I need help from someone who knows The Internet

So I’m thinking I’d like to hold Online Classes for people who I want to help Open Themselves up to Spirit. Mentoring and stuff but I need a way to do Online Classes where the students I pick for the classes can all meet in the one place online so we can talk in real time and all see each other. Like Skype but where we all can Conference call each other. We’d need to see each other. I’ve done Conference calls with Skype but the connections are never reliable and not everyone is able to connect etc…does anyone know of anywhere I could hold Conference calls with up to say 6 people where it’s trust worthy and where we can all each other?

I have Wickr, Hangout, Skype, Facebook and Yahoo Messenger if that helps.

Also I would like somewhere to set up a Forum so my students can go to discuss their lessons and help each other etc….does anyone know how or where I can go to set up a Forum that is ONLY for my classes and not where people looking for love or Cyber Sex.

Any help and advice would be most appreciated. I have 2 students already I want to start classes with. We will meet once a month for a 3-4 hour session at a time.

But I don’t know where or how to do it.

Thank you for your time

Love and Light


My Time Slip Just Got Weird.

So…..I’m officially Insane. Something insane happened yesterday. No one is going to believe this but I have Witnesses so I know it can’t just be me. Right?
What happened?
For the last week various people in my house ie my son and husband and I have been seeing flashes of light inside the house. Like a camera flash going off inside the house. It lasts a split second and is bright enough to light up the entire house. It’s never happened at night. Always during the day.
But yesterday I was sitting on my bed replying to some client emails after I’d done a reading. I was just thinking of putting some music on and laying down to listen when a saw the flash. But this time I stopped typing to pay attention as to where it was and what it could be when i saw like a rip or tear in the middle of where the flash was and I found myself on tippy toes trying not to fall through this hole. On this side was my bedroom and life. On the other side???????? It was outer space. Pitch black, stars filling my eyes, deadly silence and still atmosphere. I was losing balance.
It lasted about 4 seconds. But I remember every single detail.
My youngest came in and said ‘Mama I saw a white flash in your room did you see it? ‘ He’s  seen a few timed and mentioned it twice. My husband has seen it too many times to count.
Is it a Worm hole? When I time slip am I walking through a worm hole?
I don’t know. I need to figure it out.
I can tell you this. Its a thick atmosphere in space. Oddly warm.
But remember how I said Time Slips make me exhausted? I’ve been unable to do anything after this one.
I rang my husband at work the minute it was over. I was in floods of tears. I really thought either I’d actually lost my mind.
Or I was having a stroke. But can people who are happy and content have a mental break down?
He assured and reassured me.
I love him so much. It can’t be an easy job being my Protector.
I know people won’t believe me.
But I have to document it.
Any thoughts?
I wish I could study me under scientific conditions.
But as with Time Slips I don’t know when they’re going to happen.
And does this mean for my family who see the flash too?
Will it happen again?
I’ll let you know if it does.
I’m so tired I haven’t even had the energy to eat.

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Don’t Live Regretting Everything, Die Regretting Nothing. *a message from the dying and dead*

In my many years of seeing and speaking with the dead I have asked them probably over 20,000 questions lol I wanted to know how to make the most of my time here. How to embrace the world and my gift. How to be true to myself without hurting those around me and even more complex questions involving physics and Extra Terrestrial based lessons and just a Bouquet of wonderful, enlightening conversations over the span of 42 years.

But the one conversation I had with them that has stuck out most of all was regarding there own deaths.

When I asked them what they thought about in the days, minutes, seconds before they take their last breathe as that person on this world for all time and they all said, every single one of them said and I am allowed to directly Quote this too ‘I had too many regrets’.

They all said and say ‘Don’t live your death regretting never lived’ Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Life is the rich tapestry you get to create so don’t make it boring’.

I got permission to speak about this but I won’t mention his name though. But 6 months ago a man in his 60’s came to me and said he would like a reading.’  He is one of only a handful of clients I have read for who taught me more than I could ever have taught them and will inspire me for the rest of my natural life. All because he had faith in Spirit and I.

In doing his reading he realized he had found the answer he had longed for, longed to hear for over 27 years.

This man had done everything right. He studied hard, went to College (Uni) got his engineering degree, got a wife and had a house and kids and he retired.

Quite a few years before he was due to retire he lost his beautiful wife. He raised his then Early teen kids by himself and never remarried.

He had a mortgage and made himself a nice living. He could afford a luxurious lifestyle because of his businesses and he paid taxes and sent his kids to college and had them home for Xmas etc…saw them off into their careers and so on and he was miserable in his soul. He loved his life and he loved his family but he had something hidden deep inside him that he could shake and for 27 years he fought it. As he sat in his log cabin out in the Wilderness he longed and dreamed and grieved for this thing he always wanted to do and never had the guts to do it.

All this man wanted to do was see his country and write a book. He longed for that Great American adventure and was so afraid of doing it, it was making him sick.

He went to over 40 Psychics and Mediums who all told him to enjoy the rest of his life at a safe distance. To sit on his money and spread the wealth and be charitable at home because it was safer. I was the only one who told him to do it. Why? Because of what his wife and every other Spirit I asked have been saying to me for years. Which is ‘Do it, don’t live with regrets. make memories now while your alive. When you die you have nothing BUT memories so make them good ones. Don’t waste your life doing what you THINK you should be doing but what you know you should be doing. Open that business you always wanted open. Doing something you love. Getting to make a living out of it is so much more rewarding than working hard to make a fortune. Dreams are easier to make than money and more rewarding when you have them in your hand. Kiss that girl you fancy at school, write a book, publish it yourself and leave them in charity shops. It doesn’t matter if no one publishes it for you, do it yourself. It doesn’t matter if you give them away or sell them on Amazon Kindle. Write the book. Record that album, travel, take classes. Then you can say you did it. Who said ‘It is better to try and fail than never to try at all?’ One regret you’ll never have when you die. When your dead and buried and your stuff is being fought over or sold, it’s not your things people will remember but you. The memory of you. So how do you want people to remember you? The horrible way you died? The sad way you lived? The work you always did? Never being brave enough to step outside the door? Or do you want to be remembered for something else? You get to make a memory for your family now while your living NOW. So make an adventure of your life and write the book as you go. Tell your story now while your still living. An Auto Biography not a Biography. I told him to do it because he never has to worry about getting a meal, he has the money to never go hungry or be cold. His car can be fixed or sold to buy a new one without it costing him money he could never afford. He had that advantage. Even though he would have many nights under the stairs in the flat bed of his truck and he would work to pay for his meal for the reward of knowing kindness and that sort of charity I think Americans should be proud of. No one does ‘Community Spirit like Americans.’ They know the meaning of the word Charity, Kindness and true Spiritual worth. He would see it, know it, be moved by it and in his leaving one small town for the next he plans on giving money away to causes he meets along the way.

Well I got an email 4 weeks ago to say he had put his stuff in storage and sold his house on the beach and his apartment in the city, he’s kept the Cabin because he wants to die there in about 60 years because he was off in the truck and were off having the start of the Great American adventure.

I made him promise to keep in touch with me. He has stepped over that hurdle and conquered his fear of losing control of his life. The energy I got from his last email fed me for 3 days in energy. He was a blessing and an honour to meet and get to know and I know that man, when his time is up, will slip away at Peace with the world and at Peace with his life.

Close your eyes and imagine your dying. Your laying in your bed looking back on your life and what you enjoyed and didn’t. What you learned, who you loved and who loved you back etc…..what are your regrets?

Well I’ve decided I will no longer live with regrets. I’m going to complete as many things on my Bucket List as I can before I pop my clogs. It started with me making apologizes to people I know I’ve hurt in the past. Mostly those fights you have with loved ones and you said things you wished you’d never said type stuff.

I’ve also decided to try more foods. Stop being afraid to try new flavours. The world is a plethora of cultures and dishes out there at our disposal and I only ever eat the chicken. Now I will only ever eat just chicken, I haven’t eaten Beef or Sheep in 17 years. I stopped liking the taste of it and now it just tastes gross. But I eat enough chicken to not require B12 injections lol and it’s hard for me because I’m allergic to egg and can’t stand mushrooms and they are staple foods for vegetarians lol Chicken, vege, pasta etc….come in many forms and I’m gonna try them all.

But I want to talk to you all because so many of you come to me with dreams and being too afraid to fulfill them.

My dear client I will call Jack said to me before he set off on his journey ‘I need to Thank you Debbie, you have me so much and I feel like a teenager again. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and I have you to Thank’. I said to him ‘Jack, don’t Thank me, the reason you saw 40 Psychics and stopped with me, isn’t because I’m better, it is because I gave you the right answer and you would of kept going until you found one who said Yes, so it’s nothing to do with me, I’m just the lucky one who got to say it and see you do it.’

I want to tell you some of the things our loved ones have been telling me about their regrets upon their dying moments.

The most common regret is without a doubt ‘I wish I had kids’ is the most common thing I hear. So many people realized their legacy stops with them. They went and made money and saw the world and now there is no one to mourn them in that special way.

The next most common thing I hear is ‘I should of never worked so much. I thought I was making a good life for my family so I could enjoy them later but when later came I realized I’d missed out on so much my kids hardly knew me and I hardly knew them. One Spirit said to me ‘I made over a 80 million dollars for my company and yet I never knew my daughters best friends name or what my Son’s favourite sport was and when I died they had nothing to share at my Eulogy so my Personal Assistant did it. I missed every single Anniversary and Birthday and I hated myself for it. I kept telling myself ‘when you retire you can make up for it all’. ‘Then I die from working myself to death and never got to make it up to my family. I am still counting the regrets and I’ve been dead how long? (2 years was the answer).

The next most common thing is ‘I should of said I’m sorry to (………….).

Then it would be ‘I wish I’d written that book or opened a business’. So many people wish to start business and were too afraid in case it didn’t work and they lose a steady job. So what………ya know? If you have a dream to have a wee book store or bakery or Dog Groomer or whatever it is. Big or Small. Do it. Then you have no regrets when you die. You’ll always know fail or succeed…..you tried. And my Mother always said ‘God loves a trier’.

One lady said to me ‘I was married 62 years to the love of my life. And 2 weeks before we married I had the chance to have a one night stand with the most Beautiful American Soldier I had ever seen. His skin was like hot chocolate and he was an Angel to look at. He made my eyes adore him lustfully and I never did it. My husband was the love of my life and every day with him as my best friend and lover was a gift from God. But I never knew what it was like to know lust. Passion. That rip your clothes off, rush of hormones, throw you on the floor ravage you unbridled passion. My husband was an incredible man and a wonderful Father and Grand Father and I regret nothing to do with him. But I regret everything to do with this Tall Drink of Chocolate and if I could go back in time I would of drank him long and slow, taking in every tasty morsel. lol True Story lol

Don’t be afraid of the things you want to do. If it brings you joy even for a moment, the memory of that joy will last beyond your life time  and then it is worth it. Don’t let your last thought be ‘If only’ but instead make it ‘Remember when’.

I intend on remembering decades full. Starting from 15 years ago.

Your Playing if fire if you don’t listen.

Over the last 3 weeks I have been inundated with people wanting my help then they don’t listen when I give them my advice. After begging me for help, they went against my advice and then had to come back to me when it went tits up.

I’m not an arrogant person, or cocky and I absolutely would never tell anyone they are wrong for trusting their own judgement BUT you have to understand something.

I work, I have two boys under 6, a very messy husband under the age of 40 and I home school. I spend around 80 hours a week working doing my readings and answering emails/comments etc…..99% of the time, for free.

I have no complaints about that either. I love what I do so much. I really do have the best calling I get to have as a job.

BUT……….if I tell you ‘Do NOT threaten to leave him and pack your bags to scare him into showing you attention’ and then you do it anyway and he changes the locks and doesn’t reply to your texts,  then I won’t help you any more. I can’t. It’s not fair.

I won’t sit for 3 hours any more for 3 hours at night in the cold giving you advice that you asked for that you turned out you weren’t even listening to and leave me alone not knowing if your even in the same building you started out in because you just decide to go look at Cars mid conversation then get upset when I don’t answer because I don’t know where you are. I won’t drop everything to help you any more like I used to. You too get one chance. (you know who you are).

I am spending my time sometimes staying up till 3-4am trying to help you. Giving you free advice and taking the time to listen to you. All this week I have spent dealing with people who don’t listen and it has pushed me over the edge.

I gave clear instructions on what you needed to do to protect your children and your home from the trouble that as been caused by not listening and you skim past the important stuff and rush through the process then wonder why it didn’t work.

Well I’m sorry but I’ve had enough. It is unfair to Spirit and to those of my clients and followers who actually listen and appreciate the time I spend helping them.

I will help anyone who comes to me. I turn no one away and if I can’t help (if it turns out it isn’t Spirit related or because I’m not in your area) I find people for you who can. I take what I do very seriously and you all need to start doing the same thing. Apart from not taking the advice your given and causing more trouble than you started with, your pushing away the one person who is taking the time to help you for free.

I’ve now had 4 people, 4, FOUR people go against my instructions in order to get ‘Proof’ their house is Haunted. Every single one of them then went and made things worse.

All bar one person is now back asking for my help to fix what they broke.

I am what I am for a reason. You know nothing of my gift, my connection to Spirit, my extensive knowledge after 42 years of doing actual experiments with my gift (on myself) and you know nothing of my Ability or Culture.

You might have paid Psychics and Mediums to tell you what you want to hear but when a Maori person tells you DON’T Fuck with a Tapu, Don’t FUCK with the Tapu. Your people might have been stone cold accurate but they aren’t Maori. They have no experience or knowledge of a Tapu and now my Kaumatua have forbidden me to help. I have been told by my Elders to step away.

I know your hurting, I know your grieving, I know your soul has been broken in two. I saw what happened. I feel the pain of you and your children. I know your questioning me and my expertise. Your grief stricken in the highest way and all I want to do is hold you. But I was asking questions trying to get everything together, all the information together so I could find you some Kaumatua in your area so they could help you lift the Tapu. Then I get accused of being a fake. So I can’t help you any more and I won’t. I have protected your children but when you mess with Maori things and you do it using rage and anger you make it 100 times worse. Your Mediums put poison in the soul of your family. The very core of your family is now cursed basically, it’s the only way to say it and moving house and country wouldn’t fix it. I had to beg my Elders to even discuss it with me that is how bad a Tapu is. To be so arrogant as to accuse someone who has spent countless hours helping you for free of being a fraud because you didn’t like the questions she was asking is not only arrogant but ignorant as well because I can promise you this.

I will have been the only Maori person who was offering to help you take this Curse if the curse was has been placed on your family as well as deal with the Trickster.

You take the word of 120000 people on Facebook over that of someone who’s job it is to use graphics and art in photography and on Computers every single day of his life is just well….stupid and I’ll tell you why. He has the software to touch up your images and bring out the images you think you were seeing. He would of been the one to help you take the photos properly so you were without doubt of seeing Spirit. But because 120000 people gave in to what is called Brain Pattern Recognition which make up for about 95% of ‘Ghost Photography’ you take their word over the one you sought the truth from. But let me ask you this. If your Mediums are so good, the ones who put you in this predicament in the first place, if you trust them so much why did you come to me?

Now because of your anger and frustration you have driven away the one person who can actually help. Short of going to his family, or on the rare chance a Maori person agreed to help you (which would never happen by chance) your stuck with this activity.

The questions I asked you weren’t in judgement but to have all the questions ready for when I went to these people in Queensland I had been told to go to. They are Maori, they live in Queensland and they would of been able to tell you if it was a Tapu on the home or your family. They would of been able to help me make my diagnoses and they would of helped you deal with the Tapu bringing Utu. But because you didn’t like the questions I asked (to make a formal diagnoses of opinion) you now have no one.

Tapus are real. Tapus can take lives. They can make you deathly ill, infertile, bankrupt, homeless or insane. They can tear families apart and a lot of those who have them placed on them end up substances abusers or locked away (be it prison or psych ward). Mention the word Tapu to a Maori person and watch then recoil and refuse to get involved.

So you can make fun of me, you can call me fake or not real or whatever it was you said, but remember this.

You have children. It will get them too. And you just flipped the bird at the one person who was willing to help. FOR FREE.

So after a couple of weeks of being treated like this by so many people I am making this Declaration on Behalf of Spirit and Myself.

‘If you come to us for help and you don’t take my advice and do it your way which your entitled to do of course. Do NOT come back to me if or when it goes wrong as I will not help you unless I’m told it’s necessary by Spirit. I will no longer reply to your emails if after all the time I spend helping you, you don’t listen. They will be deleted and left unread once I know you’ve wasted my time because I can’t help anyone who doesn’t help themselves. So you get one chance and if you don’t listen I won’t help any more. I can’t. It is wasting hundreds of hours a month of my time better spent actually helping the ones who need it most and I won’t allow it any more.’

By going against expert advise you run many risks which again is your right but if it fails I won’t be there to pick up the pieces. That is all I’m saying.

When my time can be best spent helping someone deal with cancer, or helping someone deal with the Trickster in their home. Those who genuinely listen. Those who genuinely need and want the help. These are the people I will work with. It is not okay for you to come into my life, ask or beg for my help then do the complete opposite of what I told you to do. I sit for hours typing your replies, putting other people including my own children some times aside to help you, skipping meals, going without sleep and all for free and it is not okay that you show up, ask for my help, don’t listen then expect me to fix it for you. I will no longer be doing that any more. Two of you did just that this week and STILL didn’t take my advice the second chance I gave you. Well I’m sorry but I only help those who want to be helped. Your all just lucky I didn’t charge you for the help because everyone else would of done. The fact that none of you care about the time and commitment I put into helping you means your being Selfish and thoughtless and for the sake of my Paying Clients and Clients I help for free who genuinely listen and care about Spirit I have to put my foot down.

I know this might seem cruel but I have sat up 3 nights in a row now with someone who begged for my help and I sat until nearly 4am twice and 12am the last night watching her do the opposite of everything thing I said and now her man has left her because she pushed him too far like I told her she would if she didn’t leave it alone. Now she is wrought with despair having lost her boyfriend. That was time I could of spent well, sleeping for a start, or with my husband snuggled in bed all warm or helping someone else who has had to wait in line for so long. So I have decided I have to put everyone else first.

Oh and one last thing before I go. Please do NOT email me asking me for The Lottery Numbers. If it is NOT in your future to win the Lottery I can’t give you the numbers. If I had the ability to make everyone Multi Millionaires if wasn’t in their destiny every homeless person and every person down on their luck would all be rich.

If it isn’t in your future, I can’t see it and I won’t make up numbers just to please you. If you want the money that bad manifest it yourself. You only manifest the things you truly want so if you really want to win it, manifest the win.

I understand we are all going through desperate times but some of you are starting to ask weekly. I can’t give you what isn’t there. I’m sorry. I wish I could but I can’t. But asking me every week isn’t going to get you anywhere.

I’m sorry I have to be harsh but I’ve been pushed to the edge and tipped over after having to deal with this stuff every day for over 3 weeks now and I have to put those who actually need my help first. I’m not saying you have to agree with what I tell you to do. I’m not expecting you to even like what I have to say but what I am saying is ‘Don’t go against what I say then come back to me when your way made it worse’. Because I won’t give you the same courtesy I gave you when you first came to me. Your not respecting me, yourself, Spirit or my clients when you do it.

Helping people next to having my kids is my greatest joy. Please don’t ruin it for others, you hurt everyone when you hurt me and it’s not fair to them. I won’t allow anyone else to pay for your impatient, impetuous behavior.