had me’. Apparently I am not allowed to share stories of myself when trying to teach someone and befriend them.

As for the Ego thing, well it might be because I said I want to make enough money so my husband doesn’t have to work. So I can pay for Christmas myself and feel like I contributed something.

Let me explain: My husband suffers from crippling depression. It has taken a big strong beautiful man and turned him into someone I don’t recognize. Yet every day he gets up and goes to work to put a roof over out head. Not once complaining. I stopped work to look after him and then we had our boys. I am used to always taking care of myself. I’ve never been a big money earner. It’s not what I’m interested in. But I would like my husband to stay home and paint and take over as a Housewife so he can sleep in, and not worry about the bills for once. His depression was ‘Event based’ Which means it was an event that happened to him that triggered the depression. He becomes obsessed at times, pushing himself to the limit to earn so he knows at the end of the month he is covered. It breaks my heart. So yes I would like to make a decent enough of a living to let him give up and take care of himself emotionally and Spiritually. If we wanted to, we could both work and make so much money we could have savings and buy a house and that in our opinion would mean we were ‘Rich’ lol because having savings and buying a house seems to be The Dream every married could aspire to. I’ve never wanted fame, I could of, I’ve been asked to do stuff for TV and Magazines, but I’m shy, I’m nervous, self critical and can get defensive. It’s not nice, so I keep away. I don’t want to be rich, I just would like to make a living. I want to be able to contribute at Christmas and Birthdays because, well sometimes as a wife and Mother society doesn’t always think your contributing anything and your lazy and get to sit on your ass and shop. So I felt like I was doing well taking the pressure off my husband who always starts to tense up come Oct. Does that make me a bad person?

In essence what this woman did was go out for a meal, ask for seconds, then thirds, and then had a dessert and decided 8 days later she wanted her money back because the meal you gave her wasn’t up to her standards.

She didn’t like the fact that I said her husbands gift was stronger than hers. He has an incredible energy and could do wonders for people and animals especially. He is the one who I felt would get the most work because doing Healing is less scary to people than being read. Even people who don’t believe in the Paranormal will have Reiki and healing. Plus people know now that there is a connection between man and beast and if this man could tell clients what is wrong with their Dog etc…then people would pay for that.

She said she couldn’t understand how learning to read if a card is red or black would teach her to open her gift. Well if you’ve read my blog you know it is the first thing I do with anyone who is wanting to know how to focus on Spirits because guessing the colour is the first step in teaching you how to focus, tune in to your surroundings and also eventually fine tune your Telepathy skills.Telepathy is how Spirit talk to us. She had a week of lessons and was really looking forward to the lesson on Monday when all of a sudden she changed her mind.

She said she had something to teach me and I had lost my gift and was on the edge of darkness and I never responded to all her emails.

Well she did teach me something. She taught me, Never will I teach what I know to just anyone. It had never felt right until they asked me to. It made me so excited that while I wasn’t sure I had anything to teach I realized that I did indeed have a lot to teach. I had always doubted this since my teacher told me and when my young man asked me the other day I took that as a sign. Also I now will have to send a disclaimer with every reading I do so my clients know I won’t be able to enter into any sort of friendship with the people I read because it hurts when they stab you in the back. I know people will say ‘Didn’t you see it coming’ and I will say ‘Kind of but I didn’t think in  a million years it would come from them’.

I feel dirty. I feel my need to want to be in a position to take the strain off my husband has given people the wrong impression of me. To be clear, I’m working casual/part time. You might pay $60 which is more than enough I think, but by the time that is converted into pounds it’s around £32. For 5 days work. I had told this couple that all services I provide from now on (Once they started being mentored) would be free. I said to make a donation on what you thought the services were worth. She paid, She got 7 days worth of services for less than £20 a day. Yes I would like to make more, but not at the expense of being away from my boys. Their education comes first so unless one of us is home for them and their schooling then I will never be working full time. However having said that I still work about 60 hours a week. Just not all for a fee. If I was earning what these Celebrity Psychics earned I would work for free. It’s a shame but I do have to charge a small fee for what I do.

She then added insult to injury by accusing me of being a Scam Artist and ‘I could be a Nigerian Scammer for all she knew’. She is one of only 3 clients to see my face, so she knows this isn’t the case. She said I was ‘probably trying to steal her identity as we speak’. So for every time I sat up emailing her to really late, I sat up to past midnight mentoring her and her husband, for every email she sent and I replied to before replying to even family members, what I was, to her wasn’t enough. She wanted in on my life but didn’t want to know about my life. She wanted to learn from me and what I knew but didn’t want practice the way I was taught. With the cards. And if any of you reading this have been one of the ones I’ve taught this technique to, you’ll know what I mean buy ‘It teaches you focus before it teaches you to communicate to Spirit. She said she knew everything I had taught her. So why ask for more lessons? She said She could learn what I taught her from any good web search. Why come to me then? I don’t get any of it.

I don’t get it.I don’t get any of it. Some have suggested maybe this was her intention from the start. But I hope not. I refuse to believe there are such horrible people out there who sit and pray on other peoples kindness. BUT it proves my point when I say ‘Everyone wants to learn what I know and do what I do but no one wants to do the work needed to learn it and the work needed is so easy but impossible for anyone not on a true path’. And if your intentions for this life aren’t honorable then I guess it’s not for you to learn.

I’m sorry, I’m sad and I’m angry. I’m sorry she misread my intentions and decided it was something it wasn’t, I’m sad I now am too afraid to want to Mentor anyone and I’m angry that after over 24 years of doing readings for people the way I have, I have to now change the way I do it. So now I have to put in conditions to my readings.

I should point out this woman asked for her month back 4 weeks after receiving her readings. She paid for three. All of which she got weeks ago. The last email I got from her was to say She was’ excited about her next lesson as she had so many questions and she might have to make an extra donation’. Even though I had told her ‘No more paying for anything, she was a student now and it was beyond paying for things’. 4 hours later she is complaining to PayPal.

Today is a sad day indeed. I am honestly broken. It might be a while before I write again. I think maybe I should go back to Beauty Therapy.

The Kiwi Psychic and Midwest Ghost Episode 6

Today is about O.B.Es. Explained and how to deal with them.

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